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Excellent post by cw. I agree with almost all of it, although I would contend that the Versus telecast was bearable because of the presence of Doc Emrick on play-by-play. Not quite Sam Rosen, but very good at what he does.

So, who the hell am I to take over Carp’s blog? Well, maybe this will put things in perspective. One of my vivid memories growing up was watching the final game of the 1988 season, when John Vanbiesbrouck shut out the Nordiques at MSG. I then climbed into bed in my pitch-black house and listened to the Devils-Blackhawks game on the radio until John MacLean scored in overtime to push the Devils over the Rangers in the standings and into the playoffs — ripping my heart out in the process. “Byfuglien” was the first word that came to mind.

As you all know by now, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I’ve gotten over that heartbreak — and all the other ones. I don’t get to watch as many games as I used to, not with a 4 1/2-year-old centering soon-to-be 2-year-old identical twins throughout my house. But I still feel qualified to comment about this team — and I possess an irrational hatred of the Flyers, which makes me doubly qualified.

Yes, this team has lost five in a row. Yes, this team has deficiencies (can we decline all penalties for the remainder of the season?). But, you know what? The Rangers are in every single game they play. There’s home-grown talent everywhere. They play hard, and they play for each other.

Are they good enough to win more than one playoff round? I doubt it. But after several seasons of oftentimes disinterested play, wouldn’t you have signed up for this at the beginning of the season?

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  1. disagree about Emrick. he is terrible. besides the awful voice and golly-gee phony naive questions, he makes basic blunders on identifying players. he called McDonagh Stepan, one is tall and left handed, the other is shorter and right handed, so there is no way to make that mistake unless you don’t know the Ranger team. He also confused gaborik and Wolski too.

  2. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    The game started strong for the Rangers, if they pop a goal in there in the first 8 minutes, it’s a whole different game. When the shots piled up with no goals, it took on a eerily similar feel to the MTL game. Then DET scores first, and it’s like deja vu.

    Disheartening to play so well, and get turned back on all those shots, then have to play from behind.

    Thus is the nature of losing streaks. No lucky bounces, no good breaks, powerplays don’t excite you… when it rains it pours.

    They will not lose every game from now til the end of the season… just have to weather this storm. Keep the faith all!

  3. if i’m a top seed in the first round of the playoffs i don’t want a piece of MTL, NYR, or Calgary

  4. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Emerick also mixed Sauer and McDonagh into one person… but not as bad a gaffe as ESPN this morning, who while going over the 12 seconds of highlights, said Stepan scores on Martin Biron. Oh well, it happens i guess.

    ESPN hockey coverage is terrible. They spend more time on ANYTHING else, and show hockey for 5 seconds. They showed Stepan and Hudlers goal, nothing else. Not the 5 on 3 at the end, none of the Avery clips, nothing.

    Byfuglien you ESPN.

  5. Emrick is terrible. He’s as worthless and sickening as rotten milk.

    Again, for those sarcastic or serious about declining penalties…the 3rd goal by the Wings last night happened when we should have been on the power play. If the correct call is made, we have a power play and Drew Miller never scores the 3rd goal. Who knows what happens from that point, but we what is for certain, we would have been down 2-1.

  6. Oh, and Emrick stinks as bad as rotten milk, is as hazardous to one’s health, and should be trashed in a dumpster.
    Gab – ESPN makes mistakes with players’ names in every sport. It’s not just hockey. Their professionalism amounts to David Ortiz’ career before the steroids. a.k.a NOTHING!

  7. also, it is infuriating to hear him constantly say “he knifes the puck” instead of the actual hockey term “pokecheck”. he is clearly unqualified except for casual fans.

  8. Wow — no love for Emrick. Personally, I prefer when someone “pitchforks” the puck down the ice. And it’s pretty easy to confuse Gaborik and Wolski. Neither one of them scores.

  9. Emrick is better than 90% of the other play by play guys on TV. It is his sidekick on MSG, Chico Resch, who is a bonafide jackwagon and a “home-er” who never gives credit to the opposition.

    Chico is the worst…

  10. Re-post, was smayering carped
    All this chess castling, happy shuffle and re-shuffle and never happened, but blamed for trades, just make me dizzy, sick and thirsty for some simple, transparent and understandable drink like Grey Goose. I look at February with a good deal of unhealthy pessimism, because as Italian say: “Non c’è poi così male, che non poteva essere peggio”(or something like this) – means – there is no time so bad, that it couldn’t be worse. Sorry, just in a bad mood after…

  11. Emrick & Beninati are the commentary team in hell.

    “Lundqvist waffleboards the puck along the runner. Staal knifes it to McDonagh (actually Stepan). Backdoor bullseye into the cage behind the twineminder! EDZO!”

  12. btw, the team you hate, the flyers, were one of the teams that Barney Fife Emrick did the broadcasts for, not to mention the Debbies. so he is like Yankee fans having to listen to a Bosox broadcaster

  13. There is no doubt the direction the rangers are heading towards is the way Sather should have done from the beginning. Better late than never. The only thing that scares me is the way Sather gives out contracts. Sather brought the right guy for the Director, Player Personnel in Gordie Clark. Hopefully Sather will stay away from free agency and the rangers will get better.

  14. Emerick? Meh.. His voice is aggravating, never liked his play-by-play.

    Smayer- I remember that John MacLean goal like it was yesterday, I was driving home with my father from MSG. We had season tix that year and the Rangers were coming on. Terrible memory. Since then I have hated Darren Pang.

    This teams lacks scoring and size. I have said this time and again, Dan Girardi, for his size, plays like a cream puff, I would trade him for the right deal, plus he does nothing on the offensive end. I don’t care how many shots he blocks.

    I would be sellers at the deadline. This team, without Boogard, scares nobody. What happened to our hitting? Our fighting? Our in-your-face style of hockey? It has evaporated.

    And the reason is this team is too small to do it night in and night out. We have no edge, and we have no scoring. It’s got to be one or the other in this league.

  15. Vogs, agree. I stated that point the other night. The rangers were playing playoff hockey the first few months of the season and than the injuries piled up and now that they are healthy there not playing that desperate hockey. The rangers don’t have any high talented players like the top teams do so they need to play like that every night but since there not built to be a big physical team it takes its toll.

  16. I love stirring the pot.

    I don’t hold it against Emrick that he used to broadcast Flyers games. He didn’t beat the bejeezus out of Tomas Sandstrom, or any other Ranger, did he?

    Funny thing about Darren Pang and yours truly: We’re both bald and 5-foot-4. And, frankly, though I’ve never played hockey on ice skates, I’m pretty sure I could play goalie about as well as he did. Thanks a lot, jackwagon.

  17. Emerick: “What does a 50-50 puck mean?”

    Now, I realize (or at least I HOPE) he asked that question on behalf of the viewers. However, if I’m going to search to find the awful VERSUS channel on my tv, and put up with Millbury and Edzo’s and Pierre in a little box between benches, etc., chances are I (and others) DO NOT need an explanation of a 50-50 puck.

    Just sayin’

  18. No offense, smayer, but who ISN’T a better goalie than Pang? haha

    It’s like Joe Michelietti and his three years in the league.

    As far as Girardi goes, I don’t dislike him as a player, I think he does a good job. But we need players who can hit or join the offense. If Del Zotto, Staal, McDonough and Gilroy are joining the rush, then the other guys need to use their body, and neither Sauer or Girardi do it enough. It’s just that Girardi has been in the league longer.

    That’s just one glaring weakness on this team, the other is size up front, of which we have none outside of Boyle, Prust and Dubinsky, I mean size that can hit.

    I have no problem trading Christensen, Gaborik, Prospal and Drury so guys like Grachev, Newbury, Weiss, etc can play out the year and then build around Stepan, Dubi, Cally, Boyle, Prust, AA, Grachev, Kreider, Weiss.

    Re-sign Feds and move on.

    Gaborik needs to get his game together or he is bait.

  19. Well written post! Agreed, its easy to get caught up in the excitement of a string of solid wins but at the end of the day, I enjoy watching Rangers Hockey now for more than just a love of the sweater so to speak. I watch because I enjoy the intensity, commitment, and hunger. I watch to see who Prust will square up with next. I watch in the hope that sleeping giants will wake and return to form. I watch to see what young gun will be the NEXT Boyle. Most of all, I watch because I believe in this coach and his young team.


  20. Thanks Mama… I have to say, Sean helped me out of my funk with his post. A 5-6 seed in the playoffs would be wonderful, but I wouldnt trade our style of play and new identity for it.

    Similarly, if all we accomplish this year is finding, developing, and refining our new identity… well then, thats a hell of a year!

    That being said, I do believe this team has the ability to not only advance to the playoffs, but do some van-damage once at the dance. Our goalie WILL right the ship, its just a matter of which players are able to get hot hands to bury the puck and tip these close contests in our favor.

  21. dudleey,
    admire you post,really.
    Other than that it is like collective Masochism! If you try to look at organization from sidewalk, judging by long time RR majority comments, we already have a team of our dreams: dream puzzles are – head coach, elite goaltender, talented (the only available at time) sniper, youth development in every aspect, bunch of hard working admirable players, good prospects and back up in farm club, finally, envious team ID and character, couple love/hate entertaining characters and, of course, one ever-present (Sather) and few steady changing, on duty, standby ritual scapegoats. So, what’s wrong with a whole picture? We are not seriously expecting our team be a combo of this year All Stars teams, are we? Give me back my Faith!

  22. Mash the Thrashers on

    What is so hard about doing commentary during games. Why can’t they find someone with some knowledge of the game and the league to share insight. It is not only hockey, football and baseball are the same.

    I am sure Joe M is a nice guy but he has nothing to say other than the same gibberish over and over. Must be the hair spray… Send him back to the mausoleum on wrong island.

  23. I just want to know what else Mash is going to give the Blue Jackets for Nash, ’cause Gaborik and Wolski ain’t gonna cut it.

  24. Icelanders may have to have Garth Snow be a backup goalie tonight – Poulin got hurt in the warmups, and their other goalies are all hurt – they’ve got some kid Kostkinen from Finland to play tonight, but it’s on an emergency basis…

  25. billybleedsblue on

    Just think, when the Rangers lose 5 straight, we can all take solace in how bad the Icelanders are with their “emergency basis” goaltender. Ok, I feel a little better now. Thanks Jimbo.

  26. billybleedsblue on

    …and that’s not me being facetious. I really mean it. Haha to the Icelanders! :D

  27. Oh, late to the party….Good post, Sean…And hello there, always nice to see another Rangers fan. Thanks for letting Carp do what he does best.

    I have to say, I don’t mind Emrick, he has some sense of humor and despite him using all the unnecessary metaphors at times, he comments well. I also think that he’s lost a step or two lately, and I believe it’s medical. Have you noticed lately how his hand shakes when he holds the microphone? I don’t want to get medical here, but that could be the reason who can’t keep some names straight.

  28. Ooops, didn’t adjust my name, sorry. Billybleeds- you want to feel even better? I read somewhere that Snow is trying to convince Wang to buy DP out. I did a little math, they owe him $45M over the next ten years. So if they buy him out, they will pay him $1.5M per year through 2031. The NHL may be named something else then, or disappear altogether, but they will be still paying him.

  29. billybleedsblue on

    …and soup-ladled along the boards, and seafood-forked to the slot, and bread-knifed into the corner, and salad-tonged to the point, and soup-spooned to the high slot, and shut up already Mike Emerick. I know he’s hugely popular, but when I hear his voice it reminds me of the times I had to watch the Devils coverage of Rangers games. How nauseating. No matter how soft or hard any shot they would take, he would always make it sound amazing. “ELIAS(sh!)!” Enough already. What, I can’t help it, I’m a Rangers fan.

  30. You’ve gotta take pleasure from anything when you’ve been a Ranger fan since 1967 – if the Icelanders are getting railed, I always enjoy it!

    BTW, they are losing 2-0…the kid let his first 2 shots against go in…..

    Schadenfreude, baby!

  31. billybleedsblue on

    HAHA. Nice German! I’m usually not like that at all, but lots of things change when hockey is involved. It’s really nuts how worked-up I can get sometimes over things, and how much disdain I hold for Icelanders, Flyers, Debbies, etc.

    Ugh, tonight’s a “root for Jersey” night. Canes must lose.

    Ilb, that’s so ridiculously entertaining. What a seriously stupid mistake to sign ANYONE to a contract like that.

  32. Yeah – I hear ya….I know I should be wanting Jersey to win tonight, but……it’s just very hard to do!

    After all those years of hearing “1940” from dip-carcillo Icelander fans (and johnny-come-lately Debbies fans, too) I totally enjoy watching those teams bleed…..figuratively speaking..(sometimes literally,too…)

  33. Nash’s career is wasted in CLB, really sad they were never able to build a team around him with all the early picks they’ve had.

    I give him credit for sticking with it though, his numbers while impressive aren’t quite as prolific as I would have thought. He’s only hit 40 twice, I could have sworn he had a 50 goal year at one point. His per game numbers are almost identical to Gaborik’s.

  34. billybleedsblue on

    So it’s, “Cool, the Canes gave up a goal!” not, “Hurray, the Devils scored!” Got it.

  35. Hey, wasn’t Carp a goalie a few years ago? The way it’s going on the island, Snow may want to sign long term. Until Carp’s vacation is over at least. Easy way to make a couple of million bucks. Can’t hurt them anymore anyway. Will we be rooting for The Fishsticks ? Barf…

  36. Isles coach kinda looks like a larger version of Kaberle, who just put the Leaves up 3-2.

  37. Chico just said the Canes aren’t deep offensively and they’ll have to win games 2-1, etc. The Canes are 10th in the league in GF, the Devils are last by a difference of like 40 goals.

  38. Oh come on, what’s so tough about rooting for the Devils and Islanders…if it helps us?! Nothing. Just say it with me.

    I want the Islanders to win against other playoff contenders.

    I want the Devils to win against other playoff contenders.

    Personally, I wanted the Bruins to beat Carolina in the 3 games they played in the last 3 or 4 weeks.

    I know that Boston is the epitome of evil, but Ill still hope they win if it benefits my team.

    Loyalty, first and foremost, to the Rangers and New York. Learn it, Live it, Love it!

  39. Ugggggggggggggghh! I can’t say it! Well, Icelanders are playing the Leafs, so no problem with them being a contender….Leafs now leading 4-2….

  40. LOL Jimbo! Say it! Say it! Say it! Let’s not hate the Debbie Downers or the Isles. Let’s direct our hate to where it belongs…the BRUINS! BOOOM!

  41. Ugggggggggggghhhhhh…………………..C’mon, Debbies…. OWWWW!!!!!!! That hurts!!!

  42. david from brazil on

    Great Post.

    This is the most promising time I have ever experienced as a Ranger Fan. Home grown talent, tough team, great coach and a patient longterm organization philosophy. (And solid prospects on the way)

    Regarding the short term, forget about the 5 game streak and trust what you actually saw when you watched those games. Pure quality of effort, team spirit and fight. They were unlucky not to get more points, but do not make the huge mistake of letting that effect how proud and happy you should feel about this team.

    David from Brazil

  43. Tik, when I first started as a Ranger fan, the Bruins were their *main* rival….The Big, Bad Bruins” beat hell out of the Rangers regularly, much like the Flyers did some years later…

    Bruins were a hateful team that had the best player I ever saw, Bobby Orr…he was incredible – seeing him in person was amazing when he was in his prime.

  44. billybleedsblue on

    LOL Jimbo. Me too. Also, if I had a time machine, when not saving the world from bad things, I would go back and check out some of those Bruins Rangers games. A little before my time, but from my understanding, some of the best classic old-timey hockey years…

  45. billybleedsblue on

    wow, the canes were real close to losing in regulation there. big faceoff, come on Canes, lose it and give one more up…

  46. billybleedsblue on

    Hitler: “Why didn’t we move to Las Vegas? Right now, we should be in Las Vegas! Then Cindy could be a show girl!”
    Woman outside room consoling other woman: “He couldn’t…he doesn’t have the work ethic.”

    Hahahahaaa, absolutely hilarious.

  47. Billy, those games were phenomenal – Orr starting from behind his net and going the full length of the ice, deke’ing around the whole Ranger team, and putting the puck behind Giacomin or Villemure…..I saw several playoff games of Rangers vs. Bruins, and Orr was the difference – he carried his whole team (they had lots of other good players, too!) on his back, and he was just a 21 year old kid.

  48. Yeah, Debs win in OT……they gave Carolina a point, but at least not two…… OUCH!!!! It hurts!

  49. Yeah, Brad Park was our “poor man’s Bobby Orr”…he was good, but nothing like Orr….I HATED to see him traded to Boston – that was traumatizing!

  50. What’s funny is that the Rangers almost certainly would have passed on Skinner had he been on the draft board when they selected 10th overall. He was only ranked 34th overall by Central Scouting. WTB?

    The Canes made out great and knew what they were doing…this kid is going to be a superstar. Very impressive. I was impressed when I saw him score 2 goals in person at the Garden back in October.

  51. Yes – “figure skating” notwithstanding, he certainly look like he has a bright future!

  52. Sometimes I wonder about those scouting reports – what position was Zach Parise rated at, and look how he’s turned out!

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    Buffalo gets five straight goals against Tampa Bay. 4 in just over 3 minutes, and the fights break out.

    Roloson is playing like a 41 year old goalie…


    watch out the foosteps you hear are the buffalo sabres.

    for all who counted them out there alive especially with 4 games in hand.

    rang car atl buff

    4 teams 2 spots

    im losing sleep already

  55. How in hell does a team have 4 games in hand over us, anyway? The schedule-makers kill us with all those back-to-back games, but don’t they do the same to all the teams?

  56. Paul in sunrise on

    These are our Rangers. They are good. They will win again. Gabby will score again. They are good and will get better.

  57. Buff has 4 games in hand on the Rangers. If they won them all, they would pass the Rangers. things are gettin’ dicey

  58. Great post!

    Re: Doc…I’d take him over Clichenatti any time! But that doesnt mean I like Doc…his voice makes wanna shoot myself in the face! Last night he call Dubi – Brian Dubinsky! lol

  59. Mash the Thrashers on

    3cp – so true on Doc

    Imagine being his broadcast partner. Sort of makes sense why Chico is there with him. Only shmo that would listen to that babbling idiot for a season.

  60. Like I said before, McIlrath (who was the 2nd defenseman chosen in the draft) will have to be a Scott Stevens caliber stud in order for us missing out on Skinner by not having the 7th or higher pick to not hurt. We can thank Gaborik for that!

  61. Maybe ORR finally got a chance to capture Megan Fox and he’s keeping her busy down in his basement…?

  62. Where’s IS Orr? He also dissapeaded like this in the summer too and then just popped out of nowhere … wonder if anyone got his email

  63. I guess typing on iPhone needs some getting used to

    I’m talking about myself here… And no, I am not in the bathroom lol

  64. The only thing that makes sense in all these posts is “Gaborik needs to get his game together or he is bait”. Re: Dr. Emrick Any body that truly understands hockey knows that Emrick is one of the best. Get a life.

  65. david from brazil on

    Emrick is living on his reputation. If he was evaluated for his current performance he would be in the AHL.

  66. To say Sam Rosen is better than Doc Emrick is like saying Earl Scheib is better than Picasso.

  67. If the Rangers had drafted Skinner in the top ten, Rangers fans would have screamed they got “Sathered” again. He wasn’t ranked in the top ten by most draftniks prior to the draft. Now if you want to talk about passing on Fowler……

  68. Versus is just horrendous!!! I so wanted Avery to smack Pierre McGuire with his stick between the benches,……I HATE that guy….

  69. very late on CW’s post from yesterday
    but wanted to get in my 2 cents

    didn’t mind Girardi talking back to maguire.
    heck, players talk to the refs.
    besides, maguire was talking to him
    and asking if he was alright.
    i guess you could say he was just being respectful.

    like the idea of just rolling lines during the power play
    tried just about everything else
    don’t know why he doesn’t put Boyle out there in front
    unless he wants to rest him

  70. i cant stand when emrick says “Waffles a shot” in reference to a blocker save…..btw tomorrow is my bday, and i turn 26, same age as josh….does that make me an official bonehead??….

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