It’s Go Time!


The Rangers are cold, the Devils are hot. So this is a big game anyway. But it’s bigger if you consider that the Rangers have lost five of their last eight, and that they go on a three-game trip after tonight: A matinee in Montreal Saturday, at Detroit Monday and at Atlanta next Friday.

Here’s the newer, healthier lineup:

The news first: Lundqvist in goal. Prospal to play LW with Gaborik and Stepan, Del Zotto on defense, Eminger prucha’d.

Other lines:


Gilroy- Del Zotto
Lundqvist in goal 

Eminger is prucha’d.

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  1. from the previous thread:

    I disagree about Gilroy. Despite getting a pretty decent amount of PP time, Gilroy has ZERO PP points this season and only recorded 3 PP assists last year. Conversely, Del Zotto had 22 PP points last season (2nd on the team) and is tied for 4th on the team despite missing 15 games or so.

    I see nothing to suggest Gilroy deserves to be on the PP and at 26, I doubt he will ever be an above average offensive d-man. Del Zotto, on the other hand, has already proved that he can as he finished tied for 10th out of all d-men in PP points last season as a 19 year old.

  2. Noah-tenko-istensen, 28 on

    So tragic about John Giannone’s nephew. Thoughts and prayers with the family.

  3. Brian Leetch should get more involved with the team, don’t you think? He’ll help in any capacity.

  4. Carp,
    I agree with the Gilroy observation, he has been good, what unique about him is that he’s in some weird good places on the ice and doesn’t seem to get caught, he’s growing with confidence. NYR have not had that sort of a guy in a long time. Still has a ways to go though, not a problem if we keep him in the line-up, needs to trust his instincts and not overthink and that is coming with more ice time. Big up side to him

  5. Had a thought today that this team is a lot like the 99-00 Mets. Those Mets weren;t the most talented team, but they had one offensive star in Piazza, a strong pitching staff, a plethora of good, hard working players and a never give up attitude. Translate that the this Rangers team and you get Gaboirk (the offensive star, even if he’s struggling), Lundqvist and Good Marty (aka the pitching staff), and a plethora of good, hard working players that most certainly doesn;t give up.

    I’d prefer they went the way of the 00 Mets and make it to the SC Finals, but I’ll settle for a trip to the Conference Finals.

  6. Ugh, Spider, don’t remind me of Versus. I was mired in them ALL day long, figuring out their damn break structure. GRRRR.

  7. Mickey, Alfonzo and Ventura had good years and a lot of the OF played over their heads. Plus the tandem of Leiter and Hampton was about as good as you’d find outside of Atlanta those days. The World Series that year was a lot closer than most people remember despite the series score but that was also the weakest of the Yankees dynasty teams.

  8. CTB, my points exactly. I see a lot of similarities between those Mets and these Rangers. I loved those Mets teams. Alfonzo was very underrated, imo. Ventura was tough as nails. Timo=MZA? Stature-wise, that is. LOL.

  9. Blue Seat Horror on

    Henrik’s been watching too much Indiana Jones. The penitent man only survives in the movies, Hank, not the NHL.

  10. >>Aww so close, Vinny

    According to Micheletti, Prospal would have scored had this been his second game back.

  11. Blue Seat Horror on

    Been out of sync since All-Star break. Only 2 games, but this is painful. Come on Rangers! Wake the byfuglien up!

  12. billybleedsblue on

    is it me, or can really nobody on this team handle the way Gabby passes the puck a LOT OF THE TIME…

  13. Blue Seat Horror on

    Effin typical. Need a goal. Get a post. I’m gonna find something to do until the 3rd period. (I kid. I kid).

  14. billybleedsblue on

    Yeah Carp, it was. They need to do that every time. Did it look better because it’s the Devs, or because they actually pulled their proverbial head outta the sand?

  15. Carp, ask them if the team’s printer was broken for 53 games. Looks like they just got a memo about shooting the puck.

  16. Torts need to put that last 45 seconds or so of that PP on repeat for the team. Force them to watch it until they get it into their heads to move themselves, move the puck, and for the love of all that is holy, to shoot the byfuglien puck.

  17. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    we played like crap that period. 1st shot of the game we get scored on. hank needs to adapt to those high shots. hes not improved on that at all.

  18. What do you think Torts is telling them at the moment? They didn’t play a bad period at all. The goals are not coming easy, eh?

  19. I was all ready to get a screenshot of Crosby putting his fist to his gaping sausage mouth and have some photoshop fun.

  20. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    how the hell does duby miss that? we cant have 2-3 guys within 5 feet of each other behind the net. were not gettin chances but when we get one like that, duby has to finish there. oh well, heres hoping we get it tied before they score again. cant lose an other effin home game.especially when the gardens dead. you play well, the fans get into it. then that gets the players more involved and into it. now get into teh game rangers!!

  21. haha guess who, I don’t have good photoshop skills. But I’ll see if I can catch it again.

  22. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    yea jimbo hes been pretty average last few games. yea we shouldve beat florida and pitts but we gotta win this one cuz the next 3 will be even harder.

  23. hate lemaire and his stinkin trap. he just ruins the flow of nhl hockey. Sam and Joe don’t mention that, do they?

  24. did you guys see how the Dallas-Boston game started? Fight at :01. Fight at :02. Fight at :04. Check out the box score.

  25. Hawk, they could play Biron once in a while….Hank has a great record against the Devs, but Biron hasn’t been so bad.

  26. Blue Seat Horror on

    That’s a lot of fighting Carp. Expect Steve Ott to be suspended tomorrow for fighting Gregory Campbell.

  27. the Bruins not only got 4 goals, but they won the fights too. Dallas has really gone into the tank in recent games, they are in freefall mode

  28. guess who, I’m submitting screenshots to picasa, you guys feel free to photoshop. Maybe that can be the next contest for tickets?

  29. >>Henrik blows that one.

    Some might say the other one too, but I have nothing to say about either one.

  30. Blue Seat Horror on

    Either one, guess who. They only seem to like scoring in the 3rd. This one has the feel of a 3-2 Devils win where the Rangers just run out of time.

  31. oh yea. the traditional brian boyle goal with under 10 minutes left in the game. sigh
    if you have a baby that won’t fall asleep, just put in a devils game, it will bore the kid to sleep

  32. Oh, so Clarkson was happy to go with Avery, eh. Against Prust- he didn’t want to disrupt the flow. BC!

  33. No chance of winning this game. Afternoon weekend game in Montreal outlook of winning not good either. Is this the annual January/February swoon?

  34. now we know what happened to henrik. he was watching the stupid bball with that little weirdo Bieber

  35. Blue Seat Horror on

    Avery showed up to the game 2 goals too late. Can’t blame him for being caught off-guard, though. Henrik should have stopped both of those.

  36. I swear, since they are renovating the Garden, can we play our home games in Toronto like we used to have to do during the playoffs in the 1950’s? This team just absolutely BLOWS while playing here at home….it’s incredible and unacceptable!

  37. having the center ice package this yr, and watching a lot more teams than I used to. I’m actually HATING our announcers

  38. I’m changing rooms again!

    Taking one for the team. I’im going to watch in the room where jpg, my brother thought he saw a raccoon in the fireplace.

    Wish me luck

  39. Beautiful! Can we just end this game now? Please? 3 goals too late, they replace Hank….

  40. Should have pulled him waaaay earlier. Too late Torts, too late with the taps fest by Avery, only question is that fat puke going to shut us out.

  41. Damn, both goalies are gonna be hurt. Veinte-nueve in Montreal!

    BAAAAAD turnover by MZA for that goal. There’s the defensive liability that Torts has been talking about.

  42. >>This is another one where we need a monster performance by Gaborik? Are we gonna get it?

    I would answer you, but CTBlueshirt will not like my answer.

  43. Forget about “momentum” – Hank was really bad today, carcillo happends even with a Greats. Too bad it is with Debbies…

  44. Blue Seat Horror on

    Need to Send Prust out there to take out Gaborik. Need some injuries.

    I think Lundqvist was thinking ahead to the Montreal game.

  45. henrik playing bad 3 games in a row. they dominated florida, piutt, and tonight these goals he is giving up are soft.

    lundqvist the lesser goalie at least the last 3 games.. softies against columbus etc. he is killing them.

  46. >>no goalie in the league would’ve stopped that blast

    Any goalie would stop it, with better positioning.

  47. >>This is another one where we need a monster performance by Gaborik? Are we gonna get it?

    I would answer you, but CTBlueshirt will not like my answer.


    I’d go with they needed an average game from Lundqvist.

  48. That play by MZA may lead to him eventually getting sent down. Torts has harped on his defensive liability all season. But he will have to wait for our other shootout specialist EC to return.

  49. How come we never heard from this two morons talk about NJ when they were the worst team in the league?

  50. Jason Arnott Am Too Arnott Am Too

    LOL. Reminds of the Arnot mall near Binghamton. Every time I went past that mall I’d do the same exact thing.

  51. Intercepted texts between king and beiber

    Beeb: your still the king to me!

    King: thanks beeb. Oh and do you really think I should feather my hair? I dunno….

  52. Blue Seat Horror on

    Trautwig: Were you surprised that shot went in?

    Anus Zubrus: Well, Al, actually, yes. I never shoot with the intent to score. So yeah, I was surprised.

    Another great interview ManTroutPig. Is this part of that Emmy award winning sports coverage MSG is always harping about?

  53. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Beeb: Can you teach me how to walk like i have Goalie Pads on?

    King: Let me ask my mom.

  54. Carp, do you have any insights as to why this team plays such uninspired hockey in the Garden, except perhaps when they’re trying to mount a comeback?

  55. Blue Seat Horror on

    Yes, Carp. We’re missing a few. Had to bring some kids up from Hartford for this one.

  56. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey! I live near the Arnot Mall. There are some good stores there… Arnot… Artoo… Arnot… Artoo…

  57. I never said trade EVERYONE, I want the Rangers to make 2 moves:

    1. Get a defenseman with a blast from the point.
    2. Get a forward with ANY offensive ability.

  58. Blue Seat Horror on

    DJK, one problem with getting a defenseman with a blast from the point…if the rest of the PP unit isn’t moving he will have no lane to shoot.

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    Where did Boosheargaard go? He’s not dead, because his checks keep getting cashed…

  60. And what are you prepared to give up DJK? For a team that realistically isn’t going to get past the 2nd round?

  61. Blue Seat Horror on

    That guy shooting for the VW went off the post twice. Rangers are looking to sign him.

  62. Beeb: are you going to make the playoffs?
    King. Ah, who cares. Come over and watch chronicles of narnia. I’ll make some popcorn!!!!
    Beeb: word!!!!!

  63. Jimbo, there’s a difference between bad and uninspired. I thought they’ve played hard tonight, but just too impatient against this stupid trap.

    And I think Avery stinks tonight. Yes, he hits people. But he’s been awful.

    Sorry, Mama, wherever you are.

  64. shoot everything from the bad angles along the goal line. fatso is awful on those, going back several years. The Canes used to beat him in the playoffs by using that shot, not to mention the wraparound, as Matteau showed.

  65. DZ getting time back on the PP, he’s either getting showcased or Torts is trying to keep a young player’s confidence up.

  66. I have no problem with Del Zotto playing now but when the playoffs come he needs to be a healthy scratch or playing for HFD.

  67. Leave it to me to sound like a real !%$#*, but this has bugged me for years.

    Why when a public person endures a tragedy of some kind do so many feel the need to offer their condolences on message boards?
    Do you really think anyone’s reading it?

    Do you think you’re Walter Cronkite, speaking on behalf of a network? Sheesh.
    Terrible things happen all the time and we’re all human, we all feel it. I guess that’s where it comes from. Fine, feel it. But why must we read it?

    Generally speaking, if John Giannone was drowning I’d throw him a cinderblock.

    And if you think he’d be heartbroken for you God forbid something happened, think again. He’s one of Cablevision’s lying little b*tches, and he doesn’t give a HOOT about you!

    Now get me a goal! I’m in NO mood today!!!

  68. Del Zotto needs to be in Hartford – AND a healthy scratch there.

    Cause this kid will NEVER figure out the D zone.

    All the tools….

  69. when the playoffs are on the line I want the best 20 players. Im all for letting him learn on the job but not during the playoffs…

  70. billybleedsblue on

    Blueshirts have had every chance to tie and/or lead this game tonight. Please, for the love of all that is good, may they score on this PP chance…

  71. billybleedsblue on

    “Crap, another PP.”

    LOL WTB. Ugh. If only there was some way to come up with a coherent strategy for such situations and perform them in a simulation in preparation for the real game…

  72. Blue Seat Horror on

    MDZ got fired.

    Damn, that Boston-Dallas game is a bloodbath: 4 fights, a pair of misconducts, match penalty for Daniel Paille, Tyler Seguin ousted for illegal check to the head major.

    WTF? Covering the puck in the crease?

  73. Mmmm…looks like more lots points due to a pathetic PP. One goal on 6 tries and that happens on a mis-fired shot on a 5 on 3.

    Can Souray do worse?

  74. That’s what I’m trying to tell you, ILB.

    YOU sound like a moron offering your lame-ass keyboard sympathies to someone you don’t know.

    And don’t feel big n bad cause Carp is with you, cause he’s wrong too!

  75. they badly need some PP point men. guys who have played there for years and know what they are doing and have a hard shot that will at least break a paper bag.

  76. Closing your hand outside the crease is just a minor right? in the crease is a penalty shot.

  77. Carp it’s your blog.

    If you think people want to come home after a hard day and – hoping to find some insight about rangers hockey – instead find that bull, you’re the idiot!

  78. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wow! Crosby’s out with a concussion? I hadn’t heard. They really need to look into hits to the head in this league…

  79. Rod, let me try to explain something to you. A friend of mine is going through a terrible, unimaginable family tragedy and you’re trashing him. You jackwagon.

  80. Rod, you seem to be very near to a last person to teach anyone manners. Has it occured to you that people may have their own feelings?

  81. Carp

    I am well aware this rangers team is not winning the cup or even getting to the eastern conference finals but that winning a series to me is more important than possibly hurting Del Zotto’s confidence.

  82. Thanks, Carp……they just don’t seem to come out “roaring” at home like other teams seem to do…

  83. Blue Seat Horror on

    Rod, you should do what I do whenever I see that you’ve posted…just skip over it and move on.

  84. billybleedsblue on

    We just lost to the worst team in the league…playing the neutral zone trap. Excuse me while I go lose my dinner in the toilet.

  85. Well, Gabby wasn’t “wearing Orpik all night” tonight…….another “too little, too late” effort at home.

  86. Two posts, and a shot that squeezed past Lundqvist that might not have gone in had Girardi left the puck alone.

  87. “We just lost to the worst team in the league…playing the neutral zone trap. Excuse me while I go lose my dinner in the toilet.”

    And at home, to boot……great job!

  88. I dont condone trading anyone Except for maybe mike Sullivan The PP coach 1for 6 is in excusable

  89. Blue Seat Horror on

    Sometimes it hurts to be right:

    Blue Seat Horror February 3rd, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    This one has the feel of a 3-2 Devils win where the Rangers just run out of time.

  90. Wow tough loss. Clunker by Hank that dug us in too deep a hole. I loved that our boys didn’t give up. Good to have Prospal back. Next game in Montreal is gonna be a tough one against a team we don’t match up well against at all. PP NEEDS to be better.

  91. Yeah, I get that Carp. Been through it myself, as has everyone in one way or another.

    But why do people have to post about on a Rangers board it is my point – and you know it.

    If they really cared so much they’d send a card, or attend a service, whatever.

    But people dno’t care that much. They post that because they think they’re supposed to – and it’s phony as hell.

    So don’t give me that pious crap Carp.

  92. You gotta admire Brodeur for sticking with his teammates and organization in tough times and not wanting out. Congrats to Marty and his posts for tonight’s victory. Well deserved; looks like the Devils team has really turned things around. I also kinda like Kovalchuk!

  93. Hmm, I don’t expect things to get any better the rest of the month. We better get our painkiller medication ready. February is going to hurt, folks!

  94. Blue Seat Horror on

    Free speech is great, but you don’t come to someone’s house and call them an idiot. Take out the trash, Carp.

  95. Two bad losses in a row. One of those post shots goes in or Hank stops either the 2nd or 3rd and it’s a different game.

    Gaborik looked better tonight, I thought.

    WTB was DZ doing directing traffic and NOT skating in the final minutes? Found that very odd.

  96. Rangers at home vs the Atlantic

    0-1-0 vs Philly
    0-1-1 vs Pitt
    2-0-0 vs NYI
    1-1-0 vs NJD

    Rangers on the road vs the Atlantic

    0-2-0 vs Philly
    2-0-0 vs Pitt
    1-1-0 vs NYI
    2-0-0 vs NJD

  97. vent time.

    same old cr-p. lundqvist with more softies. like columbus and other games. PP sucks and they fall short. in the interim they miss multiple open nets like the other night against the pens and all for naught.

    floriday gave up about 8 scoring chances got at least double florida had and lost. pens should have won. and tonight.

    PP sucks, lundqvist is not playing great and he sucks against montreal on saturday and his routine is getting old. gaborik is a moron, cross ice diagonal pass on the PP, news flash moron SHOOT THE FRIGGIN PUCK.

    dubinsky at least 4 times lazy passes in neutral zone and the debbie are in the rangers zone in about 3 seconds, dubi missed a open net tonight like callahan did the other night.

    1 point out of 6 in last 3 games and they should have won all 3…………………………….

  98. Rod, when you say people don’t care that much, has it occurred to you that maybe you’re actually projecting what YOU really feel into everybody else’s feelings?

  99. There we go, Mr Selective Enforcement!

    Do it you LEATHERASS!!!



  100. I can’t freaking read properly, Lindzo. And it’s not because they lost at all. I need to cool off

  101. Rod, yore at your best when you talk hockey, buddy. Stick to it. Anything else, you simply sound like a piece of carcillo. There, I’m done.

  102. billybleedsblue on

    ha, the blog loses A Rod tonight? ha, I thought we were done with all of the facts on that one…

  103. dubinsky can you pass the puck like you mean it in the neutral zone and also can you and the other rangers score with a wide open net????????

    just a thought…………….

    gaborik is clueless, he did not get the memo this is the NHL, shoot the damn puck all the time.

    dubinsky with some more blah blah blah… the got roped a dope by the debbies, rangers could not cycle, the debbies d sucks make them play in there own zone……..

  104. billybleeds – LOL. i wanted to apologize for the personal attacks i made on you. re: Alex, i know he is a lightning rod topic, and i know from personal experience that he is indeed a good person. as for that apology to Roberts, he was just falsely taking back a legitimate accusation because he didn’t want to have that hang over his team’s head in 2009. He was selfless in his attempts to help the team, and as we all know, good things come to good people, and 2009 came to Alex :)

  105. billybleedsblue on

    Stan seems like a really strange guy. I imagine him to be the neighbor that borrows a rake, and then doesn’t return it for 2 years, and then one day he’s on your front porch, with the rake.

    Me “Oh Stan, hi.”
    Stan “I brought back your rake.”
    Me “I see that, thanks; would you put on some pants?”

  106. Now does everyone agree with me that #1 priority needs to be the acquisition of a PP point blaster?

  107. btw can michelletti get anything right? anisimov when it is prospal, a goal when it is not, not saying it is a soft goal when it occurs but later on saying obvious those were soft goals.

    why does he not watch the game…………

    another moral victory, screw the 2 points.. lundqvist is hot and cold, 7 shutouts but in many other games he gives up at least 1 bad goal….he needs to be better…………thomas, price, until recently atl’ goalie and a few others have been better. he needs to be a top 10 goalie and play more consistent…….

  108. PP = Priority. I honestly cannot take it. Can someone teach Del Zotto to skate like 5 feet forward and 5 feet back? Maybe he can use that Paula Abdul song (opposites attract). I can’t deal.
    Skate. Shoot. Score.

  109. I think it’s great to see Marty and the Devils turning things around. Well deserved 2 points for them tonight. Maybe by some miracle, the Devils can eek out a playoff spot.

  110. Rod, before you go away: I really enjoy what you have to say about hockey. And I’d love to have you around. I’m being very sincere. Just skip any post that doesn’t involve hockey. It’s that simple. This blog isn’t about hockey only. That’s why it’s different.

  111. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rod- You banned yourself for 8 minutes, now try holding you head underwater for that long…

  112. obvious our current assistant coach and our past assistant coach have NO CLUE how to assemble/run a PP

    possibly 5 more wins if we had a cohesive plan there

  113. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    rangers suck again. gabby is almost useless at this point. he has no high gear. its 1 speed with him. no urgency and fire from him when we need a big goal. dz is just bad. he had a lucky first half of last season. hes plankton. team cant pass. cant shoot, no pp at all, basically, if brian boyle doesnt score or one of the other 3rd line grinders, we dont win. if hank allows 2 or more, we lose. 3 straight home losses. u guys talkin about playoffs and all that, i just hope we get 8th spot. either they are all playing hurt and worn out from the first half of season from blocking every shot and playing a grind it out nailbiter every night, or the other teams are playing harder to make the playoffs. maybe not teh debbies, but we gotta win our home games and maybe its time we get a freakin pp pointman in here and a real scoring threat because we have none. gabby is now frolov.

  114. This is absolute crap. Bring back the Connecticut Whale group. They played with more spunk and desire. Injured players were brought back NOT GAME READY. Dubinsky looked awful. Callahan always plays hard but is way off his game. What’s with Giradii tonite. DZ may have played his last game for Torts. He just can’t play defense as he’s always out of position and actually fanning on his rink long pass during the last power play was enough to make one throw up. Emminger was one of the most consistant defenseman to date and what does stupid Torts do but bench him for two games. Henrik timing in playing soft is uncanny. In short, we had some sort of consistancy over the past two weeks which has been disrupted by injured players all coming back at the same time. CHEMISTRY TERRIBLY UPSET.

  115. billybleedsblue on

    DJK — I voted that on this site in the poll, and I’ve been preaching it for weeks…not here, but In Real Life where I dazzle my friends with my knowledge of the game. Well, actually, it’s probably pretty annoying to most of them. Nobody really likes hockey. Although, I’ve got several people interested in the game. All it took was for them to see enough good games, and better understand some of the rules, and learn how to follow the puck better…

    I digress, YES WE NEED A POINT MAN. I would prefer it be somebody on the team already though. I really don’t understand what the big problem is with buckling down and practicing a low and hard point shot…or maybe it’s not that simple. Is it possible that even with the big point blast the Rangers don’t move the puck well enough for the point man to have a clear lane to the net? Hmmm…

  116. I think Del Zotto has potential…it isn’t in here right now…….Get Eminger back in the lineup. Someone said that he is playing at his peak right now and it’s probably true. We are wasting a peak player to watch Del Zotto develop. He’s 20. Let’s wait.

    The PP is so bad. They are actually WORSE at PP than 5 v. 5. How is that possible? They have 4 high…DUMP THE PUCK. Jesus. Come on. Forecheck.

  117. Take out that the 7-0 game vs the Leafs and the Rangers have scored 3 or more real goals only twice since the new year. In that same span, they’ve lost by more than 1 goal only twice. Lundqvist had a bad game tonight, but through an up and down past 15 games he’s been as solid as you can ask.

  118. “Now does everyone agree with me that #1 priority needs to be the acquisition of a PP point blaster?

    yes, been saying it before. they need a guy who can fire the puck from the point. notice that NJ used 2 forwards who can both drill the slapper from the point. Rangers are too busy trying cutesy passers back there instead of just put Boyle in front of the goalie and blast away. a guy like Kurtis Foster of Edm should be available. he can really blast it.

  119. I had an idea it was you Linda after my post about the 2000 Mets, only Mickey is consistently brave enough to admit she’s a Mets fan.

  120. Olga,

    Yeah, I’m being sincere too. Please pass along my sincerest condolences at
    the wake.

    Oh, you mean you’re not attending?

  121. i knew that’d get ya thinking CT.

    ilbzo… hopefully the rust is fully off come next week. Montreal is always a horror show for this team, so I”m expecting them to be back come Monday. I think Gabby will be happy Fankist is back, and maybe he’ll go on a goal scoring run

  122. I think Kurtis Foster should be traded for ASAP.

    I wonder what the organization’s plans for Del Zotto really are.

  123. DJK- here is hoping the organization has really big plans for MDZ. Nothing involving trading him at the moment. He hasn’t started shaving yet….

  124. I wil get down on my knees tonight and thank God that Lemaire will not be coming back next year- no one has done more harm to the game from an entertainment point of view- and there’s no truth to the rumor that he would have considered coming back if they switched from a rubber puck to cement cube.

  125. Mickey – never had a breathing lesson…guess I need some, because these games at home are just too much to endure – it’s like they’re going by a script.

    Road team comes in knowing that if they get a quick goal that it will throw the Rangers into a tailspin that they won’t recover from until the 3rd period…..or…..

    Road team comes in, gives up one or two rather early, then the Rangers start to “coast”, and go behind after a quick flurry of goals against….then they try mightily to catch up in the third..sometimes successfully, more times, not.

  126. DJK stop it with Kurtis Foster. He’s really helped that EDM PP that operates at a 12.5% success rate. He’s not an upgrade over anything the Rangers have and has been a 6/7th D for most of his career.

  127. CTB, I’m proud to be a Mets fan. Yet, I will freely admit that they will struggle to hit .500 this year.

  128. and that5 shows what you know ILB, which is NOTHING.

    First good offer they get for MDZ and he’s OUTTA HERE!


  129. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy carcillo!!!!!! i missed the abdelkader out of you!

  130. There are still schools that are closed? Holy crap. Stop being lazy and get back in the classroom.

    And people are complaining about kids being back in school? ARGH

  131. Good evening all! What in holy hell! Linda’s back! Rod’s in trouble again?? I heard the 1050 wrap up and want to puke a liittle…..i leave for one game and it’s cats and dogs living together…mass hysteria!!!!

    but, I have the start of a really cool painting, fyi….:)

  132. billybleedsblue on

    Linda! What’s going on

    Rangers stink at home. what’s the deal with that? I really hope we don’t have to look back on this game as the one that got away…and landed us in 9th…

  133. Jimbo, I offer them for free. LOL.

    Seriously though, all good points there. I wish this team would get it collective head out of its assen at home.

  134. HAWK!!! holding down the fort in IA i see lol

    hey billy how ya been!!

    Laurel is becoming an artiste eh

  135. Blue Seat Horror on

    billy, we don’t HAVE to look at this one, because they have given us a few to choose from.

  136. Wow, Boyle only had 11 minutes tonight.

    Too much leaning on the first 2 lines tonight. This team is better when they roll 4, despite Drury.

  137. I don’t think it’s necessary, Carp. He probably feels sorry 2 min after he says that stuff. Mood swings, we all go through it. Some can control it, some can’t. Doesn’t bother me at all.

  138. Hi Linda…I’m new here. Glad that you’re back, since everyone else is!
    How would I breathe a lot easier? if I didn’t watch any home games? ;-)

  139. Yes Mama, it’s time for a little break before they give me one permanently.

    Carp likes to do that. Ignore a bunch of heinous from others and make believe I did something wrong. Flex his virtual muscles.

    I*’m not giving them hell, I swear. Just giving them the truth and they think its hell!

    You were very nice to me lately Mama; appreciate it.

  140. billybleedsblue on

    Mickey, sorry about the Phillies…they are going to make it near impossible for anyone else to take the division for a while…ugh.

    Linda, life’s ok, and I’ve had plenty reason to be enjoying the Blueshirts this season, well, besides tonight…

  141. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    rod- dont mess with ilb. hes one of the most easy going guys here.

  142. Yes Lin, just ask wicky….museums are fighting for my work!

    oh Rod…..sigh.

    OK all, gotta wash the acrylic off my hands and make a call……but this was kind of oddly fun for a brief time and catch up…..:)

    I still love my boys! til later or tomorrow…!

  143. I hate losing to any of the Atlantic teams for various reasons, but at the very least they’re starting to score a little more. And despite it’s low efficiency, the PP has cashed in back to back games.

    As bad as MDZ’s giveaway was after the 2nd goal it wasn’t nearly as bad as Zucc’s blind drop pass just inside his own blueline that lead to the Rolston goal.

    This is still a young team up and down the lineup, especially on the blueline and they were playing with a bunch of rookies or AHL guys that were way down the pecking order.

    Obviously there are some guys that could be doing, and yes I’ll call out Gaborik for tonight, but they’re not laying down when they get behind.

  144. Mickey, if you ever come to NYC, I’ll take some breathing lessons…..I only live a coupla miles from CitiField.

  145. had to work tonight.
    looks like i may have made the right decision
    since i haven’t won the major lottery yet
    hey! ya never know!!

    (maybe if i do, i’ll purchase season tickets behind the Rangers bench and
    give ’em some Bonehead pointers as the games goes along….one can dream!!)

    at least, Linda is back.
    hope all is well

    i don’t have time to go through everything from tonight
    but i saw the last 6 minutes and we looked like a mess
    and the devs looked like their usual clogging the ice selves.

    was it that bad or…?
    should we just bring back newbury, grachev and ca-lor-ick
    and then trade dubi, drury, mdz and…?, he says with the letters
    dripping with sarcasm (for those new to my comments)

  146. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    mama- haha that cats and dogs line was funny. that was from bill murray in ghost busters right?

  147. Torts needs to start Biron on Saturday. Montreal has always been Hank’s House of Horrors. Might want to start him in Detroit too. It’s not like we have a long winning streak there, either.

    We don’t need this streak reaching 4 or 5 games.

  148. billy, thanks. I’m actually quite zen about the Phils. They are good now, but in a few years when they are all older, that’s when the Mets farm system kids start coming up(hopefully). So I’m hopeful for the future while conceding the present.

  149. billybleedsblue on

    Blue Seat, you’re right, but still…the Devils…at home…Ugh. I had a bad feeling about this game tonight, but I just logically could not see how the Rangers could let it get away. Ugh, the next couple of games might really be tough…we essentially NEED to beat the Habs, and then…the Red Wings, in Detroit. Ugh. This could be a rough ride the next week…

  150. Rod, I actually appreciate you for giving us the truth. And I know you do. That’s what you feel, but it could actually be wrong. Has it occurred to you. And just simple point that you immediately resort to calling names, means that even you know you were wrong.

  151. Jimbo ,i think you started posting right before i went on hiatus lol. Nice to ‘meet’ ya!

    billy, our boys have been a pleasant surprise…. future looks bright, especially since drurys gone after next season lol ;-)

  152. Foster has 2 more PP points than MDZ and 2 more overall points than MDZ in 10 more games. He is not the answer.

  153. CTB, young guys make mistakes – that’s how they learn. My issue isn’t with the young is the veterans (I consider Dubi a veteran now) that are letting down the team..they need to score some goals, to make routine saves, to forecheck, and to HIT THE NET instead of the posts all the time.

  154. hope you’re right about team playing better
    with Prospal having better timing
    it’s in montreal
    where we have shown for quite some
    time an ability to implode.

    not looking forward to saturday afternoon….

  155. billybleedsblue on

    Mickey, that’s probably a good attitude to have about it. Hope for the best, and who knows what can happen for the Wild Card…cause I hate to say it, but that’s the only hope. On the bright side, it might be easy to get tickets to some games this season, and being how I’m boycotting the new stadium that the Yankees play in, a Mets game might do the trick for my baseball fix.

  156. Just got back from MSG. What a lousy crowd tonight and what a boring game until the 3rd period. Sorry, but this loss is on Hank.

  157. this was a very good win for the devils, they earned it. good luck to them – except against us – the rest of the way.

  158. Phils are loaded with downside risk if their top guys don’t perform the way they’re supposed to. Lee was a great addition but they probably didn’t need one guy taking up all that payroll when they could have had the division pretty easily and had enough payroll flexibility to replace some aging players in the upcoming seasons. Most of their core guys have played a lot of ball the last few years and staying healthy is slowly creeping up as an issue for them. Rollins has had health issues and most metrics say his 2007 season was a pretty big outlier for his career. I love Utley as a player, but playing a demanding position the way he plays can take its toll. Polanco and Ibanez might bring the veteran experience but they also can be drags on their lineup as they continue to age. And Brad Lidge is an adventure.

    That being said I fully expect them to win the NL East by a good 6 or 7 games this year.

  159. Congrats to the Bruins on moving 15 over .500. Very good hockey team with a very bright future and real shot at the Cup this year!

  160. Devils are doing exactly what we should hope for- too late to make the playoffs and win enough not to get the lottery.

  161. DJK,
    Lidstrom, Yandle, Jack Johnson, Kaberle, Dan Boyle, Enstrom, Byfuglien.

    Guys that aren’t getting traded or would ruin the cap. The best cheap option would have been Wisniewski, but I doubt the Isles would have traded with the Rangers.

  162. This is the real Tiki. With a new outlook on life. If I want Alex to have a 2nd chance, why not give those I dislike a 2nd chance.

  163. Wow, this team sucks… The will miss the playoffs again this year, Hank looked like Dunham out there. Disgusting performance!

  164. billybleedsblue on

    Linda, in all honesty, I don’t understand how the City could allow the Yankees to demand public funds to construct a stadium that is really at its core NOT an improvement on the old one. Obviously, this is a personal opinion of mine, and I understand that it is not…well…mainstream. That doesn’t change the fact that if they really wanted to improve the stadium, they could have, I don’t know, built a dome? Or…increased the seating, instead of reducing it. To use public funds in this way is a disgrace, and the Yankees basically forced the city to do it, as if they don’t have enough money.

  165. Jimbo, I agree, vets need to step up, but they’re playing close and competitive games regardless. Just imagine when the youngsters develop more consistency.

  166. Czechthemout!!! on

    Stop with the MDZ bashing! He made one bad pass that DID NOT lead to a goal.
    Focus your anger on the real culprits tonight and that is Girardi and Lundquist . Both have been brutal the last two games! Girardi especially! He has simply been awful since he came back!

  167. The entire New Yankee Stadium will be fully paid for by the Steinbrenners. Only team that I can remember to actually pay for their entire stadium. Interest-free bonds, nothing wrong with that.

  168. Oh, yeah, Lindzo….
    Why are we talking baseball. It makes me sleepy. Oh, wait, did I forget about 7:00 am meeting, lol?

  169. billy, there’s not much to disagree with there. That’s a great reason. Sound principles behind it!

    does the city still give MSG tax breaks too?

  170. well kids, it’s that time!

    Thanks for the warm welcome back, and know that i missed youse guys IMMENSELY!!!!!

  171. billybleedsblue on

    Over $940 million in tax-exempt public bonds were issued to build the new stadium that the Yankees play in…

  172. Did not like stepan with gabby and Vinny – need to put a grinder in the middle – boyle might score 40 as their center. Love step’s game but gaby cannot grind and cannot skate thru the neutral zone with any jump. vinny is all heart but no heft.

    Do mdz’s passes seem harder than his shots?

    Need a young clear the crease d-man with a blast from the point – oh, btw so does every other team in league.

    Team seemed slow and soft just like against the pens – could be an ugly month

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