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First off I’d like to thank Carp for letting the inmates run the asylum while he’s on his forced absence.  I’d also like to thank Sean Mayer for filling in with the daily updates and some thought provoking posts during the week.  This has been a frustrating week for Rangers fans, with the team mired in a nasty slump and the long period between games.

Ugh, now at 6 games or 0-5-1 with the Bettman charity point.  This streak is threatening to undo a lot of good work the Rangers have done over the first 50 games of the season.  Even if the objective of this year is to grow the young core of players, long slumps like this are never amusing for either the players and especially the fans. I personally believe that making the playoffs with this current team will at least give the core of the team some valuable experience even if it only lasts one round.

As for the game:

1) You want to believe that playing all these one goal games one will eventually turn their way.  I thought before the game started that scoring first would go a long way in breaking their current slide.  They were not able to get the first goal tonight, making it 8 of the last 10 games where the Rangers did not score first.  The exceptions being the Toronto blow out and the loss last week to the Penguins.  For a team that has been struggling to score goals and at this point probably dealing with some questions about their confidence, falling behind is not an ideal situation.

2) The first period deficit masked a reasonably strong period by the Rangers offense and a lot of that was created by the much maligned Marian Gaborik.  Off the opening faceoff he looked like Gaborik from last year.  Yes he missed a penalty shot (now 2 for 7 in his career) and Staal’s power play goal happened because he couldn’t bury the puck in a very open net, but if the Rangers are going to turn things around efforts like his tonight will certainly have to become the rule and not the exception.  I also thought some of the best high pressure, cycling shifts the Rangers had came from his line.  I liked the interview that Prospal gave after the second, I’m sure he injects some energy into the team.

3) The heavily discussed new power play format not only yielded a goal, but it also created much more pressure.  The key I thought was player movement away from the puck which opens up better passing and shooting lanes.  I think if this new scheme quickly yields results and becomes more of an instinctual style of play that will help spark some more scoring.

4) The second goal of the night featured a number of key plays with Gaborik leading the initial rush, Sauer pinched deep, McDonagh made a nice keep-in and Dubinsky finished with a blistering shot.  Not quite the puck movement you saw the Red Wings pull off the other night, but that part of their game has been sorely lacking for a long time.

5) Speaking of McDonagh, I think some of the things we’ve been saying about Staal this year (sans the terrible giveaway on Kane’s tying goal) will be said about McDonagh in the not so distant future.  He almost never get beat cleanly in one on one situations, is very strong on his skates and like the rest of the defense tonight was very active from the point.

6) I wouldn’t go so far to say that Michael Del Zotto had a terrible game.  On the first Atlanta goal Anisimov was stripped of the puck from a great effort by Kane and Gilroy fell down.  Unfortunately Del Zotto graduated from the Dan Girardi school of 2 on 1 defense and belly flopped on the ice.  I think if you’re going to take yourself out of the play like that you better get the puck.  On his penalty, it was a bad spot to lose control of the puck and you could tell that he looked very deflated after getting back to the bench.  But Dan Girardi also terribly misjudged a puck that came off the end glass and Lundqvist bailed him out.

7) As for the Staal and Girardi pair, I thought Staal played his usual strong game until the careless giveaway that led to Kane’s tying goal.  I thought Girardi had some difficulties with losing the puck and as I said in the previous point, he was caught standing around on an odd bounce that almost gift wrapped the Thrashers a goal if not for some heroics from Lundqvist.

8) Also, does anyone think that Girardi is becoming the Drury of blocking shots among defensemen?  I appreciate that he gives up the body, but seeing him hobble around the ice can really have a counterproductive effect.

9) Lundqvist made some great saves tonight and a few bad defensive breakdowns put him in bad spots on the first 2 goals and he did as much as humanly possible to stop shots before the Thrashers cashed in on the power play for the game winner.

10) With Gaborik’s line going strong tonight, the Boyle-Prust-Avery line saw their time at even strength reduced.  Avery was trying to be the agitator extraordinaire and although Torts didn’t think Ladd’s slash on him at the end of the second warranted a penalty, I have a feeling that Avery’s reputation did not help his cause.

11) Thank you MSG for the update on Crosby Concussion-gate 2011.  Do you think Penguins fans will get updates about Chris Drury’s recovery from knee surgery over the next 6 weeks?  Also, we understand the Knicks are broadcast on the same network but I wonder whether the Knicks game had updates of the Rangers game.

12) Due to the injuries the Penguins have sustained I suppose it was either the Fleury joke for the commercial for the Penguins game on Sunday or they could have mentioned that Jordan and Marc know some of the same people.  I’m really interested to see who from the Penguins is even eligible to play on Sunday.  Has this been a crazy few weeks for fighting, particularly involving goalies?

13) In the post-game interviews, Marc Staal looked frustrated, Lundqvist looked angry, Torts looked exasperated.  These guys obviously aren’t happy with how things have gone the past couple of weeks and at this point you hope this motivates them to play better because this is looking like a dogfight for the last 25 games.

14) I was going to try to one-up Carp with adding a 14th, but nobody one-ups Carp.

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  1. Here’s my comment- Erik Christensen brings nothing to the table and is a placeholder for a real center.

  2. Good morning all! CT, most excellent job my friend! and lmao at #14!

    I really really really hope the boys end this slump tomorrow, when I shall be at game. I mean, really. Gotta run. ta for now! Hey Fozzy, see you in a few!

  3. Break the Pens on

    I have been in the ” Girardi is an albatross” camp for a while now. It seems he needs to play goalie (blocking shots) because he is so often kept flat footed and is having trouble moving laterally in the zone.

    On the LQ save in front Girardi lamely tried to knock the puck off the end boards out of the air and failed miserably. On the Tieing goal he had Kane tied up, lost sight of the puck, let him go, and stood and watched him pounce on loose puck and score. Why was he out there in the 4v4 at the end of the game. I would have taken MDZ at that point or gilly for some O. WTB, Torts. Until Staal gets a premier partner we never are going to win those games. Hopefully other GMs are listening to the broadcast because gushes over his play and Versus did the same Monday night.

    I know why Wussky was available now. I did not see game stats on # of hits, but he is the biggest Pansy on skates out there. Constantly redirecting the puck back to the D from the side boards instead of gather possession, making a pass out of the zone, and taking a hit if need be. The MDZ penalty was the result of too much spin Joe Mic, right…it was because the forward did not help hid young D out and was afraid of getting hit. Yes he is young and has good, not great, hands but he has hurt us during this streak and is not helping Stepan’s development. Since Vinny and EC came back we now have too much eastern Euro hockey style and not enough grit. Other teams must love to play us as they don’t get hit.

  4. Great write up CT. I always enjoy your comments. Right on with the Crosby and Knicks comments. Who gives a carcillo about them?

  5. So you’re saying that the goals weren’t all Lundqvist’s fault and that MDZ isn’t a complete bust who needs to be traded ASAP? Are you just being wilfully controversial?

  6. CT,
    Awesome summary. #8 is spot on. I made a point of this after Red Wings game. They block shots, but don’t know how to do it. Why would you expose the unprotected part of your body to a slapper? Lindros was a great shot blocker, and Prospal (the only Ranger that does it right) blocks them the same way: facing the shot on his feet. You block the shot and can actually make a play after the block. Not to mention you don’t get injured.

    Great wrap up CT.

  7. MDZ is not a bust. . .yet. But he is being misused for sure. And struggling like he is, at this crucial point of the season can only mean he is being showcased.

    Or Torts and Sather are TRYING to lose their jobs.

    You tell me.

  8. Wolski Del Headzo on

    CT – nice write-up.
    I was hoping they’d eek out a regulation win here, which always seems to help teams mired in slumps break out. I guess we’ll have to wait. If there’s a time to slump its now. Even the caps lost 8 in a row this year. Granted we don’t have that talent level but I believe we have enough to compete against any team. Besides, Fischler said we’re going to the finals!!

    LGR! Keep the faith….fire Sather!

    good morning Linda ;)

  9. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Great job CT, well written.

    I agree 1000% on McDonagh.. the kid can play, and skate, and he’s strong… and he’s playing great hockey.

    MDZ… tough break leading up to the penalty.

    Gaborik- Best game in weeks. He was all over the ice… though you can tell his confidence is shot, missed a wide open net (thank goodness Staal was there !) and stuffed on the penalty shot… but he was skating and creating.

    Lundqvist… strong game, wasted by soft D in front of him. 3rd chances? c’mon now.

  10. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Now MDZ is a bust and being showcased? C’mon let’s put some brakes on the trade train.

    It’s hard to have patience while mired in a 6 game losing streak… but not to long ago most of you were singing MDZ’s praises, and comparing him to Leetch… how quickly the tides turn.
    Redden, Rozsival, and Drury are out… so MDZ is the target now?

    This is a young team.. they will make mistakes. This is the FIRST bad streak we’ve had all season, it just happens to be at a bad time.

    I’m sorry to see a few of you jump off the boat and look for safer shores.

  11. CT,
    Great observations and comments from you. I greatly appreciate boneheads, like yourself, who can evaluate the game and the team from a level-headed pov while still being a devout fan of our beloved Blueshirts.

    My two cents: The team did not play to their identity last night. Not nearly enough of a physical edge which contributes to too much time spent in their own zone and difficulty getting through the neutral zone. The need for a crease clearing D-man was evident again last night. Atlanta sure looked quick and fast especially in our defensive zone, didn’t they? Earlier in the season we were winning games in the third period which many attributed, in part, to better conditioning. We seem to have lost that advantage. Wouldn’t it be great if someone besides Prust would drop the gloves? This team needs a major injection of nastiness. Instead of watching video of the previous game maybe a viewing of “Network” would be better…

  12. MDZ has potential but you cannot pair up a young mistake prone offensively minded Dman with another mistake prone offensive minded Dman. Eminger was that stay at home presence needed to allow those 2 to grow. Maybe have Gils andb MDZ play 2, watch 2 swiching on and off.

    McD is more of a two way player and Sauer power is more of a stay at home type but both make good decisions in the offensive zone.

    What really hurts this team is EC, who does not back check and cannot keep puck below goal line. puts a lot of pressure on D.

    Prust and Boyle have been non-factors since the break compounded by Prust getting jackhammered last night. Avery is best player on that line since the break.

    Pens are set up to be beaten like a drum on Sunday. We need to take advantage of their freefall and bury some early chances.


  13. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Well done CT! I knew it would be a good write up and you did not disappoint

    Good morning Headzo!!

    This slump is going to be broken soon. As I said the other night, it’s gonna take a game with a couple of garbage goals (hell ANY kind of goals would be helpful lol) but it’s going to end. I still feel a trade is coming, but more for a subtraction element/ getting a draft pick or two. Nothing/noone major going, just one of the several spare parts that could be removed.

    Hope youse guys have a great Saturday

  14. Thanks for the positive feedback guys.

    I realized after I submitted the review last night that I didn’t write a whole lot about Atlanta. Bi think Pavelec made some strong saves early on but the Ramgdrs let him off the hook with very few follow up chances. I didn’t think they played a particularly strong game in the 2nd and were gift wrapped the tying goal. I will say that Evander Kane is going to be a very good player in the NHL. As for blog favorite Byfuglien aside from a few booming shots wasn’t the force he was earlier in the season. Still, Atlanta is a team that has had trouble keeping the puck out of their net and the Rangers should’ve gotten more than 2 goals.

  15. CTB – so right on #11 – MSG broadcast. They think the broadcast is Sports Center providing updates on everything save the weather. Why are NYR not on one of the primary MSG channels?

    Next Seps:
    1. Bench/cut/demote EC (0 pts , -1, since break) and put Stepan between Vinny and Gabby.
    2. Bring up Newbury to play between Wolski and Avery.
    3. Put Zuch with Boyle and Prust.
    4. Play Eminger with Gilly and let MDZ watch a game or two from pressbox to learn, not as punishment.

  16. henrik lundqvist blog fan on

    Lincpb. Remember to take your meds.;) We missed you and are glad to have your wackiness back :)

  17. Ahhh, the return of mediocrity. Alas, with the 4 unaddressing significant lineup gaps, this really was inevitable.

    Look at all the slumps now – Avery no goals in 14 straight games, Zuccarello zero in 9, WW zero in 7, AA has 1 in 15 and BB 1 in 7.

    And I concur with the criticism of WW – we all knew the warts when he was acquired and now we’re seeing them. He’s skilled, mobile and big but plays small way too frequently, IMO.

  18. @Break the Pens

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    “1. Bench/cut/demote EC (0 pts , -1, since break) and put Stepan between Vinny and Gabby.
    2. Bring up Newbury to play between Wolski and Avery.
    3. Put Zuch with Boyle and Prust.
    4. Play Eminger with Gilly and let MDZ watch a game or two from pressbox to learn, not as punishment.”

    EC has to go. I still have no idea why Sather/Tort/Organization is high on this kid. Other than his shot (that he rarely uses unless its a shootout), he brings NOTHING to the table and we treat him like a #1 center most of the time.

    I love the youth movement and this 6 game winless streak is really a piece of carcillo. But this is what we asked for. We must play to our style and Newbury fits that and EC doesn’t and when Feds gets back you gotta send Zuccarello packing as well.

    The only thing I’d add on is IR Drury, I hate to do it cuz I like him, but it just needs to be done.

  19. And look at the upcomiing matches: Pittsburgh (who will once again thump the Rangers, likely into submission), the Kings (who are no push-over), the Devils (who’ve already beaten the Rangers in their resurgence), the Flyers, the Canes, the Caps and the Lightning to round out the month.

    Yikes, that’s 7 tough matches – could easily be something like a 2 and 11 streak when you add those to the current 6 game swoon. If so, both Atlanta and Carolina will move past the Rangers and likely Buffalo, too – the Sabres are playing considerable better lately (7 and 3 in their last 10). This could mean the Rangers will be sitting in the 10th spot in the east and worse, if you figure only 4 points get captured in their next 7 games, Florida and Toronto and even the Devils if they continue their great play, will be right behind them.

    Mmmm…do I smell a lottery spot?!?!? Ottawa, the Islanders and the Oilers are too far back to worry about, but geesh, 27th overall is a lottery spot!!

    Yeah, I’m being negative, I know, but realistic at the same time. The team’s biggest enemy here is their lack of skill up front and that ain’t changing over the next 2 weeks!

  20. The Rangers have 62 points – the Devils are 14 points behind them, the Leafs 10, Florida 9 (forgot about them), Buffalo 5, the Canes 3 and the Thrashers 2. All, save for the Thrashers, have at least 1 game in hand and Florida 3.

    So over the Rangers next 7, let’s say the others play 8 and manage to play on average, .500 hockey. The Rangers, if they win 2 of their next 7, will be at 66 points. This means the Devils would be 56, the Leafs 60, Florida 61, the Sabres 65, the Canes 67, and the Thrashers 68. And the Sabres have actually played 4 less games right now than the Rangers, so it’s reasonable to predict at a .500 pace, they will be sitting at 67, thereby putting the Rangers in 10th with 3 teams behind them steadily closing the gap.

    Things are looking precarious here, IMO.

  21. If we don’t play completly urgent all game instead of the last couple of mins. like we have been we’re not a playoff team. Our talent level is waay sub par without a outstanding effort. EC WW BB Avery Feds Drury Prust…… so many mediocre forwards we are still a long way away. Our most talented guy floats in and out (Gabby) our goalie who is in the top 10( that’s all) in the league is YES shaky on too many nights and hasn’t really won a playoff series by himself yet. Do we have some up sidethe answer is yes, but will the timeline match up? Can we get the young guns to the next level and LQ on the same page in the next couple of years? We have some assets in our youth MDZ Stepan McD AA Stahl, guys who are in prime yrs Cally Dubi Dan G. LQ. I don’t think it matches up but I hope it does. a lot of us say we need a real center and a banger, hardshooting D-man and we do, but we really need is a whole lot more, like 4 forwards and 2 D-men atleast without losing our good pieces just to compete with the Pitt, Mtl,Philly,Caps & Bruins just in the east. uuuugh! Hate to be a downer on a weekend morning but ya know it’s true.

  22. Morning, ‘heads. Another loss but Moma’s at the game tomorrow and they wouldn’t dare lose with Moma in da house! The wrath of Moma, not to mention those rolled newspapers….

    Anybody know when the Carpinator returns? Think he’s at the game tomorrow?

    3:00 p.m. start. Ohhhhh, no! I wonder what the Rangers record is on Sunday afternoons.


  23. hedberg: IMO, the Rangers organizationally have 4 major gaps: True number 1 center, power scoring winger, physical defenseman capable of top 4 minutes and offensive d-man. The latter 2 holes may be eventually addressed via McIrath and MDZ. Maybe the first 2 via Grachev and Stepan.

    These are all maybes of course.

    And when you look at the holes, 3 of 4 are related to offense. That, IMO, is where the team really lags and it is reflected game in game out by their measily offensive totals. Furthermore, it’s glaring evident on the Whale, too. Down there, it’s even worse.

    Now look at the college and junior feeder system. The top 2 offensive prospects appear to be Kreider and Thomas and both have significant question marks. Kreider is playing college hockey and hardly tearing up the circuit offensively. Thomas is having a wonderful year – he’s 8th overall in OHL scoring with 41 goals (4 last night) and 2nd overall in goals (4 behind the leader), but at 5’9″ his NHL durability is a significant question.

    There are a few other encouraging kids – Hagelin, Bourque and Horak, but these 3, if they make the NHL, likely are 3rd and 4th liners.

    This issue is a direct result of 2 things: Poor drafting overall, especially in the 1st half of the past decade, and despite overall for that decade unimpressive finishes (non PO spots 8 out of last 12 years), no bottoming out and therefore, no top 3 drafting selections (and look who they missed out on – Toews, Kane, Stamkos, Hall, etc etc etc).

    Mediocrity is what you get. The biggest positive is that so far Sather, since banishing the JJ posse, has, for the most part, resisted the aging veteran route (thank God for that, too – he and Neil Smith proved that it doesn’t work). The team is young and will get better as the likes of Stepan, AA, MDZ, etc mature.

    But how long will it take? And how good will these kids get? Does Sather have the patience?

    Do the fans?

    Does the owner?

  24. henrik lundqvist blog fan on

    Nobody posts on the boneheads FB group much anymore. Last post was from a Kristen. What’s her posting RR name?

  25. If we don’t win tomorrow, I think I am done watchig games until we win one. I get way too angry and bummed out.

  26. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Refresh! Trade! Refresh! LTIR! Refresh! Cut/Demote! Refresh! Bench! Refresh!

    This streak is killing me… but we all knew it would happen at some point. That point is now. Ride it out. There is still a lot of hockey to play!


  27. We are used to subpar starts and a strong finish. This year is the other way around as of right now. It sucks. Even my 5 year old notices that they suck right now.

  28. Jim,good post and I think we agree, the one correction is the top half of the drafts this past decade. Waaaay too nice, it;s been the biggest problem for the 35 yrs I have been watching. Even a couple of good guys we got look who we passed on! A NYR excellent pick is 2 words Brian Leetch

  29. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    haha Nasty… i’m the same way.

    When the game ended, my wife didn’t even say anything to me, and i sat and stewed for a few minutes… then i put on my PS3 and played some Black Ops to take out my frustrations.

  30. Hedberg: Re lousy drafting overall – I don’t disagree, but I was referencing the current team and its holes. Imagine if the Rangers had Stamkos?

    And let’s not forget the stupid Jessibust pick – I recall posting on other boards prior to that draft that they Rangers should trade down to acquire an additional pick (to help compensate for stupid trades that resulted in them giving up first rounders – ie to get Bure from Florida) and then draft Parise.

    Imagine the team with Parise now? There’s your number 1 center hole filled.

    I think lost in the solid 1st 1/2 of this season is that the man in charge hasn’t succeeded as a hockey architect since the last 80s. That’s 20+ years of nothing.

    Don’t expect that dubious streak to turn around overnight.

  31. October (10 G): 5-4-1-0 – 11 pts – OK we can live with that
    November:(16G): 7-6-0-3 – 14 pts – Wow, they really play with grit
    December: (12G): 7-2-1-1 – 17 pts – OMG – this team has some serious mojo, thank you santa
    January: (14G): 5-6-1-1 – 13 pts – these injuries are slowing us down, just wait…
    February: (12G): 0-4-1-0 – 0 pts – AS curse, trade everyone or trade no one
    March (14G): TBD
    April (4G): TBD

    NYR is a 500 team that played above talent in Nov/Dec and the all now is coming back to reality. If they average a point per game at 24 games – 24 pts they will be battling for spot 7-10 in PO race – sound familiar?

    Good news – clearing some cap space, getting youngsters valuable ice time.

    Bad News – no top line talent on forward line save for Gabby and still have $$ tied up with Dreary.

  32. Morning kids,

    nice job, CT. Always enjoy reading your comments. I agree about that MCD-Sauer pairing. It really has been our best. They are studs in the making…

    I saw this on twitter last night and I thought it was interesting:

    The Rangers are 4-9-1 since trading Michal Rozsival.
    The Rangers have only allowed 28 goals in those 14 games, though. It’s just the margin for error was paper thin before trading him.

  33. The White Plains Batman on

    To whoever said it Wolski and Propsal in for Frolov and Feds makes this team much less gritty. Feds really was an underrated signing, can’t believe how much of a difference he makes.

    Stay the course, make a MINOR move at the deadline, and let it be.

  34. nasty- i only watched irst period last night. im too angry to watch this team suck anymore. i willalways watch, but on a friday night when i could be out partying i sacrifice it to watch my favorite team. and they are killing my social life! if they dont beat pissburgh, i think im joining you on the sad van.

  35. If LeBron’s “decision” taught anyone anything it’s that you can’t bet the farm on waiting for a particular player to be available (Brad Richards).

    If Jason Spezza is available now, and Ottawa will take a package of Anisimov, Del Zotto, another prospect, and a 1st rounder for him, I don’t think the Rangers have a choice in the matter.

  36. frolov sucked too. half a dozen of this and half a million of that makes a whole lotta half of something

  37. Imagine the team with Parise now? There’s your number 1 center hole filled.


    First of all, he plays left wing. Who’s said we can’t throw him an offer sheet in the summer? I don’t think Lou is able to sign him long-term. I’m sure Parise wants at least $7.5-$8 for like 7 years and I don’t think the Devs can do that and I’m not sure Parise does either. NHL hockey is a business and you have to assume that he would be seeking a 7-10 year contract with another team for more money. I think he is wiser acquisition for the NYR than Richards…he is younger and a much more dynamic player.

  38. Congratulations, Jim. You win the prize for most downcast Ranger fan (narrowly defeating perennial contender, DJK) – they’re a lottery team already?

    At least it’s taken 60-odd games for the Tank The Season debate to strike up this year.

  39. Isn’t it obvious to everyone on here that Del Zotto needs to be sent down for the rest of the season and Eminger needs to be put back in the line-up?

    Look Im a fan of del Z, but the kid is skidish now, doesnt take the shot, and is a liability defensively.

    With Eminger you know what your getting, a good D man who can deliver a hit and play nasty

    Who knows, Myabe Torts is playing Del Z casue Eminger is banged up and needed some days off, but ever since del Zotto came back up, it hasnt worked with him and Gilroy or him and anyone.

    Send him back to Hartford, get Eminger back with Gilroy (Which in turn makes there pairing stronger (one Defensive D, one Offensive D) and get back to winning.

    McDonough has def over shadowed Del Z, so he’ staying permanently.

    I really hope this is what Torts decides before tomorrow, becasue its the right move.

  40. I don’t understand all the praise for Eminger. Yes, he has been pretty steady but he does not have a future with the Rangers . I think he plays kind of an unorthodox, sloppy game and he somehow is able to pass it off as a steady effort. He’s not very strong on his skates and doesn’t see the ice well on a rush, often losing the puck before crossing the blue line. He’s also a minus-8, worst on the team. Look, I am not saying he is terrible, but he really is no better than a No 5 d-man. Come on guys, Eminger is clearly the least talented d-man we have…

  41. we get it . you have previously established that you love gaborik and this column proved it. so he skated a little better one night, he still did not display the goalscoring he was signed for, as the penalty shot showed.

    let’s get to the facts. he has 10 goals in 3 games vs crappy slug teams who are patsies.

    in the other 40 games he has played in, he has all of 6 goals vs decent teams. 6 goals in 40 games for $7 mill. he is a big failure, and I will be happy if he gets dealt. he does not fit the new identitiy of the team.

  42. I think Torts and the rest of the organization realizes that this team is not going anywhere in the post season even if they make it in. So, Gilroy and MDZ play to earn a spot on this team next year. Emminger will be scratched frequently because he isn’t in future plans. Right now Stall, Girardi, Sauer and McD are considered sure bets to be here next year. I think we’ll see a deal before year’s end to address huge offensive holes with either MDZ or Gilroy being part of that package. Off-season will see more movement to further address offensive needs.

  43. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    That’s WAY more than i’m willing to give up for Spezza, and his terrible contract.

  44. Eminger is another one of those guys who would rather throw a big hit than play sound defense.

    And the reason why I am downcast is simply because the Rangers simply do not have the talent they need to compete. I think we’re at the point where we have enough “prospects” stockpiled to sacrifice some in exchange for actual talent.

  45. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    give away young guys and prospects for a guy with a terrible contract… to do what exactly? Spezza doesn’t make us cup contenders, so why waste our young core?

  46. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Spezza has 10 goals and 12 assists this season.
    Anisimov has 11 goals and 17 assists.

    Spezza has a $7 mil cap hit for the next 5 years.
    Artie is a RFA and will get somewhere in the 2-2.5 range i imagine.

    NO THANKS on Spezza.

  47. spezza is proven though. artie still hasnt progressed much and its almost at the end of his 2nd year. but spezza is not that good to put that kinda deal together for him. even with a good track record

  48. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!

    I got 5 bucks for the oil change!

    Goals for gabby
    I did the exact same thing and got drubbed on black ops as well….a lost night all around!

    I am reposting this for S and G jsut because I am too lazy to comment on anything else this A M.

    No way am I even going to attempt to go over all the go time posts so I’m sure it was sky is falling entertaining!

    I will say this..the team misses eminger on the blueline and we have too much youth back there. Eminger must have some concussion like symptoms or something of the kind after that hit in the last game he played, no way torts is that stupid to keep sitting him over some of the guys playing.

    I can’t believe goddard is getting 10 games automatically, what ABSOLUTE BS by the NHL! Love the fire that the fishsticks and the pens showed…our guys need to show that sort of passion in a win or a loss for once!!

    This team misses feds more and more!

    We were playing our best the first 20 or 25 games this season. We did not take any crap from any other team and physically in the oppositions face constantly…what changed since then??

  49. Jeez, if Anisimov and MDZ aren’t All-Stars less than 60 games into their *second season* in the league, they must be as good as they’re ever going to be already…

  50. DJK- don’t you think it’s a bit too much to give up for Spezza? Who hasn’t done anything this year…

  51. A few points about our squad, if I may:

    Team is 14th in goals scored in the league
    Team is 8th in Goals against in the league
    Differential of GF/GA is 8th in the league

    Those are all respectable numbers. 14th in gf is not great but not as bad as it has been in years past. It suggests that the team actually has a huge problem scoring important goals, not just goals, which is really a by-prodct of being a young team. It is possible that a strong veteran presence, someone who can lead by example and actually do something offensively – specifically on Gabby’s line – could make a huge difference on this team. Drury has not been that guy all year.

    As many have said what we are now seeing is the difference between a team that is hard to play against and goes into the dirty areas of the ice and finds ways to win versus a team that does none of those things and finds ways to lose. Prospal, Christensen, Zuccarello may have more skill than those who were here in their stead but the absence of those intangibles is what’s killing this team. They have to be harder to play against again or they will continue to lose.

  52. Let’s look at what we do have:

    Dubinsky and Callahan would be fine secondary scorers on a contending team.

    Staal, Girardi, Sauer and McDonagh are excellent defensive defensemen but none of them are either a crease-clearing thumper or a PP point blaster.

    Gaborik ostensibly is 1 out of the 2 offensive superstars you need on a contending team.

    Of course we have The King.

    As someone said before, the organizational needs are a playmaking #1 center, a power winger, a guy with a cannon from the point, and a crease-clearer.

    Trades may be the only way to get those players.

  53. And if they showcase MDZ (whatever that means), and I hope it isn’t the case, the way he’s been playing, the wouldn’t be able to get Roszival back for….

  54. Agree on Gaborik, he had one of the better games so far…Both goals were scored due to his work, to a different extent…Trade him now, his value is high. Then we will be looking at two goalscorers, not one.

  55. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    They are all “positionally sound”. Sauer played with some grit for a while, but I’m sure torts let him hear about it and told him if he didn’t stick check more and learn to take himself out of position by leaving his feet to block shots more frequently/do NOT body check ANYONE routine quickly, he would lose ice time!

    Now that I think about it, I can’t decide if torts should win the jack adams or the jack WAGON award!!!

  56. Did anyone see the Av’s game with Forsberg’s return last night? He played more than 17 minutes. Wondering how he looked?

  57. no one is saying that Eminger is better than a #5 defenseman, all we’re saying, or at least what im trying to say, is that the rangers played much better defensively with him in the lineup as a #5 defenseman. MDZ surprised us all last year and this year he has regressed substantially, sophomore slump or w/e but he needs to work on A LOT of stuff. i honestly do think that we are the only team that sees him as a #1 defenseman prospect, so i highly doubt he is the center of any trade package. he may very well be included but i doubt it’s centered around him because quite frankly he’s not that good. potential is certainly there, needs to work on a lot of stuff. right now, in the desperate, yes desperate, chase for the playoffs we are safer with Eminger who we know will play a gritty game, wont score, but will provide solid, veteran presence there. no one is asking him to be a #1.

  58. I’ll tell you what I was worried about after the game, and still am. It was the must win game for Atlanta. And they played like it was. The Rangers were losing too many loose puck battles in their own zone, something they haven’t been doing all season long. They were out muscled too often. And Prust shouldn’t be fighting Bolton and the likes. He is banged up and looks spent. Boyle lost a step or two. The style they’ve been playing is finally catching up on them. A couple of convincing wins will give them a second wind…

  59. DJK

    I agree with you on some of your points but I the whole playmaking part is really overblown. The Rangers don’t need someone to get Gaborik the puck, they need someone who is good enough on their own to prevent the opposition from shadowing Gaborik and game planning against him every game. It doesn’t have to be someone who gets lots of assists, just someone who is an equal threat of scoring.

    The crease-clearing defenseman is also another thing of little importance. Sure you need guys that can hit but just b/c we won a cup with Beukeboom doesn’t mean you need a d-man like him to win another one. Sauer is more than good enough to fill that role. Sure there are some on here who think otherwise but they have nothing of substance to back it up.

  60. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree. Love the guy, but boulton is out of his league. I’d rather have a heavyweight in the line up for the 60 games we don’t need one than not have one in for the 20ish games we do! Love prust heart, but too valuable to be fighting the guys like boulton.

  61. if Godard doesnt get 10 games for leaving the bench yesterday then something is terribly wrong with the NHL. with that said, i think the Isles rookie that challenged Johnson should get a few games as well, as he just prolonged the fighting stuff once he fought their goalie. though I do understand that Johnson was ready to go as well, there was no need to attack Johnson at that point. Pens are looking more like an AHL team right now that we did a few weeks back.

  62. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Dude, you are a riot…LMFAO!!

  63. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Gilroy and MDZ are both offensive minded defenseman… they shouldn’t be a pair. What was up with Gilroy last night? He was falling all over the ice… first day with new feet?

  64. i wonder if their next game will be even uglier. Cindy and Cooke will be in the lineup by then (presumably Cindy)…i think theres a lot riding on NHLs decisions on suspensions now.

  65. You want some positives? If Gaborik and Hank continue to play the way they played last night, they will make the playoffs. McD, IMHO, is already number 2 D-man on the team. And Sauer is surely challenging Girardi for the 3rd spot.

    Anything else? Sure, say what you want about Sather, but Boogaard is as valuable for the Rangers as Crosby for the Pens at the moment. And he makes much less money. Eat that you Sather haters! :-)

  66. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    So, Goddard is out, That jackwagon Cooke is suspended, no Crosby, no Malkin, no… i forget his name but that dude who hurt his knee before the last Pens/Rangers game…

    So we’re playing MA Fleury and the AHL penguins?

    If we don’t win tomorrow… i’m locking myself in my room for 48 hours as not to pose a danger to society.

  67. I think it is Byfugien hilarious that some people think that Del Zotto is being showcased for trade. For who? That is such BS. Are you Byfugien kidding? You are going to give up on your 2008 #1 draft pick in his second NHL season, at 20 years old? That would be a first for this franchise.

    Wake up! NYR need to take the bumps in the road and develop their youth now!

  68. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    yea i had some rough games the past 2 times i’ve played… there are cetain maps i can’t stand, and that i get my butt handed to me.

    My favs are WMD, Nuketown, Firing Range, and Jungle.

  69. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    You are cracking me up (along with oleo) and I have a suspicion that if we do not win tomorrow, slats may lock himself in a room for 48hrs with dolan’s checkbook and numerous phones and phone numbers!

  70. NYR_FAN- amen! I don’t think they have any plans on trading him…This is a different organization. Again, when we all subscribed at the beginning of the year to “let this team grow and we will leave with the bumps”, what did we think the bumps would be? Stay the course. Making the playoffs is important, but from their growth point of view, not from our fans’ ego.

  71. LW3H: I’m not actually downcast – I’m a realist. I am relatively satisfied with what’s going on currently (that is rebuilding through youth). What I’m lamenting is the bevy of lost opportunities the current (and mediocre) GM is guilty of.

    In today’s cap world, you fill holes like the 4 the Rangers have via

    1) Drafting – the higher the better, especially in the top 5; this isn’t to say you cannot find a number 1 center via a 2nd round choice, just that the chances are lower and the time it takes for someone selected there to mature into that role generally takes longer
    2) UFA – as we are seeing, each year there seems to be fewer candidates capable of filling gaping roster holes the Rangers have
    3) Trades

    As I posted earlier, the Rangers may already have the players in the system capable of filling all 4 roster holes, but determining that isn’t gonna happen overnight and could take as long as 3 to 4 years.

    The bottom line is it takes time to rebuild and even more time when you rebuild via selecting in draft position 10 to 20th, as the Rangers have been doing for the past 1/2 dozen years.

    And for the record, I’m against trading off the likes of AA, MDZ and draft picks for overpriced guys like Jason Spezza – the Rangers have been there, done that for way too many years.

    Stay the course…we are seeing progress, but it’s sloooooow…

  72. Kevin, last time he talked about it, Crosby wasn’t a 100% certain he was returning this year, let alone tomorrow. Unless something new came up.

  73. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I like wmd and nuketown, but always get my frakking assen handed to me (probably by some 12 year old girl).

    So how many people do you think were upset about the emotion and fisticuffs when they left the pens/isles game last night (granted it was an isles home game so there were probably only 2000 people there and 1800 of them pens fans)?

  74. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    haha Wicky… yea i imagine that to be true. Slats with phones, numbers, and don’t forget a box or two of cigars!

    I’ll be on self imposed lockdown we don’t get 2 points out of this one tomorrow. I’m hiding all breakable objects, bubble wrapping my tv… and i’ll actively seek out any black ops player from Pittsburgh to be on the receiving end of my frag grenades and rifle shots.

  75. Jim- remind us which first rounder is currently a star playing for Detroit. Or has over the last 5-7 years.

  76. ilb, was referring to Crosby returning by next Isles-Pens game which i believe is the 2nd to last game of Isles season or something like that. anyways, no excuse for not winning tomorrow. and i do get the feeling that some trade will go down before Thursdays game against the Kings. just has that feeling to it for me.

  77. ilb, yes! This is part of building a young team. MDZ has time to develop and grow up, along with the other young guys like Stepan, Kreider, Zuccarello, Grachev etc…IMO we have take our time with all of those guys because of their natural hockey talents and abilities…

  78. Where the byfugien have you been, Orr? You pulled the same carcillo on us last year, you went to Philly for a few weeks.

  79. ilb2001: Remind us how many team have come up with a Pavel Datsyuk via a pick in the 6th round. Oh, and while you look that up, remind us of how many teams have come up with a Henrik Zetterberg via a 7th round pick.

    My point is that yes you can point to Detroit as a team who was built without a high first round pick, but I can point to a 1/2 dozen or more who were. In other words, your chances of becoming Detroit II is ridiculously lower than becoming Chicago II.

    Furthermore, the Wings SUCKED for years and eventually turned the corner and captured a cup with Steve Yzerman leading the way as their captain and their heart and soul. It’s arguable that without him, their resurgence to the top would never have happened.

    Guess where Stevie Y was picked? 4th overall in 1983. Coincidence? I think not.

  80. I was in NY, but I had connection problems. I thought I’d post to let everyone know, using a friends connection, but I wanted to be dramatic.

    Glad to be back, even though it’s during the worst stretch of the season.

    It’s really disturbing to see the Isles destroy the Pens 9-3, and beat the Habs, but we couldn’t beat those teams. Scary times!

  81. 1983 is an operative word, Jim. The point is that you can draft very high for years and still be at the level of Islanders or Atlanta. You just need to know how to draft.

  82. there is nothing wrong with trading your #1 draft pick from 2008 and 20 year old best offensive defenseman, as long as you get an all-star caliber player who is under the age of 27.

    Considering the chances of Shea Weber, Duncan Keith, Keith Yandle, Kris Letang, Brent Burns, Erik Karlsson, Tobi Enstrom, Jack Johnson, Drew Doughty, Erik Johnson, Tyler Myers etc. are slim to none, MDZ is going to stay put.

  83. The Rangers looked slow and lethargic in their own end. They glided to the puck, while Atlanta skated hard to the puck. Result: difficulty in controlling the play and moving the puck out of their zone. They looked like they were playing the 3rd game in 4 nights at the end of a long road trip, rather than the first game back after 3 days off. Where was the hustle?

    BTW – each game that Eminger was prucha’d, the Rangers lost. Coincidence?

  84. ilb2001: Of course – nothing’s guaranteed. It’s a matter of positioning yourself in terms better your chances. Look at what the Rangers have achieved since the lockout – some PO finishes yes, but quick exits in each season that resulted in drafting spots from 15 to 20.

    Imagine if they’d bottomed out for 2 of those years – on their team could be someone like Stamkos or Kane or Toews or Doughty, etc.

    2 of 4 gaping holes closed, in other words.

  85. Speaking about drafts don’t forget there is another aspect (besides luck, intuition and team position) – certain team talented coaches ability to raise and cultivated players in their teams, good enough to be available material for trade for 1st or 2nd pick to another teams immediate needs, and still having bunch of very good players for own team current goals. That’s how you have relatively constant feed of really young, talented blood and high probability for further success for long period of time. But that is, of course, IF you have a really talented coach to teach and develop. Detroit and Scotty Bowmen comes to mind.

  86. I agree 100% of the opinio0n to stay the course, draft and develop. I can deal with the rangers not making the playoffs as long as sather doesn’t go after over priced cap killer free agents.

  87. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Wick- ps3

    ORR!!! glad to see you back man! Maybe you brought some winning luck with you back here.

  88. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    We have the pieces to have a VERY good defense corps for many many years. These guys are young, talented, and coachable. We could probably use a more veteran presence back there, and yea having a Chara on the point would be great… but not at the cost of what we are building here.

    It may cause us a lot of stress this season and maybe next. But this investment will pay off many times over if we just stay the course. We’ll have a large group of guys who have played with each other for a few years, great team chemistry, and no crazy contracts, which leaves A TON of flexibility to retain our own guys, and add a piece or two via Free agency if needed.

  89. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I DO NOT want to see the Rangers trade away under 25 players, for older players with huge salaries and long contracts. COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

    Barring injury, Hank will be steady in the pipes for at least another 5 years. Hopefully more.

    My point is, Detroit and Pittsburgh grew into steady contenders by developing talent, and adding complementary pieces here and there.

    Granted we did not draft a Stamkos, Ovechkin, or Crosby… we have good players, and good players in the system (Kreider, Borque etc)

    I know this is too far in the future for some… but i’m excited about this team now, next season, and in 3 or 4 years.

  90. GOALS for GAB-orik

    the thing is its almost a given that you need a 40+ goal scorer or multiple 30 goal scorers to win a cup and if you dont have that kind of talent in your system (most teams don’t) then you need to find one from outside the organization.

  91. absolutely agree oleo. a 40 goal scorer on a team is a must. a team of a bunch of grinders is not going to win you a cup. is it a feel good story? yes. is it fun to cheer for? well we’re doing it right now… so i guess yes? but we cannot afford to trade gaborik… we have a bunch of young players, some are better than others, and we need to let some of them go for the addition of another 30-40 goal scorer, if we want to get anywhere near a cup.

  92. The Kings apparently asked if Gabby was available.

    I’d love to have Johnson, and Schenn. Oh baby! See ya, Gabby.

    Look, I like Gabby, he’s talented, and a damn good player, despite struggling this year. I’m not really the kind of guy who completely turns my back on a player after one bad year, unless their names are Dredden, Blowzy, etc. But, he has three years left on his contract, and I don’t see NYR as much of a threat in that time, and can’t see them winning the Cup, or even going to the Conference Final, so trading him wouldn’t be the worst option.

    Yeah, in most cases, you need a 40+ goal scorer to win a Cup, well, in three years, who knows, maybe Dublowsky can be that guy, and guys like Step-On, Artie, etc become even better than they are now.

    Like I said, I like Gabby, but I’m thinking long term. I don’t know if he’ll be back at the end of his deal, so maybe trading him, and taking advantage of the return we get could be the best option.

    Just my opinion though.

    Gab, I guarantee a win, just because I’m back. Like I said earlier, they haven’t won a game since my departure.

  93. Kevin

    well said, unfortunately the mere suggestion of trading 1 or 2 of our many many talented young players gets somehow put in the same context as signing Wade Redden, Bobby Holik or trading for Lindros or Poti.

  94. I read it on SNY.

    They reported that the Kings called aboot him not too long ago.

    Then recently they reported that Slats is not looking for a deal for Gabby, but that he’s “listening” to offers.

    He’d fit nicely with the Kings. They wanted Kovalchuckles badly, so this would be even better for them, since he’s a lot cheaper than him, and can provide 40 goals.

    It would be interesting to see who they would offer.

  95. Here it is, posted on January 23rd….

    “According to Bruce Garrioch in the Ottawa Sun, Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi called the Rangers and asked about the availability of Marian Gaborik”

    “Garrioch writes that it’s unlikely the Rangers would move Gaborik unless it was for a tremendous offer”

    Then this was posted February 9th….

    “Darren Dreger writes in the Dreger Report that the Rangers aren’t shopping Marian Gaborik but the at they are willing to listen to offers for him”

  96. Thanks Orr. Wonder who LA would be willing to part with to get Gabby? Being as offensively challenged as we are I can’t see Sather dealing him unless it’s an offer he can’t refuse.

  97. >>12)…I’m really interested to see who from the Penguins is even eligible to play on Sunday.

    I have a feeling Bettman and Campbell will wait until Monday to announce any suspensions.

  98. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Orr.. I like that guarantee.

    Oleo, we have a 40 goal scorer. He’s having a tough year, and in a slump. So is Ovechkin.

    Multiple 30 goal scorers… well Dubi and Boyle could be knocking on 30’s door at seasons end.

  99. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    People say you need a star goalie to win the cup… we’ve seen that isn’t a neccessity.
    You say you need a 40 goal scorer, and multiple 30 goal scorers to win the cup?

    I disagree.

    The Blackhawks won the Cup with ONE 30 goal scorer.
    They had 6 guys who scored 20 or more… but only Kane had 30.

    Blackhawks won with no superstar goalie, no 40 goal scorer… they had depth, and balanced scoring from multiple lines.

    Deep teams make stanley cup runs… see PIT/DET/PHI

  100. season’s end is in 27? games… they’re not hitting 30. Boyle is not a 30 goal scorer, common….Minny is better without Gaborik? that’s a pretty dumb thing to say considering when Gaborik left pretty much the entire team was restructured, new coach, etc. and dont forget them losing their mvp, Aaron Voros. they were the worst team in the league in the beginning of the year, remember that?

  101. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Hell, the Canadiens made it to the conference finals WITH NO 30 GOAL SCORERS.

    Bottom line is, once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen. Montreal beat the Caps and the Penguins before losing to Philly in the east finals.. who we all know barely made the playoffs at all.

    Why not us?

  102. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    ok so maybe it’s a stretch that Boyle hits 30, but Dubi certainly could. And they’re playing solid hockey, Boyle has produced at a much higher level than he has in the past, hopefully it’s not an enigma, and he can steadily do this moving forward.

  103. i hope Boyle can consistently put up 20+, im thrilled at the year he’s having after all the work put in, i just dont think one should expect this much. but surpise me. apparently Khabibulin and Neil got into it in the Oilers-Sens game. they got roughing penalties. WHATS WITH THE GOALIES?

  104. Break the Pens on

    La is my lady said Gabby, trade him, AA, and Girardi for Dustin Brown, Johnson and schenn

  105. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    So you want to trade a Sniper for a slightly better Callahan?

    Brown’s 18 goals (so far) vs. Gaborik’s 16 goals (so far)
    Brown is pacing his average, while Gaborik is grossly underperforming.

    I’m not trying to be a byfuglien here… but i’m just not seeing how that makes logical sense.

    Callahan has 12 goals and missed a big chunk of time with injury.

    Brown for Gabby straight up doesn’t look like a good deal for us at all. Solves zero problems.

  106. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    For the record… i like Dustin Brown as a player. Just not enough to trade Gaborik for him.

  107. only reason i say brown for gaborik, is he fits mold of this team better. who knows, maybe gaborik will regain his form and prove his worth

  108. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I think he would fit the mold too, but swapping him for Gaborik would be taking a step back, not forward IMO.
    Last season Gaborik played really well.. 42 goals, another 40 something assists, and everyone loved him.
    Granted now the heats on cuz we’re losing, and Gabby isn’t steadily scoring… but these things happen.

    Gaborik is too much of a weapon just to give up on after half a subpar season. As bad as he’s been playing… he’s 5 goals behind Ovechkin… and i’m pretty sure nobody in Washington wants to trade Ovie.

  109. BaLcony Bob

    You are right on about the casual return when going for an iced puck instead of hurrying, and at other times also. And for the lad who said that this team hasn’t the talent to go to playoffs, wrong son, wrong. There’s mucho talent on this team, it simply hasn’t been properly probed. For one thing, the problem team wise is systemic. When you see them come out on the ice it doesn’t matter who they play… that’s not a factor. Their problem is that they continue to do the same things that caused them to lose the prior game ( say games) and they go thru the same motions, make the same robotic
    ( and customary) moves when in a certain spot or position, and there is a dreadful sameness to what they do when they get in the attack zone. Always. Tell me there isn’t a player on this team that can make a creditable slap shot hard from the blue line, and I will laugh aloud.
    Nonsense! They all can. But they don’t. And that is the rub. Why not? Because they have been left with the idea ( perhaps subliminal by this time) that it just isn’t done. Not on this team anyway.

    And this coach had better start curbing his volcanic
    eruptions when a single error in performance is made by either rookie or vet. He doesn’t have to be Mr enthusiasm in the face of glaring errors, but there has to be a reasonable medium. Some of these folks are very obviously being way too deliberate in their moves and motions, and not getting a free flow to their game.
    on the ice. Some might call it tightening up, but it is obviously giving them pause. That slow glide as an opponent iced puck, or the glide toward the back boards with an opponent after it also. They have to start taking into account that the clock is also their enemy, and they cannot afford to waste a single minute. Ice time is precious..never waste a single moment of it.

    There are times out there when they look……un natural.

  110. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    nice post. I agree regarding Torts and his quick trigger. He got in MDZ’s head, and the kid is brainlocked out there right now. And ONE GAME after Torts says he’s “improved in the areas we asked him too”… Torts scratches him. The confidence issue isn’t solely effecting Gaborik. It’s all over MDZ too. And for that i blame the coach.

  111. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    to clarify.. not saying Torts is responsible for Gaborik’s lack of confidence, but do believe he mind-effed MDZ.

  112. nice job CT

    unbelievable that the team played with so little
    urgency last night.
    don’t know if they had so much work that they’re now
    thinking too much because the lack of urgency
    was one thing that REALLY bothered me.
    besides getting beaten to pucks and hemmed in their zone
    throughout much of the game
    it was also infuriating that the game plan didn’t change for the better
    thrashers normally play us hard and pretty much in the same manner
    as last night…….clog up lanes, man waiting in our zone at blue line,
    stopping all those stupid stupid ’round the boards…
    just like the devs
    Ranger coaches should have known what’s coming
    and came up with something to counteract it.
    did not.
    lack of effort didn’t help

  113. hope the results for the flyers-west are different than the last team that did that outdoor practice

  114. Break the Pens on

    Trade for offense ( gabby, vinny, EC, biron, bb, girardi, wusskie).

    Buy out dreary.

    Sign Chara and Richards.

  115. Del Zotto thankfully will be viewing tomorrow’s game from the press box.

    I still think he may end up being traded.

  116. carp…maybe it’s time to shut this thing down..tless than a month ago,it was “great-finally youth!” and “they’re finally doing it right” and “they’re my favorite team since 1994″…now these people want to trade the whole bleeping team….they lost six games by seven goals(including an empty-netter)…they rarely getrs romped and theyNEVER quit….they’re young and gelling as a team…be patient….maybe they really nostalgic for the good old days of theo,skrudland,the great sylvain “i quit” lefebvre,or the mighty kevin stevens….wake up and appreciate what they’re building,because maybe fat boy dolan will read this and say to cigarface-“see,slats i told you these suckers don’t want to rebuild-get into the playoffs,no matter who gets traded”…ranger fans are the most loyal,but they never gave us a reason to be…they’re on the right a few years we’ll be cup contenders for years to come….

  117. emj2348- I just had a bad bout of nausea after I read Skrudland….And he wasn’t the worst of them. Thanks for ruining my dinner. Anything else- amen!

  118. emj: Who on here posted about trading the ‘whole bleeping team’? I didn’t see that. Some are proposing possible trades – so? What’s wrong with that?

    Close this down because some of us are passionate and get carried away in our enthusiasm?

    I have a suggestion: Don’t come in here!

    Sorry all – just bugs me when someone gets all self-righteous due to passionate Ranger fans expressing themselves.

  119. BTW, Dale Weise has 5 goals and 7 points in 5 games since going back to the Whale (he missed the early part of Feb due to injury). I maintain this kid has a big league shot and it’s only a matter of time before he’s an NHL regular – somewhere.

  120. Gaborik for Brown? Whoever said it was right, Brown will fit right into our system. And then we can start looking for a goalscorer. Again. Good luck, they really come easy. I like when Dreger mentioned Slats isn’t trading Gaborik, but he might listen to offers. What does it mean?

  121. Break the Pens on

    Forget my last post

    Start EC – make him Capt

    Reward Gabby’s non performance with an extension.

    Play girardi top line minutes with staal

    Admire Vinny’s leadership as he watches the rush leave the zone.

    Treasure the back up goalie, but beat up on Hank because he cannot stop the third rebound

    Wait for Wusskie to hit someone, any one!

    I am talking about addition by subtraction. The grinders won the games in the first 50 and now they are out of gas and the floaters are still cruising around, hoping for wayward rebound to find their stick as they safely camp out away from the crease.

  122. Wow…I think ‘break the pens’ just took from me my trophy for being the most negative (I maintain I’m being realistic, however!).

    Yikes…now that’s pessimism!

  123. I think he is on the wrong board. if he wants nothing but pollyannas, then go to the Sharks board. they are loaded with them.

  124. Julie-Who Hardly Ever Posts on

    Hey everybody!
    Tough loss last night, but tomorrow is another day. Rangers better get their act together because I will be at the game tomorrow! They better get a win for me, Mama and Tiki!!! Whatever the outcome, I’m pumped about being there.

  125. billybleedsblue on

    No trades! Stay the course! I believe we still have a good chance for the post season. Maybe not gonna make a run, but who knows? Playoff hockey is a totally different animal. Stick with it. Work it out. This team can come together, play confidently, and win some games. Let’s go Rangers!

  126. ORR has been located, good news. And then he reheats the Kings interested in Gaborik rumor.

    And for the record, I didn’t absolve Gaborik of having a subpar season in my review. In fact I believe I stated that he needs to play like last night, every night. Is goal scoring his claim to fame? Yes it is, but he’s basically even in terms of goals and assists for his career. His role is to create offense, if it’s him sniping a 4 goal game from great individual efforts that’s nice. If it’s him drawing double coverage and dishing the puck to a wide open teammate for a tap in, that’s fine too. With the way the team has struggled scoring of late, I’m not going to complain who scores or how they score. He didn’t score on the penalty shot late in the game. Well early in the game Avery and Dubinsky both had chances at breakaways and they decided to shoot the puck from 30 feet out without oncoming support to collect rebounds, Anisimov hit the post on a wide open net. Several missed opportunities.

    I doubt the Kings would trade Dustin Brown. Not because I think he’s completely untouchable but when you’re at the stage of team building where the Kings are you don’t trade away core assets, not to mention a captain who contributes, but you look to add to them. The same goes for Kopitar, Jack Johnson and Drew Doughty.

    And the cap implication for adding Gaborik might make it impossible for them to add him. Assuming they keep the aforementioned core players, adding Gaborik would mean they would have 16 players under contract for next season earning about $47M in cap space. Drew Doughty is due an extension, his hit is a little under $4M, so I’d imagine he gets at least $5M. That means $52M in cap space for 17 players, with at least 4 or 5 players to retain/replace. Very few teams can afford a $7M cap hit for the next few years and at the same time retain players as they are coming off entry level deals, the Rangers youth movement has allowed them to do that. Also, very few players that have that high a cap hit get moved with multiple years left on their deal. Some get moved as rentals, but Gomez has been one of the few large cap hits that gets moved in a pure trade as well as Phaneuf. Heatley forced a trade out of Ottawa and the return the Sens got for him was terrible.

  127. No way will i trade Gaborik for Brown. A team full of grinders has a 0% chance of winning a Stanley Cup. You need players that will put up 80, 90, 100 points if you want to go all the way.

    You CANNOT win without superstar players. It might not be as profound as the NBA but you CANNOT win in the NHL without 90+ point players. Grinders belong on the 3rd and 4th line not in the top 6.

  128. Break the Pens on

    Jim – feeling very optimistic. Love the Ranger’s young core and the philosophy you need to build from the draft and make some smart adds thru free agency is and when appropriate. My feeling is the players mentioned in earlier post are just on the bus for the ride until the next town, we need guys driving the bus.

    mid-Jan to mid-Dec was a very rewarding time to be a Rangers fan – winning playing gritty with in your face hockey. Contirbutions from all especially the kiddies from the Pack.

    Frankly, this season is irrelevant as the goal is to compete for SC every year and we are not there yet. Can anything happen in POs? Of course, look at Les Habs last year (but hey, they had Gomez…) We took a step forward this year in understanding the type of hockey it takes to win in the league when you are not stacked with talent.

    I am more than willing to wait for the pups on the farm to mature and would not trade any young player who has skills, hustles, and gives it up for the team. While last night was frustrating, it doesn’t matter in the big picture.

    The questions to be answered are more in the vein of “are the first and second year players on the right development track” – more or less yes. “Are we thru overpaying for end of career superstars” – hopefully yes. “Can we get rid of some players who do not play the style of winning hockey we want are our identify” – definitely yes.

    Enjoy the journey and remember we criticize because we care.

  129. Didn’t see it posted but per Andrew Gross the new lines are:

    Brandon Dubinsky, Vinny Prospal, Marian Gaborik
    Sean Avery, Artem Anisimov, Derek Stepan
    Mats Zuccarello, Erik Christensen, Brandon Prust
    Wojtek Wolski, Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan

  130. Break the Pens

    I completely agree with everything you just said, however in order for us to compete in the future we are going to need to be stacked with talent. It is impossible to have a stacked team simply from building from within and some point we are going to need to acquire another star player to go along with Gaborik.

    The question is do we sign Richards who is a perfect fit with the understanding and expectation that at the latter end of his contract, he will no longer be a 7.5 mil a year player or do we simply wait and let the success of the next few years rest solely on the hopeful development of our prospects.

  131. There’s no reason to trade Gaby. You need to add another “elite” player like him. Whether that is Richards, Parise, or someone else, we’ll see…

    Although, I know he’d probably accept a trade there…

    I just don’t think it’s a good idea to trade a sniper like Gaby when he is the type of player we need more of…I don’t see the Kings trading Kopitar or Doughty…those are the guys I would want…

  132. Nice job CTB – Can you elaborate on #8? I’m not sure I follow or maybe it’s just that I disagree.

    Welcome back Orr

  133. Other teams who would potentially want Gaborik in trades are Calgary (for Iginla?), St. Louis, Toronto, Boston, Anaheim, Atlanta, Florida, Phoenix, and Nashville.

    If we deal Gaborik, I’d want a roster player that helps us now, and the equivalent of at least 2 first round picks in return.

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