It’s Go Time!


Lundqvist back in goal, looking to pass John Vanbiesbrouck on the Rangers’ wins list.

Kris Newbury was returned to Connecticut this morning, meaning the Rangers have one extra player around. So Steve Eminger is expected to be prucha’d as the Rangers go with the same lineup tonight.

You all know what the Devils have been doing lately, and how they’ve been doing it. So I suggest No-Doz or loads of caffeine.

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  1. Czechthemout!!!

    Oh and this CCCP ti cheesty pohtz!


    you don’t know how to take a joke? lol

    esli ya “cheesty pohtz” (what kind of writing is this, anyway?) to togda ty gryaznyi pohtz :)

  2. what i am saying is the Rangers D has become very young. Gilroy does not get much ice, and MDZ has been shaky. they obviously need a veteran Dman, and if they cannot get one by the deadline, they have a veteran Dman in Hartford (Redden).

  3. Rangers recent goals against issues could probably be pegged more on Lundqvist than anyone else. The young D did fine during their slump it was the offense that wasn’t really holding up their end of the bargain.

  4. Their record has worked for us recently when it’s against our rivals, but tonight they need to lose!

  5. LGR!!!

    well we are in a bit of a bind with Emminger and DZ both struggling at the same time
    but i don’t know about an old guy, esp with the latest rumor of Kuba. we finally got rid of the defensemen who couldnt skate why pick up a new Roszival?

  6. I did not sat the D was playing poorly, but they have in effect become a 4 Dman team. they do need a veteran Dman. someone Torts will trust to play some decent minutes. I think they will trade for one, but if they don’t, I think Redden would be in play.

  7. Redden wont be called up simply b/c of the threat of him being clamied on re-entry waivers. Maybe he gets called up once the playoffs start but thats about it.

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " Lets go Rangers!! "...says Greg L. on


    Lets Go!!!

    Lets do it!!!!


  9. vet dman? they MISSED the playoffs with that vet dman, Redden. they are IN the playoffs by going with young guys on d. when vet dman=a step back, Torts says no.

  10. MOTHER BYFUGLIEN! I am SO sick of getting the shaft from the NHL for being a Rangers fan who lives out of the NY area. The games are NEVER in HD, unless they’re playing the Pens, and of course those are the abysmal Pittsburgh “announcers.” I was so looking forward to finally hearing Sam, and yes even Joe, again tonight… but of course, it’s the Devils feed. There are plenty of channels available in the Center Ice range, and EVERY other game tonight has both home and away feeds. Except this one.

    Seriously. Such carcillo treatment.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " Lets go Rangers!! "...says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERSSSS!!!! SEND these Devils to Holey HELL!!!

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " Lets go Rangers!! "...says Greg L. on

    Devils , you suck!!!!!!

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO Devils are losers!!!!! Marty is a fraud.

    Fatty marty has gained weight and may go on disability!!!!!??

  13. You excited that the Booger is concussion symptom-free, Greg? Reckon he could pot a hat-trick before the end of the year?

  14. the ref awarded the goal to Dubi, and since the replay is inconclusive, then you go with the call on the ice. Dubi

  15. I wonder if that fool who sits in the Rangers end on the near boards that wears the ref shirt is there.

  16. HEY!

    Long-assen day, but I now have beer, pizza and wings.

    And hockey, if that is what you call what the Devils are playing

  17. Those of you who watch devils broadcast you guys aren’t missing much because Sam and Joe cannot stop talking about the Devils

    So fuggin annoying

  18. Dear Devils,

    Stop trying, you are making me angry. I WILL come to NJ and throw things at you if you win tonight.

    No love,
    A Rangers fan

  19. now Sam is making excuses for the trap. calling it “Lemaire’s defensive style”. no,Sam it is a boring trap.

  20. Why do Sam and Joe find it so necessary to fawn over every single Ranger opponent!? This is maddening!

  21. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    All in all, a very dull period. Does anybody know what time the Rangers are supposed to show up?

  22. Debbies are certainly playing with a lot more confidence than they were earlier this season. but, they will still lose this one, I hope.

  23. Torts need to mainline some espresso for his team. They seem like the Devils have put THEM to sleep

  24. wheres miami? i smell bush league tonight. we start every game like this guys. bad!! its just not registering in their heads. they wait till they spot other team a goal before they start playing. its sad watching our best line out there send 2 guys behind the net and never get the puck. they mustve turned the puck over half dozen times in their end and not gotten 1 decent shot on the moose. this will be a hard game for me to sit through.

  25. If the Rangers are mirror image of the devils and according to last night the Kings are the mirror image of the Rangers then the Devs are the mirror image if the Kings too?


  26. Just make sure none of your undressed fantasy players aren’t checking themselves out in the mirror CCCP.

  27. i dont think so joel. we are prob losin this one. sorry to say. we just have no jump tonight. devs are playing no pressure right now so if they mess up its no nbig deal. we, on the other hand are in a really tight playoff race and theyre feelin the poressure. young team too. we will be better next year for sure though. i just hope we dont send zuke down after feds comes back. even though he isnt that great, he is still better than ec!

  28. Let’s see how they come out in the second – Torts will probably burn their ears during the break….

  29. lol ! i’m psyching myself out man. revers e psycholgy. it helps me get through these bush league efforts

  30. >>Why do Sam and Joe find it so necessary to fawn over every single Ranger opponent!?

    That annoys me to no end!

  31. Lundqvist is the mirror image of Brodeur. If the mirror is one of those fairground mirrors that makes you look a lot thinner than you are.

  32. >>does chico EVER shut up? omg

    He’s so clueless, it’s quite possible that he doesn’t even realise he’s talking.

  33. Mickey, Sam & Joe are Devils announcers tonight, too! I finally turned down the TV sound and put on Albert & Maloney on the radio feed…..

  34. I lost the audio for about 90 seconds at the start of the period and all I could hear was horrible static. I’m not sure if I prefer it now I can hear Chico again.

  35. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I just lost the sound to the game. I think it’s the best thing that happened so far…

  36. >>Is this gonna be a “zero goals for Gaborik” kinda night?

    You already know the answer to that. Bottom line, it’s going to be a zero goal night for the whole team.

  37. Dear Devils,

    GO AWAY. Find a nice swamp, visit it and never come back. EVER.

    No love,
    A Rangers fan

  38. once again
    we play a team that wants it more
    and is well-positioned and

    devs are in spots to get passes —
    theirs and ours

    we look like a chinese fire drill
    on acid

  39. Maybe it’s time for Aves to get into a fight with Clarkson – it might wake the team up!!

  40. I think Staal needs to be Prucha’d for a bit! I’d take McDonagh and Sauer over him in a heartbeat!!!

  41. well you know how it is Jbytes. they’re “The hottest team in the league”. Just like these two are becoming “the worst announcing duo in the league” “WOW LOOK AT THE DEVILS!”

  42. sheezus Prust!!
    the guy’s coming around the net
    set up for you to put a shoulder in him
    and you avoid contact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. no what blows my mind
    is that they are just in positions
    we keep skating around and around
    and around

    doesn’t Torts have some sort of
    system other than grind and jam
    we look silly out there!

  44. There seem to be fewer empty seats than usual there tonight. Maybe that’s just the three being taken up by Brodeur that’s giving that impression though.

  45. I can’t believe yesterday game wear them so much – they stop skating at all. Like a mofo in a slowmo.

  46. you’d think that Kovy flying would inspire Gaborik to do the same. but No, nothing seems to faze him.

  47. I’m not saying Eminger should be in over Staal, but to say Staal has been anything but mediocre the last month or so would be a little short sighted IMHO… :) The fact that Eminger is the only other option is the problem!

  48. Zuc, the only one who is showing any balls
    (and that’s not no no since it’s already made it on
    here thanks to a quote!!)

  49. i dont think this has anything to do with the Rangers being bad or not showing up, Devils are just playing outstanding right now

  50. Now Giannone is interviewing Kovalchoke – I guess I’m watching the wrong channel tonight.

  51. Very insightful interview by Kovy.

    “Tell us about the play where you took the shot and hit the post.”

    “Yeah, I tried to take a shot and hit the post.”

    “Thank you.”

  52. Stranger Nation on

    The truth

    It is very difficult for staalwart to play both positions on defense. He played just under 30 mins last night with girardi which is the same effort as playing all 60. Staal is dragging out there, no doubt.

    Watch Girardi during the game and realize he does not belong in the first pairing. Move sauer up with staal.

  53. the truth

    Your statement couldn’t be more untrue about Staal…I mean, I wondered if your statement could be more untrue but it can’t because it is as untrue as it gets

  54. Girardi after injury is definetely somehow slower in moving, reactions and thinking. No doubt.

  55. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i came home all excited for the game… and i think, somewhere between 6:03 and 6:07, someone somehow slipped me a valium… WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS TEAM???? And why are Sam and Joe the Rangers broadcast duo? HORRIBLE JOB TONIGHT.

    and wow, great insights kovalchuken

  56. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    LW, you’re not missing much……sam and joe are all over the devils jock tonight, it’s friggin annoying

  57. billybleedsblue on

    Anisimov with a heck of a check on the back boards there! Captain Callahan knocking on the door…

  58. Why can’t that bounce off Moose and in? If that was Marty it would have hit something and went in.

  59. I think tonight proves that Sather should’ve pulled the trigger on that 26-man, 3-way deal to acquire Rick Nash, Dustin Brown and R.J. Umberger when he had the chance.

  60. LinCalPrustBoylahan on


    just saw the hockey night live commercial
    why the HELL is the Rangers jersey shown 2nd???

    bring back sportschannel for the devils and islanders PLEASE!

  61. “Is Hedberg in a zone right now?”

    He could’ve spent the whole game in the offensive zone and still be pitching a shutout tonight.

  62. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao lunchbox! he’s got the hot dog cart waiting outside for him next to the pretzel vendor!

  63. If the goal were 20 feet high, Avery would be a 50-goal scorer.

    (If it were 20 feet wide, Higgins would be erasing Gretzky’s records.)

  64. >>bring back sportschannel for the devils and islanders PLEASE!

    Thank you! I cannot stand hearing those other two teams and MSG mentioned in the same sentence.

  65. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    We are in serious trouble if we can only put 10 shots on goal in 40 minutes of hockey. I don’t care how defensive Lemaire’s team plays.

  66. Team definetely lost collective confidence – so many useless,extra moves, so slow in thinking and excecution. Honestly, I stoped waching, first time this season – just can’t take it anymore. Will check for the result. Hate Devs and Kovy in particular and what I’m getting…Like a triple lost for me.

  67. I fell asleep between periods (fully caffeinated) and just woke up. Guess I didn’t miss anything…

  68. Chico: “Some fans might think the Devils are sitting on their lead. They’re not.”

    Yes, what a preposterous notion that would be.

  69. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    this game just put the final SUCK on this week…………grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bastages


  71. so i guess sather panics now and trades for a “scorer”. and by scorer I mean soft euro who needs a change of scenery…..

  72. once again gaborik shows how non-elite he is. you need a goal in a big game? don’t count on him to step it up.

  73. what’s really sickening to me is, if Lemaire was the head coach of the devils from the start, the devils would be leading and eventually winning the division once again.

  74. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    What has happened to this team? This is the worst performance of the new year, and that’s saying something!

  75. Wow. enough of the “growing pains” excuses. these guys have shriveled up like a scrotum in an ice cold ocean. There’s no excuse for the way they’ve performed since the all star break and I’m going to call it right now and say they’re not making the playoffs.

  76. Lundqvist played well and if we could hit some empty nets this team would have a lot more points

  77. Can’t really blame any individual player for this loss… Devils is the hottest team right now…Rangers looked tired and the stupid trap didn’t help either

  78. Here’s a stat for someone to track down- has Gaborik scored in consecutive games this season? like even two games in a row? I’ve defended him all season. I’ve about had enough of making excuses for these guys.

  79. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Keep playing like this and Vanbiesbrouck’s record will stand for a while.

    That was brutal. I guess we’re not boasting about our record in back-to-backs anymore.

    If he’s tired , Marc Stall should sleep until Sunday, like he did tonight.

  80. >>…and by scorer I mean soft euro who needs a change of scenery…..

    Or, a guy who needs a second chance.

  81. All due respect I’m TIRED of the cliche excuses. “such and such is a hot team right now”. “The Rangers are a tired team” “these guys got the breaks tonight” Teams that can be taken seriously find a way to win games. End of story whether or not they’re “young” “growing” “meshing” or whatever other phrase people want to throw out there.

  82. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Couldn’t agree more James. Same as last year, miss the playoffs in the final game of the year. And once again it will be due shootouts, except this time we will miss out because the shootout wins don’t could in tiebreakers.

  83. Gabby’s today hattrick – didn’t score in 1st, didn’t score in 2nd and didn’t score in 3rd.

  84. no need to say anything but this. i hate this ranger team right now!!. no effort. no balls. no skill!!

  85. we have a good amount of victories after trailing after 2 periods … i don’t know if that is a good thing or just frustrating that we dont always play with third period intensity

  86. Lin that’s what I’m good at:) Next time you and Clinton are at the beach it’s gonna pop back into your head.

  87. This team plays with bite, jam, heart, passion, excitement, teamwork and youth. Yet, it still struggles to score goals and make things happen consistently on the power play. It will be that way so long as we rely on Gaborik as our #1 offensive threat. You need another guy on this team to contend. If you want to contend, get another player of his skill level. If you don’t want to contend, trade Gaborik for propects/1st round picks and stick with rebuilding the squad through youth. Enough of this finishing in the middle of the pack of the Conference! I want the NYR to be either be a really good team (top 4 of the E.C.) or a really bad team (so you can get a decent 1st round pick.)

  88. Cape- Since the new year this team hasn’t been any better than what it was last year. Different players. youngers players. new style. same old story.

  89. So let’s see. We play the best team in the East on Sunday. Then at Carolina on Tues. where we’ve won about 1 game in the last 10 years. Then at Washington. Awesome!

  90. Fifteen shots on goal – and not many of those were even tough ones! That isn’t getting it done.

  91. I agree NYR. And I’m not saying they should trade for a bunch of vets or change the course. but it’s like yo- if these kids are the “core” that’s going to develop to be the team of the future they need to start getting some things right when it counts the most.

  92. Thanks LW3. I sure as hell don’t remember Gaby making a difference in two games in a row even if he scored in consecutive games. I mean can he help us win ONE meaningful game before the season is over??

  93. I’m serious. Gaborik dogged it this entire game. I bet he will either be a King, a Blue, an Oiler, or a Maple Leaf by next Monday.

  94. the same clowns that are here after every loss acting like the Rangers are the only team who loses games… so stupid

  95. get a 50 year old messier in here over gabby.!! gabby is soft. gabby is like the pansy ass song they play at the garden after a win.

  96. Well I for one am not trying to act like one loss is the end of the world. but losing 6 of 8 not being able to score and not looking anything close to impressive in the two games they’ve won since the all star break doesn’t exactly scream “theyre just going through the growing process”.

  97. James G, let’s take a step back from the ledge. Were the Pens and Hawks that good when their top players were first put together? These same core players got a team that most experts predicted to be well outside the playoff picture to where they are now. Those same core players beat a healthy Pens team in Pitt twice and held the best team in the league (at the time) on an unbelievable hot streak to a shut out. They aren’t contenders this year, and probably not next year but to think they haven’t achieved a lot this year is a bit of an overreaction.

  98. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    What up all, hope everyone has been well. Long time no post (still read though haha).

    Anyway, help me out here. Was there something in my eye or did Gaborik really wind it up the boards with 3 seconds left instead of throwing it at the net? Please tell me I saw that incorrectly.

  99. >>…Gaborik… get another player of his skill level.

    What skills does he possess again?


    JB – Did you see the goal he scored last night?

  100. Neither Gaborik nor Christensen was credited with a shot on goal. I guess the score keepers at The Pebble are not as generous as their MSG counterparts.

  101. I’ve said it before. Lemaire should be banned. If the league wants to promote itself they will do the right thing. It’s just amazing how little happens in a game that he coaches. Really depressing watching this kind of “hockey”.

  102. TheMessiah94

    stop whining, you sound ridiculous. Banning a coach because he is really good at what he does, that’s just comical.

  103. DJK, the Blues, Leafs and Oilers are in sell mode. The Kings are buyers but if the current trade market is any indication they will not be buying at what Sather is going to ask for for Gaborik.

  104. >>Did you see the goal he scored last night?

    You mean the lucky one that got deflected off of the defenceman’s stick?

  105. Stranger Nation on

    What a difference a nightbmakes. Uphill battle from get go

    Debbies put on a defensive clinic.

    Boyle, cally, zuch, gilly, McD had jump. Everyone was skating in sand.

    They mentioned Torts going to 3 lines soon. Start on Sunday please. No more EC!

  106. CT- I’m not on the ledge. Not saying for a minute that they haven’t accomplished anything. Just that they’re starting to piss it all away. I understand they aren’t elite and I know full well that I shouldn’t expect them to win every single night. And yeah i’m a lil po’d at the moment so it’s coming out off base . But the point of my babbling is that they’ve seem to be taking a pretty noticeable step back. Call it whatever you want- tougher schedule, not getting the breaks they did earlier this year, adding back guys who were hurt- whatever. They’re not playing well. Again- not saying to make trades or to fire a coach or any of that crap. I’m just disappointed that they aren’t showing more resiliency.

  107. SHoryuken – Dude, I used to read the blog, and never posted so I can’t say we have ever conversed. I always enjoyed your comments. I’m sure I speak for a lot of Boneheads when I say good to see you posting again…

    and haha…you saw Gabby correctly…

    JB – Come on, the guy’s legit sniper but he needs someone like him to take the opposition pressure of him. If we want to win in the playoffs, we need another gamebreaker, whether on offense or defense…we all know that…

  108. “I don’t care about Devils defence…I don’t care what Hedgerg says…”

    Way to go, Torts!

  109. here we go again
    FIRE OLGA!!!!
    Olga, (save your vocal cord, will ya?) not going to be unemployed – her favorite team, Chicago Blackchicken (currently at honorable 11th place) has an opening for locker-room doormat with Folkyerself logo on it – perfect position for Olga.

  110. I’m frustrated too, I thoroughly abused living room furniture after the final horn but their winning percentage of like .270 something when trailing after 2 that leads the league shows that it’s tough to comeback in this league. And they were on the right side of a lot of one goal wins earlier this year so this is a bit of a correction toward their true talent level and not as much of a function of them not trying.

  111. james- it looked like more than anything, that they were so proud of themselves for last night that they partied too hard. cant explain the lack of effort. staal looked like he was still drunk. u see how many guys were fallin on their ass all night? mcdonagh tripped over himself. staal almost did a split. gabby was about as fast as shanny tonight. theres no way this team plays like this if they had lost last night. no way.

  112. Shoryuken on Glen Sather on

    NYR Fan I haven’t been gone that long, have I? Thanks for the welcome back, though, appreciated.

    Anyway, besides wanting to choke Gaborik for that play at the end, I thought they had their chances. You’re only going to get a few against Lemaire’s anti-hockey, and they didn’t take them. They missed some really good chances, Hedberg might not get an easier shutout.

    Things aren’t bouncing their way lately, either, that Callahan post shot early in the 3rd woulda gone in off LQ’s ass if that happened at the other end.

  113. Dude, you suck. Go away. Nobody wants to read your Byfuglien carcillo-y blog. Post your comments here like real person. Not like a bot. Fool.

  114. Jbytes at 9:46. exactly right. that shot last night was deflected by the stick of Doughty, and it fluttered in.

  115. I hear ya man. But that’s just it. I mean it feels like they aren’t going to win a game that isn’t a 1 goal grind it out/go to the shootout win for the remainder of the season at this point. I know that’s an over reaction but this is getting tough to watch even if we have to remain realistic.

  116. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Now don’t take this as a criticism of charitable endeavors, but…

    Do you ever wonder how often the team rolls out these players for Casino Night, Garden of Dreams, skating at Bryant Park, afternoon shifts at Colony Grill, etc., when they could be resting or learning how to take a slap shot from the point?

  117. Lol, Shoryuken. Seems like ages ago.

    Yeah, they had chances tonight. But still not enough sustained forecheck. Only 15 shots? Lame.

    The Devils also had their chances and Lundqvist was brilliant tonight, while I thought he was very shaky at times last night.

  118. I’m not skipping out on convo guys I just have to go get some rest. been on the go since 4am. I’ll catch back up with youse (if anyone cares lol)

  119. Here’s Mrs. CCCP (to be) two cents: “Yesteday the team had balls today the team has ballsack, they left the balls at home” lol

  120. What’s a matter Olga, your Blackchicks are loosing again? What are you doing here? Go, save them. So, if you have nothing to say, as always, – Jerkyerself

  121. k34mj and JB

    It was the whole play by Gaborik that made it a classic Gaborik goal. The way he got open for Sauer to give him that pass was a “game-breaking” play. The scoring chance is enough. Some pucks will flutter in and some won’t. The important thing is that you are getting a scoring chance and you might score. Gaborik gives you those opportunities. If he had a linemate with skill on par with his own, it would be a lethal combination for opposing teams.

  122. The homogeneous culture at MSG is sickening. islanders/rangers/devils on one network is effin’ retarded. way to go MSG network. Wheeeee

  123. oleo – Obviously I said it in jest… and partly in disgust. I know they can’t ban him. But it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    Be honest, the league had to “adjust” the rules – call all the interference and take out the red line again to counter the systems he has put into play. I understand that the system works, and his team wins with it in place, but my god it is BAD for the game.

  124. hey First!! get a life… all i have ever done is be positive about the team.. and that makes me an islander/devil troll??? maybe you should worry about urself bub.. or perhaps actually rooting for ur team instead of criticizing 100% of the time.. PUFF… PUFF…

  125. Carolina players are all wearing “Brind’Amour, 17” in front of their jersey. I don’t know, but I find that a bit much, not to say tacky.

  126. NYR_FAN, respectfully disagree. gaborik is not the same player as he was last year. period. he has a better team around him (no?) yet he is not producing….. he’s not skating well. he’s hurt. i cant believe the guy doesn’t care. i hope kreider is the guy to mate. shooot.

  127. First! – No question. This team doesn’t revolve around Gaby and Prospal like it did last year. I think that is a good thing. We are building a core of youth. Yet, Gaby is the same player. He needs to be a puck hog to be effective and he hasn’t been because of injury/confidence issues and teams scouting well him after a 42 goal season last year. He needs help. Plain and simple.

  128. And you Jerkoff, Olga did? Bwahahhah! What role did you play? A doormat? Or a Puke bag?
    Anyway, again – what are doing here, than?

  129. NYR, no doubt a good thing but what exactly does he NEED to be more effective? he’s not a brett hull type player that needs a set-up man. last year he beat guys one-on-one–like he has done throughout his career. that’s always been his game. aint happenin’ this year… the team around him is better and his underperformance has been a huge factor.

  130. He needs another player on his line who is as equal a threat to beat someone one-on-one, I really think it’s that simple.

  131. Remember Two Things on

    Vinny is not vinny this year and that has hurt gabby. Call it injuries, age, ice time, whatever, it has hurt gabby.

    Don’t use this game as a measuring stick for the Rangers season. This brand of hockey was made illegal for a reason. The NHL shoul review the tape and determine if this is what people will watch on TV. Lots of subtle interference and holding in defensive zone. Tough to combat coming off back to back and casino night.

  132. Just got back from the game….it went by in an instant. The Rangers looked slow to the puck and tired.

  133. Czechthemout!!! on

    Gaborik is not a great player! Great players make others around them better. I am sick and tired of the excuses of “oh, he needs a center, he needs blah blah blah” bull. If the Kings make a good offer, we should jump on it and dump him while we still can. He does not fit the style of play that we play. Period.

  134. DJK: “The woeful Rangers…” his final words?

    Remember…. : What can we reasonably expect from prospal? the guys been out for the whole season. I’d trade him for a pick in a minute. might fetch something of value back. is he on a NTR?

  135. Gaby needs to be better. There is no question about that.

    Czech – Who do you think the Kings would give up, if any, roster players?

  136. I still think that Gaborik is hurt…..he just doesn’t have the “snap” in his shot this season…and he can’t seem to get free of his checkers at all.

  137. How many games this season we lost by 1 goal?! We just simple need a one strong, power SCORER, Jagr/Nash/Iginla type. A REAL game changer, kind of unstoppable in decisive games, able time to time individually penetrate blue line and create a havoc in offensive zone by possessing puck and score indeed. Gabby could be an icing on a cake in a team and this team could absolutely do the rest – grind, fight, hold 1 goal difference, etc. Just don’t ask me where to go to meet this guy …

  138. Hey, FIRED OLGA! So pathetic is your limited yip. You are just boring, genderless, mule-like, with a split personality, hopeless monotone as always, brain impotent, with occasional, very limited thoughts and words diarrhea. Yawn. Good night.

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