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Brandon Dubinsky:

“We kept pressing. I thought, even though we were down two going into the third period we kept trying to play our game — strong D and try to be oportunistic, try to make some plays. We had some chances. The puck goes through the back door there, a couple of scrambles in front. We’ve just got to find  a way to make those bounces go our way, and that’s through hard work. We’re not going to sit here and complain about not getting bounces or this, that or the other thing. We just have to make sure we evaluate where we are and where we need to be in order to win these games on a consistent basis.

I asked him what he meant by where they are and need to be:

“Where we are in the standings. Where our positioning it because it’s going to be a tough (firetrucking) stretch. We’ve got a lot of games, we’ve got a lot of good teams to play and it’s not a secret how many points we need to get into the playoffs. It’s the same every year — between 90 and 95 in order to get there. So for us, if we look at it that way, it’s how many wins? Thirteen wins, 14 wins. We have what, 21 games left now? So 14-7. You’ve got to win two for every one.

“Hopefully we can get on a little run here. Hopefully we can build on the energy we had (today). I thought we played well (today) but it’s got to be consistent. If we play with the energy and determination we did (today), we’re not looking back and saying we lost eight out of 10. You know, this might be just one bump in the road after we’d won four, five, six in a row. So, because that hasn’t been the case, we can’t be too pleased about this one. We’ve got to realize that hard work without results doesn’t mean anything right now. So we’ve got to find a way to get results.”

Asked about all the one-goal games:

“Honestly, I don’t care if it’s  one (goal) or 10. It’s a loss. We’ve got to find  a way to get the results. We’ve got to find a way to bury a goal, a big goal. And we need to continue to find a way to outwork our opponents. I thought we outworked them today. But I don’t think we outworked Jersey the other night, and like I said before, if we play the way we played today I think we’re going to win a lot of hockey games. But it’s got to be something that’s consistently there every night. And right now I wouldn’t be so upset about things.

“I am  upset because I thought the way we played (today) is the way we need to play, but it hasn’t been consistent, and if we had been consistent today would have been a small bump in the road with a lot of wins behind us. But it hasn’t been the case because we haven’t been consistent with the way we’ve been playing.”

On not getting a single power play:

“Yeah, I mean, a 60-minute game against that team, I think there’s got to be one or two. But, we’re not the refs, we can’t control the refs.”

Ryan Callahan:

On not getting a power play:

“I guess they didn’t take any penalties. That’s how it works sometimes. You can’t get too worried about that. Without having any power plays, I thought we generated a lot of chances and did what we had to do. We’re just not getting that next goal.”

“We have to win games now. It doesn’t matter how you play or what happens during the game. We need the two points and we have a lot of teams nipping at our heels now. It doesn’t matter if we play great and don’t get two points. At the end of the day, we need two points to get into the playoffs and have a good position.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s disappointing because you know how important it is for us right now to get points. Unfortunately, it’s the same story, different day. We come close, we created enough chances to win or at least tie the game. They’re a good team and we came close, but it doesn’t matter. We need two points and we’re just not getting them right now. We just have to try even harder.

“We have to really try and make that extra play, or me, personally, make that extra save to be on the right side and start winning.”

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  1. It doesn’t matter what we do at this point, we’re not a contender this year nor were we expected to be.

  2. Seriously, Gaby having a concussion makes a lot of sense when look back at his play. While he was very good on some nights, he was also M.I.A. on other nights, not skating or getting open. He may have suffered this concussion month(s) ago and symptoms are flaring up now. Like Crosby, he probably doesn’t know a specific play on where it happened. It would make sense if that were the case.

  3. When Gaborick was obtained there were many many questions about his durability and here it is with one good season its back to the injury plauged Gaborick Does he really fit the Identity of this team? Sure snipers and elite players are rare and hard to come by but could we get one to finish a season and God willing do what they were brought here to do

  4. Olga Folkyerself on

    Why interview these guys? the story never changes- “we have to try harder” “We have to win” ” I thought we played hard” “We have to get the two points” ” We had a lot of chances” “We’ve got to find a way”

    They keep losing, but they talk a good game… next thing you know they lose game 82 in a shootout.

  5. >>Then trade Dustin Penner for Dustin Byfuflyman

    That would be some dustin’ trade, wouldn’t it?

  6. >>Why interview these guys? the story never changes…

    I’m all in favour of doing away with post-game interviews, especially after a loss. I just don’t get them! The years and players may change, but the quotes are always the same.

  7. >>They could sing “dust in the wind” at their press conferences.

    Only if they moved to Kansas.

  8. I hear you, kurt. Like DJK said, I agree that you really have to draft and develop your own elite talent in this league to be successful…Gaborik is a great player but he does have durability issues and we all knew that going in…

  9. Our team has fantastic support players but nobody who passes for top-end talent. It’s a fact of life that it has to be gotten through the draft. Things will look up in 2 years or so.

  10. last year when we needed Gaborik for the final playoff push he was playing injured and made no difference.

    This year same story… one of the best game changers in any sport is not available to make the difference again.

    No help last year (when needed the most) and no help this year either (all season long)

    Conclusion: Gaborik is USELESS.

  11. LOL so not only do they lose but they find out what’s been up with Gaborik- naturally it’s a concussion and he’s lost for God knows how long. I think it’s safe to say this season has become a typical Rangers mess. It was nice to have that lil fantasy of success prior to the allstar break.

    Idk what’s gone on with Gaborik’s health. If they coaches knew, if the trainers knew, if he just kept quiet. No point in speculating. The fact of the matter is that if you’re going to add concussion problems to his list of injuries then he’s damaged goods and if they can make some kind of move (highly unlikely) but they have to do it. The playoffs and really anything other than giving the young kids some time to develop here go on the back burner. Gather some picks and prospects, clear up some cap space for the summer and starting on July 1 try to get Richards and some other help that can maybe get them to where they need to be to compete.

  12. how about a trade for
    Dustin Penner who we then
    trade with a pick or two for Dustin Brown
    who we then swap for Dustin Hoffman
    being a very method actor
    would study the ways and actions of
    Bobby Orr
    and we would then have
    our Power Play Quarterback!!

    your welcome!

  13. We’ll see DJK, I have faith that Stepan, Anisimov, Zuccarello, Grachev, Kreider, Thomas etc… can make it into top-six NHL players for the Rangers in the near future (2-3 years)…They all need time to develop but very raw, young talent is there…They are all still “babies” when you look at their ages as far as their careers…Patience may be a good thing…

    But hey, maybe I’m drinking the Sather kool-aid :P

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    Gaborik= useless?

    Drury= useless
    Redden= Useless
    Gomez= Useless

    Sather= worse than useless
    Sather= Failure

    I don’t want him “rebuilding”. His foundation rests on sand.

  15. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Met LaureL and Tim after the game, Met Carp during the game, great afternoon! With the exception being the game result. Love the boneheads!

  16. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Where is that idiot who said “look at how they progressed in the last two years”?

  17. loneranger February 20th, 2011 at 5:28 pm
    3/4 of the season over and Torts still doesn’t have 3 or 4 set lines. Gabby just not doing it for us. We played better as a team with him out of the line-up. Not relying on him made us suck it up and play as a team. Still need one big defenseman who could clear the goal crease and take shots from the point and stick with the youth. Still DZ is a total waste. How many games have we won with him in and Eminger out.

  18. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Just got into work after watching the Rangers Again come up short. I still like this team but I am incredibly frustrated. Love the team love they are in every game. I do not want any stupid trades for anyone over 30. No stupid free agent signings either.
    We are as unlucky a team as I’ve ever seen. No one can put the puck in the net, there is no confidence on offence and it shows. Gabby is out now, but he can’t score either so who cares? And Hank, can you make a save? Please? He has really been embarrassingly bad for a while. Yeah, yeah Hank has a young “d” in front of him. Suck it up and deal, make a save. What about all those shots that get blocked? Do your part Hank, make a save. You get no goal support, I know. Too bad, make a save. Anyone else think Prospal is useless at this point? We lose Drury and get Prospal back. Nice. Sit him, I’d rather see EC in there then him. Team works its ass off and loses. For the first time I think they might not get in the playoffs. Feel bad for Torts; pushes all the right buttons, develops players, but they make every goalie look like Patrick Roy. Also send MDZ to Hartford and let him develop, Please. He will be good if not great, but right now unless he brings offence why in god’s name is he here?

  19. How much do you think Slats would pay for Dustin Hoffman’s dead body??

    He would have to come with a no movement clause since he can’t move to begin with. Does his crazy ex-wife come with him too??

  20. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Also I live in Philla, unfortuneately, the flyers are loaded. The should win the cup. If they don’t they’ll blame the goalie and will give me lots of laughs, but this is the best Flyer team I’ve seen in a while

  21. btw- I’m calling that 5 game losing streak to end the month of February right now. That’ll put them at a sparkling 2-11 over their last 13 games. Fire sale time. Gaborik, WW, Prospal, Eminger, EC- Sell em off and bring in some picks and prospects : D

  22. I say in the future go 100% with youth and no more signing high price free agents. I rather see the rangers go with all youth and miss the playoffs than trying to buy other teams players. we all know the only way to get elite players on your team is through the draft. I am so sick of the same old garbage.

  23. had enough of our elite goalie yet? he, and he alone is responsible for this recent losing streak.

  24. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    James G I’d be Ok with that. Throw in Avery as well. Hey Sean it’s kind of hard to score when your backs to the net. Avery however does work hard, but does he know how to hit a corner? Pluss for all his hard work behind the net, it rarely creates a scoring chance

  25. All these concussions lately – unbelievable! How did players in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s manage to play this game, without wearing helmets for the most part, and keep from getting their brains scrambled?

  26. Also, we’ve been hearing for the last few years, “we’ve gotta give Hank some rest during the season so he’ll be fresher down the home stretch”…..and still, he plays almost every freakin’ game! Why have a backup goalie?

  27. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I think Lundqvist has finally succumbed to the Broadway Blue Flu. He had the best of intentions when he started, but after he got his big payday, it was only a matter of time before he realized that he was getting paid extremely well regardless of performance. I give him credit for holding out as long as he did, but “don’t care anymore” is creeping into his game. Just look at him during interviews after he loses…

  28. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Orr – They do have a shot to make the playoffs. but this is an off year for Hank and without him and no goal scoing it’s not gonna happan
    Bull Dog – Hanks good, but in no way elite; goaltending is an enourmous responsibility and Hank can live up to that but for some reason does not. He was better last year when we were just plain bad

  29. Gaborik will likely be shut down for the year. Pitt doesn’t have Crosby and Malkin (probably both for the year) and they are still competing.

  30. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Jimbo, they didnt wear body armor back then. I think the padding they wear now could be contributing to this concussion outbreak. I call it the Barry Bonds Affair. That guy looked like Robocop when he got up to bat with all that plastic he wore lol. Yea, its just a theory. Also, back in the day, it was probably not as discussed as it is now, and the advances is medicine have made diagonising concussions easier. OR,the guys back then were tougher? Who knows

  31. Good insights, Linda – I think Don Cherry has said something along those lines, too – that the “hard shell” elbow protectors and shoulder pads (and even the helmets!) make getting hit with another player’s bodycheck akin to being hit with a brick wall…..

    It’s funny – the more protection they wear, the more the players are getting seriously injured!

  32. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    LinCalPrustBoylahan – I think your right about that. I don’t think players were any tougher back then. I started playing Goalie when they didn’t wear masks and I didn’t either. That wasn’t toughness that was stupidity. Also (old School comment here) I think helmets and visors contribute to it as well. When you didn’t have to wear them players were much more respectful of each other, everyone kept there stick down and I don’t think there was as many head shots or as much boarding either

  33. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    DJK- not anymore with the concussion. The only idiot GM that would take Gaborik now is Sather…

  34. Remember Two Things on

    Groundhog Day 2011 version

    Team plays hard and comes up short

    Big $$ players come up lame (gabby) or soft (Hank).

    Youngsters show promise, but you need to figure we are 4 players and 3 years from contending. This isn’t the NBA where you need 2 great players to compete. It requires 3 top 10 players at their position (like mess, leech, and Ricky) and 3 players at the next level (zubov, gravy, larmer) and some players who bang, fight, scratch their way no matter the obstacle. With that talent we won once…once.

  35. I’m old enough to remember how the players looked in person back then – and they didn’t have all the bulky protective gear on under their uniforms – leather elbow and knee protectors, leather shoulder pads (and not such massive ones, either) and shin guards…..the players looked “little” compared to today’s guys…

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao Slatsko

    Great points Larry, about the helmets and visors. And Jimbo, your last line was dead on. So much protection now, and guys are dropping like flies, and its the guys who happend to be pretty important to their teams. And thanks for reminding me they call it the ‘hard shell’ i could not remember.

  37. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    I am so frustrated with Hank I can’t see straight. There is nothing more demoralizing the soft goals

  38. Yes! Larry is right – aside from some wacko players, guys didn’t go after each other’s heads like they do now – either with sticks or with “body” checks.

    And back when helmets and then visors were just coming into favor by league officials, there were those who warned that players would wind up having no respect for other players heads because it would be felt that they would not get hurt if hit up high…

  39. nobody in the right mind is going to trade for gaborik knowing he has a concussion. If I was the rangers I would try trading him in the off season.

  40. Easily the worst season of Hank’s career. Off ice distractions as my good friend pee wee errrr Linda pointed out to me on top of being pulled in favor of a pretty capable back up for the first time in his career has definitely screwed with him a bit. Hard to say he’s solely responsible though. Especially with the lack of offense. As far as him not caring- I’ve seen the guy in tears after getting eliminated from the playoffs. I don’t think it’s a matter of not caring. It’s been a season of adjustments and he’s had a young D in front of him on top of no offensive support. He’s entitled to finally have a bad season.

    Not sure if team’s are still interested in Gaby but I say they MUST pull the trigger if there’s any buyer in the mix. Unless it’s a total fleece job they can’t take risks with this guy if head injuries are a factor. Not with the money theyre paying him over the next several seasons.

  41. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Does Gaborik really have a concussion? Maybe he was pulled because of a pending trade. This isn’t the NFL where gambling forces the league to be accurate about injuries. It’s possible, probably unlikely. I don’t know if I’d want to trade him anyway. Goal scorers don’t grow on trees.

  42. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    I think Hank cares, I think his mind set is the problem. But it would be nice to see him challenge a shooter occasionally.

  43. have Heritage Classic game on

    first Five For Fighting plays
    now Thompson Square does U.S. national anthem
    (not bad)
    that’s the highest caliber of music celebrity they can get?!?!?!?!

    Rush better be doing the Canadian anthem with the HNIC drum solo!

  44. ORR!! February 20th, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    They have a shot at makin the playoffs this year, unlike last year.


    which further proves my point about Gaborik being useless. He’s been, so to speak, absent all year and we still have chance to get into postseason.

    Last year the entire team sucked all year long.

  45. Paul Brandt?!?!!?
    i guess cause he’s local

    would rather have that heavy opera singer guy
    from vancouver

  46. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    James, its those skinny jeans he likes to wear on off days! They are messing with his circulation, causing him to not be seeing properly ;-)

    You just KNOW that if he steals a game, the whole team gets a lift and they go on a nice lil streak. Either that, or they should schedule all off days for February.

  47. geez
    if you wanna wish really hard about that
    Gabby trade rumor
    then maybe he’s going to the stars
    for richards
    we’ll each have a play sitting on the shelf

  48. i don’t know if getting a new player or two on the team
    will really make a huge difference if they’re forced
    to grind and jam only

    watched a bunch of games last night
    thanks free Center Ice. passed the time while sick
    saw so many teams have more precision and focus
    in what they were doing in neutral and offensive zones.

    unless it was very different today
    we’ve gone back to mainly shooting the puck in and
    trying to retrieve it.
    i would think that is much more tiring than a couple
    good passes

  49. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    he’s probably our first truly fashion forward goalie. lol
    maybe wrangler can make some comfy yes stylish dress pants for him. :-)

  50. Czechthemout!!! on

    Sure, now Gabby is useless,we should trade him,blah, blah, blah. But when I brought it up yesterday, I was berated by all the arm chair G.M’s about how good he is and all that other nonsense. End result is, now we have a sniper who has a bad wheel,and bad shoulder and can’t think straight! The good news is we still have him for another 3 seasons! Wooohhooo!!!

  51. NYR_FAN ilb mentioned to me you may be interested

    selling 2 tix for 3/22 vs fla 7pm tues night

    face value section 330 aisle seats $115 for pair

    email me if interested

  52. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Man I know I’m down on Hank but Gee Whiz, hanging with Justin Bieber? At a Knick Game? I mean if you were with a girl it’d be cool, but really Hank, I think the notion of Hockey being a tough sport played by a different sort of player the then MLB,NFL and NBA really took a hit on that one. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that

  53. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    aw larry give hank a break. They were probably just sitting next to each other by no fault of Hanks and he just tried to make the best of it, especially when the kid got booed!!! Maybe Hank thought he was a Garden of Dreams kid??

  54. Bite it Czech. I’m not questioning Gaborik’s talent today anymore than I did yesterday. Truth be told I like a lot of other people felt he was injured and that he would heal and be better by next season. Head injuries are a whole different ball game. If he’s had a long term concussion that’s something not to be gambled with. Sather learned that one the hard way with Richter and Lindros. If this was a groin or a shoulder or a knee I’d still say what I’ve said prior to this news- he’s going to heal and be better and I wouldn’t let him go. If he’s going to be damaged goods and there’s a risk of being stuck under another long term high end contract while your #1 player is in an MRI machine somewhere then yeah you have to get drastic and scrap the season and get what you can if it’s not too late.

  55. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    LinCalPrustBoylahan – I know, I know, your absolutely correct. but if Hank could make a save, I would have laughed it off. Of couse it doesn’t matter. but in light of recent struggles I can’t get the picture of Hank all decked out so nattily( Table for 2, Mr. Bieber?) sitting next to this little weinie out of my head. I guess I’m just old and consider Hockey players different. But your right and I’ll stop because it’s really not the point. And Off-Topic hasn’t the recent mis-adventures of former teen stars taught us anything? Another one now to follow Briteney, Lindsey and Miley, aren’t there like child labor laws in this country? Can’t kids just be kids?

  56. Watching the Heritage Classic- Calgary’s throwback uni’s got me thinking- I feel sorry for those who are not old enough to remember the sport without helmets- but I’m even sorrier that, while I always knew that with the helmet era hockey would lose something it would never regain (I can recognize every player on the late 60’s Bruins teams in streetclothes but not every current NYR in same- although that’s my team)- I never imagined that we would have an unprecedented increase in head injuries. Talk about the law ofunintended consequences. As for today- anybody else hate afternoon hockey as much as me? Like afternoon baseball, the game is played at a clearly diminished level- and the earlier the start the more diminished it is. Didn’t even need refs for todays game- not that we had any.

  57. Czechthemout!!!

    I have never said that Gaborik is great… I always said that he is a one-dimentional player and if he doesn’t score then he is pretty much useless…

  58. >>Does Gaborik really have a concussion?

    His symptoms are probably from eating some bad sushi or oysters.

  59. thanks, eric. I’ll let you know if anything. I already have a partial ticket plan, usually sit in sec 306…not sure if I already have that game

  60. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Face it, Sather paid premium prices and bought another player at the scratch and dent sale, now it’s so dented it doesn’t work at all. Gaborik joins Drury and Boogaard in the Garden Circus White Elephant Cage.

    Trivia Question: What two colors are the uniforms of the Connecticut Whale Overpaid Alumni Club?

    Redden, White.

  61. I almost feel better knowing Gaborik has a concussion and that he hasn’t just been stinking it up. Proof that I’m not crazy. Just so happens that it’s exactly the kind of injury that could turn his signing into a TOTAL DISASTER and it just so happens to be the week of the trade deadline. Thus I say pack him up & ship him out along with whoever else isn’t part of the core.

  62. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Slatsko Folkyerself – I really don’t think Gaborik was a bad signing. I liked it then and it would be hypocritical for me to say it was bad now. Stuff happens, but the jury is still out on that one

  63. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    But my point is that everyone knew he was injury prone and Sather shelled out a bundle for him. It was a bad risk and Sather should have learned by now from his previous bad risk acquisitions.

    Many of the comments I’ve seen elsewhere run along the lines of ” Gaborik injured? Gee, Who would have guessed? ”

    Why can’t Sather get someone in his prime, whole, healthy and on the good side of the peak of his career when he shells out 7-8 million for 6 years on a player?

  64. Step played real well. funny that Wolski and Zucc play much better when Step is their center. that says plenty about Stepan. all good. the young Rangers are coming along nicely. Kreider will be a topnotch scorer. they are outworking teams on most nights, but are not getting the goaltending from Henrik that they need. he is stopping the hard shots, but letting in the odd softie, and that kills momentum and morale when you work hard and then give up a softie. the ranger 3rd periods have been dominant, they are in excellent shape apparently. hopefully they hang on to a playoff spot, but this year is a development year, they will be much stronger next season with the young guys a year better and stronger. and more coming. hopefully Sather does not mess with the core youngsters. just add a little help

  65. anyone who followed the Minn Wild the past 5 years previous to him coming to NY would not be surprised in the least. they would say “I told you so”. he spent as much time there on the injured list as he played. there it was a constant groin problem. he never should have gotten a longterm deal with that history.

  66. Stepan’s definitely the best rookie we’ve had in terms of offense in quite some time. This isn’t another Petr Prucha we’re seeing here. Sophmore slump aside he should put up some pretty impressive numbers next season while hopefully improving on his face off capability. Just don’t think he’s going to be able to carry the load as the #1 guy.

  67. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Why can’t Sather get someone in his prime, whole, healthy and on the good side of the peak of his career when he shells out 7-8 million for 6 years on a player?

    Because Sather is an idiot waste of Oxegen and Dolan loves him(what does that tell ya?). I am extermely concerned about the trade deadline. But not everything he has done is bad-just 95% of it. In fairness the jury is still out on Gabby.

  68. this season really shows the obvious, that you have to build with young players, and that ufas are not good bargains, just crapshoots that often turn out crappy.

  69. Paul in sunrise on

    Stop stop stop. A little adversity and we have folks jumping off the wagon like this was the titanic. They are in every game. Even the ones they play poorly in. The luck will turn. They will win games. Relax. Gabby is not going anywhere (unless Brayden Schenn is the get). But he is here and will be fine and better.

  70. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Larry, sorry my reply took so long, been doing chores and making dinner for the man. great post you had up there. ‘The decline of western civilization’ perhaps lol. now, if he’s out with lady caca, that will be problematic ;-)

  71. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    referee bill mccrearys nephew plays on my local SPHL hockey team……..every time I see or hear his name, i cringe

  72. “but he is here and will be fine and better.”

    don’t try to hand us that nonsense. after what happened year after year in Minny, we know all too well that this goes on annually with him. the team played better without him today.

  73. Gabby, right back at ya :)

    Mickey, it’s called a wicky not a laurel!!!

    all…sigh….will catch up tomorrow

    Carp, tremendous as always…..

  74. havent we read these post game quotes some where else before?? oh yea, after the past 60 games.

    me and james g were talkin the other day andi said this the other day that about pretty soon were gonna find out gabby was playing with an injury. and now after a pretty good first period, hes got a concussion?? when did that happen? was there a hit to his head in practice? cuz i sure dont remember any hits during a game

  75. yea we did play about the same or better without him. yet last year he was the difference in tight games like this. now we score about 2 a game. its not just on gabby, its on drury who cant even score 1 goal anymore. boogaard outscored him this year in probably same or less games. hank too!. as many assists. thats huge right there from our supposed captain. then prospal who really doesnt do anythng after his injury. duby and cally are what they are. 40 point guys. wolki and folov are both dissappointments. wolski just got here but he is not a future star or anything. we have to hope there is a future star(s) in grachev,stepan anismov, kreider,hagelin,thomas horak and others. gabby is probably gonna end his career before his contract ends. he wont ever play a full season and goes down when it counts the most.

  76. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    LinCalPrustBoylahan – No problem. I blame the parents. Parenting is tough(i have 5). There’s probably a money hungry dad out there who would be cool with his Kid and lady CaCa. Of course, as long as there’s publicity in it and the dad can get some face-time.

    Grabachev – Thats what cofuses me. I’ve seen every game this year. Hurt shoulder, groin, wrist I can see but I don’t remember anything that said concussion to me.

  77. stepan is going to be really good though. he has winner written all over him. he did miss an easy goal but made up for it with teh easy tap in. i think step has as many goals a sgabby now. hope kreider joins soon. and i am worried about teh trade deadline. but thyeve said no core young guys will be moved. so i can only think a guy liek prospal, ec,aves,wolski, or gabby, gilroy or maybe even biron could be dealt. maybe zuccarello. he is a help in teh shootout. doesnt score in the game though. hopefully mayeb just ec or some other spare part guy will be dealt for a pick. they shouldnt trade for any big players for a run. maybe next year or year after cuz hank isnt getting any younger. hes in his prime now, so ya gotta figure next year or 2 we go for it.

  78. There doesn’t have to be a blatant play on camera that gives evidence to a concussion. a lot of times it’s a hit or a fall that doesn’t look like much. Or it could be a hit behind the play even something that happened in practice. For all we know he hasn’t been right since the hit that seperated his shoulder and he just thought he was feeling effects of that injury all season long. The scary part about concussions is that most of the time players have no idea that they have one. Especially if it’s your first and you didn’t lose consciousness when it happened.

  79. yea somethin aint right with gabby larry. maybe hes just really weak. maybe he has weak brittle bones or something. i mean, the guy doesnt really take alot fo punishment along teh boards like cally, and others. what the hell did he do to get a concussion? and it didnt happen this game?? wtf? thats just strange that eh would wait till hes already in a agme to take himself out for a serious injury.

  80. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I think the whole gabby thing smells islanders (I mean fishy). Maybe he has had a concussion for quite a while, but the fact that he and the medical staff never divulged info about possible symptoms to each other and the fact that he just kept playing………..

    I don’t ever remember seeing him give or take a hit that “rang his bell” this season, but maybe he did and I just missed it.

  81. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    erroneous erroneous, DO NOT listen to mama, they were called laurels LOOOOOONNNGG before they were ever referred to as wickys!!!

  82. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i am telling you guys, it was the play when he scored and went into the post,i believe it was his first or 2nd game back. Mako and I have been talking abou that play since it happened.

  83. Being in every game is great but if you don’t win – you suck.

    Plus, we’ve been a horrible home team for the past two years

  84. well james, all i know is that its always something with this guy. his groin problems, shoulder problems, head problems. every year hes hurt in some capacity and for extended periods of time. i dont even care if its legit really. he just proves that he will never be healthy for this team to really help. its not liek hes a go all out type of player like cally always putting himself in harms way. he doesnt block shots. he doesnt forecheck in teh corners that much. he doesnt seem to get hit hard. he doesnt fight. i mean look at prust. thats a warrior right there. he is probably in much worse shape than gabby.

  85. he has missed 125 games in the past 5 seasons , including this one. so it is no surprise whatsoever

  86. no way linda. youre sayin hes been playing with a concussion for more than 2 months and nobody knew about it? idk about that. i thought he hit his shoulder on that goal too. and how did he play so well against the isles and leafs those few games when he scored hatricks and was flying all over the place. who knows. im not a doctor. but ilb is. we should talk to dr ilbzo on this

  87. Where is Carp? I need this blog updated. I keep reading Dubinsky’s post game comments and it’s pissing me off lol

  88. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you and the mighty mako may be correct!

  89. oh yea!!! anybody watching “metric” jam out on versus? whoo rock on with the tambourines baby!

  90. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I still think it is very odd that he played that long without knowing that something was amiss and talking to the training staff and then they incorrectly diagnose it (especially with the hot topic that concussions are in the league these days)! And let’s not kid ourselves, I know concussions!

    Mario Maloney probably wants the league to stop physical contact all together now!

  91. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Grabachev and wicky – I agree, even though as James G says it doesn’t have to be blatent, but still Gabby doesn’t play real physical and is pretty good at ducking checks. Cally, Dubi, Boyle, Prust…………. They have collisions all the time. I like Gabby, but Physical he’s not. It’s very strange. I think there is something wrong with him concusion or not. Or maybe it’s another case in the long line of RangerIgotmymoneysowhocaresitis, but I don’t think that either. The best word I can use to describe his play except for a few good games is well “Lazy”. Who knows? I do know I put zero stock in NHL injury reports.
    For what it’s worth Boyle and Prust play like thier hurting

  92. I have not and will not give up on this season, but I do think we need to make a few moves. We have the 8th or 9th best ranked farm system (hockey’s we have all of our draft picks plus an additional second.

    Lets make some bold moves !!

    I wanna see us “cut the fat” off of this team for draft picks/prospects and I dont care how low the picks are

    I wanna see Hemsky or Penner here (in that order)

    I wanna see a QUALITY D-man RENTAL here

  93. ive had 3 concussions myself wick. all non hockey related. in fact the only injury ive had playing hockey was hurt feelings from the other teams calling us the mighty ducks! and then quacking when we had our huddles!

  94. i remember reading a few days ago about gaborik falling down in practice and players skating over to him “concerned”. i believe it was zipay who wrote it. or maybe on Ranger Rants, but im pretty sure it was Zip. maybe he got concussed then and didnt know it?

  95. but he looked actually pretty good in teh first period though. he was skating fine and even almost getting a chance. which is huge for him lately.

  96. the best way not to give up on this season is to not give up on the development of the youth. get real. this team is not going to go far in the playoffs, so why throw away the future for short term gambles.

  97. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    No foolish quick-fix trades! This is a rebuilding year. We are not winning this year!

  98. tivo’s the game and will watch later heard the whole ranger telecast on the drive.

    when avery has the puck you hear these terms all the time; shot blocked and shot goes wide. Must have heard that 10 times today with 2 goal avery with the puck. carcillo a scum has 4 goals..

    maloney hated the wolski boarding I assume he is accurate and it was another crappy call against the rangers. henrik again outplayed….rangers do just enough to lose what a suprise.

    they just cannot score. why does everyone think they need a PP point man they need what they are not going to get a big time scorer………………

    maloney loves mcdonagh and sauer.

    rangers 0 and 7 against the flyers and canadiens……………….

  99. Incarcerated Bob seems pretty legit, as with anyone, he will get some things wrong, but good track record right now. As he check “check my timeline” on Twitter.

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