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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    wohooooooooooooooo!! GO TIME!!!!!

    Rangers Gametime is …..NOW!!!

  2. That HNL commercial is beyond creepy! Especially at the end when Duguay winks at you and his bronze hairy chest calling out your name!

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    drop the puck already..drop the puck , drop the puc…

  4. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    C3, even duguays chest hairs know how awesome you are lol.. they are staring at only you!!

  5. Spider, let me know ahead of time … not sure what the logistics of the new press room location will allow in terms of pre-game and between periods.

    Wolski is in, Newbury’s prucha’d.

  6. Havent I always been the good uncle?

    Who told you? when you went to school that you print well?

    When he was younger he had beautiful penmanship–I used to encourage him to print…

    I remember your V, it was like a perfect triangle!

    RIP Uncle Leo

  7. how in the byfluiglen that Staal heads to right
    when Girardi has him
    and lets his man go?


  8. Don’t they teach hockey players how to protect themselves anymore? I don’t remember seeing Peter Forsberg ever getting shoved face first into the boards.

  9. Mickey – I’ve been thinking that since the game started. So far much more reasonable and less whiney.

    And seriously…. how in the world did Hank miss that?

  10. what happened….other than they scored.
    was on the phone with business call
    and missed it
    i held back and didn’t scream

  11. >>Kings announcers are a zillion times better than the Pens guys

    They’re a kajillion times better than a lot of NHL announcers.

  12. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    they were 3 for 6 mickey….be patient tonight lol you got spoiled quickly

  13. Puck was bouncing, he was trying to chip it in. But he used a 7-iron when he should have used a 9-iron.

    Every time the Kings announcer calls him “Gob-rik,” I cringe a little.

  14. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    st0w, been shaking my head on that one. i liked how the one guy forgot which King was in the penalty box!! i think these 2 are a bit stoned lol

  15. Linda
    i’m still angry about the poor play by
    Staal at beginning of game
    and then allowing kings to go
    up 1-0

  16. Tiki, can’t promise, with the early start and new pressroom and also, I have to set up our photographer to do a special shoot for me. But if you go to the back of the pressbox over the Zamboni/visiting players’ entrance, I will try to be there at some point during warmups.

  17. Linda – hahahahaha… They spoke to the wrong dudes when touring Washington Square Park before the game. Or the right ones.

  18. >>Every time the Kings announcer calls him “Gob-rik,” I cringe a little.

    Wait until you hear their Kolarik pronunciation.

  19. Hank is holding on to the puck more.
    too bad the rest of the team hasn’t figured out
    how to get puck out of their zone and
    actually do some work in the kings zone.

  20. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    Mickey, you need to simmer down, you’re a demanding woman!!! LOL

    i swear, these guys sound like they just stopped surfing for the day. so much better than the pens, but they need to say Gaborik correctly

  21. Hey all, just turned on the TV and see Rangers are down 1-0. How bad is it?? ( : Did I miss anything?

  22. I don’t care for those so-called close playoff races. They’re fabricated due to that stupid Bettman point system.

  23. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    nah Mickey, he just cried when he was traded to the Islanders! :-)

  24. >>I predict this to be a 0 goals for Gaborik kinda night. Your thoughts?

    Well, he’s had more of those types of nights than not.

  25. I think they’re allergic to scoring first or something, I swear.

    Intermission.. yeah, time for dinner

  26. do these guys know how to play hockey, seriously?!?!?

    taking shots at board when man is open
    taking shots too early so there’s no on to go after rebounds.
    i guess
    that big one game winning streak has made them complacent.

    (yeah, i’m in a cranky mood. another bad night of sleep and now i’m feeling
    chilled to the bone……..and if i get sick again. oh, it’s gonna hit the fan!)

  27. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    jpg, i wouldnt want to meet you and mickey in a dark alley tonight lol…FEISTY PEEPS!!! love it

  28. Rangers being schooled on how to be kept to the outside – almost every shot was from the perimeter and easy to handle for the King goalie (which means no rebounds).

    The Rangers in that first period looked slower than molasses, which certainly aids greatly in allowing the Kings to keep the Ranger forwards to the outside.

    Oh and the 2 PP chances looked very VERY familar, didn’t they?

  29. I actually thought the Rangers were pretty good 5-on-5, and pretty bad on special teams. Fairly physical game against an up-tempo team.

  30. I still think this team will not make the playoffs. They haven’t shown me otherwise. I won’t mind as long as the rangers stay the course with developing youth, hoping sather won’t do anything stupid.

  31. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    the Kings announcers are very laid back lol
    need some pep lol

  32. just a boring game..Rangers unable to generate anything..no gaborik, no dubinsky no callahan…it seems to be they will play all night long without scoring a goal…

  33. This team needs to take written, standardized hockey tests. They pass across the ice when they should go down the boards, they go down the boards when they should pass into the slot, they reverse the puck in their own zone when they should go forward with it, they go forward with the puck when they should reverse it, they hold on it too long or for too little, it’s bad. This is the difference between an average team and a good team. The Rangers should be forced to watch Detroit Red Wings games; obviously they can’t match their skill, but the Red Wings are bred to be SMART.

  34. It was a bit lacking… but it wasn’t HORRID. The biggest problem seems to be too many neutral zone turnovers – these guys really need to learn how to get the puck out of their own zone without just punting it to the other team.. And of course, a patented Hank Softie.

    It’ll take time to get the PP looking good – just think about where it started. At least now they’re getting setup occasionally, and actually getting shots. That seems monumental at this point.

  35. jpg- im right there ith ya bud. i wait 3 days for rangers hockey and this isnt gonna cut it. tired of soft play from our boys. and when they get the puck, why do they give it right back?? they are content with just keeping the game close than getting ahead and going full steam. idk but we look like the team that played last night. we need home wins!!

  36. the entertainment factor is low as both teams overall try to avoid any defensive mistakes insteadt to try to score a goal..

    If you have spent sixty or seventy and you see such a game…well..you think about it…

  37. Marian had three shots on 7.05 ice time but you have barely seen him, that said everything !!!
    Rangers even lucky that Kopitar didn´t score early on to make it early 1-0..

  38. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    JB, i like how he kinda garbles the end of a sentence, it’s funny. and i loved how they said they’d have a King on during intermission… they didnt know who!!!!

  39. matthias, yea kopitar shouldve scored that. lucky for us. but gabby is just in cruise mode this year. or his shoulder and groin(s)!! as joe would say are just beat up to the point where this is all he can do. either way were screwed like usual. barely make playoffs but not bad enough for good draft pick. were right on schedule

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    Matthias, if you could see what one of the kings announcers is wearing, you’d be wide awake!

  41. Has any of you ever had a peanut butter cream cheese spread? It is the most delicious thing LIKE ever! I’m pigging out big time here

  42. latona- they are lol. jeez how many swedes are on that team anyway? lidstrom,franzen,holmstrom,zetterberg,kronwall, and theres gotta be more!

  43. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    one thing i can say about sam and joe… they are pretty much always prepared.

  44. Goal. One of them. That is all I want.

    Well, and a win, but I’m trying not to be TOO demanding (that’s for you, Linda!)

  45. Btw, if you people missed this before …Danny G is the new Superman

    Look for new photos of the guy who will play Superman in the upcoming film

  46. at least losing that faceoff
    kept me from yelling for
    another stupid shot
    (that would have gone in on Hank)

  47. if this game is too much for you guys, you can switch to some high octane kung fu action. 3 ninjas-high noon is on starz. yea, hulk hogan is in it orr!!

  48. gotta say
    just amazing
    to watch a team that knows
    what it’s doing

    notice how the players are in positions
    to accept passes or catch one of our

    we just look like a bunch of peewees chasing the puck.

    nice that we had all the practice.

  49. Zero puck possession in the King’s half of the ice not even zone just anywhere over the redline.

  50. ORR

    It’s not PB and cream cheese but a cream cheese made out of peanut butter! I bought it at Trader’s Joe the other day…it’s really good with some sweet bread or cinnamon raisin bagel

  51. Funny, I was just returning to the comp to write that one of the other problems this game is there aren’t any rebounds to be had. Bernier is just absorbing everything that touches him. Then Cally goes and buries a rebound. Sweet!

  52. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    mmmmm cinnamon raisin bagel… you’re killin me tonight C3

    thank you {{{{OLGA}}}}

  53. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    lol Carp, he tried to harpoon him!!!

    I love cinnamon raisin bagels also……that and the everything bagel lol

  54. is it just me or does it seem that every year
    we’re told how much faster our team is
    and then we plays teams like atlanta
    or l.a. and we seem to be 2 steps behind
    ’em all night long?

  55. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    i thought the goalie had a hold of dubi lol my eyes must be playin tricks on me

  56. And afterwards, Turk Wendell and Mike Hampton will say they should have gone out to challenge Clemens

  57. c’mon kings announcers!!!

    the ref was looking right at it
    the back ref should NEVER have called it

  58. the the lundqvist rule. it’s ok to bump lundqvist but you can’t touch the kings goalie. This league is a joke.

  59. Lmao clemennds didnttr throww the bat ayt piazza. Piaazzza ran up the line making ity lookj closeret thabnb it really wasd

    Not watchusing gamew


  60. who the hell are these refs???
    from toronto?

    it’s called holding the stick
    HOLDING THE STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Not stioned ore faty finghers. Stiupiod blackjvberry.

    Hahahassha ctbv clemerns nevert usedsd roidsd w yankeres. Thatsd myu storyuu and I stickjing to bit

  62. Right everyone around him used roids and he stayed clean.

    Did you use roids and now your fingers are too strong?

  63. lmao cccp!1 froloaf is scoring with his wife for the 8th time tonight while getting 3 mill mfrom dolanpuss

  64. Cctb you stinkyt metty

    Obly kidsding aboiuyt roger

    I dontyuv use roiidsd bc I donty ewant shrunkjen sourthsticlers

  65. oh i got the heat on still. no wonder!. holy carcillo its 80 in my house. go rangers in the 3rd! im off to go take a cold shower

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now that’s not true! I miss greg just as much as I miss orr. As long as I miss them, I’m happy.

  67. The other day I went to get an orange soda from the vending machine, and saw ‘Sunkist.’ It made me think, ‘Fankist.’ So I drank my Prospal and thought of the Boneheads.

  68. Noty my bberrty. Tooi lazy toi deletew everyt mistakle

    Ty olKga $

    Smalkl keybroad

    Rabbngrs radiuoi saysd gabvby scoreds. Wootr woot

  69. yep Hank really worked on his problems

    notice how when he goes to his knees
    he also bends forward to give the shooter
    more room in the net

    (this while post sound just wrong!)

  70. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    st0w, that’s probably the best nickname Mako and I invented

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    yesss yessss Gabori…..ohh nooo Kings scored!!! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Go Rangers!!!! COME THE FIRETRUCK on!!!!!

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Im here , Im here Mikey!!!! Dam Tiki , your typing is horrible!!!!

  73. Byfuglien Like a Beast?!?!?

    only WASP song i know

    or are you talking about a band of
    WASPS who started a band
    or just a band who called
    themselves the WASPS
    after the Beatles??

  74. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    oh no JP,, the blackie lawless led WASP
    the song I was thinking is called ON Your Knees lol

  75. >>jack johnson has a brother named E. Normus Johnson

    I hear they have another brother in the armed forces by the name of GI Normus Johnson.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Jpg , W.A.S.P. ( we are sexual perverts) is what they said the abreviation ment . The best song by them was ” I Wanna be somebody ” Awsome song!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!! Screw you Robitaille!!! You were USELESS!!!

  77. D’oh! Just realized it’s my sis-in-law’s bday. I’d tell her she shares it with Fankist, but she would have NO idea what or who that is, lol.

  78. know who WASP, hm act, is

    just a dose of sarcasm thrown
    but thanks for giving me another song
    will go better at cocktail parties

  79. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    oh greggggie that was a good song too!!! I met those guys back in the day, funny bunch

  80. wow!!
    Cally got away with a major hook
    then lucks out with wide shot


  81. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    i was LMAO at Jimbo putting in BeerON

    torts should have listened damnit

  82. Yeah, Kings getting a point has no impact on our playoff chances, so who cares. But we need two in OT, boys! LGR!!!

  83. Maybe they figured the old strategy of trying to win wasn’t working, so now they’re trying to lose? Maybe the “new and improved” PP strategy is to realize we stink on the PP, and to even it up.

  84. god how did i know hank would let another stinking softy in. is he supposed to be the “king” or is he the court jester?

  85. Sweatin’ bullets here – can’t believe they couldn’t take advantage of a 4 minute PP in OT….

  86. well, at least we kept the puck in their zone
    for more than 6 seconds at a time
    during that power play.

    too bad they all forgot how to shoot the puck

  87. Im shaking Im so angry over this damn game. It’s night like tonight that cause serious frustration.

  88. i’m an over-analytical s.o.b.
    these Rangers outdo me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    they talk about the speed of the game
    we look like we’re in dial up
    and opponents look to be
    on high speed cable modem

  89. Zuccarello is just so awesome to watch in the SO…. Makes you think he makes the goalies leap out of their underwear waiting for him

  90. Blue Seat Horror on

    Rangers were credited with 50 hits tonight. Who said hit totals are inflated at MSG? That’s preposterous.

  91. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    Helmet nuzzles, Dubi Kisses and Torts FistBumps to all!!!!!!!!!!

  92. First! SAFE IS DEATH! on

    Biron in nets next game? you got think….

    Panel datsuk just scored a sick goal. Octopus on the ice.

  93. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    Congrats to Hank on #200. now that that’s over with… please become WALLQVIST again!

  94. They’ll probably stick with Hank because he won tonight – and he has a great record against the Devs…..but…….

  95. win the cup yet? jeez i love winning but im not liking the way hank has played. without the shootout we lose. im a little worried bout our star goalie. 3 gaa isnt good this late in the season. need to score more or hank better tighten it up. we won though. man they give a heart attack every game. i’ll be happy to live till 50 at this rate

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    we win we win we won!!!!! 2 pts!!!! yeah!!!!!

    Haha Linda , You maynot wanna admit ya met WASP back in the day …only way to have met them was being a groupie or one of the girls brought back stage ( GuLp!!)

    Zucco could have been 5 -5 if he didnt try that stuiped dif move last shoot out!!!

  97. posted too much tonight
    so i didn’t get to pay close attention
    then again,
    what i did see made me a
    tad angry.

    thought 3rd goal was just a goofy bounce
    also wonder what dmen were doing on that

  98. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    jpg’s sis… i think maybe his skinny jeans are too tight… he needs to get some relaxed fit

  99. if quick was in net, we lose this game. u know bernier wasnt ready for ec or zuke. i hope we are better next game. devils have no pressure at all right now. they are playing spoiler. we have to get biron in net next game. hank doesnt look like hes confident

  100. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    met them at a record store with about 300 other people….the day i got frostbite lol

  101. tomb
    i thought it was Dubi’s as well, knocked in by goalie’s skate
    another replay showed that Artie got his stick under the goalie

  102. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    JB, when Joe finally gets arrested for leering

    LMAO @ thank Gretzky!!

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BIG DUBI KISS for Mikey!!! Aww cheer up , hank the tank was just being his old self. He always lets in goals that are just stuiped goals . He stops the ones hes supose to let in. Hank is fickle. He is one weird kooky sob. He is just the goalie we need to bring us to the playoff promiseland. Remeber how many dumb goals Richter let in?

    Linda , Getting frostbite for Wasp is perty cool!!!!

  104. I’ll have to watch the replay. thanks jpg.

    i dont mind giving up a point to LA as long as we got two points. every point is crucial now.

  105. The third goal was incredible – I cannot see how it got into the net – they should super slo-mo it…..

  106. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    Olga, that’s what he’s waiting for.

    lmao you guys are too much “GERG” lolgrabby dyin!!

  107. CCCP – how in hell did it get in?? Leetch mentioned a lacrosse move, but this isn’t lacrosse!

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers win !!!! yeahhhhh yeahhhhhh !!!

    The Kings tv playbyplay guy was a dweeb man …hes like ” Man this game is really important ,more for the Kings then the Rangers. ”

    Is he on glue!!!??? Kings are a few points outta first place and we are sucking wind trying to not colaps before the trade deadline. We need this game like no other and comming out with 2 pts is BEUTY!!!!!

  109. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    greg, i thought that was pretty funny myself. I was thinking uh hello… we need the points more damnyou.

    although, they were much better than the pen()s asshats

  110. Jimbo

    I don’t know how he did it but he just roofed the puck! I don’t think he was completely behind net but if Hank wasn’t on his knees maybe that puck never goes in

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah that goal was a sham!!! He picked it up onto the blade of his stick and “put it” up top!!!!!

    Its probally the only goal ever scored like that in the NHL.

  112. CCCP, it looked like the puck was stuck to his stick and he “deposited it” behind Hank, like ZZ said…Hank said it went in off his head, but I didn’t see that – so if he was standing more upright, it doesn’t go in!

  113. An incredible move – that he probably could not reprise against any other team but the Rangers!

  114. >>…we need the points more damnyou.

    It’s hard to convince them of that when they’re below the playoffs line.

  115. Remember Two Things on

    Hank seems to be falling backwards way too much. Can’t be ideal form for world class goalie.

    Girardi = jay Wells

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says glen L. on

    If Hank was “hugging” his post tight…then tha goal would not go in.

  117. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    blah…. we got teams nipping on our heels. They are on a roll the past 10 games, have guys who can put the puck in the net lol.

    ugh devils tomorrow and flyers sunday at 11:30. AT least I’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy lol

  118. LinCalPrustBoylahan HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANKIST on

    youse guys have a great night! devil dogs tomorrow! should be an interesting evening!!

  119. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello "Crown The Kings!!!"...says glen L. on

    yeah im outta here too , im too sleepy to even fight with Olga.

  120. Stranger Nation on

    Seemed like best passing and puck control game in the last ten. Second period was impressive Ranger hockey.

    Sauer and McDonagh are a freaking godsend. Where would we be without those 2.

    Kings are absolutely loaded with that roster. Great back checking and hustle.

  121. korpikoski over Lisin. upside over steady 2 way player. that trade did not work out.

    lisin, zherdev, and others teases with no toughness.

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