Fedotenko has appendectomy; out three weeks


From the Rangers:

New York, February 2, 2011 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced that forward Ruslan Fedotenko underwent an appendectomy today, and will be sidelined for three weeks.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Ronald Simon at the New York University Tisch Hospital in Manhattan.
Fedotenko has missed the last five games due to a shoulder separation sustained during the second period of a 7-0 win vs. Toronto on January 19.  He has registered nine goals and 10 assists for 19 points, along with 16 penalty minutes and a plus-eight rating in 48 games this season.  The Rangers have posted a record of 8-0-1 when he tallies a goal, and are 12-2-2 when he registers a point.  Fedotenko also ranked fourth on the team with 106 hits at the time of his injury.  The 10 year NHL veteran skated in his 700th career game on November 24 at Tampa Bay.


Also, Mitch Beck just informed me that Tom Renney’s father, Tom Sr., passed away. Our thoughts are with the Renney family.

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  1. billybleeds – You’re not going to rile me up. Im never going to convince any of you, so I think it’s best if I leave those topics of conversation alone. And Im not going to get into a back and forth pissing match with you. It’s just not worth it. When I put things before in financial terms re: Alex, I was implying that you were just jealous, because anyone that trashes Alex is just jealous! Occam’s Razor – The simplest explanation is generally the right one.

  2. I guess Feds was more banged up than we thought.
    Could not have been just a shoulder issue…

  3. Carp, I should have been 100% clear. It should have read “Any Yankees fan that trashes him.”

    There are plenty of non-Yankees fans that dislike Alex for reasons other than jealousy. In your case, you’re not a fan of teams. You’re a professional journalist that likes stories and not individual teams. And you don’t like him as a person…I understand that. You also don’t like Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Kevin Garnett as people. I respect your position.

    I just don’t respect the position of billybleeds.

  4. Condolences to the Renney family…

    …Appendicitis most typically occurs suddenly… I’m sure it was the case for Feds…

    This may be a blessing in disguise because it lengthens the time Torts has to decide who the next player that would come out of the lineup would be?

    sucks for him of course but, silver lining?


  5. Oh, geez…Condolences to the Renney family. There is a reason Tom is such a gentleman. I’m certain so was his father. RIP.

  6. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    And as much as I’m tempted to wade into the ARod discussion, I’m staying out, save one thing… I would love to see Tiki get into it with a friend and former co-worker who dubbed him AFraud. And that was in front of a diehard Yankee fan who AGREED with him. ‘Nuff said.

  7. I will only say one thing about A-rod: he is probably less important to a vast majority of RR readers than the weather in Lesotho.

  8. I will only make one comment about A-Rod: As a Yankees fan, I think his amazing baseball achievements throughout his career don’t matter when people remember him for things like Madonna, steroids, cheating on his wife, self-obsessed, and being a weird “cat” in general. I wouldn’t call him a piece of carcillo. Yet, he is definitely not one of the “good guys” in baseball.

  9. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    just got back from the dentist and now I have to wait for 7 hours on verizon…damn x2!!!

  10. “When we went through the injuries, it gave guys other opportunities,” Rangers coach John Tortorella said. “We weren’t sure if Zucc was going to be able to play. Now he comes up here and certainly does his thing in the shootouts, but he’s probably one of our most creative passers. He sees the ice tremendously.

    “It’s good stuff for us. We didn’t figure that out until we had injuries. It gives the guys the opportunity. Some guys seize the opportunity.”


    Quotes courtesy – Dave Lozo of NHL.com. Awesome stuff. MZA is seizing his opportunity and Torts see it. I am so happy that this guy is working out like this for the Rangers…

  11. I will only say one thing about A-rod: he is probably less important to a vast majority of RR readers than the weather in Lesotho.


    where’s Lesotho?

    RIP Renney Sr

  12. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    she wants to keep her droid, which is fine by me. I’ll try out the iphone and if she really likes it, then we may get one for her also!

  13. i’m getting iPhone tonight! Well, tomorrow morning to be exact. Pre-sale for Verizon customers starts at 3 AM on January 3rd! wooohhoooo!

  14. Small country within South Africa, CCCP. One of the poorest countries in the world with very high infant mortality rate. Only 15% of kids get any type of education. If the jackwagon gave 0.5% of his salary to them, they would be able to educate the other 85%

  15. It’s bad you wouldn’t be able to multitask on it, wicky. Unless, of course, you are using wi-fi :-)

  16. I’ve tried to end this numerous times, but it just continues going.

    Mickey – I love you, but the Yankees “fan” is a steaming pile of carcillo.

    There’s no reason to call the guy a jackwagon. He donates his money elsewhere. Maybe he’s not informed about Losotho…Id never heard of the region until I just looked it up.

  17. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    that is correct. The 5 that comes out in the summer will be able to. The problem here is the network will not support that anyhow, so might as well get the 4 and by the time the new network gets up here (about 2 years I’m guessing), I’ll just get a newer one then.

  18. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    besides, let’s not kid ourselves, other than an ipod and posting on the blog here, what the hell would I use it for?? Phone calls? HA!!!

  19. Ya know, this is just silly. This blog is supposed to be fun, and I find myself having less fun on here.

    Because you have issues with athlete’s personal lives or how they spend their money, they’re bad people or jackwagons.

    If you want me off the blog, just say so. Im tired of fighting with you all. Im tired of reading my supposed fans of teams bash my teams and players.

    Im done for the night; see you all tomorrow.

  20. I’m sure he does, Tiki. This is a small part of NY Times article about him and his donations. I read it some time ago, but I was able to find it again:

    “But Rodriguez’s CNBC devotions illuminate his baseball motivations. The next 10 years aren’t about team championships, but financial benchmarks linked to A-Rod’s rate of slugging, with a Monopoly game payout for eclipsing history: pass Barry Bonds, collect $6 million.

    Money is A-Rod’s identity, engraving his social standing, with Warren E. Buffett on his I.M. buddy list. As any Buffett-phile knows, philanthropy stats are valued, too.

    But A-Rod is a star constantly locked in a contradiction of conscience as evidenced by his charity. The homey surface of the AROD Family Foundation’s Web site, which promotes a slogan of helping “families in distress,” belies its cap on generosity.

    Rodriguez has earned nearly $200 million over the past decade, but, according to 990 tax records dating to 1998, he is a cheap tipper to his foundation.

    In eight years of available documents, donations averaged $30,000 a year and gifts distributed to the community averaged $13,000 a year. In 2002, A-Rod did not contribute more than $5,500. In 2006, the foundation did not give away more than $5,090 despite a fund-raiser that collected $368,000.”

  21. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    BASEBALL SUCKS….cancel that sport forever!!!! (and take the NBA with it)

  22. Good evening all! Damn that news about Tenko bums me out. And same about Renney etc. Sad day….can’t wait for game tomorrow and hope to ding the debbies….sadly, unless the weather hartnell’s me up again, I’ll miss game for second round of painting school…:)

    why can’t you all just get along ? :) !

  23. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    you modeling nude for the painting class?? Lucky bastages!!

  24. Tiki,

    Nothing is with the Giannone family. That’s just a picture that I took of Tom and John at a fan fest several years ago at the training facility. I could have used a stock picture for my story, but it felt more personal using one that I took.

    If you happen to want to read what I wrote and share some well wishes to Tom, I know he still reads Howlings whenever he can so I’m sure he’ll get your best wishes.

    You can read and post them at:

  25. I think Torts told the doctors to remove Feds’ appendix electively. Let him stay out for a few more weeks, he said. First, he’ll be able to sort out who is doing what on the team, too many players are coming back at the same time. Second- that would eliminate the surprising possibility of losing him again during the playoffs due to appendicitis.

  26. and to wicky
    if you’re still around

    thought of you last night
    but was too…ahem…unhappy
    commenting about other things
    to mention that

    i’m sure you wish we had dmen like the pens
    haven’t watched ’em play in years
    but they sure have that snarl

  27. note to self: never come here on certain off game days/nights. you all are nutter butters….

  28. billybleedsblue on

    Ilb — “I think Torts told the doctors to remove Feds’ appendix electively…”

    You’re killin’ me. That’s funny stuff. As for Fatty B. waking up the Rangers with his slobbering…what an easy shot to take at the Blueshirts…and probably just an effort to give all 2 Devils fans something to feel good about — ‘we may stink now, but the Rangers did for 7 years. Carcillo on them!’ Nice try with the misdirection Fatty. I hope the Rangers light him up like a Christmas tree!

  29. ilb – I sincerely want you to take this as complete objectivity.


    That article that you found regarding Alex’s donations is complete crap.

    Please, please, please, please DONT believe anything you read from Selena Roberts, the writer of that article, with no evidence whatsoever. She ruined kids’ lives.

    Selena Roberts is a slimeball. She wrongly accused the Duke Lacrosse team of raping a college co-ed.

    Selena Roberts stalked Alex and his two young daughters for over a year of her life to try and bring him down.

    Selena Roberts is the lowest form of media there is.

    There’s Rick Carpiniello.

    There’s Chad Jennings.

    There’s People Magazine.

    Then there’s Star and gossip rags.

    Then at the low end of the totem pole is Selena Roberts. She’s a liar, a cheat, a fraud, a criminal.

    She ruins peoples’ lives just to boost her own ego.

  30. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Tiki, love to you to, but you do not know this individual and you most certainly do not want to go there with me , so i will leave it at it.

    wicky, love you too, man. I was a Verizon customer for many years and loved them, but one very bad personal customer experience and I switched to AT & T that same day. Haven’t looked back since.

  31. “Selena Roberts stalked Alex and *HIS TWO YOUNG DAUGHTERS* for over a year of her life to try and bring him down.”

    I put the above in caps and bold just so you can appreciate what a slimeball she is, ilb.

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha! Goalie fight in the Islanders game. DiPietro got dropped. He’ll have a concussion now.

  33. Brent Burns. Beauchemin; Some names starting to fly……

    Would seems Sather is lining up his best options, along with cheaper fallbacks, as EVERY GM does. Gamed some of this out with friends as far as how the deadline may effect the long term plans, with near unanimity, that the NYR will make THE big moves to set them up for Cup contention between now and the end of summer.

    Nothing earth-shattering there either, it’s been bandied about here all season.

    What might not be as obvious is such moves are becoming mandatory, with the emergence of Zuke, Wolski, and perhaps Kreider not far behind. If he keeps going as he has, Christian Thomas will climb into the OHL Top 10 in scoring sometime in the next week and up the Rangers chart as well. Who becomes expendable?

    Thing is, do they find the fit they like now in someone like Iginla, perhaps along with Regehr? Or Dustin Brown, if they can snag him? Are they better off with Richards, and can they even get him? Is it better to take on Iginla’s two years versus the 4-5 it will almost certainly take to ink Richards? Hmm.. is it better to keep Iginla from the Flyers?

    For all the talk about the Torts-Richards connection, which offensive player fits better with Tortorella’s – and this Ranger team’s – true style?
    And is there any way at all to rid the $ of Drury, and maybe even Gaboriks?

    If not, it’s hard to see how anything big gets done. Iginla and Regehr combined are around $11m.

    Rangers need to do something; their captain not only hasn’t scored a goal (or hit the net!) in something like 50 games going back to last year, but he’s now winning only about 30% of draws, supposedly the last rationale for keeping him around on the 4th line.

    For my money, I’m happy with Bryan McCabe right now, sort the rest out in the summer.

    But the lack of trade talk is usually when deals get made.

  34. Tiki- truth be told- I really don’t care.

    Marty should stop dreaming about those 7 years and try to take a closer look at what his record against the Rangers has been since the lockout.

  35. Blue Seat Horror on

    Watching the Pen()s without the two-headed sausagestein last night and tonight really showed them for what they are, Flyers of west PA.

  36. billybleedsblue on

    Oh man, anyone gotta link to that brawl yet? I’m trying to find it, but not successful so far…

  37. What a goof DiPietro is……he instigated the whole altercation, stepping into Cooke, then he gets dropped like a sack of potatoes!

  38. Rod- if they feel they have to make a big move, Iginla over Richards makes more sense long term, and he probably is a better fit on Tort’s team at the moment.

  39. Pens are a really nasty team right now…they were giving it to the Fishsticks all night long, including several very nasty near-boarding “non-calls”…….

  40. “flyers of west PA”
    great line Blue Seat

    haven’t seen the brawl yet
    again, can’t stomach to watch the pens
    if dipietro did something against cooke
    than i’m sorry but i’ve got to side with the goalie
    against the skating cheapshot taking puke.

  41. I think the word “puke”, when used as a noun, is the most sophisticated word in American dictionary :-)

  42. Ilb and Rod, I agree that Iggy is a much better fit now, and for the long-term, than Richards.

    For anything to happen, Drury has got to go. I can’t imagine another team taking on Drury’s contract unless they need to hit the cap floor and they buy him out. It is also hard to imagine that scenario even happening unless we give up a key asset….

  43. NYR_FAN- giving up a key asset vs simple buy out will only save the team $3.7M in cap space. Even if they can find another team to dance with, is it worth an asset?

  44. If that $3.7M means we would have the chance to have both Iggy and Gaborik on the team, then the options should explored…not saying I would give up any core guys…maybe draft picks?

  45. c’mon NYR
    for calgary’s top guy
    they’re going to take draft picks and Drury??

    i want what you’re smokin’ or drinkin’

    picks? it would have to be a bunch of 1s and 2s
    and that more than likely wouldn’t be enough
    with Drury added.

  46. no, jpg….

    I was saying, hypothetically, you trade Drury + picks to a team (like the Avs?) who are near the cap floor to free up space for Iggy and Regehr

  47. That Islander/Penguin brawl was started by that piece of crap Cooke. What a surprise. For all those who hate Cooke like I do, here’s something worth reposting:


    The best thing about it (besides the fact that Cooke gets knocked out cold of course) is that Kane nails him TWICE. The first is a solid punch to Cooke’s ugly jaw, then a second as Cooke is falling to the ice in a daze.

    It’s a thing of beauty.

  48. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Oh man, mama is going to need a weeks worth of papers for this convo!!

    get iggy!!!

  49. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    this was hilarious…

    Tortorella’s response:

    The biggest challenge for me coming in at that time of year, with 20-odd games left with a team in a hunt to get a playoff spot, was how much could I get across to (the players) in such a short amount of time. Do you have to wait till the next year to add to it? That was kind of a give and take with me. Certainly, finding out what the team was and what the personnel was. I mean I spent a whole meeting calling Dan Girardi “Joe Girardi” before they let me know his name is Dan. It took me a while, even on the bench, to figure out who’s who. That was a challenge because it was such a sprint and there was so much on the line to get in.

  50. papers for all of you!!!!! oy! Let’s all have mama love please! Debbies are going down and Ranger fans are all tremendously tremendous!!!!!

  51. Calgary wanted Dubinsky and Del Zotto for Iginla.

    Cap-wise we don’t have to dispose of Drury this season to fit him in.

    I think we can get him without surrendering Dubnsky but it will likely cost us Anisimov or Wolski, Del Zotto, a prospect, and a 1st rounder to do it. That’s the cost of a future HHOFer who has represented Canada in international competition since time immemorial.

    We do not have a single guy on our roster with Iginla’s acumen.

  52. DJK: No no no to Iginla. Yes he’s a talent with a great history, but giving up a bevy of young guys and prospects is so New York Ranger is beyond crazy, IMO.

    You pursue an Iginla when you’re on the cusp of a cup-dom, not when you have 4 significant organizational holes, none of which the guy may be even capable of filling (he’s a declining power forward).

    No no and more no!

  53. Iginla will come here to die, just like all the other over-the-hill scoring stars that we’ve brought on board over the years.

    The New York Rangers franchise is like an elephant’s graveyard for the NHL’s high scorers once they get here in their later years.

  54. billybleedsblue on

    Ilb, thanks for link. DP took a pretty good hook there. I’ve never had anything against DP…even rooted for him during the 2006 Olympics…I gotta side with him. I don’t like Cooke one bit. Leave it to the Pens to add injury to insult in a shutout game. I dislike them even more now.

  55. If the Rangers dont want to pony up the return for Iginla then we don’t get him.

    The master plan could be no further salary commitments taken on this season, Zach Parise offer sheet come July 1, for all we know.

  56. >>“BASEBALL SUCKS….cancel that sport forever!!!!

    Umm, baseball is not a sport; it’s a great American pastime.

  57. >>Wow…Franzen finished with 5 goals tonight for the Wings…talk about monster…

    Franzen = Godzilla

  58. >>What a goof DiPietro is…he gets dropped like a sack of potatoes!

    Someone should ask him how he felt about the Rangers as he was dropping to the ice.

  59. Messier wasn’t over the hill when he got here…and neither was Jagr, although he did have more miles on him by the time we got him.

  60. Messier came to the Rangers in 1991-92 when he was 30. Iginla is 33 and not “over the hill”.

  61. even though DP got KO’d, you still got to give him for hitting Cooke up high. I just hope DP’s hips are OK lol

    Nothing would make me feel good than seeing Cooke going down and out for the season or career.

  62. I think Iginla is an “older 33” than Mess was an “old 30” when he got here. Iggy isn’t completely over the hill yet, but his production is way down this year, and the fact that Calgary would be entertaining the thought of letting him go tells me that they know more about his future than we do.

  63. Having said that, if we could get him under the cap, and if we didn’t have to give up several young core players to get him, I wouldn’t mind having him. But not at the expense of Callahan, Dubi, or MDZ.

  64. I think the problem with Iggy’s production is not that he is fading, it is that he is playing with “over the hill” guys like Morrison, Tanguay, and Jokinen. He is really the only threat on that team. We have a way better supporting cast than Calgary.

  65. On the other hand, I’d love to see us sign Parise in the summer, or at least drive his signing price up so high that the Devs wouldn’t have a chance of re-signing him with Kovy on their roster. Maybe if we can’t get him ourselves (which I would prefer!) then we can drive him out of the division.

  66. I hope you’re right, NYR_FAN…he’s always been a great player, but I just don’t see him coming here. If we could get him without hocking the future, it might be a good fit.

  67. Wowza was that goalie fight something else. DP got rocked but good. Wonder if he’s looking for the plate of the truck that hit him so hard.

    Not surprised one bit that carcillo cooke was in the middle of it.

  68. If a reasonable deal for Iginla can’t be made, I am all for a Parise offer-sheet as plan B.

    Again, this is all assuming that Drury’s contract get’s moved. I don’t buy the idea the Rangers will fit under the summer cap cushion with all these RFAs they must resign and Redden’s contract coming off the books. Drury’s contract is an albatross. Slats is going to have to get creative with Drury…or talk him into retirement, if we really want to pursue any big time player.

  69. MickeyM, Cooke was a part of it, but DP, in a post game interview, admitted that he hit Cooke first – he instigated the whole incident, with only seconds left on the clock – and then he got his clock cleaned as a result!

  70. Jimbo, no doubt that DP started it. Glad to hear him admit it, too. I’m just not surprised that Cooke was involved at all. Little carcillo is always starting/in the middle of stuff.

    On that night, night gang! See you tomorrow for a game day!

  71. NYRFAN,

    You said the magic word with Drury. I think that’s the best hope for uncomfortable situation all the way around.

    Forgot to mention, the rub, at least as some friends were posing it with Iginla vs. Richards
    is if you want Iggy, you have to make a play for him now, he won’t be there in the summer.

    There are hockey / media people who see the latest round of denials about Iginla being moved – and where, when & how they’re coming – as the surest sign he will be this time.

    This time of year, I’d just say keep an eye out for strange occurrences, like Eminger being Prucha’d in favor of MDZ. Doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Calgary, but it means something.

  72. We know Tortorella does not like MDZ very much, nor does he like to carry 7 D. MDZ was clearly showcased last game and there has to be a reason he wasn’t sent back down.

  73. DJK

    where the fugg you come up with this stuff? Torts does not like MDZ? MDZ was clearly showcased? cmon dude…really?

    MDZ is staying, as said many times already, clearly because our PP looked pretty good with him at the point last night. He needs to stay here…

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