It’s Go Time!


It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: This game is pretty Byfuglien pivotal. Home ice. No Crosby or Malkin. It’s time to make hay.

Eminger back in the lineup. Del Zotto prucha’d. Godard to begin serving his automatic 10-game suspension for coming off the bench during the Pens’ brouhaha against the Islanders.

Play nice and enjoy the game. I’ll put up the postgame notes later, then hand the keys back to Carp.

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  1. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    thanks, and great job for holding down the fort this week sir!

    Great job also by CW and CT on their game reviews!!

  2. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    McCreary has never considered this a job….no wonder why he sucks so much! :-)

    ORR, where the heck have ya been? Sabbatical in the wilds of PA??

  3. Here’s what probably will go wrong today.
    1. Rangers will lose another defensive battle because, you know, Gaborik’s shoulder is still hurting.
    2. Buffalo will beat Islanders.
    3. Carolina and Atlanta will play a three point game.

  4. Anyone know where a college kid living in the middle of Flyer country with no MSG or NHL Network can watch this pivotal game?

  5. In watching the pre-game and all the talk of Islanders -Penguins and how Campbells Colin is doing this and doing that , where does the sucker punch by Stall on Prust come up NEVER because of Buttmans man crush and then the comment by the whiner Mario. Hey wake up Mario your team is right in it with sausage lips. Call a spade a spade

  6. If you woke up next to Tiger and your Bettmen was sore and wet the you know you were definetly done in by a BIG WOOD

  7. just finishing watching the double header between Michigan and Ohio State. I love how they play a home and home friday and saturday in college.

    Michigan takes both, 3-2 and 2-1, ending their 3 game losing streak. Hagelin had 3 assists in the pair! I hope that he is playing with Gabby next season!!! He makes such amazing passes. check out his pass at about the 1:30 mark to set up the gwg:

  8. Linda – me too (as usual). Keep watching. There’s still a risk of debris from the MSG ceiling falling on the pair of them during the game.

  9. >>If I woke up next to Tiger Woods, then it’s safe to assume there would be tons of porn stars.

    It could also mean that Tiger was drunk and decided to, er, “try something new”.

  10. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    pure torture LW. i muted it and went to the Rangers website to listen to the radio cast lol. I give you a ton of credit for watching the games while your ears bleed.

  11. Penguins owner: “…those kinds of actions are unacceptable and embarrassing to the sport”

    Penguins announcer going through tonight’s line-up: “You remember that left hook by Staal last time out!”

  12. Pens’ announcers proudly reminiscing Staal’s left hook on Prust
    These guys are despicable
    The whole franchise is despicable, Mario on down

  13. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao game started on tv…….AMirante is still singing the national anthem on the radio!!

  14. Blue Seat Horror on

    Nick Johnson sounds like one of those scrub WWF wrestlers you knew were going to get their assens kicked. I’m really glad I sold my tix to this game.

  15. >>McDonogh beat all the way from the blue line to the net :(

    He had a hard time with the puck at the offensive blue line.

  16. the Pens scrubs were embarrassed and beat up by the Isles. now Boyle’s nice goal may turn things around, because before that, it was total embarrassment for the Rangers.

  17. funny thing is Rangers have been the much better team so far. Zuccarello looks really good so far.

  18. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i know this will not be a popular comment but
    is Hank going to spend the entire game on his stomach??

  19. I agree about Girardi on the PP. he shoots the puck with his head up, looking for tips and screens, he does not wind up and blast it wildly

  20. I would love nothing more than to punch these two homers in the larynx. These announcers should be ashamed of themselves. Funny how Lemieux is all up in arms with the way the Isles game was called, when they have Matt Cooke on their team trying to injure people every night. People in glass houses throwing stones.

  21. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wow! Imagine that. You put someone in front of the goalie and you can get a tip-in or a screen. And it only took them 57 games to figure that out. I guess Tort’s gut finally woke up.

  22. >>People in glass houses throwing stones.

    What if it’s bulletproof glass?

    Great Billy Joel album, by the way.

  23. Break the Pens on

    They have been awesome on the draws in the last couple of games

    Jordan staal plays (and looks) like a horse

  24. >>Hank cannot find the puck at all

    This must be the time of the season when his headaches make their appearance.

  25. Yalzin – thanks so much for that!! I freaking pay for Center Ice and the sports package, just to get NHL Network and Versus for the rare few Rangers games they air each year. NHLN SD and HD both aren’t working for me, and Time Warner says my box needs to be replaced. On Tuesday. And atdhe all I get for this game is the color bars and “this stream isn’t up yet!”

    You’ve made me a happy man again.

  26. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i received the Yearbook in the mail yesterday and as i was flipping through it it stuck on drurys page and i started to yawn…….no joke!!

  27. I have a good tolerance towards announcers, but these clowns from Pitts are the worst homers. I really cannot take listening to these two guys.

    Why is it that the NHL decide to have them broadcast this game? I thought the home team gets to broadcast it.

  28. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    unless the pen()s are involved.

    absolutely horrifying listening to the manure spewing from their cakeholes

  29. Break the Pens on

    Prust taking acting lessons? Stop flopping and you may get more calls.

    Wusskie has menstrual cramps?

  30. >>I have a good tolerance towards announcers…

    You’re a bigger man than me. I cannot stand Boston, New Jersey [Chico Resch], Buffalo, Islanders [Butch Goring], Philadelphia, or Detroit announcers.

  31. a repeat of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives= a million times better than the Pens intermission report.

  32. For all the ranger fans that aren’t able to get the ranger game because they don’t live in New York, your not missing much.

  33. Lemieux is hoping that if he whines and threatens to leave hockey that the league will hold another “lottery” and the Pens will “win” the top pick in the draft for the next 20 years.

  34. How many “Classic” games can the NHL come up with? How can all these games be classics if they’re just starting them now?

  35. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    maybe mario should take a look at a few of the guys on HIS roster before making statements…
    pot meet kettle

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    me too ToMG…. they still need to replace him
    this clown they’ve been using since he took the Blues position is filler

  37. F#ck The Ice Chickens! on

    These announcers are TERRIBLE! How can the NHL Network and ESPN America broadcast these f#cking homers from FSN Pittsburgh over Sam and Joe? Aren’t announcers supposed to be somewhat neutral anyway? …and I thought Chico, Doc and Rick Jeanneret were bad!

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    Any team that has Cooke on it shouldn’t complain too much about the integrity of the game…

  39. Well it’s a game

    So sick and tired of the Rangers barely ever putting a body in front of the net at even strength with their grinders fighting for their lives behind the net with nobody to pass to but an opposing defenseman clogging the boards.

    Someone needs to send a note to Tortorella. See what happens when you put players in front of the net: you score!

    If you aren’t changing you should almost always have a forward a la Holmstrom right up in that crease area taking a beating screening the goaltender and deflecting shots. Maybe that’s why they can barely score two goals a game.

    Boyle can be that forward he is HUGE.


  40. funny that Lemieux was completely silent when his boy Cooke was throwing vicious blindside hits that put top players in the league out of action for long stretches of time. or when he threw that knee hit on Ovechkin. but now all of a sudden it’s a “garage” league again because he got fined $100k for his goon Godard coming off the bench during a brawl.

  41. Blue Seat Horror on

    I don’t think they need Wolski at the point on PP anymore. Staal, Dirardi, Gilroy, and Sauer will do. Girardi and Gilroy do a fine job of getting the puck to the net. The reason it hasn’t worked in the past is because there was never Ranger in front to deflect or screen. Exhibit A, Callahan’s goal.

    BTW, Roszival had 24 shots in 32 games as a Ranger. He’s taken 10 in 8 games as a Coyote, putting him on a pace for 40 shots in 32 games. If he had shot that much as a Ranger he might still be wearing Blue. (not that I want him, but I know that was one of the detractors of his tenure here. That and his jibber-jabber indecisiveness with the puck and inability to keep it in at the point on the PP.)

  42. You see, that’s what I dislike about these MSG heads. Who cares about the points Gaborik is putting up when we’re on a six match losing streak?

  43. Ha. Steigerwald said McDonough was acquired in “that Chris Higgins deal”. For unintentionally disparaging Gomez, I hate him a miniscule amount less now.

  44. awww, poor pens, they have all these players injured. it’s so unfair to them. sobsssssss


  45. Break the Pens on

    Vinny was calling for the puck…vinny was standing statue like against the goal post ‘hoping’ for the puck

  46. is it me or has the MSG camera work quality been pretty bad the last few weeks? almost Versus like, but not yet.

  47. Blue Seat Horror on

    Stupid Nassau AHLers can’t beat the Sabres into submission. 4-2 Sabres in middle 2nd.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZzucco " Lets go Rangers!! "...says Greg L. on

    wow , all I know is I was found naked in the woods….GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

    IM BACK!!!!!

    wohoooooooo we need a win !!!!!!!!!!!

  49. i really can’t believe all the penguins announcers and “fans” harping on their injuries. WOW RANGERS HAVE HAD SOME TOO

  50. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    worst announcers ever, when they take the time to actually get the microphones out of their mouths

  51. remember last season when gaborik would get the puck on his stick last season in a scoring situation? It was money. This season, it is like….save.

  52. >>eeeeeeesh hank looks like a flopping flounder today! what is up with this?

    He really doesn’t look all that comfortable/at ease in there, LinCPB.

  53. Somebody should write a letter to that Faceoff Youth Hockey thing about all the little children with the Pens organization and how they all are so maligned that they have to cry and whine all the time. Please include the announcers. Thanks.

  54. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m really impressed with how much better Stepan has gotten at battling since the start of the season.

  55. Blue Seat Horror on

    I didn’t mind the shot. Wish he had taken a shot that may have deflected to Zucc on the rebound.

  56. I’ll say one thing for the Pens Tv coverage. their camera work and close up coverage and replays have been great.

  57. another GREAT screen and goal by Cally. That first goal he had he was screening so nice it would have gone in if it didn’t touch his stick IMO

  58. fans should start bringing “captain callahan ” signs to MSG. if enough people did, imagine what torts and drury would think when they look to the stands and see a sea of those signs?

  59. with your minor league scrubs at forward it is inevitable that they will fold over time and get blown out by nhl rosters.

  60. Usually it is one of the two, but I cannot stand either one of the Pitts announcers. I cannot stand the Saber play by play and really cannot stand Chico.

  61. [i]Shots on net. guys in front. How hard was that to figure out?


    Seriously how long did it take Tortorella to tell people this? Hey put a body in front of the net, screen the goaltender and get shots through when you have the lane. It’s been hard to watch for a while up until now.

  62. “I wonder what the Pittsburgh announcers are saying now.”

    Umh all Cally goals and AA’s were interfering with MAF. And Rangers were offsides for at least 2 of their 3 goals

  63. >>This is turning into the kind of game in which Gaborik should have a hat trick.

    I’m sure his teammates will try their best to set him up for a tap-in.

  64. Good for Micheletti mentioning Matt Cooke, after the Mario complaining…cheers Joe…

    Great win.

  65. Tired of whining about the big club’s injuries, the Pens announcers have moved on. To whining about how the injuries and subsequent call-ups are hurting “the best team in the AHL”. Sigh…

  66. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    LW, I don’t know what your religious affiliation is, or if you even have one, but i feel like i’m doing Penance today

  67. Blue Seat Horror on

    How about a line of Tyler Kennedy, Sidney Crosby, and Olli Jokinen? Call it the nostril-lips-nostril line.

  68. >>WOW!! did Joe M just say that about Mario having prick Cooke on his team who plays dirty?!

    Yeah, I like to beat up on him, but I must commend him on that one.

  69. Blue Seat Horror on

    Graves explaining Casino Night: “You get to dress up like you don’t get to dress up any other night of the year…unless you’re Henrik Lundqvist.”

  70. These announcers call the game like Wisneiwski gestures at Avery. Open wide, say “aaaaahhhhhhh”

  71. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    ok i am pretty sure the pens guys said they would have Cally as the guest, and it was fankist, and i could swear they called him Ryan Callahan……LW, am i wrong???

  72. I love Prospal’s interviews. They always seem so candid never like he has anything planned to say just waits for the reporter and talks. Would love to chill with that goofball he’s the man

  73. funny that when Boston and Mtl had their big brawl there was not word one out of Lemieux about a “travesty”, but as soon as HIS team gets beat up, all of a sudden he threatens to quit. hey, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Mary-O.

  74. Blue Seat Horror on

    Mario’s just upset because the goons he called up were used to mop up the ice by a tougher squad.

    BTW, I think I figured out Gaborik’s problem. He got too close to Prospal and has decided to adopt his year on-year off career strategy.

  75. Linda – wasn’t really paying attention, but I think they said Cally was getting stitched up, so Prospal stepped in to do the interview. As it meant he would have no chance of speaking to Trautwig, he gladly accepted.

  76. Blue Seat Horror on

    Maloney: “The Rangers have a nice 3 goal comfortable lead.”

    There is no comfortable lead.

  77. lulz

    half man half bear half pig!

    great second they need to bring it keep the puck in the offensive zone not even bother about playing it safe. try and score 10 more goals! LGRs!

  78. LOL! This better be a win, C3P…I’m not used to this…the Rangers scored so many PPGs…wow! Feels like this game should be in the bag!

  79. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    nice @ Stan also mentioning cooke that piece of carcillo on the pens and how marios ok with that… freakin asshats

  80. For as much heat as Lemieux will get (and deserve), did that numbskull Garth Snow really defend what that numbskull Gillies did by saying “he had the right intentions”?

  81. mmmm, port wine and turkey summer sausage.

    wait, the third started already? dang.

    c’mon, get Cally the hatty

  82. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    Permit a rant while the Rangers are beating Wilkes-Barre.

    These Pittsburgh announcers are vile. The play-by-play clown, protesting a penalty, asks, “What is roughing?”

    As long as that piece of garbage Cooke is on their team, please don’t ask, “What is roughing? What is dirty play? What is intent to injure?”

    And Mario Lemieux’ public letter is laughable, as long he sign’s Cooke’s paycheck.

    Before watching the last installment of the HBO series, I didn’t think it was possible to dislike the Penguins anymore than I did. I was wrong. It was nice to hear Crosby *itch to the referees, and Jordan Staal is an entitled, grunting, man-child who can’t even give his coach and G.M. the courstesy of responses when they ask him questions.

    I’m done. For now.

  83. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    the penguins are ‘rockin and rollin’ according to the talking asses they employ in the booth

  84. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think they took Tortorella too much at his word when he said they needed to start winning the one goal games.

  85. i’d rather listen to the people drinking koolaid at Jonestown on repeat than Penguins announcers

  86. and i had to listen to that for some class in college. was disturbing but not nearly as distrubing as Pensys funboys

  87. Hey all!!

    I’m listening to game on radio and stan fischler was 2nd period guest and he tore into Mario and whole penguin organization. He talked about cooke but even better, brought up the pens tanking in order to get mario #1 overall in draft. He said pens are the last organization that should say anything about integrety in hockey.

  88. Never want to wish injury on anyone, but I wouldn’t complain if Steigerwald was out for a while with a Nicked Johnson.

  89. yeah, I think Mario has really opened up a can of worms that was better left shut. Maybe this will be enough for bettman and cambell to see Mario, Crosby et al. in a new light.

  90. Blue Seat Horror on

    Didn’t Bettman and the NHL get financially involved in keeping the Pen()s in Cookesburgh? I’m sure there’s still some sentimentality there for the Tankquins.

  91. great comeback awesome second period that is how you do it

    Boyle is our Holmstrom. Sign him to 3 years NOW get it done. $1/per just throw it at him

  92. Blue Seat Horror on

    Islanders trying to blow game. Shorthanded for end of regulation. Buffalo will most likely get at least a point.

  93. “I find it funny that MDZ sits for Eminger, and we win……”

    Eminger is better defensively. Last year different story obviously but he needs to get his work in on the CT Whale

  94. Blue Seat Horror on

    Isles-Sabres going to OT. Stupid Islanders. New Islander Montoya begins his revenge by trying to screw Rangers out of playoff position.

  95. ORR!!

    thanks for helping break the streak.
    i “helped” in my own way
    by not watching the game.
    nhl network wasn’t on for some time
    due to channel being out.
    superstition crept in.
    it’s a victory
    and especially
    against the pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    At least Mrs. “RetireBradPark’s#2” won’t have to listen to me complain tonight.

    She’s still listening to me, isn’t she?

  97. Blue Seat Horror on

    Injury, DJK. Couldn’t tell, but maybe hamstring or something “lower body” related.

  98. Whew! The Rangers needed that one badly….can they now string together a few victories? That would be nice!

  99. BTW, did Eric Christensen even dress? And damn, what a funk Gaborik’s in – can’t even score on an empty net now! Nice of Tortorella to put him out there, though.

    Schenn, Tuebert and Moller for Gaborik please!

  100. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    # ORR!! Blast From The Past Is A Carcillo-Sucker!! February 13th, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    I’m tired of the Isles getting these random nobodies and they turn into 30 goal scorers. What the fugg?

    And we have Gabby who has scored in only 9 of the games he’s played? LOL I KID I KID
    If the guy is hurt, please sit him and get him healthy.

  101. Break the Pens on

    Eminger played 4 mins, Gilroy 8 mins. Special teams played into that another 4 day break coming Torts was not afraid to keep Staal out there for almost 30

    Liked the line combos which had some grit spread over three lines. Big stretch of 4 games in 4 days with Kings and Debs (both on winning streaks) and Philly.

    Hopefull Wusskie is not back anytime soon. Bring up Newbury!

    AA played his most physical game all year and Dubi was controlling the puck and had only one brain fart all game.

    Defense did a great job firing on the goal, even Girardi!

  102. MSG is blacked out here when the games are on VS or NHL.
    I’m forced to watch & listen to 2 guys ramble about nothing.
    A one point they said Cally learned to play in the NHL from Drury – wtb !

  103. now you know i am completely unable to watch
    a pens game for years.
    those announcers may be in the running as the
    worst ever!

  104. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    jpg, horrendous! there were times where they were talking but you couldnt distinguish what they were saying. I think they actually had the microphones in their mouths. Whereas Sam and Joe do nothing but PRAISE the opposition, these guys were making snide remarks about Gabby. Leave that stuff for the fans, as announcers you’re supposed to be above that. That entire organEYEzation, from top to bottom, is unprofessional.

  105. Thanks, Tony! I had no idea that they were carrying the Ranger game….I’, in NYC, so it would have been blacked out here, anyway..

  106. Orr

    and all of the Gaborik fans, had best get used to one thing..the guy is a giveaway artist among the best of them’

    I know he is known as a shot maker ( which he’s done precious little of this season), but one thing he does with alarming consistency is coughing up that puck.

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