Prospal returns, Drury stays in, so Newbury demoted


Here’s the announcement from the Rangers:


New York, February 3, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Kris Newbury has been assigned to the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Newbury, 28, has registered one assist and 35 penalty minutes in eight games with the Rangers this season.  He made his Rangers debut at Montreal on January 15, and recorded his first point as a Blueshirt with the primary assist on the game-tying goal in a 3-2 shootout win at Atlanta on January 22. He returns to Connecticut where he has registered five goals and 31 assists for 36 points, along with 91 penalty minutes in 43 games this season.  He is tied for sixth in the AHL in assists, and leads the Whale in assists, ranks second in points and fourth in penalty minutes.  Newbury has registered a team-high, 10 multi-point performances this season, including two separate streaks of three games with multiple points – November 13 vs. Springfield to November 19 at Springfield (six assists), and December 3 at Providence to December 11 vs. Manchester (one goal, six assists).  The 5-11, 213-pounder established a career-high with an eight-game assist streak from November 28 vs. Adirondack to December 17 vs. Worcester, recording three goals and 12 assists over the span.

The Brampton, Ontario native was originally San Jose’s fifth round pick, 139th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.  He was acquired by the Rangers from Detroit in exchange for forward Jordan Owens on March 3, 2010.

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  1. Hah!~ Never before as this happened! I feel like the stars have aligned! Prospel goes back to Gaborik, who is the other wing? I think Avery would make a nice pairing, he would definitely open up the ice a lot for the two of them.

  2. No surprise with Newbury… Yesterday it was reported that during practice, Drury skated with Avery & Wolski on the 4th line. While Prospal was at LW with Gaborik & Stepan.

  3. Actually, reading somewhere else, Prospel will be a wing. Leaving Stepan to center? Dubinsky? Heck, Brian Boyle? Should be interesting to see. Let’s Go Rangers!

    –And, I don’t know what is going on, but I sure hope Tony’s wife is alright.

  4. Tony,
    Being same age and marriage longevity, know your fear, pain and worries. Wholeheartedly wish your wife quick recovery and both of you good fighting spirit. Hang in there and may our collective pray, positive thoughts and well-wishing enforce your both strength.

  5. I think, we should be grateful to Newbury for what he had done for team. IMO, he exceed his own abilities and definitely wasn’t out of place during hard games deserving opinion of solid, aggressive, hard working, fight ready, reliable warrior, kind of potentially, “ poor man Callahan”(no offence). He earned my respect, at least, and hopefully teammates and coaching as well.

  6. Newbury gave a good effort, is a nice journeyman 4th line grinder, but in no way should be mentioned in the same sentence with Cally. no comparison on any level.

  7. I believe King Henry is just telling him how important it is to learn to brush your hair OUT of your face so you look like a non-douchey person.

  8. Lundqvist: At least they like you better than Potvin
    Bieber: Does this mean we can be friends?
    Lundqvist: I didn’t say that

  9. ill use one i used on website :)

    Hank: I used to be in a band too!
    Bieber: I never played hockey before
    Hank: I know
    Bieber: I like your hair, Hank.
    Hank: I don’t care…you smell like milk!

  10. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    Never thought the words “good” and “Carcillo” would be in the same sentence but….here’s to Mrs. Tony having a good Carcillo ASAP!

  11. Noah-tenko-istensen, 28 on

    Henrik probably got so paranoid when he heard the boos for Bieber, thinking that they let the R and R boys back in the building.

  12. Tony
    All good thoughts to you and your wife. I hope she is 100% recovered in the very near future. Nothing is worse thn seeing a loved one hurting.

  13. I had to fight with Classlessburgh fans (cleaned it up for you, Carp) about this so-called “dive” by Prust.

    Even if he did go down on his own accord (and I think he did) that’s not a dive. Not even a turtle. That’s taking one for the team. And we likely got a point out of it.

    Diving is when a player DOES NOT COMMIT A PENALTY and you leap with both feet or stop moving your legs to draw a penalty a la Sidney Crosby.

    But when you get suckerpunched in the face and go down for the team instead of beating the $H^& out of some *&$$^ who deserves it that takes a hell of a man. Not a dive in hockey terms. You can classify it any way you want Prust did the right thing.

    “It’s only pain” –Brandon Prust

  14. billybleedsblue on

    lolz “Who is Justin Bieber? Does he kill penalties?”

    King H. — “Ok kid, you’re creeping me out a little…try to not think about me while you’re putting that thing in your mouth.”

    J.B. — “Maybe I shouldn’t have named it Hank the Frank…”

    King H. — “Geez, that’s the same thing this guy Kiki, or Miki…or whatever his name is did. Thank goodness for court-ordered protection!”

  15. Remember when Justin Bieber told “Tom Brady to get his own haircut.” That was a lot of audacity. Tom Brady has Giselle. Bieber got grounded for kissing a girl. Then got his phone taken away.

    I mean I read that somewhere. er, I heard that.

  16. N,CountryNYRFan on

    This might be old news, but I just read that the NHL rescinded Jordan Staal’s automatic one game suspension after his sucker punch to Prust the other night and was allowed to play against the Isles lastnight. What a joke the NHL has become! Makes me sick the bias they show towards certain players.

  17. billybleedsblue on

    Mary-O was probably on the phone with Campbell whining about how the rules shouldn’t apply to his team unless it’s in his favor, you know, like how they agreed to before he got financially involved with the franchise…

  18. and certain teams, no surprise there C,Country. a slew foot is an automatic suspension. Malkin slew foots players all the time Crysob dives all the time they never get called once. Two years ago playoffs against the Pensys Gino slew footed Mara TWICE. You literally saw it on replay with your own eyes. Makes me SICK!!!

  19. noonan, it’s futile to argue with Pens fans about whether a player dives or embellishes or not. I think we know that only non-Pens dive and ham it up while the League Mandated One can only be felled to the ice because of a blatant penalty.

  20. Anyone see what Fatso had to say? “We don’t like not making the playoffs,” Brodeur said. “It hasn’t happened a lot, but they’ve been through seven years in a row (of) not making the playoffs. So, for us, without feeling fortunate about ourselves, we had a great run. It’s been a difficult season. These guys (the Rangers), seven times in a row (they missed). It’s tough. I can’t imagine that.”

  21. what happened? fatso didn’t have any donuts near buy to keep his mouth busy? He, and the rest of the NHL need to get a new rap. NYR isn’t the same organization it was 10 years ago…time to move on

  22. Staal didn’t deserve to be suspended for that. If Prust was standing up, that’d be a push to the chest. They got the call right on the ice. Plus the only reason Eager got suspended was because he just went after Armstrong when he wasn’t even doing anything and Eager also has a previous history of doing crap like that.

  23. apparently these are the lines—


    expect a more even rolling of all 4 lines

  24. Personally, I’d like to see Wolski and Prust swapped but its clear why Torts doesn’t want to split Boyle and Prust.

  25. I love how everyone is turning that on Marty. He’s stating facts. I can’t stand the guy, but he’s just saying how we missed it 7 in a row (which is true).

    He then went on to say that the only thing that matters is getting into the playoffs, and right now the Rangers are there and the Devils aren’t.

    We have plenty of reasons to hate the guy. Lets not use the media twisting of his statement as fake reason to get on him when it was the reporter who twisted the quote to make it sound worse than it was.

  26. Im sure Prospal will be somewhat limited with his minutes to start so Wolski will still get an opportunity to move up.

    Let’s just hope Prospal can play at the level he did for most of last season…

  27. billybleedsblue on

    Johnny, it’s a pretty easy shot to take at the Blueshirts though, you have to admit. It’s a misdirection on his part to take everyone’s minds off of how terrible the Debbies are now. I’m glad for all of the 2 Devils fans out there who got a jolly out of it…it’s all they have this season…pathetic.

  28. Jonny D

    Those are 10 year old facts, OK?

    So please…spare us the “poor Marty” crap

    Fugg Marty! Fugg NJD!

    Thank you.


  29. Wolski has 3 goals and 5 assists in his 10 games since coming to NY, the most points of any player during that time (excluding Gaborik’s Toronto explosion, and even then it’s only 1 more point). Sticking him on the 4th line makes sense. ::sarcasm::

  30. I agree about Wolski being a great scorer right now but I think he was with Gabs as a stopgap until Prospal came back. Now Prospal is back and Wolski has to earn his way back up there. I would like to see him playing with Zuccarello.

    Nonetheless, these lines are really well balanced.

  31. There is no twisting. He could have easily said its tough to miss the playoffs, I don’t have much experience in that department and leave it at that but he didn’t. He could have said some teams have gone years without making the playoffs so I’ve been lucky but again he didn’t. He took a direct shot at the Rangers. Please don’t defend him.

    I guess when your team is dead last in the entire league with 37 pts you’ll say anything to take the focus off of your pathetically lousy team not to mention your individual garbage season. Keep your mouth shut, too bad we don’t have Brent Johnson to handle this clown tonight.

  32. “I love how everyone is turning that on Marty. He’s stating facts. I can’t stand the guy, but he’s just saying how we missed it 7 in a row (which is true).”

    You sound like a Devils fan. Living in the past.

    7 in a row since when? Years after he won a cup? LOL

  33. Wolski hasn’t been with Gaborik for the past 7 games leading up to the all-star break. It had been Avery and Anisimov.

    How about Dubinsky centering Wolski and Callahan, and sliding Anisimov down to the 4th line? Anisimov hasn’t been tearing up the scoresheet. That one weird bat to bat goal was his only goal in his last 12 games, and he has no assists in his past past 16 games (not counting the Toronto game).

  34. Wolski has been quietly consistent. Maybe he doesn’t have the level of jam yet that Torts wants, but if throughout the rest of the season and through next year he develops into the secondary scorer the Rangers have lacked then it’s an even bigger win for the Rangers on the Rozsival trade.

  35. Doods – That is a pretty darn good idea actually.

    It just leaves the 4th line of Artem – “Cap’n” – Avery a little exposed?


  36. He’s always talked crap about the Rangers though, that’s no surprise. I just don’t get why people who talk about the story or who quote him just use the first part and not the second. If you are going to quote him, use the whole thing, don’t use part of it to give your story attention.

  37. Anisimov played the 4th line for the end of last year with Shelley and Prust and it was the most productive line we had down the stretch. Drury, washed up as he is, is still better than Shelley, and Avery can fill that Prust role.

  38. And I should mention, this has nothing to do with the Devils or Marty. I can’t stand both the team and especially him. It’s my problem with certain media outlets tweaking stories to make them more appealing to their market. ESPN does it all the time and did it with the “Rex vs. Brady” stories.

    They throw out these controversial quotes to stir up the pot and get people to take a side that they want to portray and throw in the other quotes in small parts at the end of the story. It’s just a part of journalism that I’m not a big fan of.

  39. Wolski does not belong on the 4th line but honestly who else can you put on the 4th line instead?

    Prospal and Gaborik need to be on a line together. Dubinsky, Anisimov and Callahan were on fire to start the season so that line needs to stay together and Boyle and Prust need to stay together as they have been a great tag team all season.

    That leaves Stepan, Zuccarello and Wolski. Stepan is your 3rd leading scorer, Zuccarello is a game changer and probably our best passer so that leaves Wolski as the odd man out.

  40. Again I like swapping Wolski and Prust.

    Zucc – Boyle – Wolski
    Prust- Drury – Avery

    Johnny Broduer’s been in the league for how long now? Playing in or around one of the largest media markets. Did he really not know that that quote was going to get all the attention……….please. Thats the way the media works. You know it, I know and Marty Broduer definitely knows it. Which is why(imo) it was him taking a shot at us.

  41. “Dubinsky, Anisimov and Callahan were on fire to start the season so that line needs to stay together”

    Wolski has so much more upside than Anisimov. I’d much rather get him going.

  42. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Im hoping Vinny comes out and scores a goal tongiht to get him going

    LOVE that he’s back in the line-up

    And here’s to hoping Our Captain can get his first goal fo the season tonight


  43. I can’t wait for Vinny to start fighting with people tonight and flipping out when we score. Just adds to the intensity that the Rangers play with already.

  44. Prospal is the big wildcard going forward. At this time last season Prospal had almost 50 points and was on a 70 point pace until he got hurt in the middle of February. If Prospal can get somewhere near that level again, I would suspect these would be our lines in crunch time with Fedotenko replacing Drury or most likely Avery when he returns.


  45. I hope Prospal has a healthy first game back with no set backs……..a goal would be nice too.

  46. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Best thoughts with you and the wife Tony.

    In hockey news… we need to stomp the Devils tonight… and i’m sure i’m late to the party with this one, but did you see the video of Drew Doughty destroying Taylor Hall with a monster hit a few weeks ago?

  47. Also, for those who think Gaborik is struggling (which I guess he is), he’s on pace for 34/34 if he played all 82. His career averages are 37/37, so it’s not like he’s that far off. Last year he kind of spoiled us with his best year in the league.

  48. Oleo – I was thinking about that FIRST line also. Could be real dangerous and tough to defend. I bet we see it tonight for at least a few shifts.

  49. YO GOALS – I am getting closer to a real life Prustbyterian shirt being a real life possibility.

  50. it makes perfect sense. the Rangers now are a grinding TEAM. not an individual, not a line, not a special this or favored that. Torts wants grinders who can work the corners and backcheck on every line, and he wants to be able to roll any line, and use 3 period conditioning and shape to outwork opponents, not depend solely on a few guys and have a few 5 min spectators on the bench

  51. billybleedsblue on

    Goals, I watched the clip of that check on Hall and now I have a headache. Thanks a lot.

  52. Prospal-Stepan-Gaborik

    James G likes…..just don’t see how Drury is going to keep up with the skating of his line mates. as usual..

  53. “just don’t see how Drury is going to keep up with the skating of his line mates. as usual..”

    trailing the play won’t hurt because he’ll be in position to play defense when Avery commits the turnover.

  54. Tony, all the best and quick recovery for your wife

    justin bieber?
    is that the crease clearing dman wicky (and i) have talked about…

  55. trailing the play won’t hurt because he’ll be in position to play defense when Avery commits the turnover.

    Or he’ll be third man high to take a slapper that will miss the net.

  56. I’m hoping Prospal scores tonight…he’s been out so long his head just might explode celebrating a goal.

    Seriously, you gotta love a guy who shows that much enthusiasm out there.

    Rangers MUST win tonight…I don’t wanna go in to Montreal on a 3 game losing streak, which means we’ll take a 4 game losing streak into the Red Wings game.

    Beat up on Fatso tonight….UN-CLE DAD-DY!

  57. tonight is important because lately the Debbies think they are back again to the trapping Jacques-strap Lemaire winning days of their past. so the 3 wins the Rangers have already slapped on them are not enough. they must whip them again tonight to silence once and for all Fatso and the Emricks and Chicos of the world and their few fans that the Debbies are dead, and now the Rangers rule.

  58. Manfried – I would absolutely love a Prustbyterian shirt! Tell me when it’s created, I’ll buy one.

  59. And yes, I agree with whomever stated that Prospel’s energy and enthusiasm will only help the Rangers. I love how everytime he is on the ice for a goal, it is like his first ever goal celebration… EVERY time.

  60. I think they should keep Newbury and demote Drury. IMO, he hasn’t played well enough to be a fourth line player. It always seemed to me that the fourth line was always the hustling, energy line. Yet Drury just coasts along. I realize he doesn’t have his scoring touch anymore, but there are other things he can do. He is, after all, the captain. Show some Callahanian-type energy. I know he’s not big but, why can’t he hit some people? Zuccarello does. I’d LOVE to be in the Ranger locker room to see why everyone says he’s such a great captain. I certainly don’t see it on the ice.

    Speaking of the captain, has Captain Clutch posted at all this season? I really miss his posts. Also, did we ever find out who Captain Clutch was? If so, I missed it.

  61. Wolsky is, and should, much more important player for this organization’s future than Prospal. He is 24 yr old L winger with skills. Prospal is on the first line today for one obvious reason- an attempt to jump start Gaborik. I expect Wolski to play PP too, and he most likely will move up during the game anyway. The fourth line will have to get sufficient minutes for him to be productive tonight, I hope Torts is planning to use all 4.

  62. I’m for change, unlike majority, do not believe in past years old chemistry, which, btw, didn’t work so great in full last season, even before Vinnie’s injury. IMO, so called chemistry is not a cause of Gaby’s decline in productivity. Lost in self confidence did. All shots, which he used to performed intuitively (where his real talent is), without much of the thinking, extremely fast and unexpected for opposition’s goalies and blocking attempts, now become more calculated and as a result, gives them more time(even fraction of second counts here) and predictability.
    I don’t think that understandably nervous and obviously out of his normal physical shape, which made him such a useful energizer with puck handling/delivering, Prospal will benefit himself in psychology department and 1st line in productivity. I would start him in 3rd line and see how it goes. I like him very much and want to be totally wrong with that.
    For Wolsky, who is arguably one of the most talented player in our tough, but talent deficient team, to put him in a 4th line will make damage in his psyche, I think. He knows his capabilities and when taken to the team was told of expectations and hopes in scoring and so far, he seemingly and gladly took responsibility and worked 100%. With all this right concepts of a team needs and coach inflicted discipline – “whenever need me to play”, we are dealing with live individuals, sometimes sensitive proportionally their creativity and have to take it in consideration. Or not?

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