Tortorella post-game


John Tortorella:

“Had a chance to win it, or had a chance to tie it up, and we didn’t. I thought we had some scoring chances; we didn’t score. They had a couple of scoring chances; they scored.”

“I thought throughout the game, I thought we weren’t great, but we were OK. But we were just unable to overcome the three-goal deficit.”

In the neutral zone troubles:

“At times, yeah.”

On Lundqvist saying he wasn’t good enough:

“Wasn’t. I’ve seen (him fighting it) the last three games.”

On Prospal:

“Prospal had a good game. Brought some enthusiasm. He played well.”

On the three-game losing streak:

“I think we probably could have gotten five out of six points. Let’s call a spade a spade. Our goaltending hasn’t  been there, certainly not at the level that it needs to be at this time of year. So, yeah, I think the Florida game we did everything except win it, and the last game (against Pittsburgh) we played well enough to win. But we didn’t, so we have to find a way to do it.”

On taking shots from angles:

“Especially against Jersey. The way they backcheck and they’re defending right now. They fill the middle of the ice and that’s … we always talk about that, especially against Jersey, you have to take those shots. And I think you get rebounds, and Cally scores a goal from a bad angle, Vinny Prospal 5-on-3 … we’re always looking to make a low play 5-on-3  just for what happened there. It might deflect off someone. I’m not sure if it hit a skate or it hit Marty (Brodeur)’s skate and went in. But we’re always looking to get something across the crease.”

On Gaborik not shooting enough:

“To get your shots, it all comes together. It all works off one another as far as his skating. I thought at times tonight that Gabby had some really good battle to him. I thought he had a really good battle at the end of the game for us to have an opportunity when we hit the post there late. But it needs to be consistent. All parts of that game of any player, you need to be consistent and then you’ll end up getting your shots.”

On whether there’s an adjustment period with so many guys coming back into the lineup the last two games:

“No, I think it’s bull(carcillo). I think these three games, we had chances to win hockey games. And listen, I’m not calling out Hank. Just, I need to be honest with the hockey club and I’m honest about everything else when I talk to you guys. Our goaltending hasn’t been good enough. And we’ve played some good hockey. That Jersey team, at times tonight we struggled through the neutral zone. I think we get five out of the six points if it’s just decent goaltending.”

On whether it surprises him that Callahan comes back and has two goals in two games:

“It doesn’t. You guys ask me, ‘Does it surprise you?’ Nothing ever surprises me with him. He is what we all want to be as far as a Ranger, as far as his preparation, his attitude and everything he does.”

“You understand what I’m saying now, guys. I’m being honest about our goaltending. Because every time I mention something about goaltending, it’s like I’m the goaltender hater. I’m being honest about what’s going on with our club, so it’s not to run down Hank. He has to be our guy, and he will be our guy. But he certainly hasn’t been the past few games, and that’s a big reason why you don’t get your points.”

On giving him extra games off to practice:

“He’s not tired. Is that what you’re asking?”

“I haven’t even gotten that far yet as far as (who plays) our next game. I’m still trying to swallow this one.”

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  1. i go with biron on saturday henrik stinks in montreal and does not deserve to play right now……..

  2. Can you imagine if Keenan was the coach with Hank letting in softies the way he has in the last 3 games!? Torts is such a gentleman!

    Hank is great in the shootout – but during games sometimes he seems to lack concentration.

  3. Dominate at this point in his career.

    And Letang got to play understudy to Gonchar for a number of years and Johnson has Drew Doughty and a few other veteran D to mentor him (Scuderi, Mitchell). MDZ had Rozi and Redden most of his career.

  4. “It doesn’t. You guys ask me, ‘Does it surprise you?’ Nothing ever surprises me with him. He is what we all want to be as far as a Ranger, as far as his preparation, his attitude and everything he does.”

    Great quote on Cally.

  5. I like how you can tell what happened in the game from Tort’s comments. If he rambles and goes on and on, it was a good night. If he’s short and to the point, it was a bad night.

    Not reading anything into it, just an observation.

  6. haha…CT

    Oleo guessed correctly and credit to him. I went to check. Hard to believe it is the same guy!

  7. I just think sometimes the fans/coaches expect these players to be robots. They are human and they are always not going to be on the top of their game. (Talking about Lundqvist).

    Also, I think it is stupid a lot when players/fans/coaches say they should of had the two points or whatever. Well there is another team that is getting paid millions to play as well. How about giving the other team credit sometimes when you lose.

  8. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hey Carp, when you put up new material instead of saying “New post,” you should say “Another post.” It goes better with this Rangers squad.

  9. Lundqvist is on pace to have his best season in save pct, 2nd best season in GAA and best season in shut outs. And needs 9 more wins to hit that mythical 30 wins mark.

  10. billybleedsblue on

    Hmmm…how do you get better on the draw? How do you improve on the PP? How DO you get to Carnegie Hall?

  11. Gotta say that the coach wears some of this loss. He says that Lundqvist hasn’t played well for the past 3 games and goaltending has resulted in losing 5 out of 6 points. What he fails to add is the coach should have started the backup after the goaltending lost 3 of out 4 points.

    Biron obviously will start against Montreal and if he plays well, he should start against Detroit.

    And the next time the King has 2 lousy games in a row, he should be parked at the end of the bench to watch the backup play until the backup deserves to back on the end of the bench.

    The King, IMO, makes too much money to keep coming up with clunkers and the coach has too much experience to keep tolerating it when his backup has given him no reason not to be played this year.

  12. dang carp, can”t keep up!!

    Lin “Laurel, the museum here would like to commission a painting ;-)”
    is the museum called crap wanted?

  13. Lundqvist is having a fine season but is obviously in rut right now. I like the idea of playing him on Saturday, but I’m hesitant when I see that it is in Montreal. Someone alluded to the fact that he is terrible in that building. Interesting call for Tortorella there.

    I am in no means a Torts fan, but he is right. If Lundqvist has even an average game in these last three they win it. I don’t think saying what he said crossed a line or was throwing Hank under the bus. He is just telling it like it is.

  14. MickeyM

    I think Cally is exactly how Torts described him He epitomizes Rangers hockey in everything he does. Cool that we’re on the same page!

  15. I see what you are saying Jim but sometimes you have to let him play his way out of it. At this point in his career he should not have to worry about being benched if he has a rough patch of games. He is not some young goalie anymore. I agree that Biron should play in Montreal.

  16. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but I think Mike Sauer deserves some power play time. He has a very good low-booming shot that would work well from the point on the PP and he is a smart player who knows how to pinch without getting caught…

    To me, Sauer has been the most consistent d-man we have. Staal and Girardi have played a ton of very good minutes and some mistakes are to be expected, but there are plenty of gaffes that I can remember…

  17. At least the Rangers wouldn’t be ruining our evening CCCP. Did you get any more congrats today?

  18. Prospal does sound like a nice guy. I always get a laugh out of how he says “we.” It sounds like he says “ve” instead.

  19. Biron has to get the start in Montreal. Torts can’t be dumb enough to make the same mistake twice, especially the way things are going now.

    Let Hank play vs. his Swedish buddies on Monday.

    Also, get Eminger back in, even if we play MDZ again.

  20. good for Torts for being honest about it. when a guy gets all the accolades and money and crowd approval, he also has a responsibility to take the bad medicine when he earns it. it can’t be a one way street where Henrik gets no blame for anything, and it is always somebody else’s fault. I am not saying Henrik does that, but some fans of his do. No, he needs a good swift kick in the media right now, and Torts gave it to him. good. I hope he does practice and come back with a much better performance in Det, and I hope Biron wins in Mtl, if he gets the chance, which he certainly deserves.

  21. ThisYearsModel on

    Hey Torts…..while you are on this honest streak, when will you be honest about the utter failure of the coaches and players on the power play? It flat out sucks, and has sucked all year. It coist us the last 3 games as much or more than crappy goaltending. You and Sully can’t do anything about that? You overcoach the games by scrambling the lines every game, but your anal approach does not extend to the PP? Or are you simply not getting it done? Let’s see some honesty about that.

  22. The bad angle goals are maddening, but it seems like many goalies in the league are letting in goals like that this year. I wonder what the goalies are doing differently? Or are players just shooting more often from ridiculous angles?

  23. I don’t see why Gaborik can’t play the point on the PP. he plays it when it is 5-on-3, so why can’t he do it on the 5-on-4 PPs. He is useless on the halfboards, all he does is cross rink passes that don’t click.

  24. I’m not going to disagree with Torts on Hank’s performance tonight, but realistically, it’s not just a goaltending issue. No goaltender was going to stop that bomb by Rolston, and Kovalchuk’s shot was damn near perfect. The second goal was a stinker.

    Hank has set that bar real high for himself by keeping this team in games even when they couldn’t score. And frankly, if you can only manage 2 goals against one of the worst teams in the league, then you don’t deserve to win.

    If Callahan buries that empty netter on the PP in the first period against Pittsburgh, that’s a regulation win. If one of the first 5 Rangers score in the shootout, the Rangers win.

    If Dubinsky hits the wide open net in the first tonight, it’s a different game.

    You need to convert on your chances. Teams that score, win.

  25. Joe, I still think the first one hit Sauer and redirected up high. Lundqvist said the Rolston goal fooled him and might have even gone wide if he hadn’t gotten it with his stick instead of his blocker, which is what he was trying to do.

    Jimbo, I’ve been saying that all season. And the main reason is that they all go to the butterfly, to their knees, on every shot. So nobody hugs the post anymore. In the pre-butterfly days, goalies would stand with their pad against the post and it would be such a routine save you wouldn’t even notice it.

    Congratulations, CCCP.

    Good night, kids. I just finished my morning post. I was a little cranky when I wrote it.

  26. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    if orr was here it would be softquist strikes again and game over season over!!!

    Our D is just too young, we need a vet guy brought in plus eminger back in. 4 young guys is just too many for a D corps. Maybe 4 rookies on forward lines but not 2/3rds of your D (staal and OPG are young, but not rookies and mdz is in his 2nd year so I’m throwing him in with sauer and mcdonut and gilroy with half a ranger season under his belt as well). Just too inexperienced back there and too soft!

    sauer really seems to have lost his edge…too many games for him perhaps!

    I’m out, night assens!!

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