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  1. Does anyone else love seeing the city of Cleveland and specifically, the Cavs, in the carcillo-er?!

  2. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I would actually love to see the Cavs beat the Heat in the playoffs. Bron bron needs his big head deflated. He made a mockery of the Cavs, and the owner, has thin skin, no heart, and a group of ‘friends’ who are actually enablers and yes men who just want his money and his castoff women.

    He’s as egotistical and narcissistic as they come.

  3. billybleedsblue on

    Hey Carp, does it do anything for you when users click on the banner ads???



  4. the fortunate thing is that the teams below the Rangers have been slumping. Atl, Car, Fla and Buff, none have been setting the world on fire, and thus the Rangers have been able to keep their margin. but it is time to start putting them in the rearview mirror with a few wins.

  5. lmao Gab!

    I don’t like Bron either, but the person I like less is Mike Brown. The guy couldn’t coach a pee-wee basketball team, and the Cavs organization wasted 7 or so years with the best player in the NBA with Mike Brown as a coach. The Cavs would have been better off without a coach altogether. For wasting the presence of Lebron and quitting and losing in 2010 and 2008 to the Celtics, and for the Indians blowing a 3-1 lead in 2007 to the red sox, and for beating us in 97, I hope Cleveland never gets a title :)

  6. billybleedsblue on

    Ha, I clicked all the ads on this page, and the links don’t seem to be working so well…heh. Could be my browser? Eh, whatever.

    Ha, still can’t believe that DP is out for 4-6 weeks. That’s just nuts.

    Captain Callahan?

  7. I think that without Drury, our team will win today. I hope our organization recognizes that the presence of Drury only brings our team down.

  8. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    The Browns (football team, not coach) could use a championship. Cleveland football fans deserve it.

    And after having to hold Lebron’s tiara for that many years… the Cavs don’t deserve a 23 game losing streak.

  9. Goals, they measure it in km/h in Russia. And then still exaggerate, I wouldn’t worry about it..

  10. Gab – I disagree. I think they deserve their 23 game streak and more, for allowing Mike Brown to bring that team down for years. Mike Brown couldn’t even sniff Bryan Trottier’s (lack of) coaching ability. oh, and FTW, the Cavs last win came against us, because they actually desired to win that game :)

  11. Tony, and the princess took up with the castle’s tennis pro and lived happily ever after with a great serve.

  12. So is Christensen ready? Joe makes it sound like he’s in because of Drury being out? I though EC was due back anyway? You can answer these in any order, lol.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    wohooooooooooooo Rangers time / Go time!!!!!!

    btw I know I wont win and dont live in NY so im outta the contest Carp but heresssss mine!!

    Habs 2 Rangers 7 , NYR 46 shots ,Habs 22 shots and Dubi with the GW!!!

    Rangerssss!!! Go boyssss!!!

    Wake up!!! lets get the frickin win!!!!!!





  14. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Hello, Tiki.

    Montreal always makes me nervous. Glad to see Good Marty in net instead of Hank.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Go Prospal!!!! You da man!!

    Gaborik does care.

    We care I care. Carp cares.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Zuccoooooo!!! Give the little guy some more icetme!!!

    Come on , where is Boogaard already!!! Im freakin out over here!!

    Go Rangers. All I care about is the Playoffs and Zucco!!!!! Boogaard comming back and Gaborik ,Staalsie and delzotto and Prust. Dubi too and ya cant exclude Callahan…probally Stepan the most cuz hes our best gem.

  17. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Not Mike Brown’s fault Tiki.

    That’s actually the owners fault. He pays Brown. And they wanted someone who would kiss ‘Brons posterior, and let him do his thing.

    Mike Brown paid, Dan Gilbert paid… and worse… the fans paid. With their money, loyalty, and passion.

    What do they get now? Bron championship chasing in Miami, and a 23 game losing streak.
    Remember how we felt when Messier left for Vancouver? It’s worse for Cleveland… cuz we got our cup, they didn’t have a Championship to soften the blow.

  18. Got some good points, Gab. I maintain my position, though. Agree to disagree. :)

    Welcome back, noremry!!

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Tiki !!! 2 pts is what we seek!!!


    GO RANGERS!!!!

    Montreal you suck!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you gonna lose big!!!! We are getting 7goals folks. Hold onto yer hat cuz this is gonna be another ring-a-ding-dongDANDY!!!!


  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    YO Carp!!

    PP Canadiens…big deal . We got this one. Ilb im not anti-Habs but watching them get pounded by us make me super happy. I just really really want to watch us in the playoffs.

  21. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    3C, Samsung Flight. essentially the upgrade over my phone.

    Thought about the iPhone, but I hate using the keypad on the touch screen. Plus it was an extra $200 to upgrade to a iPhone early. This way was only an extra $75.

  22. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Nice shift by that line, but no shots on goal. Tsk, tsk.

  23. Anyone for Biron as our starting goalie for a little bit? Give Henrik a physical and mental break?

  24. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    nor, I think Dubi’s trying for both the long hair AND the goatee. Neither work for him.

  25. we’re not looking too bad but
    we’re still overpassing
    and not taking shot.

    at least that Dubi dribble to price counts
    as sog

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Montreal is mad cuz Boyle elbowed him in the head …gonna get uglier folks!!!! Go Avery!!!!

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on



    RANGERS!!! wesa gonna beat ya in yer own building!!!!

  28. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    That ’86 Mets show looks really good. Which I didn’t have to miss it. Grrrr.

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ooops Zucco butt ended wolski in the face with his stick!!

  30. now,
    we may not be the most talented team in the league
    but watching Rangers constantly
    taking shots from horrible angles (for years)
    just makes me question their
    mental stability

    nice play with Artie.
    too bad pucked bounced off stick.
    ice doesn’t look so good.
    puck bounced on Girardi on boards earlier.

  31. Mickey – Check your FB msgs.


    I really like this Biron. This guy really has played superb for us. Been a good teammate too.

  32. so, is
    Erik playing or not playing?
    and if
    not then what’s going on with the lines?

    thanks……….didn’t get to watch game til pk

  33. >>if avery is hurt , watch drury’s knee magically get better before next game

    And Micheletti will tell us, “Drury will never give in to pain.”

  34. that period ended well. Rangers finally taking the body against these Canadiens.

    Dubi is curling back tot he net with the puck, thats how you get the puck off the boards.

    Marty looks very steady out there.

    everyone is playing a good game today

  35. EC admitted that he wasn’t quite ready as far as
    conditioning………possibly slow due to being winded
    makes me wonder
    why didn’t they just bring up someone from the
    Whale for a game or two?

  36. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    EC’s looked OK in his shifts so far. The pace must be killing him though.

    Dubinsky had a strong period.

    What a pretty move by Gilroy to grab the puck, drop it, spin around and skate it out.

  37. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!


    i can assure you that the Rangers will be victorious today. I had inadvertently moved my Rangers jersey pin on my security badge for work to a different spot, and they’ve lost the last few games. Yesterday, I put it back in the original spot!! Just you watch!!

  38. LinCalPrustBoylahan on


    sorry ilbzo, tis my fault for the last few losses. You can all stop trading Hank now! All will be right in Rangersland

    I wish to NEVER hear the song SOUL SISTER again….not one damned single note from it!

  39. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    BTW, did anyyone see Zipay’s tweet from this morning about how Torts doesn’t drink coffee? I lol’d in the restaurant I was in when I read that. Torts hopped up on espresso makes me feel bad for anyone who comes across him.

  40. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Joe’s word of the day must have been ’emotion’ on his Word of the Day Calendar.

  41. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Move yourselves and shoot the darn puck from the point. PLS.

  42. no reason for Wolski to give up puck.

    a struggling pp? looks more like there were
    5 Drurys playing together

  43. i love how Zuc just zips around
    past the montreal guy

    jpg’s sister called him
    a “tenacious little puppy”

  44. Wow, MZA is a great passer. And I think we can easily conclude- his size hasn’t been an issue at all

  45. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmao 5 drurys! wait, doesnt he somehow have 3 kids? lol

    DDE…from earlier.. that link NEVER gets old!

    are Boyle and Prust back to their monster selves this game? Flavah looked a bit off the other night.

  46. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    ilb, it’s been an issue with every dumb asshat who has interviewed him since he’s been up ;-)

  47. now imagine if instead of Drury or Christensen we had Richards on that line with Prospal and Gaborik…

  48. with a break in action, my 2 cents on pens/malkin:

    since media ignores but
    our Uncle Larry Brooks got it

    it was a matter of how the pens handled the crosby situation
    that should be questioned for playing during winter classic and
    during next game rather than the idea that he was a victim
    of a headshot — accident with caps guy

    and same with malkin who went from sinus problem
    to knee situation

  49. Great effort by Dubinsky! We have the Izzy bump today; we’ve got this game in the bag! Love Olga! And I love SS too! Hey Soul Sister, Aint that mister mister! :)

  50. ummmm……why bother shooting the puck into the zone
    if you don’t have someone fast enough
    to retrieve it??

  51. N.CountryNYRFan on

    this team is gonna continue to have problems if our power play doesn’t improve. It’s just horrible.

  52. Regardless of the 0-0 score, the Rangers really came to play today! Look at how calmly McD went across the crease and gathered the puck and put it along the boards. Looks very experienced.

  53. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i seriously would have driven all the way to montreal and taken out that official if him pulling on Fankists jersey led to an injury!!!!!!

  54. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i’ve been very impressed with the play of Sauer and McD lately. Sauer is rock steady back there, great year for a rookie defenseman.

  55. Noah-tenko-rury, 28 on

    When the Rangers go on a PP, they should take a penalty right away. I think they are a better 4-on-4 team than a 5-on-4 team.

    Which is…odd.

  56. Pouliot: if you’re using French pronunciation for “ou”, why would you go with English for “iot”? That just drives me crazy!

  57. On the subject of wretched powerplays, anyone else slightly baffled by Monsieur Excitement himself, Jacques Lemaire being quoted last night as saying about the Panthers: “They have a good powerplay”?

    The same Panthers powerrplay that is 29th in the league and at a 12.4% success rate, makes the Rangers look like the the 1984 Oilers?

  58. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    NCNYR, he’s a tough dude. most guys don’t give him the credit for that, but he’s tough onthe boards

  59. dudes and dudettes,
    i’m telling you
    that the whole shot from
    the point
    thing is meaningless with
    this team

    you deal with the hand you’re dealt
    and they’re not

  60. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the rangers shouldn’t even pass the puck on the pp, everytime one of our guys get it just shoot the damn puck, pucks at the net boys c’mon

  61. If these announcers credit the Habs any more with the Rangers being 0-4, I’m gonna wretch.

  62. So they get their better players back and actually get worse offensively. didn’t think that was even possible unless they just didn’t score another goal this season.

  63. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Montreal will trap the entire third and the Rangers won’t score and….(sigh)

    I hate games in Montreal.

  64. >>trade gaborik for dustin brown!

    At this point, I’ll take Gaborik for Lionel Messi. He won’t be able to kick it in, but I’m sure he can use his head.

  65. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    i dont think its on the coaches for this lousy pp. the players are too slow with their passing and just not skilled enough. hard work is great but the object is to put it in the net. how do these guys make so much money and the one thing their supposed to do comes so hard? get a goal scorer!!!! or ten!!

  66. haha jbytes
    all kidding aside, dustin brown fits style of this team. he is like callahan but bigger and better hands

  67. At least Torts have a discent tie today for change, however, I would be OK with him dressed even like Gomes, the clown, in exchange for a discent PP.

  68. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i actually turned off the sound and covered the screen with the blog so i dont have to see or hear him lol

  69. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    lmfao 4ever~ any of youse guys remember that GOMEZ the CLOWN pic i posted 2 seasons ago???

  70. Zuccarello and Wolski have been tremendous. Much better game from Del Zotto too.

    This PP is crippling the team though. I understand we dont have a point man and we dont have a top line player to keep the opposition from shadowing Gaborik but there is no reason why they can’t at least be somewhat productive. 1 SOG in 4 PP is just unacceptable.

  71. Jesus Gómez in a horrific slump, touches the puck about three times through 40 minutes, a grinning intermission interview and the Rangers losing. It’s like he never left…

  72. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I don’t know the stats.. but i’m pretty sure the Rangers SUCK at afternoon games.

  73. Our PP is so bad that Sather is the only GM in the NHL sniffing around the ol’ scratch n’ dent pile for Souray.

  74. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I’m gonna go look in the toilet after i poop, cuz that’s the same as what i’m watching on TV.

  75. where is M. A. Bergeron? he is very good on the point. not a very good dman, but great on the PP

  76. Rosen: “Good luck to you and the Canadiens”?
    Really, that’s what you wish, Sam? Than, shaw mike…and ask Bell Sentre to hire you.
    First time tought like Folkyerself and agreed.

  77. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    should change”its go time” to “its blow time”

  78. ilb – no, it’s just the extremely rare confluence of the Rangers being on TV here and it being the MSG coverage. I’m still expecting the 3rd period to be replaced by an FSN Pittsburgh highlights marathon.

  79. The Rangers lack of top end skill is finally showing through now – they are controlling the play in the opposition’s end but cannot get clear shots through. It helps little that once again Gaborik is invisible.

    10 goals in 3 games = 6 in 37. SIX IN THIRTY-SEVEN! OMG, that’s pathetic and I don’t care how hard he appears to be working.

    I’m watching the HNIC broadcast and the crew doing the 2nd intermission show just accused Gaborik of dogging it. I agree, although I like to think it’s not because he’s pouting and given up – it’s because his confidence is completely lost and he doesn’t know how to get out of this funk. The crew said that his peers recently voted him as amongst the fastest skaters in the league and how they haven’t seen any evidence of that speed today. Damn right.

    I think that if LA is prepared to offer up a package that includes Brayden Schenn, Sather should seriously pursue it. This team is rebuilding after all so if you can get Schenn, one of LA’s defensive prospects and a 1st, you go for it. At this point, Gabbie won’t be missed.

  80. Outplayed them in 2nd but got sloppy twice and paid for it once. Mdz, zuc, dubi, aves, cally (of course) and Biron all playing to win.

    On goal girardi was out of sorts the entire shift. Pressed puck behind when saucer was already there and then left crease on point blast which left 2 low covering 3 which led to a goal by an overpaid rat face.

  81. >>Rosen: “Good luck to you and the Canadiens”?

    I really HATE when our announcers wish “good luck” to opposing players. The way I see it, they’re either being insincere, or shouldn’t be calling Rangers games anymore.

  82. 4everanger, Olga, of course that’s what the MSG crew wants. You dont think Sam, Joe, etc actually care or want the Rangers to win, do you?

  83. >>what you guys expect Sam to say to Gomez? “I wish you choke on chalupa”?

    How about leaving it at, “Thanks for stopping by, Scotty”?

  84. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    # JBytes February 5th, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    >>what you guys expect Sam to say to Gomez? “I wish you choke on chalupa”?

    How about leaving it at, “Thanks for stopping by, Scotty”?

    Perfect and to the point.

  85. tomb/ilb2001: Watch the lowlights of that Gomez goal and it’s Gaborik inexplicably turning the puck over high in the Montreal end that started the play. Don’t be surprised if Gaborik sees no ice in the 3rd.

    The situation with Gabbie is, IMO, getting messy and could easily, if things don’t turn around, reach to point of no return.

    To Gabbie’s credit, he seems to avoid being negative, at least to the press. And for sure, he’s gotta be feeling tons of pressure.

  86. Say what you want about Avery being nothing but a 4th liner- hes one of the only guys that gets off his rear and tries to make things happen when they’re lacking energy.

  87. >>Nothing i cant stand more than an ugly person! ;)

    All right, I’ll resist the easy mirror joke.

  88. So we’re looking at what may be a 4 game losing streak and having to make a trip to the Joe….awesome.

  89. Gotta love this Biron. He doesn’t look like a chicken without a head out there like LQ sometimes does.

  90. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Remember when this team scored goals? Those were the good old days.

  91. Mickey that must have been way before my time, because it’s been s struggle in the few years that I’ve been watching. Was it in the past 85 years?

  92. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    joe, are you sure about that? I’m sure the next time we play the pen()S you will say that nobody works harder than horseface Crosby

  93. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    You guys- LOL!

    I thought I remembered them from earlier this season, but I’m not sure.

  94. This game typifies IMO the problems the Rangers have had over the past few years due to a lack of top end talent. Good board control and a decent amount of shots, but most are from the perimeter, a few from the point come with not enough traffic in front and an inability to get to the occasional rebound that does occur.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Gaborik the friendly ghost

    GO RANGERS!!!!! come on!!! were trying!!!

  96. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    gotta make your own luck sometimes

    whoever had this game 1-0 might be winning those tickets

  97. Watching the Rangers desperately try to score a goal to tie the game one cannot help but think of yet another case of lost points due to an inept PP – 8 minutes in the 2nd with a grand total of ONE SHOT on net.


  98. They just showed Rangers killer Vinny Damphousse scoring against us. That’s the jinx. we’re done.

  99. Malkin is looking for second opinion on this? What does he think they will tell him, to walk it off?

  100. that’s just sad about Malkin. He’ll be lucky to be back by mid-season 2011-12. kind of cool if the pen()s win the Cup this year without him.

  101. We’re not winning this one. No offensive ability on this team. The Rangers are starting to show themselves as the team they were predicted to be prior to the start of the season.

  102. If Sam and Joe really have to talk about Crosby and Malkin’s injuries for a good minute during the play-by-play (and they really don’t…), can’t they do it at a time other than the last six minutes of a one-goal game?

  103. Looks like pen()s have a some disfunction eh? They’re gonna need more than 4 hours to fix that. :P

  104. The Pens just need Kurt Russell to come into the locker room and talk smack to him for a minute. He’ll be all screaming “you want me to play on one leg?!” huh??”

  105. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i wonder if the pen()s announcers talk about other teams injuries when the pen()s are NOT playing those teams!? wtf is up with this. every freakin game they mention the ugly as sin duo,

  106. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    That second doctor will tell Malkinstein to tape some asprin to it and get back out there.

  107. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    All right, I’ve given this a lot of thought…

    Canadiens 1, Rangers 0, GWG-Gomez, Rangers 33 shots, Canadiens 29 shots.

  108. just sitting here over thinking. We’re about to be 0-8-1 in games against Philly, Montreal and TB this season. That’s 26 lost points. If we had half of those we’d be first in the east.

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    losing again….lost, no points, gomez you shmuck.

  110. Game over. Season over. I wouldn’t be surprised if a trade is made tomorrow, or if Souray magically appears on re-entry waivers.

  111. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Don’t fire Sather yet, not with such a young, talented and upcoming team. Just don’t give him a checkbook at FA time, and the sky is the limit.

    I see Prucha is always being Prucha’d too. What happened to him?

    With Drury and Eminger out, I am in my glory. Tough choice, would I rather win with them or lose without them? Although, it says here, our chances of winning without them are increased.

  112. We played hard. That counts for something.

    I like the Habs. 23 or 24 titles. around 20 more than their “rival” bruins. As long as they dont catch 27+, theyre good in my book! :)

  113. Why don’t the Rangers just play the entire game like the third period? Why does it take them that long to start playing?

    If you wait until the 3rd period to start playing a hockey game, you’re going to lose. As angry as I am with these losses, they didn’t really deserve to win them; you have to play 60 minutes, or you lose.

  114. well played by the rangers blue collar guys. Not the fancy dans. they were non-existent. the EC gaborik pairing was awful

  115. Did anyone guess 2-0 Canadiens? Carp, I voted that the Rangers would lose by 2 goals (4-2)…just saying :)

    Seriously though, we need offense.

  116. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    This team needs a few breaks, Some skill would help too, but unless they trade away their young guns that isn’t happening.

  117. our D looks damn good though McDonagh is gonna be awesome Sauer has amazed me. we got rid of Redden and Rozi. we added Stepan and Zucc.

    I dont really want to trade for any D-man thats not our problem. I can suffer another year of this and with equa;l improvement next year, we will be contendas again

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    this loss really blows

    Gaborik sucks

    Christenson sucks

    Drury was invisible again

    Goaltending was good without Hank

  119. latona – because when you play that type of game all game, you are susceptible to odd man rushes and breakaways and scoring chances against.

  120. i mentioned souray talk back in the second period
    when pp was ongoing horrible

    at this point i can’t blame them….but i still
    don’t see it being the saving act
    unless he gets the other players to act/react/act
    much quicker

  121. A trade would be a panic move. This is the first time they’ve lost more than 2 in a row all year. Obviously they’re struggling to score and it’s been that way most of the season but when you panic you make mistakes. First and foremost this team has to find a solution to the power play problems and they need to do it NOW. There’s internal options they haven’t attempted yet. I think it’s time they start.

  122. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    Biron is weak on his bench-side.

    effin awesome comment jbytes! lmao

  123. We were winning games earlier in the season because 3rd and 4th line players who weren’t expected to contribute offensively were scoring. We got nothing from our Top 6 all season. Now we are getting nothing from anyone. Gaborik is a joke.

    This looks like the annual Mid-Winter Swoon for sure.

  124. This game was lost in the 2nd period, pure and simple. Montreal is not exactly an offensive juggernaut – you score a goal or 2 with your 8 minutes of PP time in that period and you’re in control of the game.

    The Rangers lack of top end skill is finally showing through. To their credit they managed to overcome it for most of their first 50 games, but not anymore.

    Now on a 4 game losing streak with Detroit up next. Then the Thrashers, Pens and LA Kings.

    Could be a streak of 1 win in 8 by Feb 17 and the team in 9th.

  125. Tiki, you’re absolutely right, but, they can’t keep putting themselves in this position because “as comfortable as they are,” they’ve lost three out of the last four games in regulation because of it.

  126. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Man, if they’d just put in ONE on the PP, the game would have been different. It’s killing them, and they have to know that.

  127. Dugay: “I don’t think it’s [four match losing streak] not as bad as it seems.” Is this guy serious??

  128. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    haha James , I know …he was his usual self tonight.

  129. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I’m not even going to comment past this one, i’m too disgusted to be funny/witty/rational.

    Okay, maybe i’m still all of those things… but i am disgusted.

    Price stole the show, our PP was BRUTAL, and it doesn’t take Prust any licks to get to the center of a toosie roll pop. He punches the candy out.

  130. MacD made a few gaffes, but he recovered on literally every one. I really like what I see in this guy.

    And Dubi was very good. He should be extended already.

  131. Below Me Sather on

    You need to score goals to win games….
    For that to happen you need guys who can score goals….
    We have none…

    Season over…See ya next year!

  132. Why isn’t Boyle just in front of the net on every power play? Maybe because Torts is overplaying Boyle and Prust in every game. If you want to go with kids, this is what you get. And the other team just has to cover Gaborik, which is a lot easier when Torts doesn’t put him on the ice in favor of the other lines.
    Biron played well.

  133. their more skilled players simply don’t have the same desire and hustle and drive and grit as the blue collar guys on the team. That is the most disappointing thing. If the higher paid guys would work as hard as the grinders on the team, the goals would come. It is no accident that the PP sucks with the fancy dans mostly on it.

  134. The PP is so bad. Torts should just roll his lines thru the PP. Just keep playing. Staal-Girardi, MDZ-Gilroy, and Sauer-MAcD. The NYR have ZERO PP. Just play thru the 2 minutes as you would any other shift. It’s embarassing now.

  135. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    gabby was god awful again. losing control of the puck liek a little girl. he is a wuss. get him against any team that plays him just a little hard and he folds. he should be benched awhile. we were winning without him and when hes on the ic ehe doesnt do anything anyway. im sick of watching overpaid free agents here. drury was good his first season too. gabby is following suit. cannot wait till hes gonbe as well. he doesnt even get shots anymore. idk how torts puts up with it. i really dont. bench him a few. pleaes

  136. And it just *had* to be Gomez that scored the GWG….only 7 goals this season, but he has one for us.

  137. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    That’s four in a row we’ve outplayed the opposition. Absolutely shocked they can’t score now that they have what looks like an awesome lineup.

  138. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Staal/Girardi was under par tonight, and they have been so for a few games.

    Sauer was excellent. McD was good to.

    MZA, Cally, Dubi and Artie had decent games.

    Gaborik was the worst i have ever seen him. He was actually hurting the team tonight, as opposed to being merely invisible at times this season.

    Avery was good but is ineffective. Prospal too. Christensen was nowhere to be found.

    Stepan, to me, looks a bit weak on the puck, is he running out of gas?

    Biron was excellent.

    Boyle and Prust did their jobs and are still over-performing, but can’t be relied on in games like these.

    The strange thing is that I felt they dominated the second as much as the third but the third looked better because they actually shot the puck. Price was very good, and our guys did not take care of rebounds.

  139. No bomb on the PP allows all the opposing players to collapse and clog the middle. There is no shot from the point to respect, so there’s no reason to spread the D out. Rendering the Rangers PP useless is pretty simple really. MDZ has a decent shot, he just needs to work on getting it off a little faster so it doesn’t get blocked.

    The empty-netter is a prime example of why Zuke at the point doesn’t work. I won’t fault the kid for it, it shouldn’t be his job to play there. A defenseman keeps that puck in the zone. That experiment should end immediately.

    I love all the hate on Lundqvist. Seriously, it’s knee-jerk emotion swings like that that make all Ranger fans look silly to other teams. There are 20 teams that would kill to have a goalie like him. I’ve watched plenty of Flyers hockey down here in DE for the past 8 years, and trust me, Biron is no saving grace. He’s lost a starting job for every team he’s played for; Buffalo, Philly, NYI… please. He was barely tested today, every shot basically hit him in the chest, he only had to make 25 saves, and Gionta hit the post on the breakway. I don’t care what Torts says, goaltending, from Hank or Biron, is not the Rangers’ problem.

    If you don’t score, you don’t win. Period.

  140. So the Rangers out-shoot the Canadiens 19-5 in the 3rd after being out-shot collectively 20-16 in the first 2 periods. So the Rangers spend most of the time in the 3rd controlling the boards, but the bulk of their shots are from the perimeter and they never seem to get to the few rebounds that occurred.

    Mmmm…what does this remind me of? Oh, I know – the team we had to endure the past few seasons.

    So, that, for me, begs the question: Is this a slump that they will work themselves out of or after a nice 50 game stretch, the team is finally settling back into who they really are? A talent challenged group of players who seem unable to put a consistent 60 minute effort of hockey together and rely on their goalie more than anything else to collect points?

    I guess we’ll find out over the next couple of weeks….

  141. Marty Biron may be the most well spoken player on this team. He cuts right through the BS in his interviews

  142. I’m beginning to loathe this SHOT BLOCKING approach to defending that become popular the last few years. Between that and the neutral zone trap, im bored to tears. Speed, great shots and great goal stops are what make the game exciting. Call your congressman!

  143. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    thanks v7. and i knoe we overreact here alot when we lose but when i see a guy like gabby get paid that kind of money to do nothing, i think about my job, and say, what if i did that? id be fired and homeless!! these guys get too comfortable when theyre rich. guys playing for raises are all playing great. guys who already got theirs are coasting. dru n gabby sicken me right now

  144. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    i am not throwing the towel in yet. I think over the next few games, the team we saw and fell in love with the first half of the season will re-emerge!

  145. I understand that MDZ is nervous, for understandable reasons, and he probably is the best option in the future, but we are in the middle of a playoff push, and there’s a decision to be made. Do we sacrifice now and risk not going to the playoffs this year (let’s be real, it is still quite possible not to make it) by continuing to push MDZ out there on the PP, and live with the mistakes, nervous breakdowns, etc? OR do we send MDZ down to CT, where he will (hopefully) get more confidence, and bring him back up next year while playing Eminger, or someone we will get come the 28th, as we have all season and really Eminger has surpassed expectations (everyone was running him out of town early on, common you remember). i understand MDZ is best for the future, but i honestly want to make the playoffs, and right now the way i see it, he may be one of the reasons why we may not get pushed in. of course there’s the issue of scoring 0-2 goals per game, but that’s a different story. one that should be addressed, perhaps by adding another coach?

  146. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    I dont get all this trade talk, even though I understand people need to vent. This team has the ability to score. They have the grit to win games. They’re young and they are weighted down by Drurys contract.

    As I said a few years ago:

    I’d rather loose with a team that competes and plays to win, than win with a team that just tries not to loose.

    HAD the rangers put in a few goals in this one, it would have been one of their better games this season. But thats hockey. We all need to stay patient and let things evolve. I still have these guys in my heart. Even Gabby. That said, I would not oppose him being benched a game if he does not show more than this, you can say what you want about trying, but if you throw Hank under the bus, Torts, you need to throw Gabby there sometimes too.

  147. lol knew that was coming Carp.

    to repeat what I just said to Linda on FB- I mean look it’s a long season and there’s going to be adversity at some point. They have to battle through it. They’ve won a lot of games with hard work and determination but you some nights you just need to be the better team and score more. they haven’t done that the last 4 games. plus they’ve given up some softies in that time. They can fight through this. Golden opportunity and a tough game coming up at the Joe next. they need to show what they’re made of.

  148. Typical Rangers mid-winter slump. Agree that Zuccarello on the point experiment should draw to a close. And why do we always have 3 forwards behind the net passing it to each other? What’s easier to defend than that? Is that a bad habit or what the coach wants them to do?

  149. “score a goal”. really Torts? if i was Rosen id come back with a wise remark. i wouldnt stand that.

  150. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    and we have our guys coming back from injuries reestablishing themselves in the lineup, so it’s messing with the mojo a little bit, but I am convinced that they will get back to their winning ways. We usually have this lull from November – February. Hell, if we have a 3 week lull, i’ll take that over 3 months! They will right the ship

  151. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    The Red Wings makes PP look easy. They take every shot they can and most often they do this by two passes between the pointmen. Click-Click-Boom. Of course, they have a good QB whos been around for a while.

    My point is. All this Jagr-style-from-the-circle-trying-to-pass-through-the-box-thing has worked ONCE this season. ONCE. Just keep it simple. Anything can happen when you shoot.

  152. good point Lin. I was trying to find a way to work in the fact that they’ve looked like last year’s team post all star break but you said it the right way- yes they’re in a lill but it hasn’t been that way for the last 4 months. just the last 4 games. Let them battle through.

  153. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    I laughed at this tweet:

    Adam Rotter
    Brandon Prust has his shoulder taped like he just pitched eight innings and threw over 115 pitches

  154. wow looking at those standings, everyone has games in hand on us. Carolina 6 points back and 3 games in hand. oy…

  155. LinCalPrustBoylahan on

    and as someone mentioned the other day… WHY IN THE BLUE HELL IS DRURY EXEMPT FROM BEING TOSSED UNDER THE BUS???????? because he cares so much??? As if Hank and Aves don’t care.

    why is he treated with kid gloves by EVERYONE!?!?!? If this was a guy on ANY OTHER AREA TEAM, making this kind of money and not producing anything but a few faceoff wins, he’d have been run out of town already! Hank gets thrown under the bus, Gabby does, Avery does, and so on and so on… but you NEVER hear a peep about captain Dru-bing.

    Has drury ever called a players only meeting since he was GIFTED with the Captains C on pretty much the day he signed???

  156. Anything can happen when you shoot.

    Alex you need to take that line print it out and stick it on the door to their locker room entrance.

  157. Tell me what team in history didn’t lose four in a row at some point?

    Yeah, trade Gaborik for somebody who cares. Well, Drury cares. Would you trade him for a Drury? Would you trade him for Voros. Voros cares. How about Higgins. He cares. Or Paul Mara. Or Derek Morris. C’mon. Just because a guy isn’t getting it done doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He scored 42 last year. Did he care then?

  158. and Det just got shut out at home in a stinker vs Columbus, so you know they will be fired up vs the Rangers

  159. and by the way, I agree with Tortorella 100 percent: This losing streak has nothing to do with effort. Just some execution and some struggles by offensive players, and you could put a couple of goals on Lundqvist.

  160. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    I think we can expect at worst a buy-out, at best a retirement. I think Dru knows whats coming, and I think he will do the only worthy thing and retire this summer, or perhaps lift his NMC.

    I think the coaches and Slats knows this and feels for the guy. That and the fact that he does care, and is the captain probably saves face for him it terms of bus-throwing.

  161. no, Carp. he showed last year when he sat out that he does not care, except when he has a Slovakia jersey. and he showed them in Minny when he sat out so that they could not get anything for him that he did not care.

  162. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    Perhaps more interesting is whether you agree on the absolute knock he gave Hank the other night?

    I mean, it just doesnt feel fair and I respect Torts for being fair most of the time. Maybe it was a strategical thing?

  163. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    He cared harder last year, Carp. That’s the difference.

  164. Crabby what’s with the Gaborik hate? He was injured early in the season, he has limited offensive help out there and his goal totals are off. But it’s just because he doesn’t care. Forget about what anyone who actually talks to the guy or plays with the guy has to say. What would they know?

  165. Carp, I liked Torts’ last few words about getting nothing from the top guys…you know he’s feeling it inside, but it looks like he doesn’t want to make an issue of it in the press…

  166. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    With all do respect, I totally disagree. Everyone on this team cares as much as we do. Youre gonna have a hard time finding players in this leauge that doesnt. He is simply not playing well at the moment. And I think he knows that better than anybody.

  167. Drury did watch the game in the press box. He sulked in the bus. Maybe he’ll win the Sulke Award.

  168. I am talking about EFFORT. you know, what the blue collar guys on the team show. apparently the coach agrees with me, because he played him very little in the stretch of that game, and rewarded the guys who were working.

  169. Alex I don’t particularly think there’s anything wrong with “calling a spade a spade” as he said in his interview the other night. I mean first off that’s what Tortarella does when his best players are struggling. As I said earlier- this 4 game losing streak has been mostly because they haven’t gotten what they need offensively with a few weak goals sprinkled in. He didn’t rip him for his game against Florida when he was weak. 2 games later he did the same thing against the Devils. I don’t have a problem with calling the guy out after that. Especially when he was taking full responsibility in his own post game interview.

  170. I don’t think he’s where he’s at because of a lack of trying. Yeah the other guys on this team are grinders. That’s not his game. It never has been. Yes I know he has to play the same style and hasn’t a lot of the time but just because the way he plays the game isn’t a hard nosed below the hash marks kind of game doesn’t mean he’s not trying.

  171. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    I see your point, and I agree in general. The likes of Prust, Callahan and Avery play their hearts out. Thats what they do, the only way they know how to do it. Gabby does not play like that, and did’nt play like that last year either. What is happening now is that his type of game is totally off, which makes him look silly in a way.

    Callahan can have a drought and still be a great player because he bring something else to the table. And in this situation its only right not to play Gabby as much, since his bread and butter is not there. Caring is not the issue, though. But if he isn’t good, then his minutes should shrink, which it has done.

    So maybe we agree? A little?

  172. Torts Please Keep (4) lines together for a reasonable period of time, roll them and demand shots from the point. We freeken pass too much and very poorly of late. I just hope Sather doesn’t panic with a dumb trade for a over- valued & over-paid scorer and give up some of our youth. The team we have now has (4) players that haven’t played in a while and aren’t game ready. In time, the team that played today will get progressive better and peak just at the right time.

  173. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    Wow. Weird… We wrote the exact same thing on Gabby.

    See your point on Hank, though. Maybe Torts was justified. I just feel bad when I think about the incredible weight Hank is carrying, and most nights carry well, and people ripping him for a bad game here and there. But yes. A spade is a spade, no doubt Devs game is mainly on him.

  174. as i said, when i said care, I meant EFFORT. sure, they all want to win, but you show you care with effort, hustle and all-out hard work. That we are not getting from him, and that is inexcusable. some guys are rowing hard, and he is just sitting in the boat cashing checks.

  175. I was just laughing about the similar responses Alex. And I hear what you’re saying. It’s not right for Hank to get singled out. But he’s a competitor and it seems like Torts knows which buttons to press with him at this point. Don’t forget, when he struggled earlier this year and Biron was playing well Torts was basically walking a razor’s edge and he seemed to handle it well because Hank was great after that. I think it’ll work itself out. We’ll need him to be at his best against Detroit and I think he’ll be great. I think jump starting the PP is the bigger issue atm.

  176. Crabby you can have your opinion as we all do. but I’m going to have to disagree with what you’re saying.

  177. I don’t really see how you can say he doesn’t care. Gaborik’s game is based on confidence in his shot, he lost it…Happens to every goalscorer. OV is having an off year, can you he doesn’t care too?

  178. If they lost their effort, that would be make this losing streak serious…They didn’t. The team will recover. Detroit isn’t the best team to start your recovery against, but they were able to beat Vancouver…

  179. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on





    By the way, as per Dreger;

    “Surgery will be required for Malkin..sources say.”

    Torn MCL AND ACL. Wow.

  180. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    James and Alex, really really good points on how Gabby’s game is so different from the rest of the team. That may be why he, EC and Vinny play so well together, because their games are all about finesse. Whereas the rest of the team’s game in based in grinding along the boards and hard work in the corners.

  181. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on


    Sarcasm? Hard to tell.

    That line is right now a very, very poor version of the once-so-great Jags-Nylander-Straka.

    Without the good centerman. And effective left winger. And so on.

  182. Larry(hwo only posts from work) on

    I think it past years we would be up a creek( or in a mid winter swoon). This years team is different I think they with get thru this, because they are trying, that’s obvious. What they can’t do is buy a goal. I’ll live thru this team – no trades. And that includes gabby. He’s a goal scorer, they don’t grow on trees and I think he and the Rangers will get back on track (hopefully soon). In the end they get the 7th seed. And I’ll bet no one will want to play them. STAY THE COURSE!

  183. You can’t just tell Gaborik to go and grind it….Not his game, he won’t be effective. Besides, even if he recovers it behind the net, which goalscorer is he passing it to?

  184. Oh and for the PP, like it or not, Sheldon Souray is probably on his way here.

    Kenny Daneyko (who played with the guy) said on HNL something to the effect that Souray doesn’t make winning a priority.

    I gotta believe the Rangers are the only team that are desperate enough to take him on for 2 years even at $2.5M per.

  185. I’ll tell you one more thing, I’m not totally convinced that them not shooting isn’t on Torts. Directly or indirectly, he ma be sending a message no to shoot unless they’re sure the shot goes through. They’re afraid to make mistakes, this is a very young core…It’s tough to shoot if you hesitate for a moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade for a big time shooter and starts passing along the boards too.

  186. Totally agree that it’s silly to suggest Gaborik doesn’t care. Gaborik has zero confidence – given his veteran status and long successful history I’m surprised he looks so down.

  187. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Alex, no sarcasm, for once from me. I was being honest and truthful. Those 3 aren’t great shakes, but they seem to play well together and their games have similar styles so leave them together. In fact, I would leave the lines that started the game together for a little while, see what happens. Can’t hurt.

  188. Speaking of trades- please spare Jim Ramsey at least, he is a good guy. Besides, it’s not his fault :-)

  189. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    I will not be happy if they take Souray. If they Ranger D just put more pucks on net he wouldn’t be an issue. I think it’s not really how hard the shot is from the point, what kills them particularly on the PP is by the time they set to shot there is no openning.

  190. Larry, you shoot the puck anyway….Some ricochet, some hit the defenders, they get tired if you get 4 power plays per game. Some leave the rebounds, some can be deflected. Every time they shoot along the boards, it surely isn’t in the net.

  191. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Souray trade is absolutely devastating. Even a waiver pick-up is bad for this team. A has-been who is extremely injury prone, when our D is not the problem? Jeeez…

    I recommend you take a look at some Oilers blogs, as I did a few nights ago. They are saying about him what we were saying about Redden.

    It is a disastrous move.

    I would much rather give Valentenko a shot. He seems to be under some court order to shoot the puck.

  192. Suray will take away someone’s place on defense and will take up an important cap space during the summer. Will end being paired with Redden next year anyway..

  193. I gotta say and its just my opion Gaborick doesnt fit this team or what is and will be the core of it. I dont know if hes trying or not but I think the responsibility of being a team carrier or go to guy is above him.

  194. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    And still. I think our blueline entry and passing while in the zone is a bigger problem. Staal does not work, MZA does not work, heck, even Girardi gets big minutes on PP. Lets give Brian Leetch a call. He doesnt even have to go through waivers.

  195. The three most humorous words in the language is
    ” Ranger Power Play”

    Fact is …it doesn’t exist. They barely have an offense.
    All that scrumming behind the nets, all that blood sweat an tears, and who was there in front of the net to provide a scoring bid………………..yeah Inspector Clouseau..a/k/a nobody.

    And it never changes. sure they controlled the puck for long periods of time,….but after all, the object of the game is to score. There is a disconnect here somewhere.

    Gilroy had a pretty good game, and they for the most part gave it their all…….but the technique is lacking.

    And the passing, well, y’all can rank that as well as I can.

    NEVER a soul in front of that net for a scoring chance
    ( well almost never..saw Zuccarello there a few times, but so lonely.)

  196. The only thing the NYR would get outta Souray is a cannon of a shot. He isn’t a feared fighter, and isn’t intimidating anymore.

    I think the NYR should stay the course. The current D has to shoot more. You don’t need a cannon to score. keep it low, and use determined forwards who will go to the net. Boyle should be parked in front on every PP.

  197. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    I somehow doubt they’ll actually get Souray. Unless Torts rolls 7 D, which we all know he doesn’t like to do.

  198. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Cally is by far our best hand-eye guy when it comes to deflections and such. But Boyle is… well… kinda big.

  199. ilb, if the whole doc thing doesn’t work out, you can always be a hockey analyst :) maybe you and CT can start a practice! (where’s he tonight anyway?)

  200. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Oilers are not letting Souray go without something in return. I think they will expect a third round or something like that. That, with his HUUUGE salary makes a trade impossible for any team. I think he stays in Hershey.

    The only candidates are obviously NYR. Which is frightening.

  201. Clip the Wings on

    wolski and aa should play on the same line with aves – one grinder with two young talented big guys. Step is gettig deep into the season, but put him back between dubi and cally and he may look young again. Put Christiansen, gabby, and vinny on 4th PP specialist line and leave boyle with prust and zuc on 3rd line. Will this team score 4 goals a game? No. Will they be in every game – yes.

    Stahl / girardi – girardi starting to make some mental mistakes, but overall they are fine.
    Sauer / mcdonagh – may be their best 2 way pairing – give saucer some pp time – he is not afraid to rip it.
    Mdz / gilroy / eminger – mdz played best game in recent memory today. Gilroy was invisible which may be a good thing. Eminger needs to cycle in for gilroy.

    Pp – such off point please

    27 games to go. If they play .500 and go 9-9-9 they finish with 27 pts and a total of 89 (I think), which is a scramble for the 8 spot.
    Are they better than average….time will tell

    Oh yeah – leave Hank alone

  202. the only way I would take Souray is on a re-entry claim or if Chris Drury goes in the other direction, although the chances of Drury being traded is slim to none…

  203. re: Gabby

    It’s obvious he is off of his game, but don’t you find it surprising that Prospal is finding so much open ice in the offensive zone? Comes of LTIR and scores a goal first night? Has some good chances tonight?

    There is only one player to fear on the NYR.


  204. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    You what I’d like?

    #17 – #91 – #10

    That, my friends, would be a top line.

  205. I think if Prospal can keep his legs, and get back into a grove, you will see Gaborik right back in the saddle.

    I would be patient.

  206. Torts is famous for calling out his players. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Of course Gaborik cares. Teams and players have slumps. They got lucky and won some games at the end, and now they’re unlucky and can’t buy a goal. It happens.

  207. “You what I’d like?

    #17 – #91 – #10

    That, my friends, would be a top line.”

    That WILL be the top line next season…unless Dubi moves on. . . . .to another line. . . . I hope.

  208. Larry(who only posts from work) on

    Shooting or not shooting is a judgeman call on the point. Shot gets blocked and goes the other way it’s trouble. With a verry young D it comes down to experiance. they will learn. I don’t want Souray, I don’t even want Brad Richards. lets develope our own players. I’m sick of past thier prime players coming here.

  209. Alex T (idfalk on HS) on

    Dubi will sign a big one this summer. I’m talking career contract.

    I think he’ll get Franzen money. And 5 years at least.

  210. MickeyM broke down and got herself a new phone on

    Guys, I hate to do this here, but 2 very dear and long time friends are facing a daunting medical and home situation and are trying to get ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover to re-do their house.

    In short, the husband needs a liver transplant asap and their house is not a good recovery place for someone who just had a liver transplant. So, they are asking people to send in email nominations for them to get on the show.

    They really could use all the help they can get, so if is something you are interested in, let me know and I can send you the link on facebook with all the details.

    Sorry to be off topic. And thanks.

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