Devils-Rangers in review


I’m not going to fake it, as if I saw the whole game. Because I didn’t. I could have watched the whole replay, but, geez, the Devils sure make it difficult to do that.

But they sure are effective playing that way.

So I caught the first period of the Devils broadcast, and some highlights and, and only drew a few conclusions:

1) Ilya Kovalchuk, when he’s going like this, might be the third best forward in the league. Not many can hold the puck and create their own chances like he can. Certainly, the Rangers’ main sniper can’t. They’re different types of players, but even though I think Marian Gaborik hasn’t been bad at all lately, he absolutely hasn’t been the kind of guy who puts the team on his back, the kind of guy you notice every single shift, the way Kovalchuk is right now.

2) This may have been Henrik Lundqvist’s best game of the year, or at least one of them. Wasted.

3) The Devils clog the neutral zone and back off and create a ping-pong turnover game. But what they’ve never gotten enough credit for is their play in the defensive zone, the way they close off the slot from the net all the way on out, with active sticks and bodies. They don’t chase the puck. More like a basketball zone defense. I’ve often wondered why more NHL teams don’t play that way, especially since the Devils have had so much success with it.

4) How can there be only three minor penalties in a Rangers-Devils game? Where are the skirmishes?

5) Looked like Brandon Prust got banged up again. I know “It’s Just Pain” but it’s got to be affecting the way he plays.

6) I wonder how happy the Rangers really are to be playing a 12:30 game as their third in four days, against the best team in the East, tomorrow.

7) Gotta love Chico Resch talking about Sauer and McDonagh. He said they are the Rangers’ best shutdown pair, and then mentioned that they don’t score much, but that that’s OK because the Rangers have plenty of other scorers. Huh?

8) Just a thought: Who comes out if everybody’s healthy when Ruslan Fedotenko returns?


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  1. From what I’ve seen the devils have a better shot at making the playoffs than the rangers. It’s sickening but if lemaire was the coach from the start of the season the devils once again would be winning the division. it’s the same old garbage for the rangers. The rangers either barely make it in the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round or they barely miss the playoffs. The rangers front office isn’t good enough to find diamonds in the ruff when drafting so the rangers will never draft any great players unless there picking in the top 3.

  2. That’s easy, Christensen has been useless except for in the shootout but thats not enough to keep him in the lineup.

  3. I don’t know if it’s that simple. If Christensen’s not in there, maybe they lose that shootout against the Kings? That might be more valuable than a second or third line winger.

  4. clearly the Devils are going to finish with a better record since they are 14 points behind the Rangers with a little over 20 games to go. The Rangers and especially Lundqvist always suck this time of the year, no reason to be panicking.

  5. The Devils know how to get hot at the right time of the year. What’s more they have Kovalchuk playing like a superstar again and if/when they get Parise back they’ll have two scoring threats that are three times as threatening as Gaborik on top of a team that knows how to create energy and shut down their opponents. It’s a crap shoot as to whether they’ll make the playoffs this year but one things for sure- they aren’t going down without a fight.

    As for the Rangers- just seems like they don’t have what matters most during this time of the season. They get an A for effort most nights but until a couple of these guys are capable of (or they find someone else who can) put this team on their shoulders every once in a while to get them a win, they’re just not going to be on the road to elite.

  6. how often do the Rangers go to the shootout though?

    sitting Wolski is not an option. putting him on the 4th line is a mistake in its self considering how he was racking up points before then but Tortorella has done a terrible job of coaching lately. This is the second game in a row where in a big faceoff spot he sent out either Stepan or Anisimov to take a big draw.

    With 1 minute left Anisimov lost an offensive zone draw that essentially killed any chance of a comeback.

  7. The Devils play zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hockey and even if they do manage to creep into the POs, they’ll get bounced early, as they have been over the past few years.

    Other than Kovalchoke and the hurt Parise, they are extremely thin in terms of talent.

    Still, gotta give them credit for their current run.

    Also, agree Kovalchoke is a great player, but that contract is beyond ridiculous.

    You know, I still say the Rangers should seriously consider sending Gaborik to the Kings if the Kings are prepared to offer in return a package like Schenn, Toebert and a pick. Seeing Kovalchoke race around and Gaborik seem to labour in his skating, I cannot help but think of how Gaborik last year played more like Kovalchoke. What’s happened to this guy anyways??

    BTW, apparently Schenn has gone nuts in the WHL, scoring something like 30 points in just 13 junior games – that pro-rates into a 200+ point season overall. Wow…

  8. Pee Wee’s got to bury that chance-EC comes out no doubt. You have to get to the overtime in order to participate in it. The Devils could have won that game with Fatso in the net. Another shining example of why Fatso was just an ordinary goalie his whole career with 5 other netminders on the ice to assist him in his team victories that are misnamed “his” wins.

  9. James G: Alas, it’s an overall lack of top end talent that’s the main reason for the Rangers struggles IMO. Lot’s of middle talented players – 2nd to 4th liners, but other than Gaborik who’s skill has inexplicably evaporated, the Rangers have zero first line skill.

    And that issue extends to the defense, too. Staal is very good and IMO, on his way to one day being a Norris candidate and that cannot be under-estimated. But after him, the defense consists of 2nd to 3rd pairing guys with minimal offensive skill. MDZ MIGHT be the answer to latter, but he’s clearly regressed this year offensively anyways.

    The King is a number 1 goalie without question, but there’s nothing behind him in the organization which is worrisome IMO – what if he goes out with a long term injury?

    A bump in the top end skill is desperately needed, but from where?!?!

  10. WW looked impressive in his first few games but since then IMO he’s shown why he’s on his 3rd team in a year.

    Where’s this guy’s heart? Imagine Cally’s work ethic in WW’s body? 40+ goal scorer with enough size to intimidate in the corners and in front of the net.

    What a shame….he’d better enjoy his hefty paycheque – he won’t be getting anymore contracts like his current one at this rate.

  11. It’s the same old amateur-hour story … we lack talent at key spots … such as A FIRST LINE CENTER

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Zuccarello goes to CT when Feds comes back. His icetime and role in the lineup have decreased. They would rather he log heavy minutes in the AHL.

    Anyone see that crazy Avs-Blues trade? Best trade season ever.

  13. Good morning all! Actually managed to catch parts of the game while at friend’s house for dinner. Kinda glad I didn’t see the whole thing. Sigh. So, how many calls for trade were there last night here? Wasn’t going to be able to at first, but now may make tomorrow’s game….or should I not?

  14. Zuccarello goes to CT when Feds comes back. His icetime and role in the lineup have decreased. They would rather he log heavy minutes in the AHL.


    Doodie, it’s not that simple and do you know something we don’t? The kids needs to play and Zuccarrello is one of the best playmakers on the team. Clearly, this team needs all the offensive creativity and skill they can get.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    NYR, I actually think it is that simple. He got good ice time in the last game, but the team, as a whole, was very balanced after the LA game, and a lot of the guys who played heavy minutes in the LA game saw their minutes limited last night. In the game against LA, MZA had only 8:24.

    It’s the easy way out, and I think they take it.

    Of course, by the time Fedotenko comes back, they could make a trade which would make this all moot.

  16. I’ve seen his ice time decrease and he’s been snake-bitten lately but if I’m the coach I think there are other guys before MZA that I would replace with Feds.

    Prust shouldn’t get a free pass either. He is injured and hasn’t been nearly the impact player he was for most of the season up until about a month ago.

    We need the MVP play of Brandon Dubinsky if this team wants to return to early season form. He is also probably banged up. He isn’t skating as well I think he should…

    Prospal has been up and down but mostly down…

    It’s a tough decision but I’d rather scratch guys who are hurt/struggling then send one of our top rookies (MZA) to the AHL for conditioning…He’s proven enough to me in his short time here…

  17. Carp, being at the game last night I noticed Sauer and McDonagh doing a great job. I also think Gilroy played well.

    I could not believe there were no fights, less than 5 hits (that I saw) and only one shoving match after a whistle. This was not a typical Ranger Devil game.

    I don’t know who comes out for Feds but Wolski might end up Prucha’d.

  18. I guess the way I’m looking at this season is if we make the playoffs, with all of these kids in the lineup, then we will have gotten better as a team from last year. We have many first and second year players in the lineup as regulars this season. It can’t be easy to teach them the game at the NHL level and maintain consistency.

    Biggest problem is that we really dont have a good first line, and our D has a real problem making good outlet passes to the forwards.

    I’m not in panic mode, but Gaborik to me really hasn’t done much all season. You cannot discount the fact that most of his goals have come in a 3 game outburst. That is simply unacceptable. For people saying he needs someone to feed him the puck… well, I say that’s BS. He’s basically played with everyone on the team, and still doesn’t have good chemistry. It can’t be everyone else…

    Agree with Christensen… good hands, not much else.

    I wouldn’t send Zucarello down. Kid plays hard, makes plays, and isn’t afraid to shoot or mix it up. Yes, he’s not so great in his own end… I’ve noticed the past few games where he’s failed to get a puck out of the zone that pinned us in our own end for a while, but that will come with experience.

    Avery is lost right now. I think he’s being sent out there strictly to give other guys a breather. You can say he doesn’t get nearly the amount of ice time or oppotunities as other guys, but he needs to play more aggressive. As far as his interaction when he’s out there, it’s almost as if guys (mainly D) aren’t looking for him when giving an outlet pass. Perhaps there is some alienation going on within the team that we aren’t privy to. Not like he’s going to put the puck in the net anyway.

    Definitely not in panic mode. Again, we have a lot of kids in the lineup… got to be happy that they are in the race (with a spot).

  19. Wolski is trade bait. That trade was about dumping Rozsival on the one team willing to take him and having to take back a player with 3/4 of his cap hit over equal term – whether or not that player ultimately fits in with the Rangers. He has skill and size and someone will take him.

    Wolski wasn’t what the Rangers really needed at the time but rather, someone who could conceivably be dealt for it if he plays well enough.

  20. From LB’s column in the Post today:

    “They’re exhausted and beaten up, no longer able to get in on the forecheck and work the cycle game that carried them through the early months They spend too much time defending. They are rarely able to generate a rush attack off a crisp first pass or two, and too often content to simply dump it out and surrender possession.”

    I agree with that assessment…LB usually is a little kooky but I think he is spot on this morning…

  21. DJK

    I expect the Rangers to make a blockbuster trade by the time training camp starts. Considering the amount of quality prospects we have and the fact that there is only one all-star talent on the FA list, makes this inevitable.

    Wolski certainly makes logical sense to be included in any deal given his past success, his age and his expiring contract…

  22. i sit ec. fedetenko is a good 2 way forward. the yare not sitting wolski before they sit christenson.

    the rangers were tired last night plain and simple.

    staals worse game in a long long time, he looked slow and tired beofrethe giveaway for the goal.

  23. Cally-AA-Dubi

    Those have been our 2 most solid lines this year (when healthy). I would put them back together.

    Stepan and MZA have shown some chemistry, and I’d put them with Gaborik.

    That leaves Vinny, Avery, Wolski. EC is the odd man out with Drury (if he ever plays again).

  24. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    It has to be EC, no way it can’t. If for some reason it isn’t, I’m afraid they send mza down again.

    Well, I was right, erik johnson got moved…unfortunately we did not get him. And chris stewart, a POWER FORWARD with a bit of an edge and young also gets moved…wow. I would be moving some of this young “not proven at the NHL level” talent we have (notice I said some) for proven NHL talent that is young in a heartbeat.

    Can anyone seriously tell me that you would rather have MDZ than erik johnson?

    I agree with oleo about torts bad coaching lately and not putting guys up on higher lines, I’d have wolski on the top 2 and prospal on the bottom 2 lines, but so much for a youth movement right?

    I think torts is the front runner for the JACK WAGON award again!!

  25. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m sure this was brought up, but staal looked really tired out there to me, I would sit him just for rest purposes tomorrow and play eminger or bring up a you d man for a game.

  26. Mister Delaware on

    Might make sense to sit Prust against the less chippy teams (see: not Sunday) just to get him cleaned up for the stretch. Otherwise, I honestly liked the way the team played before Prospal came back. Might be unfair to link the last 8 games to him but … there, I just did it. Sorry, tan man.

  27. I was just going say that this Johnson-Stewart trade is hard to wrap my head around. Seems like a very gutsy move for both teams. Stewart is going to be a 30-40 goal scoring PF and Johnson is future captain material. I’m not sure if either team is better because of the trade…

  28. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    yep one hell of a gutsy move….the kind of scenery change, shake up the roster deal I would like to see our GM make….one hell of a gutsy move and good young players going both ways!!

  29. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    disagree. You might want to sit him a game. I don’t think they will, but it should be considered and I agree maybe prust should sit for a game at some point as well.

  30. wick – My guess is that it would have taken Dubi, Cally, Sauer, McD,or Stepan (or even prospects like Grachev/K-Tek and picks) to get Johnson. I’m not sure I would have made a deal…Shattenkirk may wind up being the best player after its all said and done…You never know…

  31. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    NHLSourcesSay Hockey Insider
    COL not done dealing, shopping John-Michael Liles…NYR, DAL, and MTL interested.

    ahh, love the silly season….someone brought up john michael liles the other day here I think?

  32. The Devils have more offensive talent. You might not like to think it, but the reason Kovy can excel is not just because he’s better at what he does than the peple trying to stop him are, it’s because he can’t be saddled like Gabby.

    Gabby isn’t the same level talent, but he needs help. Not a couple mediocre (or young) players that we proclaim good enough because they are Rangers — he needs true top line talent.

    Larry Brooks is right (shocker). The Rangers succeeded by grinding. Now everyone is grinding and they are exhausted. This is when pure skills come into play. And we’re lacking them.

    Not that I don’t believe in the team. But I think they need help. It may be too hard to find, though.

  33. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    yep, agree about shattenkirk. Of the list, cally is the only untouchable IMHO and probably step. I’d like to hold on to ktek, dubi, and sauer at this point but in the right deal (depending on who was coming this way) they would be gone!

  34. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    uh oh…..

    RealKyper Nick Kypreos
    #Oilers news. Sheldon Souray is in play. Put on re-entry waivers today.

  35. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Chris F
    that was probably the most lucid post I have seen here in quite a while, well done!!

    2 GREAT points..
    Not a couple mediocre (or young) players that we proclaim good enough because they are Rangers

    it’s because he can’t be saddled like Gabby.

  36. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    AGrossRecord Andrew Gross
    Multiple reports Sheldon Souray on re-entry waivers. Sather wouldn’t rule him out last night.

    I was kidding earlier about the uh oh, but maybe it is an uh oh!

  37. A lot of people were laughing when I said we should have picked up Rolston on re-entry waivers. He might have a been a good fit playing with Gaby, like when they were together in Minny. It would have been worth the try at half price…

    His numbers since January 9th:

    17GP 7G 9A 16PTs +9

  38. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    the problem with a lot of the views here IMO is two-fold, the young players the rangers have are all pure gold and future HOFers. Therefore nothing we could possibly trade them for would be better for the organization or would be better players than what we currently have. Secondly, it is impossible for anyone who is playing poorly with an organization or is in a minor league system somewhere to actually benefit or play better with a change of scenery or different organization.

    I mean think about it, if you are reasonably sure that the organization wants to get a powerplay qb d man, wouldn’t you rather give up a mdz to get a bogosian (just an example) and bogosian play every night instead of picking up a souray on re-entry waivers and see him take mcdonut’s or mdz’s spot on the big club for the next couple of years with the other guy in the minors?

  39. Thanks, wick!

    I would do MDZ for Bogosian straight up…That is to me is an excellent trade idea. Both players are young, very talented, limitless potential, and may benefit from a change of scenery. Bogosian is just as much a prize as MDZ.

    But trading MDZ for a aging vet like McCabe or even Pitkanen is a dumb move, IMO.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on

    So Souray is in play. This despite the fact that he can’t skate anymore.

    The that should be made is to trade Gabby to the Kings for Dustin Brown as part of a slightly larger deal that may or may not include Brayden Schenn.

  41. Czechthemout!!! on

    I like Gabby and think he is a real good player who in the right system can produce 35-40 goals.
    Unfortunatly, we do not play that system.

  42. Wolski is an absolute waste. Another big guy with good hands and skating ability who brings nothing to the rink except a checking acct. deposit slip. Bringing him here was all about eliminating Rozy’s big hit to our cap and the small chance he would ignite Gaborik. EC won’t be on our roster next year but he has a better chance of adding a goal or assist than Wolski does and his ability on the SO is superior.

    Feds is sorely missed and I’m looking forward to his return regardless of who sits to allow his return.

    BTW, it was mentioned during the LA game that ten scouts were there. I wonder which teams were window shopping and who they were there to see.

  43. eddie eddie eddie on

    Hello all – long time listener, first time caller. This ranger team gives as much effort as any I have watched and I go back to the 1970 season as serious ranger fan. The first ten years of Sather’s reign had me begging for some (any) team chemistry, cohesivness, and effort. I didnt care at the time if they lost, merely wanted them to try. It seemed to me that those ranger teams cared much more about cashing a check then laying it out on the ice. There was more floating on those ranger teams than in a backyard pool on a hot summer day. But I digress…..these rangers are fun to watch. I cannot recall a stretch of one goal games EVER….they are grinding their collective buns off. I love this team. Clearly, they are not going to win it all this year (REALLY????) and I am happy with that. I much prefer a team lacking in skill, but overacheiving, than the underachieving band of mercenaries that wore the sweater that we are used to seeing. Keep the faith, you never know what will happen.

  44. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    schenn would be great and I would move gabby to get him or jack johnson from the kings….or iggy from the flames

  45. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree about really missing feds, guy is really really valuable to this team whether many want to admit it or not.

    I disagree about wolski, if he gets consistent first or second line minutes and then fails miserably, I will change my opinion, (and by consistent I mean 6 or 8 games in a row playing first or second line minutes the whole game), but until then I feel he is being under utilized by our jack wagon award winner!

  46. Czech – I would absolutely love Brown on this Rangers club. But I don’t think the Kings trade their captain for Gaborik. I think it would take more than that… I doubt he is even available.

    If I am Dean Lombardi, I want to keep Brown, Kopitar, Johnson, Doughty, Stoll, Simmonds, and Schenn as my core. Trading any of those guys would be a step backwards for LA, IMO. There is no question Lombardi loves Gaby but he won’t give up his captain, who was the best player on the ice at MSG on Thursday; he impressed the hell out of me.

  47. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    TSNRyanRishaug Ryan Rishaug
    Kings also interested in Penner or Hemsky, but preliminary talks only. Lombardi pplays it tight. Oil would look at schenn, clifford ect.

    so if the oilers could potentially get schenn for the above mentioned, how the hell can slatipuss not be in on that with gabby?

  48. if the Rangers were to pick up another d-man Gilroy becomes the odd man out and most likely traded unless of course someone like Del Zotto is traded in a blockbuster.

  49. wicky

    just b/c the Oilers will “look at Schenn” doesnt mean the Kings wont hang up once his name is mentioned.

  50. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you might want to notice the word POTENTIALLY in my post

  51. If they pick up Souray at this point it’s a pure panic move. He isn’t going to help on D and his QB talent on the pp isn’t going to be enough of a factor to right this ship.

    The Rangers aren’t doing anything considerable this season so they might as well concentrate on next year and beyond. Same story as the last couple of years now- they need a clear cut #1 line on offense. That’s going to include Gaborik no matter what people around here say. Can they sign Brad Richards in the offseason? Idk. Just like with the Cliff Lee and Le Bron sagas NY has witnessed over the last year in baseball and basketball there’s no way to claim it’s a done deal. If they manage to get him I still think they’re a top tier forward away from where they need to be. I think Stepan will be better and maybe even a 30 goal scorer in the not so distant future unless there’s a serious plateau in his growth and maturing as a player. I think Kreider will be in the mix the way Stepan is this year. And I think Callahan will continue to be our backbone.

    Dubinsky concerns me. It’s been another season where he starts hot and then tapers off for whatever reason. I wouldn’t call him untouchable. especially if he can be packaged to bring in someone appropriate that can even out the top line.

    I think the defense will be just fine. These guys we have- Staal, Sauer, McDonagh, Del Zotto- they’re just going to keep getting better. If there’s a tradable asset there i’d say it’s probably Girardi even though I’m a fan of his. I think they need someone who’s more of a tough as nails i’ll eat your grandmother’s heart if you come near my goalie kind of Dman to solidify things.

  52. Edmonton’s GM said that he would put Souray on re-entry waivers only when another GM asked him to. Sather was the only one remotely interested and you know how much he loves the scratch n dent pile. I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be a Ranger tomorrow and will be eligible to play in the Carolina game.

    I can’t believe Sather is that desperate to bring in a known problem who likely can’t compete at the NHL level anymore, but then again, if he doesn’t work out he can be buried in the minors for nothing but money.

  53. Wicky,
    I frequently agree w/ you but not on Wolski. The guy only looks like a hockey player. I don’t see him earning first or second line minutes with his current effort. He was given this opportunity when he first arrived and he’s earned his demotions to 2nd, 3rd and 4th line minutes. I wish I could ‘Frankenstein’ MZA’s mind and effort into Wolski’s body. That would be something to see!

  54. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    james g
    love this line…

    I think they need someone who’s more of a tough as nails i’ll eat your grandmother’s heart if you come near my goalie kind of Dman to solidify things.

    glad you posted it instead of me, I would have been given a 5 minute major by others here for posting it. I mean according to most here staal and sauer are the eating heart types (RLMFAO at that)!

  55. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    great point about mza’s mind and effort. I just think he has been bounced around (wolski I mean) a bit by JWT and with consistency for him might bring consistency from him, but I could be 100% wrong here!

  56. Souray placed on re entry wavers hmmm. I would trade for Wideman or McCabe. Staal looks worn out playing 27-28 minutes at least. Get va vet dman that cvan play the pp and 20-22 minutes a night to take pressure off of our top d pair and sauer and McD. Gilroy is a 6th dman and 26 yrs old with limited upside. He is far from a deal breaker. MDZ had a real good rookie year and while stinking it up this year is only 20 with big time potential. I guess some were okay with tradin a 24 year old Zubov in 95 eh? Granted Zubov had one of the best offensive seasons as a dman with the Rangers in 94. I?m shocked that Colorado traded Stewart. He will be a 40 goal 150 pim guy as long as he stays healthy imo

  57. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    IF and it is a HUGE if, slatipuss claims souray, wouldn’t we have to guess that maybe a young d man gets moved for a centre or forward scoring help?

  58. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I think I just saw Sather reading the Scratch and Dent Sale advertisements in the paper.

    Look Out!

  59. James, right on… NO to Souray and agree the organization’s focus is long term. I think Dubi’s ‘problem’ is that he’s such an emotional player that he lets the current state of the team affect him too much. He should be re-signed with a reasonable raise as I think he’s going to continue to improve over the next few years. Also agree that our D has a bright future as they all will improve. Our top four should be kept in the pairings we have now and a 3rd pair found and ‘cemented’.

  60. Wicky- thanks. I’m totally with you on this. the D isn’t broken, so why fix it? I understand there’s no PP qb but these kids are all talented and really good Dmen. Sather should know first hand that bringing in a “QB” doesn’t always help you D. He tried with Poti, Backman, Ozolinsh and of course Redden who was supposedly the best “first pass Dman in the league”. You can bring in Souray or even McCabe and it may score you a handful of PP goals between now and the playoffs but what’s it going to do to the overall state of the defense?

  61. Blues fleeced the Avalanche on that trade! Wow. No idea what colorado was thinking…
    Blues now get a power forward in Stewart and a great young d-man to replace brewer. Avs get erik johnson, who is good, but doesn’t have shattenkirk’s upside and jay mclemenet.

  62. Agreed Heave and thanks. If they keep this D in tact a legit point man will emerge as they all continue to grow as players. Especially with Del Zotto in the mix. If the D needs some kind of an upgrade it’s a blueliner that’s going to actually stand up in front of a shot to block it and actually drop a guy if he’s trying to get to our net.

  63. JD really is the man. He brings in Beukeboom’s kid (big surprise) and then he manages to get his hands on Shattenkirk who in my opinion is gem in that trade. and not just because he’s from my home town.

  64. Major trades all over the league! core players changing teams…that is very interesting and makes you kind of nerves. If players like Stewart, Johnson and Shattenkirk get moved like this then who’s to say that any of our core players are safe? This is the craziest trade season ever, yo!

  65. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    shouldn’t make you nervous as long as it is core players coming back that could improve the team!

  66. James, agree again… our D is so young that it’s possible that someone like Sauer could evolve into that Monster we need in front of our house. We’ve seen Stall and Girardi slowly become nastier and more physical players, not to the level we need, but I can see Sauer (and McD too?) after becoming more comfortable and confident turning into Monsters.

  67. I love how now all of a sudden the gritty grinding game is the problem. No, they just got beat by a team that did even more grinding, did not have a great #1 center, and used their backup goalie. clearly some of the key Ranger players are worn down. don’t forget, they have been doing this all season while the Debbies took a 3 month vacation before they decided to get serious.

    but again, Wolski just shows the problem with Gaborik, neither fit into this new team identity, and the current nhl which has gone back to a grinding style from the open ice of the past few years. even in Wash they know now that grinding is the current nhl.

    forechecking is NOT a strength of guys like Wolski and Gaborik. thus, they are not fitting in with the rangers. and yes, Fedo would help in that area

    better forechecking would be the best solution to the current slump. if the puck is in the opponent’s zone, they can’t score on the Rangers.

    no, Rangers grinding is not the problem. only the wrong grinders won.

  68. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    great convo folks, but off to work

    later assens!!!

  69. I don’t know how we don’t add (or at least take a hard look at) Souray.

    #1. We don’t give up ANYTHING! No loss of youth! YAY!
    #2.He is the big crease-clearing defenseman we’re looking for at 6’4 230.
    #3.He has a HUGE shot from the point and he comes in at half price (still over 2million though).
    #4.This could give Del Zotto some time with the Whale to mature. And couldn’t we just Reddenville Souray if it doesn’t work out?

    I think it’s a win win win win! With the 4 that I mentioned. What do you guys think?

  70. i have a feeling by seasons ed, we will find out gabby has been hurt almost all season or never fully recovered. he cant be this bad

  71. he is crud. his career is over man. what will be gained but less cap space to make any better deals.

  72. how many years are on sourays contract? i know if he is to be whaled, his cap hit is aginst us during offseason like reddens? so then we have less money and more bums on the team! at least during free agency period. redden was supposed to be a pp qb and great vet d man. he was worse than mdz! ok not this year but still.

  73. Grabachev- I agree about Gaborik. I think it may be his shoulder all this time that’s never fully gotten back to 100%. Something has to be up.

  74. 4check

    you cannot win a Stanley Cup without offensive weapons like Gaborik. A team of 20 goal scorers will get you into the playoffs but when goals are at a premium, you need all-star players in order to win it all.

    Sure Gaborik doesn’t fit the grinding style of play, but the only reason they are “grinding” is b.c its our only chance to compete this season as we continue to rebuild on the fly.

  75. Orr- I was in favor of claiming him at one point too but at this stage of the season I’m just thinking that if he were worthy of a spot in the NHL he’d be with another team by now. It’s a shame that he’s shot. Just like it was a shame that Redden became a shell of his former NHL self. I just don’t think he could work within the Rangers’ system successfully. He’d probably be the blueline version of Drury.

  76. If all this trading continues there will be no trades come the 28th,but I took the afternoon off to watch it.

  77. James, to your earlier post, I agree again… our D is so young that it’s possible that someone like Sauer could evolve into that Monster we need in front of our house. We’ve seen Stall and Girardi slowly become more physical players, not to the level we need, but maybe it’s possible that Sauer (and McD too?) after becoming more comfortable and confident turn into that crease clearing SOB we desperately need.

  78. If the Rangers claimed him, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It would just be a desperate attempt at making the power play work. Too bad he sucks and his career is over. Slats should move on and focus on keeping the team young.

    Like wicky said, it would be interesting to see what swapping core guys would bring back. For an unlikely example, what can we get for Dubinsky and Gaborik from LA? Brown and Schenn? Makes you wonder…I just don’t think Slats wants to shake it up that much. I’m not sure he’s in love with any of the Kings players…

  79. Heave- all those guys are going to keep getting better. The question is the physicality and whether they’ll be tough enough…or for that matter capable of playing 27 minutes a night like Torts likes to use them for.

  80. “better forechecking would be the best solution to the current slump. if the puck is in the opponent’s zone, they can’t score on the Rangers.”

    Yup. I always say that I play my best defense when we’re in the other team’s zone.

  81. Souray had one fine season with the Habs, and then bingo. Into the darkness, where he still apparently resides.

    Too bad…but let’s hope that Sather has had a change of heart about his annual reclamation process.

  82. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are undervaluing Gabby. He is still regarded as a major weapon in this league. There is no need to include Dubi to get a guy like Brown and Schenn. In fact if we proposed an offer like that, the kings would jump at it. A guy like Kaberle who in my opinion is way overrated and going on 33 brought the leafs a top notch prospect and a number one draft pick. In fact you can argue that Burke brought more than what we brought back for Leetch, a hall of famer.

  83. No, I am not, Czech. I agree that he is a premier offensive weapon in NHL. I think he needs help. Look, if we had Kopitar as our #1 center on the Rangers, Gaby we would probably be on pace for 60 goals…Kings fans are probably drooling at the chance to get Gaby.

    But, unlike Gaby, a guy like Brown also brings those other qualities like leadership and toughness/grit that Gaby does not. I believe that combination of grit and skill is rare. I think Orr said last night that Brown is like Cally 2.0, lol…

    If we included Dubi, we could also possibly get Simmonds, in addition to Brown and Schenn.

    My point, Czech, is that Brown is their Cally, they won’t be the same without him and Lombardi knows that…He would need to replace Brown with a leader-type guy like Dubi…Not saying I would defintely make the deal…

  84. Burke brough back a number one pick for Kaberle? You mean first round pick from Boston who will probably finish 4 th or 5 th overall team in the league now… some pick eh

  85. Chico by far is the worst analyst in the game today. I don’t know why he just doesn’t dress in a Devil jersey for the game. He could look good in net today with the style Lemaire plays. i said it once and i will say it again Broduer is the most overated goalie in the game today. This is why he would never go to another team and be exposed as a mediocre goalie

  86. Wow what a trade from the Blues and Avs. Big shakeups with both teams in the last couple of days. The Blues dealt from a position of strength and have a pretty nice collection of young forwards but will definitely be in the market for a center in the offseason to give them a full top 6. I’m really surprised the Avs gave up both Shattenkirk and Stewart. Erik Johnson is a very good two way defender, but Stewart looked like he was going to turn into the next 30+ goal power forward before his injuries, I think Stewart for Johnson would have been an even enough trade that it wouldn’t have required the addition of someone like Shattenkirk to get it done, especially if the other piece coming from the Blues was Clemment.

  87. Czechthemout!!! on

    Cccp –

    Those ” some pick” have brought back players like Mike Richards, Cory Perry, Travis Zajac, Jon Carlson( should have been picked instead of MDZ) and many others. It just requires some good scouting and good decision making some of which we are now finally seeing since Gord Clark was hired.

  88. Czechthemout!!! on

    CCCP –

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Korpikoski was drafted by us with that pick.

    Zajac went after him.

  89. give me a break. Simmonds??? he is nothing but a 3rd line awkward slitherer near the boards. wth wants him??

  90. Yes, Jon Carlson should have been picked instead of Del Z, because in his second year he’s struggling.

    Jeez louise!!!

    CT, you’re right. You’d think they’d try and go for someone like Oshie, Perron, or Berglund, who all have offensive upside. Maybe throw in their first round pick, instead of their second.

    Stewart was on fire before he broke his hand. I say he’ll have a couple of 40 goal seasons.

    It sucks that both teams will most likely miss the playoffs. Damn shame!

  91. Ranger first round draft picks have been tended to be epic fails more often than not. Staal is the exception, hopefully Del Zotto, Kredier and McIlrath also buck that trend.

    5 first round picks represented in the 2003, 04, 06, 07 drafts. None are with the organization now and the return on trades for some of those picks didn’t really bear any fruit either. You hope to get a top 6 forward or top 4 D from the first round, not only does that help with the talent but also it keeps your team cost controlled so you don’t end up paying $6M-$7M a year for players who’s upside is just about maxed out.

  92. That’s what I’m saying that the “top notch” pick that we got for Leetch was Korpedo… What does Zajac got to do with anything I said?

  93. Czechthemout!!! on

    All I am saying is that Gabby is not a great player because he doesn’t make the players around him better. There is a deal to be made here that can add to our growth as a team if Sather is willing to make it. Gabby as good as he is does not fit the type of style that we play. He would flourish playing with Kopitar and in turn bring the Kings the scoring threat they need. Brown is a gritty two way player who would be more valuable to us as currently constituted than Gabby.

    We also need a top line talent like Schenn if possible.

  94. Simmonds would probably be getting more ice time if he was on a team with less depth on the wings. He’s only 22, put up a 40 point last year with 3rd line minutes. He won’t be a 40 goal scorer, but a 25 goal/50+ point type player isn’t out of the question…basically the upside of what we expect Callahan to produce.

  95. Czechthemout!!! on

    CCCP- sorry

    I thought you were being sarcastic.


    Not because MDZ is struggling but because Carlso is by far the better player. He skates faster, hits hard, plays solid defense. And also shoots harder and more accurately than MDZ.

  96. Czech,

    Wingers typically aren’t players you build your team around. Mostly because they’re the finishers not the starters of plays. It’s not a surprise that the players considered the best forwards tend to be centers, with guys like Ovechkin or Brett Hull as the exceptions just because they score at such a prolific rate. But you go down the list of current guys like Crosby, Malkin, Datsyuk, Stamkos, Brad Richards, Koptiar, Toews etc. All centers.

    With Gaborik, I mean he’s not doing what he should be doing this year, no excuse for that. But do you really expect him to turn Christensen into a 70 point guy or Avery into a 30 goal scorer? Or a 35 year old Prospal with bad knees to a point per game player? Gaborik needs to do a lot more than he’s been doing this year, but looking at his linemates most of the time he’s not exactly being given premium talent to play with.

  97. Czechthemout!!! on


    You miss my point. He has played with Stepan,AA,and now Dubi. All are in my opinion very good to possibly one day great players. The great players make others around them better. Gabby does not. He needs premium players to make him better. That to me is the problem. Your argument about wingers is wrong too. Mike Bossy, Guy Lafluer,Mike Gartner, Glenn Anderson,Dino Cicarelli,Daniel Alfredsson,Bobby Hull. The list goes on and on. Do you seriously think that any of the players I mentioned could not play with anyone and make them better than hat they were perceived to be?

  98. Yes, he’s the better player after only 81 games. Del Z has no upside.

    Next season, if Step-On plays 82 games and scores 10 goals, and 20 assists, will you say that we should have drafted someone else? Or we should trade him for someone better?

    Or maybe Carlson wont have that great of a season next year, and you’ll go back to liking Del Z? Who knows.

  99. where was the “premium talent” he had to work with last season? less than this year, yet his production has not just gone down, it has fallen off a cliff, other than the 3 patsy games. sorry, but HE is the problem.

  100. Czechthemout!!! on


    In fact look at Stepan. Every line that he was put on became the teams best line for a while

  101. Czechthemout!!! on


    The bottom line is that Carlson is the much better player. It has nothing to do with how many points he scores. All you have to do is watch them play.

    Put it anther way. If you could trade MDZ for Carlson last year or now, would you do it? I would but the Caps would not.

  102. Czechthemout!!! on


    Just so you know, I like MDZ. I think he will be a decent to good player for us. But I don’ t think he is that great of an offensive force. Biggest reason is he does not have a very good shot and has trouble getting it through to the goal fro. The point. I think the strength of his game is his passing ability.

  103. Czech,

    Bossy had Trottier, Lafleur had a variety of centers either setting him up or help take up the defensive responsibilities to allow him to roam, Glenn Anderson had Messier, Alfredsson had one 30 goal season before Spezza arrived..there are always exceptions like the Hulls (Brett had his best years with Adam Oates), but given that 7 of the top 10 all time points list are centers, I’d still go with a center to anchor my offense.

    Look at the Cup champs of recent years, their cornerstone players on offense tend to be their centers. Crosby/Malkin, Datsyuk/Zetterberg, while Kane was good for the Hawks Toews won the Conn Smythe, Getzlaf had the most points for the Ducks, Staal for the Canes.

    I like Stepan, AA and Dubi, good players yes. Great players? I think that’s a bit of a stretch. What would you consider a great player?

  104. I think we can all agree that Gaborik is a great player because he is one of the fastest skaters in the league coupled with a deadly wrist shot and superior passing skills. However, he’s a ‘bullet’ not the gun. This team needs that ‘gun’ to make Gaborik the most effective and feared offensive threat he can be. Gaborik should not be going into the corners, getting banged around and digging out the puck for other players. Give this guy the right linemates and he’ll be that 40+ goal scorer we want. Rangers need to develop (quickly) or trade for the right players to compliment his superior talent. I don’t think Gabby’s hurt, he’s just worn down because Torts isn’t able to utilize him in a way that makes him effective. The Rangers need to get him compatible players or trade him for players that work with the rest of this team.

  105. grit

    Prospal isn’t in the form he was in last season. Neither is Del Zotto. Those two assisted on a lot of Marian Gaborik goals…Just sayin’

  106. Quick question for all you boneheads, especially for those of you who’ve played the game…

    Do you think the constant, as in all season long, shuffling of lines does more harm than good? I can see changing things up when a line becomes stale or a particular opponent requires different match ups but this nearly every game musical chairs tactic doesn’t seem to produce any offensive spark.

  107. I don’t really know the answer to that Heave, but I do think if you look across the league you’ll see one of the top complaints that any fanbase has about their coach is the line shuffling.

  108. so we can blame everyone else, especially Prospal and Del Zotto, for gaborik’s problems. but, we dare not blame gaborik himself, cuz he is a supposed star who is above any blame. nice try but HE is the reason for his own falloff. he is not working as hard, and he is not showing the same effort, desire, drive,determination and willingness to excel.

  109. Czechthemout!!! on


    I don’t know how old you are but I watched him play in his prime when his center was Jacues Lemaire(devils coach) and others. Lafluer could have played with me as his center and he still would be in the hall of fame. Anderson played with Mess and without. You of course left out others like Gartner and Dino and the rest.

    I never called Stepan,AA,Dubi great. I just said that they are good to one day may become great.

    I consider Rick Nash Great. He plays with no one. He plays all of the forward positions and also kills penalties.

    I consider Iggy great because he has played with journey men all of his career. I considered Shanny great because he put up points with anyone and everyone.

    Mike Gartner for the same reason as Nash and Iggy. Zach Parise is a great player because he makes others around him better.

  110. Which great player made Gaborik such a prolific goal scorer in Minnesota? And does anyone really consider Prospal of last year a great player?

    Do not judge his production in the future based on this year. Whatever caused it is an aberration, not a norm. If LA is so eager to trade for him, they really believe he can still produce. So should we. Trading him in order to bring more grit and heart is a mistake. Right after that imaginary trade we will have to start looking for not one, but two goal scorers. They are really easy to find these days…

  111. Prospal was at the bottom rung of first line centers in the league last year. Not in the elite category but he was within 5 points of Mike Richards and produced at about the same rate as Stephen Weiss.

    Even if his numbers were rather pedestrian, consider that no Rangers center is on pace for the same number of points as Prospal from last year. Dubinsky might get there, but he’s been a winger this year.

  112. Hey what are the rules on a guy like Redden? Could we call him up? Do we have enough cap room?

    I’m not saying I want him back up with the Rangers but doesn’t he have to pass through re-entry waivers? Maybe someone (Vancouver) gives him a shot for half price?

    If not we could just send him right back down, right? No harm, no foul?

    I know it’s a pipe dream but it is that time in the season where teams get desperate.

    or even better, he decides not to report back down so we terminate the contract haha!

  113. ilb – We would get a hell of a lot more out of Gaborik with an addition of legitimate top line talent on this team. He would also play with more confidence. That is a fact.

    Prospal was healthy last year and had very good, but not great season. He is not a top-6 player on a contending team. MDZ was a surprising offensive force during the stretch where Gaborik was on basically a goal-a-game pace early last season.

    I know Gaby can still produce…But we are wasting him if we don’t get him more top line talent…

  114. Too dangerous, PSU. Someone may take a chance and claim him. We will be stuck with $3.25M cap hit through 2013-2014

  115. leetchhalloffame on

    Ton of moves being made the last few days and we’re in on none of them. Wake up Slats!

  116. ilb, I’m not recommending trading Gabby but the makeup of this team isn’t producing goals. It’s a team wide problem, not just Gaborik’s.

    grit, Gaborik is a pure offensive player. He’s been asked to play in a way that does not play to his strengths and makes him less effective. He needs to play in the slot not in the corners.

  117. NYR_FAN- exactly my point. From the future point of view he should be in the team’s plan, not be a trade target because he hasn’t produced this year. Just look what those high level offensive players cost to sign as UFA’s.

  118. Czechthemout!!! on


    If we can get a guy like Brown and a prospect like Schenn for a guy who is a very good but not great player you do it. They are looking for a player they perceive to be a big time scorer. Those players come at a price. Wheather they are right or wrong in their perception is not what we should be basing our decisions on. The kings are also closer to a Stanley Cup than we are.

    If however we do keep Gabby I think the player that would help open up space for him is Kreider.
    I also think that Kreider will be a 40 goal scorer when he is in his prime.

  119. leetchhalloffame, be patient. Remember, it takes two teams to make a deal. Just because a certain player is available doesn’t mean we could or should make a deal for him. We’ve made great strides in one year and next year has the potential to be even better.

  120. Heave Ho- I know you didn’t, there are different proposals floating around for awhile. Realize this-current make of this team is in transition. It may take another year to see who is who, some of them will be in much more prominent role even next year. The organization will be in much better position to really evaluate them next year, not when they are rookies or sophomores

  121. here is a better idea. since gaborik loves lemaire so much, trade his fanny to NJ for Parise, a winger who actually will hustle and will go in the corners.

  122. Czech,

    I’m not saying wingers can’t be great on their own. You’re also referencing some of the top players to ever play the game and even in his best year I wouldn’t consider Gaborik an all time great, not even close. There’s a handful of players every generation that could be considered all time greats and out of today’s players you’ve got Crosby, Ovechkin and Stamkos as guys that are on the path to being all time great players and Lidstrom and Brodeur that are pretty much already there. But I still maintain that out of the forward positions, if you’re going to build around one player, I’d go with building it around a center.

    But if you’re criticizing Gaborik for not making other players around him better, who have Nash and Iginla made better? Yes, Iginla led the Flames to an Cinderella run to the finals but that also had a lot to do with Kiprusoff. Does Kovalchuk make players around him better, especially if he’s not scoring? Some players are designed to be the end point for their offense, I think that’s the type of role that Gaborik is more fit to play.

  123. ilb, agreed. I think the organization is greatly encouraged with a good percentage of the current roster and the boys they see as future core players. It took Slats too long to develop the long term view but we should see a competitive team here for a number of years going forward. I’m actually encouraged that we haven’t made a deal so far for exactly the reason you state.

  124. Yes, ilb. But the argument can be made that those guys (premier talents) are better off being drafted early in the 1st round than acquired in free agency or through trade. I am tired of the Rangers being in the middle of the pack in February near the 7th or 8th spot in the playoffs. We are probably headed for an early round exit, if we do make the playoffs. If we had the chance to get Dustin Brown on this team in a deal involving Gaborik, the options should be explored. I would rather the Rangers finish 12th the next two seasons than finish 7th or 8th.

    It is unlikely Gaby is a trade discussion, but this deal early in the morning between the Avs and Blues makes me think anything is possible…

  125. Czech- the mistake internal to this trade is the assumption that Schenn will definitely become a premier goal scorer. Is that a forgone conclusion? Haven’t we seen enough players who were at 2 point per game in juniors and couldn’t put in open ocean at NHL level? Secondly, even if he does become that, it’ll take years. Strategically, it wouldn’t be right. Hank has limited window of time. You also need the core to be still in their prime. Brown is a great player, but he doesn’t replace a premier goal scorer. We have one. Keep him. FYI, he still leads our team in goals and points scored per games played. And this is his “off” year.

  126. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on


    I preferred to play with the same d partner all the time. The few times I played wing having familiar linemates always helped, but that is just me.

  127. NYR_FAN- yes, it’s always better to draft those players than sign them. But it is what it is.

    Leetch- shhhhh…..let him sleep.

    In terms of that Blues- Avs trade. It appears that Blues clearly won that one. But it remains to be seen. I almost feel it was an emotional decision and I hope it works for both teams. The shake up? Don’t know about that. Both team’s moved important young players. Hoe often doe that work?

  128. Brown has shown he’s about 30 goal, 65-70 point guy. Gaborik has shown he can be a 40 goal, 80-85 point guy. Handicapping Gaborik’s production by his issues with durability and factoring in their respective salary cap hits, I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for the Kings to trade Brown and their top offensive prospect for what might only be a 5-10 point premium.

  129. Wicky, I would guess that having defensive partners that know each other’s tendencies is nearly essential. I was really asking about the offensive lines with my question but it makes sense that this also applies, maybe to a lesser degree, to offensive linemates as well.

  130. CT, the potential offensive output of Gaborik playing on a line with Kopitar is a scary thought. I think they would complement each other very well. Just sayin’…

  131. I’m going to root for Carolina to lose.

    Grit- Parise isn’t going anywhere. But if the Devils were to trade him to NYR ( LMAO at that thought), I’d be willing to talk about anyone not named Staal or Hank.

  132. Orr, yeah, sadly I have to agree. But please don’t let it be a three point game whoever wins.

  133. ilb,

    Avs needed help on D, Blues needed scoring. Shattenkrik might be racking up the points, but he’s also been part of a D that was dead last in the league in goals against. If Johnson helps the Avs steady their D and next year they see their goals against drop to around the same amount that Stewart scores for the Blues as well as providing 40 points of offense himself, I think the Avs will be happy with their end.

  134. Czechthemout!!! on


    We are going to agree to disagree. Every time you ask a question, I give you answer you don’t like the answer so you change the question.


    You are right about LQ. But then Gabby and he are the same age. In fact Gabby is fragile therefore his window maybe less then LQ’s. So if that is the case. They should than either trade Gabby for players and prospects or they should look to trade for a center to play with Gabby and make a cup run. Doing nothing is not an option because they will once again be drafting in the middle of the draft where very rarely will you find a Great player to develop fast enough to play with Gabby.

    If given a choice, I would trade Gabby because a goalie has a much longer shelf life , Gabby is fragile and we do not yet have the pieces needed throughout the rest of the lineup to make a cup run. Gabby can help us more in a trade than he ever can in the lineup.

  135. That’s a hope, CTB, I understand the idea behind it. Whether it works, remains to be seen. You move your young, home grown captain. Shake ups may or may not de helpful. JD has done a great job in SL since he took over, but the team has been stalling the last couple of years.

  136. Czech- why do you need to trade for a center and give up young talent if you can sign one in the offseason, if they decide to go that route? I’m not sure it’s the best option, but appears that is what they’re planning to do. Realize this- the team will get better next year by a simple virtue of every single young player getting one year more experienced. And who knows, maybe theyvalready envision Stepan to be able to do it next year..

  137. thrash loses big result for us.

    fatherhood is hectic 24 hours a day. my wife has given me a 3 hour window from 7-10 so i have been able to watch.

    last night was a horror show. we might not have scored in 6 periods

  138. Eric- you’re welcome to email me if you have anything to ask. She gave you a window to watch the game? Your wife is awesome!

  139. Czech,

    I fully admitted that wingers can be great players, but I also offered up examples that many of the great wingers have been centered by very good centers. So I think I’ve acknowledged that wingers can be franchise type players but the list of franchise carrying centers is just as long, if not longer.

    You said that great players make players around them better and then cited Nash and Iginla as examples of great players that have played with journeymen/nobodies and then didn’t answer my question of which players those guys have made better.

  140. I’ve been busy this weekend, just catching up with everything. Souray again? $2.7M will hurt their ability to do anything during the summer. Highly doubt they are in. Liles? Really? Not a bad player, but his cap hit is $4.2M next year. No, thanks.

    I watched the game very late last night. The Devils played two different games- one before and one after the goal. Both near perfect. Annoyingly boring, but they looked like very well oiled machine. Thats what this coach does. They don’t have to think, they know where to go. Let’s just hope they hit a rough patch for a few games. The last thing you want is for the season to come down to the last game, April 9th. Us or them.

  141. I know it’s beating a dead horse, but Carp commented on how there were almost no penalties in the game last night, and that is why I was lamenting the fact that Aves did not do his usual act with Kovy or Clarkson.

    Devs obviously didn’t need to get a lift in their game in order to play the way they do, but the Rangers did – and they did not have anyone step-up to stir the pot.

  142. The Rangers do not need any more 2nd/3rd line 15-25 goal scorers. The Rangers need top line players only. Not grinders, not depth players but top line, all-star players.

    That is what we are missing…

  143. the debbies will probably make the playoffs. the trap crap is back, and nhl entertainment value is ruined again. we need another lockout……of Lemaire

  144. It certainly *is* scary – and as someone said earlier, our last game of the regular season is at home against the Devs….can we be removed from playoff eligibility on the last day of the season for a second year in a row?

  145. The sky is not falling! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves by dreading the last game of the season. There’s a long way to go and our fate is still in our control. One game at a time… let’s see what we bring against Philly.

  146. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    so far so good on the snow, sadly it may not matter but entirely understandable!!

    I’m not sure who posted it earlier (don’t have time to research it, may have been oleo) but I disagree that you absolutely have to have a superstar goal scorer to win a cup and not a bunch of 20 something scorers. I may be wrong here but those devil teams that won cups couldn’t of had a 40 goal scorer on any of them and I would be shocked if they had more than a 35 goal scorer on them (maybe elias at some point). I think you can win with 5 or 6 20 something scorers, grit, and great goaltending and strong physical defencive play.

    I’m sure there are examples of teams with top scorers recently that have won, but at the same time I think you can win without one. I think it is which ever team wants it more regardless of the superstar factor.

    Just an opinion though and I honestly have NOT checked the “top goal scoring superstars/players on previous stanley cup winners” stat page to verify!

  147. Remember Two Things on

    7,8 spots most likely between debs, canes, nyr. Don’t see buf and atl staying in the mix.

    If we win tomorrow and gabby scores 2 goals does he get an extension?

    Earlier post mentioned sitting staal because he is tired. Lunacy, def bad game and looking tired but u do not sit your best dman…ever. He really needs a partner to play with. Girardi is killing us, plays second most minutes on team, and has looked very slow and unable to hold the blue line, win a battle in the corner or clear the crease.

    Trading mdz and gabby for #1 d partner for staal and a stronger 2 Way forward. This team is 4 players and 3 years from contending for cup. IMO there are no untouchables save for the youth and their mentors (staal, cally) and that includes LQ.

  148. Hahaha! Don Cherry just ripped “Mario the Magnificent” a new butt-hole! Nobody deserves it more than he does!

  149. agree, wicky. and you know who loves fans who want “another star” ?? why Jim Dolan of course. he eats it up. he uses it as an excuse. “they won’t stand for a rebuild. they won’t stand for watching kids develop. they want stars in NY” . that is the crap he has been peddling, and that is why he loves fans who say “we need a big goalscorer, or we need a #1 center”. plays right into Dolan’s hands.

  150. I think Andy McDonald from the Blues would be a good fit with Gaborik, he has 2 years left after this one with a 4.7 hit, plus he was a number one center for a Stanley cup winning team… down side hes got injury history, is not young and who knows what it would take to get him to New York

    just a scenario not even sure how i feel about it

  151. break up the Isles. they have every retread from other teams, but are now taking advantage of their ice time opportunity to play decent hockey. one thing for sure, they play much tougher since the coaching change. they don’t back down any more. and Grabner has great speed.

  152. That Grabner kid is something else – a waiver pickup, and he’s making a monkey out of every team that didn’t pick him up…..why doesn’t that ever happen for the Rangers!?

    And Montoya getting a shutout – is the world going to end soon?

  153. Just saw JD in the GM’s box in St. Louis – I wonder if he would loan us Coliacovo or Pietrangelo for our PP for the remainder of the season…?

  154. apparently Goligoski may be on the trade market since the Pens have so much D Depth and D prospects like Despres knocking on the door for next year. The Pens are looking for a top 6 Winger and a pick/prospect.

    Does anybody think we could/should deal Wolski + Wash’s 2nd rd pick for Goligoski??

    Then, we have a spot open when Feds comes back.

    Plus Goligoski is signed next season for 1.8 mil, while clearing WW’s 3.8 mil saves us 2 million towards the RFA’s resignings or Brad Richards

  155. Evening gang!

    Read through the posts, lots of good discussions today, love to see that over the silly battles that go on sometimes.

    The funny thing about the Blues/Avs trade is that it’s a mere pimple in the STL sports scene. It’s all about Pujols and his contract/non-contract, and the start of spring training.

  156. The Blues can still definitely get in the playoffs. They are currently 13th in the conference. It’s crazy. That are only 5 points behind Anaheim in the 8th spot and have 3 games at hand! The West is going to have quite a race…

  157. Remember Two Things on


    Like the idea of getting steadier D. He seems undersized – what does he bring to the mix?

    I would do it just to get rid of wolski

  158. >>…clearing WW’s 3.8 mil saves us 2 million towards the RFA’s resignings or Brad Richards

    Speaking of Brad Richards, he’s not playing tonight; he’s suffering from, um, “concussion-like symptoms”.

  159. The question is, will Zherdev score against us again?

    Maybe it’s time to let Beer-On take a crack at the Flyers, since Hank’s been unsuccessful.

    Remember when Vally had to play against them, cause Hank always sucked.

    There was one time where he gave up only two goals in four win against them, and had back to back shut-outs.

    No he’s KHL garbage. Poor Valley. He looked just like Stewart Copeland.

  160. Can someone tell me where the Chico Resch mute button is on my remote? A blind dog could make more sense. He’s the only goalie I know who has absolutely no “goalie sense” as a color guy. Oh wait, he had that problem when he WAS a goalie. Almost forgot. My bad.

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