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John Tortorella:

“We make it exciting, don’t we?”

“I just think we’ve got some balls. We’ve been like that all year long. I like that about our club. Are we playing our best hockey now? No. Did we make some mistakes? Yes. But we do. We’ve got some balls. I hope that keeps transforming and you find ways to win hockey games in the grind that’s going to come up here. We’ve got a tough schedule. So I’m happy about that. We score a goal, Dubi’s goal (which was later credited to Anisimov). We blow a coverage and they come right back and score, but we still find  a way to win this game. So we’ve got some things to work on, but I just like the mental makeup of our team.”

On the shootout guys:

“Erik and Zucc have certainly done their job there. I’m not a big proponent of (the shootout) but I think we’ve got a couple of good ones there. (Wolski) has got to find a way here. And Hank stands in there. You know, it’s a frustrating one for him that they tie it, banking one in off of him, but he stands in there and gets it done for us. That’s good stuff for Hank.”

On what could have been seven of eight losses:

“I don’t look at it that way. You guys are going to remind me about the losses and that’s your job. We’re taking each day at a time. We’re trying to forget about what’s happened when we go into a little slump here. You also have to forget about how you played even if you win a hockey game. You’ve got to get ramped up to do it again, and each day  at a time you’ve got to try to be better as a team. We had some guys going and some guy weren’t, and we’ve just got to try to squeeze everything out of ourselves as we get going. This is a tough weekend for us. So I’m really happy we found a way to get the two points to start the weekend.”

On getting Gaborik’s goal and Lundqvist coming through in the end:

“Gabby played harder. I thought he was hard tonight. He scores a goal. Does it deflect or go straight in. … what happens first? He skates. I thought he was on the puck. I still think his legs should be moving more than they were. But I thought he was hard tonight and won some battles, and didn’t have a (firetruckin’) clue 3-on-3. He was swinging all over the place 3-on-3. But I thought he played hard.”

Asked if he was expecting Callahan to do the things he did, especially in the second period:

“Yes. Yes. You just know that he’s going to come through for you. He bailed out some people tonight with some stupid penalties, namely his buddy Dubinsky, with some real stupid penalties. But that’s what he does. He scores a goal — a great play by Step on the faceoff as far as a second effort — and then he almost gives us the lead when he hits the crossbar there by breaking up a D-to-D play (by Doughty). His game the last couple of games, you can see him coming back. Because he started out well statistic-wise with a couple of goals early, but then I thought he had a tough time finding his game for a couple of games. But he’s a very important guy if we want to get where we want to be.”

On Anisimov limping off:

“He’s fine. He came back on the bench and he’s fine (he played in OT). Great block and just too bad they score the goal after that.”

On the 3-on-3:

“You don’t do it. You don’t do it. I told Sully, it’s weird. Alls I know, I think we have one of the best goalies … we have to do the shootout and we have one of the best goalies. I just don’t want to get scored on (3-on-3) there. It doesn’t happen that often so you put your people out there and as a coach you sit there and hope. You don’t go through a lot of strategy going over that stuff because it very rarely happens. We went with the two D right on through and I put my forwards out there and we went from there.”

On the timeout after taking the 3-2 lead:

“Danny Girardi and Staal were exhausted. We’ve got three minute left and Kopitar’s line is coming out. So Sully tole me, if we wanted to get that match, and that would line up our other matches with those last three minutes, so that’s why we called that timeout. It didn’t work. I could have used it again. I wished I had it when they iced the puck. But I’d do it again. I wanted to get that match, because Kopitar’s line didn’t change. We waited to see if they were going to change. They didn’t and we wanted to get that match.”

On Sauer-McDonagh:

“It was a good test for them tonight because this was a really quick hockey team. They’re not only a fairly big team, but this is a really quick hockey team. The first period, it seemed like we were trying to get caught up with them. I thought once we started banging a little more and being more physical, I thought we got into the game. But that’s a good test for two young kids and they’ve got some balance right on through their first three lines there. So it’s a good test and they played well.”

On Lundqvist’s 200th win:

“I’m happy for him. I didn’t know that. He came up big. It was a tough spot for him because of how the goal goes in. I don’t blame Hank, but it’s one of those fluky goals and he’s had a number of those of late. And I think tonight was good for him as far as getting an opportunity to make the big save to win a hockey game. As I said, he needs to win more. He’s won 200 and that’s great and I’m happy for him. But he needs to be our guy as we go through this stretch run with 23 games left.”

It was brought up that the last time the Rangers had a shootout, Lundqvist asked Tortorella to have the Rangers shoot last. Tonight they went back to the way they usually do it at home: shooting first.

“I had it in my mind and I asked him right there when it happened. I said, ‘Hank, what do you want to do?’ And Hank was kind of in between. I didn’t say, ‘We’re going to do it my way.’ I said, ‘We’re going first.’ He wasn’t adamant. With Hank, if he’s adamant, you give it to him. But he wasn’t adamant about it. So he’s screwed now, because we’re going first all the time now.”

Asked by a Norwegian reporter about candidates for rookie of the year:

“I don’t give a damn about rookie of the year now, maam. All I care about is getting to Jersey and trying to win another hockey game.”

About Zuccarello’s mental strength, not playing a lot and then scoring in the shootout:

“I don’t worry about him. There’s been a little bit of a struggle in his game at times. He understands it. I knew that in camp. When we sent him down after camp, he was really honest about his assessments. So I think, that’s where he’s very mature. He can assess himself. I have no problem with him, and hopefully we can get him back into a little bit of a flow.”

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  1. First, Carped, Repost:

    Andrew – I’ll have to see the replay. I thought Hank should have had it. And the third goal was the classic case of a goalie not protecting the post and going down to his knees. Butterfly. Sigh.

  2. Repost from Carpville:
    Good evening all! Caught the end after art class…holy moly.. whoooo hooooo for EC and MZA (who got his hair cut I believe…..can’t wait to see it without the helmet…and I told you he would eventually :)


    Carp = monster

    catch up on the night tomorrow….ta!

  3. Remember Two Things on

    Carp you’re knocking us pillar to post.


    Sauer/McDonagh plus 3

    time out really sucked because girardi came back in. Not sure what Joe Mic sees, but don’t catch too many smart defensive zone plays. Slow to the puck in the corner, gives up the blue line and has trouble clearing crease.

  4. the overhead replay clearly showed the puck go off the skate of the goalie Bernier. AA never touched it. it went in off the goalie skate just before AA crased into him. should be Dubi’s goal

  5. You’re right, Carp. I just watched the replay and you could see Boyle skating into the shooting lane (it looked like it went off his skate) and you could see Lundqvist was pissed at himself, thought he should have had it. My bad. Still a bit soft for my liking.

    That was a classic Marian Gaborik goal. He needs to skate down his wing and shoot like that more often!!

    That was a sick move by Zukes in the shootout! Bernier was lost after that…

  6. EC and Zuccarello are like the Lords of the Shootout…their numbers are incredible. Zuccarello has missed only 1 attempt. Amazing.

    It’s tough to like EC as a teammate, especially after the “Fredo” incident involving Latislav Smid and Aves. He has confidence issues and is socially awkward. But damn, this guy has some serious skill. That move looked effortless for him. His highlight reels are amazing to watch. Just wish the guy could consistently put it together and play with a more “bite” to his game.

    LOLz C3P!

  7. Two points is always a great feeling!

    Gotta get ready for the snorefest tomorrow, oh I mean the Devils.

    Good night gang!

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