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I guess you guys all heard John Tortorella calling out Henrik Lundqvist  in the post-game while saying “I’m not calling him out.” So I’ll post those quotes later.

Here’s Henrik Lundqvist:

“Obviously, we are not going to win hockey games if I don’t play better. I know that I have to play better. I’m very disappointed.

“The last couple of games I haven’t seen a lot of action, so sometime you’re trying too much when you see the puck and the shots. The next couple of days I have to work harder. I haven’t been practicing that much with the break. I have to play better to give us a chance to win.”

On the third goal:

“I thought I had it under control and it hit my stick and went into the net. (I tried to) make a save with the blocker and instead it hit my stick and went in. Sometimes you can think you stepped in a lot of bad luck, and the last couple of games have been a lot of weird losses. But in the end, it has to be better. I have to be more focused. I think I’m right there, but I’m not.”

On the Kovalchuk goal:

“He’s a good shooter. But on top of my game I probably stop that one. He really picked his corner.”

On the second goal that snuck through:

“I thought I had it, but I could tell by the crowd’s reaction, I could hear it was loose. I turned around and (Girardi) tried to clear the puck and it hit me and went in. So, a lot of weird goals lately, and some bad goals, so like I said, the next couple of days here I’m going to work really hard and try to get my game going. I know if I’m going to get more minutes here I need to be better.”

Upset about coming out?:

“I’m upset for not playing better. I’m not upset getting pulled. I know I have to play better. So it’s a big game. It’s disappointing to come up with that performance tonight.”

Want to be right back in there?:

“Yes and no. I’ll take what they give me right now and if I’m not in I’m going to work really hard this weekend with Benny (Allaire) and get going. Just, the energy, I feel low on the energy here. I need to get going here. It’s an important time, so work hard in practice and I’ll be back.”

On whether the first goal was deflected off Sauer:

“I just think (Kovalchuk) got it really high. That shot where he got a little delay, so it freezes you a little bit. Then he just roofed it. Similar angle that Callahan had there. He kind of waited a little bit, and it’s kind of hard on the angle there sometimes to square up. Overall I just have to be better.”

“A tough night for me. Tomorrow I’m probably going to go over the game a little bit and try to work hard in practice over the weekend and get better.”

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  2. repost

    Did anyone hear Tortorella when talking about Lundqvist in his PC? I forget what his exact quote was but it was something like “the goaltending has not been there the last three games.” He said it with that distinct look on his face (when he is pissed). I understand Torts is a hard-nosed coach but I don’t think he had to rip Henrik in the media like that. How about ripping on the Captain. Lundqvist has the same amout of points on the year as freakin Drury. 4 assists each!

  3. Olga Folkyerself on

    Lundqvist needs to be spot-welded to the crossbar to keep him on his feet. If he stands up more, those goals don’t go in.

  4. Thanks, Carp….tonight I turned off the coverage as soon as I saw the last post get hit…so I’m glad you’re covering the locker room stuff!

  5. (to self) Hit refresh before you post, dummy.

    Sad that Gaborik needs Prospal to play better. But it is what it is, for now.

    Girardi’s been off the last 2 games. A little unsettled, I would say.

  6. I’ll say this: If David Clarkson and Sean Avery were ever going to really fight, Sean would get his Aasen handed to him. Seems to me every scrum they have ever had is broken up before it starts. Clarkson is a much bigger and stronger man than Avery. I was joking with my buddy at the game that they always go at each other and one day Clarkson may destroy him. Avery is a D+ fighter, at best.

  7. Linda,
    I just realized you’re BACK!!!!I wasn’t in a mood after lose even to go to comp. I missed you so very much. RR wasn’t the same without you. Hope you are in a good mood and fighting spirit (I’m not talking hockey). Really,really glad to see you here again.

  8. I just hope Vinny can stay healthy..they can certainly use a good veteran like him in the lineup.

  9. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    I have to apologize to prospal , he looked pretty good out there tonight. Drury was a no show..

  10. Tiki - Yankee Stadium will be fully paid for by the Steinbrenners, only pro team to do so on

    Yankees = very noble and selfless :) nite!

  11. One plays with a guy that’s been spending time with his family as per the MSG update tonight.

    The other moonlights as a pop/folk-ish singer.

  12. There’s really no point in Torts ripping Drury – he’s finished, and I think they both know it.

    Hank, on the other hand……..

  13. adam the truth hurts. henrik has stunk the last 3 games.. i mean really florida and the debbies got less then 20 shots each game…

    if henrik does not like the truth i got an idea, play better.

    a 50 footer with no screen beat him, a bad angle shot form 20 feet away by kovalchuk, and a shot to the midscetion by zubrus, really. did he make 1 grade a save tonight??????

    herik for a guy with very good stats has not been great this year, he has been top 10 goali, but not top 5………

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