It’s Go Time! (Super Bowl edition)


I can save you all three or four hours tonight. The Packers are absolutely, positively going to beat Pittsburgh, 31-25.

So now you can watch something else, or just scarf down your neighbors chicken wings and not pay attention to the game.

Anybody else have a pick?

Anybody going to watch the game with the Boneheads, right here?

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  1. The fact that you put up a post like this for us boneheads speaks volumes about you as a person and your work ethic, Carp.

    Thanks Carp

    Go Ben “therapist” and Steelers!

  2. This is not the Super Bowl we all wanted. We all wanted the Green Super Bowl, but this is a positive Super Bowl.

    Either Ben matches Thom Broddy for SB titles or the Packers move ahead of the Paytriots for SB titles.

  3. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Funny story about tonight… At the end of mass today, our priest said he had just one thing to say.. “Go Steelers!” Most of the congregation booed him jokingly. Then he added, ‘hey, I’m from Chicago, remember!” Which earned him some claps and laughs.

    The whole exchange was quite funny.

  4. Wait, you’re watching the SB? I’m in. Rooting for great commercials. Seriously, who do you suggest I go for? I wouldn’t know who is who, lol…

  5. Carp and everybody, let me rephrase the question- which one of those teams has less jackwagons?

  6. haha, Mickey!

    Aww, Michael Douglas doing this intro! I love it! What fight from a great actor and great human being. Inspiring

  7. I had a SB party to go to, but I still feel bad about the Jets, so I bailed.

    My best friend is a Steelers fan, and week leading up to the AFC CG was torture on us both, but he was very gracious in victory.

    So, ilb, root for the Steelers, the white, black and gold.

  8. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    ilb, the Packers. Roethlisberger might be the biggest jackwagon of them all, IMO. Plus, its Pittsburgh. How can you root for a team from a town that roots for Crosby, Makinstein and Cooke? I surely can’t.

  9. Liked the Doritos commercial.

    Wow, against the Jets, the Steelers valued first downs, and here on 3rd and 2, just throwing the ball down the field. :(

  10. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Good back to back commercials with Bud Light and Chevy.

  11. “2) However, I cannot believe the end-of-the-world reaction to this streak in some quarters. Do you guys/gals remember where this franchise was in 2009? Where it was last year? Hello? Short memories? Do you guys remember thinking, “I love this team?” Or “I can live with the bumps and hiccups of having all this youth in the lineup?” Or “As long as they put in the effort and work hard every night …?” I absolutely am stunned that a little slump like this—one in which they’ve played hard every night, one in which they really could have won every game with a little luck or a big save or a power-play goal (or a shootout goal vs. Pitt)—can suddenly turn all the good equity this team has built into just another, “this team stinks.” Shocked.”

    Carp, this is the reason I just don’t post much anymore. I find the comments to be completely “knee jerk” in there reasoning. I read everyday and absolutely love your game reviews but as far as posting…there is no point.

  12. >>That Doritos commercial was good

    That grandpa one got me thinking: we should feed some Doritos to the Rangers power play.

  13. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    {{{{STAAL}}}}} hate it that you don’t post much anymore, you are sorely missed!!!

    Fran, from the previous post, I absolutely HEARD milbury say that!!!! Hell, with a bowl cut like his, you can’t blame him for wanting to be reincarnated as Hank lol!!

  14. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Pretty good, ilb. :)

    OMG, that Optima ad was awesome.

    Carp, your prediction is wrong already, lol.

  15. Wow, no penalties like the block in the back against the Jets. And no stupid decisions from Ben against the Jets. Looks like Ben doesnt care now that he aint facing New York. Guess he is a jackwagon. We all know he’ll never beat the Paytriots in a meaningful game.

  16. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Heya Staal! Good to see you again.

    JBytes- Cool Ranch flavored?

  17. been great ilb!
    Love this team, love its “jam”, grit, hootspa, cajones etc.
    Love the core, the coach, the youth.
    Love the struggles…love watchiing this team grow.
    I even like this losing streak…better now than later.
    This losing streak is going to help these kids get better.

  18. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    LINDA! I just choked on my beer, thanks.

    lmfao now that i can breathe..

  19. Hey gang, I read everyday…its the first thing I do…
    I just hate the negativity in the comments as well as all the the Carcillo!
    Not worth my time anymore.

  20. perfect post Staal 7:11. This team is growing up before our eyes, and will win the Cup in 3 years.

    LOL Mickey! Mama’s Boyle and his doritos!

  21. Admittedly, if they could get better without that losing streak, I’d be ok. Anything else, I’m totally with you.. Don’t remember the year I was having that much time watching the team.

  22. Not a butt-kicking, ilb. Plenty of time left to go, they got on the board, they’re very much in the game.

    The singing bearded guy in this Bud commercial is Peter Stormare from Prison Break!

  23. >>I just hate the negativity in the comments as well as all the the Carcillo!
    >>Not worth my time anymore.

    I do not speak for the other heads here, but I think what you’re really saying is that WE are no longer worthy of your contribution.

  24. ARLINGTON, Texas — After a limited number of sections in temporary seating areas at Cowboys Stadium were not completed in time, 400 fans were not able to attend Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.

    Two hours before the game, workers were frantically trying to fix the sections or get the fans “relocated to similar or better seats,” valued at $900. The NFL found alternate seating for 850 of the 1,250 fans affected. The 400 who were not able to be seated were given a refund of triple face value — $2,700.


    Via ESPN. Nicely done by the NFL and Cowboys.

  25. The better quarterback is currently winning this game of defenses. This guy is awesome. Pinpoint accuracy with a gun. Inches off and that’s tipped or picked off.

  26. lol ilb. Still not butt kicking. Game is far from over. Games is by no means out of reach. Defense of Pitts is going to have to step up.

  27. Aikman said something about “maintaining gap integrity” earlier. Is that an actual football term or is he auditioning to replace Beninati?

  28. LW – it’s actual football terminology, haha. Pierre Maguire tomorrow! Terrible!

    Steelers back in this. Injuries to Woodson and other Pack DB is huge. If they dont return, could be trouble for Pack. Great poise from a great leader, Ben!

  29. Braunschweiger on

    Contest for Tomorrows game
    guess the number of Edzo’s mentioned during the whole game.
    Winner gets a chance to play the point on the Rangers Power Play

  30. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    The lighted dancers are making me feel like I’m in Disney at the Electrical Light Parade.

  31. There’s just something about Fergie that gets me going! She’s got true beauty, both inner and outer beauty!!

  32. Since he’s already declined quite a bit in recent years, does anyone think FATSO retires at year’s end?

  33. If the Packers win, that’ll be 4 Super Bowls and 13 NFL championships – 1 and 10 more, respectively, than the Paytriots. Cant go wrong with either of these teams winning.

    Maybe it’s better for the Packers to win to move 1 ahead in SB titles?! Go Packers!

  34. Our beloved, beautiful Mama is at a birthday dinner, iirc! Mama Mama Mama! Sally Sally Sally!

    Where’s Sally?!


  35. It’s true, Tiki. If he’s such a star, how come the Jets beat them in the first round? Brady didn’t even get to the conference game.

  36. I know it’s true Marji! I love your honesty! You’re awesome! Brady’s got nothing anymore but Belichick to carry him with his play calling. Hit Brady in the mouth, and he’s just a below-average QB.

    Wow. Game has turned.

  37. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Marji, i think they vote on that stuff before the playoffs, but i could be wrong. But how did no other player get a vote? Some guys had some pretty big years.

  38. “The momentum has totally shifted.” No carcillo! I love these comments. How do people listen to these guys. Turn the sound OFFFFFF.

  39. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    they tend to do that in the 2nd half ilbzo. i watched some of them last night because we were not gonna watch the game tonight. I’ll watch the rest online sometime this week. I just hope the Packers win, I have two really good friends who are HUGE Packers fans

  40. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    ilbzo, will you be going to a game any time soon? If so, i gotta ask you a HUGE favor lol

  41. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    How does one plant a three?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  42. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Heh, I know the favor Linda wants to ask for, and I want in on the deal, too :)

  43. Not even close. You’re playing in a Super Bowl, may never get another chance, and kick the ball 100 miles wide, when kicking is your only job. In a dome, too. LOL

  44. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Hell, I ain’t shy about asking in. I’ll even pay the S&H.

  45. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    ilb, do you have any experience in kidnapping? ;)


  46. Shhh, LW3H, keep it private…There are few more things that might hit you too…

    Why did I just talk to my wife with British accent?

  47. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Tiki, I feel the need TO clarify things like this recently. Especially in light of a conversation I had with a co-worker who felt ‘out of sorts’ when I was using sarcasm because this person coudn’t tell if I was being serious or not.

    I miss NY at times like that.

  48. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    he achieves new levels of awesomeocity on a weekly basis

    i guess ESPN is doing a 30 for 30 marathon until the super bowl ends lol

  49. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    The sarcasm thing, Linda?

    I find it very sad. And annoying. People here have NO sense of humour that I am used to. They’re all too serious about things.

  50. Mickey, If I man-nap Tom Brady and chop off his hands, can I store him with you in the Lou?! ;)

  51. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Tiki, she’s not a bad person. Just doesn’t understand my sense of humour. Then again, I got to tell her she was being kinda rude recently, so it all worked out. We had a good chat, all in all.

  52. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Speaking of awesome, that was an awesomely awesome NFL promo.

  53. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    But I don’t get why Torts was in it. Wearing a Green Bay jersey, too.

  54. I was just kidding around, Mickey.

    Mendenhall didn’t do that 2 weeks ago. Thanks RashMen for your ultra effort against us.

  55. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Tiki, umm, no. I don;t want no whiny, no hands QB messing up my sofa. :)

  56. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Linda, it’s an adjustment. As I’m sure you’ve had to deal with.

    Tiki, I knew you were joking…

  57. Good evening all! So, what have a missed? there’s a game or something on? I thought the Rangers had off, so in honor of C3 I went a planted a three….hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    I just had such a good meal I want to faint.

  58. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    actually, being that this is a big military/ scientific area, there are a lot of people from all over, a lot from the Northeast, so it hasn’t been too bad… sense of humor/sarcasm wise lol

  59. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Hiiiiiii Mama!!

    I made Beef Stroganoff in the crock pot. What did you have for dinner?

  60. agreed, ilb.

    you must tell us what you ate Mama bear! Hopefully, not too much, and you maintain your supermodel figure! :)

  61. lots and lots….main dish was coq au vin. delishy and a half! normally I have leftovers, but not tonight! happy birthday to mama’s papa!!

  62. Looks like the Packers won! 13 Titles, 4 Super Bowls. 10 more titles than the Paytriots and 1 more Super Bowl!

  63. WOW! Aaron Rodgers! Gotta feel great for the kid! A wonderful young man! And a future great great QB!

  64. i know a thing or two about superstitions! Im fairly positive Carp made that guarantee to jinx the Steelers because of dislike for Ben!!! :)

  65. i aint gonna be calling my Steelers friend for a few days. He’s gonna need some time to get over this one. :)

  66. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    I feel the best for Rodgers. He spent far too long in Favre’s shadow, and now to have won it, while being one of the best QB’s in the game has to be so satisfying.

  67. billybleedsblue on

    WTG Packers! I’m a Giants fan myself, but could not stand to see the Steelers and Therapist Roethlisberger win again. For the citizens in and around Dallas, I’m not sure what’s worse…Ben losing the big game, or him winning the big game. Either way, I’d lock-up my wives and daughters and load-up the old blunderbuss…

  68. Normally I reserve congrats for CCCP, but congrats Carp for winning the prize of blog chief for the rest of the Rangers season.

    Speech! Speech!

  69. billybleedsblue on

    Hahaha, Carp I took your word for it and bet it all on the Steelers! Haha, just kidding. I was arguing pretty good last night a buddy of mine about the game tonight, and it basically turned into a shouting match, a-la “taste great!” “Less-filling!” “Packers!” “Steelers!” hahaha, again and again. Guess I was right.

    Thank goodness Therapist Roethlisberger goes home empty handed.

  70. Man, Troy Polamalu really, really stunk.

    A Steelers friend of mine texted me in the first half and had this simple message: “Trade everybody!”

  71. making fun of an old and drunk person isn’t nice! :P

    how do you plant a “three”? easy! you take 1 and put it inside 2 and you get a “three”…then, you get a shovel, dig dirt…plant three! easy! :P


  72. A great post from a Pats forum: A “classy” Paytriots fan, dare I say…

    “I understand and share your frustration, but we don’t deserve to be champions tonight. We had our chance and didn’t perform. We don’t “deserve” anything. The Green Bay Packers deserve to be champions tonight. Congratulations to them”

    Naa, the guy’s not a real Paytriots fan! Because any real Paytriots fan wouldn’t give credit to any other team. And of course the Paytriots “deserve” everything; they’re owed :)

  73. Ilb

    Maybe she talks in a British accent..because she’s British?

    Could be a closet slip up? lol Heh Heh,you can always tell when I’ve stayed up too late. I get little nutty.

  74. Julie(Who Hardly Ever Posts) on

    Good Morning Heads!
    Carp, great job nailing the score last night! Hey, I won the Super Bowl pool at work! Perfect time too because I’m going to the game on Sunday!!!!! I’ll have some spending money. Woo!!!

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