Breakfast with the Blueshirts


Because of the early start, and because there couldn’t possibly be anything John Tortorella could say at this hour that will still be relevant after the game, or question that couldn’t be asked after the game, there won’t be a pre-game press conference today.

Fine by me. More time for scrambled pressroom eggs and bacon before warmups.

The hard-working Jesse Spector made his way to the Whale’s outdoor game yesterday and had an interesting story on Wade Redden, which you can see here.

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  1. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    At the train station, about to be heading to MSG!
    Carp, I’ll drop a line when I get there, shoold be right around noon

  2. Redden’s comments don’t surprise me. The added info about RW Chris Neil is interesting however. He certainly would bring grit and toughness and plays bigger than his 6’1″ 215 lbs but he’s not a goal scorer and would be another 3rd or 4th line player that we don’t need. We need offense above all else.

  3. GOALS for GAB-orik, enjoy the game (hopefully). Bring our boys some big hits and even bigger goals! I hate Philly!

  4. What the Carcillo !!!
    Hockey Day in America BUT no Ranger hockey in AZ.
    Damn NBC, they’re showing the Red Wing game followed by Pissburg.
    No Center Ice, no MSG !
    Anybody have any links ? I gotta watch this game. !

  5. Paul in sunrise on

    Sorry Tony. Rangers on here in South Florida.

    Carp, Redden won’t be given chance to bolt until camp since he is a roster player and counts against cap all summer, right? So even if he does bolt, he won’t help the summer cap situation?

  6. Paul in sunrise on

    yes – sorry – they are choosing Rangers over Redwings – they have harnell’s this up in the past – feel lucky they got it right today.

    I know there has been talk about Kreider coming out, but this Michigan guy Hagelin is the real deal, another piece, he is a senior, could help down the stretch – playoffs. Rangers need him to sign and come out too.

  7. billybleedsblue on

    As much as we may hate it, Redden’s entitled to that money. He’d be a fool to walk away from it…

  8. This Mickey-Mouse squad of ours will likely give up 6 today (including 2 SH) and leave the Garden ice with their tails between their legs …

  9. I hate Philly. 2nd class city plus the orange. Need to play better with intensity or it could be a bad afternoon. gotta believe we will be hitting and hustling today though.

  10. Ok excuse my lack of knowledge on this but if Redden walks away are we still taking a cap hit on him when next season starts? Even if he counts against the summer cap we’re allowed to be over in the offseason no?

  11. billybleedsblue on

    Miami! That’s the Spirit! :/

    Hedberg…I’m more of a green guy myself…no thank you orange…

    I think the Rangers can take today’s game. I haven’t lost all faith just yet.

    I should have washed my car when it was in the 60’s on Friday…now I’ve gotta wait until the warmest part of the day…maybe in between 1st and 2nd periods…

    Tony enjoy the hockey breakfast. I’ll be taking hockey brunch today.


  12. BTW Dredden aint giving up any $ for next year. Waaaaay to much on the table, so no rush to get to Conn. he will be there next yr. as well.

  13. Well as usual when it comes to games against Philly I have a family thing to do so hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I come home. Going to DVR it.

  14. From what I have read if Redden decides to walk away than that would void his contract and the rangers would be off the hook. Please wade, walk away and never be heard of again.

  15. I don’t think the rangers have won one game this year against the flyers. There is a reason for that and the reason is because the flyers are a better talented team. The flyers are in first place for a reason.

  16. GAB, meet me at the red line, on the railing in the aisle behind the lower-bowl seats on the penalty box side. I’ll be there throughout warmups.

  17. billybleedsblue on

    ToMG you may be right about the Flyers, but there’s a reason why they play the games. Anything can happen. Let’s Go Rangers!

  18. If you had pride maybe 1 in 10 would walk, but the way Redden has conducted himself here I say no chance he walks. He just talks about it for some self satisfaction, but in the end he doesn’t do it. Would you? It’s on that idiot Sather, no other bidders and he gives him that $ and worse thatmany yrs

  19. billybleedsblue on

    Hedberg, I kinda agree. It’s on Slats. Can you blame Redden for collecting the terms of his CONTRACT? It’s not his fault. Fire Sather.

  20. Gab, didn’t see you during warmups. Do you want to come to the back of the pressbox between periods? Just let me know which intermission, so I won’t leave.

    It’s directly over the visiting team/Zamboni entrance.

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