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February 7, 2011 – New York Rangers 2, Detroit Red Wings 3 (Game No. 56, Away No. 29)

* The Rangers were defeated by the Detroit Red Wings, 3-2, tonight at Joe Louis Arena, and are now 29-23-4 overall with a 17-11-1 mark on the road.
* New York out-shot Detroit, 47-35, including an 18-5 advantage in the third period. The Blueshirts have now out-shot their opponent, 91-26, in the third period of their last seven games.
* Derek Stepan tallied the Rangers’ first goal of the game at 3:09 of the third period to tie the score at one goal apiece. He was also credited with a career-high, five hits.
* Brandon Dubinsky responded to a pair of Red Wing goals with an even strength tally at 15:55 of the third period to pull the Rangers to within one. The goal was Dubinsky’s 40th point of the season, marking the fourth straight season he has reached the 40-point plateau.
* Sean Avery registered the primary assist on Dubinsky’s goal, and tied for the game-high with six shots on goal. Avery ranks third on the team with 19 assists on the season.
* Martin Biron stopped 32 of 35 shots while making his second consecutive start in net, and is now 8-6-0 overall with a 4-3-0 mark on the road. He is now 7-5-0 with a 2.02 goals against average and a .933 save percentage in his last 15 games.
* Marian Gaborik recorded an assist on Dubinsky’s goal at 15:55 of the third period, and has now tallied 10 points (five goals, five assists) in the last nine games.
* Matt Gilroy tallied the primary assist on Stepan’s goal at 3:09 of the third period, and registered three shots in 15:46 of ice time. The Rangers have now posted a record of 5-1-1 when he registers a point.
* Wojtek Wolski recorded one assist and logged 17:41 of ice time. He has now tallied nine points (three goals, six assists) in 13 games as a Ranger since being acquired on January 10, including eight points (two goals, six assists) in the last 10 contests.
* Marc Staal led all skaters with 25:27 of ice time while skating in his 300th career NHL contest. The Rangers’ first round selection, 12th overall, in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, Staal has registered 19 goals and 52 assists for 71 points, along with 186 penalty minutes and a plus-16 rating in four seasons.
* Vinny Prospal registered a game-high-tying, six shots on goal, and has now recorded 13 shots in three games since his return to the lineup vs. New Jersey on Thursday.
* Mats Zuccarello was credited with a career-high, five hits, and registered three shots on goal in 15:52 of ice time.
* The Rangers will conclude their three-game road trip when they face-off against the Atlanta Thrashers on Friday, Feb. 11, at Philips Arena (7:30 p.m.). The game will be televised live on MSG 2 and can be heard on 970 The Apple and

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  1. got carped even with no Carp

    can’t remember where i read it
    a tweet or…?

    but it had something to do
    with Rangers scouts saw souray
    and were not impressed.

  2. Frolov was a very good move, so was Jokinen, Naslund, Zherdev and Higgins. Kalinin had no effect. Brashear was a bad move but he traded him away, same with Kotalik.

    how about signing Prospal last season for a bargain price

    or bringing in Fedotenko on a tryout,

    or bringing back Avery on re-entry waivers

    or picking up Christensen on waivers

    or signing Biron for nothing

    or signing Zuccarello and Gilroy as free agents

  3. i think a sather extension is a good idea.. would bring more stability to an already stable situation…

  4. This might have been Avery’s best game of the season. I really liked his game tonight.

    Wolski looked OK on the point.

    Mats Zuccarello is a thrill to watch, whether he’s passing, shooting, or taking the body. Just the complete package (except for his height!). He’s like a mini-Callahan with sick hands and quick feet.

    That was a world class shot on the goal by Dubinsky. If he shoots like that more often, he could be a 30-40 goal scorer.

    That was an impressive game in many ways for the Rangers even though they lost. I am looking forward to cw’s review tomorrow!

  5. Clip the Wings on

    EC is our first line center, how can we let him go? Its impressive how he manages to avoid physical contact for an entire season.

  6. Guys, in Carp’s absence, when a new post goes up there won’t be a post that says new post…if you follow me :) so pay attention to the little gray note below that says “It’s Go Time” or “Post game notes” or what your fellow heads tell you when they say “new post”

    you all will figure it out, I know, and mama will help….:) LGR!

  7. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather has been, is now, and always will be a loser in New York. You’re just happy that there is a team on the ice at all. Everybody here is a great move, every mistake has been corrected.

    So where did all those missed playoffs and first round exits come from since Sather has been in charge?

  8. I dont care what happened pre-lockout. Since the lockout, the Rangers have been pretty much consistent playoff teams and will be for years to come.

  9. Olga,

    Slats has done some damage to the franchise over the years but has also made some good moves via trade (Jagr, Prust, McDonagh), signing undrafted players (MZA, Girardi, Gilroy), and some of the players drafted under his watch, i.e. Dubi, Hank, Cally, Staal, Artie…

    Should he be fired?

    Will be be fired?

    Should he resign?
    Yes, he’s too old. But, I’m not sure I want Messier to replace him. In fact, I definitely don’t.

    Will he resign?

  10. Thank you, Mr Mayer.

    This loss and skid are not good, there is no question about that. I think the light schedule will help them. Work out some stuff in practice, get guys games back into the groove they were in earlier in the year.

    This team CAN score goals, we’ve seen it this year. They are just totally snakebitten right now. Doesn’t help that Gaborik looks totally lost on the ice.

    Having said that… Despite the defensive breakdowns and mistakes, the D looks SO good right now. Imagine what they will look like in 2 or 3 years.

  11. Clip the Wings on

    Sather is forced to do bargain basement because of his bonehead moves. Make no mistake, the only reason he is still around was that Isiah Thomas was even worse and Jimmy jr is the world’s biggest horse’s arse.

    Do not be fooled!

  12. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    NYR of course not all his moves were bad. But he has always made more mistakes than good moves. Enough to keep the team hovering +/- around the last playoff spot. All I’m saying is I have seen enough Sather, don’t expect it to change much as long as he’s in charge.

    Bring on the next guy.

  13. Good game by the Rangers tonight against a very good Detroit team. Seriously. Some of my thoughts:

    -Biron looked very good in net, but that 3rd goal was savable. But if Hank lets in 3, there are cries for a trade. Biron lets in 3, and crickets.

    -I honestly think Gaborik is not getting a fair shake. Allow me to explain why. Gaborik needs at least a little time and space with the puck. The Rangers offense doesn’t run deep enough at this point to spread out the opposition. There’s no true first line center, there’s no point shot to respect. Opposing D can crowd Gaborik and take away his shot without fear of leaving another Ranger unattended.

    -The above statement is the reason the PP is not going to work unless another Ranger gets real hot and gives opposing D something to worry about.

    -Faceoffs are killing this team. I’m not going to say they miss Drury, but they do miss that aspect of his game.

    -Dubinsky needs to go back to center, but not for Gaborik.

    -This team is 2 pieces away from being a Stanley Cup contender. Seriously. One of the best goaltending duos in the league, one of the best shut-down defensive pairs in the league, an elite sniper, a grinding/scoring line… there is a lot to be happy about in Ranger-land.

    -That said, the Rangers will inevitably face the issue that Detroit/Pittsburgh/Chicago had to face. With a glut of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th liners, who do we build the team around? Who do we let go? Dubinsky and Callahan are givens. Prust? Avery? Boyle? Stepan?

    -Who do you go after for the last pieces of the puzzle? Richards? Someone else?

    -If this team gets a first line center and PP blaster, we could be terrifyingly good.

  14. Clip the Wings on

    Define consistent playoff teams – 2 series wins in 5 years. Yeah, we are better than average!

  15. is the next guy going to make Marian Gaborik score more goals? or make Stepan and Anisimov develop faster?

  16. Olga

    Eh, depends on who it is…I can live with the core of this team battling out games like these every night. Tonight was a very good hockey game and the Rangers looked like they could give Detroit a run for their money in a 7 game series…despite being in a team scoring slump…

    What do you think was his worst mistake?

    To me, it might have been not resigning Jagr. Or perhaps…Jessiman…

  17. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather’s worst mistake? I have to narrow it down to ONE?

    Jessilindros. Is that a word?

  18. re-post:
    naslund signing wasn?t bad. money wasn?t too much and he retired with class and dignity?.
    drury take note

  19. Oleo,

    I agree. Once Drury’s 7 mil comes off, that can easily buy a solid first-line center, but it can also get a great blue-liner.

    Richards is a dicey proposition. He’s old, would want a lot of money, and at least a few years. Do you want to go there? But if you can’t just buy, who else can be had and for what?

    Do you save the money on the center and opt for a hammer on the back end like Shea Weber?

  20. i really think the rangers are headed in the right direction.. and management sees the light.. We want the cup…. in 2011-2012

  21. if we signed richards, that would bump stepan to second line center, anismov to third, boyle to fourth…and drury to retirement?
    am i right on this? who am i forgetting?

  22. Slats go f yourself is right – this loser missed the playoffs for 7 years with the highest payroll. He’s the ultimate LOSER. Slats must go. 5 losses in a row – get real.

  23. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Richards = next Drury. Signs big 7 year contract for 7 mil per year. Good for a year or two, then slow decline to “Why can’t we trade him?”

    It’s the Sather Way.

  24. Sather For Owner.. Sather for Commissioner.. Sather For President… and kern the rum candy is tasting great.. along with this cuban.. life is good besides the 5 L’s

  25. Clip the Wings on

    27.5 mil from Rangers top 8 salaries is either underperforming, redundant, or not playing.
    Gab, dreary, rosi, girardi, frolov. Only staal and Henry are earning their keep or needed from top 8.

    Rangers may be the best bang for the buck in the league, only $30mil in salary.

    No Richards (too old)

    Package girardi and gabby for a frontline center

  26. The bottom line is that we need guys that can shoot the puck in the net. Gaborik isn’t doing it.

    Wolski needs to shoot. Del Zotto needs to aim at the net. Avery needs to pray for a goal…

  27. No, you go to bed now! I’m not going to pull you out of bed in the morning by your toes because you’re tired!

  28. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Mama if your still here Avery got 4 stitches in his upper lip and he’s NOT very happy with the way their playing. Read it on Gross’s blog but of course I still don’t know how to copy & paste where’s dde when you need him LMAO. He also said that he’s been verbal about it

  29. There is no good way to fix this team right now. I firmly believe that.

    I’ll say it too: Drury is killing us! I love him but he is no longer who he was. He has that no movement clause so we can’t stick him in Reddenville and eat the money.

    We are stuck with him (and his over 7-million a year) unless he willingly: 1. Retires/coaxed into the front office (at 34 y/o I doubt it- I bet he believes he can still play) or 2. gets traded (REMEMBER: He would have to agree to it, and also, who would want him?). I think both options are not going to happen. A third option could be a buy-out or maybe restructure the deal? I don’t know how that works but I don’t see the point if he only has 1 year left with us.

    With that being stated about Drury… THIS IS OUR RANGERS TEAM FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND A HALF! GET USED TO IT!

    Now, yes, Sather will make a small trade here or a little FA move there but nothing that is really going to make us a Cup contender. I’m sorry boneheads. But one and a half years out is our best shot. (When Drury is gone).

    I read a ton of you talking about Richards… STOP! I don’t want him. he’s already 30 (31 early March) and if signed as a FA you’re going to have to lock him up with at least 7million for 5-8years (Remember: this is is BIG PAYDAY free agent contract, also, can you say DRURY?!?).

    I think this team needs to stay young.
    I think this team needs to develop some home-grown talent.
    I think this team is doing a fine job this season with all the injuries and we/they are getting a real clear look at a bright future but a partly cloudy present, get me?

    Be happy with what we got: A team, over the next year an a half, that will qualify for the playoffs and provide us with some fun hockey to watch. And who says we don’t get a lucky bounce or two with a young team and a great goalie and make it further than one or two rounds? This is going to be the norm till we free some more Cap. It is what it is. You gotta love it!

    On a side note: If we all agree that what we need is a TOP LINE #1 CENTER. And we all agree it’s not AA/STEP/BOYLE. Then why not offer AA and Eminger and a Pick or AA (I like Step more) Gilroy and a Pick to Ottawa for Jason Spezza? He is already locked up for about 5 years and at only 27 y/o,Gaborik is 28, they can lead us for a loooooong time!!! That’s how I’d go about it. NOT RICHARDS!!!

  30. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Really? You want the Cup? Your best bet for as long as Sather is in charge is to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  31. all you need to know about the great avery is his fandom tonight thought he had his best game of the year. how many points did the star have tonight? same as christenson and other schlubs.

    avery tries hard and is a good 4th line player but the under 30 crowd is constantly whining to give him more minutes. so he can miss the net, turn the puck over for no reason in his own zone, or do other great things for the team??

    he is a 4th liner who can control the puck fairly well behind the net, and on occassion instigates a dope on the other team to do something stupid. that is it. he is a 4th liner with some style that is the sum of his ability.

  32. spezza is not that good to give up 4 guys for and his contract sucks. the only guys worth mega money are cindy, stamkos, and who knows who else. spezza looks like he is regressing 27 years old or not.. he is not worth selling the farm for and to be honest no one out there is. rangers need to stay the course develop within and hope the guys continue to improve and then make small moves when it makes sense………..

  33. faceoffs have been killing the rangers all year. anisimov cannot take any improtant faceoff because not only does he lose them but he loses cleanly to the other team.

    the rangers need to stay the course. and gaborik has gotten a fair shake, what they need to do is stop trying to find guys who can play with him and have him adjust to what they have.

    drury is missed. he can win faceoffs and kill penalties. win the 5 on 3 faceoff and the dreaded PP has a chance to score…

    when dreary is back sit christensen who developed the term soft, emminger sits these 6 are the best for the rangers D long and short term, if emminger is pissed move him if he has any value.

    roll 4 lines all game long none of the ranger forwards is such a good player that they deserve 23 minutes or more….

  34. they do miss fedetenko also believe it or not. he can score on occasion is good on the forecheck and hits and is responsible in the D zone..

    he has 9 goals and on this team he is a top 9 forward………..

  35. what pure bs that Gaborik is not to blame, all he needs is a center, sure. more pure bs. he did not have one last season, so what is his excuse now? No, the coach has it right. he simply is not giving enough effort to get it done, not battling through, not going to the net, and thus he is getting less ice time for his slacking.

    he can’t get past Orpik, he can’t get past hal Gill. he can’t get past Chara. gee, I hope the playoffs, if they make them, will be full of Edm, and Tor, and the Isles because that is all that Gaborik can score against. iow, he sux.

  36. It’s not only faceoffs

    This team is abominable when it comes to making passes.
    I counted 16 times when they tried to pass to a team mate and put it right on a Detroit stick. There may have been others, but when it happened three times in a row I started counting. You cannot win when you continually beat yourself.
    Other than that, they looked pretty good.
    On a couple of those goals, Biron looked liked he was trying to play, that he was Hank. You know, down on the knees and sliding around, getting beat topside. Eh.
    Poor Avery, talk about bum luck getting hi sticked in the face twice on the same shift.

    Why is everyone so eager to get rid of Gilroy?

    I will take a shot at a prediction. They dump Gilroy, and they will regret it years to come.

  37. Stuart Did Avery steal your girlfriend ? The guy has a great game and has been a constant sparkplug and all you do is berate the guy. I think its time to get a grip and get your shine box

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