Tortorella wants Kreider soon


Chris Kreider, an ’09 Rangers first-round draft pick (19th overall), won the MVP at the Beanpot Tournament in Boston, for Boston College last night.

John Tortorella:

“I didn’t see any of it. Sully (Mike Sullivan) came in and told me today and I wish that kid turned pro last year. And I hope he turns pro next year. I hope he’s with us. He’s a sophomore now, and we’re anxious to get him involved in pro hockey because we think he’s got some good stuff to offer and we want to get him tracked up here with us as soon as possible.

“I’m not sure if (he’s ready for) the National Hockey League, and even next year I’m not sure if it’s the National Hockey League if he does turn pro. But I think the sooner that you get into that grind of the American League, if that’s where you start, the better, because that’s where you learn to play the game. It’s a different game than college hockey. And I can understand. I don’t get into the personal matters as far as education. I think education’s important. I think this is a family decision. But as a coach, we want to sink our teeth into him as quickly as possible as far as getting him into a situation, to a Ranger, as quickly as possible.

“I had conversations with Ryan (McDonagh), I had conversations with (Derek Stepan) over the summer, and I had conversations with Kreider also. McDonagh and Step decided to come out, and I think that’s their call, and it’s Kreider’s call also as far as staying in (college). Selfishly for us, we want to get him to us and get working with him immediately.

“And even us, our discussions with him, are we going to hurt him by trying to get him in too quickly? So you’ve got to be careful. So we felt in watching Kreider, and all three of those guys when we talked to them, that we felt they were ready and we weren’t going to hurt them. McDonagh and Step decided to come and they’re playing with us right now. Kreider decided not to, which is fine. I’m sure he learned more going through the Beanpot and all these things, and all the World Championship games and stuff like that. It’s still a good training ground. So you’ve got to be really careful who you’re trying to get to turn pro because you may hurt them as a player, too, if you don’t allow them to develop where they’re at.”

On McDonagh saying his brief time in the AHL was invaluable:

“It’s hard (as a defenseman). It’s hard. That’s the toughest position, and down there everybody’s chasing that little black thing, and just to learn the grind of the gam at that position, the quick reads you have to make — and I think he handled himself very well. We were very patient as far as … he struggled at first and he just kept on coming on, coming on, and that’s why we felt we could make a deal in getting a forward when we were struggling with so many injuries and lacking offense. As I said, we let a pretty good defenseman go in Rozy (Michal Rozsival) because we felt McDonagh was ready to take the next step, and we feel he’s played very well for us here. He’ll go through some growing pains, but he’s played very well.”


Tortorella said that Wolski was still a little sore, but that he will try to practice tomorrow. “Instead of turning it into a lingering thing, we’re trying to get him some rest,” the coach said.

Dubinsky taking the morning session off was “maintenance. We had a long day on the ice and just with his leg and all that, we just want to be smart there,” Tortorella said.

Ruslan Fedotenko worked out off the ice and is still at least a few games away, if not more.

Derek Boogaard “is working out. Not a heavy workout. Riding the bike, that’s it,” Tortorella said.

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  1. Carp’ed:


    That was me. I fail to understand how being a local boy and playing at BU would make him immune from suffering a sophomore slump.

    And judging by the fact that the Avs are dead last in goals against and he plays 20 minutes a night, maybe his D isn’t exactly shutdown either.

  2. On one hand Torts sounds like he wants Kreider here ASAP, on the other- he wants to be careful…

  3. Carp aren’t you gonna. Ask how. My. Ny tridp has beewn?

    You are the luckiestr guy in the world fore gettibng to work alongside mama for all these years
    $there isn’t a better womabn in rangers universe than. Mama

  4. Tiki- I think you should’ve bought an iPhone instead. Your Blackberry seems to be stuttering and spitting out some $

  5. Lance Armstrong: “If Derek Boogaard riding a bike reflects the state of cycling, I need to rethink whether I want to be a part of it.”

  6. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ok, so i’m not losing it errey did play for us!

  7. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    This just in…

    * New York Rangers forward Brandon Prust has been fined US$100,000 stemming from his off ice altercation with league officials. He made eye contact with Gary Bettman, which led to an undisclosed upper body inury.

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  9. Kreider, Hagelin, and Werek should turn pro this year; there are going to be alot of young forwards in competetion at camp next summer.

    Thinking Christian Thomas and McIlrath probably stay in juniors for another year after this before signing…

  10. 4generations 4 cups on

    So the question right now is what is Sather gonna do for Kaberle at the deadline?

    How much is he going to shell out?

  11. generations, the rumored asking price is a First rounder, and a player or a prospect who is very close to playing. In other words, we’re talking a first rounder and one of Gilroy or MDZ.

  12. We let Orr go, because we needed a goon who can play hockey, but it turned out that goon couldn’t play hockey, so we went back to signing a goon who can’t play hockey, but this time, the goon couldn’t skate of his daughter’s virginity depended on it.

    All while paying pretty much the same amount of money for all three.

    Total screw up on Slats’ part. We might as well have kept Orr. Orr hasn’t been the same since he left. The Leafs are screwing with his mind.

  13. Kaberle has waived his no-trade. The question is: Boston or NYR?

    I think the price for Kaberle is probably Gilroy and a 2nd round draft pick…too much to give up for a guy who plays soft and wont be resigned…

    If Slats is hellbent on him, he should play hardball with Burke and give low-ball offers. Boston already fleeced TOR in the Kessel deal and I doubt he wants to work with Chiarelli on a new deal.

  14. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    i wonder if detroit is in on kaberle also?

    i think orr is out with a concussion also!

    i heard every offer burke wanted for kaberle with us included either dubi or cally.

  15. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    i hope we don’t get his puddin assen no matter what the deal is….go for carkner!

  16. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Burke: ” If you want Kaberle, I want Dubinsky or Callahan in any package ”
    Slats: click
    Burke: “Hello?”
    Slats end of line: dial toneeeeeeeeeeeee
    Burke: “Guess that’s a no. “

  17. Am I the only wonder curious and a little concerned about Sather’s intent between now and February 28?

    The Rangers stated philsophy in terms of building a championship club appears to be stay the course (ie rebuilding via the draft and develop model) and trade to fill holes without compromising the course.

    For what it’s worth, I like this approach but because the organization missed out on the opportunity to draft in the top 3 for a year or 2 by bottoming out, this is a slow and painful way. It’s better, however, than the mercenary route which we all know failed miserably twice (first Neil Smith in the late 90s, then Sather in the early 2000s) and that was followed by a pseudo mercenary route (JJ and his posse) which did bring some success, but in hindsight it was (IMO) merely a tease.

    So here we are. The team is young and hard working and has truly has some potential, but there’s no getting around the 4 significant organizational gaps that won’t be easy to address. I do believe all don’t need to be filled in order to become a cup contender, but at least 2 do and if 2 others remain, the supporting cast must be strong enough to make up for those holes.

    IMO, Sather has quite a challenge ahead of him. It’s one thing to be recognized as a young hard working team; in today’s cap restraining world, it’s quite another to go from there to being a true cup contender.

    I honestly believe Sather will pursue Brad Richards this summer – the allure of doing so will likely be very hard for Sather to resist, given his history and the significant gap Richards will theoritically close. If Richards is the answer and is signed, Sather may be able to package guys like AA and Girardi to address another gap (ie bruising top 4 d-man).

    So, it’s interesting times in RangerLand – what will happen with this club between now and the trading deadline and then what happens at the June draft and on July 1st?

    Sather’s patience is both encouraging and refreshing, but given his history, how long will that patience last??

    We may find out over the next 5 months…

  18. ilb, Burke already got a first and a third for Versteeg. A PPQB is the most sought after position in hockey right now. He will get a king’s ransom. But not the LA Kings. They need a forward.

  19. “4 significant organizational gaps”

    I count 3:

    1) PP QB
    2) Crease clearing defenseman
    3) #1 Center

    What’s 4?

    Also, as far as those 3 are concerned, we at least have some potential guys to become #1, and one guy who projects to #2, and one guy who has an outside shot of being #3.

  20. Doubt it, Doodie….there is a difference between giving up 1st and 3rd for 24 yr offensive player who still have potentials and 32 yr old rental, position be damned.

  21. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    In theory shouldn’t 1 and 2 be the same player? A PP QB should also be able to clear the crease… because in theory he’s a bigger guy, who’s got a hell of a shot.
    Kaberle? Not that guy.

    I still don’t like the term ‘crease clearing defenseman’. Staal and Sauer can do that. Our D corps is built to be solid, and mobile.

  22. NYR_FAN: Add Ryan Bourque and Roman Horak to the listing of graduating prospects. Also, Randy McNaught, drafted last June but 20 years old now, has to be signed (if the Rangers want him).

    Some fresh young blood for the Pack – seems to me the only prospect down there that has any offensive ability is Dale Weise (and even he’s ticketed for bottom 6 duty if he makes it).

    For sure Thomas will return for his final year of junior and I suspect so, too, will McIrath.

    Kreider, Werek, Bourque, Horak and Hagelin – gotta figure at least 2 of those guys eventually become NHLers.

    Personally I like Werek – he’s big, mobile, aggressive and skilled.

  23. Bruins can probably use Savard’s LTIR to fit Kaberle in now. I wonder if they’d include Wheeler as part of a package.

  24. ilb, so how do you explain the price for Mike Fisher? First and conditional 3rd/2nd for a 30 year old 2nd line player.

    Kaberle will command a 1st, a forward, and a prospect/young player. I imagine Slats is offering the pick, Christensen, and Gilroy or MDZ.

  25. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I wouldn’t want to waste minutes on a player on D who’s only job is to clear the crease.

    And we probably already have a powerplay QB ,though we wouldn’t know it because the lines get juggled like balls at a circus.

    MDZ i believe is capable, as is Gaborik, Wolski has shown skill there, and Staal is growing into a confident offensive player, he’s got good hands and can certainly shoot.

  26. update

    my wife and I had the best valentines day gift at 2:52 yesterday

    baby boy Jake Cooper 7 pounds 3 oz entered our lives.

    baby mom and dad doing great.

    i tried for the name avery or ryan , or henrik but the wife wouldnt budge.

    anyway my son waited to after rangers/pens sunday night so dad could watch. we will all be home tom night in time for his first game on thurs .

  27. Gab,

    There’s a few guys that combine PP QB and crease clearing abilities, Pronger and Chara. For the most part those are separate duties. Think Orpik and Letang on Pitt.

  28. Doodie: Legitimate power forward (ie can play on the top 2 lines and score).

    The Rangers are probably hoping Stepan addresses the number 1 center spot (or Richards does), MDZ the offensive d-man, McIrath the bruising d-man and Grachev the power forward.

    However, even if that’s the case, you’re looking at anywhere from 2 to 5 or 6 years for that to happen and just how patient is Sather prepared to be?

    Not to mention Ranger fans, many of whom call for 1/2 the team to be traded after 2 consecutive losses and/or call for the organization to trade of overpriced over the hill veterans.

  29. Doodie, I don’t know what Kaberle will cost, but an important caveat with both Versteeg and Fisher is that they’re not rentals.

  30. Doodie- Mike Fisher is 30, he isn’t a rental (signed through 2013) and brings much more to the table in Nashville than Kaberle does. I wouldn’t give up what Nashville did for Fisher, but he fits their needs for a few years. He brings grit, some offensive skills and leadership to Nashville.

  31. a first round pick for Kaberle is a joke and would be a monumental mistake for this Rangers team. You don’t trade 1st rounders for rentals…maybe in Burke’s crazy head you do…but not in the real NHL…

  32. Karberle is as soft as butter in his own end. And he doesn’t like to shoot the puck while manning the point.

    Buyer beware!!

  33. don’t want Kaberle period. what has he ever done in Tor to lead them to the playoffs? and now he is a soft, semi-washed up old rental. look how crappy he played in MSG the last time here.

  34. Jim,

    I think 2-3 years is the horizon for the Rangers to become contenders. Anything beyond that and you’re looking at a lot of turnover due to player age and contract status. In 5 years I have to imagine that at least half the team is different than what’s on the ice today.

    Stepan and Anisimov right now appear to be the team’s top choices to play 1st and 2nd line centers down the road. MDZ is the org’s hope of being the PP QB and Kreider sounds like he could be the larger sized forward that can add scoring depth. I don’t know if they necessarily need to add anymore players to fill whatever the team lacks right now, but rather wait to see how their current raw players develop.

  35. Everyone wait and see. Burke will get what he’s asking for (or close to it).

    ilb, don’t overstate Fisher’s value. He’s a 20 goal scorer that is way overpaid (cap space irrelevant to the Preds, but real dollars are important). Kaberle is one of the top PP QB’s in the league right now, rental or not. I think the Bruins pony up, especially since they already have two first rounders this year. I see the Bruins trading their first (not the Kessel one from Toronto), a prospect (Bartkowski maybe?) and a roster depth forward like Gregory Campbell.

  36. NYR_FAN- don’t put too much pressure on Eric yet. Let him figure out which way the diaper goes first :-)

  37. Congrats Mr and Mrs Eric. I suppose the wife getting first refusal on names is fair. She had to carry the baby for 9 months.

  38. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I don’t buy Kaberle as one of the top PP QB’s in the league right now. He has ZERO goals on the PP this year, while piling up 21 PP assists.

    I’m not willing to say that 21 PP assists makes him a top PP QB in this league. If we had a half decent, or even somewhat consistent powerplay… we would have players with similar numbers.

    A first rounder, player who can play, and a prospect for 3 total goals this season, weak defensive play and a bunch of assists? Not interested.

  39. Boston has the extra 1st round pick they got from Tor. they could use that to give back to Tor to get Kaberle, and that is how i think it will go down.

    they then will have in effect gotten Seguin and Kaberle for Kessel

  40. Kaberle is one of the top PP QBs in the league? The one who quarterbacks the team positioned at #24 with 16.2% efficiency. Used to be, not anymore.

  41. Gabs, those 21 points would be twice the number of PP points anybody on the Rangers has.

    I don’t want Kaberle because of how much he’ll probably cost. If it was a 5th rounder and Brodie Dupont going the other way I wouldn’t care.

  42. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    “Seven? Yeah, I guess I could see it. Seven. Seven periods of school, seven beatings a day. Roughly seven stitches a beating, and eventually seven years to life. Yeah, you’re doing that child quite a service.”

  43. Meaning I’d take Kaberle if the cost was that low, but not anyone that should be on the team next year. Except for Drury.

  44. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    21 points is not worth the cost. and 21 points does not make him a top PP QB in my opinion.
    And our PP sucks… so comparing his points to ours is like comparing chara’s size to zuccarello’s.

  45. Heard that Thoresen wants to come back and play in the NHL. Specifically, I read interview where he said he’d like to be a Ranger and be reunited with friend and fellow Norwegian, MZA….

  46. In the league that has Simon with the most powerful shot, 185 lb player could be a power forward, I suppose…

  47. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Defenseman with more PP points than Kaberle:

    N. Lidstrom
    J. Johnson
    T. Enstrom
    K. Yandle
    C. Ehrhoff
    D. Boyle
    J. Wisniewski
    K. Letang

  48. would trade for David Jones of the Avs if the price is not too high. a big, young speedy winger who can score 20+ goals

  49. 21 points also makes him the 9th highest scoring defenseman on the PP in the league, goals or not. It’s also 3 less than 2nd place Jack Johnson, and only 6 less than 1st place Nik Lidstrom. Coincidentally, that’s how many PPGs each of them have. In other words, Kaberle is tied for the lead league in PP assists. Yandle also is tied for first, but only has 2 PPGs to his credit this year.

    Oh yeah, and he plays in Toronto, where every body else on the team sucks.

    Try and argue it all you want, the guy is one of the best PP QBs in the league.

  50. You guys forget the most important thing Fisher brings to the Preds, Carrie Underwood to more home games.

  51. Gab, so naming 8 other top guys makes Kaberle not a top guy? last I checked, there are 30 teams in the NHL. That means Kaberle has more PP points than the top defenseman on 21 other teams (not counting his own). How does that not make him a top guy?

  52. Thoresen doesnt have a contract after this season, I cant understand why you wouldnt try to get a top 2 forward from KHL.

    Maybe in Soviet Russia draft pick you

  53. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    So now a PP QB only has to assist on goals, not score them?
    League leaders are determined by points.. so in that regard he’s 9th in the league in total points.

    We can split hairs, yes he’s tied for the league in assists… i’m not ready to make him royalty for some assists. How many were primary? Regardless… he’s not worth the cost if the only thing he’s good for is passing to someone else on the powerplay.

    Again, we have guys who are capable, but our PP sucks. He plays in TOR where everyone else sucks? Grabovski has 6 less powerplay goals than Stamkos, and more PP goals than Thornton, Heatley, Tavares, Smyth, B. Richards, Toews, Byfuglien, Pavelski… and more.

    Imagine the Rangers with good powerplay. We’d have our PP QB.

    Kaberle= Overrated.

  54. Chopper, I most definitely didn’t forget it, but you figure Fisher’s value is Fisher’s value. Now, if it came down to between two teams (which it did), I can see the Preds going over the top with the conditional, but he was commanding a first round pick regardless. A first round pick for a 20 goal scoring forward? Last year 110 forwards scored 20 goals. Not exactly like these guys can’t be found.

    Meanwhile, only 15 defensemen with more than 21 PP points last year, and one of them retired (Niedermayer), another was MDZ, and another was Mark Streit, who has missed the entire season. That leaves 12 potential repeaters from last year, and Kaberle is one of the four guys who will definitely repeat, with only 2 others seemingly mathematically still capable of doing so.

  55. I don’t see the point in trading for Kaberle or any other rental this year. We’re not going to make a Cup run, so what’s the difference if Kaberle comes in and helps us score an extra, say, 10 PPG’s or not. And 10 being generous. It’s not like that puts us over the top. I’d rather keep the draft pick.

  56. Assists represent that goals were scored Gab. I think you were on board with my review of Gaborik in the Thrasher’s game. It’s the same principle, just put in the context that he does have an impact on his team’s PP.

    If there was a measure of the quality of an assist (primary, secondary, did he make a brilliant cross ice pass that a teammate had to tap in, did he just so happen to leave the puck behind the net for his teammate to score on a beautiful end to end, etc) then maybe we’d be better able to tell whether his assist total inflates his ability, but he’s not that far off from the league lead for his position.

    Puck movement has been a huge issue for the Rangers PP up until this weekend. Again, I think Kaberle’s asking price is cost prohibitive for the Rangers , but as far as the PP is concerned he’s effective in that particular role.

  57. Congratulatioons Eric, mama, ands baby kkJake

    Awesome for. Yoiu and the family

    Goods luck. Gewt your resst and have fun with. Jake

  58. Gab, being a PP QB is not about scoring the goals yourself, it’s about the eventual creation of PP goals. Some score them off their own sticks, some off of someone else’s. Rafalski has only more than 5 PPGs twice in his entire career.

  59. Whatever Kaberle brings doesn’t warrant a 1st, a player and a prospect….At least we should hope our GM doesn’t think so.

  60. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I appreciate your dedication in backing up your feelings that he is a top PP guy.

    Assist-wise he’s up there with the leaders, he’s still not worth acquiring for what we’d have to give up.

    Like i said, we have a PP QB (MDZ) who is capable of putting up the points… but Torts would rather mindf**k him.

  61. Ovechkin has played the PP point for the Caps for the entire 2 min penalty. and noblody gets more one-timers form the point than him, and he has not scored a single PP goal at home in one year, since last March. and only 3 on the road this season.

    so it is tough to score from the point these days with shot blockers like Cally all over the league

    that is why the best approach is the Girardi wrist shot looking for screens and tipins. big bodies like Boyle and Dubi have to continue to go to the front like they did in that last game. the big wind up and big blast seldom work unless you have a Holmstrom completely blocking the goalie view. and there aren’t many as effective as he is at jamming the crease.

  62. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    And secondary assists are one of the most overrated stats in hockey. I’ve felt for a long time that primary assists should be the only ones that count on a stat sheet. If i make a pass D to D in my zone, and a guy like Duncan Keith, or Dustin Byfuglien rush up the ice, and make a sick pass to somebody who buries it, or they shoot, and another guy gets a rebound… that play has nothing to do with me. I got lucky.

    Assists can be pretty… most are not.

  63. and there are also plays where the guy who is most responsible gets no point at all. that would be the guy screening the goalie

  64. Gab, I definitely agree that goals, assists, points do an imperfect job of measuring quality of the plays made by each respective party in order to score a goal.

    One of my least favorite players from the 94 team was Glenn Anderson, because both literally and figuratively he was along for the ride. He scored a couple of goals in the finals that were absolute gimmes, one where Messier did 99% of the work to drive to the net and get McLean out of position and Anderson happened to be the guy trailing the play to tap it in. But those goals helped add to his playoff total which helped in his voting for the HOF.

  65. Gab, I never said that we should trade for him, just what I think what the return on a trade for him would be.

    I don’t want him. I’d rather try and sell guys like Christensen, Eminger, and Fedotenko to try and bring in some prospects or draft picks to continue the youth movement.

  66. CT, I wish Mike Gartner was on the team in the playoffs in ’94 instead of Glen Anderson. I 100% agree that he was just along for the ride. Never understood why that trade was made…

  67. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Let me say this again… I love bantering/debating with guys who back it up with stats, it makes for awesome intellegent hockey talk.

    And CT, i agree with you agreeing with me haha. Assists are such a tough stat to take real seriously because of the varying nature in which a player can acquire one. If a guy shoots from the point, and the puck hits my leg, bounces to my teammate, and he’s fortunate enough to score… i get an assist. For what? Getting hit with the puck.

    Goals are goals… sometimes you get the gimmies, or empty netters, but alot of hard work goes in to scoring most goals… so i’ll leave that be.

  68. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Doodie… no B.S. you’d make an excellent sports agent! Hell if i was a player i’d want you at my arbitration hearing, or negotiating my salary!

  69. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Real glad to see you patrolling the pages again Carp. See you Sunday for the matinee against Philthy.

  70. Does anyone have Kreiders phone # I want to call him and tell him Doodie is reading his mind and that he`s staying in college better put some foil in his helmet to block the brain waves

  71. I always knew that was the case, but why didn’t Keenan like Gartner? I know Gartner had gotten a reputation for not necessarily showing up in the playoffs but he was still more of a threat than Anderson. Ended up having more points than Anderson in the 94 playoffs with Toronto.

  72. Congrats eric!!!!!!!! That’s awesome news, and I love the name you (um, mrs. eric) chose :)

    Hey, is this the first RR baby???

    Ahh, Kreider, as a future Ranger, I love ya, but why can’t you have gone to BU!!!!!!! Terriers still rule!!!

    p.s. at the game Sunday, someone had an Eruzione jersey on. Cool.

  73. kreider is no way playing 4 years of college, for what reason? he is going to make big $ and can always go back to school.

    imagine if they had cherapanov. his loss is like the jessiman and montoya picks that failed, a huge issue. those are 3 1st rounders that never suited up for the big club.

    cherapanov was a top line talent he would have been on the big club the next year. wiese only forward on the whale who can play in the nhl………..grachev is 20 clowns…………

  74. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    if i could find a way to the NHL i’d gladly pay you 10%, and buy everyone drinks at Warren. But if Cooke playing in the NHL reflects the state the league is in, I need to rethink whether I want to be a part of it.

  75. Yea Doodie Kurt again nice picture but my head is shaved and I`m closer to 210 See if you werent such a terd spewing know it all individual things would be cool Where do you come off with Kreider graduates college DO YOU KNOW HIM ARE YOU ZELDA THE PSCHYIC

  76. My thinking on Kreider is he had the opportunity to turn pro this year just the same and decided not to. It’s not like he didn’t have just as much of a chance to make the team out of camp this past year (Stepan made it). If he already passed on turning pro once, I just see him finishing his collegiate career and getting a degree. I’m not saying it’s written in stone or anything, it’s just my opinion.

  77. “Sportsnet’s learned Kaberle has granted #Leafs permission to speak to 1 team only regarding potential trade. As of now that team is #Bruins”

  78. Not that Burke would make the trade, or for that matter Sather, but would you go after Kessel, if Toronto wanted EC, Stepan and Gilroy?

  79. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    No, i wouldn’t want to part with Stepan in a package for Kessel. EC and Gilroy sure, and Grachev or something similar… but no if it includes Stepan.

  80. doodie you are crazy. so a 19 year old is just as ready to make the jump to the nhl as a 21 year old. so guys do not mature physically and mentally…interesting cncept, totally wrong but interesting.

    also kreider got his 2nd WJC tourney… does he want the record for NHL titles?// doubt it big time..

    no reason after 2 years to stay in school for him, big and strong guy playing a non physical game etc. he will turn pro this off season unless his family is ridiculously rich and money is no issue.

  81. And yet again, Boston has been gifted something, this time by Kaberle.
    By only allowing the Bruins to speak to the Leaves, that leaves the Leaves with virtually no leverage if they want to acquire top draft picks or top talent.

    What a joke. You’d think the Original 6 Leaves would bother to care about gifting the Bruins more after already gifting them 2 draft picks.

    The way the Nuggets will not gift the Knicks Carmelo, soon we’ll be reading how Kaberle is to the Bruins for absolutely NOTHING. And then miraculously, Kaberle will become a good defensive defenseman with his newly found magic powers (the bruins jersey and referees)

  82. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    yea really. The guy offers an opinion, says it’s his opinions, and guys jump all over him? Geez you don’t have to agree but you don’t have to be Carcillo heads about it.

    Me and Doodie had a difference of opinion, and we bantered like gentleman, without attacking each other. Take notes.

  83. hey, I never said I liked what some alum became, but I can be true to my (awesome hockey) school and be proud of them when they were Terriers…..carcillo, we used to own the Beanpot!!!

    BC = blech

    some BC alum (BB) = I give a pass :)

  84. Closer -1- I`m nowhere close to a redneck -2- I said my head was shaved -3- Youre still a smokin terd Try more like Bruce Willis

  85. Stuart, Kreider and Stepan are only a year apart. When Stepan decided to turn pro and try out this summer he was 21. Kreider was 20 and declined. Kreider is most likely going to be in the AHL next year even if he turns pro (“I’m not sure if (he’s ready for) the National Hockey League, and even next year I’m not sure if it’s the National Hockey League if he does turn pro.”). So not much incentive there to turn pro next year if it’s just to ride the buses.

    By that time, he’ll have completed 3 years and may be interested in graduating. I assume that if a guy has gone through three years of school, he’ll just finish. McDonagh obviously didn’t follow that path, although he very seriously considered it, which was the cause of his delayed decision to turn pro. Now it seems by Tortorella’s comments that Kreider is struggling with the same decision: “I don’t get into the personal matters as far as education. I think education’s important. I think this is a family decision.” So it seems finishing school is important to him.

    I’m not saying it’s a lock that he graduates, but it’s my opinion that he does.

  86. Hey, The Nuggets wont gift Carmelo to us even though the Knicks are the only team Carmelo has wanted.

    But then of course, the National Boston media spews how the Nets are one of Melo’s choices and the Lakers are interested and now after months of not being willing to sign the 3 year extension, now all of a sudden, Melo will re-up with the Nuggets.

    Maybe the Leaves will decide to fugg the Bruins and not gift them Kaberle for nothing, the way the Nuggets wont’ gift us Melo for actual talent with high upside.

    Or maybe Kaberle will all of a sudden decide that he is interested in being traded to the Nets or Lakers, er, scratch that, the Devils or Kings.

  87. Tiki, I think Kaberle at this point is trying to prioritize a deal with the Bruins, but I don’t think Burke will just take whatever they offer him. I believe he will still solicit offers from other teams and then go back to Kaberle with the option of those teams.

  88. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    hahaha! That pic is hilarious Doodie!

    I don’t want to see this continue… but part of me does to see what else Doodie whips up.

  89. Doodie – Let’s hope that’s the case. But since the sports world, IMO, revolves around Boston and doing whatever one team can to help Boston, I wont hold out hope that your perfectly reasoned comment will come to fruition.

    On another hand, why exactly would Kaberfugg want to go to the Bruins????

    Have the Bruins won anything in the last 50 years???

    Is Bobby Orr still playing for the Bruins?? And diving around making easy plays look difficult???

    Why not the Red Wings or the Blackhawks or another good team with cap room and financial flexibility.

  90. ctb – it computes perfectly. The National Media is the Boston media :) And the Boston media is the Boston media. And the St. Louis and New York and Florida media are more of the Boston propaganda machines :)

  91. And now mama says ta ta to go to see awesome movie (I assume/hope) with Paul Giamatti….no I’m not going with Paul, but he’s in the flick :)

    ilb, I leave the blogwatching to you :) xoxox

    P.S. Terriers!!!!!!

  92. The Hawks have Keith and Seabrook. The Wings have Lidstrom and Rafalski. The Bruins have Chara and a bunch of other dudes who aren’t really that good.

  93. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson was an interesting movie… you should watch it! haha

    Your disdain for all things boston related is palpable… and kinda humorous :)

    You know what they say about the NY media outside of NY??

  94. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I see the testosterone is flowing openly today. Geez… this crowd doesn’t do so good on non game nights huh?

  95. Tiki, your ongoing Boston conspiracy theory aside:

    1) I haven’t looked, but judging by all of the cap cutting measures they had to undertake just to get under the cap this season. the Blackhawks do not have the cap space to absorb Kaberle. Again, I haven’t looked so I could be entirely wrong about that. More importantly, Burke wants a decent forward as part of the return, and Chicago has already thinned out it’s forward pool to become cap compliant before the season. Not to mention they have Duncan Keith and a guy that is supposed to be able to QB the PP in Campbell. Bottom line: I don’t think they’re interested.

    2) Detroit already has two guys that can QB the PP in Lidstrom and Rafalski. They’re not interested.

    3) Boston is a top contender in the Eastern Conference and I think he feels that if he goes there he has a legitimate shot of making a deep playoff run. I certainly think their chances are better than the Rangers’, don’t you? I think even with all of your Boston hatred that you can be objective about that.

  96. Gab – You know that I only speak the truth. I dont deal with conspiracies, only facts.

    Yes, outside of NY, the NY media is described as being pro-New York, but that’s what they want you to believe :) The NY media is as anti-New York as they come.

    P.S. In case anyone forgets, and since the National Boston media won’t continue reiterating the following news, Kevin Garnett is a horrible human being that insults people that suffer(ed) from cancer.

    To everyone that is rightfully offended by Garnett’s comments, I apologize on behalf of that carcillo and would like to let you know that cancer survivors and victims are among the bravest people in the world.

  97. well if Kreider intends to turn pro he should do so once the college season is over. That way he can jump right into the AHL and get some games under his belt so then next season he will be better prepared going into training camp.

  98. Doodie – Agreed on points 1, 2, and 3.

    About 3, I dont want Kaberle anyway, but there has to be a better team that has cap room, the need for, and the want for Kaberle. There has to.

    Im very angry right now and somehow, Ive managed to contain myself and act in a respectful manner, so I think Im going to sign off the blog for now. Have a great day all. Off to enjoy more of NY. :)

  99. Uh, Doodie, considering Tiki said he thought Bobby Orr made easy plays look hard I don’t think you’re getting an objective opinion on the Pooh Bears anytime soon.

  100. Tiki - Bobby Orr dove around to make easy plays look difficult on

    Ha, CTB! The truth is the truth. I only deal in facts! :)

  101. Not the case at all Gab I wouldnt have the heart to go Cooke on someone that had the same injury as Peter Forsberg

  102. Tiki - Bobby Orr dove around to make easy plays look difficult on

    Would love to meet you, Doodie! Im a much better person “in-person” than via typing on a blog. Will be here until Saturday. Thanks for the recommendation; I will have to try the tram and see the beautiful view and take pictures.

  103. Just changing my name back; I wouldnt want to upset the apple cart with too many mentions of the INfamous Bobby he whose last name shall no longer be mentioned :)

  104. I disagree with the idea that Boston is a contender. I dont care how good Tim Thomas has been, or how good Chara is, they simply do not have the goal scoring ability to win it all.

    Unless they acquire Brad Richards, i just dont see them having a shot at all.

  105. Gabby, fyi, I get your point, but that movie was for carcillo…and mel was proven right in the end, so bad movie and bad example :) LOL

  106. It's Just Sally on

    Oo I second the Roosevelt Island tram! I believe it’s free with an unlimited metro card, as is the Staten Island Ferry? Yay for fun free things!

  107. Czechthemout!!! on

    Kris Kreider is most definatly ready for the NHL! He is big enough. Most definatly fast enough. And if you watched him in last years world championships against the pros, good enough. He seems bored in college and stepped up his play in the Beanpot because it is a big tournament in college hockey. I also don’t buy the notion that he won’t be on the team this year. Putting him on Gabby’s line at left wing will make those two impossible to stop. The challenge will then for the Rangers to find a center fast enough to play with them.

  108. carp(or anyone who knows)…is there a salary cap in the playoffs? for example,could someone buried in the minors (like redden) be ok to play in spite of his cap hit

  109. oleo, that’s fair, but I think their depth of scoring is what they are hoping boosts them, not the top end talent of it. I also think that they have a lot of guys who have under achieved this year (Blake Wheeler, Nathan Horton, David Krejci, Tyler Seguin) that if they get going, will make them a more powerful force offensively.

    Not to mention, they are a very physical team. Over the course of a playoff series, they can really wear down an opponent.

    Their PP is middle of the pack though, and adding a few extra PP goals can really steal them a couple of games because of how solid they have been defensively.

  110. Sally, SI Ferry is 100% free, even without a metrocard.

    Also, if you ride the ferry Tiki, make sure to stand on the outside at the back of the boat You get a great view of Manhattan as you pull away. I suggest doing it on Friday since we’re supposed to have nice weather.

  111. It's Just Sally on

    Thanks Tiki! Hope you’re having a blast in the city! I’d love to hear more about your adventures.

  112. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    kurt- fair enough!

    If we could could chill measuring cyber male appendages it would be great.

    Tiki- Sometimes i wonder if you even believe some of the stuff you say. Not trying to be mean, I seriously just wonder.

    And i’m a Cancer survivor, and have been a cancer patient, and have looked like Vilenueva does. What Garnett said was in bad taste… just like players calling other players ‘fags’ ‘homos’ ‘queers’ ‘pansy’ and stuff i won’t even edit type. You have the Wisniewski’s making gestures, and the list goes on an on. Trash talk is a part of sports… and the more personal, the more it works. I’m sure Avery has said some foul stuff in his day.

    Let’s not take our place in a glass house with a hand full of stones, start tossing them, and expect a good result.

    I’m not defending Garnett. but i can’t let you bash him without mentioning our own trash talking players.

    The difference between Garnett and other players is the news article about what he said. There are TONS of bad terms used that we never hear about.

  113. It's Just Sally on

    Doodie, that’s awesome. In case anyone is planning a trip to Buffalo soon (you know you want to!), the observation deck on the top floor of City Hall is free and on a clear day you can see the mist from Niagara Falls.

  114. Doodie Machetto

    depth might get you into the playoffs and get you past the first or second round but in order to win you MUST have top goal scorers. You cant win with a bunch of 20-25 goal scorers. you need that point per game player or 2 in there somewhere or else you cant win it all.

  115. Carp, to be clear, I’m doing nothing besides just posting a picture everytime I get an internet tough guy statement in my direction. It’s been all hockey (and recently tourism) from me otherwise.

  116. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    Chicago Blackhawks. Kane had 30, bunch of guys had 20 something. Nobody with over 30 goals. They won the cup.

  117. Doodie— Getting way cold and it makes me wonder more about your manhood,that you know where all these pics are MR Carp Point taken

  118. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    If Josh’s, and Mama’s Boston education reflects the direction this blog is heading, Tiki may reconsider whether he wants to be a part of it.

  119. oleo, I hear you, but as I said, I think the hope is that a couple of the struggling guys get their games going and become that player leading up to and during the playoffs. I;m not saying it happens, I just think that’s the hope.

  120. It's Just Sally on

    Yeah, Doodie, keep it respectful! I’ve lived in Buffalo and NYC, and I’d choose Buffalo any day. Talkin’ proud!

  121. Gab – Yes, I believe everything I write. I oft times exaggerate, but I feel 99% of what I type.

    I love you as a person, and Im really sorry that you had to suffer through something like that, and Im very grateful that you survived it. You’re an awesome guy and you make the world a better place.

    In that context, I also feel bad that Jon Lester suffered from the illness and am happy that he survived.


    As for your claim that our players say the same things, that’s just simply not true. Sure, our guys use the same terminology as everyone else such as offensive terms to races and sexualities, but not comments against cancer patients.

    How do I know that? Because if any of our guys did, it would be immediately, IMMMMMEDIATELY plastered across the media.

    Just like when Sal Alosi tripped the Miami Dolphin on the sidelines. CBS noticed the trip IMMMEDIATELY and made sure to continue driving the point home to the viewers that the Jets were dirty.

    BUT, what went unnoticed and unmentioned until the Divisional Playoff Round was the Paytriots’ sideline committed the same act in Week 2, yes, Week 2, against the Jets on the same CBS with Jim Paytriots Nantz and Phil Paytriots Simms calling the game.

  122. Sally, I kid. I have a friend who’s a Buffalo native and I bust on him all the time. He’s actually from East Amherst, so I give him crap about not even being from Buffalo too (even though I realize the wrongness of the statement).

  123. GOALS for GAB-orik

    Kane had 88 points though. Can you find a player on Boston’s roster with those kind of numbers. Not to mention had Hossa not missed the first 20+ games of the season, he would have had 35+ goals as well.

    Chicago was loaded with offensive talent last year. Boston is nowhere near that class…

  124. oleo, Hossa may have scored well in the regular season but he had only 3 goals in the playoffs. In fact, most of Chicago’s regular season goal scorers struggled in the playoffs other than Sharp and Kane.

  125. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    yes Kane was a PPG player because he had 58 assists for the multiple guys on the team who scored 20-25.

    Hossa might have, but he didn’t. The fact still remains they won the cup with mostly 20 something goal scorers, and one guy who hit 30.

    And i might be shooting in the dark, but i’m pretty sure the Devils didn’t have any offensive talent overload during their last cup year.

  126. I was going to bring up Hossa’s goals per game average.

    But I do think the East is weak enough this year outside of the Flyers that the B’s could make it through depending on their matchups. They might not dominate and have to win a lot of low scoring games, but they play incredibly tight team D and have strong enough goaltending to keep them in games until they squeeze out a goal or two.

  127. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    thanks. In hindsight, going through that probably made me the person I am today. I don’t wish Cancer on anyone, but it’s treatable, and with advances in medicine, people like me are still around.

    I’m not saying our players call other players Cancer patients… i’m saying they’ve said things just as hurtful, maybe more hurtful. I don’t know cuz i don’t hear it, and NY players usually don’t whine to the media about what other guys call them.

    I play hockey… and i engage in trash talk often. It’s not always pleasant. Sometimes it’s downright nasty. It happens. From both sides.

    Yes our guys talk trash.

  128. I was thinking about the 93 Habs team about not having a lot of offensive talent but they had a number of guys at or around a point per game like Damphousse, Muller and Bellows.

    The amazing part though was that Roy shaved over a full goal off his GAA between the regular season and playoffs.

  129. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Ok oleo… if Chicago isn’t enough for you i submit this…

    While they did not win the cup, they made a deep run going to the East Finals with no player averaging a point per game, no 30 goal scorers and only 3 players who scored over 20.

    The 2009 Montreal Canadiens.

  130. GOALS for GAB-orik

    the 2002-03 Devils are the ONLY team in the history of the expanded NHL to win a Stanley Cup without a premier offensive talent.

    However they did have a HOF goalie, 2 HOF defenseman and a HOF forward, a very recent 40 goal scorer in Elias and a defensive system that has pretty much been abolished by the NHL with the new rules in the post-lockout. They are the only exception to the rule…

  131. The leading scorers on the Mighty Ducks in the 03 playoffs were Adam Oates and Petr Sykora. Both had 13 points in 21 games…BORING.

  132. Gab, you mean the 2010 Canadiens, right? That was all Jaro Halak playing some of the best goaltending I’ve seen in the past decade. It was seriously unbelievable. I watched most of those games just to see him play. Sure, he had a bad game here and there, but man, when he was on, he was unreal.

    They were simply just outgunned against Philly.

  133. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    I believe there is too much recent evidence to support my opinion that you don’t need a point per game player, or 2 40 plus goal scorers to make a deep run in the playoffs.

    Chicago and Montreal being the most recent tangible reasons.

    Montreal happened to beat the high powered offensive teams in WSH and PIT. So you need more than scoring.

    The goalie and defense you mentioned about NJD is a HUGE reason they won.

    Defense wins championships.
    Offense gets the glory, but defense wins the game.

  134. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    yes the 2009-10 Canadiens. And your mention of Halak’s play only further solidifies my point. Yes they were outgunned by PHI, but they were against PIT and WSH too.

    I stand by my opinion that you DON’T need big offense to make a deep run.

  135. Gab,

    This is actually a discussion that’s been brought up before. I side with Oleo. More often than not, the teams that make it to the finals have a premier scorer or great scoring depth.

  136. oleo, Also 94-95 Devils were without elite offensive numbers. As were the 99-00 Devils. And the 98-99 Stars weren’t exactly world beaters in the scoring department either. Nor were the 97-98 Wings (not one 30 goal scorer, only 3 with 20 plus).

  137. GOALS for GAB-orik

    you are simply proving my point. The Canadiens lost in the eastern conference semis!!!!!!! The only reason they even got that far was because Halak played out of his mind. That can only go so far as offensive will always prevail.

  138. Flyers last year had two guys barely get over 30, nobody close to a point per game, and just one other guy over 20.

    Last season, both teams in the Finals really weren’t the top-loaded offensive juggernauts you believed them to be.

  139. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    Oleo said you can’t make a deep run with a bunch of guys who score 20-25 goals, that you need 2 PPG players or an elite scorer.

    I have shown evidence which directly contradicts that theory. The Capitals have great offense.. why do they not make the finals year after year?

    Gaborik scored 42 last season, we didn’t even make the playoffs.

    Define great scoring depth? I would say the Blackhawks, which again contradicts oleo’s theory.

    I know there are plenty of teams who won with an elite scorer, but there are teams who have won without.

  140. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    they lost in the eastern FINALS.

    AFTER beating 2 offensively superior teams.

    So i in fact, proved my point that you don’t need elite scoring to make a deep run.
    So if you want to keep looking past the Canadiens, Blackhawks, and Devils (who are not the exception) and keep denying that defense and goaltending make just as much of an impact… well then i guess i’m spitting in the wind.

  141. GOALS for GAB-orik

    The Montreal Canadiens did not win the cup last season. The Blackhawks did and if Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa are all elite offesnive players. They had 3. I didnt say you need to have elite goal scorers to reach the semis or that every team that has elite players wins the cup.

    Unless you are the NJ Devils, you need an elite offensive player in order to win the cup.

  142. oleo, I don’t think your analysis is going deep enough. Yes, the teams that win the cup have had good offensive numbers, but they have strong defenses first. The teams without a strong defensive game and hot goaltending don’t make it to the Finals. I can think of only two Cup Finalists from the last 10 years that didn’t have a screaming hot goaltender during the playoffs (06-07 Senators, 08-09 Wings).

    All you need is for the goaltender and defense to get you to the show and for some of your scorers to get hot at the right times. That’s Boston’s hope.

  143. Well in the post lockout era you’ve got the Pens and Wings as winners. The Ducks had Selanne putting 90+, the Canes had Staal in his breakout year.

    Then pre lockout you had the Bolts with Vinny L and St. Louis, the Wings again in 2002 with like 8 HOF players, the Avs won twice, the Wings won twice in the late 90’s with Fedorov and Yzerman, the Lemieux-led Pens twice in the early 90’s and then the 80’s being dominated by the Oilers and Islanders. If anything the Rangers in 94 had a lack of an elite scorer. Zubov had 80-something points as the leading scorer, Graves had 52 goals but that was hardly tops in the league in either category.

    It’s easy to remember the Cinderella tales, but in the last 30 years more often than not it’s taken premier offensive talent to win.

  144. where did i say anything about making a deep run???? winning 2 rounds and winning 4 runs are completely different things

  145. CTB, the second Wings championship in the 90’s, not a single player had more than 30 goals, and only 3 had more than 20. Nobody with 70 points on the team. No elite scoring there, even if players had the reputation of elite scorers.

  146. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Oleo said make a deep run, not win the cup.

    Either way, it’s possible without. That cannot be argued. I don’t care how infrequent it may be. It happens.

  147. Dallas: Modano, Hull, Niuewendyk
    Detroit: Fedorov, Yserman, Shanahan
    Buffalo: didnt win the cup however Miro Satan did have 40 goals that season

    Just b/c you have a star player doesnt mean you automatically win but you do need that star player especially in the post lockout era. Only the NJ Devils have proved otherwise…

  148. GOALS for GAB-orik

    where did i say anything about making a deep run in any of my posts. The post that triggered this debate states:

    oleosmirf February 15th, 2011 at 5:52 pm
    Doodie Machetto

    depth might get you into the playoffs and get you past the first or second round but in order to win you MUST have top goal scorers. You cant win with a bunch of 20-25 goal scorers. you need that point per game player or 2 in there somewhere or else you cant win it all.

  149. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    i stand corrected… oleo did not say deep run. Upon reviewing his earlier post he does indeed say to win it all you need elite scoring.

    I retract my previous arguments on the grounds they are irrelevant.

    Oleo, my apologies.

  150. Doodie,

    I admit I didn’t go through the year by year stats on those teams. Although I think a big factor for the lower totals on that team is Fedorov’s hold out that cost him most of that season. They did have a couple of guys that put up a point per game in the playoffs.

  151. no problem Gab

    i wish i could write an honors thesis on this subject although not sure I could get a professor to sponsor a paper on the statistical analysis behind winning a Stanley Cup.

  152. Apparently Kaberle was just traded to the Bruins with Tyler Bozak for David Krejci and a draft pick!!! If the Bruins dealt Krejci does that mean they’re gonna get Brad Richards too?

  153. In the 99.7% confidence interval, with a z-score of 1.4542554354, no team with more than 2 negative standard deviations of the league scoring mean has gone on to win….

    The outlier being the New Jersey Devils, because they’re evil.

  154. For the record that didn’t come from Eklund himself, but the Leafs blogger on his site, who quickly took it down…

  155. Hey Gab I see youre joining the pic party But you and your boyfriend are still way off, oh and Doodie to be respectful to Carp I wont say what a little bitch you sounded like when he asked to be respectful ” Carp let me make one thing clear WAAAAAAAAAAAA IT WAS KURT “

  156. We are still going at it, I see…Kurt- it’s not going to help win too many arguments, that’s for sure. Not to mention, I thought it was “turd”, not “terd”. But what do I know, I’m Russian :-)

  157. Somers*

    Correction. It’s actually a very good interview and I think all Boneheads would enjoy the listen. Steve ‘Schmooze’ Somers is a huge Rangers fan and asked some great questions.

  158. WTB?!?!?!
    nearly 300 posts on an off day.
    boy, Boneheads sure love a little Kreider in
    the afternoon/evening
    but more than Tortorella

  159. NYR
    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Steve Somers
    when the Rangers were in the ’94 Cup run
    the only way i could listen to him in Ohio
    was to sit in the car and hope that
    the elements were in my favor.

    i remember his program before game 7
    during the Finals was kinda like a
    suicide help hotline trying to keep scores
    of people from jumping

    actually, got through to his program once
    talked to him about Kovalev
    it was 2 a.m. and for some reason i was really nervous
    in trying to get my thoughts just right as i waited on the line.

    forgot to announce to all that Power Play Live show
    on nhl network read my email in regards to the mario
    whining situation….at the time they had a pittsburgh reporter
    to discuss it wherein he pretty much did the unsurprising list of

  160. No prob, jpg.

    Somers is great. That’s cool that Power Play Live selected your email about Mario!

  161. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    CONGRATS ERIC and Mrs.Eric!!!! Warm welcome to the newest Bonehead Jake Cooper!! All the best!!

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    Whenever I hear them call Desharnais’ name, it reminds me of Desjardins. One of the more underrated defensemen of the 90s.

  163. And Isles beat the Sens in a shootout, too……WTB has happened to all these teams that were sitting at the bottom of the division!?

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    Rumored deal for Kaberle currently Blake Wheeler, an NHL-ready prospect, and a 3rd round pick.

  165. That a bogus rumor Doodie, started by the fake @DarenDreger (not the real @DarrenDreger) on twitter…

  166. actually….Bruins are making an announcement soon:

    @ESPNJoeyMac: Bruins just informed us they will have an announcement in a few minutes.

  167. Stop with the 3 point games, too. Jeez, you’d think people don’t want to be the golf course in April. ;)

  168. Doodie Machetto on

    Lecavalier has been scoring lately. Getting him going would make Tampa significantly more dangerous.

  169. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, I’m so glad I have learned to never even look at a trade that you have stated.

    NYR: that must be a SEPARATE false Dreger twitter. Besides, that trade says a 1st rounder, what I stated was a 3rd.

    Granted, what I’m stating is just a rumor, but it comes from a source other than a fake Dreger twitter account.

  170. Doodie Machetto on

    I have to admit thugh, you’ve gotten very good at making them just wrong enough that we would believe Sather would actually do it.

  171. Orr, that’s why your comments were missed when you were gone for a few weeks. You make this place interesting on a daily basis. Not going to lie, it was a little dreary around here without you around…

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    That Kelly trade, to me, is the precursor of a trade for Kaberle, since Burke wants a forward as part of the deal.

  173. Doodie Machetto on

    Ottawa GM doing a good job so far selling his players. A first, a second and a conditional 2012 3rd/2nd for Mike Fisher and Chris Kelly.

  174. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Orr, you’re entertainment value increases on trade deadline day and July 1. I might actually request the 28th off just so i can be a part of the shenanigans!

  175. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah, trade deadline day is like walking through a cow pasture and all of ORR’s posts are round, brown and squishy.

  176. Chris Kelly is not really a player that would help the Rangers.

    I don’t think we’ll see a Ranger trade until the deadline – Sather isn’t ponying up young assets like those that have been recently moved for rentals.

    Edmonton hasn’t begun its firesale yet.

  177. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Ahhh yes I know the trade deadline is close when ORR posts some mind-numbing fake trades! Love this time of year!

    Does anyone sometimes go back in the Rangers Report archives to see what posts were like on past trade deadline days and July 1st’s? Very high comedy.

  178. Dustin Brown in coming tomorrow to MSG – moved to second line – can we get him cheap? – banger (leads NHL in hits) with nose for the goal – (25+ goal scorer) on a marginal team.

  179. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I already requested the day off, had to!

    Wonder if mtl makes a move for chris neil at some point?

    I repectfully disagree about not needing a crease clearing guy on this team (my guess if we did not need one, we would not have drafted mcilrath). I bet if you asked hank, he would say yes we need one. Staal can be physical at times, but certainly does not instill fear in anyone. I also think for a while sauer played with an edge, but that has been gone for 20 or so games (I’m sure torts said to “calm” down and not play rough).

    No one on our roster is “intimidating” at all on D IMHO. If some of you do not like the term “crease clearer” would it be better if we said a “d man that physically intimidates” when referencing a physical, rough d man?

    congrats to you and the fam!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!

  180. Good post, wick.

    You are correct about us needing a fear-instilling d-man and McIlrath needs to be that player, otherwise I think Rangers fans will forever complain about not drafting Cam Fowler.

    Oddly enough, we probably could have traded up a few spots and got Skinner…Rangers had targeted McIlrath for a while…

  181. McIlrath has been compared to Scott Stevens. He was the 2nd defenseman taken in the draft that year behind Gudbranson who went 3rd overall but who didnt sign with the Panthers yet. Fowler won’t be physically dominant and that’s why he slipped so low.

  182. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    thanks. And I agree about fowler!

    I wouldn’t mind bogosian from atl!

  183. wicky(grating PIBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    gabby and gilroy to stl for backes and erik johnson

    oh wait, I might actually do that one!

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