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Courtesy of the Rangers:

February 13, 2011 – New York Rangers 5, Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (Game No. 58, Home No. 28)

* The Rangers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-3, today at Madison Square Garden to improve to 30-24-4 overall, including a 13-12-3 mark at home. New York is now 11-7-2 in their last 20 games at home.
* New York recorded their 30th win of the season, marking the sixth consecutive season the Rangers reached the 30-win plateau. The last time New York registered 30 or more wins in six straight seasons was 1985-86 to 1993-94 (nine seasons).
* The Blueshirts notched three power play goals in six opportunities (9:43), and are now 7-34 (20.6%) in their last seven games. The three power play goals were the most by the Rangers since they tallied four with the man advantage vs. Washington on Feb. 4, 2010 (L, 5-6).
* Ryan Callahan registered two power play goals, including the game-winner at 11:04 of the second period, and added a power play assist to capture first star honors. He has recorded five points (four goals, one assist) in six games since returning from injury on Feb. 1 vs. Pittsburgh. He was also credited with a team-high, five hits and led all team forwards with 21:35 of ice time.
* Marc Staal tallied two assists, including the primary assist on Callahan’s power play game-winner, and led all skaters with 29:51 of ice time. He has now registered three points (one goal, two assists) in the last two games.
* Brian Boyle notched one goal, was credited with four hits and three blocked shots, and won a game-high, 11 faceoffs in 18 attempts (61%). He is now tied for the team lead with a career-high, 19 goals on the season.
* Artem Anisimov registered one power play goal and led the team with five shots on goal. He has now recorded seven points (two goals, five assists) in the last 11 games.
* Vinny Prospal recorded one goal and won eight of 14 faceoffs (57%) in the contest. He has registered three points (two goals, one assist) in five games since returning from injury on Feb. 3 vs. New Jersey.
* Henrik Lundqvist made 26 saves to improve to 22-18-4 overall, including a 9-9-3 mark at home. He has held opponents to three or fewer goals in 35 of his 44 appearances this season.
* Dan Girardi registered one power play assist and a plus-two rating, and was credited with a game-high, seven blocked shots. The seven blocked shots tied his season high (Dec. 16 vs. Phoenix).
* Marian Gaborik tallied one assist to extend his assist streak to three games (four assists), and has now recorded an assist in six of the last seven games (seven assists). Gaborik has registered 13 points (five goals, eight assists) in the last 11 games.
* Mats Zuccarello recorded one power play assist, and has now tallied six assists in the last seven contests. He has registered 10 points (two goals, eight assists) in the last 13 games, and ranks third on the Rangers with 14 points (three goals, 11 assists) since joining the team on Dec. 23.
* Brandon Dubinsky tallied the primary assist on Prospal’s even strength goal at 1:34 of the second period to extend his scoring streak to three games (two goals, one assist). He has registered four points (two goals, two assists) since returning from injury on Feb. 1 vs. Pittsburgh.
* Derek Stepan recorded an assist on Callahan’s power play game-winning goal at 11:04 of the second period. He has now registered five points (two goals, three assists) in the last six home games.
* Wojtek Wolski registered one power play assist, and has now tallied 10 points (three goals, seven assists) in 15 games as a Ranger. Wolski has tallied nine points (two goals, seven assists) in the last 12 contests.
* The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday, Feb. 17, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a back-to-back set. The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and


John Tortorella on coming out of the timeout…
“It was important that we scored the first goal. We needed to score our first goal before they got anything else. We did and we found a way, our power play works tonight and I thought everyone contributed throughout the night.”

Marc Staal on the power play…
“We moved the puck around quite a bit. We didn’t get locked into positions. We caused some confusion for their penalty kill. We got some tips and some rebounds. It was a good job by our power play.”

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game…
“After they scored two early ones, it was a tough start. We really stepped up especially with our power play. I think we moved the puck really well, and we were shooting the puck and getting deflections. We kept it simple. It was fun to see what we were working on this past week work out. It helped us score and gave us a lot of energy. Tonight, we created chances and scored goals, and I think everyone fed off of that.”

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  1. yes Mama
    that’s what i have to live with
    due to being in the region.

    but WE WON TODAY!!!!!
    i’ll just have to live with that feeling

  2. I’ve gotta admit – after seeing the team go down 2-0 after a little more than five minutes into the first period, I was feeling very pessimistic – but the boys didn’t quit! Good for them!

  3. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    “CALLAHAN LEADS RANGERS OVER PENGUINS” courtesy of our friend Mitch Beck over at Howlings…

    another great line!! :-)

  4. Same here, Jimbo. I came home close to four, was watching the DVR, and after the second goal I was cursing and screaming in Russian so much that my wife (who luckily doesn’t understand much Russian) said:”You are going to scare both dogs, the vet’s office is closed”

  5. Crown the Kings on

    Nice win against a good AHL team. Rangers like their PP now. Funny what happens when you skate, eh?

    Glass half empty
    Hank still looking shaky, girardi still losing 1on1 battles in corner, eminger with a nice chest pass into the goal.

    Glass half full
    Line shake-up worked with more balance. Face-offs now a stregth – Vinny helps there. wusskie hurt can only help. Do we need to roll 4 lines all the time? Think it is a luxury in some games as players need to get in the flow and some guys just are not adding value (EC).

    Important stretch coming.

  6. lmao ilb

    i’ll have to mention that to my wife
    who fails to understand that people
    other than me
    yell at the tv

    (otherwise we’ll burst!!!)

  7. I blame Gaborik for singlehandedly winning just enough games for us last season so we’d draft 10th rather than 7th and thus miss out on Skinner.

  8. Henrik admitted that they worked on the PP this week. gee, you think maybe they could have figured it out sooner. it is not rocket science. you just watch Det. they put Holmstrom in front of the goalie and then shoot from the blueline looking for screens and tipins. keep it simple they always say, so k.i.s.s.

  9. I do not believe that Tortorella had any intention of taking Lundqvist out of this game no matter how many goals were scored against him. If he had done so it might have possibly ruined him for the remainder of the season. Sound judgment here on this incident.

    I don’t know about you folks, but I got the distinct impression that the ice left much to be desired during this
    You know….Bettman must have porridge for brains if he thinks that this Versus is a legitimate and professional
    station for presenting hockey games. Their camera men
    are so slow at following the play, and they still don’t know how to make the most of photo situations.

    I know that some of you like those retro jerseys that Rangers wear, but for those of us who have to watch games on TV, I personally find them difficult to pick out the numerals on the back and I don’t always know who is doing what. It would help on the shirts if they just made the contrasting white outline of the numbers a bit wider, so the numbers would stand out more.. it would be good.

    If they can keep up this intensity for a few more games, they will settle down and probably get back on track.

    I thought that Gilroy had a particularly good effort out there. And of course the Pittsburgh play by play was chosen to do the game, and were they ever in a snit over missed penalties by the refs, ( but Errey and the other guy were constantly moaning about the referees.)

    It got painful to listen to after a while.

  10. I really wanted Skinner in that draft, and that was before I knew he was a figure skater. Had I known that at the time, I might have cried when the Canes picked up.

    McIlrath better not be a bust. I wanted Fowler, and he’s having a pretty decent season for a kid who was passed up by 12-13 teams.

    Funny thing is, Del Z regresseed, and Gilly hasn’t really panned out to be the offensive d-man we hoped for. On top of that, Sangs was traded. So, now we don’t actually have the PP QB we thought we’d have.

    Meh. I’m not giving up on Del Z yet. But, still, it wouldn’t have hurt us to have both he and Fowler.

    Just have to wait and see what McIlrath can do when his time comes. Hopefully he can be the “wicky-style” d-man we need”

  11. Boy, after reading all your comments, am I glad I have MSG and don’t need to listen to other commentators. I suppose there are positives about living in NYC after all. Where is Tony?
    And you have to give props to JM for indirectly calling #66 a hypocrite.

  12. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    ilbzo, every time i am stuck with the Pen()S announcers, its the most horrible experience of the season…..until NBC televises the Rangers lol. At least with gamecenter I can listen to our guys every game, but these nationally televised games are KILLERS.

  13. ilb2001, I watch Ranger games sometimes at my GF’s apartment, and she has two cats who *really* like me (even though I’m allergic to cats!) but when a Ranger game is on the air and I’m there, they go and hide under the furniture until the game is over!

    I don’t yell in Russian, though – just very profane English…..

  14. Btw, before we proclaim Buffalo PO bound because they have 4 games in hand, just remember that those four games will need to be played within the same time frame as the other teams. Their schedule probably isn’t a walk in the park.

  15. Re: The Puck Daddy angle on Lemieux’s statement

    Speculating about why Lemieux would not consider his views to be hypocritical is all well and good, but that’s all it is – speculation.

    Unless he is prepared to expand on his statement in public and respond to questions (specifically, what he thinks of Matt Cooke, whether the Penguins accept any responsibility for what went on in the Islanders game and what he thinks about the Penguins leading the league in fighting majors for most of the year), then I’m afraid what may well be a reasonable message about his concerns over the league’s response just comes across instead as a childish threat to take his ball home if his team isn’t protected more.

  16. Lemieux has always been a whining crybaby – he didn’t manage to mention how the players on his bench were yukking it up after DiPietro received his knockout punch in the prior Islander game…..he’s just a GD hypocrite!

  17. Pens can sure dish it out – but they WHINE like little girls when they have to take a little of their own medicine!

  18. ok ilb
    you’re the expert here
    (don’t tell CCCP. he’ll get jealous)

    just recall the word used in the film
    The Deer Hunter and it stuck
    their pronunciation was similar to
    my spelling and how i found it online

    yes, nice to smile after a game for a change

    that and a bit of caffeine and nasal spray
    are finally helping my clogged sinus cavity
    and throbbing headache

  19. now we know where Crysby got his whining training from, by living in the house of the Super Whiner Mario

  20. will be interesting to see how hockey/Canadian media cover mario’s statements.

    remember before cindy went out with a concussion there were commentators
    who were basically blaming the player who was knocked out for not being
    ready for the (blindside) hit
    they changed their tune

    wonder if any of ’em will bring the hypocrisy of cook receiving a paycheck from
    mario and being a puke of a player.

  21. I’m just curious what Lemieux had in mind when he said the league didn’t handle it properly? Did he want those players to be decapitated? These are pretty heavy suspensions, loss of salaries and a fine. Admittedly, I saw some highlights, and it was flat out ugly…

  22. Btw, Lemieux should blame his team’s medical staff for not diagnosing, and properly attending to, Crosby’s first concussion. With Malkin out for the season, they PO position isn’t a sure thing, even though they have a pretty healthy cushion above .500

  23. finally read the actual news account of the suspensions and fines

    agree BIG TIME ilb!!!!

    earlier reports just mentioned goddard (at least in tweets that
    i could check at work)
    so i thought it was shocking no isle was suspended

    now, i see that 2 isles were suspended and
    i’m just slackjawed
    at what a whiny carcillo whiner he continues
    to be — from player to owner………..

    imagine the meetings when he wanted a new arena and keep the team in
    probably made a diaper-rashed infant sound like a quiet mature adult.

  24. That’s a great point, ilb! He *really* got tagged with that first hit, and getting boarded so soon in the next game after that first hit undoubtedly worsened his condition.

    They do have a big cushion of points to protect them, though – I wish we could have had more ourselves to get us through this dry spell.

  25. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    well guys, i know it’s early but, let me be the first to say

    Happy Valentines Day Boneheads! xoxoxoxox

  26. That’s what is frustrating about Lemieux’s statement, ilb. Without actually specifying what ge wants done, he absolutely leaves himself open to being second-guessed and accused of hypocrisy.

    But I suspect he’ll make no further public comments and we’ll have to live with the spectre of his friends in the media pontificating on his behalf and offering very little critical scrutiny.

  27. And Godard only got suspended because it is a league rule that a player leaving his bench will be suspended ten games – with no exceptions.

  28. yeah
    i really don’t understand why canadians completely
    lose themselves in mario and cindy

    yes, it was nice that he was cancer free and able to
    continue his hockey career but i couldn’t bear to watch
    pens games when opposing players stayed a stick length
    away or more from him…until playoffs
    saku koivu did not receive such kid gloves treatment

    and i also agree with Larry Brooks who originally brought it up
    that the pens handled cindy’s concussion badly from the very beginning.
    either he wasn’t right during the caps game and should have left
    and/or he shouldn’t have played in the next game where he got checked
    hard into the boards.

    it seemed like the accidental caps hit may have given him whiplash more than a concussion
    but cindy has cried “wolf” so many times over his career that it’s possible the refs are getting tired of his act. didn’t stop him from that slash in the closing seconds of the game…
    but, of course,
    he did “forget” to do the handshake at the end of the game. maybe that’s his excuse.

  29. Good to get a win.

    observation. we we’re worried about hank being tired at the end of last season. we got out and get a legit back up in marty biron (great check that box). now i look at the ice time of the d and see the minutes pile up for staal and giradi, yes they are young and should have the stamina but you can’t have your 5th and 6th playing 5 mins. i personally would like to see gilroy get some real time and time at the point as well, how can we say he hasn’t turned into the offensive dman we wanted when he doesn’t get a real shot. if the organization is not going to really develop him………trade him. as much as the fans didn’t like rosy he was good for the stability of the d and spreading the mins………like i said observation

    oh and good to see the pp make an appearance, i hope to see you again and soon……

  30. It seems like Canadians are obsessed with *one of their own* being the undisputed *best* player in the league. I don’t know if any of you folks ever watch the Hockey Night in Canada games, but I do, and I swear, it seems like they mention “Canada” in practically every sentence!

    I understand that this is *their* game, and that Canada seems to have a “we’re NOT American” complex, but for goodness sakes, the NHL would still be a six or eight team regional league if not for the dollars of Americans that were responsible for the league’s growth.

  31. although certainly the biggest carcillo-bag in the actual brawl was Gillies. he injured the player he was fighting with, but refused to stop after the player went down and was turtled up trying to avoid futher injury, the ref told Gillies to stop, but he refused, they had to grab him and force him off the ice at the Isles gate, but he did not leave, he then stood there with his stupid mohawk hairdo screaming and taunting the player who was being attended to by the trainer down on his knees just 15 feet away.

  32. Hey guys,’ I’ve had the pleasure of being in the beautiful city of Paris this week so I’ve missed the last 3 games. What the byfuglien have they done with the power play? Is it finally exciting to watch now and no longer dreading to draw a penalty?

  33. going back a bit (and then i’m done with this because i’d rather talk Rangers than certain
    other teams….)
    did anyone see the game when dipietro got smashed.
    just wondering
    how it came to be that he and johnson ended up fighting
    let’s face it
    dip could have challenged him but
    johnson could have stayed out of the fray.

  34. I guess so, jpg – but it just sounds so petty and unnecessary. I feel bad that they have to think that way.

  35. Mickey, rofl!

    jpg, I was watching that game, and DiPietro skated out of his crease and gestured down-ice for Johnson to come and engage him in a fight…he *really did* ask for it, but Johnson did not have to accommodate him….at the time, fights were going on anyway as DiPi had started the whole melee with Cooke going through his crease with 16 seconds left in the game.

  36. I’m saying it now, next Isles/Pens at the Coliseum will be a sell-out cause everyone will want to see what happens next with those 2 teams. And the game will be a letdown.

  37. not saying that dip wasn’t wanting to fight. it’s dip. no surprise.
    (although him going after cooke does give him a point or two in his favor, sorry)

    surprise that he wasn’t ready for johnson after inviting him
    still, johnson didn’t have to go down the ice.

    cements the rep and name that someone gave the pens — flyers west

  38. I agree with you, jpg – I didn’t mind that he checked Cooke either – I wish he would have given him a worse hit than he did!

    He must have thought that Johnson was just going to skate down ice and have a grappling match with him….but Johnson laid him out!

  39. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    As distasteful as it sounds, we all need to root for Montreal (Tuesday night) to beat Buffalo and the Devils (ugh) and Philadelphia (Wednesday night) to beat Carolina and Florida.

  40. Good evening all!!! I will catch up on earlier posts tomorrow….right now I am just so happy! Met Julie (who never posts) and her dad….awesome; Rangers won!!!!…tiki had a great time, the team won for him, he met Boomer Esiason outside MSG and 16 at warren… I know how to host people or what!? And the Kings beat Philly!

    Fozzy, you are birthday magic!!!!


  41. the next Isles-Pens game will be a let down. Pittsburgh will have no reason to engage in this stuff since the game is on the 8th, playoffs will be starting in a week or so, Islanders will be going home, Pens will be opening up at home…. what’s the point? i mean i hope they struggle horrendously over the next month and fall to like 6th or 7th and then maybe engage in the fights, but i dont see it. and theres no point.

  42. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Good win for the boys!!

    Eminger returns and his 4 minutes of ice time lead us to a win…1-0 with eminger back in the line up!

    or 1-0 without mdz in the line up.

    Any one have an update on the wolski injury?

    I have never been a fan of mario and his comment is just an absolute joke!!! The only things I have a real problem with from that game are the gilles taunting tangradi from the open door after he was clearly injured and goddard getting 10 games (i know it’s the rule, but it is a stupid rule).

    happy vals day to you linda!!!!

  43. Reginald Dunlop on

    Wow…..just saw the Garth Snow interview describing what Gillies did to Tangredi…….. I want some of whatever he is taking…….he saw something completely different than everyone else in the world saw……bet you Jim Morrison was a hero of ol Garth……..time to start drug testing the GM’s

  44. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Does anyone have a link to this past saturday’s hockey night live show??

  45. >>…we all need to root for Montreal (Tuesday night) to beat Buffalo and the Devils (ugh) and
    >>Philadelphia (Wednesday night) to beat Carolina and Florida.

    Did you forget to include the option for a root canal without anaesthesia?

  46. it is NOT a stupid rule. I totally disagree. you certainly do NOT want players coming off the bench during a brawl. that only makes it worse, adds to the impossible job for the linesmen, and causes more players to come out to make up for the mismatch created by the first guy coming off the bench. there is very good reason for the rule, it stops bench clearing situations. 10 games is the rule and godard well deserved it

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