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Will update here shortly, and have more later.

But first is the news that Marian Gaborik has a concussion, and that it did not happen today. And for that the player has to take resposibility.

“He’s concussed,” John Tortorella said. “It didn’t happen in this game. I don’t know when it happened … well, maybe I shouldn’t say that. Maybe it did. He’s been off and on. I don’t know when it happened.”

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John Tortorella:

“I’m frustrated for (the players) because I think they worked their ass off. (The Flyers) throw a back-hander, it’s in, and another one. It’s frustrating. But my frustration’s certainly — the belief in the team, it gets stronger for me. It’s about results. It is about winning. But we just haven’t been able to do that consistently, especially the second half of the year.”

“I think our third periods have been good even when we’ve been losing. We just haven’t made the next big play as far as putting it in the back of the net. But as far as our effort throughout the game here, we had some chances. We had chances right on through, and the third period I thought we brought it to another level. But we just … I feel good about some of the things. I felt a number of players played really well. But it’s about winning a hockey game and we just haven’t done that consistently enough here. But we’re going to ramp it up again tomorrow and start again.”

“I just talked to Rammer (trainer Jim Ramsay). Gabby told me he didn’t feel well. I left it up to him and Rammer after the first period and they told me ‘No.’ I don’t know what the timetable is.”

“He was playing along. I know he’s had some conversations when he was off the ice sometimes, (that) he just wasn’t dead-on. But that’s something we’re going to have to talk to him about, and Rammer, and see what went on with it.”

What tipped him off after the first period that Gaborik wasn’t right:

“Him. Him. He didn’t feel well.”

He hadn’t said anything like that before?

“No. You’re digging too deep guys. I don’t have enough information.”

Need a callup for the upcoming trip?

“Yes. I haven’t talked to anybody about that, but in my mind, yes.”

About the one-goal losses, or the one-and-empty-netter losses:

“It’s a loss. When I put my hat on as far as development, I continue to try to evaluate players through it all, winning and losing. When you start a year and you’re teaching your team concept, this coaching staff spend a lot of time (on) how we’re playing, and developing our identity. We have developed how we need to play. I think our players understand it and I think our players bought into it. I think they know that they can be succesful with it, so we’ve gone in those two stages. The development is always with me as far as the players. We’ve gone to that stage of who we are and who we’re going to be, and we’ve built that. Now we’ve got to find a way to win games. We have 21 left here. This time of year, because we’ve got the foundation done as far as who we are. You’ve got to find a way to win games.”

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  1. Hard to say without further information that Gaborik has to take responsibility for his concussion. The Rangers brag about their medical staff all the time, yet do not have a good history of treating concussed players, along with the rest of the league. Blaming the players for their injuries seems pretty old school. Isn’t the league supposed to be on top of head injuries? Even Crosby’s symptoms were ignored too long, and it was obvious he was concussed, yet he was allowed to play longer also.

  2. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok. I have watched every Ranger game this season. I don’t recall a single hit to his head that may have caused this. That being said, I hope he is ok. But this only reinforces my belief tha he should be traded asap!

  3. ” I don’t know when it happened … well, maybe I shouldn’t say that. Maybe it did. ”
    What is that supposed to mean Torts??

  4. Czechthemout!!! on

    So now our most marketable player is gone for the season. This season is fast becoming a nightmare. It is amazing. From such promise to so much angst in only three weeks!

    Maybe they will rally around this injury and go on a tear like they did earlier.

    Also, maybe hope for Hagelin and Kreider’s season end early and they can sign those two to help out.

  5. Czechthemout!!! on

    The other thing is that this more adversity that they have to deal with. Hopefully this will just make them stronger mentally and further develop their young guys to take even more of a leadership roll. I think the playoffs though are now probably a pipe dream.

  6. Everyone keeps talking about the Rangers lack of scoring. And the way things are they’ll still be talking about three years from now.

    The reason is very simple. Their players are almost never in an effective position to score.

    How so?

    Well for openers, they almost never place a shooter
    ( anyone) in the front of the goal, so the scrummers behind the net and along the boards have someone to give the shooter something to shoot with.

    They dump the puck in…the clock is ticking..they sometimes come up with the puck, and then they look for someone to pass to..the clock still ticks..then when they don;t see anyone they dump it blindly into the goal mouth hoping that someone collects it wearing their uniform. Some times one does. Most times, the defenders collect it and return up ice, with decent passing attacks. Rangers still have spasms of giveawayitis, and LQ pays the price for it.

    Forget about blaming LQ for this one. He did what he could with what he had to work with.

    ( Someone explain why Del Zotto is so entranced by lifting high arcing (20 ft) high “passes” from his zone in the general direction of a Ranger , hoping that he gets it cleanly..which sometimes he does,( but most times doesn’t.)

    Until they decide to play this game the way most of the top teams do, they are going to remain after thoughts in this league. They put an awful lot of clearing “passes” directly onto opponents sticks. The Flyers looked worried in that first period, but they at least know what they/re doing and execute. Rangers dump and hope.

    But that big open space of open ice in front of the opposing goal see few blueshirts there on a regular basis. And when they do shoot, it is often a patsy cake wrister easily absorbed. That’s the scene from the way I see it. You may disagree, and you may be right. But I report what I see.

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    Fran – I completely agree with you regarding being in position to score. Moreover, it seems the rangers are always (emphasis added) a second or two away from the the puck when its loose in front of the opponent’s net – be it a rebound or from a pass from behind the net….the proverbial a day late and a dollar short. When they are in position, ala AA late in the 3rd, they are unable to find the back of the net…maybe the rangers need to bring back Steve Vickers, as he was a master at getting those garbage type goals….That said, I really like their effort and this will certainly be a team to reckon with in a few years. There is so much to like about this team. To see them make the 2nd season, even if its one and done, will be a great experience for their young Dmen. Keep the faith Ranger fans. The future looks bright even if the present is soemwhat cloudy.

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