It’s Go Time!


And I’m not here.

The Red Wings haven’t scored in their last two games.

Rangers come in on their four-game losing streak and hit a stretch where they’ll be able to get in some much needed practices and conditioning for their recent returnees.

After tonight, the Rangers play just once in the next five days, and twice in the next nine.

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  1. You mean, Milbury, how you slipped and slid over the boards at MSG and beat and bludgeoned Rangers fan and got a job because of it?

  2. These Byfuglien-heads….. I never thought I would say this in my life, but… they make me long for Joe Mich and his man crushes…

  3. Thrashers leading the Leafs in TO 1-0…looks like we get no help from the Leafs tonight..they’ve already taken 3 penalties in the first 15 minutes..

  4. this is one of those games we just cant will ourselves through. need to score and need to score more tahn 1 or 2. somebody will have to step up offensively. cough gaborik cough cough!!

  5. Oh shush, Mama! I hit the gym after work, so I needed to make dinner right before the game. ;)

  6. seriously,
    what is wrong with this team’s mental makeup?!?!?

    Sauer is in same spot as Dubi, leaving middle
    WIDE OPEN!!!

  7. wings — hot and tequila lime
    stuff seashells
    salad with lettuce, tomato, celery, black olives, broccoli
    garlic bread with melted mozzarella
    french onion soup

  8. Wings aren’t as tight in their own end as I’d thought they’d be. Seem a little vulnerable to the counterattack.

  9. Blue Seat Carper on

    Evening all.

    If they can get through the first 60 minutes tonight without letting Detroit score, they should be okay.

  10. Cookie Monster (formerly Miami Pimp) on

    Avery did well to hold the shot and wait for people to get around the net for the rebound.

  11. Cookie Monster (formerly Miami Pimp) on

    VERSUS, as usual, no better than the Nicaraguan Croquet Network

  12. jpg…’re killing me!…….

    thanks for playing all btw!!! we love you carp! hope you’re ceiling is doing better than xanadu’s!!

  13. it was Mama’s idea, she’s the boss!

    They cant even get Dubinsky’s name right. But I bet they get Milan Lucic’s name right. They dont call him Juventus Lucic or Roma Lucic.

  14. do u think Drury cursed us with his scoring
    abilities when he got “sidelined”?

    who’s got a curse breaker chant??

  15. Blue Seat Carper on

    Need to watch out for Ruslan Salei tonight. He’s still looking for his first goal of the season.

  16. hawk, then it’s time for us to score on those dopes and rope em!

    I don’t know what I just said, I just want a goal…..

  17. i just love SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH
    how Zuc is just all over the ice
    because he WANTS that puck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. yikes!
    even Prust has a brain fart
    passes to wing in offense zone

    all that action in our zone
    a result

  19. It was Avery who made that pass, jpg…

    I love how our young D look very mature all of a sudden…

  20. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    were just not talented enough. were gonna need plenty of garbage goals the rest of the way. cmon dont wait till the 3rd when youre 2 goals down to score!! get one damnit. detroit is not gonna go scoreless 2 in a row.

  21. Cookie Monster (formerly Miami Pimp) on

    We’re just begging to give up the first goal … and lose by one.

  22. can’t see the numbers too well on tv
    heard Prust’s name

    sorry Brandon, don’t beat me up!!!!
    WTB Avery?!?!?!?

  23. hawk, there’s lots left. hush you.

    reminder all: bonesheads in NY for games: tiki 2/13, Fozzy 2/27, Krissy 4/7 and 9…warren after for all….

  24. Hey, this Lindstrom guy appears to have a big shot from the point and is an impending UFA. Think he’d be a target for the Rangers as a rental?

  25. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    now theyre just throwing the puck from anywhere nomatter how far or bad an angle. get some forecheck going!

  26. Blue Seat Carper on

    It would’ve been nice if they could’ve gotten before Detroit got their collective head in the game. Good period, especially that Brian Dubinsky.

  27. Good to see an immediate interview at the intermission rather than an immediate studio visit or commercial with the taped interview during the intermission. Long live Sam Flood! (new producer at Versus, coming over from NBC)

    I’l take the loss of Soto and Thompson because we lost Beninati. All hail the great NBC!

  28. I wonder if Brandon Dubinsky has a cousin named Brian who’s a doppel-ganger for Brandon.

  29. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    marcus stall-icus has all of 19 edzotastic points. hes becoming the next lindstrum!

  30. Hawk – Lots of people axed at Versus after the NBC-Comcast merger. They got rid of the reporters who are TV folks by trade and replaced them with former hockey people like Pierre tonight and Keith Jones for tomorrow’s game.

    Wow, Liam in the captain’s chair in the studio. I prefer Deb Kaufman Placey.

  31. To add to Mama’s post…Tiki 1 will be in NY, while Tiki 2 stays home to take care of Tiki, Teddy and Taylor! Tiki 1 is the awesome Timmy. Tiki 2 is the calm, rational one!

  32. Blue Seat Carper on

    Anybody see that Craig Conroy retired? That was a pretty CLUTCH retirement (hint, hint).

  33. Engblom isn’t gone, sadly. He’s supposed to be doing the “Inside the Glass” bit for tomorrow’s Versuscast.

  34. Now, ilb, it took all 3 of his brain cells to come up with that. Gotta give him some props for that.

  35. Good Evening, our Sassy Sally wonderwoman!!!

    Mama! Mama! Mama! I cant wait to meet your royal highness on the 12th and for the Pitts game on the 13th.

  36. Hang on, did Milbury just say Paille’s was a “predatory hit” deserving of more than four games? Where the hell did that come from?

  37. Blue Seat Carper on

    Milbury’s going to go to Ference’s room tonight and beat him over the chest with soap in a pillowcase.

  38. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    i agree with dilberry on ference. kinda like ec when he opened his mouth on the avery-smid fight

  39. Interesting question I was just posed: how can there be 6 teams with worse PP’s than us? who are they???

  40. Hawkeye Grabby – Tiki 1 and 2 are on RR tonight.

    Mike Milbury..did anyone just hear him? I have a lot of respect for Andrew Ference for speaking out against illegal hits and not being a hypocrite. And leave it to Milbury to go against him and tell Ference to “shut his mouth.”

    Milbury, you upset when one Bostonian calls out another? You wanna keep all their criminal activity under wraps?

    Looks like VERSUS got the business model. Defend Bostonians until the bitter end.

  41. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    well, i thought engblom would be the fisrt to go. hes a huge nerd. especially with his haircut.

  42. All three of Milbury’s brain cells should be submitted to a serious research. We would know how to genetically avoid stupidity altogether.

  43. I must say this broadcast is so much better than last time, not like it could be any worse though

  44. Tiki

    so its a problem when Christensen speaks out against Avery, but not a problem when Ference does it to Paille…

  45. Of course I know the answer, but how does Milbury have a job on NBC and VERSUS?

    With his racist remarks and his violence, there’s no place for this guy on TV.

    Of course the answer is: He’s a Bostonian that beat on New York fans. He probably has that at the top of his resume.

    And as soon as it’s seen on his resume… “You’re hired, Mike”

  46. oleo – I didnt have a problem with EC doing that, if you go back and look at the RR from that day.

    But for the sake of argument, I have a problem with EC doing it b/c he’s a Ranger making the Rangers look like fools.

    Whereas I appreciate Ference doing it because it makes the Bruins look like fools.

  47. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    keep mentioning the goal-less streak doc. keep it up and watch them score ya jinx!!

  48. Clip the Wings on

    Versus/ IO cluster fudge – are others getting blacked out in HD?

    Better passing not simplifying Pierre

  49. On the bright side, that PP wasn’t horrible. It was just bad. They’re trending upwards, if only a tick.

  50. look at how hungry he is to score.
    stays with the puck
    not a shot
    and skate away

    maybe that’s the type of
    video work the team should be
    doing–watch others doing it right!!

  51. Blue Seat Carper on

    The Rangers are like a declawed cat. Plenty of attack but they can’t draw blood. Need to start trying to bite.

  52. oleo – also, i hope ference’s remarks cause strife in the lockerroom, whereas i wouldnt want EC causing strife in our lockerroom :)

  53. Clip the Wings on

    Wings getting away with a lot of clutch and grab. They look old

    Checking line gives up a goal coming from the corner

  54. Blue Seat, here’s what I was told (as a guess):
    stl, nas, nj, clb, fla, edm

    oh fug. Blue, then they need to use their back claws. they work, trust me.

  55. still don’t understand why
    majority of our shots are
    coming to howard’s left

    yes, you take what you get
    but they’ve been moving it around
    to that side as well
    and it hasn’t been working

  56. For the record, the seven teams with a lower ranked PP than the Rangers:

    Blue Jackets

  57. look at the bright side. The rangers young and old players up for free agency at the end of the year won’t cost to much because, well, there mediocre.

  58. blast from the past

    nobody gives a fugg what you think of the first period unless you start regularly start usign refresh button on the blog and start using comments section…and i don’t mean just posting a link to your site. Thank you.

  59. hey everybody!!

    remember it’s only second period
    so take a nap
    and hope that Biron
    keeps things to only 1 goal
    then LOOK OUT!!!!
    when the Rangers pressure in
    the third for the tying goal

  60. Blue Seat Carper on

    Tired of seeing Avery make that pose.

    Mama, 6 worse teams than the Rangers: Calgary (tied with Rangers), St. Louis, Nashville, New Jersey, Columbus, Florida, Edmonton.

  61. Tikicarpzo - Pierre Maguire is impotent on

    Just wanna post once with this name…

    Refs made up their mind on this game before the game ever started :(

  62. for hartnell’s sake, he’s at least shooting on it and getting chances….i hear his name more than some other players who shall not be named……!

  63. LW and Blue, thanks….:) everyone seems to be on same page…can you imagine if we had a PP!!!

  64. Clip the Wings on

    Gabby with a little more jump tonite

    Holy Carcillo – we cannot put a biscuit in the basket

  65. Yeah, Mickey, I was gonna say. Maybe we can get a special bigger net when we play. Same idea as those bumpers in the gutter at bowling alleys…

  66. They are doing a right thing, through the puck to the net…I don’t think Howard is that comfortable.

  67. Blue Seat Carper on

    Man, Howard is porous. Too bad nobody wants to take out the garbage.

    I like that the Rangers are shooting from all angles. That’s a third of the equation. Getting bodies to the net for the rebound. That’s good. Getting outmuscled for the rebounds :-(

    Use your jam, dammit.

  68. Wow, an in-game interview where Torts DIDN’T want to shove the mic where the sun don’t shine. Did we move to bizarro world and no one told me?

  69. Biron just seems so calm and really calming
    he’s so good that oasdfhas;ogiha;lshs ;lddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddk……..sorry.
    really good!

  70. Blue Seat Carper on

    Mickey, even Torts is weirded out by Pierre, so he just wanted to get through the interview.

  71. Sources tell me that Pierre – during that interview – tried to reach his hand down Torts’ shorts and get a piece of Torts Jr.

  72. fine
    thanks for caring CCP…..

    Biron’s calmness put me into
    a trance…sitting on fluffy cloud
    surrounded by puppies

  73. by the way, for the Aguilera bashers, as expected, she’s got personal issues and is in seriosu need of help.

    She’s living in the same house as her estranged husband, new boyfriend, and son, and going through a difficult time with her divorce and nude pictures being leaked of her on the net last month. Like I said, everyone makes mistakes; nobody’s perfect (Except Sean Avery) and even famous people have to deal with personal issues like you or I

  74. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    we look done. this game is getting might boring. wheres our supposed top line? are they even playing?

  75. it appears the rangers got sick of playing playoff, desperate hockey since it led to many injuries and now that the rangers are healthy there playing there normal mediocre hockey until they realize they (rangers) will miss the playoffs and than they will play there desperate playoff hockey but most likely will be to late. The reason why they need to play desperate playoff hockey is because they don’t have any top talent.

  76. Maybe they should try carrying the puck in along the boards and working it from behind the net (?) just a thought….

  77. Between the A rod defense, the Hank man crush and the recent comments on that tramp aguilerra, you are sounding like a $3 bill.

    She has millions – tell her to get another house and move out!!

  78. the lines aren’t the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s the hesitation of taking shots
    and being ready for rebounds.

  79. OY, you all know how I am LOATHE to get into this stuff, but….

    Aguilera has sung the anthem tons of times and ever messed it up. So, she did, a tad, last night…I am so sick of reading and hearing about it everywhere .. and like it’s a news story!!!!! Carcillo happens! The Rangers are losing and the world is falling apart! Is there nothing else to talk about!!!!

    ahhhhhhhhhh. that felt good. vent over.

  80. Tramp? That’s a real classy way to describe a lady…

    What man doesn’t have a Hank man crush?

  81. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    now were getting worse by the period instead of better. is this really all this team has?

  82. It was sweet seeing Haguilaera screw up the anthem. She’s so full of herself and now will be remembered for screwing up on the biggest stage ever. That’s all she will be remembered for.

  83. Clip the Wings on

    Dat-sh!t couldn’t have waited one more game, eh? Had to come back tonite. Undressed mcdonagh – no shame in that, he has real talent unlike gabby

  84. Czechthemout!!! on

    They are playing pretty well tonight. They are creating numerous chances but just can’t put the puck in the net. I have to say that this is probably Boyle’s worst game this year. Getting out muscled by a shrimp like Rafalski is a no no!

  85. lol Hawkeye Grabby.

    I know you guys hate Cooke, but wouldnt you guys want that guy on our team? He’s takes the opposition out and is a real enforcer. Just sayin’

  86. another commercial featuring the flyers,
    i guess it’s a good (acting) career move
    to be owned by comcast

  87. if you want to tell me Mama
    at least it will be about hockey

    not saying i want him…in case someone misconstrues
    my sarcasm

  88. Yeah, Keith Jones is kept on staff by Comcast – old Flyer connections mean something!

  89. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    this is not a good game. theyre trying yea. the effort is there, but there still not playing good. i dont care if they skate harder than the wings, they have to score.

  90. Milbury: Cooke is “slightly soiled”

    Who does he think he is? Milbury’s entire career is soiled.

  91. do you think boudreau didn’t say byfuglien a bunch of times?

    funny how milbury is so soft when it comes to cooke
    he’s harder on Avery and his mean mean words
    ouch!! mean words hurt!!

  92. Czechthemout!!! on

    McD is a rookie. Every now and then that will happen. That said, it happens to Girardi almost every game. McD is a player! They are raving about him the entire game on t.v.

  93. Blue Seat Carper on

    I dislike Denny Brioche, but he did look pretty funny with that mountain man beard.

  94. Clip the Wings on

    Real enforcer (n) – a tough guy willing to drop the mitts and stand up for his aggressive play. E.g. prust

  95. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    tiki- ive never seen mama get mad like that before. and she knew it was you immediately! lol.

  96. Staal, hey stranger buddy!!! I agree!

    jpg, I am juggling so many things right now I have now idea what you’re referring too, no offense :)

    Come on boys! LGR!

  97. Hawkeye Grabby – That wasnt me! That was someone telling me to shut up because they cant deal with my opinions and principles.

  98. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    wheres linda? we need linda, orr and all the boneheads on a ranger gamenight no excuses

  99. Cooke is not an enforcer. He walked away from Prust last week. Pens fans have grown tired of defending Cooke.

  100. Tiki – No… The only place I want Cooke is in a hospital hooked up to life-support. He doesn’t deserve the honor to play hockey. He’s a piece of garbage.

  101. Well, then. I got your opinions on cooke. Ill keep the rest of my opinion to myself. Ill leave it at this: Cooke = cooke, but if Cooke was a Ranger, Id be behind him 100% like I am behind Avery 100%

  102. Hawk, I knew that wasn’t the real tiki, hence my response. Puhleease :)

    ilb and C3, just spit out my beverage….

  103. Holy wow, I go away to do dishes and all hell breaks lose and Mama is pissed.

    Deep breaths all.

    This is our period, all year long. Let’s go boys!

  104. Hawkeye Grabby – Mama told someone to shut up. Not me. How’s your health and your little princess?

  105. Blue Seat Carper on

    This is very scary. VanMassivedorken is reffing and there have only been 3 penalties. He’s itching to affect this game. I can see his arm twitching.

  106. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    ohh my bad. my daughter is very good thanks tiki. my health is not with us not scoring ever!!!. if we win soon i might be ok. ;)

  107. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    told ya 3rd period!

  108. Hawkeye Grabby – that’s great to hear about your princess. I hope you don’t let the Rangers affect you . You’re too important to all of us. The NYR are growing up and will struggle while growing together. In a couple years, we’ll be serious contenders.

  109. Clip the Wings on

    Whose man came down from the point and casually meandered down the slot and created that play – you guessed it – Gabby!

  110. That’s the price paid for young defence (their 2 nd – thing of hockey beauty, however).




  112. Blue Seat Carper on

    Tom Foolery February 7th, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    The Rangers couldn’t dream about making a play like that


    Maybe they can trade Gaborik to the Red Wings and he can do doughnuts in the defensive zone for them instead of playing defense…

  113. 8th place. Do they win a game against Philly. Will Carcillo beat up Gabby AGAIN in the playoffs?

  114. Blue Seat Carper on

    This is amazing. 3 one-timers in one night. Their PP is actually 30 times better already. Even if they don’t score it’s nice to see that back.

  115. I really wish Carp were here so he could remind you all, again, about how the sky is not falling!!!!

  116. Blue Seat Carper on

    Jeez. I would have punched Pierre in the face if he leaned over the boards and scared me like that.

  117. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    tbh, none of our lines have been really good lately. but when your young guys are constantly doing it all it just makes you love what the future holds for this team when softies like gabby and dru are gone. another good pass by zuke but of course howard made his 2ooth save of the night

  118. Blue Seat Carper on

    I wish we could clone Iginla, Messier, Gretzky, Beukeboom, Leetch, Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, and Zdeno Chara…for starters.

  119. saw a game there years ago
    the place emptied out midway
    through 3rd period
    when the wings were up by 2 goals.

    some hockey town

  120. HAHAHA! When Pierre Maguire is saying the Rangers got ripped off on a penalty, then it must be true.

    It’s Don van mASSenhoven – pro-Boston anti-New York extraordinaire

    Cant say Im surprised.

  121. Blue Seat Carper on

    It’s so strange to hear the Versus crew defending the Rangers. Something’s amiss.

  122. I was just going to say, CTB, it looks like that’s the defense they will go with for years. Including Gilroy

  123. Cookie Monster (formerly Miami Pimp) on

    Pierre McNugget also said that the we know “the refs are honest” … what garbage

  124. All those wanting to decline power plays…that goal likely would have never happened if we had rightfully and fairly gotten the power play.

  125. Game over. Season over.

    Again the Rangers tease us into thinking they actually had a chance to win.

  126. Clip the Wings – Yep. Thank God they didnt call that penalty. And now it’s game over! Happy?

  127. i think pierre was being a bit sarcastic
    with the “honest”
    indicating about the
    making up “rule”
    in refereeing

  128. 5 losses in a row…as the season goes down the drain. Bad play by Biron and the D fanned.

    They look like the Oilers or Islanders.

    If they make the playoffs they get swept by Philly.

  129. Clip the Wings on

    Tiki – dubi would have never scored on that PP. Oh btw, not very “happy” these days as I have been watching ranger hockey…

  130. oh seriously, best hockey/haiku comment ever!

    not feeling it
    but there are 20 minutes
    in a period
    in hockey

    jpg = mama love

  131. is it really a hand pass if you
    bring it down
    and get crosschecked so
    you can’t touch it fully

  132. i never understood this. down a goal 3 minutes left and you dont pull the goalie. its the best chance to score get the extra man on.

  133. Cookie Monster (formerly Miami Pimp) on

    When the F are we going to score – or even look decent – on a power-play?

  134. Hawkeye Grabby – We would have had the last 3:46 of regulation on the PP, unless both ends of the PP were scored on.

  135. 5 on 3. If we lose this game, there is no excuse for not trading for a PP blaster before the next game.

  136. hope those clowns left their TVs off for the exciting conclusion of this game. they should know better than to quit on this team

  137. CT, you’re doing the review tomorrow right? If I don’t see a positive Aves comment from you, I am sneaking in all my charges at warren to you…and then some!!!!

  138. We fugged ourselves for 30 seconds of a 45 second 5 on 3.

    This power play is garbage. trash. abomination.

  139. Blue Seat Carper on

    Er der. There are 3 Red Wings in front of me and a whole lot of open ice behind them. Let me see if I can skate through the 3 guys instead of putting it behind them and letting the guys skating next to me who have forward momentum go and outnumber the guys skating backwards.

    That’s just short bus hockey.

  140. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    marty biron blew it. everyone blew it. 5 non 3 and 4 guys couldnt get it from zetterberg? cmon i can live with losing but this is pathetic. its not like were icing hartford out there anymore.


    THAN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. horrible coaching just horrible. 2 and a half minutes left and he leaves the goalie in the net.

    what is the point of keep the goalie in the net at that point. I dont care if there is no icing, if you are 6-3 the other team shouldnt even get the puck. Horrible job

  143. Standing Ovation, helmet nuzzles, and stick salute to Avery. This is why the Rangers need Avery. Because Avery wants to win at any cost.

  144. sorry ilb

    they work hard but they have no killer instinct
    they have no offensive consistency
    Dubi finally makes good on a play from Avery
    and then no one else delivers!!!

    i’m sorry but as much as i’ve been lovin’ this team
    that is just pathetic…………power play is pathetic
    and they need to move the puck instead of
    **** around with it on the boards and having to chase it
    because they don’t move it around.

  145. Avery you idiot!! You assured us we wouldn’t even get a shot on goal by drawing those penalties!! Byfuglien!!!!

  146. Czechthemout!!! on

    How can you not get a freaking shot on goal on a 4 minute power play with two extra men on the ice for the entire time. They need to work on that power play. Two passes and a shot from the damn point! How can any team that wants to make the playoffs go 1 for 40 on the power play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. oleo
    why would he pull the goalie we were
    up by 1 and 2 players
    we sure as hell weren’t keeping the puck in
    the zone long enough for us
    to do that.

  148. Zetterberg has more talent in his left buttcheek than all 5 skaters we had on the ice for that 5 on 3.

    Absolute embarassment, nothing’s changed, time to make a trade.

  149. Year after year with this inept powerplay. When will it end? Couldn’t even get set up on a 5 on 3

  150. Move Dubinsky back to center. Yeah, sure, that’s gonna happen. Cause he’s the magic to get Gaborik going again.

  151. you guys are too funny…. as carp as repeatedly said we asked for this for the past 12 years.. and now they have finally going in the right direction.. and u guys are just proving the stereotype true.. new york fans too impatient to rebuild.. kind of sad to see this reaction when the team is going thru a tough stretch

  152. Last minutes were such an embarrassment, so much for a “resilient, come back in a 3rd …” team.

  153. Blue Seat Carper on

    Wow! Another 3-2 loss. “They just ran out of time.”

    They have to stop treating their hockey games like Sather treats his RFAs, aka waiting until the last minute.

  154. Gaborik needs to score, but enough with Boyle and Prust as the saviours. They play way too much at even strength; they were a lot more successful when they played less. Dubinsky might have scored, but he did a lot of gliding too. And why does Torts insist on forwards playing point on the PP? When has that worked?

  155. Instead of trading everyone, I propose we string them up by their heels, outside, naked. That’ll teach ’em all a lesson!

  156. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    reallky- were just mad cant we vent?? should we be happy we lose again? nobody is saying we dont have patience. we waited 54 years for a cup and now we will wait however long for another one. its just natural to be pissed when u cannot win.

  157. if you are down 3 players on the ice you simply dont have time to win the puck, control it and fire it the length of the ice into the empty net.

    It was inexcusable and a terrible decision by Tortorella. What is the purpose of waiting till the 5-3 expires to pull the goalie. What do you have to lose??????

  158. Will they win again?

    No shots on final 3 pp’s? They suck.

    Avery sucks. Dave Maloney says on radio they have no idea how to win or get a goal. The season is crashing down.

  159. Blue Seat Carper on

    Really?, Wanting the team to go with youth and being willing to live with the bumps and bruises is something you say in the summer when there’s no hockey. It’s pillow talk.

  160. Therealmikeynj on

    Seriously why doesn’t torts & sully just put everyone who DOESNT play on the powerplay ON the powerplay?
    Van it het any worse? 1 for 40, yes that’s right 1 for freaking 40!!!! Argggggghhhhhhh

  161. The Rangers have been unable to execute a PP since Brian Leetch was last on the team.

    I think we all agree that they are going in the right direction by giving young players the burn, but the inability to execute the easiest play in hockey for years on end is unacceptable.

    Some guy who used to play for the Rangers back in the day once said “You should score a goal on ever 5 on 3 situation. I think you may know that guy. He wore #99, and he played on our last team that got past round 2 of the playoffs. 14 years ago.

  162. Blue Seat Carper on

    oleosmirf February 7th, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    if you are down 3 players on the ice you simply dont have time to win the puck, control it and fire it the length of the ice into the empty net.


    You do if you’re playing the Rangers.

  163. Really?
    Are you going to feel great about this team when they finish the season 9th in the conference????

  164. There was very little wrong with the way the Rangers played today. Yes, there were some breakdowns, but what team doesn’t have breakdowns (save for the NJ Devils over the past 2 weeks who, even if they made the POs, would get eliminated very quickly because no one ices a team of robots)?

    What prevented the Rangers from getting any points is their lack of top end skill (which is the biggest reason their PP sucks).

    This is what you get when you spend the 1st 1/2 of the last 10 years trading away picks and drafting like crap. This is also what you get when you refuse to bottom out and draft in the top 5 for a couple of years.

    It helps little that your top skilled forward for whatever reason has been invisible for all but 3 games this season.

    This team may or may not make the POs. If there’s a trade that brings back a top end talent like Brayden Schenn for Gaborik out there it’s seriously time for Sather to pursue it.

  165. Normally I try to look at losses this season as a building block for something better but this one is among the most frustrating of the past couple of years. They were gift wrapped a chance to tie and teams might as hook, slash and trip all they want at this point because the PP cost them points this game.

  166. i dont think u guys know what the definition of having a young team is. at least not many are acting like it

  167. once the Rangers were on the PP for the rest of the game, Biron should have pulled immediately. There is no defending leaving Biron out there

  168. The last shot on goal by the Rangers was by Avery at 16:08 of the third. Ericsson was called for the first penalty at 16:20. No shots on goal for the entire 2-man advantage and with Biron pulled.

    Absolutely unreal.

  169. Clip the Wings on

    We really needed to score in the first. Seemed to lose their legs as the game went on. Late night at the Windsor ballet? I hope so for their sake.

    From the sour grapes dept. – lots of no calls. Wings seem to love interference and crosschecking as they do it a lot and never get called. They have to mistake Avery’s face for a hockey puck in order to get a call.

    Boyle, prust, anisimov were MIA. Good effort but no snipers, finishers, scorers. Something tells me we won’t have any 30 goal scorers

  170. Painful, for sure. But that’s why you have 10 games over .500 cushion. To overcome a skid like that.

  171. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    That smokesucker is gonna make a trade before the deadline. I bet it’s Souray because it’s the worst possible move.

    It’s the Sather Way.

  172. the world is not coming to an end, but the rangers playoff hopes are if this continues. when Avery is playing better than your bigshot bigname winger, then you know $7mill is being wasted

  173. kurt, um, I’m with you on the first part, but in different language…

    Really? high five to you…

    CT, thanks…cw…see what I said to CT earlier :)

    sigh….I am still with my team you ship sinkers!!!!

  174. 47 shots. power play failed, but come on…we they lost to detroit. not like it was the islanders. Rangers played well, not good enough. this team is young and is expected to have ups and downs this season. the sky is not falling….yet.

  175. Sather gets no respect on this board… if a different man had done what he has in the last three years after giving out those ridiculous contracts to gomez and drury we would be singing their praises but since its Sather.. no credit.. and yes i know he was beyond AWFUL for a very long time

  176. the Rangers are simply lucky that the rest of teams in the east suck including Atlanta who have no chance of making the playoffs.

    Hopefully we manage to right the ship and finish at least 7th…

  177. Blue Seat Carper on

    As much as not scoring on the PP hurt them, so did giving up 2 goals on 5 shots in the 3rd. Like to see them shooting, now they have to remember how to get rebounds.

    Nice shot by Dubi.

    Great work by Avery.

    Gilroy had some very strong moments.

    One timers on the PP were refreshing. Didn’t know the Rangers had anyone who could set those up.

  178. Don’t get me started on our drafting record, especially when it comes to drafting forwards.

    Have we have drafted any in the last 15 years who have played in the All-Star Game? Any 30+ goal scorers? Of course not, so we have to blow money on signing UFAs to score who can’t possibly live up to expectations.

    Gaborik really is looking like Robitaille (when we had him) out there, by the way: Useless.

    Tortorella puts out Prust over him on the PP.

    I think the MSG boo birds will zero in on Gaborik in the very near future…

  179. Let’s face facts. Positive or negative, NOBODY is jumping ship here. We’ll all be tuning in on Friday night

  180. Rangers always seem to play well in Atlanta. I honestly would be surprised if they lost that game.

  181. kern, LOL…that’s the spirit! and for the 25 games after that!

    DJK, you should know by now how I feel about the boo birds….they need to be de-nested

  182. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    they should trade boyle while his value is still pretty high. as high as it will get for hiom anyway.

  183. Clip the Wings on

    Jim – spot on – need to figure out a way to get some power up front. Their D will keep them in games.

    Lost to the second place team in the supposedly stronger conference in their building and save for some high skill plays by red wings, outplayed them. I know that and a token gets you downtown…

    McDonagh played well, saucer played well, even mdz and Gilsonite played well. Did they make mistakes, yes. Will they continue to do so, yes. Will the rangers have the best D in the NHL In the next 2 or 3 years…maybe. One could not say that ever before, ever!

  184. sather deserves no respect. he handed out those ridiculous contracts. so now you want to commend him for correcting his own blunders? and the youth movement was the idea of others in the front office and Torts mainly, not Sather, who was shown in that draft day miked up coverage as the clueless mumbling fool that he really is.

  185. why do you guys always bring up what happened in the past. The Rangers are a completely different organization now then they were 4 years ago. Gordie Clark came and turned the Rangers scouting and player development program upside down.

    The Rangers are CURRENTLY one of the best run organizations in the league and Sather is a big reason why. Sure he still makes dumb moves once in a while, Boogaard, Kotalik but over the past 2-3 years, Sather has actually done an overall excellent job and you really can’t deny that.

    No i haven’t forgotten about Drury or Gomez or Redden or Hugh Jessiman, I just simply dont care…

  186. Every freakin’ year they go into a tailspin after the All-Star break… doesn’t matter who the coach is, or who the players are….it just ALWAYS happens!

  187. I love this place!

    blast, get out of here!!! crimmey, carp links to everyone here! get out you hoser!

  188. We have some fantastic defensive D-men but you cant have one of the best blueline corps in the NHL without a dude back there who shoots the puck and puts up PP points. That’s scientifically proven.

  189. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “Sather has actually done an overall excellent job and you really can’t deny that.”

    The Big Lie. If you repeat it enough you might get someone to believe it.

  190. “Sather has actually done an overall excellent job and you really can’t deny that.”

    The Big Lie. If you repeat it enough you might get someone to believe it.

    the gomez trade in itself.. makes for an excellent job done.. i dont think how much you can overstate how GREAT of a trade that was..

  191. blast, you might as well ask Carp to ban you!

    Why not post your thoughts here? Earn a real audience…

  192. Really?
    Before we get all warm and fuzzy…

    1) Let’s make the playoffs
    2) Let’s win a playoff round

  193. yes, i’ll agree that we played
    pretty darn well against
    a top team like the red wings
    it certainly is frustrating to
    watch this team completely pucker up
    when they have a power play.

    some bad luck and a bit snakebit
    but they’ve been their own worst enemy
    when up a man — pp or with goalie out —
    nearly all year.

  194. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Is there something in the air tonight? Sather has been blowing his smoke up somebody’s Aasen.

  195. i am getting warm and fuzzy.. thinking about Ryan McDonough being a Ranger for the next decade.. in a completely heterosexual way of course.. not that theres anything wrong if it was in a different way

  196. how about trading Rozsival (who most of you wanted benched) for a 24 year old who had 65 points last season and saved 1.2 mil of cap space in the process.

    or how about trading a useless Voros for Eminger

    or trading two struggling players in Kotalik and Higgins for Olli Jokinen and Brandon Brust.

    or trading a 3rd round pick for Brian Boyle

    how about trading Gomez, a 4th liner and a ECHL player for Higgins, McDonagh, Valentenko and essentially Gaborik as well.

  197. What makes this streak more frustrating is that they are not playing bad. The opposition is just make one or two more plays than the rangers are, which results in losses. The only glaring weakness is the power play. There is no smart solution. None of the young D are going to materialize as a point man. Why would this organization shackle itself to Sheldon Souray’s contract while they have so many good young D men? Does anyone really want to trade McDonagh/Sauer/Gilroy/DelZotto and picks for Chris Phillips or Bryan McCabe? Is that going to put this team over the top? Its a real short sighted strategy. I was in favor of doing that earlier this season but as the deadline approaches I realize those guys are not coming cheap.

    I think the best thing to do for the PP is to give Boyle more time on it. That big body in front of the net could result in some ugly goals. This does run the risk of overextending Boyle though. He would be getting big minutes on the PP and PK. I like the idea of giving Avery more PP time too. He might be the best on the team at retrieving those dump-ins. I don’t think there is any real solution to the lack of power play qb.

    Kieth Jones was saying it after the game and Larry Brooks wrote an article before Dubinsky got hurt, Tortorella has to try him and Gaborik together. He has tried him with everyone else, I think Prospal-Dubinsky-Gaborik should be given an honest shot as a unit for two games. Lots of people are down on Gaborik, but I think he is just a step away from making a game breaking play sometimes. Dubinsky is good with the puck and Gaborik is better away from it.

  198. thanks Blogmamacarp
    believe me
    if I don’t get
    then no one here

    negativity is my buddy much too much
    we all saw at super bowl
    the underdog can
    pull things off

    until we permanently fall out
    of a playoff spot
    then just enjoy what’s going on
    with this team.
    it has showed a lot of the right things

  199. jpg, next month, St. Lucia…where grabby or gabby went on his honeymoon, I always get them confused!

  200. Datsyuk looked better than Drury did in his first game coming back from a broken hand, didn’t he?


  201. Ryan McDonagh = Mike Sauer and in my book it’s good to have 2 tough shutdown D like them come up as rookies at the same time.

    I think Eminger gets traded for a draft pick as he is good but superfluous and a deal gets made for a premium defenseman by the next game by packaging Gilroy with a forward and another draft pick. Kaberle is probably going to be the guy based on the fact that the Rangers apparently told Edmonton that they’ll pass on Souray.

  202. again
    being a man up
    has become a
    MAJOR mental problem
    with this team
    i think Torts/Sully
    are going to have to
    break it down
    to the point of
    shoot from anywhere
    and go after rebounds
    no mucking around

  203. Hawkachev-Carpzo on

    mama- i went to papa dru’s for my honeymoon. had the best 7 million dollar pizza ever!

  204. enough with trying to get guys that work with gaborik. nice effort at the point at the end marian, way to give up your body for the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    who is softer gabotik, wolski or christenson.. 3 total poosies and if gaborik does not score he is worthless.

    could have easily won all 5 games, i guess there 1 goal record has taken a hit the last 10 days.

    the 5 on 3 PP shows having a guy to win faceoffs(Drury) does not matter. we can have anisimov lose them or stepan.

    avery with all the love tonight, the guy missed a breakaway and has 2 goals on the season in about 47 games…………yep give him more minutes the rangers score to much as it is.

  205. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    How about acquiring- Redden Brashear Drury Naslund, Boogaard, Higgins, Zherdev, Kalinin, Frolov, Jokinen in the first place.

    Your turn.

  206. via
    stevezipay Steve Zipay
    Tortorella: “Not worried. Know we have good team, this is our first really major bump in road, every team goes thru it, just stay with it “

  207. hello? I’ll take it

    Tortorella: “Not worried. Know we have good team, this is our first really major bump in road, every team goes thru it, just stay with it ”

  208. Carpi-Diem Mao on

    Let’s go rangers!!! ….my name sounds like a south vietnamese general around the time of the Tet Offensive! Didi Mao! Didi Mao!

  209. djk with some shrewd moves if you are a moron.

    kaberle is not that good, in reality I rather have gilroy then him as is.

    like kaberle is making this a top 5 PP……

    kaberle is soft and not good in his own zone but is 5 years older then any ranger d man so lets do it………………………

  210. can’t really disagree with torts. stay the course. they are real young, playing hard, and in every game..

    if the APB for gaborik and christenson finds those players it would help.

    christenson is a mental midget…..

  211. some nice thoughts BillyC

    if Carp dares to visit
    maybe he can ask Torts when/why he doesn’t bring Boyle
    and Gabby together again

    the end of the game got frustrating because
    the wings were one step ahead of us on the puck
    which should be happening if you’re hungry to get it
    and set up a play
    then again
    they’re the wings
    which has been consistently good
    as far as drafting and player development
    for over a decade

  212. Slasko- all those guys were UFA’s, but Higgins and Jokinen. The Higgins trade got them McDonagh, Valentenko, and rid them of Gomez’ contract. The Jokinen trade got them Prust and, ironically, rid them Higgins and Kotalik

  213. can’t remember where i read it
    a tweet or…?

    but it had something to do
    with Rangers scouts saw souray
    and were not impressed.

  214. Stuart: He actually has offensive talent. I’ll forgive the rest, we got 5 other guys for that, but not one guy with offensive skill (MDZ is not getting it done – yet).

  215. slatsko… except for the redden and drury travesty.. the others were all low cost moves that didnt pan out.. happens with most teams in the NHL.. and the zherdev trade wasnt great looking back but trying to bring back an impact point prodcuer was the idea.. and jokinen gave us Prust.. so that makes that a WIN for me

  216. DJK kaberle does have offensive skill but he is soft in his own zone, is a rental, and the rangers need there forwards to score more not sauer who is 22, or mcdonagh who is 21, or mdz who is 20 etc.

    they need to add forwards if anything not a d man. look at the damn d. they are the kiddie korp and are legit now. imagine in 2 years………………….

    adios to christenson, he is a total poos, head case, and soft………….

  217. Clip the Wings on

    DJK – McDonagh has more offense to his game. Sauer is a traditional back line banger who will not hurt you with the puck. I really like the decision making, keep them together.

    Dubi needs to start taking some banging in front of net on PP as Cally is tough but will not hold up in front. Reason they put Wolski at point was to skate it in the zone. He did his job, but the winger strode offside and after that they were firing it in and not gaining control of puck.

    Tough to get rhythm and offensive tempo when lines are juggled every period. If they are getting pressure but not scoring, keep them together. They had over 40 shots for byfuglein sake.


  218. We all know the Power Play is pitiful, i mean 24th in the leauge, if they could get into the top 16 even, this team would be in a whole different situation. Look at shots. In each of the 5 losses they outshot the opponent. And even more to that point, in the 27 losses this year they outshot the winner 17 to 8 with 2 ties. Its extremely frustrating right now, because in each of the past few games, bad bounces didnt go in to get an early first goal, which I think helps this younger team a lot. They REALLY need a breakout 6/7/8 goal win on friday get some confidence back. Hell maybe they just need FEDs back…2 and 6 without him.

  219. Slatsko Folkyerself on


    Really? Low Cost? Happens with most teams?

    Don’t Boogaard that joint my friend..

  220. Frolov was a very good move, so was Jokinen, Naslund, Zherdev and Higgins. Kalinin had no effect. Brashear was a bad move but he traded him away, same with Kotalik.

    how about signing Prospal last season for a bargain price

    or bringing in Fedotenko on a tryout,

    or bringing back Avery on re-entry waivers

    or signing Biron for nothing

    or signing Zuccarello and Gilroy as free agents

  221. naslund signing wasn’t bad. money wasn’t too much and he retired with class and dignity….
    drury take note

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