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Same old story for the NY Rangers. Keep it close for 55 minutes, and then turn it on. That scenario didn’t bode well for our boys: On the road against a superior team that has been shut out two games in a row. I wasn’t betting on tonight being the end of the skid. . .

1. I thought the Rangers got off to a great start. They were aggressive on the forecheck, and were winning all the races to the puck. But there was no real Ranger threat to score. The shots on goal were all easy saves that let a struggling goalie get comfortable in net.

2. The NHL would like you to believe that there are only two players in the NHL, but this Datsyuk guy is pretty amazing. He is shifty, quick, and a damned smart player. He embarrassed Boyle on the first goal of the game. You will find a lot of Datsyuk’s work on YouTube if you are interested. Don’t worry Brian, he embarrasses a lot of people.

3. Despite being on the ice for the first two Detroit goals, I really like the Sauer-McDonagh defensive pair. Torts is true to his word when he says we will live and die by these young kids. Sauer is solid, and McDonagh made a great play one-on-one against Datsyuk early in the third. MacD has good speed and balance. He recovers quickly. What impresses me the most is his anticipation, and his ability to play defense at both blue lines. I think the Rangers have two studs in Sauer and McDonagh.

4. The Ranger power play is a disaster. I have said many times that Torts should just roll the regular lines and defense through the power play. No forwards at the point. If I were coach, Staal and Girardi would be my top two choices of point men anyway. Then, roll Gilroy and MDZ. I thought Staal looked better than anyone else Torts has put back there this season.

5. If watching the Rangers lose another close game isn’t frustrating enough, watching it on Versus is enough to make you want to shoot your TV. I thought they cleaned house over there? Edzo?!? Maguire talking to Girardi on the ice? Only thing worse than that was that dopey Girardi talking back to him. Shut up and focus on the game Dan. Ugh!!!

6. Gaborik. Yuck. I don’t know what is going on with this guy, but I am now starting to worry. I have said before that his shots lack that explosion they had before his shoulder injury. He had one really good shot in the third period. That was it. If we could somehow turn Erik Christensen’s rotting corpse into Pavol Demitra. …

7. Michael Del Zotto looked like he was getting some of his mojo back tonight. Nothing spectacular, but he made a few subtle plays in his own zone that will endear him to his coach.

8. On Dubinsky’s goal, it appeared that Avery was given a lot of room to shoot, yet he still passed to Dubi. If Dubi doesn’t score there, could you imagine what Torts would do to Avery’s icetime?!? With that said, I thought Avery was the best Ranger on the ice. He battled and drew two key penalties at the end of the third period. He also skated hard to the front of the net on Dubi’s goal.

9. The Rangers are still blocking shots, but who the hell taught them how to do it?!? Cally and Girardi turned their sides to the shooter exposing their unpadded areas. The only Ranger that I have seen block a shot properly is Vinny Prospal.

10. 47 shots on goal. Outside of Dubinsky’s were any of them that impressive?

11. That Don van Massenhoven was the referee, and Detroit was called for twice as many penalties as the Rangers, makes me believe . . .that Don van Massenhoven knows how lousy the Ranger power play is. It is his cruel way to screw the Rangers yet again.

12. The team is fun to watch, and certainly has a core of good young players, but where is the chemistry? And even more concerning, is where is the leadership?

13. Enjoy your vacation Carp. Thanks for the keys to the blog.



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  1. Thanks for jumping on the grenade of the Wings game cw, I’m hoping my review will come under better circumstances.

  2. I definitely thought the D as a whole played very well. Try kept their heads about them under some intense pressure at times from some highly skilled players.

    It’s time for the forwards, especially the vets to hold up their end if the bargain.

  3. Pretty accurate stuff.

    I would have added that a deal for a top 6 center and a hard-shooting veteran defenseman for the PP are absolute requirements for the Rangers to have any hope of making the playoffs this year.

    For a center, the Rangers should consider Mike Fisher from Ottawa. For a D, your choices are Kaberle, McCabe, Jovanovski, Foster, and Souray (via re-entry waivers).

    I think Gilroy can be the sacrificial lamb we’d need to give up as part of a deal.

  4. DJK, Mike Fisher is not a top line center by any stretch of the imagination. Top line guys that could make a legitimate difference are like the guys we saw last night, Datsyuk and Zetterberg. And they are cost prohibitive to acquire if they’re available in the first place.

    Kaberle has repeatedly refuses to waive his NTC the last couple of deadlines, McCabe has spent a great deal of the recent months injured (and for his PP prowess, the Cats have had a below league avg PP every year he’s been there), why would Phoenix trade Jovo if they’re still in the race and Wicky posted a link about the Rangers scouts not being impressed by Souray in the AHL.

    And what are you giving up for those guys? Matt Gilroy alone isn’t getting you any of those. Trading young assets to get past a round or two in the playoffs with no chance of winning the Cup is how you start missing the playoffs for years in a row.

  5. Brad Richards is a given. As a UFA of course. One thing that I wanted to point out but forgot at the end of my 18 hr. day, was that the NY Rangers are right where we expected them to be: 6th-8th place right? I woke up at 4am this morning and realized that was my point #13.
    So, the Rangers are exactly who we thought they were…with great upside.

  6. good Carp Style review…
    its not all on Gaborik these guys need to feed him the puck more

  7. CW – great job!!

    I thought that the Rangers – who had 40 plus shots on net – needed to be a bit stronger in front of the net – too many times they are pushed aside, by albiet strong and talented players. The Wings are a pretty good team – that second goal with the passing was brillant –

    Did everyone notice the Slide to bloack the shot that of course doesn’t – this is not hs or college – everyone of the ice can lift the puck. The D men need to understand that they need to move TO the shooter – head on and like a mack truck –

    Still say it – A Marc Andre Bergeron at the point on the PP would be a welcome addition –

  8. No no no to Fisher. Why? The guy is at best, a 2nd line center, but really is a 3rd line center. No no no.

    Karable? Soft as dough and he’ll cost you a Sauer and a pick. No no no!

    If you’re gonna trade, move Gabbie for Schenn, Toebert and a pick.

    Don’t abandon the youth movement for quick fixes that won’t work. That’s just plain silly, IMO.

  9. The real problem here is the Rangers lack of top end skill. They have one player of that ilk – Gaborik and he’s playing like a 3rd line winger now.

    It’s what happens when you spend the 1st 1/2 of the decade pursuing high priced mercenaries and drafting crap and the entire decade being mediocre and therefore, avoiding the right to draft in the top 5 for a couple of Junes.

  10. Mike Fisher at a minimum is an upgrade over EC.

    There are no top line players of the Detroit caliber available.

    Upgrading at 1 position will not derail the youth movement. I’m not saying any one particular name is who we should definitely get but Sather should at least inquire as to who’s available and for what in return.

  11. And giving up youth to get the likes of Fisher and Karable will only prolong that mediocrity.

    Stay the course….

  12. DJK: Of course Sather should inquire – he should ALWAYS be inquiring as to who is out there and what the cost would be to land that person (if the Rangers are interested).

    But the deal has to make sense and we can propose on here all we like, but one has to be realistic.

    Ottawa is apparently shopping Fisher – he will cost the Rangers something like McDonagh and a first rounder. Are you prepared to accept such a deal?

  13. Oh and Toronto has the same problem as we do, Jim. Inability to draft and develop top end talent forcing them to have to go out and attempt to buy it with disastrous results. Only reason we are better than them is we have them beat on goaltending and defense.

  14. Ok – I know this might be crrrrazy but if we cannot seem to score, or even get an advantage on the power play….PULL BIRON. There was a chance for a 6-3. How can you pass that up?

  15. CW,

    Great job subbing for Carp. This team battles right to the end – and just a couple of bounces here and there – and they could have won a couple of these games. Becoming a legit, long-time contender takes patience, passion and persistance. And Ranger fans are gonna have to take their lumps – and just may have to endure another non-playoff Spring. You want an example of teams that do it right in sports today – all you had to do was watch the Super Bowl. The Pack and the Steelers built their teams through the draft – and the Rooneys have been using that same blueprint for the last 40 years. Their results haven’t been too shabby. Take a deep breath and be positive about this team. Lots of good pieces already in place. More on the way.

  16. As much as we like to make fun of the VS guys, they did have some valid analysis last night. For all the hard work the Rangers like to do in the corners and behind the net it accomplishes very little if they never take the puck toward the net. And they really have no strategy or set plays with the puck on the PP when they do have it below the hash marks. Their primary source of any shots on the PP is the point and when that starts to become your only option it makes life very easy for the PK.

  17. The problem with the rangers is there is no top talent. Yes they have young players but none of them are top talent. Gaborik is a one dimensional player and that dimension has left the building. The collapse begins for another year of not making the playoffs.

  18. Anisimov has more points than Fisher this year. If they want an upgrade over EC, just go with Anisimov.

    Dom Moore has been traded for 2nd picks at the last 2 deadlines. Brian Boyle cost a 3rd round pick when he had done next to nothing in his career. Mike Fisher will cost more than 2nd round pick.

  19. Great job filling in, would have thought it was Carp if I was a casual reader. #12 is a great point. Torts shuffles the lines way too often to create chemistry. How about giving Boyle more minutes playing on a 2nd line with whatever wingers, He has 18 goals, 2nd on the team and is now rotting on the 4th line. And why not have him stand in front of the goalie on the powerplay. He is 6’7 250 with great hands and already scored a deflection goal doing the same thing at some point in the season. The powerplay really has the opposite effect on our team really kills our momentum.

  20. I think the only team that has been worse at drafting talented forwards than us is Toronto, maybe Nashville.

  21. Jim,

    Definitely with you on most points.

    I don’t know if LA trades the jewels of their prospects for Gaborik though. I’m looking at their cap situation on capgeek. They have room now and for next year but they have Doughty as an RFA this year and a lot of people as UFAs. They can obviously replenish their roster via their farm, but even if they only sign a portion of their UFAs the costs will start to add up quickly. Gaborik’s cap hit might put them in a tighter cap squeeze than they want.

  22. DJK: No way does Ottawa give him up for only a 2nd. The rumours out there already are saying a first rounder and a top prospect.

    Which is my point – you can theorize, muse, whatever all you want about the Rangers getting this guy or that guy, but you have to be realistic about what it will cost, otherwise it’s just silliness.

    If Fisher is that good, why on earth would the Sens accept only a 2nd rounder for him? And if he’s only worth a 2nd rounder, what’s the point? To play on the 4th line?

    I mean, yes he’s better than Christensen, but who does he bump? AA? Stepan? BB? Which of those 3 drop down to the 4th line.

    Truly, Fisher isn’t the answer. Matt Duchesnce is the answer. So it Steve Stamkos. Or Toews or Kane. Problem is, those guys aren’t available.

    Maybe it’s Brad Richards, but you gotta wait until the summer to get him (if you can get him).

    It comes back to the same thing: Lousy drafting combined with a decade of mediocrity (as opposed to pure crappiness) that has prevented the team from being able to be a drafting position to land a player like Toews or Stamkos.

  23. Good job cw. It is so frustrating watching Avery create so many chances and then neither he nor anyone else can finish (minus the Dubi goal). Gaborik just doesn’t look the same as last year, I don’t know why it is but he seems to lose the puck way too easily and his shot doesn’t have the same zing.

  24. Just a thought on the pointmen possibilities- what about Mcabe? Florida is supposedly going to be dealing at the deadline. He hasnt been the greatest but consider what hes been surrounded by. he knows what to do with the puck when hes at the point..

    btw- is there no way to send a smoke signal out to Dimetra to see if hed come back for the rest of the year? I know hes under contract somewhere over seas but Idk how that stuff works.

  25. LA isn’t the only team that would take Gaborik. Toronto would do it, the Sharks or Ducks would do it, Vancouver or Calgary would do it, and Tampa would do it.

  26. Outside of Nash, Columbus has drafted a bunch of talented but enigmatic players. Calgary didn’t even draft Iginla so what have they done in a while? Most of the best forwards on Montreal aren’t their draftees. Shane Doan has been the best PHX drafted forward over the last decade.

  27. Anyone coming over from the KHL automatically gets put on regular waivers upon signing with an NHL team. 2 different teams have tried this 3 different times this season and none of them got the player they signed.

  28. CTBlue: Yeah, I know what you’re saying about LA. I’ve been musing about the Kings being a possible destination for Gabbie for a while because they were so involved in the Kovalchoke sweepstakes.

    Apparently the owner there desires a marquee player to help attract paying fans, plus the team is deep throughout its lineup and seems to lack only that top end player.

    There were rumours last summer that if the Rangers signed Kovalchoke, for cap reasons they’d then ship Gabbie off to LA.

    The problem is, I’m thinking, is that Gabbie’s prolonged funk will (or should anyways) make any GM hesitate before coughing up 2 prized prospects and a pick.

    Nonetheless, if I’m Sather and I’m prepared to trade him away, I don’t unless I get a bounty back of that nature – it’s too risky to give him up for something less and watch him rediscover his game (which could easily happen).

    For me plan B is to pursue Brad Richards in the off-season. Richards is a set-up guy and arguably exactly what Gaborik is missing. I say arguably because I really haven’t seen Richards play enough to truly have a solid feeling 1 way or the other as to his true value and what he could do for the Rangers.

  29. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    great wrap-up gatti. pretty much what we all think here. about avery, he is really trying out there. i would think he is a leader in that room more than we think and leading by example(sometimes). last night was one of them. he still needs to score for getting paid 4 mill.

  30. Jim: keeping with your example, all Gaborik’s “wizardry” did for us last season was cause us to draft 10th rather than 7th or lower, thus causing us to miss out on the opportunity to draft Jeff Skinner.

  31. DJK: You gotta do some research my friend before you make some of the claims you’re making – Calgary, Vancouver and the Sharks are up against the cap and can’t afford to fit a $2,000,000 player into their lineup without shedding salary, let alone a $7,000,000.

    The Leafs don’t have the bodies to give back and Tampa doesn’t need more offense.

    That leaves Anahiem, but are they in the market for a top end player??

  32. CTBlue: Sorry, but I don’t get your point. None of those teams is considered a cup contender – in fact, some won’t even make the POs.

  33. When we all subscribed for “Stay the course, develop the youth- and we will live with the growing pain”, what exactly did we think the pain was going to be? Losing two and winning three? Not being a top team in Atlantic? Not winning the SC right away? The pain of waiting, actually, is much more than we are enduring now. We could’ve been out of the playoff picture already, or 6 games below .500. Look where they are, still in great position to make the playoffs, playing hard and giving our young core an invaluable experience. 5 games skid, by the way, counts into that experience too. Leave it up to the coach to fix it. And, as painful as it may feel, if they miss the playoffs again, I’d be willing to accept that. As long as they stay the course.

    I was looking at our defense last night and it was pretty obvious that we have what might be one of the better D in the league for years to come. The guys from VS mentioned the same. In fact, the development of Sauer and McD may, and should, allow Staal to add more offensive minutes. And he is certainly capable of doing it. I would be very careful in terms of giving up on Gilroy. He is concentrating much more on his defensive game this year, and he is doing an excellent job on it. His speed allowed him to join the rush AND return back to catch up with some of Detroit’s speedsters.
    Adding a veteran D-man may help them to make the playoffs, but won’t help them to win the SC. And where does he fit next year? And if you only acquire an expiring contract, who do you give up? And who sits? MDZ, Gilroy, Sauer, McD? That would be a mistake. Let them get more experience in those games when it really counts.

  34. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    LOL @ #12. Girardi talking near the end of the 3rd wasn’t THAT bad, after he had just busted his aasen right in front of Maguire. One thing I noticed last night, Avery’s starting to be smarter in his own end with the puck. No more blind reverse passes, he’ll just spin back and hold it.

  35. Who are you getting from those teams DJK?

    Toronto, I’m guessing you’re going to say Kessel. You really want a guy that just his 2nd year in is having a feud with the coach? You think Torts would want someone like him on the team?

    Sharks, absolutely no cap space unless they’re trading Heatley, Thornton or Marleau in return.

    Ducks, they have the space but after Getzlaf, Ryan and Perry who would you want from them?

    Vancouver, they are already the top team out West, and no cap space this year and too many guys to re-sign for next year to tie up $7M in space in one player.

    Flames, outside of Iginla, who probably isn’t available, who would you want from that team not to mention they don’t have the cap space either.

    You can be unhappy with Gaborik’s play, I certainly am. And I’ve defended him as vigorously as anyone on the blog, but there are very few teams that can pull off a trade for a player with his cap hit for 3 more seasons after this one. If he was a rental player then they’d have more options, but the Rangers with some many guys on entry level deals or 1st year RFAs are one of the few teams that can keep him for the foreseeable future while retaining core prospects.

  36. DJK: Re missing out on Skinner – you’re right. I’ve been calling for the Rangers to dump veterans at the deadline for YEARS, starting with year 2 after the lockout. I wanted Sather to trade the likes of Shanahan, JJ, Malik, Rozey, Nylander (and a host of others) because I knew the team wasn’t going to achieve anything more than it did (squeak into the POs and get eliminated within a round or 2).

    Instead, idiot Sather went out and threw A+ UFA $$ at 2 B UFAs and look what that accomplished?

    More mediocrity. This team has been mediocre since 1995.

  37. Jim, I was responding to DJK’s post about how the Rangers have been the worst at drafting forwards. The BJs, Flames, Habs and ‘Yotes haven’t exactly drafted too many impact players beyond 1 or 2 guys in the past decade.

  38. Jim: all of those teams will have to send money players back our way – that’s a given.

    Oh and if Drury’s “legacy” is important to him, he’ll gracefully retire in the offseason rather than force a buyout.

  39. And for missing out on Skinner not to hurt our team, McIlrath has to become a Scott Stevens-type stud.

  40. ilb2001: Agreed 100%.

    One key could be signing Brad Richards (and I’m not totally sold yet on the viability of doing so). If he is the answer to the number 1 center position, signing him means the Rangers have a glut at center – there’s no room for Richards, AA, BB and Stepan – none of these guys is a 4th line center.

    It means Sather could package one of AA/Stepan and Girardi/Gilroy to address one of the other 3 gaps in the organization (power winger, bruising d-man capable of top 4 minutes, QB PP guy – hopefully MDZ is that guy).

    That’s plan A for me (again if you feel Richards addressing the number 1 center spot).

    Plan B is to stay the course (and not sign Richards) because you think Stepan or AA wil mature into the number 1 spot.

    Both require patience, especially B.

  41. CTBlue: Ahh…I see. Shame on the Yotes and BJs because they’ve had tons of top 10 picks (especially the BJs). That goes to show nothing’s guaranteed, regardless of where you finish when it comes to drafting 18 year olds (but obviously, the higher your position, the better you’re chances, especially when you’re in the top 3).

    Do you guys realize at one point last year (around this time I think) the Ranger were like 2 or 3 losses away from finishing in a lottery position.

    Take a look at Taylor Hall’s stats: 17 goals and 33 points in 53 games on a terrible team. He’s only 18 and started the season very slowly. Not much is being said about him, but mark my words: This is one talented kid everyone will be talking about in a couple of years.

    He is exactly the kind of talent the New York Rangers so continually seem to miss out on.

  42. I said it a few days ago. This team was skating on thin ice for a while now. 3 regulation wins in 2011 says a lot. It reminds me of that hot streak we had a few years back, where we were winning in the shootout a lot and in OT. Those kinds of wins are just getting by. That is how we looked in the last 10-15 games. We were without key players and just grinding it out, but we have them back now. It is time to turn this around. What I have noticed is that we are skating around without any real rhyme or reason. We are still hitting and blocking shots, and certainly not being blown out, but this team is seriously lacking any creativity. Creativity is what a real, legit first line center brings to a team, and to a god awful PP. It is good to look at these last 5 games and know we could have won each of them, but it is all bad and frustrating at the same time. I don’t know if Sather will make a move, but I don’t really want him to do much. Ride this out. We are not winning a cup this year. Honestly, the only team I don’t want to face in the playoffs is Philly. I think we will make the playoffs, but I am not as certain of that as I was a few weeks ago. I do like how Torts is handling the team and staying upbeat, while challenging Hank and Gabby at the same time. I know Hank will turn it around, and Gabby, I am not too sure he will. Maybe if we were playing Toronto, Edmonton, and the Islanders for all our remaining games. The game Friday night, might just be our biggest game of the year now. Time to control our own destiny now, and not count on the teams below us to Carcillo the bed. My new heritage jersey is now 0-2-1. Time to burn it yet?

  43. I think a lot is riding on whether Chris Kreider and Christian Thomas can be legitimate top-6 NHL scoring threats.

  44. Adams big apple on

    I know this is a pipe dream and it might just be my lack of morning coffee but Sean Avery needs to be the capt of this team

    Think about it

    The refs would have to talk to him and they can’t “miss” all the blatant penalties against him and our team, because they’d have to listen to avery all game

    Having a capt like drury does nothing for this team

    I know cally or dubi deserve it as well but this would drastically change the wussification of this team


  45. CW, well done. Carp, you better watch out!

    CT, agree about VS. I can certainly do without the in-game interviews but i think the between period analysis is good, honest. milbury is a puke, of course, but keith jones calls it like he sees it. ill take it over MSGs in-between stuff anyway. that crap is bush league.

    It’s frustrating right now as the team has hit a ceiling w what it is capable of. Plus, if our one pure, offensively gifted player can’t put it in net, we are a toothless attack. That said, we easily could have won half of these games too. We won a ton of games this year where we played just as well but got a bounce that lead to a win. this is where we are.

    I’m hopeful though. Assuming we can keep what we have, we are solid on D and in net for 4-5 years. Offensively, maybe one of our young guys emerges to become a solid offensive force in the next few years. Though, honestly, IMO I see a lot of potential in our forward group but we don’t have a legit elite player on our team or i our system.

  46. Where is the leadership? What are you talking about? This team has plenty of leadership. They’re losing close games, with a lot of bad luck thrown in … everyone knew a losing streak was coming, even the coach, and now that it’s here one of your main complaints is a lack of leadership? You’re clutching at straws, bro. If you asked that “lack of leadership” question to Torts he’d chew your head off, and rightfully so.

  47. CW – great job filling in for Carp who might be Pipped when he returns from his “vacation” :-)

    Great call on just rolling the regular lines on the PP. I would just add one thing – tell/order/threaten the forwards that one of them better go stand in front of the net. Do the same with the defensemen and tell them to shoot the puck on goal.

    Is it any wonder why the Rangers seem to be on the short end of the goals-off-the-pick-the body-part? You can’t score those goals if you don’t get traffic in front of the net.

  48. Richards may make them more of a force next year, and you can fit him in without sacrificing your young centers- move one of them to the wing temporarily. The issue is, he will want cooke load of money, and, most importantly, years. He will, inevitably become less effective and his cap hit will hamper their ability to add a couple of important pieces to win the SC. IMHO, he will certainly help right away, but will be a detriment later. I would pass.

    Plan B is more painful, but I think its the right one. Let them develop. If any of them become redundant, you can always look into moving them when the time is right. It isn’t yet.

  49. I am not so sure about AA. I get the idea he suffers from a lack of …fortitude. You gotta be more assertive. He has tools, and size. Show some stones Artem!!! Until then, I see him as the most viable trade piece the NYR have.

  50. Mash the Thrashers on

    Great points above all. Most are on right track. Love for tomorrow, not today. Screw the idea of makind a deep run this year – ain’t built for that. Hopefully win a round and give youngsters a taste for PO intensity.

    Shots last night are very misleading, though they did a much better job crashing net and driving toward loose pucks. I thougth the Red Wings looked bad, their goalie was shaky at best and we all saw how top line talent changes the game in a couple of plays.

    One observation on Rangers coming through neutral zone – their D did not back up, met forward at blue line and jammed – ours seemed to give blue line and hope for best. Not sure if this is a backchecking issue or D confidence issue (or both). Like to see our guys get more physical especially Sauer and Staal. We hit them in the first period and they were rattled save for their top line. Then the hitting stopped and they started to get more breathing room to operate.

    Exciting game – big one on Friday. Let’s tie up #7 slot and take our chances.

  51. rfc,
    I am exactly right (as usual) about the leadership element. Drury lost his influence on this team. He was a de facto captain propped up by Torts because THERE IS NO ONE STEPPING UP TO FILL THE VOID!!! I see some leading by example. Prust and Avery come to mind. But Prust tenure has been too short and Avery, well…

  52. The PP play will not be fixed by just adding one shot from the point, or by adding a deft passer. It’s deeper than that. It’s mental. They are afraid to take chances, they are afraid to shoot, they are afraid to lose their position. They are stationary, very little movements. Torts needs to look carefully on what he wants them to do during PP. Again, I could be wrong, but if you are a young guy who just barely made it in NHL, or if you’re a proven veteran, and your coach directly or indirectly tells you that if you loose the puck- you’ll sit for one period, you would have to think twice before you make any moves. Thinking twice on PP isn’t going to make it work, folks.

  53. This slide is seriously depressing me. I think the Rangers are actually WORSE on the PP than they are on 5-on-5 hockey. How is that possible. They couldn’t keep the puck in the zone during a 5-on-3.

    I really wish there was an easy solution to this whole skid. But there isn’t. They have to keep grinding and keep working. They have played must better openings to games but the middle area is just kind of phoned in (at least the last few games). 60 minutes of effort boys. 60.

  54. I will add two good signs – when the Red Wings were playing pressure at their blue line the Rangers did a nice job of dumping the puck and chasing. They did however lose too many battles on getting to the puck. This could be from a very defensive minded PP.

    Also, Del Zotto was moving with the puck. That really made me happy to see him skating back and forth to find an open lane.

  55. cwgatti, good wrap up. I mostly agree with what you’ve said.

    I like especially that you pointed out how long Avery waited to make that pass. To me, it seemed like a mistake. If it wasn’t for Dubinsky’s GREAT shot, that was a wasted 2 on 1 because he moved so far to the middle and Dubinsky pushed out so far wide that Howard really didn’t have to worry to much about his lateral movement. But Dubi placed the shot perfectly to get the goal.

    As for the two penalties he drew late, yes, give him credit. But what’s important to note is that he didn’t get them by agitating, he got them by working hard against the boards. Now, for the second one, you’ll have to ignore that the whole reason he was in that situation was because he almost coughed it up on the PP, but it was his hard work to keep the puck against the boards until some help from his teammates could arrive to try and recapture the puck that made the possibility of that penalty happen.

    Honestly, it was his best game of the season. If only he could have buried that breakaway.

    I also really like your point about the chemistry. I thought the same thing while watching the Devils game. Remember that icing filled game? There’s just no chemistry and no connection between any of the lines right now.

    Also, along that line and feeding into the PP, nobody on the team knows how to cleanly accept a pass. They always fumble it, especially when its point to point, and this allows the penalty killers to jump in and break up the possession.

    To me, what’s important about watching this team is that it’s still entertaining. They’re never completely out of it, and the games are fun to watch.

  56. Manfried,

    It’s a different mentality of the defending team at 5 on 5 vs on the PK. PK you’re thinking about primarily defense and maybe springing for offense if there’s a bad turnover. I thought at least when they got a 5 on 3 they had a shot since they had been successful at converting those against the Pens and Devils. But not for nothing, the Wings have some of the most astute players in the game. Not a complete excuse but there’s a reason why that team is successful year in and year out.

  57. Cally,Dubi,Boyle and Trouble on

    great job. Agree with your 13th point 100%. I don’t think we should have expected to be anywhere but where the Rangers are. We simply don’t have the skill, and it becomes more difficult to win by grinding down the stretch. For now, I’ll try to be patient and watch the youth develop.

    re Boyle: I coudn’t agree more. Why is this guy on the fourth line, having the season he’s having and working as hard as he’s been working?

    I like Gilroy, but that attempt to clear into a very crowded area ended the game. Wouldn’t want to be him next time they watch tape. Wouldn’t want to be any of these guys, really.

  58. CT – true. The Red Wings really looked desperate to get the puck out of their zone with the PK. I guess I just don’t see that same desperation out of the Rangers on the PP. They are, as many people pointed out, a lack of instincts on the PP.

    I guess last night was a lot of “no finish” hockey. I thought there were some really positive chances and when the Rangers weren’t wiffing at the puck or missing the net or duffing a little chip shot, Howard was making some remarkable saves (with the help of great Defense on the Red Wings part).

    And totally, as you say CT, there is a reason we haven’t won a single GAME against them since 2003.

  59. have yet to read the post (hope it’s not a nightmare like the last one) but Gaborik is definitely not 100%

  60. They need an inside shot for the PP.

    Sauer’s shot from the blueline is money but he usually plays the right side and shoots right? His only goal a PPG and he has just 30 total shots… he needs to shoot more and be trusted on the PP. Think he can handle switching in the offseason playing an unnatural position like Gilroy?

    I’d like to have a left shooting R-Dman for the inside shot that can challenge the blocked passing lanes by just waltzing up to the slot sniping it or slapping it as hard as possible.

    On another note I’m sick of this team having no bodies in front of the net with our centers fighting for control of the puck. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BODY IN FRONT OF THE NET TO PLAY BEHIND THE NET HOCKEY

  61. Mash the Thrashers on

    IMHO the PP issue revolves around puck possession and movement. If you watch the Red Wings powerplay, they were circling like sharks and forcing D to slide back and forth. I believe this is more talent issue than mental break down or scheming. You need top line forwards to be creative while possessing the puck. Dubi, AA, Prospal and maybe Stepan are the only ones who have talent. Two of those guys are newbies, Vinny is at the end which leaves Dubi to be the guy. Love his overall game, but if he wants the big $$ this summer, he has consistently take it to the next level. He and Cally have been mediocre since the break and we need them to be outstanding every night. They are strong second line guys having to play first line minutes b/c there is no one else.

    Ranger forwards are small or play small save for grind line of Prust/Boyle/Avery. That’s why EC is not needed and Harford call ups were so impressive. When in doubt hit em especially if you are on the losing side of the talent matchup. When you do not have the size to do so (though Zuch and Cally have the heart) you better be more talented and right now, they are not.

  62. Sauer had one impressive slapper in the 3rd. Kinda under the radar, but was hard and low. May have been blocked right near the net, but it is something we haven’t seen much of from him. Hope to see more.

  63. “On another note I’m sick of this team having no bodies in front of the net with our centers fighting for control of the puck. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BODY IN FRONT OF THE NET TO PLAY BEHIND THE NET HOCKEY”

    This is the reason why I see no desperate need to get a PP bomber. We need our guys to have a liitle more presence around the net to corral rebounds and put blocked shots back on net. I believe Staal can get it on net. Even Girardi. And the both can handle the puck much better at the blueline than any of the forwrds we have seen back there.

  64. I remember Sauer’s first slapper in his first NHL game. It was hard and low and could hear the pad thumping from the rebound.

    Also made a crisp breakout pass behind his own net and didn’t panick with the puck.

  65. I mentioned Sauer and MacD have been really good. I think with the top 2 pairs, and the goaltending,the NYR will be in every game they play.

  66. Good work cw, lucky number 13! That shot by Dubi was very impressive. Glad to see Boyle get power play time, as I think Edzo mentioned, he should be on there with 18 goals, and the fact that he is huge.

    I’m surprised Torts does not yet seem concerned because I certainly am. Maybe it has to do with that living and dying by the kids, but there has to be a breaking point. Bag skate tomorrow?

    That byfuglien Byfuglien scored his first *point* in 14 games last night, a goal, but he also had a horrible giveaway for the Leaves’ fourth goal. Let’s hope he doesn’t get rolling on Friday.

  67. Mash the Thrashers on

    Sauer power! Love the game, great instincts.

    Just watched video of bang-bang goal last night. Prospal and Gabby at forward just looked absolutely horrible. barely bending their knees as they were skating. Dubi went up to pressure puck, Gabby’s man cut to net for pass, and Prospal’s man cut to net for return pass. Son of a biscuit!

    Need to put EC with them and just use as a PP unit. Can’t waste Dubi with those 2 pylons.


    Stop shuffling every period Torts. Young guys need to get in a rhythm.

  68. Adam,

    I don’t think you’re getting ignored on purpose. I think everyone had a lot to say about the game and the game recap.

    As for Avery as captain? I don’t see it happening. Most likely next year is his last year with the Rangers. The captaincy by most measures is going to Callahan.

  69. Adam, if Avery is our team captain, we will have 100 penalties called against us a game and 0 in our favor. Avery alone would account for 2 or 3 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties per game for him talking to the refs.

  70. Mash the Thrashers on


    Love his game, but having him as capt is a horrible idea. We need someone who will be here for the next 4-5 years and serves as a role model to the team and the public. He is just too polarizing a figure to wear the C.

  71. (Ah) Avery as Captain:

    I gotta say. Love the heart. Love the flopping around last night and getting us a PP for the rest of the game (including a 5-on-3). Great work. Love how he plays hard most nights.

    But Captain? I don’t think too many players will really listen to him as Captain. I also agree with Doodie that if he is Captain we are in for a world of trouble with the linesmen.

    Also, people were pissed at Drury for not scoring forever. Avery is not going to be a Captain you look to for a big goal when you really need one.

    I would love for Avery to be a big voice and force in the locker room (a Posada type). I think the guys will listen to him in that manner. Especially when his face is bleeding all over the place.

  72. Good points – except on the PP I disagree –

    A good QB on the point makes it very different for all of the other players. When someone who has a bomb is at the point – that makes other teams more cautious. Most teams have NO respect for this PP because how could you with MZA on the POINT!!! Good God Torts – What are you Thinking??

    Marc Andre Bergeron – MA B MA B MA B – no I am not his agent! Just think he is a reasonable, cheap, rental that makes an immediate impact on the point – immediate. Even with all of his “flaws” 5 on 5 – has anyone looked at the +/- of Eminger lately? And he HAS played better with the Rangers –

  73. Right on Mash Torts never lets these young players get use to playing with one another I’ve always said you need to play four lines, keep them together and consistantly roll them.

  74. It’s true – there is so much talk of keep playing hard, keep playing your game. Part of that is to keep playing with the same people. You have to lead by example showing these kids that you believe in them the way they are. Changing them all the time encourages them to try different stuff and maybe get passive.

  75. Coach sean,

    Why would Tampa be interested in helping out the Rangers unless the Rangers are sending them a package too good to turn down in which case the Rangers are overpaying?

    And the Rangers big PP problem is that their only attempts at scoring are coming from the point. When they actually possess the puck long enough to make something happen everything gets funneled back to blueline. They are making nothing happen down low, near the net or in the slot. MAB would just create rebounds quicker that nobody is in position for to bang home.

  76. Adams big apple on

    Haha thanks dudes, just wanted to see what you guys thought because I think it’d be hilarious, but really this team does need a new capt now since it doesn’t seem like drury is playing anytime soon, why is it ok for torts to flip flop on del zotto like crazy yet he won’t give the captaincy to someone deserving, look at all the best teams in the league, they all have stability at capt, i mean look at the red wings, a model of stability

  77. Saw most of the game last night and some observations:

    1) Despite all the shots a lot were not quality shots. Howard is always down – you have to shoot high. Avery had the right idea, but could not get it over the blocker.

    2) Rangers were effective when the dumped puck, but when they kept going for the long pass late in the first and some of the second that is when they got into trouble.

    3) Too many times 2 Rangers converged on one Red Wing who was not in a dangerous position and left another player alone in front of the goal. Girardi was guilty of this on one of the Wing goals.

    4) Biron has to come up with or get the rebound out of harms way on the last Wing goal, but he was fine otherwise.

  78. Good review and I agree with everything you said. The “shots” are troubling me. When the team practices are they just shooting the puck AT the goalie? I’ve never seen so many shots and not one where the goalie had to make a really tough save. This is a team that needs target practice badly. And the worst of the bunch is Sauer. That guy couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Every shot goes wide. Maybe the kid needs glasses. The team also need to take shots when they have them instead of trying to make the perfect pass. And they need to practice how to handle offensive rebounds. They are rarely in position to get a second shot off the rebound. They are great in the corners and behind the net, but they really suck in front of the net.

    Defensively they played fine. I’m impressed by the kiddie corp. But someone needs to step it up offensively on D. Hopefully Del Z will be that guy.

    They’ve gotten better on faceoffs, especially with Prospel back, but they always seem to lose the “big” faceoff. They talked about Babcock saying that buy losing the initial face off on the PP it wastes 30 seconds. That’s the Rangers story. And they need badly to learn how to setup a powerplay instead of ALWAYS dumping the puck. But that comes from having a decent point man.

  79. To add on to another comment above, I think the automatic inclusion of Gilroy in a deal needs to be considered carefully. He is really showing improvement both mentally and physically, and displaying a fair amount of skill that this team generally lacks. We have lots of hard workers and youth, but creative game-breakers are tough to come by. Gilroy is beginning to show more and more of that, while becoming less of a liability on the back-end. I understand there is a logjam coming, but maybe it should be another that gets the ticket out of town.

  80. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    Quick thoughts:

    -Another frustrating regulation loss…but another hard-working game that really could’ve gone either way had the bounces fell differently.
    -I agree with those that are saying that we all would’ve signed up for this position before the season started.
    -Did anyone else giggle when someone on last night’s telecast (I think Pierre) asked “Edzo” if the Rangers miss Drury’s leadership and Ed completely avoided answering the question? I think he too knows that the ax is coming.
    -We will know a lot more about where this team will be in 9 days since the Rangers only have 2 games. All the teams that have games in hand will be playing some catch-up and the standings will be easier to assess.

    Chin up all. LGR!

  81. good review, cwgatti!

    i agree with you on Datsyuk! I always say that he probably has the best hands in NHL. Too bad Buttman’s only focus is on his girlfriend Cindy.

    and i am starting to believe that poster DJK is a programed robot because everyday he posts the same stuff! Get Souray!

  82. Souray is done. It has been reported recently -within a few days, (not sure where I read it) by RANGERS scouting that he has lost foot speed and struggles at the AHL level with speed and would be high-risk for NHL play and contract.

  83. OK.

    DJK – This is for you :)

    Souray is done. It has been reported recently -within a few days, (not sure where I read it) by RANGERS scouting that he has lost foot speed and struggles at the AHL level with speed and would be high-risk for NHL play and contract.

  84. Good morning all!!

    cw, great job! and thanks for giving Aves his due :)

    Ria, if you’re listening….you can find links to Gross and many other Rangers blogs to the right if you scroll up near the top …… now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see what happened to my man :(

  85. Adam: The reason I didn’t respond is because Avery as captain is crazy, IMO. Just because the guy is finally (after 10+ years) reigning himself in on the ice and isn’t parking himself all alone at the end of bench inbetween shifts doesn’t mean he’s worthy of getting the C.

    OMG, this guy’s baggage is bigger than Paris Hilton’s trust fund. I would argue he’d be the WORSE choice on the club.

    I think we should be happy/relieved that he’s actually working his butt off consistently for a change.

    What he cannot do is score – he had yet another glorious chance (and kudos to him for getting himself in the right place at the right time) last night and blew it.

    1 goal this year – until the last 1/2 dozen games one could argue part of the reason for that paltry total was his reduced icetime. Not lately – he just has hands of stone and at 30 years of age, those puppies aren’t about to soften.

    IMO, if a team has to rely on Sean Avery for its drive, that team is in serious trouble from a leadership perspective (which I don’t think the Rangers are).

  86. The one main reason why the rangers power play stinks is because the talent level isn’t high and it shows when they try and pass the puck around. There isn’t one guy on the rangers who can pass the puck. That is why the ranger player receiving the puck has trouble handling it because the passes are brutal.

  87. 5 Players who can pass the puck:

    1. Zuccarello
    2. Del Zotto
    3. Gilroy
    4. King Henry (4 assists tape-to-tape)
    5. Wolski

  88. If you are saying that the Rangers don’t have a “distributor” or a great center to command the play I will completely agree with you.

    That’s why the PP looks like everyone is just waiting for someone else to do something.

  89. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    Jay, I think it was on Jim Matheson’s twitter that he spoke about Rangers scouts’ look at Sour-ay. It was in yesterday’s threads.

  90. Adams,

    I think Detroit is an unfair example re: stability of captaincy. They had Stevie Y and Nik Lidstrom. That’s like when the Rangers had Messier and Leetch for once Messier went to Vancouver.

    Chicago won the cup last year with Jonathan Toews, the third youngest captain ever, during his first year of being captain. That doesn’t scream captaincy stability to me.

    Jarome Iginla has been captain of the Flames for 7 years. Alfredsson has been captain of the Sens for over a decade. Doesn’t seem to be helping them very much.

    I just think fans make too big of a deal about who is officially named captain. The leaders on the team will lead regardless of whether there is a letter on their chest.

  91. But they look good, CTB….

    I believe that yesterday’s D lineup will be the one to start next season. With each game Gilroy has shown more and more potential. $2.1M sounds like a lot of money for one year, but it may be worth it. The other option is to start working on 3 or so year deal a bit less cap hit, but more money by the end. Thoughts?

  92. Doodie,
    I would argue Leetch wasn’t a very good captain. Not to say he wasn’t a quality guy or didn’t lead by example. I just think he was too uncomfortable in that position. Whether it was his relationship with Messier or his demeanor, something wasn’t right about him as Capt. And missing the playoffs every year he was Captain, confirms that (to a degree anyway).

  93. cw, also, if you speak to the people who were close to the team at that time (Carp, for example), they all say how good of a captain Leetch was. He was just a very different kind of captain than Messier.

  94. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    Now that I think about it, there was one particular sequence I wanted to talk about. Gilroy was at the right circle, with the puck headed to the net, and EC was standing just to the right of Howard (BTW Edzo pointed this out on VS as well, that’s why I remember it). If EC takes two steps to his right, he’s blocking Howard from seeing the puck cleanly. Instead he tries to tip Gilroy’s shot/pass, and it ended up just going right into Howard’s pads. This time of year, you HAVE to make that extra effort, and not just get to the net, but get to the goaltender. The toughest shot to stop is the one he doesn’t see…

  95. the leadership on this team is not an issue whatsoever. unless of course leadership somehow makes you score on the PP…

  96. Avery's Rustry Trombone on

    This next few games is extremely difficult. Come March, the Rags could be right out of the playoff mix…

  97. Yeah, I was just going to mention that….We’ve had a few trolls last night…Or most likely the same idiot using different names…It is what it is..

  98. I’d be OK if they miss the playoffs under 2 conditions:

    1) They just play the kids, meaning that the vets that aren’t producing (like Drury) sit and that they don’t trade away any prospects or picks to get a stopgap player to try and make a run at the playoffs; and

    2) They miss the playoffs by a lot. I don’t want 9th place. I want like 12th place if they miss the playoffs. Maybe Sather gets the pick right this time and doesn’t pass on an obvious stud like Fowler.

  99. Different names, Doodie….Same obnoxious behavior…Twice today already. Too bad his team doesn’t have their own blog…..Or if they do, he is very lonely out there. Like he mentioned about Hank last night. I’m sure if Carp was around, he’d know they all come from the same IP address.

  100. The Rangers are not missing the playoffs simply b/c of how bad the rest of conference is and the fact that Atlanta, while only 4 points behind, are not a playoff team and are lucky to even be in 9th.

  101. I think the problems with the power play are being blown out of proportion. Yes, it has been bad but it is better than it shows. The are in a full blown scoring slump.

    The team needs to score more at even strength too. If you are able to score consistently at even strength, PP goals will come. There is not a reason for struggles on the PP if you are a team that can put the puck in the net.

    I like the grinding style and system of this team but it does not fit with players like Wolski, Gaborik, or Del Zotto. These guys can’t be “contained” in a style of hockey that doesn’t play to their strengths. Gaborik should not be grinding along the wall and digging for puck in front. He needs to shoot, skate, and make plays that justify his $7m/year contract. Del Zotto should be rushing the puck over the blueline into the offensive zone and not making drop passes in the neutral zone. Wolski needs to dazzle with his hands and not play the point on the PP. These guys should not be playing like Brandon Prust or Ryan Callahan. Get me?

  102. Doodie – I really don’t think #2 is an option. I think the Rangers will come out of this skid eventually and end up in 7 or 8 or (gasp) 9. I can’t take another end like last season.

  103. Aaron Voros on waivers…

    Geez, it took the Ducks that long to do that. Voros was Todd White before there was Todd White.

  104. NYR_FAN

    I agree but “grinding” is the best chance this team has at winning this season. Once we have another player of Gaborik’s skill level, we can play a different style of play but as for now we have to make do with this.

  105. I see what you’re saying NYR – the TEAM has to play a certain way but these role players have to play their role. Agreed.

  106. oleo,

    what you said about Atlanta could just as easily be said about the Rangers. We’re not a very good team. We’ve just worked hard. Other teams are starting to gear up for the stretch runs and we no longer are able to outwork a team for an entire game.

    BTW, if you were to stretch out our last 10 games for the rest of the season, and stretch out the Devils’ last 10 games for the rest of the season, they make the playoffs and we don’t.

  107. Good morning cwgatti! Great post and review!

    Good morning Sassy Super Sally!

    Good morning BlogBeautifulMama!

    Good mornign CheeryCarp!

    Good morning non-italian ilb!

    Good morning Wyowicky!

    Im coming to NY tomorrow! Hip Hip Jorge!

  108. “Smell it???? i smell the turnaround coming along with the scent of a nice cuban cigar”

    I can smell a bad trade in the works, also accompanied by the smell of a cigar….

  109. Whoah Whoah. Slow that horse down!

    Torts can’t get fired. I think this team played so above their potential for such a stretch this year. He has to be with these guys for a while and help develop them!

  110. it is unrealistic to say that, without changes, they will come out of it. look at the Sharks. they lost about 6 in a row, were out of the playoff picture, then had the GM lecture them in the dressing room, and then added wellwood and eager to bolster their forwards. they now have won about 6 in a row and gotten back into position to win their division. of course, they already had better players than the rangers do, so they were just getting back up to their level. but the fact is that SOMETHING to change the bad karma has to happen first. a small trade to get a PP shooter for the point would be the obvious first choice.

  111. Wicky (trying to go as fast as ILB on this thing) on

    Thanks and nice job

    How do you like this thing?

  112. unreally, what is your explanation then for the Kings’ recent turnaround which had seen them enter the playoff picture for the first time in a month? No moves there. In fact, they lost Marco Sturm to injury again.

  113. simple explanantion. if you watch their games, you would know that they have had these up and down streaks all season. thus, it is common for them this year to do that. no panic necessary. but that does not apply to the rangers, who had been one of the more consisternt teams all season, without big streaks either way until this recent slide.

  114. If the Rangers continue to falter, and are on the outside looking in come playoff time, I could see Biron being a nice trade chip. . .

  115. Great game last night, we certainly deserved better (again). I’m looking forward to the game with Atlanta, we always seem to play them pretty well – especially down there.

    We need to just stay the course, we’ll work ourselves out of it. I still have faith that this team will make the playoffs. Don’t give up people!

  116. As Jimmy Valvano said, “Dont give up. Dont ever give up!” While he said it about a more real-life situation than sports, it still applies to all walks of life.

    I will never give up! Let’s go Rangers!

  117. We are still in fine position to make the playoffs. We need to get something higher than 8th because I cannot stand playing the Phlyers in the opening round.

    3 points behind Montreal. 6 Behind the Caps. Caps will have a losing streak. Don’t fret friends.

  118. The Rangers don’t need a PP QB – they need someone with a bomb from the point. That threat opens everything else up. Rozie wan’t a huge threat, but he could one time a good slapper towards the crease enough to keep guys at least a little honest. DZ distributes the puck just fine usually. They should bring up Valentenko and put him there, let him bomb away while Boyle stands in the crease. That wil open it up down low in a big way.

  119. Oh, so you two suckers are finally getting what I was telling you about the iPhone for years, eh? I’ll tell you, the only people who are not amazed by it, are people who don’t have it. Even my wife keeps finding new things it does. But then again, we just returned her car after the lease expired, and two days before that she was still asking me about certain buttons, lol

  120. Guys – I am probably getting an iPhone soon.

    Please tell me the amazing sports apps that I have to buy/get!

  121. lol ilb

    i wanted iPhone for years, just didn’t want to leave Verizon. And now that Verizon got it, i am enjoying the new toy VERY much!

  122. Yes, Id like to get an iphone and would like to know the sports apps too…

    ilb – Is it Verizon?

  123. There is one possible situation to right the ship, and that is Henrik going on a hot streak, getting his game going again, and winning a few that they shouldn’t as happened earlier this season. it is no accident that this losing skid has coincided with his slump. Biron has done a very nice job, but the team will rise or fall on Henrik’s shoulders, as has been the case for years

  124. If the Rangers could move the puck effectively on the PP and we getting a lot of shots, I could understand the argument that we need a PP shooter. But they can’t even enter the zone cleanly. Offsides, deflections, blind passes, and poor puck movement all should be addressed before we start adding players that can “shoot”.

  125. Looks like I got both answers.

    A negatory on the sports apps.

    And positive on the Verizon.

    Hip Hip Jorge!!!

  126. Now, Tiki, mine is AT&T. I’ve had them all since the first came out and never had problems with coverage. In fact, it even expanded upstate where I go some weekends.

  127. If you have direct Tv can you watch it on your iPhone? I have neither but….ya know…I could.

  128. You can watch Directv on your iphone??!!?!?! Holy Byfuglien! Id never take my eyes off my phone!

    Where’s Orr?

  129. You can watch any TV on your iPhone if you have Slingbox, Manfried, you don’t need Direct TV. The new app for iPhone and iPad is great, and it works even on wi-fi or 3G. Not sure if Verizon will have the same capability.


    My head is going to Explode. How do I not own this already!?

  131. I agree with point #4 by cwgatti. they should just use the dmen at the point and work on the PP more in practice, and keep it simple, get shots to the net with Boyle screening in the Holmstrom role. but that also means that guys like Gaborik have to get in there to score on rebounds, not stand on the perimeter like he does too much.

  132. the whole slower vs. faster network makes me laugh! does the extra minute or two for download time or extra 2 seconds you save on browser load up time really makes that big of a deal?? come the fugg on!

    you wasting more time of your life sitting on a toilet bowl! lol

  133. “you wasting more time of your life sitting on a toilet bowl!”

    Most of the time that I use the internet on my iPhone is when I’m sitting on the toilet bowl.

  134. Mash the Thrashers on

    Looking stats from last night I was Prospal was credited with 6 shots. Thinking back I remember him being unable to lift the puck from in close once on a rebound off the board that came right to him alone 12 ft away.

    Careful looking at the ‘wayward’ shots last night from the point (5v5) as a problem. Torts talked about live boards behind net and some of those were strategically shot wide to generate chances by the net for ‘crashers’.

    Gilly and MDZ looked like they belonged last night when playing under control. The whole team got a massive brain cramp with 5 mins to go, started pressing and making silly mistakes. Another coach may have used a time out to settle his young team and get them organized for the 5 on 3 and not shrug his shoulders and say, “hey they’re young”. If they are going to develop properly you need to coach in the moment.

    Like Torts work this year with the lack of ‘postal’ episodes on a young team and letting the youngsters develop with critical ice time on the big stage (really has no choice). But his line combos are frsutrating and offensive strategy non-exsistent. As said earlier, Gabby, Vinny, Wolski and not board men. You cannot have three guys on a line cycling with no one in the slot to get a pass when they win the battle along the boards.

    Most Ranger hits in last nights game without looking at the box score anyone?

  135. lol doodie… i knew that was coming!

    now I’ll be wasting time on the toilet bowl in style! like most of the people!

  136. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BURN

    Most hits? Since youre asking it must be a crazy answer. Zuccarello?

  137. Mash the Thrashers on

    Zuch and Stepan tied at 5 – funny I do not remember Stepan hitting people but he can be ‘sneaky’ good.

  138. I don’t get all the complaining on here at times about this team. Even if they don’t make the playoffs, they’ve been more exciting to watch then any Ranger team since 2006 and 1994 before that. Even when Jagr carried the team into the playoffs, we weren’t getting there without him. This team on the other hand has had contibutions from every line and plays hard on every shift – no matter who is in or out of the lineup. Everyone wanted a youth movement but then complains about the bumps along the way. A year or two ago people on here where complaining about Stall when he struggled a little – that why couldn’t we of got any of the other brothers instead of Mark. Now he’s a leader, a shut down defenseman logging major minutes and an All-Star. Last year and the year before some others on here complained about Dubinsky and how he should be traded before his stock goes down, and how Jagr made him look good. Even Jagr said the kid was extremely talented – but I guess he didn’t know what he was talking about when playing with a then rookie. Dubinsky has been a monster for us and a huge threat every time he steps on the ice this year – not many people in the league maintain control of the puck along the boards like he does. And most importantly he continues to improve, mature and dominate when on the ice – imagine when he finally hits his prime.
    When is everyone gonna learn to be patient and just let this team continue to mature. So they lost a few games, BIG DEAL. The best teams struggle at times and the Rangers are no exception along with being very young. The way they lost the last few is nothing to be upset about, they never quit or gave up – a bounce here or there and they won 2 or 3 of these games.
    This has been an exciting team to watch with a very promising future for many seasons to come – as long as they stay the coarse.

  139. I have an iPhone 3GS and it is fantastic. I haven’t turned on one of my laptops in over a year. And for those who like video games, it’s got you covered.

  140. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I like it, but the mrs is the techie so she has to show me everything! I’m still trying to figure out simple things like how to keep all my old emails from downloading every time I check it and if I need a task killer or not!

  141. CT

    i hope you mean finish iPhone business! lol


    Technically speaking you are “wasting” in the toilet! LOL

    So time is wasted regardless of speed…but at least now i can combine pleasure with necessity!

    Sometimes i drag my laptop with me to the toilet!

    Now i don’t have to! So it’s a win-win situation!

  142. Tiki,

    No, I’ll be at a nephew’s birthday party in your favorite region of the country…the part of CT where it becomes more Boston-oriented than NY. The kid’s father is basically your worst nightmare. A Sox/Patriots/Celtics and Liverpool fan, not joking in the slightest.

  143. CTB – LMAO! Have a great time and maybe me, Mama, and you can arrange a meet another day. Ill probably be up in NY til the 22nd.

    Since you brought up Liverpool, The Red Sox (Fenway Sports Group) will be buying AS Roma soon. Which means…

    AS Roma will gift players to Liverpool and vice versa.

  144. Trade Gaborik? Wow.

    Listen, what this team is going through right now is nothing more than a slump. They’re a shootout goal and two posts away from 66 points, 8 clear of 8th and 9th place. Hockey is just like that, especially a salary-cap league.

    This team works extremely hard and I think has enough talent to make a fairly serious run. I’m not calling them Cup contenders, but they have the mental makeup to deal with a lot of adversity, which happens in playoff series’ when you face more talented teams. They’re good on the road, and they have great goaltending.

    Everyone just take a deep breath. This team will win another hockey game or two this season, don’t worry.

  145. CT –
    I was a huge Kovalev fan in 1994 – got his jersey, autograph stick, puck etc… Although he never lived up to his potential, I still haven’t seen many that can stick handle like him though.

  146. I had a feeling that’s what it was for 27. I have a friend who still admires him as well. I’d say Datsyuk these days has amazing stickhandling skills but he seems to do it with a more designed purpose. Kovalev sometimes was flashy for the sake of being flashy. But he did get points in 6 of 7 games in the SCF and as a young kid was always a player you wanted to succeed. At least his best moment as far as any of his teams are concerned was 94.

  147. “If the Rangers continue to falter, and are on the outside looking in come playoff time, I could see Biron being a nice trade chip. . .”

    I could also see Lundqvist being a nice trade chip.

    There I said it.

  148. Acquiring Lundqvist would require the other team surrendering at least one of their core assets in return. So trading to strengthen goaltending (when the trend in the league has been to move away from paying goalies high cap hits) while diminishing yourself at another position is extremely counterproductive.

  149. LMAO @ your iPhone convo, folks. CCCP- the network speed is really only important if you stream any video content, including TV (slingbox). The picture quality varies widely….

    Kovlaev still remains one of my favorite Rangers…

  150. Would be nice if I could spell Kovalev’s name properly….My son only has a dozen of his jerseys signed by Alex, lol

  151. my points being let’s not get rid of Biron. lucky to have him for right now.

    i’m all about a two goaltender system. Look at the recent teams to win the Cup. Osgood, Antti Niemi, and Conlkin could have won for Pittsburgh (or Det.). Hardly good goaltenders but great teams in front of them.

    the King needs to reclaim his throne if he wants top 5 goaltender $ or he should go back to Sweden!

  152. Ilb – We are trading King Henry because he is obviously worthless. We should also trade Torts and if we can Sam Rosen. GET EM OUTTA HERE!


    (that was a joke called sarcasm)

  153. A 41 year old Roloson is outplaying Hank

    Tampa Bay couldn’t keep the puck out of their net…

    Roloson is 8-4 with 4 SO since joining Tampa

    maybe we should trade Hank to Tampa for Roloson? :)

  154. The NY Mets may have actually spent the last few years proving why having a good medical staff is important as heck.

  155. Also guys – enough with the trades. Why not just sell the team and move it. Honestly. Maybe we should move to Vancouver or Thunder Bay!

  156. Nah Manfried, if anything they’ve done Mets fans a huge favor with removing any sort of suspense (and soul crushing disappointment) the past 2 years by making sure the season is over by August.

  157. Geez. I just mentioned Biron as a possibility at the deadline. Hank is the best Ranger. PERIOD. Why he was even mentioned, I don’t know. All I said was Biron has been good enough to expect a decent return.

  158. cw & ilb…I designate you two as custodians of my responsibility for defending Gilroy and Avery. My tongue is bone dry from muttering to myself about this. Terrible mistake to let either of these guys go. I don;t see why
    Gilroy hasn’t been tried on the{oin in PP…..could he be worse than some of the others who have been there?

    He executes well, and he has a decent shot. Not a cannon by any means, but those are in short supply. But he can keep it on the net, and that’s what it is all about. This team lacks finishers..And their passing game leaves a lot to be desired also.16 attempted passes last night wound up on(surprised ) Detroit sticks, which were intended for team mates. Now you know when that happens they are being hesitant at some point.
    cw…….my regards also for your splendid production.
    Professional in nature.

    btw…a little personal note: Many years ago in my youth, as an air crewman in the service ( radio operator),
    we had to communicate by Morse Code as we were not all that advanced in those days. All departure, position reports ( every half hour flying time), had to be transmitted back to our home base Operations’

    The designation for that medium in the Naval system
    was a two letter indication that code was coming in. as opposed to voice, for voice traffic didn’t have the range.Those two letters were…cw. ( Stood for Continuous Wave.) cheers.

  159. cw: The trading deadline is in 2 weeks – no way will the Rangers be out of the PO picture like your envisioning that soon (if at all).

  160. Mash the Thrashers on

    From the GM handbook, ‘trade from strength’, should Girardi be moved ($3m+) with Prospal to try and fill some gaps up front. girardi is not bad, steady second set backliner but if Sauer and the other pups are ready earlier than anticipated, he has value on the trade market and Vinny could be attractive to a team looking to go deep into the POs. Need to trade value to get value and they don’t make stupid money like Dru and gabby which makes moving them impossible.

  161. I agree that Girardi is a moveable piece that can bring back real value in a trade. I like Prospal with this squad. His offense and leadership is needed and I wouldn’t trade him. I’m just not sure there are any guys that are on the trading block that warrant Girardi being moved. Who’s a good fit?

    We need a goal scoring sniper and a vet d-man…

    Calgary looks like they are going to make the playoffs and probably won’t move Iggy or Regehr.
    Toronto has nobody we want.
    Boston has nobody we want.
    Columbus…there’s Filatov? meh…
    Ottawa…Spezza? Alfredsson? Phillips? Fisher?

    I think Ottawa may be the team to dance with….

  162. Mash the Thrashers on

    Wicky – great story.

    Should he also give him $200 for the Pens game ticket without Malkinstein and Sindy playing. Weird vibes coming out of the Crosby saga and the Pens ship is starting to leak.

    Very sad…

  163. All this chess castling, happy shuffle and re-shuffle and never happened, but blamed for trades, just make me dizzy, sick and thirsty for some simple, transparent and understandable drink like Grey Goose. I look at February with a good deal of unhealthy pessimism, because as Italian say: “Non c’è poi così male, che non poteva essere peggio”(or something like this) – means – there is no time so bad, that it couldn’t be worse. Sorry, just in a bad mood after…

  164. trade Girardi? come on now. for a rental or a late first/early 2nd rounder that doesn’t work out?

    the easiest piece to move is Prospal but i like him and he comes cheap.

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