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So two buddies are on a fishing trip, when they come across a grizzly bear. One of them says, “Run!” The other says, “You can’t outrun a grizzly bear.” And the first guy says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you.”

That’s the way I look at the Rangers’ playoff run — these final 21 games. They are still seventh in the East. I don’t see Atlanta or Buffalo or Florida or Toronto really being involved. They all stink — and have shown it this past week (Atlanta is the same 2-7-1 as the Rangers in the last 10 games; Buffalo has lost three really bad ones in a row).

So that leaves Carolina, which I have thought for a month now will make the playoffs, and the Devils — if they can somehow maintain this ridiculous pace. (doubtful).

The Devils are the grizzly bear. The Rangers just have to outrun Carolina (which is 3-5-2 in its last 10, by the way).

So, since the most important game is always the next game, and the next game is at Carolina Tuesday, that’s the most important game. Stay ahead of Carolina, and let Carolina worry about the Devils and all the other drek.

Thoughts on yesterday’s game:

1) Very, very, very odd stuff surrounding Marian Gaborik’s concussion. But I really think the instant speculation that the Rangers are about to trade him and using the concussion story as a cover, well, that’s just too wild for me.

2) If he does, indeed, have a concussion, and if he had it before the game yesterday, I’m going to go out on a limb and blame Gaborik for not letting the team doctors, trainers and coaches know. Because I’ll tell you this right now. There’s no way I believe that Jim Ramsay would have let him play with a concussion. No way. Ramsay has seen at least four Rangers’ careers end due to concussions — Pat LaFontaine, Mike Richter, Eric Lindros and Jeff Beukeboom. He’s not going to let anybody play with a concussion.

3) If the Rangers had gone 5-5 instead of 2-7-1 in their last 10, they’d have five more points, would be comfortably ahead of Carolina and wouldn’t even be thinking about the Devils.

4) That said, the Rangers aren’t going to continue to get 25 percent of the available points down the stretch. They’re not great, but they are too good to continue to limp in these final 21 games. And if they play a little over NHL .500, they’ll make it. And I’d love to make some bets with the Chicken Little crowd here, but I don’t bet. They’re going to make it. In fact, I think there’s a better chance they’ll catch Montreal than one of those current 9-15 teams catching them.

5) Blame Henrik Lundqvist, if you like, for a couple of butterflies that went in. But the Rangers got two absolute gift goals from Brian Boucher. He made some spectacular saves, but boy was he shaky at times.

6) Some of the kids had a tough time with that very good team. I was under the impression that you guys were willing to live with that. I think the Rangers coach is remaining honest with himself about living with it. But there was that one play, where Del Zotto and Gilroy were on, and Del Zotto had the puck behind the net, and couldn’t move it while Philly was changing, ended up forechecked into a bad pass to Stepan, and Stepan shot the puck into the stands for a penalty. And there were two goals where McDonagh and Sauer — who were mostly good — looked a bit bamboozled.

7) Tortorella had a tough call late in the game, down a goal, after a second consecutive Philly icing had the Flyers exhausted facing a faceoff in their own zone. At any other time in the game, you let the gassed Flyers stay out there for another draw. But with 1:07 left, he was kind of forced to call a timeout to try to set up a 6-on-5 play. And then he sent out six forwards. Only Wojtek Wolski had his shot blocked and it ended up in an empty-net goal for the Flys.

8) Carcillo=carcillo.

9) How many times did you see Chris Pronger (true shutdown defenseman) sliding to the ice to try to block a pass, or going down on one knee to try to block a shot 20 feet from the net? None, right?

10) Good move to recall Kris Newbury in Gaborik’s place. No matter who came up, they weren’t going to get first-line offense. Newbury makes them a little harder to play against, and that is something that has changed these past weeks with Wolski and Christensen in the lineup, and Prust and Boyle banged up. The Rangers don’t play with the same growl they had the first 52. They still play hard, they still play to the buzzer, they still hit and block shots. I just think some of the meanness has slipped away.

11) I’ve said this before. If the NHL got rid of the stupid hit-from-behind rule, guys wouldn’t turn and put themselves into that vulnerable position. And guys wouldn’t dive face-first into the boards to draw a penalty. And refs would be spared making those calls. Let boarding be boarding, but not if the player willfully turns his back. And if they know they will get drilled if they turn, they won’t turn.


AP photo, above.

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  1. As always, on point review. Despite the bad run, I am pleased with the development of the young D. The problem has always remained the lack of true talent among the forwards. The grit is there and makes a big difference from prior years, but over a long season, grit can only get you so many goals. It seems like the Rangers work so hard for their goals and some games the other team gets a goal or two that seems to come easy (not indicting Lundquist or Biron). It seems deflating.

  2. But even so, boy are they mentally tough. Something that I truly appreciate as a fan of the team.

  3. Good morning, Carp! Nice review…Totally agree on #2. Gaborik has to let the Rangers know. But, given Gaborilk’s play and how inconsistent he’s been, you’d think Rangers doctors would have been checking on him to see if he was 100% healthy. The whole thing stinks…

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Nice write up, Flyers with no penalties is a joke.

    Without Gabby, Rangers playing with a $40M lineup against the Philth. You are what your record says you are and right now, the Strangers do not have enough guys lighting the lamp to beat play the top teams (Phil, Det). They will be in every game because of heart and emerging D.

    If they beat Canes, can we move back off ledge? No, because the second season has started (aka The Playoff Push). Rangers got a B+ in the ‘first’ season by exceeding their talent level and now have a ‘D’ average in the second season. If they do not get things going soon, there may not be a third season. Beat Canes and they definitely steady the boat and push the struggling Canes down a bit.

    What would it have taken to get Stewart and Shatty to NY? Dubi, MDZ? Gabby, Gilly?

  5. Stranger,

    I did read that it was the only the third time in the Flyers history (since 1967), out of about about 3,400 games, that they have played an entire game without taking a penalty…unbelievable.

  6. Good point about Pronger. I think the team has gotten into this mindset that blocking shots is the greatest thing to do when positioning, taking the body and clearing the crease area are better ways to play defense. If you play defense correctly, you’ll block some shots, but will also be able to do something with the puck because you’re upright.

    And, not only should they get rid of the checking from behind nonsense, but also the cross checking penalty. I mean, what’s wrong with a little stick across somebody’s back?

  7. Hopefully we didn’t claim Souray and can go after a real player instead,

    I fully expect a trade before the Carolina game.

  8. Carp,
    what do the 2 softies Boucher gave up have to do with how bad Hank is playing. if Hank had made a couple of routine saves in games during this streak, they would probably be the 5 and 5 you were looking for. but he did not, and so here they are in a race for a spot.

  9. Good morning, boneheads! Hasn’t been commenting much lately, life got busy.

    Good work, Carp, as always. Agree on everything, but I would like to add that the Flyers were far from playing their A game. They are the team that isn’t very easy to motivate to play a 100% these days, nor they need to. And they still won. The Rangers, despite being banged up, played hard. Which indicates that there is no reason, whatsoever to give up young talent to make a run this year, they’re not going too far. But making the playoffs is important for one reason- to give our youth some PO experience. And I too, believe they will make it.

    Blame Hank all you want for soft goals, but last two were due to poor D coverage. Giroux was left alone to put that pass in the empty net on PP, and Carcillo was left alone, uncovered, behind our D for too long.

    McD and Sauer ( I believe Carcillo was their mistake, but that’s what you have to live with once they grow) are already a solid 2nd pair. McD, on top of his speed and good sense of positionig, threw a couple of hits that should make Wicky proud. I think Girardi will be, if not already, our 4th D- man on depth charts. And if he wasn’t working well with Staal he would probably be a trade bait soon.
    I thought WW had one of the best games since he arrived here, so did MZA. Stepan and AA keep getting better and better. They will become good point producers as soon as next year.

    Callahan and Dubinsky are having harder time and Boyle/Prust look banged up.

    In terms of no PP, I surely can recall at least one that should’ve been called ( don’t remember the names)- when the net was knocked off, it was by a Flyer pushing our player in without a puck.

  10. ilb2001,
    they are saves that need to be made by an NHL goalie. I don’t care who may have been out of position.

  11. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    bull dog honestly, how the HELL is Lundqvist supposed to make the Giroux save when he already stretched out to make the Carter save?

    That said, ilb, I remember that play too. It was Meszaros, I think, who pushed EC into the post.

    Carp, great point on #11.

  12. stranger Nation on

    Cross Check and ILB – great point in D play

    Girardi seems to be running to play goalie, instead of tieing up man. During the game many times he is stationary next goal as if waiting for an opportunity to jump in front of a shot. He also is getting beat on many ’50/50 pucks’ in the corner (eh, Doc). Sauer and McD have this amazing ability to win those battles now and when they get more confidence, they will be hammering people like McD started to do yesterday.

    Question – of the pair, who gets moved up with staal or do we move up one of the youngsters (MDZ, Gilly) and create more balance with the backline pairings – negates a “top line” pairing, but if we are developing the youngsters, easier to do playing with a steady player than having two newbies figuring it out themselves. This is why Eminger was helpful. Slow but steady, can play body and not afraid to mix it up in front. Did he look like a lost sailor in the first game back – yes, but having balance on back line may help break out which is non-existent now.

    Breaking out of zone is tough when staal is covering two forwards and Girardi is busy playing goalie. Hurts transition game which results in dump and chase game because opposing D holds blue line and forecheckers force play to sidewalls. We have problem with teams with speed up front (Det, Atl, Phil) who forecheck. Devs game needs to be put in a time capsule of how the NHL will never capture the casual fan’s interest.

  13. On that Gaborik injury. It’s very perplexing. It’s hard to believe that he knew about it for a while and never mentioned anything to anyone. I, too, doubt that their medical staff would just ignore it, knowing how important the head injury could be. The timing of his injury is very peculiar too. I don’t buy that conspiracy theory. If they wanted to take him out of the game because of possible trade, why say he has a concussion? Who will trade for a concussed player? Torts would say: ” He is a little banged up” instead.

  14. i agree bulldog. hank lets in around 3 on average, about as much as biron. you cant have one of the top goalies in the league, and making the most money, playing like a backup. but what ilb is saying, is that alot of goals against him are from breakdowns from our yound d. so what were seeing is hank more exposed than in any other season and its showing. sometimes he makes up for the breakdowns, but at the same time its just showing that a really good d can make a goalie look better than he is. kinda like brodiva. i do blame hank for the softies, but i think he will adjust and adapt soon enough. he will tighten it up before long. hes never been bad for too long of stretches at a time. and he hasnt exactly been awful during this strecth of losses

  15. More thoughts re: Gaborik – The more I think about it, it really is the player’s call with a concussion anyway. It depends on how the player feels. Did he tell Torts before the game that he wasn’t feeling well? It’s just so odd. Did he really think he could play through it? Is that the type of player you want on this team? Shame on you, Gabby!

    We were talking and going into depth about potential Gabby trades on Saturday and for a couple of weeks already and for good reasons. It’s so weird that the rumors picked up after the game yesterday because of incarceratedbob…

    You have to think that there is probably strong interest, LA and Ottawa would be teams that I can see making good offers to Sather…

    I think Gaby can still produce. He is a dynamic and special player who can score 50-60 goals given the right linemates. However, we are building a team a team of young American youth (look at the roster) and we aren’t close to being a top team in the League. There are going to be growing pains and that is a good thing as the team matures and gets experience. I don’t believe the conventional wisdom that Brad Richards is going to make this team a contender, it’s never that easy. I also don’t think the Stars are going to risk missing the playoffs and not trade him…so, he’s not going to sign with the Rangers…because I can bet that Burke is probably going to offer loads of draft picks to Dallas in a big trade…just what I think.

    I think that Sather is good at trades and maybe, Gaborik is the next contract to go. Do you guys think Gaborik fits the new Rangers identity going forward for the next few years? Would you trade Gabby for 1st round picks and/or young talent?

  16. my 5 cents

    • we all know this team has played well under adversity. lets see how they go from here on out. yesterday felt, to me, like they bottomed out.

    • Hank needs to take the reins and carry this team, period. If he can be lights out and we manage to win a few of these 2-1 games, the entire rest of team will regain its confidence.

    • shoot blocking = boring hockey

    • trade bait: gilroy or giradi, wolski, MDZ or torts, prospal, christensen AND lundquist (if he doesn’t get his act together this next week….)

    • boyle=back injury; prust = playing with a full body cast under his equipment


  17. also, in jersey, he played outstanding. hank wa sthe only reason we were in that game. as much as hank has let us down this year, with some bad untimely goals, he has been the only player that has consistently brought it for this team since he started. im not talking slumps in season. im talkin about a full season worth. u could also say that if gabby had scored a few pp goals we would be 5-5 going into tomorrows game.

  18. trae torts?? and hank? wtf dude? wow. the only player who has consistently year afetr year been the top player on this team and were gonna trade him? i would trade gabby way faster than hank.

  19. nyrfan- gabby fits any team my man. he is a legit sniper. for some reason he is just not good this year. hes hurt, liek alot of us thought. but yea, most teams would trade for him now. its not liek drury at all. his contract is high too, and he is hurt alot, but he is still in his prime, and he is still a feared player that teams focuz on shutting down. this is the worst tiem to trade him though. hes having a career worst season and hes now hurt. he isnt going anywhere. at least not for what he is actually worth when hes having a good year.

  20. sorry for typos, im trying to type, drink my coffee, anmd egt dressed at teh same time! gotta go. see youse after work! hope we dont make any bad trades.

  21. i was joking about the torts trade–kind of. i was trying to resolve personality conflict between MDZ and Coacharella.

    If the price was right for lundquist, absolutely. i know we have a young D in front of him but i also think its our best D in years. i dont remember LQ giving up these soft goals two years ago. this season it’s either a shut out (focused) or a couple softies a night (mind drifting: hey, i wonder what Beib’s doin’ later?)

  22. WoWo-ekuh,
    you conveniently forgot to mention the other 2 goals, you know the soft ones. make all the excuses you want for him, but the fact of the matter is Hank has let them down to many times to count this season.
    you know with all the excuses for Hank, he sort of is turning into the new Avery on this blog. pretty soon it is going to be Torts fault that he keeps letting in soft goals.

  23. Hank isnt having the best season, nobody is arguing that. But he’s done enough, and I’m sure will continue, to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Someone mentioned a few times during the last couple of days that Gaborik, supposedly, used to do it in Minnesota very often- get injured around the trade deadline. It’s easy to imagine that- he has a full NTC, so Slats has to ask him in advance to waive it. Could he just “pretend” to be injured in order to avoid saying no? I don’t buy it, call me naive. But there is definitely something odd with his injury.

  24. Mister Delaware on

    “nyrfan- gabby fits any team my man. he is a legit sniper.”

    The problem is that when he’s not sniping (goals in 10 of 47 games), he really doesn’t fit in with the way this team is built. So you can either pay a boatload (in young players / picks) to rent him a center (and possibly another boatload to resign that center) or you can try to swap him for another really good player who might better mesh with the team, almost certainly at a salary cap savings high enough to add a 2nd piece. I don’t think anyone would advocate just dumping Gaborik, but if a solid deal is out there, I don’t think it would hurt this team as much as trading a superstar, in theory, should.

  25. Grabby – The Rangers took a gamble on him when they signed him and he was coming back from hip surgery that season, the same procedure that has plagued A-Rod’s swing since he had it done…

    Despite that, he had a great 42 goal season. Gabby may not be durable, but he is resilient. When he healthy, he is one of the best players in the world.

    My point is that there are plenty of the teams that value Gabby, even in his worst season…

  26. “Dead weight” still leads the team in goals scored and points per games played. And this is clearly his “off” season. Underscores what pure goal scorer means. Now, when you mention “solid” deal, I’d like to know what that means. One thing is for sure, we are not getting back a potential 40+ scorer. Which means we will be looking for two goal scorers again. Besides, that makes signing Richards a moot point. Which may be a good thing, btw.

  27. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    My son told me he ran into you during the game and exchanged pleasantries. Cool Beans.

    Fellow Diehards:

    Come in off the ledge. We will get rewarded for our overall good play and go on a run.

    By the way, Section 1 High School Varsity Ice Hockey playoffs under way. Games everyday, great stuff. Like HS football, all good stuff. No recruiting, no drafting, just one public school playing another for a chance to play one more time or season is over.

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On the carcirillo-head carcirllo goal, as the puck fluttered up, he gave Hank a real solid whack to the chest, the puck dropped, he put on his backhand and it went in…goalie interference????? No need for gloom and doom, this team is going to the playoffs..I am putting all of my chips into the center of the table…

  29. Agree, Lifetime, no need to get suicidal…We will get rewarded, if not this years, then for many years to come. Unless Dolan pushes Slats into dismantling this core to make a playoff run. The good news, he appears to be be too busy dealing with the latest Knicks situation…

  30. Gaborik will certainly be dealt by draft day (or on it) if he can’t be moved due to “injury” now. If he had a concussion it was a long time ago, not yesterday, and he’d been playing.

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sather waited about two weeks too long to dump Gabby to the Kings.

    Dan Girardi is a number 5-6 damn on a top team. For all his blocked shots, he leads this team in turning the puck over. He is also very slow to the puck in the corners. Bottom line, a very overrated defense man who should be moved in the near future.

    Carp- in no way was that third goal MCD’s fault. He covered his man to the point where he allowed him a feeble backhand ” shot” on goal. That was the type of goal an ECHL goalie would let in. In fact, I thought that McD was the best damn yesterday. This kid will be one heck of a player!

  32. If the Rangers didn’t know Gaborik had a concussion or concussion symptoms before the game, how did they instantly diagnose it by the post-game interviews? It is the job of the medical staff to understand head injuries, and Tortorella said Gaborik had been talking about these symptoms for a week. While head injuries can be difficult to diagnose, blaming Gaborik is not right. And didn’t Jagr and Drury play with concussion symptoms? And who knows who else did. And didn’t Lundqvist play in the playoffs his first season with “migraine” issues? Hmmm.

  33. Czech-go to Rodents’ site and take a look at 2nd and 3rd picture, let us know who blew the coverage. Carcillo was alone 1 on 1 and scored on his third shot while Hank was sliding from left to right. McD and Sauer are great, great Dmen we will have for years to come, but they are still young and will make mistakes.

    Btw, the first picture shows that Giroux was Callahan’s responsibility on PP goal

  34. Bottom-line?

    Rangers are a bunch of no-good, a$$clowns who should be serving time in the same Amateur-Hour League in which Redden is “refining” his “skills”

  35. one thing i know… and i know that it doesnt make much sense but if we face the flyers in the first round i would have the utmost confidence after watching their goalies play… just like the capitals a couple years ago when we had a 3-1 lead before ultimately faltering in a tough game 7… Goaltending means everything.. and the Flyers have NONE!!! Boucher is beyond terrible who made two “flexing saves” (whatever the hell that means NBC) and that rookie goalie equals not very good either… and NO way they will have no penalties in a game again… Ive said it before.. ITS A ROUGH PATCH.. EVERY TEAM IN THE NHL GOES THROUGH IT DURING THE COURSE OF THE SEASON…. PUFF…. PUFF..

  36. Your goaltender is responsible for the first save. Both Giroux and Carcillo scored off second attempts they never should have gotten. Lundqvist would probably like Carcillo’s back, but he never should have been that alone to get the first shot, let alone the second.

    Hank allowed 1 goal to a surging Devils team, and only allowed that one goal to one of the best snipers in the world. And the Rangers still lost. I get the feeling some people here wouldn’t be satisfied with Hank if he had a sub-1.00 GAA and cooked you breakfast every morning.

    Gaborik is starting to look like what I expected when the Rangers signed him, he’s a bit of an enigma who’s hurt a lot. He also can’t shoulder a team. He couldn’t do it in Minny, and he can’t do it here.

    Funny to see Kovalchuk and how dominant he can be against Gaborik the other night. It’s not that I don’t think he cares, he just doesn’t have the power to play to the new Rangers identity.

  37. Really? Exactly.

    CCCP, we don’t need no water … my roof is covered with snow again.

    Atta boy, Tony. Bet your roof doesn’t have much snow.

    Good morning, Sally!

  38. i agree that if we face the Flyers in round 1, they should be afraid of us, as their goaltending is weak BUT, they have 4 lines that score goals, we do not. they have no problems scoring 3-4 goals per game, we have difficulty scoring more than 2. your goaltending can only take you that far.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    An interesting aside, and I apologize in advance if this has been discussed, but I just read in a NESN article from a couple of weeks ago, that Ken Daneyko thinks the league should allow a 1 week, suspension free, go for gold, retribution attacks on Matt Cooke. Now that made me smile.

  40. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Crack of Noon!

    “If the Rangers had gone 5-5 instead of 2-7-1 in their last 10… ” – If you’re going to wish, wish BIG.


    If the bear didn’t stop to carcillo in the woods he’d have caught both hunters… or else the Pope IS Catholic.

    (I just mixed my metaphors…)

  41. Souray passes through re-entry waivers unclaimed. This means either his NHL career is over
    or the Oilers must take on more than half of Souray’s cap hit in salary coming back their way to get rid of him.

  42. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    That hit from behind rule is trash. So is the selective enforcement of said rule. I saw Hank get elbowed in the head by a Philthy player coming through the crease… no call. Prust got picked off by Shelley by the net while Prust was pursuing the puck carrier, no call. I’m not gonna whine about it (i know too late) but it’s garbage.

    Carcillo scored, and jawed at Avery. Probably said something like, that’s how you score… i have twice as many goals as you.

    You want to talk about snake bitten… is there a guy on the team right now that shoots with less confidence than Avery?

    Gaborik… i don’t know. I’ve run out of explanations/excuses. Concussion now? Like Carp said… weird stuff.

  43. CONCUSSION for GAB-orik on

    maybe he should go see Boogey’s doc and get some acupuncture or what not. If a Flyer knocked him silly, maybe Prust can knock him right again.

    Prust heals all wounds.

  44. Another great list of salient points Carp. I’d just like to add one more…

    The NHL has the worst officiating in all of professional sports. Inconsistent, with so many non calls that should be penalties. Is there any sport where the officials are fooled and tricked by players who “cheat”? Is there any sport where the officials blatantly don’t make calls against star players? Okay, basketball would qualify as a close second here. Does Pronger have an invisibility cloak? Take away the permission he’s given to use his stick and elbows as weapons and he would be just an average D man who leads the league in penalties. I pray one day to see all his teeth lying on the ice.

  45. CONCUSSION for GAB-orik on

    Heave… it could have been… i thought it was shelley but i could be mistaken.

    NYR_FAN, thanks, i figured it was fitting. I guess it’s hard for Gaborik to score when he sees 3 goalies dancing around in the net.

    To quote Rocky- ” I see three of him ” …. ” Hit the one in the middle “

  46. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Morning ILB and all!

    Nice write up carp, as always!

    Glad souray passed with out us claiming him, just hope slats does something that isn’t a temporary fix.

    OPG=OPG and I have said it all along, he is a 1.5 to 2.0 mil per season d man. I’m not a slatipuss hater like some here, but that is a bad contract.

    can’t agree more on the d men going down WAY TO MUCH to block shots (and their positioning in front of hank is always wrong as well, but we have been over that as well).

  47. eddie eddie eddie on

    heave ho – spot on re:NHL refs……worst officiating of all the major sports…too subjective, some players seem to get away with everything (pronger), others can do no right (avery)….

  48. heave ho – I don’t know. I’ve seen quite a few incompetent soccer refs in my time. Some have even reffed World Cup matches. And baseball umpires don’t exactly give me a good feeling either. How can you play when each umpire has their own definition of a strike zone?

  49. bull dog

    When you make statements like “Lundqvist is the sole reason for the team’s current slump” it’s slightly hard to give the rest of your arguments much credibility. But maybe I’m just making excuses…

  50. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    nice new name!!

    what if the flyers really didn’t make any glaring rule violations that the officials saw therefore did not have any penalties called against them? I mean it isn’t like we have a PP that is scoring at an 85% rate or anything.

  51. eddie eddie eddie on

    Cross-check – in baseball, at least the strike zone is relatively consistent from ump to ump for an entire game…..its not like CC gets the high ball strike and wakefield gets the low/outside call should they pitch in the same game…..high ball strike = high ball strike for both pitchers…..not so in the NHL

  52. well let see LW,
    first game after the break, the Pittsburg game, Hank allows softy. Rangers lose. or how about the Atlanta game, Hank allows softy, Rangers lose. and how about yesterday, Hank allows 2 soft goals, and the Rangers lose. I think he is a pretty good reason for there current plight.

  53. eddie – true.

    Sort of related, what about the stupid hooking rule? We were talking about it at my game last night and one of our players was calling for hooking penalty. I told him, I think in this league you actually have to hook the guy to get a call. In the NHL you barely have to touch a guy to get called for hooking.

  54. CONCUSSION for GAB-orik on

    wicky, thanks man! You were at the game??

    Saw a stat that made me want to throw up… and not from PCS symptoms.

    The Flyers played without taking a penalty for only THE THIRD TIME in the team’s history.

    This is a team that takes penalties in practice. Unreal. Way to crap on the Rangers for NBC primetime amusement.

  55. that is not including the Kings game where he gave up 2 leads in the 3 rd period. he was fortunate that his team bailed his ass out in that one. he gave up yet another goal from behind the net for the tying goal.
    like I said,
    excuses, excuses excuses.

  56. eddie eddie eddie on

    cross check – true…any tap with the stick, especially from behind and it COULD be called in the NHL…except of course, if it is tapping Avery..then it matters not…

  57. Bull dog- one can bend statistics any way they want. Did you go back and count how many games they would’ve lost if he wasn’t the best player on the team?

  58. Wicky, I respectfully disagree with your recent comment.

    1) Given the nature of the game at this level (namely, fast, intense and physical) is any game ever played where each team doesn’t commit at least one or two penalties that should be called?

    2) The effectiveness of a team’s PP has no bearing on infractions committed and subsequently called. The rules are intended to make the contest a fair competition.

  59. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    welcome and no, not at the game. just trying to give carp a hard time

  60. Anyone else glad Gabby is out? Hope he gets better, but the team performs so much better without him. The youngsters take it upon themselves and throw the team on their shoulders; they don’t have to share that responsibility with Gabby anymore.

    I keep saying this but Gabby is such an ineffective player. He has scored numerous goals in the past, but most of which were off his incredible quick release. I just don’t see him being an effective player other than that. Kovy was FLYING in the Devils-Rangers game. I have NEVER seen Gabby be as effective as that.

  61. Good afternoon all! Apropos of Carp’s post, all I’ll say right now is grrrrrrrr. Off to continue choring my assen off.

  62. ilb,
    that is his job! he suppose to be a top goalie in this league. he cannot be costing his team games by allowing bad goal after bad goal.

  63. eddie, agreed. The non calls that go against Avery are an embarrassment to the league. Officials should make calls based on the rules not the players involved.

  64. Bull dog – if every player in the league was playing his best every game, and was doing exactly what they’re supposed to do every game, what do you think the score would be? Or would there be ever any score?

  65. Oh I’ve seen Gaborik fly before. So have the Islanders, Oilers, and Maple Leafs, apparently. But that’s about it.

  66. so far we have the Refs are to get Avery.
    the League is out to get Avery.
    and Torts is out to get Avery. it is amazing that he has been able to score those 2 goals he’s got this year with all that stuff against him.

  67. Rangers should get Paul Stastny. I’d gladly give Gilroy, one of our better prospects (not Kreider, Hagelin, or McIlrath; maybe Valentenko considering we have a plethora of defensemen and Colorado is weak on the back end) and a first and third for him. Only problem is what would Colorado want. They let a real good power forward and an offensive D-man with “sky is the limit” potential go for much less than I’d say they’re worth, so.

  68. ilb,
    it depends. is Hank in goal?
    I have red your posts many times ilb. you are a very realistic Ranger fan, but I think you may have a blind spot on Hanks play this season. he has had one real good stretch, but for the most part ha has been mediocre.

  69. you guys are so wrong when it comes to gaborik its not even funny… hes a top 10 goal scorer in this league who has had an off year.. and is three goals behind for the team lead… give me a break

  70. No, I don’t bull dog. Hank isn’t having his better season, no doubt. I just don’t think he should be called a sole reason for their current slide.

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    bull dog – (a reference to billy fairbairn’s line??) Avery does have a fair amount of assists. While shooting is not his forte, sadly. However, if you dont think NHL refs treat him differently, you are not watching the same games I am.

  72. ilb,
    do think if Hank had played better during this stretch that they would be on the same streak?

  73. eddie eddie eddie on

    bull dog – with Steve Vickers? …now that is one guy the rangers could use…he would have jammed many home that the rangers seem to whiff at (see AA late in the 3rd yesterday)…I think before Vickers, it was Bobby Rousseau on the left side, yes?

  74. Don’t Panic – there is a good chance the Rangers can pick up 6 points next week (Sabres, Wild and Senators). As Carp said Tuesday is the biggest game so let’s put a little distance between us and the Horidcanes and get ready for a nice little stretch against some not so great (and currently struggling) teams.

    For the Lundqvist haters – you can rest assured that Biron will be playing a few of the upcoming games due to the scheduling.

  75. Pronger is like Lindros … Colin Campbell, when he was the Rangers coach, used to say that Lindros commits a penalty on every shift, but the refs won’t call a penalty on him every shift. So they end up calling almost nothing on him. Same with Pronger.

    Don’t you wish the Rangers had him? And I thought, in the first half of last year, that he was done and that Team Canada made a big mistake picking him. I was wrong for the third time in my life.

  76. Bull dog-I think they would also avoid this streak if their forwards scored a few more goals, if the defense made less mistakes, if……

  77. Despite the perceived improvement the team has shown this year, they show the same poor passing as last year’s team. They have way too much trouble breaking out of their own end when pressed by the other team’s forecheck, leading to pressure and defensive breakdowns.

    Then, when they do get into the offensive zone, they often squander opportunities by blind passes from behind the net or across the goal mouth.

    Oh, and maybe winning a faceoff occasionally would help.

  78. eddie eddie eddie on

    blog mama – my pleasure, my dear….allow me to introduce myself, I am eddie, eddie, eddie….it sounded best when 17,500 of my good friends chanted it :)

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

    Stan – worse than the blind passes out in front is the fact that the rangers’ forwards are nearly always a second or two late to the puck…this applies to loose rebound chances as well….

  80. Agreed, Eddie. Maybe some of those passes would click if there was someone in the right position in front of the net. Could make someone look like a passing genius.

  81. eddie eddie eddie on

    i Voted they will finish 6th. They will beat the Bruins in the first round, circa 72-73, then win a thrilling game 7 against filthy – unlike circa 73-74, then beat the play-pens in the conference finals and matt cooke gets his bell rung on every shift…..Next, they meet Vancouver in a replay of 1994…..OJ breaks out of jail, steals a ford bronco…..and the rest is history.

  82. and the Knicks go to a Game 7 in the finals.

    And Tortorella bolts to Detroit or St. Louis less than three weeks after the parade.

  83. Carp, according to Hockey Rodent, the Rangers still have a chance to finish 4th or 5th. What about the people who are more optimistic? They can’t vote? (just kidding)

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – love your work mate….like a time warp, eh?…..hopefully, this time they dont trade Zubov :)

  85. Completely agree with number 11, Carp. Well, most of your stuff, but especially 11. Why is it we can figure this stuff out and the league can’t?

    Re Pronger: “I was wrong for the third time in my life.” -Love it!

  86. eddie3x, thanks for the grins.

    I had to vote for an 8th place finish. The Rangers never, ever do anything the easy way. We’ll make it in on the last day or next to last day of the season which will make it official that we’re better than last year.

  87. I just have a feeling they (the Rangers) can finish 6th. I just hope somebody (the Hurricanes) knock off the Phlyers.

  88. eddie eddie eddie on

    heave ho – i hear ya…the rangers never do anything the easy way… game 7, 94 vs the devils with 7 seconds left….explain to me how they even won that game after that…

  89. eddie,
    I believe the original Bull Dog line was Tkachuk, Fairburn, and Balon. later it was with my favorite all tim e Ranger Steve Vickers.

  90. Sally are you out there? Any suggestions?


    waiting for a trapper to call back.

  91. Hey Carp – Why haven’t the blue tinted glasses really caught on in the Garden? I think if the fans supported Sean Avery more by wearing really expensive clothes to the games and dressing uber-fashionably he might score more often.

  92. It's Just Sally on

    jpg’s sister, looks like I got here just in time! Okay, listen carefully, go get a tranquilizer gun. Shoot the raccoon with the tranquilizer gun. Quickly start a fire in the fireplace. This is only going to temporarily solve your problem because, as anyone who’s seen Return Of The Living Dead knows, setting things on fire/blowing things up DOES NOT eliminate the rabies. You have to be really careful because when the rabies goes up in the smoke it can stay in the air and come back down when it rains, turning everyone into zombies. So after you light the fire I would recommend going to Brooklyn (you’re in Ohio, right? Yeah, you better get out of there…) and finding Dr Ilb cause, honestly, you probably already have rabies and he is a good doctor.

  93. It's Just Sally on

    Actually I’m pretty sure that everyone here has rabies now because it’s that contagious. Except for me cause I got preventive shots in 2003.

  94. Yes! A Seinfeld reference!

    Is it sad that when I hear “Rabies” the first image in my head is Elaine having trouble swallowing water?

  95. LMAO, Sally! We all have rabies, I believe. At least that’s what it sounds to me from a professional point of view after each loss. And after each new propsed trade. And the only foreseeable cure available at the moment is a Stanley Cup.

  96. eddie eddie eddie on

    rabies aren’t a bad thing…especially if you dont mind gigantic needles being inserted into your tummy…

  97. It's Just Sally on

    Yay a prescription for the Stanley Cup! I don’t think they cover that in my student health insurance plan, but I’ll check.

    eddie, rabies are BAD.

  98. It's Just Sally on

    And that’d be rad if that’s what she was doing. Buffalo’s not too far out of the way, maybe she can pick me up and give me a ride.

  99. the raccoon is sleeping now. I am locked in the dining room hoping the door keeps us separated.

  100. eddie eddie eddie on

    if Kessel is really on the block, what would it take?….would EC and Frolov be enough?

  101. eddie eddie eddie on

    JPG – any flyer fans nearby?…I am sure they know of some good recipies that use raccoon….

  102. so Gabby definitely has a concussion ? Is that what has been bothering him for so long that we wondered why he seemed off his game?

  103. Gabby has been running around without any purpose like mad dog for awhile..:-) I think he has rabies. Is that a good enough excuse?

  104. TSNBobMcKenzie

    With another three years at $6.6 million per yr, I personally would be surprised if Paul Stastny moves. Lot of teams don’t like that ticket.


  105. Yeah, jpg, you better get your MZA home….I’m sure you can handle that little rabies carrier…I wouldn’t pet it though..

  106. Damn, Pitt just traded Goligoski to Dallas for Benn.

    I was talking to a few guys on here about trading WW for Goligoski.

  107. Did anyone read the latest Hockey Rodent article? Equally enjoyable as a feast at the Bonehead table is a trip to the Rodent’s classroom. Can’t help but agree, yet again, with the views and recommendations that he advocates. This particular edition is worthy of a few minutes of your time as well as the members of our beloved team on this travel (i.e. non practice) day.

  108. wth is wrong with dallas? horrible trade. i thought neal was one of the players they were building around. stupid stupid stupid

  109. Calgary puts Hagman on Waivers … I say pick him up !!

    Costs us no assets and we could use the scoring punch. Plus, his best year in 2007-2008 came while playing in Dallas with ………… wait for it …………. Brad Richards.

    Could have a nice first line next year of Hagman – Richards – Gabby

  110. And Niskanen is young too. They are either clearing their cap to resign Richards or just dumping some salary to attract more future buyers. In the latter case, there is no way Richards will be resigned or agree to stay.

  111. How do you like yer racoon, fallin’ off the bones tender or with a little fight left in it?

  112. Hagman is 31 yr old, his best year was all of 42 points and his cap hit is $3M through 2011-2012. Why would you want him?

  113. Jwff in CT

    it’s sleeping now, so leaving it alone for now. I am brhind a closed door in another room

  114. Stars just gave up on a very young, promising player. Can you say panic mode? Unless there is something we don’t know, that’s how you start going downhill as a franchise.

  115. jpg’s sister:
    Got you, you wabbit stew, you.
    Look, Doc. Are you looking for trouble? I’m not a stewing rabbit. I’m a fricasseeing rabbit.
    Fwicasseeing wabbit?
    Have you got a fricasseeing rabbit license?
    Well, no. I…
    Do you happen to know what the penalty is for shooting a fricasseeing rabbit without a fricasseeing rabbit license?

  116. Rangers really gotta get Neal away from Pittsburgh. How good, in a few years, would Neal-Stepan-Kreider look?

  117. Sather sleeps at the wheel again… We could have gotten James Neal?!?!? Who would have led our team in goal scoring?

    Wow… Just… wow.

  118. czechthemout!!! on

    That Pitt trade is the type of trade that all good franchises make.
    we should have offered Girardi. Neal is a good young scorer who will score 30 goals year after year.

  119. Ria, LMAO!!!

    jpg, get your assen over to your sister’s place and coon-free it!!!!

    speaking of which, I’m starving…off for chow. later all!

  120. With the amount of depth we are growing on the blue line, tell me we couldnt have afforded giving up MDZ for those two? More attractive than Goligoski…

  121. I am in the foulest mood so I’m going to avoid this blog until next game.

    That “boarding” penalty was the biggest load of BULLPUCKY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!! NO MAKEUP CALL? I HATE PHILLY

  122. BREAKING NEWS – Penguins trade Goligoski to Dallas for two players
    Anonymous For The Tribune-Democrat The Tribune-Democrat Mon Feb 21, 2011, 04:44 PM EST

    PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired forward James Neal and defenseman Matt Niskanen from the Dallas Stars in exchange for defenseman Alex Goligoski, executive vice president and general manager Ray Shero announced late this afternoon.

    Goligoski tallied a career-best nine goals and 22 assists in 60 games with the Penguins this season. He was a plus-20 for the year.

    Neal, 23, is in his third NHL season. The 6-foot-2, 208-pound left winger ranked third on the Stars this season with 21 goals and fifth with 39 points.

    A native of Whitby, Ontario, Neal established career highs offensively last season with 27 goals, 28 assists and 55 points in 78 games. In 214 NHL games the 2005 second-round pick (33rd overall) has 72 goals and 131 points. He is a three-time 20-goal scorer.

    Neal spent four seasons with the Plymouth Whalers (Ontario Hockey League), tallying 68 goals and 173 points in 187 games.

    Niskanen, 24, is in his fourth NHL season. The 6-foot, 200-pound defenseman has posted six assists in 45 games this season. Niskanen’s best season came in 2008-09 when he led all Dallas defenders in scoring with 35 points (6G-29A).

    The Virginia, Minnesota native was Dallas’ first-round selection (28th overall) in 2005. In 277 career games with the Stars, Niskanen tallied 16 goals and 82 points. Niskanen has three assists in 16 career postseason appearances.

    Prior to joining the Stars, Niskanen spent two seasons at the University of Minnesota-Duluth where he scored 45 points (10G-35A) in 77 career contests.

    wow tampering? WHAT THE HELL IS GOJNG ON HERE

  123. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    At work and just checking In…..WTF?

    Slatipuss better be up to something big

    Great deal for the pens. Neal is a great young player!

    Is a firesale on in Dallas?

  124. how do you trade neal who is signed through next year at only 2.8 mil. he will be a 4 mil plus guy in years to come.

    what a steal for ray shero and the pens. they do it again.

    hot dog lips and neal next year watch out

  125. weekend i’m sick
    Rangers offense sicker
    then today
    racoon in fireplace
    and to make it much much worse
    byfuglien pens make trade theft

    what was it? Shero had Luca Brazi with him and
    told Niewendyk that he either signs off on the trade or
    his brains will go on the contract?

  126. what was Dallas thinking trading Neal and Niskanen for Goligoski. I mean how many of his points are the direct result of playing with Crosby and Malkin.

  127. I understand trade-friendly teams like NYRangers and PHX but this is out of line. I WANT ANSWERS!!!!

  128. I wonder which side proposed the trade.

    It would be hilarious if it was Nieuwendyk.

    Joe Nieuwendyk: Hey, Ray. Do you have any interest in trading Goligoski?

    Ray Shero: Hmm, maybe.

    Joe Nieuwendyk: Well, I’m thinking, would James Neal be enough?

    Ray Shero: Umm…….just James Neal?

    Joe Nieuwendyk: Alright, Ray, you got me, I’ll throw in Niskanen, but that’s it.

    Ray Shero: …………………………Neal and Niskanen for Goligoski?

    Joe Nieuwendyk: Right…..

    Ray Shero: ::clears throat:: yeah, lets get that trade done.

    Then Ray Shero hangs up the phone, and climbs on top of his roof and screams “I’m king of the wooooooorlllllllld, wahoooooooo”

  129. noonan, I thought you weren’t coming back until the next game?

    I can’t explain it.

    LMAO about all the racoon stuff, including GAB’s name change.

    “No shot. Dog bite. Woof woof, not bang bang.”

    “Is this going to hurt?”

    “Yes, very much.”

  130. amazing. theyll make that trade yet if we want Richards theyre gonna ask for dubinsky callahan staal del zotto girardi prust wolski and a 2nd round pick…

  131. Pretty funny tweet by Adam Proteau on the trade:


  132. Maybe it wont cost us THAT much to get Richards in a trade after all?? I mean, he is a UFA after this season right?? Could walk away for free right??

    Take advantage Slats, Take Advantage !!

  133. im off to the Carribean for a week at night tonight and will miss the trade deadline. debating whether i should take my phone and attempt to keep track of the trades, or be pleasantly surprised. or not.

  134. jpg, hell of a day at sea for your sir :) hope the coon is happy and free, and out of your sister’s house.

    Messiah, LMAO….this is gonna be a long month and a half methinks….sigh. But I am still all about LGR!!!

    Tiki, if you see this, hope you made it home safe…..great meeting/seeing/hanging with you at games and with Fozzy.

    Fozzy, only 4 more days til you’re in town!!!

    OK, I’m byfuglien tired… to catch up on new Survivor season…yeah! TA!

  135. Olga Folkyerself on

    Maybe you could take Sather with you to the Carribean, He doesn’t appear to be doing anything lately…

  136. lev, I’m going in 5 weeks. leave the phone at home……paradise should not be spoiled that way :)

  137. It really doesn’t make much difference who they trade for up front, or how good they are or how much they
    will potentially score in the future. Not wigh this team. This team, doesn;t shoot. they don’t get in position to score. they spend too much time trying for the perfect play. Most games they do not take nearly enough EFFECTIVE shots on goal. And we see evidence of this in the guys they bring in here. after a few games they fall right into the style that the rest of the team uses.

  138. oh shoot, and Gabby, too…..OK all, nuf for me today…catch up tomorrow when we’ll kick Carolina to the Pacific…..

  139. the key point is that those who wait until the deadline will have nothing but table scraps to pick from. just rentals will be left next Mon. already most good deals are gone.

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If gabby gets rabies in ny, will I hear about if was I was in a Forrest and the tree didn’t fall on the bear chasing EC and Dreary.

  141. the Rangers have scored more goals than all the Eastern teams except the leaders and just a bit less than Canes and Atl who give up lots of goals. Rangers have scored 40, yes FORTY more goals than the Devils. rangers have scored more than the Sharks, who have way more weapons. scoring is not the problem it is being made out, even with Gaborik being mia most of the time. getting saves at the right time from Henrik would help more. Philly won that game on 2 softies. they were outplayed by the Rangers.

  142. Wasn’t Niskanen the guy who Crosby had a fight against and won? I think he was the main piece in that deal. They think Niskanen will bring back some memory to Crosby and cure his concussion. Neal is a throw in…:-)

  143. All signs point to Brian McCabe going to be the player we are getting- question is who else is moved in the deal, I bet the Rangers want Booth.

  144. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers are 14th best in the league in goals scored and 7th best in goals against. Sounds like scoring is more of a problem than keeping them out.

  145. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    LMFAO ILB!!!!!

    Wouldn’t it be funny if slats has james NEAL and chris NEIL confused……he trades for chris thinking he is getting james……

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I wouldn’t be suprised if Cindy crosby’s concussion was made worse by the elbow of one Matt Cooke. Cooke likes to work on his strengths, so during practice, he throws an elbow at Cindy, and sticks his knee out nailing the balken’s malkin…

  147. I can only assume today’s Stars/Penguins trade is some kind of belated future considerations as part of the Zubov/Hatcher robbery in 1996.

  148. Czechthemout!!! on

    I am still sick over the this trade. How do sleep on the job so blatantly?

    As for Mccabe, please no! He can’t skate at all anymore. Is not worth more than a bag of pucks!

    The only thing I could see happening that would maybe make a trade more palatable is if they can also add David Booth. That won’t happen though. If they want to get some damn from the Panthers, at least get Dennis Wideman. He is a decent offensive damn and can play some d as well.

  149. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Hey ‘Heads!

    Had to request next Monday off just so I can keep up with youse guys, hope it’s approved
    You guys sure have been busy today.

  150. FIRST! [Well, my first comment of the day, that is.]

    Could these Versus guys possibly mention the word “rivalry” any more times?

  151. >>Sather has wanted Booth for a while, that I know.

    I wanted a pre-concussed Booth. He’s not that same player anymore.

  152. So we’re getting Booth, Richards, keeping Gaborik…we should sign Gagne in the offseason. Concussions for everyone!

  153. I’m not anticipating anything from Sather in regards to the trading deadline.

    His deadline moves to bolster the team have, for the most part, sucked eggs.

    Only trades he’s made that are good are usually to make up for a horrific free agent signing.

    Kind like a fireman who likes to set the fires he puts out

  154. Hey gang!

    Shero’s pics of the Dallas GM in comprising situations, that’s the only explanation.

  155. Paul in sunrise on

    Here is a funny one. Dallas requires rangers to put Avery on waivers and bury him in minors for life of deal to free up additional cap space as part of any deal to acquire Richards.
    Not true but would be funny.

  156. Watching the pens cap game on versus. Bradely for the caps just ran cooke, the only thing that is disappointing is Bradely had a golden opportunity to do a messier elbow to cookes head but he didn’t, it would have been worth the suspension.

  157. Linda, are you really taking next Monday off for the trade deadline?

    I sure hope Uncle Glennie doesn’t put his cigar down to pick up the phone. He might even hurt himself the way things have been going.

    We need a couple of wins to ease the panic attacks at MSG.

  158. And Matt Cooke took less than a game and a half since returning from his long, long suspension to take another penalty for hitting someone from behind. I’m shocked, *shocked*…

  159. Czechthemout!!! on

    Looks to me like the Flyers are becoming the odds on favorite to win the cup.

    Boy I hated to have to have typed that!!!!

  160. Paul in sunrise on

    Good one Orr – but I follow DD and he has not tweeted any such thing. Glad to see your fake trades are now interconference

  161. Paul in sunrise on

    Or earlier in the day. Everyone is apparently caught up in the bachelor or other games. Liked the effort.

  162. >>Looks to me like the Flyers are becoming the odds on favorite to win the cup.

    Or, they’re becoming the odds on favourite for an early exit upset. [Aaaah, it felt so good typing that.]

  163. I’d hate to bring bad luck to the table but last yr one team got hot, philthy, and another spun out of control, rangers. This yr… a number of teams in the east have hit the wall, one being the rangers. Same time of yr, same problems. Further, our PO fate rested on the last game, no on the last point of the season and we went head to head and lost in what was the most important game of the yr. This yr we face the same problem. While new jersey is still a bit behind, they are smoking hot and just watch Kovy fly. Ironically, we conclude our season against or cross-river rivals.. please tell me our lives don’t suck that bad!

  164. deep breath andrew.. this will be turned around in the next week.. its a rough patch that all teams go thru!! RELAX!

  165. Also, I wouldn’t sleep on the sabres, yes they have lost three bad games, but they also have a lot of skill and much more scoring then we have had in many many years. Buffalos current problem is up the.middle, with Roy hurt they don’t have a number 1 center and it shows.becussr they don’t win the battles along the boards and are an easy to team to beat thru the.neutral zone. If they can deal for a rental center they can make a push. Miller is tired, but Enroth is a solid backup and if he was called up earlier to relieve miller from his 31 consecutive starts and now 34 out of the last 35 we would be in 8th place at the moment. We are lucky to still be in the playoff picture, but you have to believe our fortunes will turn soon or its another long summer. Pray fellas, we need it. Alls I really know is, we better win tomorrow or we are rolling down a hill into a crap summer.

  166. Then again, what team isn’t looking for a center Haha.. maybe buffalos shop is sunk. but ill stick by it because they were hot no.less than a week ago.

  167. Per Zipay’s Twitter, Brad Richards is the Rangers’ #1 target and Dallas could deal him by the deadline.

  168. Caps just beat the Pens 1-0…….Washington is playing good defense, and Pitt can’t score a goal.

  169. Well, at least now we know why MSG management has done jack squat with the Rangers while all these NHL trades are going down:

    Of course, they are “focused” on the Knicks. Does anyone care about basketball in general? Other than the enjoyment I get playing NBA Jam for the iPhone, I could give a hartnelling Byfuglien.

  170. Once we get out of this piece of sh*t of a month called February, yet people always pronounce it as Febuary, then we’ll be alright.

    Luckily the teams behind us have been as bad as us, not counting the Devils.

    They’re still a team to worry aboot.

    I’ve always hated this stupid month!

  171. Thanks, Sally. We have the raccoon trapped in the fireplace. Mountain Man (the trapper’s name. He also works for transportation department. It is SNOWING A lot) can not come until Wednesday morning.

    I hope the raccoon likes the blueshirts! The HD TV is in the family room.

    sitting here with the door shut.

  172. if we MUST get richards ( he has a concussion wth), i’d be able to live with anismov going the other way but NOT dubi or stepan

  173. How the heck did you get a raccoon in your fireplace!? And you’re just leaving it there until Wednesday?

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Now that Jimmy dolan has his mello, i fear that his attention deficit disorder will now focus on his other team…wait- what is dolan’s other team???

  175. The chimney doesn’t have a cover on it on the roof. it came down the chimney to the fireplace. The trapper guy said it is fine as long as it is contained in the fireplace. I’m not thrilled about it.

  176. Stranger nation on

    Dr. DJK
    I hope gabby’s concussion was not ‘bad’ – he didn’t even know he had it.

    Miked – why trade anyone of value for a UFA?

  177. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m with ya on monday, I took it off as well!

  178. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think what you got there is the Critter’s Santa Claus. Go out and see if there is a real tiny sleigh on the roof. If there is, leave him some milk and cookies and he will eventually fill your Cat’s stockings and go back up the chimney.

  179. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I wouldn’t trade AA either, but slatipuss might!

  180. Anisimov does not have a high enough ceiling to make him untouchable. That said, trading him for an expiring contract doesn’t make much sense unless making the trade somehow guarantees that Richards signs at a cap-friendlier deal

  181. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Sather gets Richards, I give it 2 seasons before he gets concussed again or his scoring tails off and either way, he becomes the next Drury.

  182. Guys, barring a whopping offer, Rangers aren’t trading AA.

    They’ve sent a list to 4-5 teams of players they won’t even discuss moving, and Anisimov is on it.

    Not sure if it was mentioned here but there was a deal in place for McCabe prior to him breaking his jaw, believed to be for a No.2 and a middle tier prospect, and Grachev, despite his struggles, is not considered middle tier.
    That deal may still be in place, but the question was/is whether McCabe will agree to it.

    The real question is what the heck is happening with Gaborik?
    Called a friend who simply groaned.
    While I wouldn’t expect any move involving MG tomorrow, I was told NYR will finally break the ice with a smaller very soon, maybe before tomorrow night’s game.

  183. Wow!!! It came down your chimney!! Incredible – isn’t it making a ruckus, though? I would imagine that it must not be happy to be trapped in there!

    No food or water for it? Sorry, I’m just thinking about the animal, can’t help it…

  184. Jimbo Woodside,

    My brother wanted to feed it., but no haven’t fed it. We had another raccoon in the basement a couple years ago and it tore apart the basement shredded drapes trying to get out, knock things down in the office, pooped on a box of CDs, paw prints on new frontloader washer/dryer). It came in through the basement fireplace.

    This one came in through upstairs/family room fireplace, doors are stronger.

    We just looked in the fireplace and it is MISSING! We think it went up the chimney. We have someone coming to put a cap on the chimney.

  185. Dr. Oz was just talking about concussion symptoms and that you should be away from your sport for at least 2 weeks, so not re-injure

  186. “Let boarding be boarding, but not if the player willfully turns his back.” So you are suggesting that the referees are given more room for judgment and subjectivity to make or to not make calls?

    “And if they know they will get drilled if they turn, they won’t turn.” That’s just baseless speculation. Players may still turn to try and draw penalties for the simple fact that referees cannot see everything.

    8.) Carcillo = Productive National Hockey Leaguer

  187. Wow!!! Jpg’s sister – that’s an amazing story! It managed to get back up the chimney… and scary!

    You know, people say that we have raccoons here in Woodside, but I’m damned sure I’ve never seen one. I know they have them in Brooklyn, because the super of my GF’s building found one in the garbage disposal unit – and it was an ornery bugger!

    Stay away from here, raccoons!

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