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The news first: Lundqvist in goal. Prospal to play LW with Gaborik and Stepan, Del Zotto on defense, Eminger prucha’d.

Other lines:


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John Tortorella:

“Same pairs on defense. I thought (Sauer and McDonagh) were our best pair the other night. I thought Marc and Danny struggled. But I thought that was our best pair. They’ve played well together. Michael Sauer continues to just go about his business and since McDonagh’s been up here his positioning’s been OK. We continue to work on that with tape, and I’ve liked his outlet passes. He’s pretty patient with the puck and it’s something we’re hoping continues.”

On Del Zotto:

“I think he’s nervous. I think he’s nervous in the situation that he’s in and all the things that have gone on around him. It’s a young kid that’s in the middle of this process and being sent down and all of that. It’s a lot for him to work through. But a couple of games ago he makes a couple of great plays on some quick 2 on 1s, he gets a shot through — something we’ve struggled with all year long on the power play. Although it wasn’t a bomb by any means it got through and we score a huge tying goal. So he’s done some good things there. But he is. He’s nervous. I think you can see that. But I think slowly he’ll settle himself down.”

Asked if Eminger is healthy, since he got hit hard in his last game:

“He’s healthy. I mean, completely healthy, no one’s completely healthy. But he could play. I told Emmy, I said, ‘It’s not forever.’ He gave us some great minutes here. And I just think that his game has chipped down a little bit, and Michael can make a play or two for us on the power play, hopefully. Emmy’s the guy that’s out right now, but we’ll keep a close eye on it.”

On Gaborik skating the puck on the second goal vs. Pittsburgh:

“Yes, when he beat the guy up the ice, yeah. He skated at times during the game. It’s still not consistent enough. But I liked that play, and the one he brought to the net. Engelland rocked him, but he brought a puck to the net. He went to the net a couple of times the last game. He went to the net in Washington, ends up scoring a fluky goal. So those are the things … He’s got to play in those areas, and he has the ability with his legs to get there. So that was one of the clips we showed yesterday … as far as Gabby skating and they bang that puck around like a tennis ball and end up scoring a goal. It starts with Gabby beating people up the ice.”

On Prospal-Gaborik:

“I want to see it work. I want to see if it can work. You’ve got a couple of things to determine. Vinny’s been out so long, we’ve got to see what he’s about. But I’m not going to … I don’t try to be a genius. We’ll see if it works and try to give it some time here. I’ve got to be careful when I say that with you guys because when I say ‘time’ you think, if I don’t do it, if I change it in two games, you’re lying to me. So, I’m not sure how long it’s going to go, but I’m going to try it right away.”

On concern about Stepan being ready to play on that line:

“None. None.”

On the job Jacques Lemaire has done with the Devils:

“I don’t even … I have too much to worry about with our club.”

On Newbury:

“These guys are healthy, and I like what Newbury brought. He’s willing to fight, he’s abrasive, he had some good nights on faceoffs. I thought he struggled a couple of nights on faceoffs. He ends up with, in the games that he’s played, probably five or six scoring chances also. He can make a play. Whether it stays on that level, I don’t know. But he’s a guy we can call up, and the staff likes him because he adds some jam to it, also.”

“He brings that, so you lose it from him, but I’m not concerned of the team … I think our team, the way we try to play and the way we have to play, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue.”

On Avery:

“Sean’s played well. Sean’s a guy, with numbers coming back, it ends up bumping him down there … As I’ve talked to Sean … if Sean concentrates on first decision and not over-thinking, he’s a pretty good player. So as of late, he’s given us some good minutes.”

On rolling four lines:

“I have no idea. It depends how the game goes. And I’m not sure which … you can call it a fourth line, but I can do a lot of different things with it. With Wolski there, you can do a lot of different things there, to where I don’t want to coin it as a fourth line.”

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  1. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Eminger was Prusted.

    Back on track and keep the Devils in the basement! LGR!!

  2. that looks like Eminger will be in a trade soon to add a vet dman with some PP point ability, maybe a Foster etc

  3. Sally, my brother thought he saw a raccoon’s eyes peering out from behind the glass of the chimney OMG, how can I watch the game in HD!

  4. Fatso and Manfried-
    Sorry, I lost my head for a second and forgot about the NMC. The sentiment is still there, though.

  5. Eminger has very little trade value. He is a UFA who will be very easy to obtain in free agency. No team is going to trade a veteran player for him unless we throw in something valuable or we take on a player with a bad contract.

    considering where Gilroy is on the depth chart, trading him for a veteran d-man makes sense especially since the chances of Gilroy developing into a premier player is almost zero at this point nor would Gilroy likely be one of our top 6 players at the position going into next season.

  6. call me cuckoo..or just call me, mao, but i think the rangers like what they see from Gilroy and would like him to be in there…MDZ having regressed a tad makes the whole D situation a bit muddled…but you is right about Eminger, Oreo, his situation makes his value negligible.

  7. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Eminger for Chara (e4)

    i know i know…. but if i can dream about winning the lottery, why not that?

  8. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    good question Carp.

    Speculation breeds conversation i guess. Sometimes a scratch is just a scratch.

  9. why the hate on Gilroy?

    Gilroy=3g, 5a, 8pts, and +7, in only 37 games

    Eminger=1g, 3a, 4pts, and -8 in 49 games

  10. I certainly can understand the argument that the Rangers will keep their defense as is next season but I just cant see the Rangers not signing a defenseman in the off-season. There are just too many good players available for the Rangers to be idle especially given how bad we are on the PP.

    I like Gilroy although given he has the lowest ceiling of our 4 young defenseman and his cap hit will be more than he’s worth, the best course of action is to trade him to a team that values him more than we would for next season.

  11. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Prust is so tough it took the Rangers seperate trades to acquire both his left and right fists. And before his flight to NY, the TSA stopped him and said he couldn’t bring weapons on the plane.

    Brandon Prust = Urban legend.

  12. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Gilroy should be a forward. If Buff can play D, why not Gilly play O?

  13. I’m at work and I just got an email from a guy named Brett Johnson. lmao! Should I ask him if his fist is sore?

  14. Carp, everybody is being traded even if they are not scratched. I think we even traded Drury the other day, NMC be damned.

  15. Re-post
    I’m for change, unlike majority, do not believe in past years old chemistry, which, btw, didn’t work so great in full last season, even before Vinnie’s injury. IMO, so called chemistry is not a cause of Gaby’s decline in productivity. Lost in self confidence did. All shots, which he used to performed intuitively (where his real talent is), without much of the thinking, extremely fast and unexpected for opposition’s goalies and blocking attempts, now become more calculated and as a result, gives them more time(even fraction of second counts here) and predictability.
    I don’t think that understandably nervous and obviously out of his normal physical shape, which made him such a useful energizer with puck handling/delivering, Prospal will benefit himself in psychology department and 1st line in productivity. I would start him in 3rd line and see how it goes. I like him very much and want to be totally wrong with that.
    For Wolsky, who is arguably one of the most talented player in our tough, but talent deficient team, to put him in a 4th line will make damage in his psyche, I think. He knows his capabilities and when taken to the team was told of expectations and hopes in scoring and so far, he seemingly and gladly took responsibility and worked 100%. With all this right concepts of a team needs and coach inflicted discipline – “whenever need me to play”, we are dealing with live individuals, sometimes sensitive proportionally their creativity and have to take it in consideration. Or not?

  16. Eminger is the guy we all pencilled in as the 7th d-man before the start of the season…It is finally happening. I am glad. I just hope MDZ doesn’t dissappoint.

    We won’t get jack-carcillo for Eminger in trade! Unless, of course, we want a player like Virus (Voros)?

  17. Brandon Prust – one of a kind, new type of species – stubborn, unforgiving Mule with Lion
    Already stake out a claim in RHOF (Rangers Hall of Fame) and in the fans hearts.

  18. Well, we know everybody’s not being traded, guess that’s a snarky remark.

    If Prospal shows he’s ok next few games we’ll see something go down.

    Sather preempts the deadline when he can.

    Did it what’s now known as the Prust deal last year, and even back to 2003 or 2004 when they did trade almost everybody, several of those moves came early.

  19. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    I am nervous every time Del Zotto is on the ice even strength, as evidenced by being totally outmuscled to the puck by Michael Rupp on a simple 2 on 2 the other night. And he doesn’t have a lethal shot form the point on the p.p. Gilroy can do the same thing, maybe more on the p.p. Gilroy is solid in all zones. The guy’s a keeper!

  20. Lol @ snarky remark, Rod. A bit of exaggeration perhaps. Remind me of a name that hasn’t come up in a trade proposal on the blog over the last few months…

    They will do something. Nobody knows what at the moment, as nobody even knows who will become available. It’s too close in the West.

  21. CapeBretonRangerFan

    I disagree about Gilroy. Despite getting a pretty decent amount of PP time, Gilroy has no PP points this season and only recorded 3 PP assists last year. Conversely, Del Zotto had 22 PP points last season (2nd on the team) and is tied for 4th on the team despite missing 15 games or so.

    I see nothing to suggest Gilroy deserves to be on the PP and at 26, I doubt he will ever be an above average offensive d-man…

  22. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I heard we were trading ILB for an actual Russian instead of a Ukrainian!! (now have we traded everyone?)

  23. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I will say this, with the depth we have on D, it would not shock me to see a younger d man or two moved at some point.

    I like the way eminger has played FWIW.

  24. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Last year DelZotto lived on the power play, which included a healthy Vinnie, plus a more productive Gaborik. In time, perhaps after adding 15 pounds of muscle, I can see DelZotto playing a regular sfift on defense. Until then, let him play against the other team’s fourth line and play half the power play. He’s just not ready yet.

  25. Lookout for IK tonight. Just a hunch.

    As I’m typing I hear that MFER RIP THE NETS. DAMN.

  26. Is it just me, or are the Rangers suddenly looking like the edition we painfully endured the last 2 years?

    The King was average, at best, Tuesday and horrible tonight. Biron should start against Montreal and if he wins, start against Detroit. Let the King sit and stew a bit – it’s no coincidence that up until the game against Florida (where he let in a lousy over the shoulder goal) he had a tremendous stretch that came after Tortorella started Biron a few times because the King was doing what he’s doing now (which is game number 3 with lousy goals – tonight, of course, being the pinnacle of softness).

    A big 3rd or the Rangers are looking at a 4 game losing streak come Saturday evening, with the dubious task of going into Detroit looking to end it.

  27. BTW, glad to see MZA off the BB and Prust line – made no sense to me and it’s no surprise nothing clicked.

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