An appreciation of Kenny G


How’s that for an intro?

I’m not talking about the frizzy-haired musician. I’m talking about Ken Gernander, coach of the Connecticut Whale.

Four score and seven years ago — well, at least it feels as if it were that long ago — I covered the Rangers’ AHL affiliate when it was based in Binghamton. During the franchise’s final couple of seasons in upstate New York, the AHL Rangers were led, in large part, by a versatile forward by the name of Ken Gernander. He surpassed the 40-goal mark one season, but that wasn’t what he was really known for. Kenny was as capable a two-way player as any I saw during my own AHL years. He was a grinder, always willing to work in the corners and take a beating in front of the net. He understood the importance of playing well in his own end. And he was a stand-up guy — always accessible, always telling it like it was.

So, I guess it’s not surprising that so many of the young guys have fit right in upon joining the Rangers. They’ve been mentored by a professional, one who subscribes to so many of the same principles as John Tortorella. Credit Glen Sather for drafting some fine ingredients for the future success of the Rangers. Credit Ken Gernander for providing the proper seasoning.

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  1. Well, the kids that have been brought up from CT have definitely been a help this season, latest woes notwithstanding…

    So, who are we rooting for tonight? Bolts vs Hurricanes (Bolts?)
    Toronto vs Montreal (TO?)

  2. Last I checked, Bolts had just given up a PP goal–so it was 2-1…Habs leading TO 2-0 after end of 2..

  3. Hi Julie! Mama and I just got back from a day in Philly with Fozzy and sister Fozzy. It was an absolutely spectacular day. Mama will check in later or tomorrow.

    Great story that happened as me and Mama were in the 35th St Station. Mama was standing outside, and I saw all these really hot guys dressed in perfect suits getting on a nice bus.

    I thought they were Flyers because we were in Philly. Then I recognized Ryan Smyth (how could anyone not?!) and Dustin Brown. I then went up to the next guy boarding the bus and said are you hockey players?

    The guy says yes and I say what team….because I dont know who Ryan Smyth plays for. The guy says LA Kings. I say who are you. He says Jonathan Bernier. I say “Can I say shake your hand. Youre Goalie Jonathan Bernier. That’s fuggin’ awesome!”

    I shake his hand, then admire the rest of the guys getting on the bus.

    Mama then says to a couple different guys boarding “Beat their azzes.” And one of them says “Will do.”


  4. Before I forget, Mama and especially Fozzy and sister Fozzy are absolutely phenomenal phenomenal people. They are the most awesome exquisite people known to mankind.

    I am so glad I found this community so as to be able to meet such wonderful people.

    I adore Fozzy and sister.

    I asked sister Fozzy to join RR even though she’s a Flyers fan. I told her that we all have a soft spot for the Flyers and it would be fun if she joined. Here’s hoping she joins :)

  5. Julie-Who Hardly Ever Posts on

    That’s a funny story Tiki! Anyway, Mama wanted to know where we will be sitting tomorrow. We’re going to be in Section 67, Row L. Hope to see you guys!!

  6. and Welcome back ORR!!!!! I love you kid. I wished I had known you were in NY and were able to meet you. Missed you ♥

  7. Julie – If she doesn’t see that post, Ill make sure to let her know and me and Mama will definitely stop by your section to see you.

    My first time at MSG is tomorrow!

    If a guy jumps out of the stands onto the ice and slew foots Crosby and then gets taken off in handcuffs, you’ll know it was me, and you’ll know I did it for all of you :)

  8. Julie-Who Hardly Ever Posts on

    This will be my third time to the garden, and everytime I have been there, the Rangers won! I hope that holds true for tomorrow.
    AND, I’ll be right behind you Tiki to slew foot Crosby!! ( :

  9. Julie – We’ll come visit you after the first period, if i remember what Mama told me correctly. Our seats are 317 ROW A

  10. Julie-Who Hardly Ever Posts on

    You have decent seats too Tiki.
    Sounds good–see you guys after the first period!

  11. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Am I the only one shocked that we are having so much trouble recently? I figured that once we got everyone back that we would be steamrolling towards the playoffs. Instead, we are the ones about to be steamrolled by Carolina, Atlanta and Buffalo.

  12. I think it basically comes down to the fact that they were getting breaks, they were winning one goal games and they were getting a lot of unexpected offense from certain people. None of that’s been happening since the all star break.

    I mean really, they were playing dangerously close to .500 hockey the up until the break it was just that they looked good doing it. Now they’re in their first skid of the season and there really isn’t any margin for era.

    Again, I think it comes down to what theyve done against 3 key teams in the East that they haven’t been able to beat all year- Tampa, Philthy and Montreal. They’ve let 26 points slip away against them. If they had half of those points they’d be atop the East.

  13. Brandon Dubinsky, Vinny Prospal, Marian Gaborik
    Sean Avery, Artem Anisimov, Derek Stepan
    Mats Zuccarello, Erik Christensen, Brandon Prust
    Wojtek Wolski, Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan

    So what does anyone think about those lines? Can you say Tom Renney Line Generator? Actually, I dont have as much of a problem with mixing things up as most people do .

    I think I’d rather see Stepan at center and try Arty on the RW. I think Stepan is a better playmaker and how many of AA goals have been coming up the right side and cutting to inside. Yeah it’s nice to have AA’s defense in the middle but maybe it works for him like it has Dubi, forces him to engage a bit more.

    (Side note: Kind of interesting that with AA’s shot he has only a 8.5% shot percentage. Frolov 9%, Todd White 9.1%) The young man has to realize how much he is relied upon, time for a growth spurt.

    Prust and Boyle being separated.

    I understand Torts is trying to get a balance of grit, scoring and defense throughout the four lines. They, along with Feds for the most part, have been our most consistent line. (consistent in their effort/performance as well as the degree to which the line has remained intact.) They have really carried the load with all the injuries while undoubtedly being banged up themselves. With the All-star break, then the return of several injured players I think they may have allowed themselves to let up a little bit. They are human after all. While being separated might not be a bad thing for now I think they’ll be back together before too long.

  14. James G-
    Maybe it’s the new math, maybe it’s me, but it’s 18 pts by my count. ( Second time you’ve posted that or I wouldn’t bring it up) It could be wrong though. 3 games against each team.
    Regardless still significant points, but to a team that last year went to the finals, a team that went to the conference finals and a team that is primed to make some serious noise this year. Hardly points that slipped away. I prefer the consistent honest effort that produces wins against the teams they should beat as opposed to an upset against a top team and two stinker loses vs inferior teams.

    “If they had half of those points they’d be atop the East.”

    If my grandmother had balls, she’d be my grandfather.

  15. obviously I screwed up on the math but regardless it’s the same point. 3 teams in the East and no wins against any of them. I don’t really think that beating Montreal a time or two would have been considered an upset. I’ll give you this though- Philly and Tampa have clearly looked like the better teams when the Rangers are on the ice with them and any wins against them would have been kind of unexpected.

  16. Oh to all the COD Black Ops players- I’ve gotten sick of the game on PC. It’s basically Call of Duty: FAMAS-AUG-AK74U Ops because everyone uses only those 3 weapons.

    iPhone gaming is where it’s at for me these days. It better than Nintendo DS was.

  17. AA hit the post% is 75 %

    Mdz shoot wide % is 100%

    Avery hit the goalie in the belly % = 125%

    Girardi lose man in the zone % is 65%


  18. 2 lines that can score

    1 line that can check and gringo

    1 line that can fight

    Until we have that blend, forgettaboutit

  19. Why doesn’t MSG tell us aboot NYR’s record with Avery in the lineup anymore? They used to do it before every game.


    By the way, I’m officially on the castrate Joe Michaletti bandwagon. During the Devils game when I thought the game was over, that stupid fugg kept saying “that puck is in, that puck went in, that puck is in” like a moron, and the replay showed it wasn’t. I almost broke my TV.

    Castrate him using Rosen’s nose!! That will serve him right!

  20. I’m sure I’m in the minority but I find the constant complaints about the announcers more annoying than the announcers themselves. What bothers me more is how many times MSG came back from a commercial break with play having already started.

  21. The on thing the orgztn. does right is their TV production, first class, then along came Joe M. truely not worthy, just awful

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