(Update) Gaborik to be examined; Garden of Dreams telethon tonight


First the news, and it’s not much. Marian Gaborik is going to see a neurologist today.


According to Larry Brooks on twitter, Gaborik believes concussion came from Brooks Orpik hit (Feb. 13 game).


This from Andrew Gross’ Ranger Rants blog:

“The timeline, per coach John Tortorella, is this:

Last Tuesday, Gaborik said he wasn’t feeling right. At the time, the team and Gaborik thought he might have the flu.

– Thursday, Gaborik played against the Kings without symptoms.

– Friday, Gaborik plays against the Devils without symptoms, though he’s held without a shot for the first time this season.

– Sunday, Gaborik plays 4:39 with one shot in the first period. Tortorella wants to show him some video during the first intermission. At that time, Gaborik tells Tortorella he’s having trouble concentrating, so Tortorella sends him right to trainer Jim Ramsey and the decision is made to shut Gaborik down.”


Tonight is the Garden of Dreams telethon during the game broadcast on MSG. Here’s the info from the Rangers:

February 22, 2011 – 6:30PM

New York, February 22, 2011- On Tuesday, February 22nd beginning at 6:30 p.m. MSG Network will host the “Garden of Dreams Telethon,” to benefit the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which makes dreams come true for kids facing obstacles in the tri-state area.  Fans can call-in to purchase a $100 raffle ticket which will enter them to win special blueshirt memorabilia and exclusive experiences with the New York Rangers. Lines open at the beginning of the pregame show at 6:30 p.m. and close with the conclusion of postgame at 10:00 p.m

Fans can enter by dialing 212-465-3900 for a chance to win the following Rangers prizes:

·                     Autographed stick by Goalie Henrik Lundqvist

·                     Autographed authentic jersey and stick by Chris Drury

·                     Autographed authentic jersey and stick by Derek Stepan

·                     Autographed authentic Marc Staal Jersey

·                     Two tickets to a game and meet & greet with Adam Graves

·                      Autographed authentic 85th Anniversary Jersey by Rod Gilbert

·                      Two tickets to Rangers game and photo on center ice post game

·                     Sit in on Hockey Night Live and meet talent

·                     Two tickets to Rangers game & Booth Visit with Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti

·                     Zamboni Ride Package (ages 6-13) and four tickets to a game – March 18, 2011 (vs. MTL)

**You must be 18 years old to enter and cannot be an employee of Madison Square Garden.

For more information on the Garden of Dreams Foundation, log on to www.gardenofdreamsfoundation.org

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  1. That “new post” was a real show stopper. I assumed it would make that trade official (pending Carp’s approval).

  2. repost after getting Carped:

    Orr, have to disagree with your low opinion of Tyutin. When we traded him he was young, improving each year and one of our most physical D men. I wish we never let him go and would welcome him back gladly.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Honestly, I’m shocked Orr didn’t jump in with a fake news article saying the Rangers made a deal.

  4. “At that time, Gaborik tells Tortorella he’s having trouble concentrating, ”

    He doesn’t have a concussion. The freakin’ guy is in love. Have his girlfriend sit in the stands or something.

  5. Kloucek? Don’t start with that trade, eddie3. They traded Kloucek, Zidlicky and someone else for Mike Dunham. I still get severe bouts of nausea just from typing it.

  6. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb- nothing compares to Rick Middleton for Kenny hodge… I nearly fainted after I heard that one

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomas kloucek was a hitter’s hitter… My fav player at the time. Incredibly horrid moves over the years….

  8. 4generations 4 cups on

    Poor Gab. He tried, he didnt know what was going on. Wish him the best.

    On the other hand, I was down right pissed when I saw how much the Penguins got for Gologoski. Its too bad Gologoski had much more experience and presence on the line than MDZ or Gilroy, this trade was a flat out steal.

  9. You guys surprised me today with this McCabe crap. This trade rumor was started by Eklund, hack of all hacks…

    I can understand discussing an incarceratebob rumor becuase the guy has been right about a lot of sports news weeks before mainstream outlets, but Eklund? Really?

  10. CONCUSSION for GAB-orik on

    interesting timeline… how do you play with a concussion for 3 or 4 games… if that’s in fact what happened?

    Big game against Carolina. Though, at this point in the season, i guess all the games are big. Just need to win.

  11. BOSCO!

    something still seems odd about the timeline for Gaboriks injury. not crying conspiracy but whatever.

    ps- the MCcabe thing woulda excited me 7 years ago. still think it may happen

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    “On the other hand, I was down right pissed when I saw how much the Penguins got for Gologoski. Its too bad Gologoski had much more experience and presence on the line than MDZ or Gilroy, this trade was a flat out steal.”

    I disagree. If Niskanen finds his game, then yes, it’s a steal. Otherwise it’s a pretty fair trade. Neal is a 25-25 guy playing with Brad Richards. Playing with Crosby will make him what, 32-32? 35-35 at best? Meanwhile, Gologoski is a young, poised, puck-moving defenseman, a solid PP QB, with a lot of potential to get even better.

    Add in that puck moving defensemen are much more coveted around the league than scoring wingers and it seems like it’s a pretty fair trade to me. But, if Niskanen can find his game again, then the Penguins win by a landslide.

  13. Ok, so this all “started” last Tuesday and Gabby told the Rangers he wasn’t feeling right. Yet, the let him play a few games and he doesn’t object until after the first period Sunday? And, it takes a week to see a neurologist…

    Shame on NYR! Shame on Gaborik!

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I also think gabby hurt himself on that breakaway goal when he crashed into the post… the shoulder looked to bear the brunt if that crash, but perhaps, he had a tad of whiplash… it certainly explains the fog he has been in… even his shot has been affected… lotta whiffs for #10 this yr.

  15. Apols NYR_FAN I’ll take the heat for the McCabe crap… saw it on Wiki and thought that meant it was fact. Had I known it had originated from the hack of all hacks Eklund I would not have commented on it.

  16. Here’s a question for all youse guys who love the trade rumors:

    When was the last time Glen Sather made a trade that was leaked beforehand? Ever? The Kotalik-Jokinen thing was held up for a while because Kotalik tried to enforce his no-trade clause. Name me another one that anybody knew before it was made.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    “Ok, so this all “started” last Tuesday and Gabby told the Rangers he wasn’t feeling right. Yet, the let him play a few games and he doesn’t object until after the first period Sunday? And, it takes a week to see a neurologist…”

    I’m with you. The NFL rule of not letting a guy practice, let alone play, after sustaining head injuries until he passes an independent medical test should be instituted immediately by the NHL. Would have saved Crosby, possibly Savard, and now it appears Gaborik as well.

    Carp, I know you defended Rammer, but he should be able to spot when a guy doesn’t look right in the head. That’s part of his job. Can’t see how he doesn’t get some of the blame here.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, he almost made the Heatley deal but didn’t because of the Dubinsky or Callahan asking price. Granted, he didn’t actually make the trade, but he was very openly negotiating the trade.

  19. Dont know if this has been said but apparently Richards and Neal were really good friends and housemates when Neal was a rookie.

    I’ve been reading in Dallas HF boards that they think that Richards resigning is a long-shot now, and that they cant understand why they would trade the best friend of their star Center that is a pending UFA

    I think he is definitely ours come July 1st

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    somerset, I’ve heard the same. The Neal trade is a sign that they don’t think they can keep Richards.

  21. Well, according to Zipay, Gaborik played without problems Thursday and Friday, and told Torts after first period vs Philly that he couldn’t concentrate. Torts told him to go talk to Ramsay who shut him doown. Where did you see Tuesday thing?

  22. Carp – I knew about the Bure trade before it hit the wire but that was just because I was buddies with the guy the Rangers sent down to Florida to pick him up.

  23. “Last Tuesday, Gaborik said he wasn?t feeling right. At the time, the team and Gaborik thought he might have the flu.”

    That’s what I’m referring to, ILB. Makes you wonder how many post-concussion symptoms are misdiagnosed as flu symptoms.

  24. Carp: Sather VERY PUBLICALLY traded his reputation as a “genius” for whatever-he-is-now… ;-)

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Also from Gross’ post:

    “- Don’t be shocked if the Rangers make a deal with the Panthers for D Bryan McCabe.”

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers say Gaborik’s appointment is at 5. Figure Torts will have the results for the pregame presser.

  27. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Does anyone remember how well Staal played with Sauer the 2 games that Girardi was out with the rib injury ? Why not try that pairing again

  28. 4generations 4 cups on

    Doodie, MRI’s take 45 minutes at least, and coordination tests could last from 5 minutes to an hour. He wont be playing tonight.

  29. I do, Ria. And, I haven’t seen a good explanation as to why Sauer hasn’t been bumped up to play with Staal permanently. He is clearly ready for more responsibility…

    Just guessing, maybe to showcase Girardi as a 1st pairing d-man for a trade?

  30. Gaborik didn’t travel with the team so we wasn’t going to play no matter what happens at his exam.

    Carolina is struggling right now, but that Jeff Skinner is going to be a super star. He’s got to be one of the front runners for rookie of the year.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Charlie, it’s his to lose. No other forward can compete, so it’s down to either John Carlson, or a rookie goaltender, Crawford probably being the best of the lot.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, I picked Carlson as the best rookie defenseman over Fowler and Shattenkirk because while Fowler and Shattenkirk have more points, Carlson has a plus/minus that is 38 and 27 points higher than those two, respectively. I don’t give plus/minus much credit, but the people who vote on awards usually do.

  33. Given the Gaborik timeline, MSG producer Joe Whelan is sure to be dissecting every Gaborik shift before last Tuesday, and I’d bet anything that tonight he will have video of the incident that possibly caused the concussion.

  34. I still think Gaborik’s injury is more “concoction” than “concussion” but we’ll know tonight.

    I believe Torts runs him outta town by the draft in June.

  35. Gaborik telling his coach he can’t concentrate so they think it’s a concussion…

    I dunno…sounds like my boss calling my bluff when I tell him I get dizzy spells and he sends me to the ER when in actuality I just didn’t want to listen to a word he had to say.

    In fact, when it comes to my boss…I’d rather be pecked to death by rabid ducks than listen to a single word he has to say.

    Say they run tests and find he DOESN’T have a concussion…does that mean Gabby just flat out has a soft head to go with his groin?

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha CJP. So true.

    I have trouble concentrating at work all the time. Look at how many posts I’ve made just today!

  37. Hey Ranger Fans
    They just introduced our new owner (Sabres). It’s like the hockey gods answered our prayers.

  38. Blue Seat Horror on

    I figured out this Gaborik thing. He was reading Hacklund, who wrote that Sather was considering trading him, so he faked the concussion to lower his trade value.

  39. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hi Buffalo Gal. Your new owner sounded very happy. Rumor has it he mentioned something about spending money on the team. Do you want Drury back?

  40. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree with ILB on the “something odd” about this whole gabby thing!

  41. Tony From AZ February 22nd, 2011 at 12:50 pm
    McCabe ? – is he sponge worthy ?

    Tony – That is totally up to you.

  42. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    So my question to you guys…..is mccabe that much better than souray? If he is, is the difference enough to lost picks/players over?

    Bear in mind, I honestly do not want either one, so it is just a question.

  43. If this whole episode ends up being that Gabby cried wolf so he wouldn’t have to have Torts yell at him for playing so lethargically…

    I dunno. I quote George Costanza

    “It’s like an onion…the more layers you pull off…the more it STINKS”

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Rumor has it (Pegula) mentioned something about spending money on the team. Do you want Drury back?”

    to hell with Drury, if Buffalo wants to spend money they need SATHER!

  45. Not saying that Gaborik is faking an injury but didn’t Hasek pulled something similar back in the late 90’s? Faking a knee injury and then getting suspended when NHL found out that he was faking it.

  46. Souray has a few years left on his deal, so we’d be stuck with him…it could have serious cap implications in the summer, even with the 10% cushion…

    McCabe is an UFA and we can go our seperate ways after but would cost Gilroy/picks…we lose youth and draft pick(s) for a guy who *may* spark the power play and *may* help us down the stretch…to me, not worth it…

    What is the lesser of two evils? How about none of the above?

  47. so we don’t want McCabe…right? Who do we want then? Why do we cry every day that we need help on PP… why? McCabe is the only one available (this year) who can help but we don’t want him… then why cry for help?

  48. A simple “google” result of “Difficulty Concentrating”

    Simple reasons for reduced concentration include:

    * Fatigue
    * Tiredness
    * Drowsiness
    * Sleep debt
    * Marijuana – a form of cannabis
    * Hyperactivity
    * Cannabis
    * ADHD
    * Inattention….

    And so on and so forth….The point is… Concussion is listed BELOW lead poisoning, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Child Abuse…..

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Darcy Regier traditionally active at the deadline. I imagine with them so close to a playoff berth and with a new owner locked in, they will buy a depth forward for a mid round pick.

  50. Good afternoon all!!!! I heard a rumor that more than one Staal would be playing tonight….any truth to that one? Gotta run….see you all for game!

  51. CCCP, this team doesn’t need defensmen, especially old defesemen. It needs goal scoring forwards, and it doesn’t matter if is at center or wing. If we had guys who could score at even strength, we’d have guys who could also score on the power play.

    We relied on Dubi and Boyle to carry this team like in the beginning of the season and that is not a good plan…We need more natural goal scorers.

  52. NYR_FAN

    every team in the league needs goal scoring forwards. McCabe is old but can still be useful this season…esp. if we can have him for Gilroy who is young but adds nothing to offense and as mentioned before, most likely won’t be resigned.

  53. Like I said, how I feel about McCabe depends on if we get any other FLA players in the deal, and whom.

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Talk about a soft goalie !!!!!!! I just had 7 own goals in my iPod touch glow hockey game – insane level!!!!

  55. Maybe Gabby is pregnant. Pregnant people can’t concentrate.

    WHen he gives birth, the baby will slide out of his butt-chin. So for the next few months he’ll have a Jay Leno chin!

    NYR, more often than not, it’s idiotic to discuss Hacklund rumors, but this one is different. It’s no secret that NYR are interested in McCabe, and it’s pretty obvious that Gilroy is the odd man out on defense, because unlike Eminger, Gilly is young, and has some value.

    Heave, he was good, especially that last season when he was paired with Girardi. But, we had, and still have depth on defense, so he was expendable. I didn’t lose sleep over the trade, and still don’t.

    Now, everyone can cry that it was for a hack like Nicky Z, but at the time, it was a really good trade, and was worth the risk.

  56. Manfried, don’t get excited. Have you ever seen the movie “Unbreakable”. Yeah, Gabby’s Butt-Chin baby might be Samuel L Jackson.

    If anyone hasn’t seen the movie, Samuel L Jackson’s character was so physically sensitive, that when he was pulled out of his moms vagina, the vagina broke some of his bones, and the doctor broke some more bones. So, he has to spend the rest of his life in wheel chair.

    No concussion though, surprisingly enough.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Instead of making a trade, why don’t we play waivers? Talk to Minnesota, get them to put Patrick O’Sullivan on reentry waivers. I’d take a flier on him to try and see if anything develops between him and Gaborik. I’d put him on a 3 game leash. If it’s not working, right back to the AHL for him.

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If gabby is pregnant, he better stop puffing weed…. Give me the weed, I will errrr hold it for him

  59. Do you think they finally realized that sending Tim Kennedy down instead of Todd White was a dumb move?

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oleo – you can’t play that… if kloucek doesn’t get traded maybe he doesn’t hurt the shoulder….but, the goalie they got in return did win 6 veznas…so whose to say we got fleeced…

  61. Kloucek actually wasn’t the same fearless hitter after Souray broke his nose in a fight, and probably concussed him too…

  62. Too bad there is already a rapper named “Gift of Gab” that would be a good bong name for Gabby.

  63. Guys remember – now that we know Gabby has a weed problem we better get him traded to a team in Cali so he can get that stuff prescribed.

  64. Ilb, you can say it was a dumb move now, but at the time it was the only logical move.

    It was either top minutes in Hartford, or 4th line with NYR.

    Who knew that half our time would be injured by this time. It’s no big deal.

    He’ll have a chance to make the team next season.

  65. Kloucek never developed into an NHL player and he’s gotten over the shoulder yet still hasnt become a player. breaking your nose in a fight is a sorry excuse for losing your game.

    As for McCabe, Gilroy and a 2nd rounder is the max I would go…

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby and his bong to the sharks for marleau and Thornton ….kloucek was a beast in his short tenure here…..

  67. the thing is Boyle and Prust are longer playing like superman. Looks like their miracle run is ending although who knows maybe Fedotenko will revamp that line…

  68. Kloucek was not the same after a serious knee injury. also I believe it was Alexi Yashin who broke Kloucek nose. it was in a line brawl with the Islanders, and someone was holding Kloucek, and Yashin nailed him.

  69. Walking away from Souray was a right move. Regardless whether he’d help (doubtful, to say the least) or not, his cap hit next over the summer would be $2.7M. McCabe’s fully comes off the books. I still think that Gilroy and a 2nd is too much, but I’m afraid that’s what the market may require. Besides, to be totally fair, Florida will have to deal with the same issue- they will need to decide whether qualifying Gilroy at $2.1M is worth it.

  70. It’s the Anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. Thus – Prusty can make another chapter in that Miracle.

  71. Bull dog- it was a game against the Devils and Kloucek was hitting people left and right. Souray dropped the gloves and Kloucek never had a chance to even throw one punch. Was a total mismatch. I could be wrong.

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The path of the rightous is beset on all sides by the wicked and evil tyranny of men…..

  73. I remember the Yashin one very well, but I have no doubt that the Souray one took place as well.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    …. I not gonna kill ya, I am gonna help ya….. Or maybe you are the weak, I am the tyranny of evil men, and mister colt 45 here is the shepherd….

  75. Speaking of Caramel Anthony. The guy from the Carnegie Deli named a sandwich after him. It’s fuggin huge, and amazing.

    It’s pastrami, corned beef, salami, bacon, tomato, and russian dressing on rye bread. Although, I don’t see the rye bread, because it’s buried in there.

    Apparently, after you eat it, you ask to be traded. We must stuff this sandwich down Dreary’s throat!

  76. a paraphrase from that great film:

    Rangers: In the third, your assen goes down. Say it.
    Hurricanes: In the third, my assen goes down.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What ain’t no country…. Say what again, I dare ya, I double dare ya,,,, let me ask you one more time, what does Marcellus Wallace look like????

  78. I can’t wait for Carmelo’s wife to get to town! La La – doesn’t she have her own reality show?

  79. ORR, now you know I don’t like that…..btw, Katz’s Deli makes the best pastrami or corned beef sandwich in the world. Even too big for your mouth :)

  80. I’m not a La La fan.

    She’s best friends with that mountain ass Kardashian. But, she’s banging some basketball player.

    MSG should make a special aboot this. I want to see what kind of girls the Rangers are getting. Maybe then, we’ll find out why some of these guys are so inconsistent. It might have something to do with the ball and chain.

  81. I know nothing about La La except that her name is a slang term for marijuana and also a ridiculous name for any living creature to have unless that living creature is a lollipop that breathes.

    I am totally into a show about Rangers girlfriends. That would be hilarious. Just the mix of languages alone would make for some very funny scenes.

    I remember The Sport’s Guy writing a column about how he wished the Elias Sport Bureau could keep stats on men and the women they pick up. Then we would know if we really had a “type.” I think the best stat he wanted was as follows: Has a man ever played Golden Tee at a bar and then taken a girl home for the first time in the same night.

  82. If anybody goes to McD’s or BK and expects anything good other than the trademark burgers, serves you right. I mean, duh……

  83. Manfried: know nothing about La La except that her name is a slang term for marijuana and also a ridiculous name for any living creature to have unless that living creature is a lollipop that breathes.


  84. all, let’s calm it down a bit language-wise, and not get into unnecessary carcillo, shall we. got a long night ahead of us…..thank you.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Blog mamma – kudos for your brilliant pulp reference, I wrongly attributed that to Man-I-am-fried…. In part because, man, I AM fried… I am still laughing, literally, out loud.

  86. Leave all name-calling and inappropriate comments on the back-burner until they can be directed at those who actually deserve it –

    Dolan’s parents
    Dolan’s grandparents

  87. CCCP February 22nd, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    every team in the league needs goal scoring forwards. McCabe is old but can still be useful this season?esp. if we can have him for Gilroy who is young but adds nothing to offense and as mentioned before, most likely won?t be resigned.

    cccp- not jut that, but in nhl 11, gilrot is only rated a 76 and his potential is a C. so, i would do teh deal! in fact, i bet you sather bases nhis trades and decisions on nhl 11!! wolski is a monster in that game and has high trade value! hmmm…

  88. bwin aka Rod in disguise

    you gotta problem? would you like to be coat-checked?

    P.S. LaLa is nice… me likes voluptuous women!

  89. lol at Grabby!

    I heard that NHL ’11 nixed the Wolski for Blowzy deal, so you can’t just go off that!

  90. Orr, I lamented Tyutin being dealt because he was our only D man that was willing to give a hit. He’s not a huge guy but he knew how to deliver a world of hurt while moving the puck at the same time. Anyway, spilled milk…


  91. Rod was here the other day too, CCCP. Posted something about Spezza, I believe.

    Orr, I am only speaking for myself, but I never find you offensive…only hilarious!!

  92. yeah i saw Rod throwing Spezza’s name around here the other day

    and then two days ago when i laughed at him for making yet another BS remark about him knowing anything of value he told me to wait until tomorrow which was yesterday.

    once again he proves to be nothing but a BS artist

  93. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    I think the Rangers are showcasing Gaborik’s concussion. Rumor has it they’d like to trade it for a puck moving defensman’s flu symptoms.

    I saw a sign in a bar once that read “free beer tomorrow”.

    Manfried… the movied half baked had the greatest bong name ever… Billy Bong Thornton

    I hope Gabby unscrambles his eggs soon, and scores 5 goals in 2 games. Cuz then he won’t get any more for like 11 more.

  94. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Can we consider Gabby’s brain a healthy scratch?

    is that still an ‘upper body’ injury?

    How long til we see Carmelo at a Ranger game?

    We need a win against the Canes.

  95. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    People obviously forgot the Caramello candy bar, thus the play on that word and caramel anthony.

    Are people really THAT sensitive? Orr is many things, but i don’t think he’s a racist.

  96. Demoted defenseman Wade Redden may walk away from Rangers guaranteed money at end of season

    “That’s one of the options,” Redden said. “There’s that, there’s coming back here, there’s going to Europe. I don’t know. It’s a lot of money, but at the same time, I don’t want to – it’s only a short time that you have a career, so you want to be at the highest level as long as you can. Obviously, the money isn’t the No. 1 thing.”

    “That’s the reality, I guess,” Redden said. “Obviously, you’d rather be in the NHL and have an opportunity there. Things didn’t work out in New York, but we’ll see. When I came down, and talked with my agent and other people that I respect and get advice or whatever from, coming here for a year was kind of my mind-set and I didn’t ever really expect to get called up or picked up on waivers. So it isn’t like I’m disappointed that it hasn’t happened….”


  97. How Torts describes to the media Gaborik’s symptoms is no doubt intended to portray the Rangers medical staff in the most positive light.
    Sidney Crosby got knocked out at the Winter Classic, and yet he was allowed to continue to play. Are trainers actually real physicians? Don’t think so.

  98. oh plz… hypersensitivity these days is fuggin annoying! Never knew that caramel was a racist remark. I like caramel especially inside the chocolate… is that a bad?

  99. On Andrew Gross blog, Eric Christensen was talking about being on a line with two other centers.

    ” In the defensive zone, it’s a bit of an adjustment. Don’t read into it. I try to have the mindset that I can produce with anybody.”

    The question is: produce what? It sure isn’t goals or assists? It’s not hits. It’s not fighting. WHAT?


  100. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    I guess not everyone likes delicious milky caramel.

    Which is a shame… cuz a milky way bar that’s been in the fridge is the BOMB.

  101. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    EC had to adjust and learn to speak with his foot in his mouth.

    Stop making excuses for sucking. He blows, end of story.

    No amount of caramel is gonna sugar coat the pile of carcillo he claims is his hockey talent.

  102. After Gabby’s exam with a neurologist he will be visiting a cardiologist to see if he has any heart.

  103. Play on words is no justification for racism and unintentional racist remarks. Caramel is racist. I saw a pig today with the letters CCCP tattooed on it. That is a Russian Pig. Is that racist?

  104. I don’t see the Rangers trading anyone especially Gaborik. They need to pick up Richards as a UFA or not do it at all. We need to replace a few duds. You can’t trade duds. Richards comes in, EC goes bye-bye. That’s a start. Re-sign Feds for one more year, than Krieder takes his place. In two years, McIlrath takes Emminger’s spot, and so on. We can’t trade Gaborik. We need Gaborik. Injuries are part of the game. He will heal, just like Sid and Malkin will. It will come together, just not via the trading route.

  105. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on


    I 100% disagree that caramel is racist.

    The pig thing can certainly be viewed as a insult to russians.

    I apologize in advance, and everyone please pardon what i’m going to type next, i’m just trying to illustrate a point…

    Had he said Carmonkey Anthony… THAT would be racist, and that is a play on words that is not excusable or justifiable.

    Orr has typed Dublowsky when talking about Dubinsky. Is that racist against alaskans? I’m pretty sure not.

    Again, my view is saying caramel is not racist, you’re perfectly justified to feel how you do, i just don’t see where it’s coming from.

  106. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    To everyone on the blog, i again say i’m sorry for typing that, i was in no way trying to insult anyone or make light of racial jokes, just trying to illustrate a point.

  107. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    i’m not a fan of peanut butter and chocolate together…

    i’m more of a mint and chocolate kinda guy, though sour patch watermelons are my absolute favorite… i could eat pounds of that stuff!

    My top 5 candy,

    Sour Patch Watermelons
    Swedish Fish
    Milky Way
    mint 3 muskateers/york peppermint patty

  108. i had a bag un opened on the cable box,they got all melted so i put them in the fridge,twenty minutes later they were a solid delicious mass of pnutty goodness.

  109. vagina is a scientific term. nothing vulgar about that at all. and your kid will have to learn one day what one is anyway…

  110. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    because Richards scrambled eggs would go good with toast and torts ‘jam’

  111. Good call Gift of Gab! Billy Bong Thornton. Forgot about that one.

    I wonder if Gaborik likes that movie?

  112. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    They also had Wesley Pipes.. but i though Billy Bong Thornton was MUCH funnier and clever.

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I lost all respect for EC, the little I had for him anyway, when he went media on Avery after the oiler game…he is not a team player and he isn’t a good hockey player….pack his azzen and trade the bum

  114. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    Is calling a one hitter Bel Biv Da-bowl excessive?
    Do names like that need to be reserved for larger aparatus?

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rlose makes very valid points. Please respect her requests…. We can all be more clever to make our point…. Sorry lrose…

  116. Remember the Raekwon Song “Ice Cream”? Great video.

    “One love to my chocolate deluxes, keep your nails done
    and your wigs tight, word up
    One love to my butter-pecan Ricans for calling me papi
    That’s for real
    One love to caramel sundaes, with the cherries on top
    And big up to my french vanillas
    Parlez vous, francais, mi amor, merci, oui oui, bon bons
    and all that good stuff
    That good stuff ”

    Just sayin….

  117. Gift of pre-concussed GAB-orik on

    lol@pipey long stockings

    Children are subjected to much worse on everyday television shows, and radio broadcasts. I hear the terms bitch, ass, and douchebag on z100 in the morning on my way to work. I don’t see why reading vagina or bastard would be any worse.

    and, by definition, i am a bastard. So if anyone should be bothered by it i guess it would be me… but i’m not.

    Censorship in this country is a joke.

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