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More post-game quotes

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Brandon Dubinsky:

“We kept pressing. I thought, even though we were down two going into the third period we kept trying to play our game — strong D and try to be oportunistic, try to make some plays. We had some chances. The puck goes through the back door there, a couple of scrambles in front. We’ve just got to find  a way to make those bounces go our way, and that’s through hard work. We’re not going to sit here and complain about not getting bounces or this, that or the other thing. We just have to make sure we evaluate where we are and where we need to be in order to win these games on a consistent basis.

I asked him what he meant by where they are and need to be:

“Where we are in the standings. Where our positioning it because it’s going to be a tough (firetrucking) stretch. We’ve got a lot of games, we’ve got a lot of good teams to play and it’s not a secret how many points we need to get into the playoffs. It’s the same every year — between 90 and 95 in order to get there. So for us, if we look at it that way, it’s how many wins? Thirteen wins, 14 wins. We have what, 21 games left now? So 14-7. You’ve got to win two for every one.

“Hopefully we can get on a little run here. Hopefully we can build on the energy we had (today). I thought we played well (today) but it’s got to be consistent. If we play with the energy and determination we did (today), we’re not looking back and saying we lost eight out of 10. You know, this might be just one bump in the road after we’d won four, five, six in a row. So, because that hasn’t been the case, we can’t be too pleased about this one. We’ve got to realize that hard work without results doesn’t mean anything right now. So we’ve got to find a way to get results.”

Asked about all the one-goal games:

“Honestly, I don’t care if it’s  one (goal) or 10. It’s a loss. We’ve got to find  a way to get the results. We’ve got to find a way to bury a goal, a big goal. And we need to continue to find a way to outwork our opponents. I thought we outworked them today. But I don’t think we outworked Jersey the other night, and like I said before, if we play the way we played today I think we’re going to win a lot of hockey games. But it’s got to be something that’s consistently there every night. And right now I wouldn’t be so upset about things.

“I am  upset because I thought the way we played (today) is the way we need to play, but it hasn’t been consistent, and if we had been consistent today would have been a small bump in the road with a lot of wins behind us. But it hasn’t been the case because we haven’t been consistent with the way we’ve been playing.”

On not getting a single power play:

“Yeah, I mean, a 60-minute game against that team, I think there’s got to be one or two. But, we’re not the refs, we can’t control the refs.”

Ryan Callahan:

On not getting a power play:

“I guess they didn’t take any penalties. That’s how it works sometimes. You can’t get too worried about that. Without having any power plays, I thought we generated a lot of chances and did what we had to do. We’re just not getting that next goal.”

“We have to win games now. It doesn’t matter how you play or what happens during the game. We need the two points and we have a lot of teams nipping at our heels now. It doesn’t matter if we play great and don’t get two points. At the end of the day, we need two points to get into the playoffs and have a good position.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s disappointing because you know how important it is for us right now to get points. Unfortunately, it’s the same story, different day. We come close, we created enough chances to win or at least tie the game. They’re a good team and we came close, but it doesn’t matter. We need two points and we’re just not getting them right now. We just have to try even harder.

“We have to really try and make that extra play, or me, personally, make that extra save to be on the right side and start winning.”

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