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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m back. Did I miss anything?

Seriously, is there anything I need to know? I mean, I watched all the games, but I really didn’t check in here too much. So, anything going on here?

Before I get back to work, special Thank Youse to Sean Mayer for subbing and injecting some of his thoughts and opinions (I don’t think he minded that one bit), and to cwgatti and CTBlueshirt for doing those fabulous game reviews (see, it ain’t rocket science).

Now, back to doing what I do. Thoughts on yesterday’s game and surrounding events:

1) When I hear or read remarks like these made by Mario Lemieux, this is what it sounds like to me: “Whine, whine, whine, whine, hypocrite, whine, whine, hypocrite, whine, whine.” Hello, and pardon me Mario, but do the Penguins lead the NHL in fighting majors? (answer: yes, with 61; Detroit, by comparison, has eight). And do they have some of the dirtiest players in the league like Matt Cooke and Maxim Talbot on their roster? (answer: yes). And does that combination sometimes lead to incidents like the one on Long Island — which absolutely crossed all lines of acceptability? (answer: yes). Lemieux, probably the third-best player I ever saw, is threatening again to leave the league. Well, guess what, Mario. Outside the banks of the three rivers surrounding Pittsburgh, nobody would care.

2) Say what you want about Sean Avery, who seems to get he short end of the stick on every call against him, on anything committed by him or the opponent on him, and who is universally despised by the league (meaning NHL HQ and the other 29 teams). He’s not even close to the cowardly, predatory, intent-to-injure cheap-shot artist that piece of carcillo Matt Cooke is. And here’s a guy, who, maybe in part because he plays for the league’s adopted franchise, has yet to be justifiably punished for any of his filthy attacks. I kind of wish he had been playing on the Island the other night. Then again, he would have turtled.

3) Rangers weren’t that bad while Pittsburgh was piling up that 2-0 lead, and they weren’t that good while piling up five consecutive goals themselves. I thought the Rangers were much better at the beginning of their losing streak than they are right now. I don’t think the snarl is the same, I think some guys skate, away from the puck, at scrimmage speed, and I think that effects a lot of what they do offensively through the neutral zone, and defensively, too.

4) Special teams can sometimes bail you out in an otherwise very imperfect game. I think that was the case yesterday … that and the Penguins playing their third-string most of the game. (ps, this call-up Nick Johnson who scored … he reminded me of this: Is Nick Johnson still on the Yankees?).

5) I also think there are some guys who’ve really had confidence problems — and I’m not blaming the coach entirely or even suggesting he was wrong in his handling of them … but maybe it’s time to stop publicly calling out Marian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist. At this point, in my opinion, it doesn’t do anybody any good to expect them — especially Lundqvist — to have no margin for error.

6) And I think it might be too late for the shattered confidence of Michael Del Zotto for this season.

7) There are also some guys whose production had flattened out a bit — guys like Zuccarello and Prust, even Boyle and Stepan. When the Rangers were flying in the first 50 games, they were getting goals from everywhere.

8) That coach Tortorella sure has developed a knack for taking some timely timeouts, and making them count, hasn’t he? My buddy Dellapina at the NHL reminded me of the Keenan timeout in Game 6 in East Rutherford, in which he said nothing to anybody, and things got worse immediately following said timeout … fortunately he had guys wearing Nos. 35, 2, 11 and 27 to make that timeout look like a stroke of genius.

9) I am really impressed by the new wrinkle(s) in the power play. See, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Ultimately it comes down to personnel and puck possession, but sometimes you can draw up plays like a basketball coach does — a backdoor play, or something. The Rangers’ coaches have done that.

10) So I’m watching the game, and all of a sudden comes this ambush to the senses as the NBA lowers the bar once again. I’m guessing that was a promo for the NBA all-star game disguised as, what, a terrorist attack on Los Angeles? WTB? Seriously, is there anything more distasteful than comparing an NBA game — especially one played with so little actual passion — to a war in a U.S. city in this time of global anxiety over attacks and bombs?


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  1. so if Avery is not an agitator anymore, what is he? he and his 2 goals certainly do not make him a scorer.

  2. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Hi carp , I think mario’s complaints are for Cindy’s protection , the next player to check Cindy will get a penalty , didn’t mario retire because the league was getting rougher , holding and clutching ?

    I think the rangers may be a tired team , , its time to suck it up and go for the jugular.

    And as far as Tort’s calling out the best players on the team ,why pick on a 3rd or 4th liner ? It show that no one is safe from ridicule , whether it works or not is another thing ,
    players have Ipods just turn up the vol.
    Nick Johnson-what were the Yankees thinking ?

  3. “The problem is, you can’t take Friday night in a vacuum. Who led the league in fights entering Sunday’s games? The Penguins, with 61, according to hockeyfights.com. Who led the league in penalty minutes? The Penguins, with 1,101. Who led the league in majors? The Penguins, with 63. Who ranked second in game misconducts? The Penguins, with eight – two fewer than the first-place Islanders. Who was one of four teams with a match penalty? The Penguins.

    Oh, and then there’s Cooke’s old act.

    Lemieux needs to re-think whether that should be part of the league, too.”……..


  4. LB has a good article in the Post today – he interviewed Sather apparently – Per Brooks they want to make a deal before the deadline to get an offensive defenseman and/or a center to play with Gaborik – but they won’t take on any cap commitment beyond this season as the plan is to sign Brad Richards on July 1. He mentions McCabe, Kaberle, and Arnott as possibilities. He said Sather won’t deal any core young assets, only “depth. He said they don’t want Spezza or Weiss as the guy they have in the plans is Richards.

    Based on this, I think the pieces in play will be Washington’s 2nd (from Carolina in Sangs deal), Christensen, Gilroy, and maybe Eminger.

  5. Yeah !! Carp is back !!

    Maybe there wouldn’t have been so much violence toward the Pens if their opponents were ever given a fair shake, or if they weren’t a dirty team themselves who are blatantly protected by the league.

    I guess Mario’s OK with Cooke, Talbot, slewfoot Malkin and lets not forget Cindy’s punches to the fig leaves while his opponent was fighting another Pen. Now that his players are on the receiving end…..don’t let the door hit you on the way out super mario.

  6. By the way, how did those guys with the Penguin suits with giant head make it into or out of MSG alive? And why does MSG chose to show them at every chance – jeez.

  7. ^ and the 2 other guys they have that used to be on the Devils, Asham and to a much lesser degree, Paul Martin.

  8. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ‘HEADS!! (is that better Lanza??)

    Welcome back Carpy!!!

    14 days until the trade deadline.. i better stock up on the gum because my nails can’t take it anymore.

  9. Olga Folkyerself on

    In a related story to Mario’s rant, Glen Sather has said he’s appalled by some teams trying to outspend others in an attempt to improve their teams by purchasing Unrestricted Free Agents. “That has got to stop” said Sather, “It’s going to ruin the league. If the events relating to free agency reflect the state of the league, I need to re-think whether I want to be a part of it.”

  10. Good review, Carp!
    We discussed that Mario’s comment ad nauseam last night….

    Agree with Carp, they are still far from their better game, so saying they are out of the woods is a bit premature.

  11. Mario’s comments are valid – the league is run by a bunch of idiots – but those same idiots, if they handed out discipline like they should (ie to rid the league of cheap-shoting punks) would mean the Penguins wouldn’t be able to dress 1/2 the players they dress.

    Therein lays the contradiction and really, until he cleans up his own house, Lemieux should shut the hell up.

  12. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    TRADE EVERYONE!!! oh wait… we won…. nevermind!

    Welcome back Carp, Orr finally showed his face back here, predicted a win… and the Rangers won. Coincidence? If he ever leaves again i’m immediately sending out a search party.

    I am SHOCKED about what Mario said. It couldn’t come off more hypocritical… what a shame. Pot meet Kettle.

  13. BTW, just read LB’s column – Sather doesn’t mention any names – McCabe, Karable and Richards are all offered up by LB only. What Sather does say is they are looking at trades but won’t cough up the farm for anyone.

    Which is nice to hear…

  14. Before I get back to work, special Thank Youse to Sean Mayer for subbing and injecting some of his thoughts and opinions (I don’t think he minded that one bit), and to cwgatti and CTBlueshirt for doing those fabulous game reviews (see, it ain’t rocket science)


    ::Deletes excel macro that counts to 13::

  15. Carp,

    Scott Burnside of ESPN has a GREAT article on Lemieux with the same sentiments that you had. He takes it a step further too, bringing in the fact that Lemieux owes basically everything to the league and it’s really bush of him to threaten to pull out only now after getting all of the millions he was owed by the Penguins through the league’s support.


    Also, you said he was #3. Who were 1 and 2? I’m assuming Gretzky and Orr were 1 and 2?

    I (much like Josh) unfortunately never had the pleasure of seeing Bobby Orr live. After all, I’m only 26.

  16. carp, # 1 is SPOT ON…i agree 100% and thought the same thing whrn I heard wat he said….great player no doubt but shut the buff up….nobody cares

  17. Carp..I said welcome back. you have neither said thank you nor happy valentines day to me. If these events reflect the state of the blog, I need to rethink whether I want to be a part of it. ; )

  18. My only real complaint with the NHL’s handling of the situation is that Haney didn’t get a suspension. Everything else is about scope. Martin and Gillies should have gotten a longer suspension, especially Gillies because after Tangradi goes down with the concussion from Gillies’ elbow, Gillies then pounces on him and starts teeing off. Real tough guy.

    Also, the Islanders got fined $100k, but the coach should have been fined too. He kept putting those jerks out on the ice and didn’t rein them in. I’d type his name but I don’t know it since it isn’t worth knowing.

  19. Carp, there has not been a Seinfeld reference on the blog in over a week. If events relating to this past week reflect the state of the blog, I have to rethink whether I want to be a part of it.

  20. Thanks Doodie.

    James G, Carp had a chance to send a message about his affection for the blog…

  21. Thanks for coming back Carp. There was a rumor you were on the trading block…oh wait that was everyone else.

  22. I am going on vacation in two weeks. And still have no idea whether it will be at the Caribbean or skiing out West. I’m actually serious about it, and it isn’t even mrs fault (long story). If this reflects the state of my future vacations, I need to rethink whether I want to be a part of it.

  23. I didn’t even get to hear Lemieux’s crying.

    Are there any worse announcers in the world than Pittsburgh announcers (in a sport that counts)? Ish no think so.


  24. Carp- nice to have you back again.

    I don’t agree with throwing Boyle in the mix of players whose play has fallen a little bit. When everyone was injured he was getting 18 mins a game, then his mins dropped to 11 or 12. Last night he was at 18 or so again and got a goal. But I do agree the speed away from the puck has definitely slowed down.

  25. Avery is great point guard, without the points..
    My mother used to say something about Mario, along the lines of glass houses and stones. –I thought a player leaving the bench was an automatic fine for the coach, yet see nothing…?

  26. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    You know… Boston and Dallas had a heck of a hockey filled fight game recently… and i didn’t hear any of those owners crying.

    Garth Snow didn’t say anything when DP got knocked the heck out.

    Be mad your little golden boy is out hurt… sure whatever… don’t be all high and mighty on the NHL now though. It’s hard to take that even remotely seriously with the Pens fight stats.

    The NHL has been on it’s knees for PIT way too long. It’s been said by many people around hockey… only when Crosby started missing extended time did the NHL all of a sudden start talking about headshots EVERYDAY. and Crosby is the name that’s mentioned over and over.

    Who’s the a-hole who let Crosby play after he took the first shot to the head? He had two hits in back to back games. That’s why the dude is still out… the PIT medical staff should be fired.

  27. Good article by Burnside on Whario Lemieux’s crybaby rant.

    But I do strongly disagree with this part:

    “We can only assume Lemieux will get a little dose of the same medicine Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi received awhile back. Lombardi mouthed off about the integrity of the NHL’s hockey operations department and took a $50,000 shot in the jaw for his troubles. We’re guessing Lemieux will have to answer to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, et al, with his checkbook, as he should.”

    He should but he won’t because the league loves the Penguins.

  28. Well said Doodie. The fight obsessed Isles fans that I know all praise their coach (Capuano?) for his rep in the AHL of ‘liking to play goons’. Seems the Islanders as an organization have had this mentality since the MM days. You’d think they’d concentrate more on developing guys like Tavares and Okposo instead of worrying about how much ice time Gilles gets to try to go run people every night. They may have had some kind of pride and honor back in the mid 80s but they’ve been a joke for a long time and that’s just what they’ll remain as long as they keep this carcillo up.

    As for Mario- idle threats. Does he really think the league is going to panic when he talks about how he may leave the NHL? Well maybe they don’t want to lose him money but the league would probably benefit from having less of the “mario mentality” around. I still say he ruined Crosby. Turned him into the butt punching dirty upper lipped cry baby that he has been since he’s stepped out onto an NHL rink.

    Blah! Monday morning after the Rangers break their longest losing streak of the year and I’m wasting time talking about my two least favorite franchises in the NHL. Pukey!

  29. I am going on vacation in two weeks. And still have no idea whether it will be at the Caribbean or skiing out West. I?m actually serious about it, and it isn?t even mrs fault (long story). If this reflects the state of my future vacations, I need to rethink whether I want to be a part of it.

    ILB- so now you think you’re better than us?!

  30. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    GReat win

    LOVE Watching Crapsbrugh lose to our boys in blue

    LOVE heaering Sather is NOT looking for the quick fix and trading our youth as his answer

    LOVE that Carp is Back, welcome back Carp!!

    And I say if a center and a Dman with a shot for th ePP is not out there to trade shrot term for lo wmoney, then jsut stick with who we have.

    I seriously think we are a playoff team, how far we go depends on alot, but thsi year either way is a tremendous building block.

    Were goign to have a rock solid team for the next 5 years.

    And Mario, guess what, get out of the NHl then, no one cares.

  31. Some good news on the prospect front: Christian Thomas has 42 goals and 75 points now, good for 8th overall in the OHL.

    Nice season for the kid:

  32. Kill the Kings on

    A good win v. a bad team, but they are all worth 2 pts.

    Girardi had 7 blocked shots yesterday – mostly on PK. When watching replay last night, at even strength he is standing in front of the net, more interested in playing goalie then tieing up his man. Constantly losing 1on1 battles in the corner. One bright spot yesterday was his ability to get shots off on the PP. If he is the PP option for the point, turn off the lights on the way out…

    Torts needs to ease up on his players in front of the mic. You do not see many other coaches calling players out in the press and in NY it just gets magnified. The problem is he tends to praise the team in general, but criticize players specifically. Yesterday it was Sauer, who Torts said took a horrible and inexcusable with his 4 min high stick. Upon review, did not warrant a 4 minute call, refs just called a very tight game. Cally was bleeding and received the same. The reporter said, what about Dubi’s penalties and he was like, oh yeah he did it too. WTB.

    Avery may not be scoring but if you watch the game closely he is making all the little plays that are critical to winning hockey. Taking the pass off the side boards and instead of dumping it back at the D, he turns up ice to make a pass or flip the puck out of the zone and takes a hit. Zuch, Cally, Dubi do the same. Wusskie, Gabby, and even Prust yesterday throw it back behind the goal. Sometimes that is the play, but not every time. Need to move the play forward, boys. Taking the hit is just as important as making the hit for team toughness.

    Worried about youngsters legs on back end of the upcoming stretch of 3 games in 4 days, especially Sunday. Kings are flying now, playing PO hockey, Debs are hottest team in league and the Philth of delphia will bring it Sunday afternoon. 4 out of 6 pts would be good, need to win first game though.

    Mario fight v. Caps (1987) – announcers are hilarious, basically calling him a wuss

  33. “Who’s the a-hole who let Crosby play after he took the first shot to the head? He had two hits in back to back games. That’s why the dude is still out… the PIT medical staff should be fired.”

    Gab, I’ve been saying it ever since he got hurt in that second game. The NHL is miles behind the new NFL rules when it comes to concussions. The rulkes about making players sit out the rest of the game after he displays symptoms and making him pass an independent medical evaluation before even returning to practice would have likely spared Sid the extent of his current injuries. Probably Savard too, after rushing back to the playoffs last spring only to have a bad relapse during the offseason.

  34. Doodie, yup. TGO. Then Orr. Then Mario. … then probably the Captain.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, James G.

    I am re-thinking whether I want to be part of this.

    Welcome back, Orr!

    Good morning, Sally!

  35. Mario Lemieux = pot, kettle, black.

    It is funny how everyone, outside of NY refers to Sean Avery as the dirtiest player in the NHL, but he has NEVER received a suspension for an on-ice incident from the NHL. In what has to be the stupidest thing, Avery gets a six game suspension (plus all of the time he lost for anger management training) and Cooke has never gotten more than four games at a time.

    If Mario believes the BS he is slinging then he should release Cooke ASAP.

  36. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Solid points Doodie.

    As much as I hate the way Cindy plays, whines, and cries… I don’t want to see a guy miss alot of time because his eggs got scrambled. I want to see people knock him on his behind… but not knock him unconcious.

    I’ve had a few concussions in my day… it doesn’t feel good. It’s frustrating when your head isn’t right, and you can’t function 100%.

  37. lol Thanks Carp.

    Doodie- you mean there was a period of time in the NHL where Lemieux couldn’t talk and I missed it?!

  38. Doodie – sucks for him – he went over started the fight – got popped in the face twice and broke his jaw. Excuse me while i get my box of kleenex for the flying frenchman

  39. A lot of measures (if you’re into Corsi and Fenwick stats) suggest that Girardi is a sieve when it comes to allowing attempted and actual shots against. Blocking them is one thing, preventing them from happening all together is another. If you watch him and Staal closely, they play very different styles.

    Off the rush Staal typically forces his guy wide until he runs out of real estate and then engages the player with either tying him up or the “dreaded” poke check. Girardi more often allows the puck carrier to take a more direct route to the net or he goes down to block the pass/shot and literally turns himself into a pylon.

    Also, Staal is more willing to collect the puck from in the corners and behind the net and hold onto it to allow the breakout. He can either carry it out himself or he buys enough time for guys to spread out. Girardi is usually very eager for to fling the puck up the boards whether or not guys are in position to receive a pass. I’d wager that if you were to count the number of times a D is guilty for clearing attempts that don’t get out of the zone, the largest number of those failed attempts would come off of Girardi’s stick.

  40. “If Mario believes the BS he is slinging then he should release Cooke ASAP.”

    What waiver position do the NY Rangers have?

  41. Carp, it’s hard for me to rank players in terms of their quality from when I saw them live. I didn’t really start watching hockey until like ’92 or ’93, so by then, a lot of legendary players were already past their primes; Gretzky, Lemieux, and Messier included. Sure, they each had a great year or two each after that, but they weren’t as purely dominant as they were in the 80’s.

    And it’s hard to judge a player because some guys you want to take their whole careers into account, or can you take just a couple of their dominant seasons? I’d probably have to say that Jagr, Forsberg, and Sakic were the three best I’ve ever seen personally, but Forsberg had a hard time strining more than a few dominant years together in a row. After that, I’d probably say Nik Lidstrom, Brian Leetch, and Scott Stevens, in that order. After that, it gets really difficult because there are a lot of guys who had a couple of really dominant years, but didn’t have sustained greatness because of injury or other factors.

    But if we were talking any position, Dominik Hasek is the best player I’ve ever seen play live. All time greatest goaltender and greatest European player. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.

  42. “Sure, they each had a great year or two each after that, but they weren’t as purely dominant as they were in the 80’s. ”

    I should say, they weren’t as extensively dominant. Lemieux had a couple of his best seasons in the mid 90’s, especially in relative comparison to the league. But the illness and injuries definitely cut his time short.

  43. I also missed a lot of the heyday of the 80’s (at least watching it as it happened). I’ve seen replays of games and players, so I know how great some of the guys like Gretzky, Lemieux, Messier, Yzerman, Lafontaine, Bossy, Coffey, Bourque and bunch of others were at the height of their careers.

    I saw Lemieux in one of his first games back from Hodgkins at MSG. He didn’t play much, mostly the PP or the extra man. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Gretzky as a Ranger, I was in college during most of that time. I suppose out of the greats of the 80’s and 90’s the best I saw live while he was still in his prime was Leetch.

    Doodie, best European player, are you including the Soviet players as European? Because I know a lot of people would swear by Tretiak in goal.


    Happy Valentine’s Day Boneheads!

    What a great Sunday………

  45. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Did any of youse see the ridiculous ‘rumor’ from Eklund? Del Zotto for Phillips. That’s laughable. Trade a 20 year old for an over 30 player who hasn’t scored a goal this year? I know his stuff is out of left field… but shouldn’t they at least make SOME sense?

  46. In Zuccarello’s defense I think he has shown himself to be a pretty good little player. He gets involved. Look at that defensive stop he made yesterday (which led to a goal). He also works hard and plays bigger than his size (at least mentally). I love what he brings to the team.

    Prust I think is injured. He has a lot of things hurting him and I don’t think it helps to be getting into fights (especially no the one he got into Sunday). I wish he would just rest and play. No more fighting. Be a pest, not a fighter.

    Boyle has slowed down on his skating. What made him such an improvement as a player was the skating. Now her seems to lack that burst of speed. Maybe he’s tired. He will come back.

    In Stepan’s case…I am not concerned. He usually doesn’t kill us when he’s off and when he’s on he is surprisingly good for a rookie.

  47. Mario has sunk to a new low. I’ve heard enough about Super Mario’s opinions on the league. Someone needs their bottle and blankey.

    I’d agree with Carp that this team doesn’t have the snarl it had a few games ago. I think it was partially lucky bounces and the distraction of the Isles game that helped us with the win. But what’s important is the confidence.

  48. More on Zuccarello

    He’s played 23 pro games, has 3 goals, 11 assits, 14 total points, 5 PP Points, 1 game winning goal. 33 hits and 10 blocked shots and is only a -1 on the season

    Not bad for an undrafted, smallish player that supposedly shouldnt be able to compete in the bigger faster NHL

    I’m telling you, he’s a MArtin St Louis type player, and next year will only be better

  49. “I’m telling you, he’s a MArtin St Louis type player, and next year will only be better”

    I’ve been impressed with MZA as much as the next guy, but let’s not get crazy. He’ll be lucky to be Brian Gionta.

  50. I think MZA has a lot of upside and he’s got a pretty decent hockey IQ too, but Marty St Louis has that extra gear that MZA doesn’t have. That said there’s plenty of reason to think that this year is his adjustment period and I’ll be curious to see what MZA can do next season.

  51. Im jsut saying
    first no one thought he coudl even play in the NHl
    Then no one thought he coudl make the team this year
    then no on thought once he was called up that he would succeed or stay in the line-up

    The kid is smart, fast and tough and for all teh games he’s played as a pro, he only has 9 games out of 23 where he did not record a point

    St Louis wasnt amazing hsi first season, he progressed.
    So I dont think the comparision, and ceiling for MZa is unrealistic.

    I do agree that no one will prob ever has as many assists as St louis, but MZa has that kind of potential

    Plus you got to love how the kid hits.

  52. I have to agree with The Situation (Mikey from NJ – NO OFFENSE MEANT – just fun)…

    I really believe in Mats Zuccarello-Aasen.

  53. Good morning all! Welcome back Carp!!!!!! We missed you buddy, but yes, a solid shout out to Sean, cw and CT.

    #6 makes me sad.

    Mario can stuff it.

  54. MZA may be the best story of the season. Comes out of nowhere, plays with passion, hits like someone 3x his size, has good hands, great instincts, and is probably one of their best players on the side boards. Very very strong on his skates. Does not have the burst as noted earlier, but with the right linemates is a 15-20G, 25-30A type player (if given PP time)once he gets used to league play.

    One play yesterday he came down on a 2 on 2 and ripped wrister just wide as the Pens Dman (Orpik I think) came over to drill him. He just absorbed the hit and kept skating. Wusskie would have been cartwheeling into the corner.

    Prust has been great , but the dives have to stop. Can’t afford to have him and Avery over acting. Avery has been drawing penalties because he is skating hard, playing tough along the boards and, in my favorite call yesterday, coming in and showing some glove love with a face wash. Cannot believe they did not send him off as well. Knew if was going to be called very tight after that.

  55. Chris Philips’ name was brought up by someone else, I forgot who. He is 32 yr old, “positionally sound” D-man who is -23 this year. No, thanks. His name will surely make Wicky throw his new iPhone against the wall.

  56. Not saying to trade, but looking at current play and potential who will have the have more value in 5 yrs:

    Artie v. Stepan

    Gilly v. MDZ

  57. Speaking of new iPhones….Anybody know of any killer Hockey/NHL/Rangers apps I should check out and burden my lithium ion battery by using constantly?

  58. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    haha ilb… yea i hear ya man.

    I can’t believe Phillips would even be a consideration, unless it was for a 2nd round pick or something. He seemingly brings nothing to the table.

  59. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Morning ILB and all

    Welcome back carp

    Happy vals day to all

    If any owner should have whined lately it was the Habs owner. They do not really have any toughness in their line up, but he didn’t Only whiny assen Mario

    Mario would be maybe fifth or sixth on my list

  60. Welcome back, Carp! Sean did a terrific job in your absence! Mama showed me the press box and your good friend Andrew Gross from afar yesterday at the game. And showed me the seat that you normally sit in. Very Cool. If I get to the 17th game, Im definitely coming over there with Mama to meet you.

    Carp, how is your house doing after the mishap that happened not too long ago with the snow and ice?

    My unbeaten run of 20+ games at Rangers, Knicks, Yankees, and Giants games is still alive. I’ve never seen a loss in person. This is my first time in a home stadium – and first time at MSG – and now Im 1-0 there!

    It was fun to be able to yell what I wanted to yell without having to worry about home fans turning on me. I did get warned twice for language by NYR security. The 2nd time, I was yelling during a TV timeout to the MSG fans “Hey, why don’t you asshat fans actually cheer your team rather than chanting Potvin sucks!”

    Also, the referees were quite fair during yesterday’s game, I admit. But that didn’t stop me from yelling at the top of my lungs – when all the Rangers “fans” were quiet – BREAK THE REFEREES LEGS! quite a few times. Then, when that big referee went down along the boards, I was cheering and cheering.. Fun stuff!

    Then at the end of the game, shmigeggo fans were chanting Pittsburgh Sucks…so I tried starting BOSTON SUCKS! chant!

    Recognized Boomer Esiason with his hat pulled down and barely any of his face visible. Asked if I could shake his hand, and he obliged. Met Avery at Warren – everyone was taking pictures of him, but I just said HI and asked if I could shake his hand. After shaking his hand, I said “Ive just shaked the hand of greatness” to which he smiled. Lovely lovely man, caters to the fans, and is more gorgeous in person that I ever dreamed. He’s style and substance. He’s a Man among boys!

    I met Julie (who never posts) with Mama and her father. Julie is a remarkably awesome lady. What a terrific community of Rangers fans. Julie was wearing her Hank jersey, and the jersey added to her hotness!

    Was at a bar outside MSG prior to game with Mama – watching the Celtics (Sell-Tix) Heat game – and would tell anyone that would listen that Kevin Garnett insults cancer patients and is a horrible horrible human being. To which they all agreed – since they’re all Knicks fans. I love being agreed with on some of my key beliefs!

    I met a bunch of cool Pittsburgh fans – and even a really really nice Patriots fan – and wished the Pens fans luck if they face the Bruins in the playoffs. To which they wished the Rangers luck the rest of the way. Pens fans are awesome. There was one guy dressed in a Pens mascot costume, and Mama grabbed his beak and shoved it in as a joke.

    I could go on and on about what a great city it is.

    Fashion week at Grand Central was fun with everyone dancing. What a sight.

    Mama! Fozzy! Sally! Krisy! Julie!

    How I missed Good Morning Sally while Carp was gone!!!

    Carp, Fozzy’s 26th birthday was yesterday! Just so you know!

  61. Manfried:

    NHL 2K11 – Get that first.

    There is also an official Rangers app, there’s NHL GameCenter Premium, there’s TSN Mobile, and The Hockey News.

  62. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Everyone is going to kill me for this but I would rather have rupp than ec

  63. Kings,

    Artie and Stepan I think could both be 60+ point guys. Stepan has found a knack for being a goal scorer when he was more of a playmaker in college. When Artie starts to fill out a little more and use his frame to his advantage I think he’ll be a more imposing player.

    From an offensive standpoint, Gilroy hasn’t exactly lit things on fire. He’s got 2 points in his past 14 games. Him and Del Zotto are about equal in terms of production. Although Gilroy averages significantly less ice time. I think Gilory can be a decent player, but not much more than a 5th or 6th D.

  64. Happy Valentine’s Day to Krisy and her hubby! To the ilbs! and wicksters! and to whomever else celebrates the holiday.

    Hi wicky! :)

  65. Welcome back Carp.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

    I gave my ticket to my 4 year old grandson yesterday. He has now been to 3 games and is 3 – 0. In those games the Rangers have scored 18 goals and he thinks the goal song always plays at the Garden. As I said here once before, his whole life is a fantasy camp.

  66. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    glad you had an awesome time at MSG! (just watch the language)

    If you can make another game, go to the Sunday matinee the 20th against the Flys. (i’ll be there)

    I’m looking forward to meeting Carp before the game!

  67. agreed CT. I like what Stepan’s done. How could anyone not? I look forward to seeing how he handles next season and hope that he avoids the “sophmore slump” as they say. I think he would really benefit from some post season experience this season as would a lot of these guys.

  68. “first no one thought he coudl even play in the NHl
    Then no one thought he coudl make the team this year
    then no on thought once he was called up that he would succeed or stay in the line-up”

    I don’t think anybody thought that any of those things was entirely out of the realm of possibility, especially the first one. If they didn’t think he had a chance of playing in the NHL, they wouldn’t have signed him. As for making the roster this year, it was just a matter of his adjustment to North American play and an opportunity to crack the lineup. He adjusted after a slow start and we had a lot of injuries to open up a place for him. As for his remaining in the lineup, if the players who actually made the team out of camp performed the way they all were supposed to and all remained healthy, he probably would be back down in CT. In other words, if Gaborik, Prospal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Frolov/Wolski, and one of Avery/Fedotenko all were healthy and put up the kind of production that is expected of them, he probably wouldn’t be with the active roster right now. Certainly MZA would not play over Gaborik, Prospal, Dubinsky, Callahan, or what was expected from Frolov (and by extension his replacement in Wolski). That basically leaves one wing spot for him among the top 9 if everyone was clicking like they were supposed to. So let’s not act like it’s just his greatness keeping him here. The players above him are underachieving and it makes it a much easier decision for him to stay in the lineup.

    All that said, yes, he has looked like a capable NHL player, but I was much more impressed with Petr Prucha in his rookie year and we all know what happened with him. And St. Louis had a slow couple of years to start, as did Gionta, because their first couple of years were in the old clutch and grab NHL where smaller players were EASILY neutralized. Even then, I would hesitate to call St. Louis’ first two seasons in the league “slow.”

  69. Agree on MDZ, Doodie. Stepan vs AA- too early to say. I happen to believe it will be closer than most of us think.

  70. Doodie- Savard was another one on the smallish side when he started out and really took a beating for that matter. It wasn’t until he had a couple of years and of course the help of talents on the wing before he started producing the way he’s known to pre concussion saga.

  71. Tiki,
    Intersting ploy telling Rangers fans not yell Potvin S#cks. You are fighting history on that one. My old time fav was “Bossy takes it up the…. doo dah, doo dah”

    But that was back in the day when smoke was in the rafters, cornholes did not dress in mascot outfits unless they wanted dental surgery, and cotton candy was not sold in the rink. Sort of miss those nights..probably because I barely remember them.

  72. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Was at the Pebble for the Devils-Sharks game Friday night for a work event.

    Those fans are starting to believe…and I, for one, am frightened at the prospect of the Devils charging towards a playoff spot.

    I really hope the Rangers can take care of business Friday night in Newark.

  73. i’ll give him that Doodie. really can’t blame the guy for wanting to play. It’s just like the comeback attempts are starting to pile up.

    Noah- I’m not going to argue with you on that point about the Devils fans starting to believe. I said back in October and November that they’d probably go on a tear like this. Not too surprising. Just find it funny that most the NJ fans I know have had their lips zipped and all of a sudden their back on their high horses. You watch- they’ll be making noise come post season.

  74. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Forsberg and Foote… is that a Rex Ryan joke?

    I’d appreciate if you guys stop toe-ing the line and keep it classy ’round here.

  75. Hey Carp, very nice to have you back…the inmates almost took over this place in your absence!

    So, reading between the lines, I guess Forsberg “retiring” really means he’s 110% healthy and going to sign with the NYR right? There’s our #1 center :)

  76. >>Good thing LB mentioned Forsberg in possible trade rumors. That was fast.

    Funny! I suppose the thought of reuniting with Drury was not enough of an incentive?

  77. Forsberg’s foote is the whole problem in the first place! I wouldn’t trade that thing for Eric Lindros’ head!

  78. Not sure why Carp was given a forced vacation, but I must admit I don’t read a thing unless he is writing here. I just checked in to make sure Tiki was ok, and that was it. Thank goodness the blogfather is back.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the amazing women of the blog.

  79. “Everyone is going to kill me for this but I would rather have rupp than ec”

    What?!? I would drive EC to the airport for that deal.

    Kudos to you. Not death.

  80. Sidenote: It’s fargin beautiful here in Westchester today. The thawing out process has begun! bring on Spring!

  81. Welcome back Carp!

    Does anyone else see a similar pattern from Lindros to Cindy?

    Who dictates that Albany has to like and watch Buffalo? Already found out that we will not be seeing th Ranger – Devils game on Friday becuase the Sabres are on. AND they will be RePeating the Sabre game on Sat am. WHY????

  82. Tony, Mario probably said:”If that’s how all the Penguins fans are going to watch the games, instead of paying for regular tickets prices, I have to rethink whether I want anything to do with this country”. Obama administration called homeland security promptly in order to avoid such a disaster.

  83. Anybody who still wants Eminger playing after yesterday’s game should really watch the replay and study his game to understand that he is the poorest defender we have…

    Del Zotto has made a number of mental mistakes this season and may cough up a puck here or there, yet Eminger gets owned and embarrassed by the opposition consistently and it’s been that way all year. Has he made a few big hits? Yeah. But who hasn’t? He is no better than a no. 6 d-man. Why does he get a free pass? Because he’s plays physical? Please, save it.

  84. And if you really want to Byfuglien with MDZ’s head for good, keep subbing Eminger in for him…I’m sure that’s helping his confidence when he sees Eminger struggling in his own zone… (sarcasm)

  85. totally disagree on point #5. when you are getting the bucks, and you are getting all the praise and plaudits when things go right, then you have to expect and in all fairness deserve some criticism when you are letting the team down, especially such a a gritty hard working bunch. No, Gaborik and Henrik deserve blame when they are not doing the job because when things go good for the Rangers they get a disproportionate share of credit and praise. and the criticisms of them have been fair and on point. Henrik has been sloppy in his technique and that cost the rangers a couple games, and gaborik has not worked hard enough vs better teams to warrant any status but less ice time.

  86. Kill the Kings on

    NYR_Fan –

    Eminger may get picked up by Man U or Arsenal after that beautiful chest pass to Hank. It is not his fault if Hank is not seeing the puck.

    That whole sequence where he lost his stick, spun around three times to locate a man or the puck and finally was on his knees in front of the goal when he tried to block the shot should be studied by MDZ and Gilly on how NOT to play defense. Who did he think he was, Girardi?

    He was definitely rusty after sitting out of NHL action for over two weeks, but that display was embarrassing. He may be a lucky charm, but not magically delicious to watch.

  87. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    hi tiki! Happy vals day to you from the wicksters!

    at rhis point i would still take eminger and his 4 minutes of fame, but i know i am in the minority.

    Off to work later assens!

  88. NYR- I admit that I may not be the king of critiquing dmen but Eminger seemed to play a nice solid game for much of the season. uneventful and quiet. I’m sure he’s not flawless but imho when it comes to the Rangers Dmen past Staal, a good rule of thumb is usually the less you hear their name the better off the team is. I say that light heartedly of course just meaning that he hasn’t been one for glaring mistakes. Probably expendable but he had a solid run there with Sauer.

  89. i play MDZ end the story. he will get better over time…. the ATL giveaway was a bit of a unlucky break.

    why not play gilroy more yesterday? he has been playing well and deserves more ice time.

  90. Good to be back, Carp. I brought good luck with me!

    Anyway, I was disappointed to wake up and read aboot Forsberg retiring after only two games. I really like him when he’s not in a Flyers jersey. Shame.

    At least he has enough class to retire, instead of sticking around, taking away a spot from someone who can do more than he can. Still a shame though.

    He should Cryogenically Freeze his body, and wait until someone can fix his feet.

  91. totally disagree on point #5. when you are getting the bucks, and you are getting all the praise and plaudits when things go right, then you have to expect and in all fairness deserve some criticism when you are letting the team down, especially such a a gritty hard working bunch. No, Gaborik and Henrik deserve blame when they are not doing the job because when things go good for the Rangers they get a disproportionate share of credit and praise. and the criticisms of them have been fair and on point

    Money or not they bleed when you cut them and they get offended if you insult them. With any professional athlete (no matter if they make 700,000 or 7.5 million) there’s only so far you can push them mentally before you start to have an adverse effect on them and their performance. It’s the same as with a college student, someone in the business field, or a small child. The size of their bank account doesn’t make them impervious.

  92. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Penguins bloggers are funny… heres an excerpt:

    “Staal was one of only four Penguins skaters to avoid time in the penalty box Friday, but he got kicked out of the game the last time he played the Rangers. Back on Feb. 1, Staal stuck up for his linemate, TK, after the Rangers’ Brandon Prust took liberties with the Pittsburgh forward. Prust elbowed Staal to the head before the 6-foot-4 forward knocked the tough-guy Prust out silly with a glancing left. Prust went down like a lead weight, only to skate on his next shift.”

    Anyone else see the Prust elbow to Staal’s head? I sure didn’t.

  93. I’ll say this for Del Zotto- he showed last year that he was/is an important player on this team. No one knew if he was going to suffer from a sophmore slump. He’s had a tough season aside from the demotions and the healthy scratches and Tort’s has pushed him about as far (as I think) a 20 year old kid in his position can be pushed mentally. He needs to get the ice time. With it will come the breaks, then the confidence, then the results.

  94. gb, but why do they need to be called out publicly? what good does that do? Do you think Lundqvist isn’t accountable enough to himself, so it needs to be a daily source of discussion in the papers and on TV? so he needs to continue to answer all the same questions, and then have everybody go “Oh, no, not again” when he gives up a questionable goal? I think it’s counterproductive to continue to beat that horse.

    Same with Gaborik. He knows what he has to do. The public flogging isn’t necessary any longer.

  95. How does Staal not getting caught up in melee on Friday have anything to do with him getting ejected from the game against the Rangers nearly two weeks before that?

  96. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Especially when he’s stating the obvious like, our scorers need to score, and our goalie has to make saves.

    Lundqvist knows he can’t let up 4 or 5 goals a night, and Gaborik knows he needs to score more than once a month.

    MDZ is a 20 year old kid who’s head is so twisted he doesn’t know which way is up. Torts ruined his confidence, made him timid and scared, and doesn’t give him time to work it out.

  97. Anyone else see the Prust elbow to Staal?s head? I sure didn?t.

    Don’t you know that only Penguins fans born on or after today’s date in 1985 can see such things?

  98. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    It’s funny to read the pro pitt spin on things. Had Avery or Prust smacked Staal in the face, Pitt would want them thrown out of the NHL.

  99. “Don’t you know that only Penguins fans born on or after today’s date in 1985 can see such things?”

    I didn’t know Pittsburgh had any fans born before then.

  100. Actually, I know two pre-1985 Pens fans. One is my cousin’s husband who was born in Western PA and the other is one who lives in NY and he is legitimate because the first time we ever played hockey together (circa early 1980s) he wore a Gary Rissling Pens jerseyu and told me his other favorite Penguin was Syl Apps Jr.

  101. Carp, I thought that Torts’ criticism of them publicly only happened because someone in the media asked him about them. he did not go out of his way to single them out. he did not seek out a reporter and tell him I’ve got to get this off my chest, I’ve got to rip these 2 guys. and it is not me or the fans or even the coach that they have to answer to. it is their teammates that they have to answer to. and I could tell from Henrik’s embarrassment that he felt he let down his teammates. gaborik I think could care less about anyone else. he is an odd duck, kind of selfish, as he proved in Minny.

  102. Hey Carp! you missed any exciting convo about a potential trade between Egpytian president Mubarak and chris drury! it ALMOST HAPPENED!

  103. James G February 14th, 2011 at 12:38 pm
    Forsberg?s foote is the whole problem in the first place! I wouldn?t trade that thing for Eric Lindros? head!

    This line just made me spit my water all of my keyboard…OMG that was hysterical.

  104. I know a few born and bred Pens fans from Pitt but now living NY, a brother and sister combo. One of whom we always go to one Pens-Rangers game a year. Aside from being her hometown team, she got into them because Lemieux. She defends her team proudly, and she isn’t really anti-Rangers except for Avery. In fact she thinks Lundqvist is better than Fleury and Staal is a good D, she just likes Jordan more than Marc. The brother isn’t quite as diehard, more of a Steelers fan.

    I thought about emailing them on their thoughts about Lemieux’s comments but figured I’d get a complete defense of anything Mario said from the sister and I think the brother is still recovering from the Steelers loss.

  105. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Foxsports did an article where they rated the top 10 dirty players in the NHL.

    1- Matt Cooke
    2- Sean Avery
    3- Chris Pronger
    4- Steve Ott
    5- Steve Downie
    6- Jarrko Ruutu
    7- Maxim Lapierre
    8- Patrick Kaleta
    9- Alex Ovechkin
    10- Tuomo Ruutu

    I find it a bit odd that Sean Avery is listed right at the top with Matt Cooke ,when Avery has never been suspended for an on ice play, and guys listed below him have BIT people, and STOMPED PLAYERS WITH THEIR SKATES.

    On the Avery pic, they talked about his own teammates calling him a cheap shot artist after a sucker punch of Edmonton’s Smid. (EC) As well as mentioning the ‘Avery’ rule in regards to Brodiva haha.

    But seriously… Avery doesn’t deserve such a close parallel to Cooke.. people don’t like the guy, but he’s nowhere near the dirty level of Cooke.

  106. gb February 14th, 2011 at 2:30 pm gaborik I think could care less about anyone else

    really getting sick of people saying this. Careful what you people wish for around here. He may not be on his A-game right now but it’s time to start facing reality- until one of the fantasy trades everyone talks about around here actually happens- this team isn’t going ANYWHERE without Gaby.

    ps- Happy Birthday to Marian Gaborik.

  107. Avery doesn’t belong on the list with those clowns. He never injured anyone, he doesn’t target people’s heads. He’s had his issues, but none of them is an attempt to finish someone’s career.

  108. But seriously? Avery doesn?t deserve such a close parallel to Cooke.. people don?t like the guy, but he?s nowhere near the dirty level of Cooke.

    I dont think he’s top 2 but let’s call a spade a spade. Avery is no angel. Maybe he’s settled down and maybe he’ll actually fight at times but let’s not forget about his pre Ranger/2nd stint as a Ranger career. He’s had some dirty moments in his career that go beyond the lines of ‘being a pest’. That’s why he was largely hated by much of the league even before ‘sloppy seconds saga’

  109. How does Chris Neil not make that list?

    Avery isn’t completely beyond reproach. He did some damage to Jurcina in the playoffs a couple of years ago (prompting his benching from Torts the next game). But no, he hasn’t been suspended for anything that’s taken place on the ice so to put him in the same category as some of those worst offenders is people’s distaste for his personality run amok.

  110. Wow! Who were the morons who made that list?

    Rutuu is not in the top 5, with Niel? No Carcillo, or Tootoo?

    People are delusional. Just because Aves pisses you off doesn’t mean he’s dirty. When does he throw cheap shots? That one on the Oilers player, which was borderline, is one of the only times that I can remember.

  111. Welcome back Carp!!!
    Totally agree on Avery. He’s not the cheap shot artist that he’s framed as…He’s more of an on ice actor.
    Also totally agree on Lemiuex…what a joke!
    I’ve seen more cheap shots from his team this season…

  112. The only two physical Avery cheap shots I can recall since he returned: The elbow against Washington in the playoffs, for which Tortorella benched him for a game; and the love tap with his stick on the back of Tim Thomas’s head. Those and a few punches late in fights when the opponent is down. But he’s not running around at guys’ heads or knees all night long.

  113. Doodie- Did my eyes blink or did I read you posted before that youve only really been watching hockey since 92-93 Wow What did you do take the Evelyn Woods Speedy Opionated know It All Course

  114. and I thought Mario’s old buddy and pal Ulf Samuelsson, bless his heart, was much dirtier than Avery. But not as dirty as that piece of carcillo Cooke.

  115. I think if you ever want to see the spontaneous combustion of Don Cherry, send him an autographed picture of Ulfie taking out Cam Neely.

  116. Speaking of dirty players, do the guys we mentioned compare to Lindros, Ulf Samuelsson, Marty McSorely, Igor Ulanov, Tie Domi, Donald Brashear, and Ryan Hollweg- all former Rangers?

  117. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    How about Todd Bertuzzi? I think this list was constructed of current players though. (Though Bertuzzi still plays, and could probably be on this list)

    But yea i don’t know how Avery makes that list. He’s no saint.. we all know it… but he hasn’t tried Cooke-ing anyones season or possibly career. The elbow, yes i can live without that, as well as the love tap to Thomas, and i wish he would stop throwing punches from the ground.

    That being said, putting Avery on that list is offensive.

  118. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    STAAL WART!!!! how the heck are ya man? i was asking about you the other day… hadn’t seen you in byfuglien forever.

  119. kurt, 19 years isn’t enough to know something? Especially when I have read/watched as much historical footage and information as I possibly could ever find? You can get a Ph.D. in 7 years, but I can’t know a lot about hockey in 19?

    I also played from 94-01, but like Forsberg will do officially in about 15 minutes, retired due to foot injuries.

  120. uh-oh. Brad Richards is out of the next game and possibly the games after that as his coach says he got “shook up” by a hit in the last game.

    he is not cleared to travel. possible concussion, and that, if it is true and he misses plenty of games, will definitely reduce his attractiveness and bargaining power in the offseason.

  121. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Maybe we can get Richards and Crosby now while their trade value is low! We can send back EC, Boogaard and Drury!

  122. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I’m not sure on this one… but it seems as though there have been a lot of concussions, or concussion like symptoms causing players to miss games. Do all these guys wear mouthguards? They don’t prevent all concussions, but they help minimize the chances. I see alot of guys chewing theirs… but am i correct in saying not all players use them?

  123. Is this his first concussion?

    If so, as long as Richards is fully recovered, I think he’s still going to get paid a huge sum of money. Having a concussion hasn’t stopped guys from getting offered contracts before. If it’s one of many, then yes I could see interest in him wane or offers with shorter terms.

  124. the difference is that now the players don’t play with them. they used to say they got their “bell rung” and would play anyway. not anymore. and especially after the Crosby and Savard situations, it becomes too much risk for a team to depend on a star who may get re-concussed, because they say that it is less difficult to get a second one after getting one. No way would another team now be interested in Savard.

  125. Richards,

    Good point. I think the heightened awareness of concussions will lead to teams being wary of players that have suffered multiple concussions. Savard and Crosby I think are viewed differently because Savard is a repeat victim. But as I understand there is a greater risk for players that already suffered one, thus Crosby should take extra care.

  126. a good example is Willie Mitchell. he is now much less aggressive than he used to play. sure, he still pokechecks and plays solid d with Doughty, but he is far less rough and tough than he used to play. he has lost something in his game.

  127. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, welcome back! I can’t agree more about Mary-O and the Pens. He’s such a whiner. All he’s every done his whole career is cry, cry, cry. Sure, in between the crying he managed to score a bunch of goals and win a couple of cups, but those were just in between what he is really best at.

    I imagine Mary-O to sound something like this: “Hey, NHL, look, this isn’t what we discussed at all! I told you I wasn’t going to stick MY neck out and get involved with ownership of this team without the top pick for Crosby AND without COMPLETE AND TOTAL ONE-WAY PROTECTION OF MY PLAYERS. You better give me what I want! You know, just like how you did for my six foot, four inch, two hundred thirty pound frame of crybaby all those years I cried and skated in the league!”

  128. It’s atdhe.ME now. .net has been seized by the FBI, along with Channelsurfing.

    That *.me* is important!!

    Speaking of Avery “cheap shots”, I also remember during a faceoff, Clarkson, and Aves were together, and while Clarkson was leaning over to spit, Aves gave him a little shot to the chin with his stick. Ahaha! Perfectly timed, extremely funny!

  129. Anybody hear Konopka crying aboot Gillies 9 game suspension?

    He said something like “It’s not fair, he has a wife and two kids, and he’s losing $3,500”

    Bwahaha! Dork! He got what he deserved. He threw a cheap shot, then thew punches while he’s on the ice, and then taunted him when he should have been in the locker room.


  130. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    jpg, interesting that the guy says Ott plays hard but honest… and he’s on the dirty list too.

    That list from Fox is nonsense, and more a knock on Avery’s perceived reputation than anything else. The NHL needs it’s villains afterall, might as well be in a big market.

    Avery over Pronger on the list when Avery has been suspended zero times for an on ice incident, and Pronger has been suspended 8 times, including a skate stomping incident, and a hit to the head from behind.

  131. OH boy all, I was in Japan last week and you guys kept me up to date and in the loop and made me much less home sick! SO I wanted to thank you all. And I was so happy to have the first game I see be a win. YAY, let’s keep em comin.

  132. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    The NHL probably looked at that tape of Avery/Smid over and over trying to figure out if they could suspend him. But Smid came looking for it…. and well… got it.

  133. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    for all the fine ladies of the blog!
    I’m late in saying Happy Valentine’s day… but better late than never!

    I wonder if Cindy got a box of chocolates from Bettman.

  134. How could I forget Simon- he wasn’t half bad when we had him!

    We’ve had our share of dirty players through the years.

  135. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    yea the Fox writers are a joke. You got Whitlock the racist… Puck Daddy who should call himself suck daddy… Spector hasn’t written anything meaningful in who the hell knows how long… just a mish mosh of clueless dopes collecting a paycheck and writing whatever they feel about. I click on one of their ‘stories’ and i get sent to an outside blog or fan page. That’s a news article? Please.

  136. oh yeah Mama
    not knocking your man
    used “dirty” in relation to
    the previous post that dealt with
    the listing

    as far as Avery and “dirty”
    that is such a pathetic joke on the
    word ‘dirty’

    he says mean naughty hurtful things
    and i guess all the players forgot the
    childhood line of “sticks and stones don’t break my bones
    but words will never harm me”
    (of course, you could add but a cooke blindside hit
    could jeopardize someone’s career)

  137. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    These clowns couldn’t shine Carp’s shoes!

    And since we haven’t had a Seinfeld reference on here in quite awhile i’ll share this…

    I have a severe close talker at my job… he’s also handsy. Constantly touching my arm when he’s telling a story, as if i can’t hear him, or i’m not paying attention. You take a step back, he takes a step forward. It’s creepy and funny all at the same time!

  138. so now Avery is going to win the Lady Bing trophy? the reason most of you like him is that he is a borderline dirty player, and sometimes he crosses that line. this Avery love is ridiculous.

  139. Thanks Carp!
    Work has kept me from posting as much as I’d like to.
    And most day’s I don’t have time to read the comments, however first thing I do everyday is check the blog.

  140. While I agree that heightened awareness of concussions lead to, perhaps, diagnosing them more carefully, and hence, more frequently than they used to, I believe there is true increase in head injuries in the NHL in general. It was reported by NHLPA. It isn’t only a function of players being less respectful to each other, or having more borderline, dirty players. It is also a result of having bigger players in general, and the game being played with much higher speed. They need to invest some money into research and start thinking of, potentially drastically changing the equipment- new type of helmets, perhaps neck protectors, etc.

  141. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    On the ice Avery is a pest to the other team, and he may be mouthy and what not… off the ice, he’s a total gentleman. He signed my Avery jersey, and signed a pic for my dad for his birthday and wrote “happy birthday, your friend, Sean Avery”. Classy.

    I now have 2 Avery jerseys… the one he signed, and the new one i had to but to wear to games! Gotta keep that signed jersey safe!

  142. bull dog

    i’m not saying that Avery should be
    a total gentleman on the ice
    , and don’t think others are either
    to put him near the very top of “dirty”
    players is a total JOKE of a list
    his background consists mostly of saying
    rather than having a history of suspensions and
    penalties for stick, roughing, fighting violations
    and actual physically “dirty” play

    he comes nowhere near many of the others on the list in that regard!

  143. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    bull dog,

    The Avery love is not ridiculous. Feel how you want about Avery. He pushes buttons, he gets in peoples faces, he gets people riled up, he draws penalties, he takes a few, but he plays with passion. He loves this city and he loves his team… that is why we love him back.

    Who stuck up for Gaborik against the Flyers when nobody else had the sack to? Avery
    Who got Kovalchoke thrown out of a game in the playoff series which we swept? Avery
    Who stuck up for EC even after EC’s dumb comment about a ‘sucker punch’? Avery

    The guy has heart. He has his teammates back… we have his.

  144. jpg and Gabby, LMAO and yes! (and thanks Gab, happy to you, too)

    bull dog, as usual, grrrrrr

    ilb, ever the rational intelligent doc :)

  145. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    There are 3 chants you hear frequently at the Garden.

    the first is “Potvin sucks”

    the second is ” Hen-rik…Hen-rik”

    the other is “Avery….Avery”

    nuff said.

  146. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    bull dog,

    i respectfully disagree. His history of defending teammates is too substantial.
    If i wasn’t an Avery fan… i’d be sold when he backed EC after EC got decked.

    I’m not trying to convert you to Avery fandom. If you don’t like him, chances are you never will, and that’s fine. But we have plenty of reasons to like him.

  147. Crown the Kings on

    More disturbing item in the Sun article was the McCabe trade rumor.

    Richards staying out can cut both ways. Safety first re concussions v. Willing to play thru it when getting big bucks. Support the staying out, but if you are paying big $$$, you do not your #1 center listening to the game on the radio because the Telly makes him dizzy. Just ask Mary-o.

    For what it’s worth, if you look at +/- from last game, the point getters were also the point givers. Can be a bogus stat with all the specialty team play. They should just have an even strength plus-minus. The PP stats can be misleading.

  148. Welcome back Carp and Happy Valentines Day to everybody! I had an awesome time meeting Mama and Tiki yesterday!! I’m so happy that you guys came down to meet me and my dad. I wish I could have gone to Warren with youse! You were so lucky to meet Sean there and shake his hand Tiki!!! That’s awesome. Did you get a picture with him?

  149. they do have an even strength plus minus stat. that is exactly what it is. they do not get minuses for pk goals against, and they do not get pluses for PP goals for

  150. kill the kings…..i’m with you…those days were so much fun to go to games…most of the teams sucked,but the atmosphere and in-between-period trips to the beer line and stairwell resulted in lack of recall…..and the bossy chant was great…..here’s on…..”sutter,sutter-sutter s–ks his brother”

  151. with this team
    i’ll be satisfied if we make the playoffs
    minus nailbiting time in the final 2 or 3 games
    win a round

    it would end up making for some good
    lessons for the core
    some things to build on
    and hopefully continued progress.

  152. hope EC gets traded. I’ve had enough of his inconsistent journeyman act with not backing teammates thrown in .

  153. Doodie– Dont misunderstand my statement, yes you can learn alot about hockey in 19 yrs, it is your egotistacal terd bearing attitude that is just wrong in so many ways. Look at the way you explain your exit from hockey comparing your injury to someone who actually was a great and not only played the game at the NHL level but was great at it, unlike yourself who lives under delluisions of grandure and gained his knowledge from historical tapes and stats. In closing its time to get your shine box

  154. Slow down with personal attacks, folks, will you?

    Orr- shine box had a concussion, was put on LTIR. Apparently it has been activated recently.

  155. McCabe is 4 years too late. He would be a disaster. McCabe is no better than Eminger at this point of his career. Kaberle is not gonna save anybody’s season either. If Burke wants a player, a prospect and a high pick, It better be Phaneuf.

  156. The Larry Brooks article sounded more like the thoughts of Larry Brooks and not that of Glen Sather. I didn’t read any direct quotes that said Sather was going to pursue Richards in the off season or McCabe or Kaberle this season. All Sather had to say was that they were not going to give up any core players and were not going to part with their first round draft pick. All the other stuff was Larry Brooks making assumptions.

  157. That is exactly right, Cross Check…

    cw- Burke will probably take a hard stand on Kaberle until the deadline and will finally realize that all he could get for him is a second rounder. Hopefully, not from NYR.

  158. That much for a guy that essentially becomes their 6th leading scorer. Yeah EC might return a top 6 forward’s game used jersey if that’s the trade market.

  159. Versteeg is a good player. I don’t know if I would give up a first and a third for him though. But then, the Flyers have a shot at the Cup this year. I guess they ought to go for broke.

  160. Versteeg is basically Wolski with a SC ring. Flyers paid a hefty price considering that they gave 2 1st rounders for

  161. Versteeg is basically Wolski with a SC ring. Flyers paid a hefty price considering that they gave 2 1st rounders for Pronger. That likely means no more acquisition for them.

    It says something about Versteeg that he couldn’t last a full season on TO.

  162. Versteeg is young, but, to paraphrase Slatipuss, “If a 24 year old forward is available in a trade, it’s for a reason.”

  163. “the first is “Potvin sucks”

    Gab – And that speaks to the level of intelligence and commitment of Rangers fans that they dont bother to cheer their team; but chant a saying that dates back to…beyond my years. Horrifying how pathetic New York fans are in general.

  164. Tiki,
    You got to meet Avery last night?? Lucky you! Did you meet him too Mama? Now, I really wish I was able to go with you guys!! It was great meeting you two yesterday! I hope to see you guys again soon!
    Welcome back Carp!

  165. Versteeg is not worth a 1st round pick. I like him, and he will help the Flyers as a 3rd line winger, but that is a good deal for Burke, but bad news for ensuing trades this year, setting a too high price as precedent

  166. They’re complaining that the pick is essentially a 2nd and 4th round pick, not going to argue that position but cmon they didn’t have a first this year.

  167. Julie – Yes. Me and Mama were at the bar. Avery walked in with his sexy sunglasses on. Walked into the employees only area, came out with a couple things, hugged the cute waitress there, bumped fists with all of his bartenders; took pictures with all the people at the tables. I didn’t want to exploit him for a picture or anything, so I just asked to shake his hand. His hand is as sexy as George Clooney’s face!!!

    By the way, Julie, you are a phenomenal woman and me and Mama were lucky and honored to meet you. We boneheads are all really happy to have you on board here. ♥ you

  168. Leaf fans better wake up. no team in the lottery is going to give up a 1st rounder for Kris Versteeg. only a contender team in the upper echelon with a low pick would do that.

  169. Jeez. I hope NYR don’t trade for Kaberle. I mean, he would be upgrade over Eminger/Gilroy, but is it really worth it giving up a 2nd round pick? I think NYR are better off piling up draft assets so that when they really need that missing piece, they have enough parts to play with another team…

    Versteeg is a second liner. He’s not a guy I see playing on the Flyers, he’s soft and doesn’t have enough talent to take someone else’s spot in the top 6…He could be getting moved as part of a bigger deal…I can see that

  170. You’re so sweet Tiki! I love you guys too. This Rangers blog is the best and has the best people on it! You are all awesome.
    I can imagine how sexy Sean looked with those sunglasses on!!! I wish I could have seen him. It was worth your trip to NYC! I’m glad you had a great time. Hopefully, we will meet up again soon.

  171. rozy is the elder “skatesman” according to edzo! lmao. thought i heard the “boston capitals’ at the beginning of the new n improved versus broadcast. and emgblom lookin spiffy with a new doo

  172. We won’t trade for Kaberle. Sather will get someone whose name isn’t frequently mentioned from a team with a GM in his old boys network.

  173. wouldnt philthy get more in a package witha first rounder than versteeg? i would think even a late first pick would be worth more than versteeg. hes sucked this year.

  174. djk, i def agree with you. slatipuss will get a good deal witha younger player i would think. hes been good with trades and burke will want way too much like everyone is saying. mcacbe is old too. kaberle an mccabe arent getting us near a cup. i think slats just makes similar moves like wolski for rozy type deals.

  175. he would have about 9-10 goals on this ranger team with torts as coach. and probably eb a minus 20.

    actually versteeg has 36 points on a crappy team. he would have even less on agood team like philly. he wont get top minutes with them. idk. maybe he is just nikkys replacement. steep price

  176. oh and hey carp!, thank god youre back. we couldnt win a game without u in the lineup. you got back just in time. sean, gatti and ctblueshit filled in very nicely though. great posts from them, but it just wasnt teh same without our captain!

  177. Happy Valentines Day!

    wow…Flyers are gearing up with the big dance, eh!

    he’s missed some time but he’s got solid numbers anyway! 35 points in only 53 games on a bad team.

    Great pick up for Flyers…this team is LOADED with talent! I hope we don’t have to play them in the first round! lol

  178. orr- u ever watch spartacus on starz? just watched few of the new episodes and there are some hot chiquitas on that show!! and theres some stuff tiki would like too!

  179. nice cccp! i love cereal for dinner sometimes. i have cocoa pebbles and reeses pb puff cereals. love mixing them

  180. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    <3 Happy Valentines Day 'Heads <3

    oy C3, i should have sent you the rest of the cookies instead of bringing them to work!!

  181. ohh man its awesome c3! it came out in the 90’s and u only see it in certain stores now. i only saw it in one store here in iowa and grabbed a bunch of boxes. theyre not as popular anymore. all my friends in school used to eat them backj in the day

  182. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    next time C3, i promise lol!! I’ll send you some reeses cereal too lol

    as for dinner, I had steamed broccoli and steak. lol

    so, Foppa’s retired for good now? I wonder why my Avs obsessed friend did not mention that.

  183. this craps-yotes game is boring me. im goin to bed. see youse guys manana. hope slatipuss trades fim tommorow!!

  184. Honey Bunches Of Oats is a damn good cereal. I’m not an almond fan though, but I have chomped on it on occasion.

    Grabby, funny you should mention it, I just *illegally* downloaded the first season. I haven’t watched it yet.

    I know Xena “Warrior Princess” is naked a lot in it, which is nice. I’m going to have to check it out soon.

  185. ok orr, i loved season 1, but beware, there are a couple of sausage fest scenes. ya just gotta get through those few sick images and you be ok. the rest of the show is great.fight scenes are kinda like 300. plus the guy who played the messenger that gets kicked down the well in 300 is in it. i just got into the 2nd season which is a prequel, and i know damn well this is your kinda show. be careful with the downloading though. i got caught once and almost got fined a nice sum of money.

  186. ok, now im goin. i just wickeyed/laureled. k night heads

    oh orr, yea xenas in it. but theres way better babes in it. shes still damn good for her age though.

  187. Hey gang!

    Wanted to pop in a wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! I would have made and sent candies to everyone, but I thought your sweethearts wouldn’t look to fondly on that.

    And a hearty WELCOME BACK, Carp!

  188. Top ten dirt balls
    1 Clarke
    2 Linesman
    3 Ulf
    4 Cooke
    5 Pepe Lemeiux
    6 Carsillo
    7 Keith Acton
    8 Bridgeman
    9 Dale Hunter
    10 Dino
    My common issues with all of them is for them to get their asses kicked and most eventually did though not nearly enough. The only guy who stood up for himself was Bridgeman but he was a bigtime spot picker.

  189. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’m gonna laugh when the flyers get bumped in the playoffs by montreal or car/atl.

    I hope we don’t get kaberle or mccabe, i hope we make a deal or two, but not for either of them!! Rumour has it kaberle has agreed to waive his NTC for “one” team!

  190. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    well it has been great chatting with everyone here, but I have to go back to work….later assens!!!!

  191. It is pretty crazy about the Flames. I thought for sure they were nose diving out of the playoff picture. I thought they were going to trade Iggy or Regehr. That sure Doesn’t look like it’s happening…Feaster may be a buyer now…

  192. i’m sure Carp will put up the press release tomorrow
    til then
    a tweet from Rangers via Zipay

    thenyrangers New York Rangers
    by stevezipay
    Congrats to Chris Kreider, MVP of the Beanpot tournament!
    10 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

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