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As I’ve told youse guys, I’m going away from here for a week. Not my choice. I’ll schedule some blank canvas posts, and my sports editor, Sean Mayer (Rangers fan), will put up some of the pre-game and post-game notes the Rangers send along and any news that breaks, and we have two Boneheads — cwgatti and CTBlueshirt — who volunteered to review the games in Detroit and Atlanta. So the place will be up and running.

But I might add today that I’m glad to be getting away for a week, or at least I think it’s a good time for me to step back. So much nasty stuff in the comments the last few days has really gotten to me.

So I’m going to step back (sadly no meetings with Mr. Titleist and possibly a few more meetings with Mr. Snowblower) after I do the Canadiens-Rangers in review Sunday morning. I’m going to take a deep breath, try to remember all the fun we usually have and forget all the idiotic stuff that’s popped up the last few days. I mean, I don’t mind arguing over this player’s merit or lack thereof, or whether this would be a good trade, or whether this guy or that guy is playing poorly. I don’t even mind when some of you want to clean house and abandon the rebuilding project after a bad period. That’s all part of the gig.

The personal stuff, the senseless stuff — none of us need that. I sure don’t.

Anyway, about last night:

1) I guess I was wrong the other night when I had a little back-and-forth with some of you about the blame the goalie deserved in the Pittsburgh game. Because apparently the coach and the goalie disagreed with me, and agreed with those who did blame Henrik Lundqvist. So, for the second time in my life, I’m wrong.

2) The first time was when I thought I was wrong once, and it turned out I wasn’t wrong.

3) Man, the Devils are sure back to their old, clogging, trapping, unwatchable hockey, aren’t they? Maybe they’d be in the playoff race if Jacques Lemaire hadn’t retired, or if it didn’t take him so long to Favre (un-retire).

4) You gotta say this for Henrik Lundqvist: He takes full responsibility. Good for him. Very classy. Very professional. Very captain-like.

5) That said, I really thought the first goal, by Kovalchuk, went off Sauer’s skate or leg or stick before it rocketed under the crossbar. If it did, then he took too much blame. If it didn’t, then he needs to stop it, even if it is a vintage Kovalchuk shot.

6) I thought Gaborik and Prospal looked good together, and Callahan and Dubinsky. Boyle and Prust weren’t up to their usual Monster selves. And I thought Avery was pretty lousy early, and got better very late.

7) Thought Zuccarello really struggled a few times at the PP point … but not sure they should scrap that experiment given the alternatives.

8) Thought, also, that Martin Brodeur was shakier than Lundqvist, but that his team helped him get through it … with plenty of help from the post and the crossbar at the end of the first and third periods.

9) There were more icings in that game than I’ve seen in weeks’ worth of games this season.

10) Man, if you don’t like McDonagh and Sauer, you’re not paying attention.

11) The Rangers ARE NOT trying to trade Del Zotto or Gilroy or Eminger. Does that mean they wouldn’t if a great deal came along? No. But it would have to be a great deal, especially for Del Zotto. I think he stays. And I think the coach likes him and likes going through the process and teaching the young man. And the coach will get big-time satisfaction when the kid becomes an excellent player, if not a star.

12) I always get a kick out of the mood swings around here. If they’d won that seven-round shootout vs. the Penguins, and/or if either of Dubinsky’s late first- or third-period shots doesn’t doink the post or crossbar, we’re going on again about this team’s identity and character and resilience, about how it plays to the buzzer and beyond. But Marc-Andre Fleury stones them in a skills competition, and Dubinsky’s snake-bitten twice, and it’s Armageddon. Again.


AP photo, above.


Before I’m out the door, I want to give away that second pair of tickets from our generous Bonehead donor. They are for the Buffalo game March 1. I’ll have details this afternoon. So please tune in later.

Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood by then.

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  1. Carp Although it has been very DICEY here lately and I for one do participate to a lesser and more joking degree DONT WORRY take a week in the sun and warmth and gauranteed you`ll feel much better. Blame it on the snow, works for me! And if that doesnt Expresso Martini`s in excess are my 2nd choice.

  2. I hate losing to the Devils and more so when the Rangers don’t play a good game against them but the damage is somewhat mitigated by Atlanta and the Canes also losing.

    Wouldn’t that be something if they pulled off wins in Montreal and Detroit? It wouldn’t go too far against how this team has operated this year, dropping winnable home games and grinding out wins on the road.

  3. i think the mood swings are inevitable.. while i agree with you that rangers fans start chicken littling (myself included) the second we lose a game i think the bigger thing for the last 2 games is that they were both winnable games that we should have/could have won. Torts was outcoached against pitt and few crossbars/shanked shots are the difference against nj.. its just frustrating especially because the team we iced against pitt/nj are better then the teams they iced. Let Biron play in montreal, Lundqvist is haunted there. Get this back on track and back into 6th place.

  4. Hey All – long time RR reader and fan, first time poster. Just wanted to tell you Carp that you’re GREAT. Don’t let the boneheads get you down. Lots of us Rangers fans love this site and what you do for us. The rest of the garbage is sent to the curb and taken away eventually.

    In the meantime, what’s up with the goal-posts? Don’t they know they reside in OUR building? :)

    Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Right?

  5. Carp, just relax and try to enjoy your time off!

    I’m not ready to jump ship yet but they need to end this losing streak now, or it could easily reach 5 or 6 games.

    Agreed, Biron needs to start in Monteal which is Hank’s House of Horrors. Maybe start MB in Detroit too since we rarely do well there either.

    Can we bring in SOMEBODY who can figure it how to run a power play? A coach or player?!

  6. What Henrik does best is what cost him on the first goal. His strength is his ability to play deep in the net and use the butterfly. That works fine until a sniper picks the perfect spot and that is what Kovalchuk did. All in all, it is a shot that needs to be stopped – especially when playing the Devils because once they get a lead the iron curtain trap drops.

  7. The last two sting because 1. we all know who werent in uniform in the Pitt game and 2. its the devils. Shoulda had 4 points…ended up with 1. Time to right the ship in Montreal and hit the daylights out of them, and figure out what kinda lines work…I didn’t like constant line juggling as a player and I cant imagine the pros do either. Im gonna 3rd giving Biron the start.

  8. So Last night there was an intervention in my household. My lady, a lifelong Rangers fan who will tell you why Messier was a more valuable player than The Great One, sat me down and told me that I was delusional if I thought this team was going to win a cup or even contend for one. She requested that I stop watching every game if they are going to make me so upset (my phone and glasses and other objects may or may not have been hurled into the wall at the close of last night’s game).

    I was told to take Saturday off and enjoy the day without bringing myself down by believing in this team.

    My response: “LET’S GO RANGERS!”

  9. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    i’ve either totally missed, or have been oblivious to some of the stuff Carp is talking about. Personal attacks? Well shame on those people who are doing that.

    Take your frustrations elsewhere people. I know i’ve seen people ‘chicken little’ as was mentioned above when the Rangers lose a few, and last night was tough again… but such is the ebb and flow of hockey.

    I ask all the posters both old and new, to take a deep breath, and think about what you are typing, both the words and the intent, and see if maybe you took it a bit too far. If you did, so be it, let’s just clean it up. Debate is one thing, name calling and off color ‘jokes’ or remarks is entirely another.

    We’re all on the same team here. Let’s remember that!
    and as always…. LET’S GO RANGERS!

  10. Hey, Carp. Thank you for all of your hard work and candor on the bonehead blog. Don’t let the nasty comments get you down.

    As for the Boneheads, I’m going out on a limb here but can’t we all try to get along? Why all the nasty stuff? Chill out. If you can’t be civil, go do something else and come back when you can be. Don’t fuel the fire. Ignore nasty comments and hope that the nasty ones (not Nasty 1) move on. Carp does a lot for us and he’s going to lose interest if this keeps up.

  11. Carp – You rule. Thanks so much for giving me a forum to discuss my undying love for this team.

    Also – is #2 a CARPism!?

    “2) The first time was when I thought I was wrong once, and it turned out I wasn’t wrong.”

  12. Ughh… tough loss last night. I rushed home from work, opened a blackberry wheat (longtrail) and proceeded to get angry.

    On the flip-side, it was fun to see Prospals enthusiasm back on the ice and I love seeing familiar faces again.

    Hopefully our boys right the ship as the time for excuses is near passing. I for one believe we’ll start putting the puck in the net and as we do, it’ll snowball for us. That being said, first we need to fire the biscuit! Sounds simple, should be attainable, and sure would make this fan happy.

    Here’s to the stretch!

  13. Manfried, you should have told your lady that a whole lot more will get broken if the Rangers win the Cup.

  14. This team is all grit and grind when they win. If they play a team with a similar attitude and style (Pens w/out Sid and Malkin, Devils) they do not have an advantage. Throw in Vinny (-1) and Gabby (on ice for all 3 Devs goals) – now you have a line that dances around the ice – need them for PP, but 5 on 5 the puck does not stay in the zone and are defensive liabilities.
    No way MDZ should have 20 mins of ice.

    Prust and Boyle (10mins) did not play well. Reality is Rangers are a grinding mid-teir team with a lot of heart. When Dubi and Cally get their games going and Eminger start playing more they should regain mid-December form.

    These next 2 games may tell us a lot about Ice Time allotment in the second half of the season. They will be fighting for playoff lives in late March.

  15. Yo CT that is SO true. If the Rangers win the cup I might get us evicted. I might get the entire building evicted. It’s all worth it though. Entirely.

  16. Is it just me or does this team over the past few games resemble the maddeningly inconsistent versions we endured the previous few seasons?

    Hopefully, the funk they are in is short-lived, lest in another week or so they find themselves in another position we are used to seeing lately: Out of the POs.

  17. Just read the whole article…carps right. im tired of 14 year olds coming on here with no education and saying stupid stuff. its ridiculous. go hide behind your computer and dish out insults elsewhere. its pathetic, just shows what this country has become, bunch of pansys getting in cyber wars. if this was the 80s or even 90s, and you said the things you did in some legitimate medium (like, gasp, in person), youd be knocked upside your head and never be so stupid again. Don’t even take a week off carp, just ban IP addresses of people who talk like “LOLZZZZ, ROFL, YOU STUPUD FKGIN IDIOT GAY BALH BLAH,”…its absurd

    It’s 9:30 AM, and you see the intelligent posts coming out so far–because everyone who posts other stuff are either unemployed, uneducated morons, or are in middle school without access to computers til 4 oclock. screw it carp

  18. Look at the standings guys – a win on Saturday puts us back in 6th tied with the Caps (assuming they lose) and 3 points behind the Pens. We are in a GOOD SITUATION here. Just got to right the ship and win some games.

  19. It’s amazing how bad the power play is year after year after year. Different players, same result. It is killing them because they play so many close games.

  20. Blue Seat Horror on

    None of these bonehead name calling shennanigans would have happened if:

    1) Boogaard wasn’t injured.

    2) They remove the instigator rule.

  21. Stanley cup parade….sell the team….this team is great……trade everybody….youth rules…..send em back to Hartford…… at the mood swings and I thought i was wrong once

  22. SJG – Pot meet kettle right? Everyone IS posting intelligently and adding fuel to a fire that is starting to smolder only serves to get it burning hot again.

    Anyone have any insight into whether D. Boogaard (Boogeyman plays) will play again this year? I’m getting nervous having Prust be “the guy” (not that he can’t be, but I value him for more than his titanium face) and want someone a little bigger for some of these monsters.

  23. There’s a good chance that Boogaard is done for his career. Good thing he got a Sather retirement contract.

  24. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Good review, Carp! Loved how Hank took the responsibility too, takes a man to do it.

    Manfried February 4th, 2011 at 8:57 am and Manfried February 4th, 2011 at 8:57 am- two great, great posts.
    I think we need stop even talking about the garbage that’s been happening over the last few days. Yesterday was different, I felt. The person hurt Carp’s feelings. Carp doesn’t deserve it. And the regulars went on to side with Carp. Right thing to do as a team.

  25. CTB – That’s what I was afraid of… That was a good bit of “jam” there when he was hammering and I did enjoy watching him shame people as they refused to fight him (yes islanders, this is in reference to you).

    That being said, who would he replace in the lineup now anyway?

  26. Here is my take:

    –The desperation is just not there. When they had Dubi, Cally, Prospal injured, the team was fighting and scratching and chipping to do whatever it takes to win. Now with those three big dogs back, it’s like there is no desperation. No one feels like their job is in danger. When all the rookies were in the lineup, everyone was in fear of their ice time. With the big hitters coming back, that urgency is gone…it seems.

    –Everyone forgot how to hit? Aside from Avery (later in the game for sure) and Cally (just once or twice,) I didn’t see anyone really throwing the body. The Rangers are at their best when they are moving their legs and banging bodies. Against Pitt they got outhustled and outmuscled. Against NJ they sort of did too.

    –The PP. The number one problem is puck movement. It’s as if no one really wants the pill and they treat it like a hot potato. The second problem is the skaters aren’t moving their feet. Speed is the key to the PP. When MDZ is bringing up the puck, notice how many guys are gliding. They don’t have to move east-west only. You can carry your speed while going north-south (btw, to and from the goals I consider east-west if that’s the norm?) and then shifting east-west when the puck gets close.

    –It’s just 2 games into the 2nd half. So there is no panic. But the team has to give their all every shift, not just when they go down 1-0. The team should play like they do when they are losing all the time. Is that a crazy thought?

    –Montreal is going to be a tough one. They need a clean regulation win to right the ship.

  27. Agree with CTB, the absence of any news on Boogaard may indicate that something more going on. Time wise, he is officially entering the definition of PPCS (Prolonged PCS). And that would his second concussion in relatively short amount of time. If he can’t fight anymore, he should retire. If he retires because of injury, the insurance will pay his contract. That’s what he might be considering.

  28. Prospal fit seamlessly. He also was hungry and didn’t look like he missed much time, except for his timing. I suppose there is still a lot of value in keeping some older players. SOME being an operative word.

  29. Tough last few days, for the Rangers and for the blog. If I had anything to do with the blog personal stuff that has upset Carp- which I believe I did – I sincerely apologize. Sometimes – or rather, most times – I take people’s opinions about people I revere too personally. I care so much about Carp and the rest of you boneheads on a personal level, and I also care about athletes on a personal level also. Sometimes, that leads to trouble for me.

    Most of us also care about John Giannone. Giannone comes across as one of the nicest, friendliest guys, and I hope he takes all the time he needs to properly grieve his loss. Get back to MSG soon, John, and give that infectious smile to Rangers fan again :)

    Glad to see Mrs. Tony return home from hospital!

    And if anyone besides Sally or Fozzy need a hockeystreams account – if you cannot find a link to a Rangers game or other game – please let me know. It’s an HD hockeystreams acct, and I dont ever use it.

    Love you, Carp. refresh, refresh, refresh!

  30. yup, Dudley, most of the contracts are insured. Some can’t be. The usual split, if I’m not mistaken, the insurance pays 80% and the team pays 20%. No cap hit. His issue is that, if he plays for 4 years and gets another contract, he will not be able to insure it. Playing without insurance is a big risk, that is what he might be pondering. IIRC, Lindros played his last contract without insurance. I could be wrong. does anyone know?

  31. billybleedsblue on

    Wow, I didn’t realize the Carp was that upset about things around here. Did I miss something? Anyways, that’s kind of a rhetorical question…don’t answer it, let’s move on!

    Whoever said it, yes, the last couple of games look more like the teams of the recent past…inconsistent and unlucky and unable to finish plays and ETC….

    Despite losing to the neutral zone carp last night, I share in the optimism that this team turns it around. Only thing is, the next couple of games should be really tough. They will need to be be more precise and deliberate in their play if there are any points to be had. If not, this could be a big rough patch in the season…

  32. The Kovalchuk goal didn’t bother me that much: he’s still one of the best in the world and he unleashed a wicked shot past Qvister. That’ll happen sometimes. The other two goals are the ones that kill you; lazy neutral zone turnovers combined with shots Henrik should stop. This Devils team could be dangerous this year simply because their poor record will lull teams into making those lazy plays in the neutral zone that the trap is designed to capitalize on.

  33. Manfried! Awesome stuff!


    And Mama bear, don’t sell your artistic ability short. You’re the best thing since sliced bread…about time you realized that! :)

  34. Oh, sorry, the second great post was supposed to be GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! February 4th, 2011 at 8:59 am, learn how to cut and paste properly, ilb!

  35. Last year they went into a funk at this time of year and than played there butts off when there was 10 games left and missed the playoffs. I’m hoping this isn’t the start of the same crap.

  36. Vinny looked good but playing with GAbba Gabba Do is a defensive zone joke.

    No point presence is reason PP is so bad. SH forwards dont’ need to come out as much, clog passing lanes. Zuch on point is just desperation at this juncture. Why not more MacDonough and Gilroy and less MDZ. Gilroy has made some good jumps in the zone the last two games and Stahl is only one carrying it in on the PP. MacDonough make few mistakes and may be their best passer on the back line.

  37. Someone said last night (can’t remember who) that the Devils are doing exactly what they don’t need to be doing, winning consistently. Way to play themselves out of a lottery pick.

  38. CTB – ilb said that. But who knows. I think it would be sort of special to see the Devils make a miracle comeback to the playoffs. You always hate to see a Hall of Fame player like Brodeur on the outside looking in.

  39. I’m so glad there is not much panic this am. Look at the standings. Realistically, Carolina and Atlanta will fight for the 8th spot. Both teams have some ground to gain on the Rangers. It will take a good tailspin for the Rangers coupled with a great run for both Carolina and Atlanta to knock them out. They still have some cushion.

  40. ToMG,

    Last year after their highwater mark of 7-1-0 on Oct. 17 it took until No 30th for them to sink to .500 at 13-13-1. They didn’t get to more than 5 games above .500 for the rest of the season.

    This year they’ve been at least 5 games above .500 consistently since the blowout win vs the Caps in mid-December.

  41. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Ok so i reviewed the last few posts… and i missed a bunch!

    WELCOME BACK LINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Refresh, refresh, refresh !
    Thanks for all the get well wishes for my wife Rose.
    But we ain’t out of the woods yet. She’s having a real bad day today after her surgery on Wed.
    I think I’m taking her back to the hospital today. Her blood pressure is way to high.
    No offense ilb, but Dr need to be more easily accessible .
    Hey ilb, how high should blood pressure be before I panic ?

  43. Tiki, I couldn’t care less if Brodeur ever wins another game. He’s HOF goalie and a lot of his wins came at the expense of the Rangers. If that’s your logic, do you feel bad about Ted Williams never winning a WS?

  44. Tiki, I don’t see anything wrong with Brodeur being on the outside looking out. Not at all. Not after what he said yesterday. I would hate to see him being injured, but not making the playoffs- not so much. In fact, I think he should go back to his HOF form (which he was far away from last night, btw), so they will not get any high picks.

  45. Don’t get down about the lack of respect among a small percentage of the population that posts here; the majority of the population here want to participate in good hockey talk (and some friendly banter along the way). There will always (inevidably) be THAT population trollin’ on the internets.

    Carp, you should know that all of your hardwork is truly appreciated by the majority of the population and we will do right by you to help keep this place a clean and positive environment.

    In other news, it was really good to see Prospel back in the lineup. I’ll be the first to admit, I was really hesitant about Vinny coming back. I doubted whether or not he had the legs to mesh with this team. I have to say though, he looked pretty decent out there on his first game of the season. I bet his veteran presence could really help the young guys keep their heads during times where they feel overwhelmed. And I hate to kick a horse while he’s down, but Drury has to feel pretty carcilloy to have Vinny come back in his first game and score a goal.

  46. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Wow that Stars-Bruins game was crazy! 3 fights in the first 4 seconds!

    Campbell’s kid got smacked around and bloodied.

  47. Gilroy has zero PP points and only has 8 points on the season. There is no justifiable reason why he should be on the PP over Staal, Girardi and Del Zotto.

  48. billybleedsblue on

    Wow. I hope the Devils and their fans go crawl back under the Rock they came out from…and don’t come out, ever again. Enough with patronizing the Debbies and Marty B. Just stop it, or go under that rock with them, and don’t come out, ever again.

  49. CTB – I shouldn’t even dignify that with a response. Out of respect, though, I will. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Devils. Explanation enough?

    ilb – Of course he’s not in HOF form. The guy is like 60 years old! :)

  50. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    CCCP… i gotta admit… when Joe Mich started yelling like that…. for a second… i wanted to believe. Then i saw the replay… and my heart sank. Again.

    At least I know as an older GAB, i’m going to drop dead watching a Ranger game. These finishes take years off my life!

  51. And the Bruins are looking mighty good. They’ve got a real shot at the Cup this year. Will be kind of nice to see a journeyman Tim Thomas get a chance – since last year it was Tuuuukkkka’s team.

  52. Tiki- you have a soft spot for the Devils? I’m scratching you off my Xmas list as we speak :-)

  53. Totally agree Goals – I actually had trouble sleeping last night. This has to be worse than smoking.

  54. Fact is Brodeur is done as last night’s goals will attest. Those goals were horrible and Dubi’s tip at the buzzer was past him as well but rang off the post.

    Lemaire figured best way for Devs to win is not let up any shots and score at least one goal. Strategy is working now, but cannot sustain over season. Devs are dead and it feels great.

  55. Carp

    don’t worry…go get some rest! we’ll guard the blog with our hairy chests!

    I cannot wait for Jackwagon Lamaire to leave the hockey world for good! He should just move to Florida already and take his fuggin trap with him!

    The Devils are a pathetic franchise! Cannot survive w/o the trap! It proves one more time how Brodiva benefits for the trap…before Jackwagon, Marta wasn’t so super…as soon as Jackwagon is back, Marta is back to her “old glory” …disgusting.

  56. ilb – LMBAO! A few reasons, 1.) I have a bunch of extended family that are Devs fans, including my favorite kid cousin. 2.) I cheer the Red Devils in football, the Blue Devils in college basketball, so I have grown accustomed to the name Devils 3.) I like that poster on here, RickyM, who is a Jewish Devils fan

  57. billybleedsblue on

    TGO said it best (of the Devils): “Well, it’s time they got their act together, they’re ruining the whole league. They had better stop running a Mickey Mouse organization and put somebody on the ice.”

    LOL thank you TGO!

  58. GABBY looks slow, slow, slow.

    Commentators always remark on his explosiveness as a skater. I’m sorry, I just don’t see it. Not this year anyway. Not at all….

    You know who else looks slow, fatty brodeur. wait, are we allowed to call him “fatty” on the blog anymore. okay, how about husky? :)

  59. in the vain of:
    BYFLUGIEN (sp?)

    i humbly submit:

    That piece of BYFLUGIEN CARCILLO Clarkson is a real ZHARKOV.

  60. If you assume 90 points is the cutoff for the playoffs this year (Carolina is on pace for an 88-89 point year, Atlanta is on pace for 86-87), the Devils need 51 out of 62 remaining points available or .822 points pct in order to get that number. Considering even the best team in the league, the Canucks, have a points pct. of .721, I doubt they come close.

  61. pleasantly plump? Good news is Brodeur’s extra ‘padding’ protects more of net when down on ice – bad news he has no lateral movement when up on skates. It’s almost funny to watch.

    Fact is scoring chances were about even through 2 periods and the third devs goal was a killer as it allowed them to play the turtle trap and make you want to watch Hosewives of Bergen County.

    Get Boyle’s skating coach to Gabby now! He had open ice in Pens game and did nothing with it. Maybe Vinny’s passing will let him open up but if it doesn’t happen soon need to deal him.

  62. Honestly, I have a lot of respect for the Devils’ and their trap. They stick with their plan and with a plan that works, and they dont care about winning in pretty or ugly fashion. They simply care about winning. They’re not worried about playing a “beautiful game” or entertaining fans with style. They just want to win.

  63. Look let’s get real here.

    The macro view of the state of affairs I leave to others…but when it comes to the micro view 9 like inept moves on the part of individual players) i just impart my personal opinions. And I am stating here and now, that Lundqvist is NOT a GREAT goaltender…at least not yet….
    and maybe never. He is very, very good, but he carries too much baggage to be called “great”.

    The league has him figured out. They know that if they come in at him high, no matter what the circumstance, they have a pretty good chance of putting one by him.

    (and they’ve been doing it now with alarming regularity lately.)

    It’s not brain surgery…all that LQ has to do is take honest self evaluation of him self in the quiet of the
    section where the tapes of his performance are kept and watch himself defend his net. The grim fact of the matter is that he stays way too deep in the net, routinely, and he goes to his knees way too soon, (often before the shooter has even teed up!) Other goalies go to their knees also ( Brodeur for one), but they don’t stay there.

    Watch Fleury – he will go to the knees, but in an instant he’s back up on his feet. This team doesn’t need LQ “excoriating” himself after a lost game…….what’s the point in that if he never changes his style? Most people learn from their mistakes..not their successes. Not him.
    And what does the coach murmur in his eager ear?

    Massaging his ego, or giving him correctional advice, aye – insistence.?

    Wake up time …not only for LQ but for his adoring fans, who have to realize that the Emperor really is naked at times there, when the enemy zeroes in on him.

  64. CTB – it is nearly impossible. Also considering we should be taking the next 6 points against them, leaving them with only 3 points possible :)

  65. That made perfect sense, Professor CCCP! Are you sure when you go to classes, you’re not the one teaching the classes? :)

  66. I don’t know how many of you guys actually play hockey, or at very least skate on an NHL sized surface, but the guys here that think Lundqvist HAS to make that save on Roston are crazy. Do you realize how little distance there is from the high slot to the net? The ice looks huge on TV, even in person it looks big. When you’re actually on it, it’s damn small, especially NHL size ice. By the time the goalie follows the puck across from the pass, the shot is practically by him already. People like Shanahan and Stamkos made/are making careers out of hammering those shots, because if the shot is placed well the goaltender stands virtually no chance of saving it. In no way am I saying I’m any kind of good hockey player, just offering the perspective to those who just get to watch on TV.

    A good goaltender has a GAA of the low 2s, so if you only score 2 goals, you need to hope your goaltender is even better than his already excellent numbers. As far as I’m concerned, if an NHL team can only manage 2 goals in a game, the best they can hope for is OT.

  67. Thanks for the Perspective Joe. I see what you’re saying. I guess my complaint (and I may be confusing this with a different goal last night so correct me if I am wrong) is that King Henry seems to hit the butterfly so often and so early that a shooter can really pick that placement on the top shelf and beat him.

    I think King Henry is terrific and among the best and most consistent goalies in the league. I love having him around. That said, there are a few that are better. Watching Flower in goal two games ago was an eye opener.

  68. Fran,

    Lundqvist is in the top 5 in about every major category amongst active goalies. Is he an all time great? No, but he’s in the top 5% of goalies that have played since he’s been in the league. If MA Fleury finishes this year with a better GAA and save %, it will be the only year in their overlapping careers that he has done so.

  69. The Devils must be back, because the first 2 periods may have been the worst of any this year. Absolutely nothing happening.

    I submit that Jacques LeStrap is the worst coach ever – for the game of hockey, not for the Devils. It’s amazing how boring their style of play is.

  70. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    The league can figure out ANY goaltender. They watch hours of tape, and most guys play against him quite a few times during the year.

    Does he let in goals on high shots? Sure. All goalies do.
    No goalie is perfect. But i’ll take Hank now, then, and in the future. Every goalie has a flaw, sometimes they get exposed, sometimes not.

    Guys think to shoot high on Hank, how many times does that lead to shots over the net, or wide because they’re trying to pick the perfect corner?

    Unlike Jose Three-or-more… where guys will literally just throw the puck at the net( which by the way works at times…deflections account for a good percentage of goals these days)

    Bottome line.. .Hank is awesome, we take the good with the bad.

  71. That’s a great stat CT. Thanks for that. I guess Flower just had a great night or is having a great year.

    I stand corrected.

  72. As good as Lundqvist is, he is prone to letting in bad goals. It’s just a repercussion of playing so deep in his net and its something we’re going to have to accept.

    Lundqvist is more than good enough to be a Stanley Cup winning goalie and has been a top 5 goalie since his rookie year. Not to mention goaltending is really not as crucial as some of you guys think.

  73. An 80 MPH slap shot (let’s say that’s what Rolston’s shot was), moves at 117.33 ft per second. The length of the blueline to goaline is 64 feet. Rolston unleashed his shot a few feet inside the blueline, so let’s say his shot was from about 60 feet out.

    Basically Lundqvist has 0.5 seconds to recognize it’s a shot, judge it’s positioning and then actually make a save.

  74. time to call to see if souray is avaibale again. he playing well down in hershey. make the trade if they dont put him on reentry waivers which they wont.

    this pp is a freaking disgrace.


  75. That game was a back checking nightmare. How many times did the Devs flow through the neutral zone unimpeded while the Rangers are hounded prior to mid-ice. Yes the styles are different, but the Devs only have 2 or 3 guys who can carry the puck and the Ranger forwards were a stride or two off last night. Same with Pens game. Have to win neutral zone or keep puck in offensive zone – did neither last night until 3rd.

    This team cannot afford to be outworked during a game and with the Devs. Fact is game could have been 4 zip in 2nd if the Devs could shoot on goal.

    Devs style works if they get the lead but this season without Parise and an average Kovulchek they lose and they lose a lot. If the league truly does not allow the interference and grabbing the Devs are done for good as you cannot have 3 checking lines playing if no clutching allowed.

  76. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Tim Thomas won a Vezina, and then was a backup.

    Goalies have great games, and bad games, and they will have great seasons, and bad seasons. There are so many factors.

    But i will not agree that Lundqvist is a bad goalie.

  77. I get it CT – it’s really hard to stop that shot. I personally have no chance of doing it.

    I do think Henry had a rough night last night. I think pulling him was a valuable move. Biron played well and kept us in it. Gave us a chance.

    I think Henry is great. I really like having him around and I feel so confident in the Playoffs with him in net. Just a rough night. Better now than later….

  78. If MDZ is not going to help the power play, he is useless right now. Send him to Hartford for the rest of the season and let him get his confidence back.
    Henrik is more than good enough to win a cup. Sure he has flaws. But he also has no room for error since the team doesn’t score enough, so the bad goals stand out more.

  79. I was just trying to illustrate Joe in DE’s post.

    I think Lundqvist was bad last night, but I also believe all goalies are allowed to have an off night (the Rangers have rarely lost a game this year when he plays well). Girardi’s half assed clearing pass that was a soft turnover to the Devils helped create their 2nd goal and MZA’s peewee mistake of dropping a no look pass right inside his own blueline that led to Rolston’s goal didn’t help but Lundqvist I think has to have at least the 2nd goal.

    But I’ll choose Lundqvist over just about any goalie these days and let the chips fall where they may.

  80. Good morning all! Are we all feeling the love today I hope? Dani, welcome to our wacky world :)

    And just so you all know, mama will be watching you while father is on break…..

  81. Anti Niemi, MA Fleury, Chris Osgood, JS Giguere, Cam Ward

    none of those goalies are better than Lundqvist. Winning a Cup is all about great offensive teams coming together and playing defensively responsible and safe hockey when it counts…

  82. Do you really understand Manfried? Or do I have to call up Prust to make sure you get it through your head :)

  83. Manfried is your ie in the name on purpose or is your name is Manfred ????

    Manfred and Matthias..sounds good !!!:)

    You see Carp, its not everything hostile here on the site :)

  84. My name is just a joke. Manfried is the German pronunciation of Manfred. I thought it sounded funny.

    CT – Always call Prust. Always.

    TEAM M&M

  85. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Neo bent a spoon with his mind. Prust bent Neo with his.

    “There is no Neo”

  86. Lundqvist has a .922 save percentage with 7 shutouts, behind the youngest defense in the NHL. If the book is out on him and “everyone knows to shoot high and they have a good chance of scoring”, then the opposition has poor reading comprehension

  87. the rangers cannot finish 8th this year. 7th or higher and they miss the flyers in the firs tround. this team can win a round or 2 in the playoffs but need to stop feeling they are already in the playoffs and play cleaner hockey.

    scoring is the big problem even last night with 2 minumum bad goals they still only gave up 3………..

    they outplayed the debbies even though they only had 1 good period, the debbies icing, clogging up the neutral zone etc, did not lead the devils to many opptys.

  88. Ah…..A Friday of Prustisms………

    Prust doesn’t eat steal cut oatmeal for breakfast, he eats steel.

  89. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Prust uses a stick made of the wood of a tree felled by lightning.

  90. Fran- goal tending technique is as much a function of training as it is a function of the specific personal physiologic capabilities- joint flexibility, leg length, ability to stretch etc. You can only tweak his technique so much. This is his style, and it’s been working well. It’s quite possible that making him stand up and play further out will not allow him to cover down low as well as he has been, may also not be beneficial in terms of relying on his reflexes. Changing it too much may make him more susceptible to other type of shots…

  91. Thats pity.. I once knew a Manfred from Germany who was a huge Rangers fan but you seems to be a different one ….:)

    That is very pity…

    I still have the hope that they would announce that the Rangers are coming to Germany for a game of the NHL Premiere and there was a talk about it a couple of days ago that it might happen but nobody knows obviously, when they will announce the whole details…

  92. ilb – well said.

    Biron had a good game?? Stopped 6 shots incl only 2 in 3rd.. Torts pulls goalie when he really wants to pull 3 Dmen and his hair out. Devs score a bad angle shot possibly defelcted puck that hit off the inside of the post top corner and under the cross bar.

    Bigger issue is Devs not getting bodied coming into zone. Did not see Rangers stepping into Devs forwards and making pay the price. They finally starting hitting Kovul in 3rd realizing he is only offensive player on their team.

    Love Prust’s game but he and Boyle had their worse games since November. Bad timing…

  93. Sadly my friends…I must leave work now to go to a class to learn how to be a better lawyer. Hooray for Continuing Legal Education.

    One more Prustism for the road…

    Brandon Prust captured Moby Dick.

  94. Stuart, I don’t think the Rangers finish 8th this year. They’ve managed to keep with in the 5-7th range most of the season and Atlanta is really starting to fade and I read they just put Enstrom on the IR.

    Preferably 6th or 7th. 5th might be one of the worst positions to finish other than 8th as they’ll probably have to play Pitt or Philly who should get the 4th seed (depending on who wins the Atlantic).

  95. learn to be a better lawyer is even better to learn to be a better politician :)

    cheers !!!!!!!!!

  96. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Brandon Prust also caught the road runner. On skates. In the desert.

  97. I agree with Carp that Tortorella seems to have a soft spot for MDZ, which isn’t a bad thing because I also agree that the kid has tons of raw skills.

    I also think Tortorella likes MDZ’s jam, which he clearly has plenty of. He is vocal and you can usually tell how he’s feeling at any particular time during a game if/when the camera is on him (ie the angry F**K ME he clearly yelled after taking that penalty right after the Rangers scored on the 5 on 3).

    Letting him play through his mistakes is the painful part of building through youth and let’s not forget that many of us have been advocating building that way – you take the good with the bad in that regard.

    The guy I feel bad for is Eminger – his play hasn’t warranted being pressboxed, but it’s a good thing that someone of his ability sits, isn’t it? Especially when you realize the starting 6 average about 24 years of age.

    I wonder how close the next couple of Whale defensemen are (ie Kundrachek and Valetenko). If either are close, perhaps it’s time to seriously shop one of Girardi/Gilroy.

  98. Thanks everybody … but who started the rumor that I’m going someplace warm? I’m going to be right here at blog HQ shoveling snow, roof raking, hacking ice, just like we’ve all been doing for weeks.

    As for a PP coach … there’s one who frequents the Garden. Used to wear No. 2. Smart guy. Was pretty good at it at one point. One season played virtually every minute of every single power play … back when the PP was good. Maybe they should ask him to stop by one day.

    And I disagree that these Rangers haven’t shown the same urgency or effort or intensity or whatever the last few games. I think they’ve played very hard. Just not terribly well. But not all that bad, either.

    Finally, that Pittsburgh team, minus the two stars, is almost exactly built like the Rangers. The same kind of grinders, the same physical nature, the jam … there’s no way the Rangers should automatically beat that team just because Crosby and Malkin are out.

  99. Look, Hank is a top 3 goalie in NHL, stats don’t lie. We have all seen him steal games for the Rangers over the years.

    Last night, Hank let in a softie or two. They will go in every now and then for any goalie. If the Rangers had more bonafide scoring threats on the wing, we wouldn’t have to worry about these softies killing us in close games…end of story.

  100. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Just when i try to move on from the Prust-isms… you guys suck me back in!

  101. Jim, I don’t think you shop good players just because you have a glut of them. You hold onto your assets so that you have them when the right deal comes along. Shopping them to make room is not a healthy way to build an organization.

  102. Carp
    have a nice (forced) vacation
    luckily i haven’t been around too much
    to see all the nastiness going on.

    true about the moodswings
    what got me about the pens shootout
    was the really bad attempts by Wolski and Zuc
    (no deke, shot at bad angle then barely anything on the shoot)

    as far as last night, for as many times as the Rangers have played the
    devs you would think they’d have a better plan to dump the puck.
    years ago, they changed matters either against devs or isles
    and it worked…….and never used again!!

  103. Hockey is tough enough especially in NY so we need to oblige anyone here to be as harmonic as possible trying to avoid all those nasty stuff making Carp as comfortable as possible :)

    He should regret his absence as early as possible…:)

  104. I was just about to post that, ilb. But I don’t see him returning … because I can’t see him getting into a fight any time soon, and if he can’t fight, well, what’s the point? And the guy can’t play, plus he’s bound to be in worse shape now than he was in camp, when his conditioning was unacceptable.

    Hi Tony, hope things are going well … other than your balmy 37 degrees.

  105. hank is not a top 3 goalie. he is a very good goalie but has not been top 3 this year. if hank performed more hank like this year the rangers would have 6 to 10 more points. he has given up more soft goals then I can remember and there have been very few nights when the rangers give up 35+ shots. there defense is good..

    columbus hank lost that game. last night, there are others where he has let in inexcusable goals…

  106. Carp, there is no place for Booogaard to return this year. I was thinking more long term, career-wise decision.

  107. only 29 ??? it is even warmer over here in Germany at 6pm at night !
    cant believe it !!!!!!!!!!its ovrer 40 right now

  108. ilb – If I may, 2 questions:

    How do you know so much about the insurance status of nhl players’ contracts…where would you find that info on the net?

    When you say that Boogaard will not get another contract insured, what exactly do you mean?

    This is what I think you’re saying in re: to number 2. The team that hypothetically offers Boogaard his next contract will be unable to get insurance on that contract, so in the case of Boogaard going down with a career ending injury, the team will be unable to recoup the remaining $$ on the contract. Correct?

  109. MDZ seems to have a brain freeze at the worst possible times. Immaturity? Yes. Passion? Yes. Smart plays? No. I cringe every time he rifles a pass through the neutral zone that Messier couldn’t handle let alone Anisimov.

    Reason #2 QB’d an effective powerplay was both Dmen could shoot. Boomer had a hard, maybe not so accurate shot and Leetchie had a wrister that always made it through the crowd and produced many tip in goals for Mess and Graves. Having Zubov on the 2nd unit didn’t hurt either.

    PP different these days with basically 5 goalies out on the ice with the amount of shots blocked by forwards and Dmen. Need quick movement of puck and also reversals to keep entire SH moving. Rangers started cycling at one point last night during PP… WTF!

  110. Carp: I don’t disagree – perhaps we’re arguing semantics, though. To me you shop for 5 reasons (in no particular order):

    1) Your team’s in a funk and you need a jolt

    2) You believe your team’s on the cusp of making the next step (of course that varies, depending on where your team)

    3) You believe your team needs tweaking – adding depth for a PO run/strengthing a weak position due to depth at another

    4) You have a malcontent who needs to go

    5) You have excess somewhere and see a need/chance to fill a weakness elsewhere (I realize there are similarities here to reason 3, but the difference is you don’t necessarily feel tweaking is needed, but you explore the market because of the depth to see what’s out there, rather than deciding tweaking is needed)

    Moving someone like Girardi or Gilroy falls into reason 5. What I don’t believe is that you move either just because you have depth. Instead, you explore to see what’s out there. The deal could easily expand, especially if you discover a GM is willing to offer up a player who will fill one of your big gaps, of which (IMO) the Rangers have 4.

    IMO, a good GM is always on the prowl – obviously the seriousness of the talks goes up and down depending on how the team is doing, the injury situation overall, how well the players being offered up are performing and the attitude/seriousness of the other GM(s).

    Finally, Sather right now is in an advantageous position because the team has been playing well – as we all know when the team does well (especially when they are overachieving which one could argue the Rangers have been doing this year) the perceived value of most of the indiviudal players goes up. For example, I don’t believe it’s a stretch to suggest that right now Girardi would fetch a first and a reasonable prospect.

    No way would I have said that this time last year.

  111. It was darn near 80 degrees here yesterday. The heat was killing me! ARGH! I wish I could get some cold weather!

  112. Tiki- I don’t remember where, but I was curious about that part of the game around the time when Lindroos got inured. In terms of #2- players contract’s are insured bu insurance companies. The structure of each contract is different and depends on specific player. Generally, if the player retires due to injury and his contract is insured, the insurance pays most of the money, the team pays only 20% or so and it doesn’t count against the cap. If, for example, the player is so injury prone that he can not insure his contract, he plays on his own risk. If he goes down and retires due to injury, he doesn;t get paid at all. It has nothing to do with his life or health insurance, only his contract. Carp may know much more about it.

  113. Stuart, what other goalies would you rather have? If he maintains his current GAA this year it will be his 2nd best GAA in his career. If he maintains his current save pct, it will be his best save pct ever. If he continues his shut out rate it will be the most shut outs he’s ever had in one year. Hank is just about as good as Hank has ever been.

  114. Hank leads the league in the following stats:

    Shoutouts – 7 (Tied with T. Thomas)

    Assists – 4 (tied with K. Letonen)

    GAA – He and Carrie Price are the only 2 goalies in the league to have played at least 42 games and have a save percentage of at least 2.35

    Soft goals.

  115. I think I posted this yesterday but I’ll mention it again: I think Sather should explore the possibility of adding Sheldon Souray to the lineup.

    However, it’s only done via getting him off re-entry waivers so his silly contract is manageable (meaning if the Oilers refuse and/or he’s claim before the Rangers get their chance, so be it).

    I think he’s been unfairly criticized – 3 seasons ago he scored 23 goals. He’s big (6’4″ and 230)and physical and doesn’t hesitate to protect his teammates. In other words, attitude wise, he’d fit right in, although I’d demand he doesn’t fight – I believe his last 2 injuries have come via fights – broken hands in both (and man, this guy can fight).

    In his own end he ain’t Marc Staal, but he’s not Bruce Driver, either (and he’ll merrily knock flat anyone who decides Lundvqist should be driven into the back of his net).

    And his booming shot is one of the big issues with the Rangers PP.

    So why not?

  116. Carp

    Do you really believe the Rangers will not go after one of the many defenseman on the FA market. I mean Gilroy has done a fine job but his offense has not developed and apparently his cap hit will be 2.1 mil if we want to bring him back.

    If he were 22, I would be thinking differently but I can’t justify bringing a 27 year old back at that price solely b/c of potential when there are 10+ guys on the FA list that are better than him and wont cost much more.

  117. Joe DE,
    In theory, you’re right – it’s almost impossible to REACT to shot like this, from that distance. But as a player, you should also know how little the open space in goal frame is, after you project average 6.1″ goalie on this layout. For good goalie it is not much of a reaction, as is intuitive sense of positioning his body fractions of second BEFORE shot, which looks for spectators, like shooter just coincidently hit some body part of goalie. Easy, right? But everyone played this game knows that combination of skills, reaction and intuition, based on experience and gift of prediction make a difference between OK, good, very good, excellent, and multiplied by consistence – ELITE goalkeepers. Check Hank in all this components and make a conclusion where he belongs.

  118. Agreed to a lot of your points, Jim. But my feeling is, for example, if you want a veteran defenseman or a PP point man, you’re not going to get a top-notch player unless you pay a big ransom. You’re more likely to get a guy like Rozsival, and you don’t dare give up a Girardi or a Gilroy for a player of that level. And you’re not getting a top-level guy in the Duncan Keith stratosphere without giving up Girardi, Gilroy, Anisimov and a pick. You get my drift, right?

    In other words, you’re not going to be able to dramatically improve the team via trade without tearing at the nucleus.

    And I don’t buy that trade-for-a-jolt stuff at all. The jolt might last two, three, four games. Then you wish you hadn’t given up so much — if you’ve traded a Girardi for a jolt.

  119. oleo, give me the names of the guys who are better than Gilroy on the list, and then tell me how the Rangers are going to afford one of them (especially if they sign a Brad Richards).

  120. Apparently Drury is not working out with the team today. Christensen has taken his spot on the “4th” line with Zuccarello and Avery, accroding to Jim Cerny via Twitter…

    Captain Clutch had enough?

  121. I always thought this team was a work in progress – Don’t panic with trades – let it develop.
    Plus I thought we’d finish 7-8 place. Maybe 6th with some luck. I think we’re were we should be. We’re not winning the Cup this year.
    I also think we’re a much better team then last year. More entertaining anyway.

  122. Prustism.Here is a simple one:
    All metals rust when see The Prust. (even a gold).
    (He will not be allowed to touch a SC, when we will have one).

  123. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    so carp is getting a vacation??? good for you!!

    ILB is buying drinks?? I’m in!!

    Linda is back?? Sweet!!

    everything happens in the morning apparently…WOW!!

    It’s not that I don’t like the young guys, I like them all, it is just we have too many of them on the blueline (maybe i’m not paying the proper amount of attention to them…..said entirely in jest Carp). Like I said last night I would be fine with 2 young guys back there, but not four!

    No to souray when you should just bring up vtank!

  124. Currently, team as a whole is in a “growing pain”, just in transition – from playing with enjoyable, healthy desperation, to starting build more consistence connections between players and with more or less steady roster, will adjust, find a new face and game design and, not without difficulties, but will enroll in playoffs and, I’m sure, will surprise a lot of hockey’s talking heads.

  125. DP is out due to facial fractures and knee swelling. Maybe he shouldn’t start fights anymore!

  126. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I would happily trade OPG and gilly for a vet d man IF he was the right kind of D man and not a kaberle or mccabe. I don’t think I would trade AA at all, unless it was for a superstar player.

    So, I guess carp and I agree which is a sure sign carp needs a break!!!!

  127. Carp, Enjoy your time off! Winter Carnival happenings in Lake George every weekend this month. There is some snow cleared off the ice for Mr Titleist, just tie dye some balls or something?! You will be missed! It’s your Bigger than top ten lists that get me thru the work day!

  128. wicky, I think the 7 guys that are currently playing the blueline are the only ones that can consistently handle the NHL game. V-tenk might be able to play a game here and there but I don’t believe the organization views as fully ready for primetime. Maybe next year if they let Gilroy go.

  129. Wicky, I’ll buy you ten rounds of drinks if you ever show up in NY. I’ll buy some milk for the girls too…

  130. ilb and wicky, from what I have heard (via Laurie Carr and Leslie Treff who cover Rangers propects in depth) Kundratek is higher on the depth chart than V-tenk and has more upside. He has all the tools but just needs to put on some weight and fill out his frame.

    Not sure that V-tenk will get a real shot….I hope he does. He was impressive in camp.

  131. Thanks for the great post again Carp = Here is my feable attempt at the Review:

    I hate to say it, but I really thought I was back in time last night – perhaps 06 or 07 – with the Rangers playing VERY sloppy hockey and the Devils Neutral Zone like a vice. I also have to say that since we know what they are going to do in the neutral zone, shouldn’t we make an adjustment on the break out to get the puck deep? Seriously, break the trap – many teams have done that before against the Devile – so why cant we?

    Here is my take on the game and what transpired:

    1. The ice was crap = looked like they were skating in sand – anyone notice?

    2. The Rangers beat themselves last night – too many mistakes. They cant possibly come into a game and think they can play like that and win. We have 20 something games to go – time to either make the push or not.

    3. How bad does this pp get before we change wholesale the overload?

    4. Matts Z at the point on the pp? Really? Seriously?

    5. Joe M. on Drury – ‘what an awesome leader’. Well, perhaps you could provide some proof behind that point. What exactly is he doing to earn that respect and praise? I still dont really see that on the ice – but perhaps in other areas?

    6. Time to either: Give Avery time or Trade him (I know – who would take him? I bet some teams in a playoff push would ). Enough already – I agree that he was not playing so well in the first period, but he was moving in the late second and into the third.

    7. DelZotto back to Whale – he has enormous talent – let him come into it in Hartford – the kid makes way to many mistakes to be out as much as he is.

    8. Boy we sure do miss a guy like Blair Betts some times – dont we?

    9. When Christianson comes back – who goes?

    10. I say we come out strong at Montreal and get another tough road win. We either start to make a statement here or we start to look towards next year – and I think this is a team that can go deep into play-offs it we play smart and grind the way torts wants them to.

  132. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on


    thanks for the info! Apparently he isn’t that high up on the depth chart or he would have been here by now!

  133. Carp, you do a great job, and it is very much appreciated by most of us here. where I think the problems start is when some posters get into non-hockey posts. Here is hoping the RR stays on Ranger-related and hockey related posts.

    And on that subject, I hope the Rangers will try Gaborik on the point on the PP, as another poster wrote last night. Since they play him there in a 5-on-3 PP, it makes no sense that they won’t do it on the 5-on-4 PPs.

  134. Adam Foote, he of the 0 power play points. Part of an Avs defense that ranks 27th in the league in goals against?

  135. billybleedsblue on

    Wow, doodie, thanks a lot for that link man. It’s a short article, but not short on laughs. I actually feel bad for him and his 15 year 65 million dollars…or whatever it is. Haha, thanks again.

  136. When will nhl execs learn that longterm contracts are a dumb thing to do? how many times does it have to bite them before they learn? apparently never in LI as they are still paying off and using cap space for that idiotic Yashin contract.

  137. 2 Deals to get 2 necessary assets:

    Gone: Gabby, Drury, Fedetenko, Eminger

    Coming: an Offensive D man and a power forward to play with Stepan

    Cally, AA, Dubi (2 way hustlers with a creator)
    Vinny, Stepan, New Power Forward (2 good passers with a finisher)
    Prust, Boyle, Wolski (Good size will score the ugliest goals)
    Zucc, Christiansen, Avery (Enough skill to create mismatches)

    Stahl, Girardi
    Gilroy- New Dman

  138. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    Carp, I hope you enjoy your time off..
    It could be worse.. We could be your relatives.

  139. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Feds was missed ast nigh badly, no way you trade that guy!

    off to work, later assens!

  140. Not seen any of last night’s game, but hopefully I’m still qualified to make the following observations (nothing personal…)

    1. Lundqvist has been “found out” by the rest of the league? He may be susceptible to high shots to a degree (though I suspect it’s a marginally lower degree than those who seem to think no other goalie in the league gets beaten high would have us believe), but his numbers suggest he must stop a hell of a lot of other shots and 90%+ of the goalies in the league have also been found out…

    2. We should sign Souray because he was good three years ago? Maybe he could play on a PP unit with Jonathan Cheechoo, Michael Nylander and Mats Sundin.

  141. relatives ???? We are all brothers and sisters !!!!

    There will be a time here, when everybody here is on the same page :)

  142. Habs,

    Gaborik has a partial NTC, Drury has a full NMC.

    Ignoring those caveats and various salary cap obstacles the trade partner would incur, name the players you want as their replacements?

  143. Oh, and DiPietro’s deal is a great one for the Isles, just like Yashin’s was. It helps keep them above the cap floor for another 10+ years, regardless of whether he plays or not.

  144. The league should fine the Isles for failure to compete with having those deadwood contracts when they could be paying actual players. Then again the Isles would somehow use the fine to add to their cap floor.

  145. But that $4.5m generates many millions more than that in revenue for local businesses, such as hospitals, drug companies, ambulance manufacturers, wheelchair repair men…

  146. right. and Brent Johnson is the grandson of the great Sid Abel. and his father was a nhl goalie who was tough too.

  147. >> I always get a kick out of the mood swings around here….Dubinsky’s snake-bitten twice,
    >>and it’s Armageddon. Again.

    Well, my mood never really changes. Win or lose, it’s always Armageddon for me. I suppose that’ll change if/when we finally get a talented team that can compete for The Cup.

  148. Carp

    how was Avery in the middle of things? He at least had the cohones (unlike Ott who started the whole thing) to drop the gloves. And that hit on Lucic was NOT from behind! did you see they way they all jumped Avery?? wtf was up with that??

    And oh my god, that Boston announcer…i think he’s worse than Emerick! Why is he yelling so fuggin loud?? lol

  149. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    2 years later, the Bruins and Stars brawl. It’s Avery’s fault?

    Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, Avery is lone gunman.

  150. CCCP, I meant he was involved … it was Ott that caused all the crap.

    Beat the Habs, you’re not getting a first-line power forward who scores and a first-pair D for those guys … even if you could trade them. And you couldn’t.

  151. >>Drury is not making the trip… Sore knee.

    That’s what happens when you carry a heavy wallet.

  152. >>And oh my god, that Boston announcer…i think he’s worse than Emerick!

    How can you put that jack…er…edwards in the same category as The Doc? The guy is beyond annoying. If the Boston broadcast is the only one offered on Centre Ice, I always watch it on Mute.

    I think we need a side poll, Carp. Who is the most annoying NHL announcer?

  153. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    There’s a lot of jackwagons out there announcing that I don’t know their names, but put me down for Cherko Resch.

  154. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Good to see all the usual ‘heads coming back… Izzy, Linda, has Orr been by?

    random thought… i might have missed it, where has Staal Wart gone? name change? It’s been so long….

  155. Carp – didn’t think we were getting first line – no one would trade those assets but we need a finisher up front and a dman who can handle the pill on the PP.

    Sort of liked the call on the stars/bees fights. We get Joe ‘snorefest’ M who make Joe Lieberman sound like Crusty the clown.

  156. agreed…Chico is by FAR the biggest homer of them all!

    yeah, good to see familiar names coming back. Where the hell is ORR? does anyone have his contact email or something? someone should tell to ORR that Megan Fox came by the blog looking for him!

    Staal Wart is working hard! but i bet he’s reading the blog every day

  157. I blame income. If not for that, they wouldn’t get a dime.


    so you suggest we should quit our jobs? I am all for it!

    I got a few carton boxes and i know a pretty good corner not too far from Federal building…we should get together! :P

  158. Beat, I understand. My point is, if you don’t want to give up the organizational jewels, the type of finisher you’re likely to get is Olli Jokinen or Ales Kotalik or Chris Higgins. Or Alex Frolov. And the point man is Rozsival or Derek Morris.

  159. Higgins is available???? Let’s trade Drury for him…

    Maybe Hugh Jessiman will finally develop into a power forward, aw they traded him

  160. I don’t know, I think the NESN guys are bigger homers than Chico. Chico just loves on the Devils. The NESN guys not only love on their guys, but take shots at every other player in the league.

  161. >>I don’t know, I think the NESN guys are bigger homers than Chico.

    Chico is just an annoying and uninformed Devils homer. That NESN guy is an annoying homer who thinks he’s commentating on a WWE wrestling match. I find that very disrespectful towards the sport of hockey.

  162. >>“OH BABY!”

    Hmm, I seem to remember quite a large number of fans wanted his head for being a “bloated shill” during the non-playoff years. Isn’t it weird how we never appreciate what we have until it’s no longer there?

  163. Can I vote for Ken Daneyko as worst announcer. I know he only does the between periods stuff, but I’d rather listen to a period called by Doc and Chico than listen to “Danny”.

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