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From the Rangers:

February 5, 2011 – New York Rangers 0, Montreal Canadiens 2 (Game No. 55, Away No. 28)

*       The Rangers were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens, 2-0, today at Bell Centre, and are now 29-22-4 overall with a 17-10-1 mark on the road.
*       Martin Biron stopped 27 of 28 shots, and is now 8-5-0 overall with a 4-2-0 mark on the road.  He is now 7-4-0 with a 1.95 goals against average and a .934 save percentage in his last 14 games, and has held opponents to two or fewer goals in nine of his 14 starts.
*       The Blueshirts out-shot the Canadiens, 19-6, in the final frame, and have now out-shot their opponents, 73-21, in the third period of their last six games.
*       Dan Girardi tied for the game-high with four blocked shots, and logged 23:54 of ice time.  Girardi leads the league with 149 blocked shots on the season.
*       Marc Staal led all skaters with 25:48 of ice time, and now ranks seventh in the NHL in average ice time (25:32).  The last time a Ranger averaged 25+ minutes of ice time per game was Brian Leetch in 2003-04 (26:14).
*       Brandon Dubinsky won a game-high, 12 faceoffs in 19 attempts (63%), and led all forwards with 22:34 of ice time.
*       The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, February 6, is 10:30 a.m. at Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.
*       The Rangers will continue their three-game road trip when they face-off against the Detroit Red Wings on Monday, Feb. 7, at Joe Louis Arena (7:30 p.m.), in an Original Six match-up.  The game will be televised live on Versus and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and

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  1. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    No worries, Carp :) Thanks for letting me know to repost.

    Guys, I hate to do this here, but 2 very dear and long time friends are facing a daunting medical and home situation and are trying to get ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover to re-do their house.

    In short, the husband needs a liver transplant asap and their house is not a good recovery place for someone who just had a liver transplant. So, they are asking people to send in email nominations for them to get on the show.

    They really could use all the help they can get, so if is something you are interested in, let me know and I can send you the link on facebook with all the details.

    Sorry to be off topic. And thanks.

  2. This team is exactly the same as its been all season except were not getting clutch goals and the PP is especially bad. Unfortunately you can’t “grind” your way to a being a 1st place team but at least we should see some post-season hockey as a result though…

  3. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    oleosmurf – That is how I see it. Miricles can and do happen but I never saw us winning the cup this year. I’m just looking for improvement.

  4. nice PP today the sustained pressure on the PP was impressive.

    when guys like avery play when you need a score you know your team is scoring challenged.

    mcdonagh is going to be a good player but now offensively he is a total zero. wolski getting pushed around a lot out there and gaborik doing very little. the rangers have had 1 legit stud scorer since the damn lockup and his # was 68.

    gaborik is a bully player. he scores in bunches usually against crappy teams, if he scores 5 gritty tough goals this year I will be suprised.

    so blame this loss on MDZ and Drury….how about dubinsky with 23 minutes score a friggin goal on occassion or same for callahan and anisimov and others…………

  5. ill one up you Carp.

    Firing Squad Everybody!

    This Malkin injury has my stomach in knots. This is devastating. Last year, Staal. This year, Malkin. Horrible.

    Mickey – Very sad to hear about your friends. Saw the link on your FB profile and email has been sent.

  6. Geez, what happened to “We Love This Team” and “As long as they work hard” and “We are willing to live with the bumps and hiccups you get with a young team?”

    Guess you guys want a bunch of older, overpaid veterans now, huh?

    And, yeah, Gaborik scored all 42 goals last year against the Islanders and Leafs.

  7. wolski is softie. if you are european or have a european name does that mena you cannot score a dirty goal!!!!!!!!!!

    how many battles in the corner does wolski and christenson lose???

    there defense is just fine., when Henrik blows the last 3 games before tonight nothing you can do, there offense cannot hide any goalie mistakes or defensive breakdowns. when you cannot score your d and goalie have to be real good every night………….

    rememebr the puliout goal against montreal in game 1 another henrik gift, add to it the columbus gift, the florida game, and the nj meltdown and there are about 7 points…..

    henrik is a good goalie and he had 1 great stretch so far this year, but he is not top 3 goalie. price is better then him right now along with thomas, fleury, and a few others. henrik needs to be a star with this offense. the rangers have no speed to take a mistake a quickly strike, they are a bunch of plumbers…….

  8. retirebradpark's#2 on

    Carp….and to go deep in the playoffs before we’re all eating strained peas through sippee-cups.

    for some of us, time is running short.

  9. gaborik has 85 % of his goals in 4 games. I love the teams effort but give me a break throw the damn puck to the net all the time every oppty. they try to be creative and they can’t create anything.

    if they threw every puck from every angle at the net no problem.

    but the PP with the who knows what you want to call it. i call it dubi at the half board thinking he is crosby or gaborik doing jack …

    crash the net and take every shot possible, how hard is that to comprehend………..

    avery sucks, he gets a free pass from the under 30 tough guy crowd but really the guy has 2 goals, is a wildcard with the puck in his own zone, what is the love affair with him? because he has a big mouth, the guy has about 3 big goals in 8 years in the league………..

  10. defense is the last problem the rangers have. they have 7 d men no one over 27 and all of them are legit nhl players. they need stepan to be 24 right now not 20. they need anisimov to take the next step same with dubi.

    they need richards………when prospal at 35 in his 2nd game is your best or most dangerous offensive player that is a problem. also just checked gilroys minutes why not more? 3 shots in limited time, and he is not a defensive liability.

  11. retirebrad, but you couldn’t have possibly thought that would happen this year, could you?

    has everybody forgotten where this organization was very recently, and where it is now headed? are you that wrapped up in instant gratification and winning every single game?

    would you rather sneak in with that clown team you had two years ago, or even during the Jagr era, and have absolutely no shot at the Cup, than to go through some frustration now in order to build something that might contend for a while?

    Now I’m blowing my entire game-in-review right here. But also, do you realize that the 93-94 Rangers went through this? that the 2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks went through this? That Philadelphia went through this last year? That the Devils went through this every year during their dynasty? That every team in the history of hockey has gone through this?

  12. retirebradpark's#2 on

    There you go, Carp. Get all reasonable on us.

    Don’t you realize the weekend is ruined?

  13. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Thanks, Tiki.

    Jesus Christmas, folks. Chill out. It is a bad losing streak? Yes. Does this team have issues scoring goals? Yes. But, would you rather we go back to the late 90s/early 00s teams? This team WILL make the playoffs. But the most important thing is that they are building a foundation for the future, when they WILL be competing for the Cup.

    So, turn the computer off, open a beer and watch a movie for the rest of the night.

  14. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Carp. Agree 100%
    Retire Brad – We are all getting older. I agree by the way on Park. I read his book when I was like 10. Tazacuk(sp?), Park and Eddie Giacomin got me started on this sickness of being a Ranger Fan. Eddie mostly – unbelievable to watch.
    The Rangers are as good as their record says they are and I for one would have signed on for this ranger team being in this spot at this time in the pre-season.

  15. I believe this is the best lineup we can put together right now. Fedetenko would be a nice addition to the grind, but who moves? I think having Wolski and Zuccarrello on the same line is a defensive liability. Stepan is good in his zone, but those wingers can’t control the walls.

    Love the play of the young D. Don’t change a thing…just work them.

    If we add anything at the trading deadline we should be dealing from and for Hartford, not the big club. Stay patient.

  16. Stuart I`m 51 and dont think Aves sucks Is a goal scorer no but the guy digs hard in the corners and is a good passer and plays with heart and is what being a Ranger is about. Oh and by the way what team and leauge were you an allstar in that you can even get on the ice with a NHLer

  17. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Stuart I’m 50; I like Avery, like him, don’t love him. He makes things interesting. I’d hate him if he played against the Rangers. His minutes are not the problem here. They can’t score! It’s really that simple. Avery is a fairly solid third or fourth liner at this point and does a decent job anoying some teams. I’m cool with that. if anything he gets too much attention then he’s really worth. It doesn’t make him a bad player.

  18. HAHA, WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! The shine box has been dusted off and officially brought back out of the dingy back room. I love it.

    After talking with CT and TR earlier, I feel a little better about the state of the team right now. We are not winning games right now, but if our PP clicks, we would have won each of the last 4 games we played. Like Torts, I don’t really have a problem with our 5 on 5 play. We do need to have a rhyme and reason on the PP though. Detroit is going to be another tough game on Monday night. What better a time to snap out of this slump than at the Joe? I know it is easier said than done, but I think we can turn this thing around. This team hasn’t done anything this season to make me doubt their ability to turn this around. We have done it in individual games, but now we need to do it with this slump.

    I kind of saw a slump coming for a little bit now. We were coming back and winning in third periods, and in shootouts, but we have not been getting the job done in regulation for a a little while now. We were playing with our B squad, and playing hard, and getting the job done, but not convincingly. Now we have our team back, and we need some time to gel. I am not in panic mode as a lot seem to be, but I do agree that we need to fix this, and fix it fast. That little cushion we have can be gone in the blink of an eye.

    I have faith in the guys in that room, and in Torts to turn it around.

    Maybe I am nuts, and maybe my head is in the clouds right now, but that just might be because the sky is falling………right? ;)

  19. If the Rangers do trade someone of value, it should be for an established, relatively young proven player that can add to our young core going forward.

    I know most of you don’t agree with me, but I dont consider Matt Gilroy part of our core. He is a nice solid player with some potential upside but should not be included with the likes of Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Sauer and Del Zotto. I personally have no problem trading Gilroy for a rental player b/c the Rangers will be able to replace him in a second simply by signing someone in the offseason or continuing to build from within with the likes of Valentenko or Kundratek…

  20. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    also Agree that Wolski and Zuccarrello on the same line is a bad idea. Thats alot to be putting on Stepan at this stage

  21. ThisYearsModel on

    I feel about the PP the same way I feel about NBA players and free throws. It is your job. You can’t possibly be applying yourself and look as pathetic as their PP. There is no excuse for it being this bad.

  22. Boy, Ottawa is just a terrible team……lost to the Fishsticks tonight in the Mausoleum..

  23. Red Wings are getting shut out in Nashville 2-0 in the third…they’re gonna be in a great mood for Monday night’s game, especially after getting shut out in their last game.

  24. I’m 30 and have watched (enjoyed/endured/suffered) through all sorts of Ranger “teams” throughout the years. This group has the best “team” concept of any Rangers squad in the last 10 years. However the inability to score with the PP and lack of anyone with a hard shot must be addressed. This team could be a legitimate contender if it got even that one aspect together.

  25. They definitely need to improve the PP, but this has been going on for years – I can’t understand why they can’t try some different approaches on the PP….and they need to score more, period. Not just on the PP, but at even strength, too….

    Their top players (scorers) are just not getting the job done.

  26. Clip the Wings on

    To their credit the team has been playing grind it out hockey from the beginning of the season. Now that other teams are beginning to do the same there will be lower margin for error. A fantastic way to develop the youngsters. Dubi and cally are excellent role models along with staal. Develop the core and add younger pieces. Sunnier days are ahead, however not this season.

  27. Mickey
    contact me via facebook
    at boheads or ask Linda
    or shout at me if neither way works
    i’ll get the movement moving with others

  28. Carp

    i do believe in this team and see good things for the future
    but it’s just really hard to stomach
    a power play that looks like
    5 snake-bitten Drurys on the ice

    and i don’t remember Gabby having such breaks between
    goals last year as he is this year. so, it’s frustrating.
    if it is a shoulder problem then it should be addressed
    with time off or admitting it to the public.
    why pretend it’s healthy if it’s not?

  29. Clip the Wings on

    Lost to a team playing well in their own building 1-0 (forget en goal)

    Really love sauer’s game

  30. You tell em Carp! I’m with you all the way!

    Mickey, post the link here why don’t you…..

    sleepy time for moi….ta til tomorrow all!

  31. Carp
    FANS are happy when their team wins
    FANS are unhappy when their team loses
    We’re FANS

  32. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    OK, gang. I was offline, having actual face to face interactions with a new friend, this evening Here is the link to my friend’s information page on fb:

    If you can’t access that, hit me up on fb via the boneheads page.

    Thanks guys, it means a great deal to both me and my friends. You’re all the best.

    Special thanks for Carp for letting us post stuff like this.

  33. I just have one general question about Souray.

    If he is so desirable as an “offensive” player, why does he keep showing up as being “available” by his current and former team/s?

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