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Henrik Lundqvist:

“They needed some luck to get back in the game there. It felt like we were really on them, especially in the third. But they kept working hard and got the bounces. So there’s not much to say. We responded in a good way, though.

“You score that second goal, they tie it. It’s pretty tough mentally when you work so hard the whole game and finally get that second goal. We responded again with the third one, and then again they come up with the tying goal. So mentally it’s definitely a challenge. But we did a good job. I thought we came out pretty good in the overtime as well, and we made some really nice moves in the shootout. So, another big one tomorrow and hopefully we can keep this going.”

“They work hard in the offensive zone. They rotate a lot and have guys going to the net a lot. Pretty skilled. Good power play too. This was a fun game to play. It felt like the crowd was into it, too. Just a great feeling to get two in a row here. We have another two big games here this weekend. I look forward to it.”

“I felt pretty good today. Those last two goals were tough bounces. I felt like my positioning was there and I saw the puck pretty well. They were good in getting people and bodies in front of me the whole night … but we did a good job and the PK was really good.”

“I think it’s a lot of relief to get out with the two points. When we scored the second one, we felt like we had it. When we scored the third one we definitely felt like we had it. They had some luck there on the two goals — the bounce (off) our guy and the third one hit my head and in. But you’ve got to give it to them. They worked hard, and we responded in a good way.”

On the shootout:

“I know if I do my job and stay focused we have a good chance to win. We have some guys that have some really good moves. It’s important. It’s huge for us to have guys that can score goals like that in shootouts, because (those are) big points.”

On how he feels since the Devils game:

“Two wins, obviously you feel a lot better. My game is coming. I had a couple of games where I didn’t play that great, but it was over almost three weeks. It felt like a long time, but it wasn’t that many games. So sometimes you feel like you overreact because you’re not playing that much. But it feels good to be in there now and get minutes and help the team get wins. You’re more relaxed and it’s easier to play.”

On his 200th win:

“Yeah, it’s a great feeling to reach that. It’s a milestone for me, and I’m happy I’ve been able to be here for almost six years now, and I just hope I get the opportunity to stay here and get another 200, but we’ll see. I’m very happy I reached that. It’s a sign that I’ve been part of good teams over the last couple of years and I’ve been able to play a lot, too, so I’m happy.”

Erik Christensen:

On the shootout:

“You have a greater chance of screwing up if you are deciding what you are doing as you are going in. I always know my move before I pick up the puck.

“It’s something I’ve done since I’ve turned pro. I just have a lot of experience in it, so I’ve been in situations when I played five minutes and scored in (the shootout).”

Marian Gaborik:

“It’s great to put one in. It was a little bit of, kind of bumper shots there. Mike Sauer made a nice play, stepped up at the red line, and I just tried to get some speed and tried to shoot around the defenseman and it went in.”

On the 3-on-3 in OT:

“It’s exciting, but I don’t think both teams are used to that. It was more kind of play in the zone and everybody’s got their coverage. There wasn’t much flow to that. It was an odd situation.”

“We got two points. That’s huge against a team that is very good. We don’t see these guys very often, but we’ll take the two points, obviously. We had some breakdowns but we’re definitely going to take two points.

“It’s very important. We have a tough stretch right now, a lot of games against very tough teams. So we just kind of have to make sure we don’t have those breakdowns, especially in the third period when we have a lead two times. We have to make sure we bear down. We have to carry it over into tomorrow night’s game. Overall, I thought we played a pretty good game.”

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  1. Thanks, Carp!

    Whee! Oilers just scored 2 quick goals on the Habs and lead 3-1…I love seeing the Habs lose, especially since they have Gomez & Gionta…..I hope the Oilers hold on!

  2. That ended well. Almost makes me like the skills competition having those three crafty guys on the team. Didn’t like giving up so many goals right after scoring. That stung. Another big one tomorrow night. Should be a much more boring game.

  3. Devs have been coming out lately and scoring goals early – which fits right into their “trap & bore” system….so we have to try to get the first goal tomorrow.

  4. Just got back from MSG.

    1) Dustin Brown was clearly the best player on the ice tonight. I can’t believe people were thinking the Rangers could get him in a trade. Ha! No way. That kid is a franchise player and showed why he is the captain of that team tonight

    2) Hank almost cost us the game again with two very soft goals. That second goal from the point was a joke. He had a clear line of site and it was a weak shot. Wake up Hank!

    3) As I predicted, the ice was terrible and pucks were bouncing everywhere.

    4) Ryan Callahan should be named captain after this season. Hell of a game for him tonight.

    5) Del Zotto, aside from that penalty, played a pretty good game.

    6) Orr is never going to fool me again with his announcements of “trades” and “signings” :P

  5. Andrew – I’ll have to see the replay. I thought Hank should have had it. And the third goal was the classic case of a goalie not protecting the post and going down to his knees. Butterfly. Sigh.

  6. Good evening all! Caught the end after art class…holy moly.. whoooo hooooo for EC and MZA (who got his hair cut I believe…..can’t wait to see it without the helmet…and I told you he would eventually :)


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