It’s Go Time!


Pivotal game tonight, with the host Thrashers just four points behind the Rangers for the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference. (Carolina is in eighth place, three points behind the Rangers.) The Rangers, with five losses in a row, aren’t the only team that’s struggling. Atlanta has lost four straight and is 2-5-3 in its last 10.

According to our friend Andrew Gross, Lundqvist is back in goal. Eminger is prucha’d for the fifth straight game. Ondrej Pavelec starts in goal for the Thrashers.

Play nice, and enjoy the game.

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  1. Cally, Dubi, Boyle and Trouble on


    For those who are looking, I’m seeing that the game is on 438 on Time Warner.

  2. Damn silent smayering…

    This article is good:

    I think it was written by Beninati…

    “Low to the ice, skates flashing, hockey stick en garde, Chris Drury pursues a puck in the cynosure of the playoffs, and he does it with a lifetime’s worth of tenacity.”

    “Drury, the only player on the team to have played on a Stanley Cup winner, with Colorado in 2001, said he went to Glen Sather, New York’s general manager, and told him, “There should be a picture of what we’re playing for, of what our goal is.” A photo of $35m was soon on the wall.”

  3. Wolski Del Headzo on

    that’s the hockey package channel on my time warner that I don’t subscribe to.

    This is unreal – i can find 2 islander games but i can’t find the pre-game show, which means i can’t watch the boys. WTB? help!

  4. Ohio State vs Michigan starts at 7:30 also…….its a dvr kinda night

    current stats for Carl Hagelin – 13g 22a 35pts 30games +15

    the kid is awesome!

  5. At the flying puck to watch nyr and nyk with a boneheah with true inner and outer beauty. Then fozzy and mama bear in philly tomorrow. Inner and outer beauty all around.

  6. Just wait, at 7:30 all of a sudden the programmers will remember to switch to Rangers on Ch. 197. This always happens on these bull@#$ channels!

  7. “Five months later, he hit and pitched his team from Trumbull, Conn., to the Little League World Series title with an upset of Taiwan.”

    Why has nobody brought this to our attention before now?!

  8. I have wine, and hockey. What a great Friday night after a carcillo of a day.


  9. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    ever since Jim on bb said, a few weeks ago, the Rangers were about to get their 30th win way earlier than last season. we’ve been stuck on 29….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  10. WoOoooooooooooooooooooooooooiooo. I’ve made some lakers fan friends by yelling fugg boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cally, Dubi, Boyle and Trouble on

    Sorry guys — realize now it was NHL package.
    Still gettin’ Islanders on 197.
    JEEZE can Haley throw ’em!!

  12. Who the heck does the voiceover for the Heritage Classic commericial. Sounds a lot like Gordon Pinsent, the Canadian actor.

  13. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    JB, after the win, it’s FRINGE time lol

    well, Fringe will be on for half an hour by then lol

  14. this is truly insanse…in nyc isles game is on 197 and 748! ranger game just switched on by TWC in nyc

  15. Is this a joke? I sort of understand the Rangers getting bumped for Knicks/Lakers but Islanders x2 and the Devils/Sharks?!

  16. You would think since this problem has happend every time the rangers are on TWC ch. 197 they would actually have figured it out by now. I guess it is only hockey so no one give a crap.

  17. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    instead of showing the hockey game, Fox Sports South is showing ACC womens basketball………what a freakin joke

  18. Prust doesn’t lose too many, but he sure didn’t do well in that one. Did Bolton throw some elbows in there?

  19. i swear it looked like prust dropped something just before they cut away…i was thinking it was a fingernail…..

  20. >>Gaby is skating well.

    He’s already put two shots on goal. That’s usually his total for an entire match.

  21. Yes – Prust dropped something. He threw something onto the ice. Could have been tape on his fingers, a fingernail, a giner or some guitar picks…

  22. So is this the new PP strategy?
    When we get a PP get a penalty so it’s 4 on 4 ?
    Might be worth a try….

  23. Prust lost a fingernail, goes to the lockerroom gets it taped, and back in the box before his penalty expires. Its just pain. Good god.

  24. Mash the Thrashers on

    Ice think the blue line is a little higher in this rink

    Passing back in zone too much – need to go thru the middle effers

  25. Just in case anyone is interested Directv Center Ice has the Rangers Game in HD on Channel 777-1. However it’s the Thrashers Broadcast.

    Can’t believe we allowed the first goal again. And Lundqvist looked lost on that move.

  26. I’m convinced, the Collapse has begun. This team will not make the playoffs. It’s OK as long as Sather doesn’t spend more money on more bad contracts and stays with the course of drafting and developing there own talent I can deal with it.

  27. Thrashers look like they want this game more than the Blueshirts right now..I hope this changes soon…

  28. >>Can Lundqvist stop any shots by any player named Stewart?

    I think he can stop Martha’s shots.

  29. Sorry *Salty*

    im on my iphone and don’t have any links to share

    i wanted to suggest a sick movie for you (and whoever else is interested)

    check out “Enter the Void” by Gaspar Noe. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

    i think you would appreciate this type of a movie. Sick psychedelic movie. You can watch it on netflix if you have an account with them.

  30. Blue Seat Horror on

    Defense looks pretty outmatched so far. Hopefully they can gain their composure (can’t regain something you haven’t had from the start of the game.)

    Some good chances on O, but chronic failure to hit open net strikes again.

  31. Giannone is back, good news…

    They’re losing too many battles around the boards…Ant Atlanta’s goalie’s been steady

  32. Hey, Linda – I hope we get to celebrate something tonight..but it’s not looking good so far…

  33. Blue Seat Horror on

    Linda, I think a rented mule is when a team trades for Johan Franzen on the last year of his contract.

  34. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao blue!!

    I started on the vodka! Just put some ice and dole orange pineapple banana juice in the as seen on tv magic bullet…..then added some vodka…..LETS GO RANGERS

  35. Mash the Thrashers on

    Thrashers look so much quicker than us but their D makes bad decisions in their own zone.

    Need to stop passing it back to D to begin rush , flip it forward and f’n skate.

    EC is a bag of carcillo

  36. The islanders came out with allot of grit and intensity because of the fight between johnson and dipietro and they are beating the crap out of the penguins, I love it.

  37. ok… I’m about to PANIC!!! someone tell me it’s going to be ok… please tell me we’ll be ok!

  38. When Drury comes back for the first interview, they should ask him:” What’s in your wallet ?”

  39. quick question.. looking at seats at MSG.
    Is it worth the extra money to go from 200 to 100 level?
    What about Club Silver goal 40 ??

  40. So… the Fishsticks are beating the Pens 6-2 halfway through the second…. and the Rangers just got a PPG…. Everybody needs to check for airborne swine outside their windows.

  41. Mash the Thrashers on

    If you can’t shoot from pt , crash the net. Much higher shooting %.

    Like the tunes they are playing

  42. Wolski Del Headzo on

    That happened to the ref in my game the other night! Bled like a gutted skunk. Had to put my EMT skills to work. Then he gave me 2 for hooking the next period!

  43. Wolski Del Headzo on

    Who’s in for Drury up at the pizza joint? He missed time there too recently due to tomato can opener elbow…

  44. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    blue, we have so much to choose from… crosby, knicks, devils, islanders blah

    at least the knicks play in the same building

  45. Part of Crosby’s concussion resulted from all the snapping back of his head when trying to draw penalties.

  46. Hi, my cable is down and I’m looking for online stream – anybody can help with the link? Thanks!

  47. >>I’m not sure which I care less about, Crosby updates or Knicks updates.

    Since you’re a hockey fan, I’ll say you care less about the Knicks updates.

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    JB, I have a violent allergy to aggressive marketing of stupid products, so it’s still a toss up between Crosby and the Knicks.

  49. Just got back from 12 hours at the library working on my appellate brief for law school…couldn’t be more excited to watch the game, and I have to watch on a grainy, standard feed that can hardly pick up the puck.

    Glad I pay 210 a month for this service.

  50. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ok, this game is complete now. Michiletti mentioned how good Staal and Girardi are as a shutdown defense. I was beginning to forget how good they were without Joe mentioning it again.

  51. You have to give credit to Aves for keeping his cool considering how much crap he takes without any penalties being called…

  52. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha, there were so many fights in the Islanders-Pen()s game that the Rangers game caught up to it even though it started a half hour later.

  53. Yes, LinCPB. Sauer has that low hard shot, perfect for the power play and deflections. They should utilize his shot more…

  54. It must be in the Bettman edition of the NHL rulebook – “No matter what an opposing player does to Sean Avery, no penalty is to be called – EVER!”

  55. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    yea, she said he was shoving tavares into the boards all night so JT finally stood up for himself and slashes him pretty bad, she said he had trouble gettin off the ice

  56. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao letang is back.. she’s pissed but says this is their best game of the season. hope they dont give up 7 goals in the 3rd lol

  57. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I dont even have a grainy feed to watch. all normal internet feeds are not working for me. oh well, i read here and watch the play by play on … I hate not being able to watch.

  58. No, Lin, I didn’t. Haven’t been on fb in days.

    Pretty much unplugged from the net for the week.

  59. Blue Seat Horror on

    Brent Johnson now leads goalies in fighting majors. Dropped ’em with Haley from the Islanders.

    For those who say enforcers are useless…Islanders are beating the Pen()s 8-2 with a team of enforcers.

  60. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think the trick for Dubi is he can’t have an open net to shoot on and he’ll score.

  61. “He put on a good move, Sam. It was a good move. Strong move”

    Shut the Byfuglien up, Micheletti! Moron!

    If it was such a good move, why didn’t it go in?

  62. Blue Seat Horror on

    The Rangers look confused. I’m not sure they know what to do with a lead in the third.

  63. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    bettman must be dying that his pet team is not only gettin their aaasens kicked on the scoreboard but also in the fights!!!

  64. Blue Seat Horror on

    For those keeping score, Forsberg did not start saving the Avalanche yet. (-2) tonight with only 1 shot on goal.

  65. I wonder if you ever hear the Debbies announcers talk about how great the Rangers have been playing…? I’ve never heard them do it, but these jackwagons seem to think that they have to praise all of our rivals!!!

  66. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    JImbo, funny you should say that. Just about 45 minutes ago, i asked several of my friends who are fans of other teams if their announcers do that and they said absolutely not.

  67. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think there are only 5 guys left on each bench in the Isles-Pen()s game. Ok, maybe more, but each bench looks like an enforcer’s smile. Lots of room there.

  68. Wolski Del Headzo on

    That commercial is as disturbing as the fat pederast jumping into the pile of play balls. Also a good way to ruin a good song…

  69. Mash the Thrashers on

    F’n wolski – get the puck out of the zone! Do not send it back to your 2 rookie dmen

  70. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i have been very positive so far this season
    i wonder how much longer i can stay that way

  71. Why are they all over MDZ? He dove trying to break up the play, Antropov stepped on his stick and went down.

  72. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    well, i enjoyed our witty banter, but I am off to bake some cookies for our Bonehead on the IR BANJ.

    catch youse guys Sunday afternoon

  73. “The Rangers will run out of time!!!”

    Every game is like this. When you have no performing offensive talent, you dont make the playoffs.

    Unbelieveble. And you know the Pens will show up in full force after they slept through the Isles game.

    Either the Rangers make a major trade now to stay in it, or start selling….

  74. They don’t deserve to make the playoffs, and I hope they don’t. As much as I love the Rangers, this is unacceptable. I think that Torts shouldn’t even show up to the game on Sunday. Just let them sit on the bench by themselves.

  75. Wolski Del Headzo on

    Let’s hope Sather gets a few more call about a Gabbo, although he didn’t help his cause tonight showing how useless he is 1 on 0

  76. JBytes – I do agree with that. He’s been put in a tough spot and takes the brunt of a lot of unneeded or undeserved heat. But at the same time, he makes a lot of mistakes he shouldn’t..

  77. Eminger is better than Del Zotto — too much pressure on DZ right now. Prust and Boyle did not play well, and haven’t for a while. Can’t blame Gaborik — no one else did anything.

  78. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i think my head is going to freakin explode after this game. man, the lack of offense is just depressing. and now everyone can stop screaming for gabby in the shoot out lol

  79. Six losses in a row. Got a bad feeling it will be 7 after Sunday. Pens will be looking for blood after tonight.

  80. yeah, gaborik can’t even score on a penalty shot, and is useless in the shootout. trade his fanny to LA

  81. I seriously wonder if they package Del Zotto for a real #1 center after this one…

    Sad to say but it sure looks like this is really what we have, folks. The overachieving is over. There’s no talent on this team.

  82. gabby had a pen shot. he is a freagin goal scoreer!! thats all his job is!! he doesnt play goal. he dosnt play defense. he doesnt even play physical. all he does is supposedly score and snipe!! he cant do it on a breakaway??? hes killing us. trade him!

  83. depressed, so time for more wine

    and i used to be positive, and probably will be tomorrow, but not right, not so much.

    its like they forgot how to win

  84. its the yearly NY Rangers forget how to score after the Allstar/Olympic break!!!

    Dont worry there is still plenty of time for them to sneak into the playoffs and get our hopes up unitl they get eliminated 1st round

  85. These post-game-on-ice-over-the-pa-system interviews are so tacky [bush league?]. Western teams do it a lot, and so do these Islanders.

  86. Joe Mic is a jinx! Get rid if him! The Rangers will never win a Cup with Joe Mic in the booth! Mark my words!

  87. I think only a certain personality type works under the Tort system. Creative players are different then the blue collar guys and he just is too intense. MDZ looks like an abused dog on the bench.

  88. Maybe Eminger will be back….finally. Torts messed with a working formula…maybe we need Newbury and Weise back too. That group didn’t win every game, but they worked their butts off. MDZ = Back to Reddenville…he needs to get his confidence back. Maybe he was being showcased? Anyway…Sunday will be tough after beating the Pens took.

  89. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Remember when an emotionally fragile, defensively challenged defenseman took his place and we stopped winning?

  90. I mean, Gabby is a shooter – quick release, accurate shot and such – so why is he deke’ing in on a penalty shot? Why not just whip the puck in from about 7 feet out in front of the net!?

  91. if losing again to a crosbyless and malkin-less pens team is whats in store, than they have no business even attempting a playoff run. they better win next gam or it just might be over with these teams with games in hand and WINNING them too

  92. This loss convinces me that this team won’t make the playoffs. They don’t deserve it, first off…and I say that because I haven’t seen this team put forth the same effort they did earlier in the season.

    They see themselves as a playoff team and spoke often about wanting to seal up a spot and work their way up the standings. Which means…this team thinks they’re WAY better than they really are.

    I don’t see the urgency…don’t see the intensity…and certainly don’t see the talent.

    It was fun while it lasted, a season with some promise. But this is now getting old…and boring.

    What a waste of a friday night.

  93. I felt bad how long the camera was on MDZ. The puck was bouncing…

    As my Dad always shays one aw poop takes away alot of addah boys

  94. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    First really bad game in this skid. They were awfully outskated and didnt get anything done in the D-zone.

    Everybody wants to bash Gabby, but he was one of the few players who had a decent game I thought.

    Hank played great, but the defense was abimnable throughout.

    If I’m gonna jump on the trade-train, I say trade Girardi and MDZ. Even though MDZ is young and talented, I think he is not going to blossom the way they hope. And I dont think he will do it in another team either. Trade him now, while he still has some value. Or maybe he doesnt, I dont know.

  95. whats our record since rozy left? haha j/k its all on the offense. if we cant score more than 2 a game, then slatipuss needs to trade some of these 3rd liners like AA and wolski/prospal, ec,boyle and get some scoring!

  96. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Cally was nowhere tonight also. He seems to be forgotten when he doesnt play well. Seemed lost. EC needs to go. Bad.

  97. Blue Seat Horror on

    I don’t know if this is official yet. They may still be filling in the box score: 317 penalty minutes in Isles-Pen()s game.

  98. Mash the Thrashers on

    4v4 at end of the game with your slowest damn (girardi) with 3 forwards

    Wolski (wusski) starting to piss me off. He is not helping anything out there. I blame him for that goal. Nobody on him on the side boards he needs to collect the puck and make a pass outside of the zone.

  99. They definitely were playing better with the guys that they needed to bring up from CT…..they worked harder, they had the “never-say-die” spirit, and they just had more heart…

  100. MDZ has regressed since last season big time.

    Honestly I’d consider dealing him in a package for Spezza. This team has no playmaker and can’t reasonably be expected to succeed without one. If you have a guy like that then Stepan can “safely” develop by playing behind him.

  101. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    However. I’m not giving up on this team. We have to think long-term. They’re still in it, and even though these losses are tough with the exception of this one, they have been playin very well, against good teams too.

  102. Torts needs to get back to “the best players will play”…..some of the best might be on the Whale???

  103. Under the caption: “Don’t make me laugh”……..

    YOu could sense this one coming a mile away. Interesting being able to switch back and forth betwee them and the Islanders ( who by the way absolutely destroyed the Penguins tonight).

    I tell you this: The Islanders looked a devil of a lot better against the Pens than the Rangers did against these guys.

    Two things that Islanders have that seem better than the Rangers is an attacking force with some muscle and capability to it, and absolutely better finishers.

  104. Mash the Thrashers on

    Joe m is a corn box. Put Dave m on the game, I had to press mute on the 3rd. He has a tremendous grasp of the obvious. Nice neighbor, horrible announcer

  105. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    The only reason Spezza is coming up in trade-talks now and again is because he is one of the most injury-prone players. And he has got a massive contract. If he would keep healthy Sens would not dream of dangling him.

  106. Eminger out, MDZ in = 5 straight losses. Once again MDZ shows us how to turn a two on one into a two on zero.

  107. Gaborik played well. No one else has stepped up. And Callahan always gets praised, but he has to score, and he hasn’t really come close. Seems like he doesn’t even shoot. Dubinsky and Anisimov are not that effective. Wolski, Zucc, no one comes close to scoring. But Eminger needs to play.

  108. so now were calling our 20 year old defensemen a bust??? REALLY!?!?!??!?!?!!? wow… nothing like ranger fans to just completely lose their minds… PUFF.. PUFF..

  109. >>Everybody wants to bash Gabby, but he was one of the few players who had a decent game I

    Reminder: Gaborik’s huge contract was given to him to score goals, not to have decent games. When was the last time a goal came off of his stick again? Against Toronto, right?

  110. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    I think Gilroy is coming dangerously close to the CT express too. He has been weak on the puck. That D-pair is just awful defensively. Which is a problem.

  111. Devils will get in and we will be eliminated. For whatever reason they win. No pressure because no one cares? IDK. But this team is done.

  112. Really?

    I’m not saying MDZ is a bust, Im saying he could he our best trade chip to get one of the 2 things we most desperately need….

  113. Reginald Dunlop on

    When can we STOP calling them a “shut down” pair………a key element of being one is being able to SHUT DOWN the other team and they don’t……… why is DZ in the lineup??? according to the genius because Eminger was fighting it a little….well sit him for 2 games and get him back in……..DZ wasn’t lighting it up in Hartford, recalled on a necessity with Girardi getting dinged……makes no sense…….but that’s your genius for you…….when do you start calling for his head????? His act gets old after a while……

  114. I don’t believe MDZ is a bust….but he will not get his confidence back up with the big club. needs to go back to CT and play thru it without the pressure.

  115. HEY DORE… i will bet u any amount of money ud like that the devils will not finish ahead of the rangers… put ur money where ur mouth is… there is now way it will happen…. PUFF… PUFF..

  116. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    “Grab, torts has broken the kid”

    How is that true? He has been given patience and more chances than any 20-year old D-man I’ve ever heard of.

    If you play badly, you have to go down evetually. He has – he’s going.

  117. Alex, when you go to work does your boss step into your cubicle, or whatever, and blast you in front of your co-workers? No what if that was done in front if a television audience. Think that might affect your job performance? Would you quit your job? Maybe you would just stop caring…..

  118. hey first… its professional sports… get over it… and ive been called out in front of my coworkers by my boss… its called being an adult…. get over it… TORTS FOR PRESIDENT!!.. PUFF.. PUFF..


    Have a seat for a second. Look it, I have never seen a bunch of guys look so byfuglien down when something bad happens. What are youse guys? Like prima donna perfect that if youse can’t byfuglien handle adversity? So carcillo’s not going right. It’s not byfuglien working the last ten days. Byfuglien get your heads out of your aasens and byfuglien make it work by outworking the opposition. Youse kill two byfuglien men, and then we stand around and watch while they byfuglien score here. Byfuglien youse come to the bench like byfuglien this and when the power play it’s not working so youse’re trying to stick handle, youse’re looking like this and not standing. Outwork the byfuglien guys! If youse want it, don’t just think youse want it. Go out and byfuglien want it. But youse’re not looking like youse want it, youse look like you’re feeling sorry for yourself. And nobody byfuglien wants anybody that’s feeling sorry for themselves. Youse got 20 byfuglien minutes. Youse’re down by one byfuglien shot. Surely to byf we can deal with this.

  120. Puffy, really? I’m all for accountability but these outbursts on the bench are stupid and just plain abusive. Sorry you get abused at work too. You should talk to HR

  121. I was waiting to see Tortorella speak on the post game and cablevision changed channel 99 back to the channel guide. I am irate right now. Maloney and Micheletti were talking about how the rangers were blameless on the the tying and winning goals. Thats ridiculous. They couldn’t clear a rebound tonight if their life depended on it tonight. They fumbled pucks all over the defensive zone the whole game. They deserved to lose that one. Staal has been great this year but that puck has to be chipped out. He was way too indecisive in front of the net on the tying goal. Pretty much gave Kane a nice touch pass. As soon as I saw Del Zotto back there alone with the puck in the third i knew it was trouble. There is no excuse for that turnover. Then on the ensuing power play, the PK gave Byfuglien tons of room to crank up is shot on multiple occasions. I really am not what you would call an alarmist but that was an awful awful awful defensive game.

    Watch the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Penguins come in an get a nice road win at the garden a few days after the lowly isles drilled them.

    I am miserable

  122. >>Loyalty… a word some Rangers fans cant understand…

    That’s probably because you had redefined it and failed to inform us.

  123. Maybe since Thomas is not 6′ 3″ 210 lbs he’ll be afforded the proper time to develop.

    But I do love your perpetual pessimism DJK.

  124. Screw Del Zotto & Staal. How do you play this stupid with less than 6 minutes left in the game. Simple question, how many games have we won without Emminger in the lineup better yet How many games have we lost with hotdog Del Zotto playing. Really can’t take this crap any longer. We’re not this bad.

  125. let’s not praise Gabby unless HE”S PUTTING THE PUCK IN THE BACK OF THE NET!!

    absolutely right. he could have won that game on a penalty shot, and failed. he is still choking. just skating better ain’t gonna cut it. not for that cap hit

  126. Think I will not review tonight’s posts until tomorrow. Too bummed already. Night all, and ta. sigh.

  127. i blame Torts for this loss. Atlanta was pressing pretty hard after they gave up second goal and Rangers were running around the defensive zone (where they were pinched shift after shift for about 5 minutes) like beheaded chickens. Call the TO, coach!! settle the team down!

    oh well… watch us get beaten by Starless Pen()S

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