Habs-Rangers in review … and our contest winner nailed it


First, congratulations to our friend Dreadnaught, who not only correctly predicted the 2-0 final score, but also had the No. 1 tiebreaker (which wasn’t needed) with Scott Gomez having the game-winning goal.

Dreadnaught, please e-mail me at rcarpini@Lohud.com so we can arrange to get your tickets to you.


Now. On to the game and the four-game losing streak:

1) I should be happy when you’re all sad. Our biggest traffic months in the two years I’ve been doing this have been months where the sky was falling, where the team was in disarray and free-falling, or firing everybody or trading everybody. So bad equals good numbers.

2) However, I cannot believe the end-of-the-world reaction to this streak in some quarters. Do you guys/gals remember where this franchise was in 2009? Where it was last year? Hello? Short memories? Do you guys remember thinking, “I love this team?” Or “I can live with the bumps and hiccups of having all this youth in the lineup?” Or “As long as they put in the effort and work hard every night …?” I absolutely am stunned that a little slump like this — one in which they’ve played hard every night, one in which they really could have won every game with a little luck or a big save or a power-play goal (or a shootout goal vs. Pitt) — can suddenly turn all the good equity this team has built into just another, “this team stinks.” Shocked.

3) Martin Biron. Give the guy his props.

4) I am starting to draw a serious conclusion here. There are a lot of teams who play kind of the way the Rangers have played most of this season: Aggressively, physically, full-speed-ahead. And Montreal and Pittsburgh are just two of the latest examples. Pittsburgh might even do it better than the Rangers.

5) And another conclusion: There are sure a boatload of very good goaltenders out there, the latest in the parade being Cam Ward, Tomas Vokoun, Marc-Andre Fleury and Carey Price.

6) The Rangers defended extremely well again. That said, I wonder how many times this year the opponent has scored because it has had two forwards down low against one Rangers defenseman, the other D-man nowhere in the picture. And I wonder how many times those two D-men were the shutdown pair trying to do too much.

7) I don’t even know what to say about the power play, but that was just pathetic yesterday. When are they going to call in Mr. Leetch for some help?

8) Going back to the original theme, did anybody really think this team, or any team, could go through a whole season without losing four in a row? Seems to me I’ve been saying all along that it was coming … and I’ll add now that this is as good a time as any to have it because A) a little adversity can be a good tool later; B) the Rangers are still in a playoff berth in the standings; and C) you’d rather have a slump in February than March or April.

9) I thought this was the first time in a while that Marian Gaborik really wasn’t a factor, even though he hadn’t scored lately. I thought he was creating some chances in the games leading up to this, and didn’t notice much creating yesterday.

10) A couple of games ago, and once earlier in the season, I suggested that Brandon Prust would be better if he learned to be a bit more of a pain in the neck, an agitator and a punk, like his teammate (and linemate yesterday), No. 16. And Prust sure played that way, and effectively, yesterday. No. 16 was his old self, too. I liked that line with Brian Boyle in the middle.

11) Really starting to wonder what’s going to happen ultimately with the captain.

12) Had a wonderful day, with ice and water crashing through the living room ceiling and wall. Nice.


AP photo, above.


It’s Super Bowl Sunday. So if anybody wants to make predictions, drop them here. And if youse guys want to have a Boneheads Super Bowl party, I’m going to put up a “Go Time!” later on. We can watch the game together. CCCP will bring the pigs-in-blankets, Sally will provide the Buffalo wings.

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  1. are you not used to see fans everything black and white after all those long years ????

    If they have a five game winning streak, they are looking on to win the Cup and when they they lost four very unnecessary then they think its best to trade almost half of the team..

    its common nature and nothing really new !!!

  2. It’s games like this that make me think I’m watching something different to the “sky is falling in” crowd.

    Not an amazing performance by any stretch, but it was generally OK and the Rangers were mostly the better team. Certainly much better than the usual collapse defensively we see in Montreal.

    Yes, the offensive struggles have become more pronounced and the struggles are exacerbated when they concede the first goal against teams coached by suffocaters-in-chief, Lemaire and Martin. And yes, the PP was useless (though having a QB with a big shot is pointless if you can’t even get the puck under control in the zone).

    But I can’t equate a mild slump of one-goal defeats with the idea that the whole season needs to be “saved” by trading Gaborik for a bag of puc…er, gritty 15-goalscorers, or that signing Souray will suddenly fix the PP.

  3. I dont even understand this black-and-white-discussion..We all agree that the Rangers are not hampered by skill, they are a hard working team and if you cant repair bad luck with skill in a game you always have five games winless streaks or six game winning streaks…

    And if you have the bad luck that your only game breaker is not fully fit to play. you go through those segments to the season….

    But if you overall and even in differnt sports these days that hard work is more sucessful than purely skill and I have opionion in the past it was a different story so I suffer a little bit …..

  4. Is it safe to come back on the blog, or is the carcillo still hitting the fan, lol?
    One can understand the frustration, but please, just remember what we have here. This team is the easiest to root for for years.
    And if you still feel depressed, just read Carp’s review again and again. He nailed it! Maybe he should get the tickets, lol.

    Carp, truly sorry about 12. Geez, that stinks. I’m sure you will be taking care of that issue during your short vacation. Yuck.

  5. Did they mention Pierre McGuire as a new television talent too, LW3H, or am I hallucinating? Barf.

  6. i thought the team played well yesterday. not good enough to win though. price was good. biron was good. 5on5 the game was even or a slight edge to the rangers.

    the game was lost on the PP. how many games have the rangers lost in the past few weeks when the PP was awful when it needed a goal?

    i dont think the answer to the PP is on this roster. who or what can be done with the players here right now? they need a point man that strikes fear into the other team. there are enough of the other parts to be a good PP. guys in front of net (boyle, cally, dubi, wolski) perimeter guys who can shoot and scroe (gabby, dubi, prospal, MZA, AA)

    what’s missing is the point man. any suggestions? is zubov available to play 8mins a night?

    as much as i hate the idea, tomas kaberle makes sense. but i no way do i want to trade any usable parts for that guy. same for souray.

  7. Carp –

    Agree with your line on the losing streak – it has been bantered around here for some time – And, it does make sense I think to have this happen now as opposed to end of March. That said – I really think that the PP here has suffered for a LONG time – it seems to me I remember a call-in show with audience members on MSG with Tom R. and some other former Rangers of the past years up there – and the number one question, consistently, was – WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THE PP? Right – Perry P. was gonna fix it.

    So – I started to think, we really have not had a boomer from the point in a LONG time – it was Jagr who really with Straka was the only positive on the PP for a couple of years.

    So – my point is this: This team will have a VERY hard time going deep into the Playoffs without that addition. Having MZ-A on the POINT? REALLY? come on Torts – THINK!

    My Question: WHo is traded and when for a PP Quarterback? Not a Rich Pilon either – a legit D man who can fire that puck? Who is available and at what price?

  8. Doesn’t happen that often, but I couldn’t agree more with Brooks on the headshots issue.

    The only time I would look forward to Brian Engblom being “inside the glass” is if it was some kind of David Blaine situation.

  9. Marc Andre Bergeron – still in the minors for TB – better than a Souray I think – Can he be dealt for a rental 1/3 season?

  10. Hockey night live on Msg just showed some great points on the game and Dugay was showing where Gabby was looking for a pass several times and they didnt get him the puck..

    They need to feed this guy and get him more involved , he is our most skilled player and he needs the puck.

  11. Carp

    I really enjoy reading your philosophical slants about the team, the players and the bosses. ( Perhaps because they so often agree with my own.) Egad..I hate stuffed shirts and here I am becoming one. Mea culpa.

    The fundamental feature of this team is their rock hard
    insistence on doing every thing vigorously …but the wrong way. They completely eschew the hard slap from the point ..and the practices of shooting hard from all points of the compass. ( Now a reader offered the suggestion that they are afraid of a rebound out beyond them..a considered point of view. One which we made back during the Jagr days.)

    But isn’t fear of an error, proper cause to not go hell for leather at the attack instead of the same people trying to bang that same square peg into that same round hole?

    Most other teams do not seem affected by this timidity. They bang away and let the devil take the hind most, and it often works for them.

    There is a time and place for the soft wristers of course,
    but let us not become so hidebound that we shun a potent weapon that can often make the difference. We’ve lost several games just recently directly as a result of that hard banger from way out.

    And the total absence of a crease stander is maddening. And such a waste of time. They circle, they poke, they scrum,they pass,they do everything in the attacking zone except ATTACK!

    Oh sure, they held Montreal in their zone for most of that third period…but who won the game?
    There are no points for amount of time playing keepaway, when the object of just being there is to attack…and perchance to score?

    Power play? The very word seems artless when comparing it to what this team does when they have the man up.

    Exercizes in futility. Something has got to change in their tactics and soon for this team to keep from slipping back into last year’s team.

  12. >>…veteran in-game reporter Bob Harwood is out of a regular-season gig with VERSUS.

    Bwahahaha! Did I ever tell you guys how much I hated the guy? Oh yeah, I’m sure I did! Now, if they could get rid of those in-game interviews altogether.

  13. >>Pierre McGuire will debut as an “inside the glass” (i.e. between the benches) commentator…

    Oh dear, we’re screwedzo!

  14. M-A Bergeron only got signed recently by Tampa Bay and they just called him up – he wasn’t in the minors because he wasn’t wanted by them.

  15. Gaborik’s scoring slump is really just the result of one thing, and that’s timing. The Rangers are either just forcing the puck to him in the offensive zone when he can’t do anything with it, or they’re not getting it to him when he’s looking for it or in a position where he can. Obviously this partly has to fall on his shoulders, he is the most skilled player on the team and needs to score, but he isn’t Jagr; he can’t make his own room and his own space, he needs to find it, we need to get him the puck, and he needs to blast it past the goaltender.

  16. LW3H – So, is he then still considered avail for a trade?

    Three things I like about him WAY more than Souray – who is TOO OLD

    1st – He has recent playoff experience with Montreal – he is hungry

    2nd – He can really put up points

    3rd – He is Young – and He can become a much better 5 on 5 man with our young developing talent

  17. Fran ,sorry, I was too lazy to reproduce what I said last night, so I just copied it:

    I’ll tell you one more thing, I’m not totally convinced that them not shooting isn’t on Torts. Directly or indirectly, he may be sending a message no to shoot unless they’re sure the shot goes through. They’re afraid to make mistakes, this is a very young core…It’s tough to shoot if you hesitate for a moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade for a big time shooter and he starts passing along the boards too.

    Kotlaik, btw( sorry for bringing his name up, ‘heads), stopped shooting from the point last year after Torts sat him down because of a couple of turnovers. His confidence was shot after, and he was totally useless. Well, admittedly hevwas pretty useles, regardless. Torts is a great coach, but he could be stubborn at times. Maybe he needs to swallow a few mistakes, or turnovers, but it will be of much more benefit for the team in a long run if they stop being afraid to end up on the bench if the shot doesn’t go through. Do you think Souray, if god forbid he comes here, will continue to shoot every time knowing that he may end up on the bench?

  18. Sean – I’m sure Bergeron isn’t exactly in Tampa Bay’s “untouchable” category, but it seems like they signed him for a purpose and he was only going to be in the minors for a while, since he was a mid-season signing.

    Given he was available to everyone as a UFA and then on waivers after the Lightning signed him, it would be an odd move for the Rangers to give up an asset in a trade for him. And he’s 30 years old, not that young.

  19. LW3H – I am not so sure it would be odd – for a D man – 30 is a great age, just starting to come into his own so to speak.

    Look at his stats from Montreal’ splayoff push from Mid February through the Eastern finals – he was very valuable – and a hell of a lot more talented than a Souray.

    He would be a great rental and perhaps turn into, depending upon how he fares, a legit 3rd D man pairing.

    I really dont see any other D men that are potentially available that we could get at a legit or reasonable price and trade –

    anyone else in your mind??

  20. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Guess I am not on this place that much mostly because of this ‘the sky is falling’ attitude. Dont know how bad it gets but c’mon people. Chill out. Carp nailed it. Yeah this team has holes, every team does but the holes are not as bad as last year and they will be fixed over time.

    If we are still dealing with this 2 years from now then complain.

  21. To address Carp’s #11.

    Let me give a hypothetical scenario. Let’s assume that Sather asked the great Carp if he can come over to the blog and ask us for an opinion. And he would ask this:

    “Hey, ‘heads! It’s uncle Glennie. I need to run something by you. I have an opportunity to remove two biggest contracts out of our team. Those also would be two of the oldest players. Instead, I can bring back a 24-year old, former first rounder, who potentially can become our secondary scorer. In the process, I can gain $4.5M in our cap space during the summer. Shuddup, Muck! I know you said $5M, but you can only count to 2, remember? ”

    How many of you would say go for it! Brilliant! I would. Well, after he traded Roszival for Wolski and after he buys out Drury, he would do just that. That’s why I think the answer to your #11 is Drury will be bought out, Carp.

  22. Only meant it’d be odd for the Rangers to suddenly pursue Bergeron when they had six months to sign him as a UFA and only recently passed him up on waivers.

    Don’t really have anyone else in mind at this point and wouldn’t say Bergeron would be a disastrous move, though his rep is pretty much as a PP specialist and not much beyond that. I’d prefer somebody who wouldn’t hurt the defense if playing a regular shift.

  23. If “it” is the unfathomable desire to replicate NBC’s God-awful broadcasts, including more Milbury, then you are right, ilb…

  24. If the they need a big shot from the point on the power play and want to stick with youth in the lineup why not call up Valentenko and give him a few games

  25. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Morning gang!

    Congrats to Dreadnaught, first off. Have fun at the game!

    Number 7- yes to the nth degree. Get Leetch in there and work with whomever could possibly play the point. Heck, bring him soley in as the PP coach. Nothing could make it worse than it already is.

    Carp, sorry to hear about number 12. That sucks. I hope you have insurance for that.

    McGuire on VS? NO, NO, NO. And NO again.

    Ok, off to church and some errands :)

  26. I’d like to see Versus-NBC or even MSG do an announcerless game (Like NBC did back in the 80’s with Jets & Miami) for at least one period. Just the sounds of the game and more camera angles.

  27. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Spot on synopsis Carp. Everyone needs to calm down and remember the last few seasons, this team has SUCKED from November to February. As I said last night, I’ll take a freakin 3 week slump over a 3-4 month slump every day of the week!

    Carpy, sorry about number 12. That’s rough. I feel for youse guys with all this snow and ice you’ve been bombarded with.

    And I saw that Versus thing last night on puck daddy i think. I suffered from hysterical blindness until about an hour ago.

  28. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Mickey, i’ve been saying for years that Leetchie should be brought in to work with the d. I’m thinking he still have some bad feelings over the way Sather treated him and banished him to Toronto. Can’t say i blame the guy, but man oh man we need his help with the damned powerless play.

  29. Couldn’t agree more with Mickey and Linda. Help is needed and why not take a chance and bring Leetchie in. Couldn’t be much worse. He’s well respected and perhaps, just perhaps he could be part of the answer. It’s worth a try. Oh wait, I forgot, I was not thinking in the real world! Wake me up.

    Sorry about 12 Carp. Hope it gets fixed and you’re good as new.

  30. i guess we all got to used to the team winning and its just dissappointing that with everyone back healthy, we still arent able to score goals. the goal scoring problem isnt new, so i thought at the very least, the top line with gabby and prospal would do something. its still frustrating as hell losing games you should win. i just wanna see some improvement in their offensive game and i dont see it. they do the same 2 or sometimes 3 guys behind teh net routine with nobody in front and when there is, they either cant get the puck to him or when they do, it gets shot wide. ok, maybe the guys coming back need more time but they gotta fix this fast or were gonna need another late season miracle to get in the playoffs

  31. who coaches the pp anyway? is sully or torts? i know when they ask torts if they have practiced the pp he usually says no.

  32. ok, i meant they have to improve their offense on the pp. 5 on 5 too, but if they just score 1 pp goal last night, they get at least a point.

  33. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i believe that, outside of picking out Torts ties, getting the coffee and being interviewed by Gianone between periods, Sully runs the power play. INTO THE GROUND

  34. I thought Torts said at some point (either when he was hired or in the summer) that he would take personal responsibility for the PP, since he didn’t have a second assistant?

  35. It’s hard to argue against bringing in Souray at 2.7 mil at the expense of Gilroy. Gilroy is set to make 2.1 mil next season so its not like the cost is an issue plus the fact that Souray is far and away a better offensive player and would really help our PP.

  36. LinCalPrustBoylahan on


    i kid i kid

    Tony, i think it’s a bit of both. They play a gritty, grinding game, but try to be too fancy/perfect on the PP. Hold on a sec, haven’t we been complaining about the pp for a few years now? ;-)

  37. OK, so Torts said he was running the PP when he took over: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=410856

    Might well be different now, since this was pre-Sully.

    oleo – other issues aside (and assuming the Oilers are prepared to cover a $2.7m hit too), Souray’s cost is an issue, since he is under contract for next year, so they’d have to keep him, buy him out or find another taker for him, unless they want the summer cap position to compromise their ability to spend on UFAs.

  38. LW3H

    if you are referring to Wade Redden’s contract, I thought i read somewhere that Redden has the right to nullify his contract and become a free agent. Not sure how accurate that is, but if that is the case, there is no way Redden takes the money to stay in HFD.

  39. oleo, I don’t think Edmonton will put Souray on re-entry. And is he really anything more than a short term fix, assuming he can play? I realize Gilroy isn’t as young some other guys, but he is by no means a guy that should be traded for Souray. Gilroy has improved his game tremendously over last season. Haven’t you noticed? He is one of the best skaters on D and if he is going to be moved we can certainly get a better/younger player than Souray in return.

  40. oleo – Whether you think Redden voiding his contract is realistic or not, more than a bit risky to make moves now under the assumption that he will and that he’ll do it in advance of 1 July, isn’t it?

  41. And yes, great analysis as always, Carp. We’re all going to miss you around here.

    Forget coaching, maybe Leetchie can just be our PP QB. I’m sure he would make an impact on the PP, even though he is 42. Hey, Nik Lidstrom can do it, why can’t Leetch?

  42. LW3H

    not really because if he can in fact nullify the contract, he is going to. there isn’t a single guy in any sport who would choose to play in the minors simply b/c of money. Way too prideful for that.

    Not to mention the 600K difference between Gilroy and Souray is not going to make a difference.

  43. oleo & LW, I believe all Redden has to do is refuse to report to Hartford and his contract is voided. I remember reading a LB article in which he described that scenario.

  44. thanks for the link, oleo. I know that the Rangers have a confirmed interest in Souray. But I just don’t think that Souray is worth it giving up Gilroy or any other player on the team. Maybe just picking him on re-entry waivers at half price, but if we have to give up a roster player, no way!

  45. NYR_FAN

    well if we were to claim Souray noone would need to go in the other direction. Now Eminger might be traded for a 7th round pick or something but at that point, Eminger probably wouldn’t play again for us…

  46. So you know for sure that Redden will do that? Even if he is not motivated solely by money, who’s to say he would get a realistic shot at making another NHL roster next year, given his declining performance and having been a year out of the league? So he may be happy just being a minor leaguer and still earning the money he’s entitled to.

    And the NHLPA wouldn’t exactly be keen on the idea of players voiding big-money contracts.

  47. That is correct, NYR_FAN. Redden needs to refuse his AHL assignment, then the Rangers can void his contract. But first, it will not happen until after the training camp, so it doesn’t affect their summer cap situation. And second, Oleo, what makes you think he is going to do it?

  48. Carp,
    To your point about the level of goaltending in the league right now, my one issue with Lunqvist is his performance relative to others and his contract. Is Lundqvist good? Sure. Is he going to have rough patches? Sure.

    For all the bitching about bad contracts, no one ever brings up Lundqvists. His cap hit is the highest in the league and arguably I don’t know what the Rangers get for the extra 1-2mn relative to a Vokoun or Hiller. In my mind players need to perform to the level of their contract and I have yet to see the overwhelming dominant season or playoff series to justify Lundqvist’s.

    Think about the team the Rangers could have with Drury’s 7mn and an extra 1-2mn if they hadn’t overpaid Lundqvist, scary…

  49. A few thoughts…

    1) Dubinsky needs to step his game up. I realize he is only two games back from injury. But he looks a step behind and his timing is off. I want to see him return to his MVP form for this team. Where is the Dubinsky Monster? He kinda looked like Dublowsky the last few games…

    2) Gaborik has zero confidence. Where is that sneaky move we always used to see where he would, with one hand on the stick, chip the puck past the opposing defenseman, off the wall, and use a burst of speed to get a breakaway down the wing and rip a snapshot? That was his patented move. We haven’t seen it nearly enough this season.

    3) Marty Biron is a pretty good goalie and is on his game. He deserves the next start.

  50. if not for his contract, Redden would be playing in the NHL right now. It’s hard to believe on the open market a team wouldn’t give him a 1 year deal. These are professional athletes and strive to play in the NHL. His pride took a serious hit being sent down and he’s burning to get a chance to prove he isn’t washed up. There is no doubt in my mind that he would take a 1 year deal at the league minimum from any team instead of playing in the minors…

  51. It would be in the Rangers’ interest for Redden to stay with the Whale. He does and has been doing good work with a lot of the youngsters on D up in CT. Look at McDonagh!

    oleo, money talks. He would leaving millions of dollars on the table. Plus, he doesn’t have to pay any escrow! He is one of the highest paid hockey players in the world!

  52. billybleedsblue on

    lol, Tony…ugh, I lost too. I thought and still do think that my 1-0 Rangers was a good prediction. Oh well, hope they can stop this skid in Detroit.

  53. >>Gaborik has zero confidence.

    I’m sure he can afford to buy some confidence with all that money we’re paying him. Bottom line, the guy just doesn’t fit in this year’s grinding system. He’s one of those finesse guys who don’t believe they need to work hard every shift.

  54. Re #5:

    We have the right coach, the right team concept, good enough goaltending, a solid defensive core, and nice complementary offensive players. But, this team doesn’t have enough offensive firepower to win in the playoffs. Gaborik needs to be on a 60 goal pace for this team to contend as it is. We don’t have enough depth in the organization on the right wing. We haven’t drafted in the 1st round well in that position (see: Jessiman, Cherepanov). I am hoping that Christian Thomas is ready sooner rather than later. He is our brightest prospect in that position. Alexei Cherepanov’s absence is certainly being felt now.

  55. Including about $2.5M left this year, Redden has $18.5M left on his contract guaranteed. And he is going to forfeit that just to take a chance on some team paying him $550K for one year?

  56. Here are Souray’s numbers from 2010 season:

    37 4 9 13 -19 65 0 0 0 113 0.35 – Yes, thats 4 goals, 9 assists, and a NEGATIVE 19 – whatever you want to make of them.

    Here are Begeron’s Numbers:

    60 13 21 34 -7 16 7 0 4 123 0.57 – Yes, 60 games with 34 points – he is a negative 1 in plus/minus if you consider his 6 games at Hamilton.

    35 vs 30 – and MA Bergeron can also play left wing – a versitile 4th liner at times –

    IMHO – this is the kid to go after – we didnt and he cleared re-entry – but still= the price is right and he is the better choice! Marc Andre Bergeron in Rangers Blue for 2011 –


  57. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thanks Chopper! It’s great to be back and to know you missed my gibberish/jibberish!

  58. We don’t talk gibberish anymore, Linda. We only talk jibberish now. Or is it other way around, lol?

  59. Great post Carp. It’s good to keep everything in proper perspective. Pure relativity. Sorry to hear about your water damage. Ice damming could be a bastard this time of year

  60. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Hey ILB and all!

    #1 just seems to be a sad indictment of society overall

    #12,,really sorry!

    about the team…I like the youth and the physicality of the team (except it lacks on the blueline quite a bit) and the direction it is going, that being said I want us to go a far as possible every season in the playoffs so if that means giving up some youth to get a vet or 2 for a longer run, then do it!!

    as far as the game, I like wolski a lot and am glad we have him for atleast another season after this one…prust was…well prust (same for avery) sauer played his grittiest game in quite a while…and gabby…well I would still trade him for iggy!

    back to work and then a super bowl gathering here at the house, so if any of you want to come bye you can…later assens!!

  61. the last 4 losses the rangers could have easily won all 4 and got outplayed in none of the games.

    i hear all the talk about the Pp and the point. I disagree the PP is bad for more reasons then no bomber fro mthe point. gaborik plays on the 1/2 board and never shoots the pill on net looking for a rebound or deflection, they cannot get into the zone and set up easily if dubi or the d are skating with the puck and dubi is the main facilatoator on the PP and he has zero creativity and the team does not move the puck fast enough it is receive think then pass it should be tic tac toe, shoot low and get bodies in front.

    getting souray is a stupid move, the rangers have a very very good young d and adding souray is a biq question mark. 4 years ago another story but i would not do it.

    the rangers simply need there young forwards to continue to develop; cally, anisimov, dubi, etc need to continue to get better..

  62. I wonder if Gaborik’s shoulder is bothering him. For a sniper he’s been passing off too often when he could have taken a shot.

    The team needs more than just a shot from the point. I wish it was that simple. They need for Gaborik to play like an elite scorer. They need for the secondary scorers to be more consistent. Boyle, Callahan, Durbinski, Anisimov, all seem to disappear for long stretches.

    And, they need more offense at full strength from the blueliners especially Gilroy and Del Zotto. These guys are supposed to be the offensive defensemen, but their contributions in the offensive zone have been mostly nonexistant.

  63. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Thanks itsabouthockey, that’s very kind of you! Insights? I have insights? I”m just a goofball hoping to make people laugh and share in our love of the Rangers!

  64. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    Charlie, i remember in his first or 2nd game back, he went hard into the post after scoring and I thought, well there goes Gabby for the rest of the season. He hasn’t been 100% at all. Sure, he’s had some games where he’s scored some goals, but he just looks off centered. Maybe a combination of shaken confidence and injury.

  65. I thought Gaborik was hurt for a while but I think JBytes is right in that he isn’t playing the style of hockey he needs to play to be successful.

    That is: to hang high in the neutral zone for the long pass to get behind D, being a puck hog, and ripping snapshots….

    Gaborik should not be cycling with Stepan along the wall…Stepan should be setting up Gaborik for one timers….

  66. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Is the sky still falling?

    No? Good.

    I really do wish they could decline power plays. Right now, it’s a weird combination of them trying to be too fancy while playing their griding game. Together, those 2 styles are like oil and water and it creates the ugly mess we are seeing. I would love to see DZ and a righty(Girardi?) on the points, but on their opposite shooting sides. Every other team in the league seems to do that, and I distinctly recall Zubov and Leetch switching all the time when they played together. At the point, why not is my theory.

  67. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    How’s the new phone Mickey? Still the same number, right?? Gotta plan our next mini fest in Nashville lol. we should be so lucky that our boys play there again next season!

  68. Hi, folks…..Carp, sorry about your roof….did that “Mayhem” guy in the insurance commercials come to visit your place!?

    Well, the Debs did us a favor today (I guess), by beating the Habs…..but nearly all the teams below us have been picking up points this weekend, so things are tightening up.

  69. billybleedsblue on

    Jersey beat the Habs today…4 to 1. Ugh. That’s good and bad I guess. The fact that Jersey is so far behind in the playoff hunt means that I will be pulling for them a lot as they look to play the spoiler. Same goes for the Icelanders. I hope it doesn’t come down to those teams really needing to beat somebody for the Rangers to get in. But if it does, I’ll be watching closely and rooting against those other teams (NOT FOR THE DEBBIES AND ICELANDERS).

  70. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Linda, Sorry, but I was puttering around the place doing some chores. The phone is really good. Taking a while to get used to, but I like it. My number is still the same. And yes, I would love to get together again in Nashville with you guys. I had such a great time. :)

  71. Billy – I know how you feel….I just cannot bring myself to root for either of the other “local” teams, even when their winning would benefit the Rangers….too much bad blood for that to ever happen!

  72. Carey Price fell back down to earth today – and Gomez couldn’t torment his “other” former team…..

  73. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    no worries mickey!! i’ve been baking cookies and doing chores also. glad to hear you’re liking the new phone!

    Jimbo, great mayhem reference!!

  74. How many of you folks heard this the other night?

    I believe that Mike Milbury yaks for the Bostons, but he was on one talk show the other night, and he raised my eyebrows a bit when he made the following statement and it’s as close to verbatim as I can recall…………….
    “when I come back ????? I wanna be Lundqvist.
    Did you guys see how good looking the guy is?”

  75. I didn’t hear it myself, but Milbury is like dog carcillo – he’s everywhere! HNIC, NBC games, NESN……not sure if I’ve seen him on Versus yet, but he’s probably there, too….

  76. Carp,
    That was one of the deepest blog posts i have read in a while. Big props to you!
    Maybe try and go after Souray, low risk big reward…

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