New contest for two free tickets


Our gracious donor has two more tickets available, for the March 1 game against Buffalo.

This time I guess I’m going to have to spell out the rules.

So here they are:

The game on which we will base the contest is tomorrow, 2 p.m., Rangers at Montreal. Everybody with me so far? Good.

DO NOT ENTER UNTIL MIDNIGHT (Eastern time) TONIGHT. Only entries posted between midnight tonight and 1:30 p.m. Saturday will count. So don’t post an entry before midnight, or after 1:30 tomorrow.

Anybody whose screen name I don’t recognize will be checked by IP address. Anybody who enters more than once will automatically be eliminated from the contest. Still with me? Excellent.

If two entries have the same score and all the same tiebreakers, the earlier entry will count, all the others will not count. So it’s up to you to not post the exact same score and tiebreakers. You can have the same score as a previous entry, but change at least one of the tiebreakers. Otherwise your entry will not count.

(I’m already getting a headache thinking about how complicated some of you guys made this last time … and if it doesn’t go a lot more smoothly this time, this will be the last contest.)

OK, here’s how you enter:

After midnight tonight (did I mention that?) post a comment with your predicted score. Then list your tiebreakers, which will be in order, game-winning goal (including shootout winners), Rangers shots on goal, Canadiens shots on goal.

So your entry should look like this:

Canadiens 3, Rangers 1, GWG-Gomez, Rangers 47 shots, Canadiens 6 shots.

The final score is the final score, whether it is achieved in regulation, OT or shootout.

If nobody nails the exact final score, I consider everybody to be tied and we go to the GWG tiebreaker. It is not a “closest to the final score” contest.  If multiple people have the first tiebreaker correct, we go to the second tiebreaker. Then the third.

In the case of the shots on goal tiebreakers, we will go with the closest. If two or more entries are tied after the final tiebreaker, we will go with the closest without being over (example: If the Habs have 30 shots and one entry has 29 and the other has 31, the one with 29 wins).

To repeat, I’m getting a headache thinking about it.  So if there’s an unforeseen situation, I might just give the tickets to Sally.

Hopefully this time we have a normal score. What caused all the problems last time was the 7-0 Rangers rout of the Maple Leaves, which nobody predicted. And then almost identical tiebreakers. And also people who posted multiple entries. Don’t do that.

Any questions?

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  1. i had my own contest and won by correctly predicting CCCP would have the first wise-aasen comment about the contest. so i win a week off without sunshine or pay.

  2. tomb,
    Right? How convenient. It’s really sad to see how bad Drury has gotten. Has there EVER been a high $$$ Ranger that has been this poor in the history of this team?!? Redden is more bang for the buck that Drury is. And that isn’t an exaggeration. That is a fact.

  3. Does anyone think a major trade is blowing in the wind for us?

    Gabby moving out west, along with a d-man, perhaps Gilroy?

    Methinks something is out there but whether or not it can be pulled off (or should be) is another issue.

    D Eminger…his hard work won me over and I think that it is a tough decision who to scratch (a wonderful problem to have!) –might he be moved? My thoughts are that Gilroy could be moved and Eminger reinserted into the lineup.

    We are two years away from the Cup. I think Staal is a deep-down winner and will pull it off, along with this magnificent defensive corps we have.

    I think Gabby is not part of that Cup and due to Cap issues, he is on the way out for a youngster…

    Our offense is the issue that will be fixed and our youngsters, 2 years from now, will likely be the number one defense in the NHL.

    Cally, Dubi, Staal, and company have made us a blue collar team. It is our personality now and Torts loves it.


  4. “so they’re gonna call it a ‘lower body’ injury?”

    It’s actually a disease: Small ballsitis.

  5. Stop the contest right now:

    Rangers 5 Habs 2, GWG Drury, Rangers 29 Habs 1 (Drury also responsible for 1 own goal)

  6. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Gabby is on his way out for a youngster? 27 is old now? Well in that case we better get Hank out of here too.

    We can bring up Kreider and OchoCinco to score 40 goals and win 30+ every season with league leading shutouts and high save%. Oh wait….

  7. cw, I was saying the same thing to some of the writers last night, that Redden right now is a better NHL player than Drury.

  8. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    BTW, continuing the thought from the last thread, listening to that boston announcer during these fights is annoying as Heatley. Franzen.

  9. Carp, what if it snows, does that affect the tie breaker?…I kid.

    Tony I hope the wife is feeling better.

  10. Blue collar players alone don’t win Cups. You need top end talent. Even if it isn’t Gaborik as their top threat they’re going to need someone that’s a consistent 30 maybe 40 goal guy.

  11. I had the same thought process the other night about redden being better than drury. Does that mean next year drury will be sent to the minors before the season starts?

  12. CT Blueshirt,

    I agree. I don’t think that Sather is thinking that Gabby is the guy. The blue-clr supporting cast needs superstar fire power.

    Larry Brooks mentioned Gabby within the past week or so….they might be looking out west.

  13. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I had a feeling last night was goign to be like that.

    Again the team never quits, plays to the buzzer and had the debbies on the ropes almsot the entire 3rd period, but with Vinny coming back, everyone being juggled in the lines, and Hank having an off night it was bound to happen

    Also wasn’t that our first 3 game losing streak of the entire season so far?

    By the way, Vinny & Gabby look great together even if it was jsut one game, Torts should def keep them together.

    Drury is a sad siuation, honestly. He’s respected by the entire team, organization, and is just completely snake bitten. zero goals, I mean c’mon we all bash the guy, but he’s never had a zero goal season. Yes he was hurt, and is getting old. But he’s jsut having a terrible year all around.

    Honestly I have a gut feeling that he’ll be out a few games, gets his knees feeling better, is used sparingly the rest of the season, then if we make the playoffs, will bust out and be a huge contributor.

    But either way its getting to his last gasp unless he has a major transformation over the summer and gets back to what he was great at all those years in Buffalo & Colorado. Being around the net, getting garbage goasl, and being clutch. I hope we see it from him, I really do. Nothing worse than hating on our own captain.

    And I’m really hoping Biron gets the start tomorrow. hank flat out sucks balls in Montreal, always has, I think it gets to him playing there. so Let MArty go, he looked solid last ngiht and honeslt Hank deserves to sit and have more practice time after the last 3 so-so games and the all star weekend.

    And also if Vinny starts lighting it up from now til the end of the season, I honestly would have no problem what so ever signing him to another 1 year/$1Mil deal. we will always need veterans on the team, and he proved last year he can still score.

  14. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    FRANZEN he’s annoying. Since he doesn’t like Ott so much, get out the announcer’s chair and go fight him yourself!

    And with that note, back to Rangers talk……REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH!!!

  15. Goals for Gabby is 29 next week or so, not 27. Also note your response about Henrik Lundqvst’s age:

    I say 2 years from now because of the time it takes for young players to mature.

    Note regarding Lundqvst: It is extremely rare for a goaltender to be above the age 32 and win a cup. He is in his prime right now.

    Gabby’s production is not meeting expectation nor salary cap issues. Money is needed to sign some of our own and I think Sather is looking elsewhere and has one eye on July 1 of this year.

  16. Guys, what do you think of this trade proposal?

    Girardi, Anisimov, Kennedy, and 2011 1st RD Pick

    to Calagry for

    Iginla, Regehr, and 2011 3rd RD pick.


  17. anyone remember Larry Brook’s article last year (late in the season, I think) when he wrote that Drury was finished?

    He wrote that Drury’s rough and tough style of play has worn down his body.

    He played well last night, but overall, he appears to be a step behind and like a shell of his former self.

    He doesn’t appear to be able to keep up with the game.

  18. NYR fan, I think Anisimov may be a real force as he continues to fill out and find his footing with his size. Girardi is a great match w Staal. I loathe the thought of giving them up. I also think that Iginla is worn down.

    interesting post.

  19. good memory chopper. Too bad Gartner wasn’t here for the cup.
    Great hockey player. I got to see him working with kids while he was with the Yotes.
    Good man, good family man too

  20. Chopper, I meant the deal that brought Gartner to the Rangers from Minnesota.

    NYR, I don’t think Calgary would do that.

  21. Geez, I can just see Carp fuming while making those rules up. Do we need to make his life miserable?

    How are all these trades coming along? :-)

  22. Seamus –

    I agree about Artie. If he fills out and puts on weight, he will be a monster in the League. I would be very hesistant to trade him unless it is for a superstar.

    Yet, I disagree about Iginla. He is one of those guys that can give you another very good 4-5 years and be the vet leader on offense that this team has been missing….

    I do think Girardi is a very good defenseman. That said, I think Sauer & McDonagh are not far behind at all. In fact, I think they have been bettter than Girardi and Staal of late…

  23. NYR_FAN- not to mention that trade adds $11M to our cap. I don’t think we have the space.
    Seamus- who is Gaborik being traded for, which youngster?

  24. Despite having an off season, Gaborik is somebody that you do not trade. He could come back next season and score 40+ again. The only time you trade a player of his caliber is if he’s going to play out his contract and become a FA or if he’s a PITA in the locker room.

  25. so clowns you think the rangers are lieing about drury’s knee because they have to get that star christenson in the lineup?

    doubtful for all the conspiracy guys, maybe drury actually has a minor knee injury..

    christenson is a nice player when he plays hard else he is invisible….

  26. NYR Fan,

    good point. We have an amazing about of solid d-men. We have a great goal tender in his prime.

    We have work ethic and right attitude.

    At this point, I don’t see any real “holes”–that is, someone who’s presence is actually hurting us.

    Weakness: the obvious scoring. It is not in our depth, as Cup teams have 3rd liners contributing goals. We lack two star power scorers.

    Jagr could carry the team on his back. Imagine a younger Jagr with THIS supporting staff?

    We have all the small parts nicely together now, but are missing the large ones.

  27. Totally agree, Cross Check….Elite goal scorers are as difficult to find as elite goaltenders…Even if he has an off year, he will still likely lead our team in goals scored come April. Not to mention, his sole presence on the ice requires the best defender to be used by the opposition.

  28. Cross Check,

    I agree about the 40 goals. He also surprised me last year with his defensive play.

    I worry about 2 things:

    CAP impact

    what do you think?

  29. I think an argument could be made about Drury’s roster spot…I don’t know if I’d go as far to say he’s hurting us, but kids have stepped up during absences. I didn’t think, a month ago, that Propal was ever going to play again.

    Will he spark Gabby?

  30. Stan Fischler’s goldfish went bellup. Everyone going to get hysterical?

    How many of you fraudulent MFers gave $ to charity on behalf of Giannone?
    If so, how much? Anyone send a card? Or attended services?

    Right, zero.

    ILB, I never called you ANYTHING until u said I should drown myself.

    Carp, you’ve ROUTINELY let others get away with far worse than banning me for saying your little buttboys here are fake…which ofcourse they are. Enjoy your vacation, a vacation from what I don’t know.

  31. Rod, it wasn’t me who said it, buddy…..Go back and check it, I would never say anything like that.

  32. Ok Everyone: Who are the top 5 D Men able to be moved by the trade deadline?

    Lets start a new poll Carp – See if we can get some agreement on the type of D-Man to trade for –

  33. Rod, you are making a fool of yourself. Stop being a jackwagon and talk hockey, for Prust’s sake.

  34. disagree. Minny is doing better without Gaborik, and the Rangers did not make the playoffs when he did score 42.

  35. Rod, it’s about time you came back and said you were sorry for hurting Carp’s feelings. For calling people names. You did it to many of us, most of the time without any merit. For all other unnecessary things you’ve to people. It takes a man to do it. Somehow I doubt.

  36. Rod when you talk about hockey you add something to the blog but when you get like this nobody wants you around. It’s all your choice.

  37. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The best way to get rid of him is to say he’ll be back. Then he has to stay away to prove me wrong.

  38. Marji- we need to talk, young lady. Your nails have been missing in action. I attribute that to the Rangers losing the last 3 games :-)

  39. Gabba gabber gone – did someone mention his defense? Score 40 plus again?? Holy underwear Batman what games are you watching? This is not some 5 game cold spell. He cannot create or finish! I think he is starting to mentor Wolski. Did u see those lame a$$ attempts in pens shootout? WTF

    As for dreary it has become pathetic. If he was a horse, they would have shot him already.

    Cally and Dubi have to step up these next 2 games and lead the way. Dubi looked tired in 3rd last night.

  40. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    29 is the new 27. When Gaborik is on the ice, guys pay attention. That opens up room for other guys. He gets in a bit of a slump and everyone is ready to run him out of town. Just sayin take a breath and think about it.

    You say salary cap, i say every team needs a legit threat, and those usually cost upwards of 5 mil/season. We just happen to have a 7mil/season guy who now has a knee injury.

    You say Durability… well then scrap half our team this year cuz they missed a bunch of games. Let’s get rid of Dubi, Cally, Avery, Frolov, Boogey, EC, Prospal, Girardi and while we’re at it, let’s run the old timers Hank and Gaborik out too.

    This way we have $40 million in cap space… and only need 3 scoring lines, a legit starting goalie, and 2 or 3 point men, powerplay specialist, hard hitting, crease clearing D men.

    OH… and sign all of them for $900,000 per season.

  41. Rod, really ? I mean really ?
    Enjoy the blog, join in on the blog or go away.
    How can you disrespect Carp after what he’s done here. And now ilb ?
    Every blog has one, I guess you’re our jackwagon.

  42. Don’t put dubi and cally in the vinny, boogie, frolov injury convo. It’s not accurate and creates very bad mojo…

  43. he has something like 5 goals in 34 games vs non-patsy teams. Boyle should be cashing his checks

  44. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    And Rod…. well you have enough issues. I don’t need to highlight them. Insulting loyal members of this blog doesn’t prove how smart you are, it actually proves the opposite. And it doesn’t make anything right… just adds to the wrong.

  45. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Beat the Habs,

    my apologies… I was trying to accentuate my thoughts about how silly some of the trade talk is. And that is just my opinion. I’m all for debate stirring conversation, I won’t always agree, but i’ll always try to be respectful to everyone.

    Except Rod.

  46. I apologize, for real. I only ever wanted to talk hockey.

    I don’t think I was treated fairly, but noone cares.

    I would NEVER make like of a child or anyone else’s misfortune.

    There was a DELIBERATE misunderstanding. Whatever.

    Go Rangers.

  47. When you don’t develop the game breaking scorers in house you have to pay to get them or even if you do develop them you have to pay to keep them since they’re well aware of their market value. The majority of the top goal scorers in the league the past few years are with their original team. Briere, Sharp, technically Iginla, Grabovski and St. Louis are the members of the top 20 goal scorers list that aren’t with their original team.

    Case in point for both scenarios is the Devils, Parise and Kovalchuk. And since a lot of players are in the middle of their peak production when they hit unrestricted FA there is always the risk that you’ve rewarded them for past performance rather than what they can do in the future, but such is the nature of the free agent market.

    So yes, there’s a reason for legitimate concern about Gaborik but given how poorly the Rangers have been at developing goal scorers he was the best option available at the time.

  48. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    ROD, well… on behalf of the… how did you put it… “little buttboys here”
    let me say the way to talk hockey is not to insult people on a personal level.
    I commend you if you gave $$ to charity, but not for trying to hold it over everyone else’s head. Not a classy move.

    Anyways, not trying to bash your head in here. Just saying you have to look at what you send out as well as what you take in.
    If you have issues with specific people, i’m sure we’re all adult enough to talk about it.

    People resort to vulgarity when they have nothing of importance to say. Don’t let that be your M.O.

    I don’t always agree with what people say, I may passionately try to argue my point, i may anger somebody with a ‘tort’ reply, or snarky comment, but i mean no ill will. Ask anyone on here, i would NEVER intentionally insult somebody, unless it’s in defense of a person who did no wrong.

    So pretty please… with sugar on top. Clean the f@*king car. (J/K… pulp fiction reference)

    seriously… let’s keep it civil.

  49. time to look into souray whos playing in hershey the caps minor league team even though oilers property. one year left on his deal for a 5.4 mil cap hit but it would be like having rozival on the team next year except a pp presence.

    i would part a gilroy to edm for souray. no way edmonton puts him on re-entry waivers and eats half his salary.

  50. Habs,

    I asked this on the last thread.

    Ignore Gaborik’s NTC (partial), but keep in mind salary cap implications for the Rangers and the other team, who do you trade him for?

  51. Goals – just trying to change the mojo as the blueshirts head to the hockey meccas. The first half story of grinders scoring and players filling in from Hartford is a romantic one but now the frontline players need to play like…frontline players.

    Concerned younger legs may get weary in the grind of a second half play-off run which started this week. step an has been great, the youngsters on the defense have been steady (cept mdz)

    When do we play the maple loafs again?

  52. marek svatos kyle wellwood and nabakov all didnt make it to the teams that signed them.

    if oilers put souray on re-entry waivers will someone below us in the standings claim him for 2.7 cap hit for next year.

    maybe a carolina.

    i dont think souray makes it to us but again souray contract much bigger then the guys listed above when they were signed.

  53. Eric- the extra cap hit of $3.65M (the difference between Souray and Gilroy) will not allow them to make any moves over the summer.

  54. I thought they were going to use every available cap dollar (after re-signing RFAs) for Brad Richards?

  55. DiPietro, is 7-10-4 in 21 games this season with a 3.36 goals-against average and .890 save percentage .
    Maybe his own coach smacked him in his knee

  56. CT – has to be another top $$$ player not producing on a decent team. The “change of scenery” trade to the Western Conf.

    Any thoughts?

    Frankly I can live with Gabby this year. Just need to realize he is not going to produce top line numbers and torts should allocate ice time as such. If we can deal him great. If not, don’t expect meaningful goals against top flight teams. I hope I am wrong!!

  57. eric, there’s two problems with your suggestion:

    1) We would have to put Souray on reentry waivers for him to be eligible. Too much exposure.

    2) Edmonton would LOVE if someone grabbed him. They’re paying him full price to play in the minors and they couldn’t give a damn about the half salary on their cap since they’re nowhere near the ceiling.

    Honestly, if anyone wanted Souray, I think Edmonton would gladly place him on reentry waivers (like Dallas did with Avery) so that he gets claimed.

  58. ilb

    great point about next year with souray gilroy deal. forgot to factor that it in.

    any way for souray rumors.

  59. 20 teams below is in the standings could claim souray on re-entry waivers if we traded for him today.

  60. CT – I think some people have started to realize that Gaby is at his best when he is a puck hog and scores using his elite skating, to blow by oppostition D. He has only shown flashes of his brilliance this season but the EC teams are on to him this season, doube teaming and traping when he is on the ice…

    He certainly didn’t need Brad Richards last season to feed him the puck.

    Gaborik would be much more productive if we had another bonafide sniper to take some the opposing pressure off of him.

  61. Seamus, with Redden banished and maybe Drury going (?) (I can hope can’t I?) then Gabby’s cap hit isn’t an issue. Durability? Yeah, but as this season has shown anybody can have durability issues.

  62. And that’s why I LOVE SEAN AVERY. A man that’s true to himself, is comfortable in his own skin, and loves life and everyone around him. Congratulations Sean, you are a hero.

  63. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Damn right Tiki. He stands for what is right. People may not like him on the ice, but off it, he’s a true gentleman, and an asset to the NHL.

  64. I don’t necessarily believe in change of scenery trades. If you could come up with some examples that worked in recent years I could be persuaded.

    Ironically Sharp and St. Louis are guys that were picked up for a song, but that’s not quite the same as trading an out of favor star for someone else’s headache.

  65. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Too early to tell CT, but the Wolski/Rozi trade comes to mind. Wolski fell out of favor in PHX, and we all know how the Garden faithful felt about Lose it at the blueline Rozi.

  66. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    not saying ‘star’ for ‘star’. But sure seems like a change of scenery trade.

  67. Well Wolski worked out for the Rangers (so far) and Rozi hasn’t done anything for the ‘Yotes. So right now the Rangers are winning that trade although the circumstances of the Rangers losing so many forwards and having capable D to fill in for Rozi probably helped pushed that trade along.

    I guess I look at it that if they’re trying to trade Gaborik because he isn’t producing at his expected level then the only suitable outcome is to get a guy that will come in and produce at a 35-40 goal clip, otherwise what’s the point? You either get someone that produces the same disappointing amount or someone that produces even less. So in a change of scenery trade, if you’re taking on someone else that isn’t currently producing, what are the odds that the new guy goes on a tear? I know it’s a bit rhetorical and impossible to quantify, but that’s a substantial risk to assume.

  68. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on


    that last post made my brain freeze, and i’m now drooling on myself. haha

  69. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    ok time to shorten the name a bit. And recover from quantifying CT’s post :)

    I really do enjoy the banter with you guys and gals.

    Minus the jackwagons.

  70. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Ilb, swing by Checkers and grab me the seasoned curly fries and a banana shake would ya?

  71. Gab,

    Just look at this way. There are 3 different outcomes to a change of scenery trade vis a vis Gaborik:

    1) New player comes in and produces at the 40 goal/year level we expect from Gaborik, Rangers win

    2) New player comes in and produces at same level as Gaborik, even trade

    3) New player comes in and produces at worse than Gaborik, Rangers lose

    Now there are different probabilities to each of those outcomes actually happening. They’re impossible to predict, at least to any degree of accuracy. And if you’re taking a guy that is also underperforming, I don’t know if that helps make outcome #1 more possible.

  72. I think size plays into it as well. Gabby looks like he is the incredible shrinking man. While he is a sniper not a power forward, his sweater hangs on him like on a coat hanger.

    He and vinny make stepan look like getzlaf

  73. Carp, thanks for your insights on the goaltending situation – about butterfly goalies letting in bad angle goals nowadays.

    I remember when the “butterfly style” came into being – back before then, it was always a real compliment for a goaltender to be called “a stand-up goalie”….I guess that style of play has really been replaced by the “flopping to the knees” technique.

    But even when the butterfly style became very popular, goalies didn’t play *every shot* on their knees – they still knew how to hug the posts on bad angle shots.

    I don’t know why they can’t still do that today!

  74. Habs,

    I’m not saying that there aren’t players out there that couldn’t be better Gaborik, right now at his current underwhelming production or even if he reverts back to last year’s form. He’s not the best in the league. But correct me if I’m wrong, some people want him gone because he’s not impacting games as much as he should. So any trade involving him should be for a guy that will provide that impact. I’d just like to know who these players are and whether they’re actually available.

  75. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I don’t see the merits of trading Gaborik unless you’re getting a sniper in return. Who should that be? Hossa? Semin? Kovalchuk? They all got big contracts and big expectations.

    40 goal scorers don’t come that easy, and when they do, they don’t come cheap. Again, i don’t see what we have to gain by trading Gaborik unless you get Ovechkin in return. I’ll take that deal all day and twice on sunday.

  76. RT @SportsnetSpec: Rangers watching Souray, with scouts at 3 straight Hershey games starting tonight. GM Sather also has been to Hershey..

    I like it, but only if Souray is acquired via re-entry waivers, meaning you don’t take on his full salary and you don’t give up bodies for him UNLESS somehow Sather manages to foist a bad salary back to Edmonton (other than Redden’s or perhaps Boogieman’s, who’s is that – can’t be Dreary cuz of his NMC – and highly doubtful the Oilers are prepared to take on Redden’s crazy contract).

  77. Re lurking/jerking rod: I have a suggestion – don’t respond to anything he says. Didn’t your mothers ever tell about that? Given a loudmouth an audience and he won’t shaddup – ignore him and s/he gets bored and goes away….

  78. first of all, he is not a 40 goal scorer. he will be lucky to get 30 this year. and 2nd, all you need in return for that is two 15 goal scorers with jam. I prefer that to one guy who is a perimeter player on a gritty team.

  79. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Seriously? You’d trade Gaborik for two 15 goal scorers with jam?

    Not sure how that’s benefitial in any way whatsoever.

    Let’s trade a sniper, for two more 3rd liners. Really?

  80. a 15 goal scorer these days is a lot more than a 3rd liner. check out the stats of first line players in the league to update yourself. like Pitt , with 1 winger over 10 goals. the other winger on their first line has 10

  81. Gab – There’s nobody in this world that’s more right than Avery.

    If Avery is wrong, then I dont wanna be right! :)

  82. I’ll have the spaghetti and meatballs ilb, thanks. In fact, think I’ll go get me some soon…..

    Aves is Sweet 16!!!!! “Maybe if they have Sean Avery in the room…” classically awesome :)

  83. Gaborik is not right since his shoulder injury. Watch the snap shot last year v. his snap shot this year. He lacks that snap that makes him so special. The “release” that Joe (Hannity) Michaletti drones on about. It isn’t there. I would say Gaborik is still injured.

    By the way, when does Maloney replace Joe Hannity anyway?

  84. So would anyone not called Darryl Sutter or Mike Milbury trade Gaborik for say, Pascal Dupuis and Matt Cooke, the gritty, 15-goal scorers that they are?

  85. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    tgr… so Pitt should trade Crosby for 2 or 3 15 goal guys? Malkin for 2 15 goal guys?

  86. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    I mean Crosby is hurt now, so he has durability issues. His production is going to dip. They should trade him now while he still has value.

  87. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Two 15 goal scorers does not equal a 30 goal scorer. There is more to it than arithmetic.

  88. re Souray:

    Let’s be real here. There is no way Sather takes this guy unless salary goes the other way, or it is blatant highway robbery. Sather may not sign UFA’s properly, but he typically leaves other GMs feeling dirty after a trade.

  89. CT, and y’all,Sorry, but I don’t go along with the prevailing opinion that goal tenders cannot be taught new skills to enhance their game, without getting them all confused, ruining their established “style”. and ruining their established system. I Don’t buy it. You don’t give goalies the credit that you give regular players who have to learn new skills to compete. Do you mean to tell me that skaters who learn all those cute tricks with the puck on their sticks, that make for entertaining performances, which they do on their own time, are a different breed of athlete than goal tenders who cannot be taught new moves? Don’t buy it..never will. Goal tenders have come in all shapes and sizes and style over the years, but the cage never changes, and the defending zone never changes as to it’s dimensions and relationship to it’s distance and angles from the boards.

    Taking for granted that to suggest L:Q add a new wrinkle to his technique will ruin his performance, is like saying that a concert pianist plays beautifully, but why doesn’t he use his other hand?

    It’s not a question of whether one has ever played the position ( I have for a brief period in my youth much to my dismay) but that is neither here nor there when it comes to evaluating the activity of players in how they conduct their craft. If one can demand that DelZotto lay off of the long leisurely passes that he became addicted to, and learn to make the short crisp, and accurate ones that are also a potent factor in for bag of tricks. I re state that if LQ mixes in the ability to move forward in the cage WHEN THE SITUATION CALLS FOR IT, ( again, watch Fleury for one), If he stood and faced the shooter ( when appropriate) if he learned the double stack pads slide ( when called for) …he would be an immortal.

    It;s a testimony to the fact that he has attained the stature that he has, WITHOUT these added skills, that gives one pause when imagining how much better he could be.

  90. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Ok so now that i’ve updated myself (i hooked myself up to itunes and synced myself with the new 4.0.2 software)…

    I still don’t see how trading a superstar for 2 15 goal guys equates to anything.
    You got yourself off topic by stating that Pitt has 10 goal scorers who are more than 3rd line players, in fact 1st line players…except the were playing with a guy who scored 30 or whatever. So by subtracting the star player, how does that benefit the team?

  91. Cw – spot on – something ain’t right as he came thru neutral zone against pens had space on forehand side with d-man screening goalie and floated a shot 5ft wide of net. He could Haney driven anotherb2 or 3strides and ripped a roofer on flower.

    Just doesn’t have jump and trying “to do other parts” of the game is going get him injured, eh, more injured. He does have 15 goals in 40 games and could end up with 32-36 goals this year which will be top ten forward scorer. Come playoff time he may get whipsawed lke a rag doll.

  92. Fran – sort of like teaching mike richter to handle the puck. He was averagevwhen he came into league and, with coaching, got even worse,

  93. re Trolls.

    These guys who act like d**kheads on the blog just need to be ignored. When I am driving down the road in a Ferrari (Rangers Report Blog), and a bug hits the windshield (Rod), I don’t focus on the bug. I focus on the road. RR is the Ferrari of Ranger Blogs.

    Just turn your cyber windshield wipers on, ignore trolls like bugs, and keep going.

  94. Izzy

    That depends on the overall ability of the 2 15 goal men,
    and the overall capacity of the 30 goal man. What does he bring to the table besides the ability to pop one in at twice the rate of his comrades, his physical durability, his defensive capacity, and his ability to control the puck so as not to be hindered by giveaway problems. And if he gets disabled…who fills in his spot?

  95. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Bite your tongue LW3H… leave Prust out of this. The Caps would trade Ovie to us if we agreed to prucha Prust when we play the Caps.

  96. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Kovalchoke is projected to score 24 goals at his current pace. Maybe the Devils can flip him for Manny Malhotra and Ales Kotalik.

  97. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Fans like me? I don’t go to 15 games a season, or have a company that buys my tickets, and i don’t buy $340 jerseys at the MSG store… so no, i don’t think i’m the fan he likes.

    the term ‘superstar’ is diluted these days. But Gaborik is a headliner of ours like it or not. Bandwagon fans are what i don’t like.

  98. re Hank:

    Hank’s problem isn’t that he forgot how to play goalie. His problem is fatigue. Mental fatigue. He went thru this earlier this year (and many times in the past). He (like EVERY OTHER GOALIE IN THE NHL) has a bad spell. Geez, we are handing Fleury a Vezina for a week’s worth of work. I remember when he was KILLING the Penguins with some incompetent goaltending.

    When you are tired, you drop to your knees, you have mental lapses, and you give up weak goals. Hank will refocus. Maybe Torts is helping Hank re-focus right now.

    Why else would he blame a loss on his best player?

    Torts is crazy like a fox.

  99. you crave bigname players. you are exactly what Dolan loves. forget the team concept or playoffs, we need a “headliner”. sure

  100. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    fran- as I said, it’s more than just math. What about the minutes played by one 30 goal player instead of two 15 goal players?

  101. jimbo

    You are astute to a fault. Unerringly putting your finger on the one really weak link in this team;s armor,defensively.

  102. Izzy

    Again, there is a missing factor. Assuming that the 30 goal scorer is on the ice far more than the 2 15 goalers, could well be a feature in his achieving the 30 goal record, as opposed to the ice time afforded to the 2 15 goalers. If they do not equal his ice time, then we have no means of comparing the respective skill levels. ( par example),
    If the 2 15 goalers get half the ice time he does, then they (possibly), are at the same performance level as the 30 guy. But if they get almost as much ice time as the 30 guy, then yes, he at that point has a slightly better rating…but not all that much. And they still are
    in better shape disability wise if one of them gets hurtl
    But the 30 goal guy has no comparable backup.

  103. I;ve said on several occasions that I;d as soon have 5
    15 -20 goal men, than one 75-80 goal guy..for the reasons already stated.

  104. There is only one puck, so you would be much better of with one 75-80 goal guy than five 15-20 goal guys. You can do that math…and don’t he Rangers have like ten 15-20 goal guys?!?

    But then again, I am not sure I would want two 75 goal scorers and 10 DruryZombies skating around either.

  105. I’m now in favour of getting the two 15-goal men. As long as we can immediately flip them to get five 6-goal men.

  106. Side Note:

    I am reading the Bob Probert auto biography. The first chapter is horrifying. Especially to those of us who have young children. F***ing tragic. The rest of the book is pretty interesting. I would relate some stuff, but I don’t wanna spoil it. It is a page turner. I nearly read the entire thing on my flights from Islip to Orlando and back.

    I guess anyone who understands the power of addiction will already know the storyline of this book: Insanity.

  107. cwgatti – fair point. BUT…a hero can be anything a person wants one to be. And Avery is a hero to me! Blogmama and her dedication to animals makes her a hero to me. ilb and his dedication to charities, children, people, and animals makes him a hero to me. Carp and his dedication to all the boneheads and mainly Sally, 26, makes him a hero to me. Alex Rodriguez, for recognizing his mistake of using drugs, changing his life around, and helping educate young kids so that the future athletes of America are better and cleaner, makes him a hero to me.

    Sean Avery is going where nobody else has the cojones to go. And why? Because he wants to help the gay community within hockey to be able to feel at peace with themselves and their teammates. Is there a greater, more noble cause than that?

    Sean Avery = Hero

  108. re: 15-20 goal scorers.

    If said players were clones of Brandon Prust, then you might be onto something. Could you imagine 4 lines of Prusts coming after you?!? You check one into the boards, his arm falls off. He looks at you with the cold, blank stare of a White Shark, re-attaches said arm and runs you thru the boards. Kinda like Terminator or something. . .

    I would take five Prusts over two Gabby’s. . .right now anyway.

  109. tiki,
    You are funny. Any guy who kisses himself in the mirror, and takes pics of it is automatically stripped of hero status. That man should never be mentioned in the same breath as real heroes…the lipstick was ok, but the self-kissing is not.

    Hero status for A-Rod? REVOKED!!!

  110. Carp,
    You should have a Boneheads game once a year. Get everyone to meet and greet before a game at a local restaurant. Have a beer or food then walk over for a game. it ould be nice to attach faces to some of the names.

  111. cwgatti – they have boneheads fests, and boneheads meet and get together a lot. by the way, i always enjoy your guest posts and am looking forward to your breakdown of the game later next week. and fwiw, that post was not me, and im not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. :)

  112. Sorry, Tiki. I should have known that you don’t go that far overboard.

    And yet another idiot gets himself banned today. Jackwagon.

    cw, we definitely should do that. I know Mama and some of the others had the Boneheadpalooza last season. Hopefully they’ll do it again (and this time I won’t be at a Yankees-Mets game). But if you’re ever at a game, let me know. I’ve met a lot of youse guys during warmups this year.

  113. Hi, Mama. Is it true? Was Linda really online with youse last night? Do you think she’ll be back? I started posting around the time she stopped coming so I never got to tell her Hey. I’ve missed her.

    Ilb, the nails. I know. I know. I feel bad for not being here during game time. I’ll see you tomorrow, though. Like the Rangers, I have to step up my game!

  114. Love ya, Carp! I hope you know I have the utmost respect for you.

    refresh, refresh, refresh!

    What are your thoughts on this latest news about Avery? Personally, Ive always wanted gay athletes to be able to come out and feel comfortable and I always wanted a premiere athlete like Michael Jordan or Sidney Crosby, etc., to take a stand for such things. And low and behold, it turns out to be Avery taking that stand.

  115. re: Avery Heroism.

    I hate to be a cynic, but isn’t this “hero” the same sexist that got suspended for said behavior? And seeing how he is eying a post-hockey career in fashion, doesn’t it seem a little self-serving to make a comment like that?

    ehhhhhhhh … I am not buying in to this.

  116. Sorry if you didn’t appreciate my response to a topic that Carp and I were knocking around last night, Fran. Can’t please everyone, I guess!

  117. I didn’t realize youse guys got together already. I assume you would go to a place that underage boneheads could go to. I may have a baby bonehead in tow. Speaking of whom, I can’t get the little b**tard to stop calling me a jackwagon!!!

  118. Think so, NYR? Maybe you’re right, but the comment sounded a little “over the top” to me. Maybe my sarcasm detection meter needs recalibration!

  119. Soooo many posts to respond to……can’t possibly, but you all know who I adore and who I want to paper :) cw, you get both! :)

  120. I’d trade Gaborik for Dustin Brown
    also, avery is a hero to speak out against homophobia in pro sports

  121. Carp- I’m not sure if this has been covered.

    In the event of a shootout there is no GWG goal awarded. So if I choose ‘None’ will that be considered correct for that tiebreaker or will it default to “Rangers shots on goal”


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