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  1. LMAO CCCP! Those pants are hanging past his shoes. How awful looking. To the left of that guy is Seanie with his sexy glasses on.

    The more and more I think about it, I think Sean is by a little margin, sexier than Hank and Jaromir. But then again, Ive never met Hankie or Jaro in person. Sean, in person, is so dreamy. Perfect hair, suave mannerisms, perfect face, awesome glasses. Sean just exudes class and sexiness. My god, I wish I had just taken the gigantic chance and asked Sean if I could be his butler. :)

  2. carp

    dunno if youve tried this before but if you upload the images and then youll click on upload/insert images that window pops up. you can click on gallery (#) and then youll see the images. under gallery settings click on image file and the number of columns you want and it will insert a gallery of thumbnails above or below the post.

  3. CCCP- good! I think the fine should even higher, and more points. If it is as dangerous, if not more, as DUI, the fines should be similar.

  4. >>…Penalties increasing for drivers caught cell phone!

    It’s not stiff enough! Those drivers should get their cars impounded on the spot. Spending a night in jail wouldn’t hurt either.

  5. Versteeg already helping the Flyers. he made 2 nice setups for Mike Richards, and he scored on the last one.

  6. carp

    ive been here. im on the blog every day. refreshing like crazy! lol. i just dont comment as much. i got nothing interesting to say, lol.

  7. hi tr!

    i took Mama’s advice at W77 the other day. While everyone was asking him for autographs and taking pictures with him, I remained calm, cool, and collected as she advised me to. You’d have been proud! :)

    I saw a picture behind the bar of him scoring on the Power Play against Brodeur after the Avery Rules stick waving awesomeness! Very cool!

  8. You always have something interesting to say, TR…

    Kovalchuk with another goal, I hope Carolina loses…

  9. Yeah, I’m sure a couple of newcomers will fall for CCCP’s and ORR’s bull carcillo….We know better, lol

  10. tiki

    yeah there are some great photos in there. i heard he stopped in there for a minute. had a house warming @ his new place. we went to a fashion / phone event and then ended up there afterwards. Glad you had fun!

  11. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    I agree with ILB, tr, you’re always interesting

    Guys, I think at the next Bonehead Fest, I want youse to wear black tie! You’d all look so spiffy and more handsome than usual!

  12. You mean you hope the Devils win ilb? It’s okay! Just say it! Repeat after me…

    I hope the Devils win! I hope the Devils win! :)

  13. tr

    Thanks! Wish I could have met you and the Mrs, but Ill have to wait until next time :)

    Yeah, he wasn’t in there too long; 15 minutes tops. My favorite part about Sean is that he’s so down to earth. He bumped fists with all of the bartenders and hugged the cute little waitress girl. From that few minutes I spent admiring him, he’s a very genuinely sweet guy.

  14. Paul in sunrise on

    It’s American idol night and the blog (read my perfect distraction for the night as my wife watches) is talking tailoring rather than trying to trade for a Taylor. Blech. I figure slats for two minor league trades. That’s it. Anyone else guessing. Is this not a fun game. Has it been played. Help.

  15. Up 1-0 they are playing typical Lemaire hockey. I think I’ll have a severe case of TMJ dysfunction from yawning.

  16. Good for you Tiki keeping your cool around Avery! I’m not so sure I would have remained calm or not!
    OMG, if I was ever close to Henrik, I would probably faint! ( :

  17. ilb – I hope the Rangers break out to a lead on Friday so the Devils can’t play that way. It is the one and only Ranger game I am going to this year.

  18. lol Julie. It took every bit of restraint I had, but I promised Mama Id remain cool and not act fan-ish. She said that tr wouldn’t like it if I did!

    As for Hank, I think I and every other male and female bonehead would faint too :)

  19. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Chopper! Have a great time at the game, we’ll expect a report from you when you get home. Hopefully you’ll have a nice victory to celebrate!

  20. Thanks Julie! I cant wait to meet you again and go to Warren with you and the Mama bear! AND…the mac and cheese there is excellent! And the french onion soup too!

    Mama is out at a party/get together tonight iirc!

  21. Linda, if the Devils don’t trap me to sleep I will stop by the blog. I don’t have a fancy phone to do it from the game.

  22. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lol Chopper, i dont have a fancy enough phone to drive like ilbzo does
    i only use it to text, infrequently, and in case of emergency…but half the time I have no minutes on it (pay as you go lol)

  23. Hip Hip Hooray for the Devils! :)

    Julie – Yes, maybe in the spring, or even at the next Boneheads fest – which Im definitely going to! Ive met Mama, you and the Fozzy bear, maybe Sassy Sally will have more time after grad and be able to make it. Im dying to meet the pickle lady :)

  24. Julie – Yes. And they’ll have the same number of games played after tonight. We’re in real trouble with Buffalo and little trouble with Atlanta.

  25. Hey gang!

    All the pics are soooo good. Boys look so spiffy all dolled up.

    Steven Tyler is cracking me up on Idol tonight.

  26. Everybody is catching up now in the standings. The Rangers need to get it together, or they will be in trouble!

  27. We haven’t worked on the date yet, Julie. Was in May last year. Maybe we should start working on logistics, eh?

  28. >>…We’re in real trouble with Buffalo…

    Sabres are having their own troubles with Toronto tonight.

  29. I love Dubi’s bright orange bow-tie!

    As an aside, I would never have pegged him to be a bow-tie man…

  30. NYR_FAN - White it down! on

    Nice win by the Devs over the Canes…

    Since the Jamie Langenbrunner trade, the Devils are 13-2-2, the Stars are 7-7-1. Interesting.

  31. NYR_FAN - White it down! on

    And, btw, I concur with you all about TR’s comments…they are always good and thoughtful…

  32. in the photo with Boyle and Dubi
    who are the other 2 players?

    is the guy on the right of the photo
    our new pp quarterback or
    crease clearing dman?

  33. just went to the Rangers site to look at more photos
    did not see any photos of Torts, Drury, Prospal

    did they attend?

  34. Stepan and EC, in the first photo jpg.

    And, I think the other guy is going to clear the crease…lol

  35. It's Just Sally on

    Good afternoon, Carp! You can share the email if you want. I didn’t think it was all that exciting, just thought you might want to know that your fuzzy friend was checking in :)

    Ah and HOW CUTE is Lil Man???

  36. My favorite Zherdev memories are when he scored with 7.4 seconds left to force OT vs the Pens and when he fought Steve Stamkos for no apparent reason whatsoever.

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