You won’t have the captain to kick around anymore


Well, at least not for the next six weeks. Chris Drury will have surgery on his troublesome knee. Here’s the blurb from The Associated Press:

NEW YORK — Rangers captain Chris Drury will have surgery on his left knee and be sidelined for six weeks.

Rangers coach John Tortorella made the announcement of Drury’s injury after practice on Wednesday. Drury sat out the Rangers’ previous two road games because of the troublesome knee that Tortorella said was bothering the center for a couple of weeks.
Drury has played in only 23 of the team’s 56 games this season and has no goals and four assists. The 34-year-old forward broke his left index finger twice, causing him to miss 32 of the first 33 games.


I don’t wish Drury any harm, but I’m not exactly broken up by this news. I might be able to contribute as much on the ice as Drury did. Heck, even Darren Pang could have contributed as much. Anybody disagree with me on this one?

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  1. Cut Drury some slack you can see that its killing him that he cant contribute more. I watch him play every game and his work ethic is incredible. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he can find his buffalo form in the future (although I doubt he ever will).

  2. no news on baby front. due date a week away.

    my hockey freedom is about to end.

    anyway kaberle for gilroy and a conditional pick i do. gilroy i dont think will be resigned anyway.

  3. CTB – When I say kid, I meant he looked about 25-30, which is probably around your age, imo. He was really cute and really nice and about 5’6 ish. I dont know how tall you are, but from those bonehead fest pics, just having looked at them, you look about 6 ft.

  4. I think you’re being a bit too hard on Drury, Sean. He’s tried, he just doesn’t have it. Not anymore. Plus, that knee, apparently has been bothering him for awhile. I still think That Glencross hit did him in. He hasn’t been the same since

    Eric, I thought the date was tomorrow. Anyway, don’t rush it. And good luck.



  6. I see where the mention of EC again begins to ruffle some feathers in the Bonester’s realm.

    Much is made of his not being,ah, physical…perhaps not. Perhaps he doesn’t have the body structure that would make it effective. But I have often seen him assisting in goal mouth work in his own end defensively.But one thing he is that many on this team, are not. He is a finisher.

    Surely in this accumulation of potential hall of fame
    contestants, there should be room somewhere in the lineup, that won’t cause shudders among the faithful.

  7. give Cally the C

    We don’t need D unless Emminger is hurt worse than we know of. D is actually the bright spot on this team

  8. 11 posts in and it feels like something is missing (not in the Higgins sense). So…

    I’m not going to let this injury news ruin my…er, Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck (Malta).

  9. If Burke wants to move Kessel there’s no way he’s taking anything short of a top forward from this team for him. Don’t really think we should be parting with Gilroy but w/e.

  10. No to Kaberle!!!!

    He is not worth any of our top prospects…Gilroy and a pick is a far as I’d go…and that is even a lot to give up for a guy who isn’t going to resign with us and plays like frozen yogurt (soft serve).

    LW – I saw your LB RT on twitter today. Clever and funny :)

  11. I’m going on record: If Drury is making $900,000 a year, no one says he’s not contributing. They’ll say, “there’s a hard-working player who’s really good defensively and great in the face-off circle on a team that is terrible in the circle.”

    It does make scratch decisions easier, though.

  12. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Pens lose Cindy for a spell, then Malkin for a longer spell. Rangers lose Drury. Wow, the gap is closing and all it took was to get up in the morning. “C” stands for Callahan – RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT. It’s called LEADERSHIP. This ownership and management better find out fast who the leader of this team is. And given the losing strea, what more is there to wait for. DAMMIT, DO IT! Give this team a friggin’ identity.

  13. Part of me feels very sorry for Drury…he has to know that the Rangers fans think very little of him thanks to his insane contract and putrid offensive output. Injuries are tough, and you have to think he wanted so very much to be part of a winner in New York.

    BUT…there are things that can’t be ignored and continue to grind the gears of some of us:

    “I’m not gonna let this ruin my christmas” is the slogan for the Drury captaincy. From “We’ll Win Tonight” to “Not gonna ruin my christmas”

    His team is mired in a losing streak, and he can’t wait to talk about his pizza place.

    His POW-like interviews where you feel like someone is holding a gun to his head just off camera (Kudos to whomever drew up that analogy…I know I read it on here)

    His on-ice demeanor which, and I’ve watched almost every game of his tenure here, is moribund to say the least. How many times have we seen him gazing away, chewing on his mouthpiece, oblivious to what was going on around him?

    The other things aren’t his fault, but MSG’s relentless propaganda machine that paints Drury as a winner on par with the Messier’s and Gretzky’s of the world can’t help but annoy the fan who is struggling to figure out how a Little League World Series is somehow the mark of a champion in the adult world.

    It’s sad to see an athlete completely and totally break down in such a short amount of time, but this is the salary cap era and when a player is making as much money as he is and is contributing virtually nothing on-ice there’s no way to avoid becoming the whipping boy.

    If this were baseball, and we had signed a player with a .300 average with 40 HR and 100 RBI’s…and he put forth seasons of hitting .200 with 8 HR and 30 RBI’s…you’d expect him to get booed off the field.

    I save my compassion for those who truly deserve it. Not a multi-millionaire 4th liner whose tenure as Captain of the Rangers has been the worst that I can remember as a fan of almost 30 years.

    And on that note…they better win Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Torts is too protective of Drury to strip him of the C. They’ll sooner go without a captain than give the C to someone else. As long as Drury is a Ranger it’s on his sweater.

  15. Although I have been known to post rants about Dreary and his game fading away, I really don’t think you can blame the guy.

    As ilb said, he hasn’t been the same since the Glencross hit. Add to that he is pushing 35 and current his knee problems. He used to be a dynamic, hard working offensive player but never elite (kind of like Brenden Morrow). He hasn’t had the fortune to enjoy real success with the Rangers, the team where he dreamed to play for as a kid. I also feel bad for him but I am more concerned with the Rangers cap and how they are going to deal with his contract.

  16. NHL teams are a business and they should be run as such. Drury’s contract outweighs his usefulness to the team. I like him as a person, but he is not cutting it as a player. I’d give him another 10 games to get back on track, and if not, cut him and move on.

  17. I’d give him another 10 games to get back on track, and if not, cut him and move on.


    If only it were that easy, steve! He would have to be bought out or retire…

  18. I don’t blame Dury. I also don’t feel bad for him. Injuries happen in this sport. Think of all the other players who have not played 891 games in the NHL like he has…
    If we buy him out after the season, or he hangs them up he has nothing to hang his head about. He has had a greet career and made lots of money. Good luck to him.

  19. From a business point of view, he isn’t going to retire and will be bought out this summer. Didn’t work, that’s all to it. I don’t feel as strong as some do, but I’m certain he tried, he just didn’t have it.

  20. There is a strong possibility for either situation. Buying him out would not be the end of the world…

  21. Olga, what I’m reading is you don’t trust anyone else, but Sather, to buy Drury out? That’s a new twist in your faith in our GM.

  22. Paul in sunrise on

    Don’t trade Gilroy unless get a prospect in return. Gilroy is a keeper. No to kaberle.

  23. ilb: “I’m certain he tried, he just didn’t have it.”

    i like you man :)

    sigh. Sure wish Carp were here for this (no offense Sean, you know I love ya :)

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    Are you kidding? Boston 6 Montreal 4 in the second period. 7 goals in just over 6 minutes…

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    Did you see the young female Canadiens fan in the stands? She was so stacked the letters on her sweater said-


  26. Hmmm, Olga, looks like she might benefit from a little plastic surgery, eh?

    I miss Carp too, mama. And I do like Sean’s posts.

  27. I was the one who pinned it on the Glencross headshot. Who knows if he has PCS or not? Drury ain’t saying. I think he’s been playing hurt since the last time we made the playoffs.

    It’s sad to see, this guy has been a hardcore Ranger fan his whole life and was 17 or 18 when they won the Cup in ’94. He later won a Cup playing with 3-4 HHoFers on Colorado and he was awesome as a rookie and 2nd year player. He’s had a fantastic career and should retire rather than risk further injury.

  28. Huge Specimen got traded!

    Blackhawks get Michael Frolik and Alexander Salak from FLA for Jack Skille, Hugh Jessiman and David Pacan.

    from twitter

  29. Wow, two former Ranger #1 picks traded on the same day!

    Just curious, how do you feel about this Olga?

  30. Paul in sunrise on

    Burke asks Drury to waive no move clause… Drury and Borque/Werek/Horak for Kessel. Why? Because he is Chria Drury.

  31. and personally I’d rather have Dubi as captain. Cally is Captain Cliche, straight outta Bull Durham.

  32. Hugh Jess Folkyerself on

    Hawks needed to do something, but Jessiman? He was only four assists behind Drury!

  33. Olga Folkyerself on

    I guess I’ll have to retire Hugh Jess from the active family.

    Mother has her usual comment.

  34. The Florida Panthers are sending right wing Michael Frolik and goalie Alexander Salak to the Chicago Blackhawks for right wing Jack Skille and two prospects.
    The deal announced Wednesday night moves the 22-year-old Frolik, Florida?s second-leading scorer, to the defending Stanley Cup champions, who are in a fight to return to the postseason.
    The Panthers, who are trying to avoid missing the playoffs for a 10th straight season, also acquired right wing Hugh Jessiman and center David Pacan.
    Skille had seven goals and 10 assists in 49 games for Chicago this season. Frolik had eight goals and 21 assists for Florida.

  35. fights earlier in the third period as well

    and, of course, a couple spots where
    ference, i think, punched the guy after he was down
    an earlier instance where the montreal guy was attempting
    to pound the boston guy after he went down.

    hmmmmmm…..wonder if the hockey media will gripe about
    that as much as they did in regards to Avery

    won’t hold my breath.

  36. Braunschweiger on

    I like how Puck Daddy put it,

    Decades from now, they’ll be calling this the Hugh Jessiman(notes) Trade. OK, maybe not.

    The only first-round pick from 2003 to never appear in the NHL was packaged by the Chicago Blackhawks along with forward Jack Skille(notes) and minor league right wing David Pacan for the Florida Panthers’ struggling Michael Frolik(notes) and the rights to goalie Alexander Salak(notes).

  37. As a hockey fan, I appreciate the Original-6 rivalries in the game, especially the Boston-Montreal rivalry. It was on full display tonight! What a carcillo-show!

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    That was an entertaining game. I didn’t have the emotional baggage of the Rangers disturbing my enjoyment.

  39. >>ROFL. Islanders acquired Al Montoya from Phoenix for a 6th round pick!!!

    Okay, but will he report?

  40. Minnesota Wild public announcer, “Colorado penalties, a whole bunch of guys.” The crowd went crazy.

  41. If Drury is done for the year, that might free up cap space to recall Redden from the Whale! PP problems solved!

  42. For those curious, CapGeek reported this:

    If #nhl #nyrangers exercised LTI on Drury today, it wouldn’t give them any more cap space than they already have (room for a $10.8m cap hit)

  43. when fans question a guy like Drury faking an injury or questioning if the rangers lied about it so they do not embarass him that is a joke. A 5 ft 11 190 pounder who has played for about 12 years at a high level would not give a crap about his performance because he is rich etc. is a joke.

    look at the previous posts of the fools who question Drury’s guts and desire. Old man Drury can kick your asses and has done more athletically by the time he was 15 then any of the bloggers on this site including myself have done in there whole lives… really chris drury a guy who deliberatley tries to block a solid rubber puck traveling at him at over 90 miles an hour is a faker and a quitter is a joke.

    you can rightfully say his performance has not been worth his pay but that is where it ends. and after finding out he has been playing with this issue for weeks helps it make sense that he appears to be slow and behind the play all the time, maybe he is injured, clowns…………..

  44. Mash the Thrashers on

    Stewie – take a chill pill. Every freaking person on this site wanted the guy to perform, but he has not. Doesn’t make him a bad person nor does it take away his pre-ranger career. He is another high priced mercenary that did not contribute at 30% of his pay scale. Sucks for him, sucks for us, and more impotently, sucks for his mouthpiece – what is up with that?

    Do you like your pizza thin crust or sicilian?

  45. yea. I am out of hand. the under 30 stratomatic players in there mommies basement who rail about Drury non stop should not be embarassed about there actions.

    drury has underperformed that is not debateable, but he has probably been injured for weeks is also true.

    the new way of doing things is knuckleheads could spout any nonsense fact free and when they are wrong act like they did nothing wrong nor said anything wrong.

    again blogging tough guys Drury faking, so he can pick up his big paycheck and check out, sure fools………..

  46. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    sucks for drury!!

    Why do people keep bringing up trading wolski?? Dumb idea!

    gabby for iggy!!!

    no to kaberle…PLEASE!!!

    I have no problem moving a couple of our younger d men at some point to get better (not for kaberle) in other areas I mean pashinin, vtank, mdz, mcdonut, sauer, ktek, gilroy, mcilrath are not all going to be in the line up for the rangers and we are so deep there, including staal, only 5 of those guys would technically play with him IF they all were to make it so if we use 2 or 3 of them as trade material to get proven NHLers to fill holes on our roster we should IMO.

  47. Czechthemout!!! on

    Captain kroch is gone. He played like crap for most of his time here. And was far from a leader.

  48. Penner may be available but he is a similar player to what we already have an abundance of (Dubinsky). He’s not an elite talent and he is not a center for Gaborik.

    That being said, he’d fit in on this team and I would consider dealing for him if the trade made sense. I think he is a $4.25M cap hit for this yr + next. I’d consider doing Wolski and Gilroy for Penner and Foster, for instance. No disrespect to Wolski who is a decent enough player however I think he may do better on Edmonton and Penner would fit in better here.

  49. According to IncarceratedBob, Sather and Burke agreed in principle on a trade for Kaberle and he is waiting to hear back from his agent as to whether he’d waive his NTC to come here.

    I hope we don’t give up too much for him but remember this is a dude who can and will shoot the puck from the blueline and he’s won the Shot Accuracy competition at the ASG (was the first defenseman since Ray Bourque to do it I believe).

  50. Names in play….

    Possibly Coming; Kaberle, weiss. Mccabe, colton orr, dustin brown

    Possibly going; MDZ,Gilroy, No. 2,çhristensen, kennedy, eminger, grachev.gaborik.

    Possible lineup….



    Nice team

  51. lmao. this place is so insane right now. I LOVE IT. It’s going to be a fun finish to the season.

    Stuart- I hear ya man..I really do.

  52. Ok back to reality. This team is making one or two trades by the deadline at the most. Kaberle would solve the PP qb problem but it would be the same scenario as when they brough Ozolinsh and Backman Jackman whatever ackman we had here a few years ago- we’ll be sacraficing defense for the sake of blueline offense. Now maybe we can afford to do that to some extent since we have a solid blueline this year. And the bottom line is that there is risk to every trade. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  53. # Jeff in CT February 10th, 2011 at 12:09 am

    Stewie: I once got shot at by angry asians; that count for guts?

    Jeff – were you in Flushing, Queens? LOL … or as they say, “Froo-shing”.

  54. I say dont do anything, maybe minor trades but that’s it

    Save the money for the summer, go with the kids, take the bumps in the road, liek we’ve all been saying was gonna happen

    Honestly I am more than happy to finish the season with no trades and playoffs be damned rather than trade away any youth on your team right now.

    F#&$ kaberle, guy is old, and iwill be delcining from here on out. don’t need him

    Stepan, Dubi, Cally, Staal, Zuccarello, Girardi, Del Z, Mcdonough, Gilroy, Gabby, Artie, Prust , Hank & MArty – that is the core for next season and for years to come

    Drury will either be bought out or just allowed to finish out his contract next year and be gone

    Vinny is a possibility to bring back for one more year if he finishes the year strong

    EC is an enigma and if anyone is traded could be him

    Fedotenko is a solid thir line and again coudl be resigned for 1 year

    Avery’s last year is next year too, and no on is trading or taking him before his contract is up

    Boyle Could be resigned, as long as his asking price isn’t insane for the year he’s having

    Seriously though, when have we had this many young, homegrown players on our team that we consider “CORE” parts for years to come?

    The future is so bright in Rnagerland

    Now just winning the Freaking game on Friday!!

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