It’s Go Time!


As we hit the final 30 …

Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi are all in. Michael Del Zotto, too. Lundqvist starts in goal. Steve Eminger is prucha’d. Again, no Sid the Skid, no Evgeni Malkin for the Penguins.

Here are the probable lines and combos, according to Andrew Gross’s blog:

Brandon Dubinsky-Artem Anisimov-Marian Gaborik
Wojtek Wolski-Brian Boyle-Brandon Prust
Mats Zuccarello-Derek Stepan-Ryan Callahan
Sean Avery-Kris Newbury-Chris Drury

Marc Staal-Dan Girardi
Michael Del Zotto-Matt Gilroy
Ryan McDonagh-Mike Sauer

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  1. I don’t know, if posted already, but according TSN and Sport-Express, Fedotenko rehabilitation goes in a good pace with encouraging results and he will be cleared in a 10 days. So, we will most likely see him Feb.,12 in game against Atlanta.

  2. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Most importantly, where’s Orr, Izzy, and the Folkyerself family?!

  3. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    WOOOT! Officially GO TIME.

    Let’s eat some waddling ducks for dinner, eh?

  4. Do you believe it’s only been a week? How exactly we survive the whole summer is beyond me…

  5. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    How will we survive the summer, ilb? Guess you’re gonna have to be a Yankees fan for me! Boom!

    Where’s Fozzy and Krisi and noremry?!

  6. did you guys hear what Milbury said to Jones?

    he was like “Hey, did you see Lundqvist and how good looking the guy is?” HUH?? creepy!

  7. It's Just Sally on

    Ilb, how many cases of rabies have you treated? There were so many raccoons in my backyard in Brooklyn all the time. Terrifying!

  8. NYR_FAN

    i was wondering too..where’s ORR? nobody knows? its been a week! very unlike ORR..he’s usually here all day every day

  9. Sally, I was only laughing at your detailed description about a rabid bat…I know how serious rabies is…

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Back from break!!!"...says Greg L. on

    dont worry ’bout ORR guys , Im here!!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO Rangers baby , I cant wait!!!!!!!

    Go tome go timee go timeeeeeee!!!!

  11. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Mama – I thought I told you last night to fade to black and to never come back!

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Back from break!!!"...says Greg L. on



    Go Zucco go!!!!!!!

  13. C3P

    I saw ORR! post on Sunday when we were talking about Iginla and Kreider getting a shot nex year..haven’t seen him since…he said this:

    # ORR!! Blast From The Past Is A Carcillo-Sucker!! January 30th, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Kreider and McIlrath should finish College, and Juniors, respectively, before signing. It wont hurt them.

    How did Stahl, Lungfist, and Step-On do last night? I didn’t feel like watching that borefest.

  14. Wolski Del Headzo on

    I can’t believe I have to sit & watch the Curses network for yet another night. I never thought I’d miss Michel spaghetti & Giagavone so much

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Back from break!!!"...says Greg L. on

    hope ORR got abducted by aliens cuz I could owe him some coin come seasons end..

  16. Maybe Orr’s at spring break? Hope he’s just been taking a breather during the six-day respite and he’ll be back tonight.

  17. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Normally I prefer the 7:30 starts, but today it’s killing me. Just start the damn game already!

  18. Brodeur should’ve been a player of the week… Hey, he didn’t let any goals in for 7 days

  19. Spider, I almost spit out my beverage when I heard that!

    tiki, I’ll get you, and your little dogs too!! :)

  20. Times must be hard for Billy Jaffe since losing the Islanders gig. He’s had to borrow one of Beninati’s mafia suits. Should’ve taken one that wasn’t identical to Beninati’s choice tonight though.

  21. miked, wtb??? for the record, here’s what the end of the post said

    For the record, appears to have moved to and is working fine,” tweeted @Amgodd.

  22. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Mama – I aint afraid of you! You come after my puppies and Ill be forced to catnap and cuddle with your kitties! :)

  23. Wolski Del Headzo on

    No sausage lips, no malkenstein…who’s the #3 carcillo-head on the ice chickens? That piece of cooke Cooke?

  24. Beninati and Pidto for me like ugly twin brithers in their un-hockey-ness. Can’t stand them.
    Jaffe I don’t mind at all, thou

  25. Anyway, the Rangers have six double-digit goal scorers (one with nine goals), Penguins have five in double digits, and two guys with nine goals. So Milbury just needed to fill time with nonsense I guess.

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Back from break!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Lets get ready to RUMBLEEEEEE!!

  27. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Mama – Yeah, yeah, yeah! I dont care about kitties that scratch. My puppies scratch! Stanley and Cup will soon be mine, and Stanley’s Cup will soon be property of the New York Rangers! BOOM!


  28. We’re amateur-hour if we can’t beat them, at home, without having to play against Crosby and Malkin … but I’m sure we’ll make it interesting.

  29. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Yeehaw! Just got a call from work to not come in til 10am tomorrow. This day is getting better and better!

  30. that shift did not look good.
    hope it’s just a blip
    Torts is going to need to match
    that line with someone else

  31. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Two Tikis are blogging tonight. I am negating Tiki 2’s 7:46 bad luck post! :)

  32. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Our PP sucks so bad that we got a tap-in goal from right in front that just was not converted…

  33. ummm…a commercial for Glee during a hockey broadcast
    where milbury or don cherry to comment on this?

  34. On the PP, that pass MDZ made to MZA was the right play but MDZ put too much on it and it cause a turnover that lost about 30 seconds on the PP…MDZ is over-thinking simply plays….

  35. gee Mama
    you missed my comment on
    bringing back Grachev in place of
    Dubi since Dub didn’t score on his first shift

  36. well, at least we can pretend tonight
    when our pp stinks
    that the pens have the league’s best pk

  37. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    CCCP – Mama doesn’t even know how to operate a DVD player, nevermind her ’59 Zenith TV. She probably has a butler flip the TV on and off for her!

  38. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Torts not happy with the way the team is playing. I wouldn’t think he would be after the layoff. Thought it would take a period to shake all the rust off.

  39. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Im liking the broadcast so far tonight. It’s nice to hear about our players rather than hear Joe M fawn over the opposing players and how big and strong everyone is.

  40. Guys does the broadcast suck or is it just my tv? Do they have cheap cameras or something?

  41. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    In baseball, a pitcher helping his own cause is getting a hit to score a run. Maybe Benishoddy meant that LQ has been helping his own cause with all of his assists.

  42. Anisimov looks like he needs a sandwich. I really hope he bulks up in the next couple of seasons…he is still awkwardly lanky out there…

  43. They need to pick it up a notch. They’re playing against the team with Mike Rupp as their second center

  44. hmmmm….funny how poor marc savard got
    crushed by cooke and others
    headshots not much of a big deal (ya know, it was his fault)

    is involved in an accident with opposing player
    and suddenly
    headshots is a MAJOR probelm

    bunch of carcillos

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Alrighttttt dat more like it!!

    Lets Go Rangerssss!!!

  46. Anybody who doesn’t have Versus on mute is missing out on a great broadcast by Kenny and Dave…

  47. again


    stop banging the puck around the boards forever!!!

    they did better when they actually moved the puck around
    instead of chasing it

  48. billybleedsblue on

    jpg, I couldn’t agree more. I’m still upset about how poorly the savard check was handled by the league. It was so obviously an intent to injure IMO. Well, at least the league is really getting serious about it now…

    When the Rangers get a PP, they should have the option to opt-out of it…so 2 minutes come off the clock, and they just skate full-strength effectively skipping the whole thing. The PP’s a joke.

  49. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    I cant stand reading the crap about declining the PP.

    It’s just stupid.

    There are 3 inherent advantages to a PP.

    1. You have a chance to attain a 5 on 3.

    2. You have 2 minutes in which the other team is unlikely to score

    3. If we get a penalty, it takes away PP time for the opposition.

  50. You dont need a guy that can fire rockets from the point. You need to be able to move the puck with efficiency and catch defenders out of position. You need constant movement and players finding open areas of ice.

  51. billybleedsblue on


    ahhhhh…Kenny and Dave…much better…

  52. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Pretty bad first period, though they picked it up late in the period. I expect Torts will give them a colorful pep talk and they’ll come out hitting hard in the second.

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Penguins suck

    Penguins are bums

    Penguins are useless without Cindy and Meathead Malkin

    Penguins are lame

    Penguins are weak

    Penguins are done

    Penguins are garbage

    Penguins are boring

    Penguins need to miss the playoffs

  54. billybleedsblue on

    still lol’ing here. Thanks for the PP breakdown. Man, you’re right, it IS an advantage! LOL.

  55. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    i wasn’t talking about anyone specifically, billybleeds. Ive seen 50,000 comments about declining the PP over the course of this season. And Im sure at least some of those comments are serious. That idea is just plain ridiculous.

  56. Tiki: Rockets from the point fired on net with guys in front to screen/put in rebounds and deflections >>>> puck movement.

  57. Stupid question. “What do you do when a guy goes out of his way to bump you or elbow you?”

    “I fight him.”

  58. declining the pp is loaded with sarcasm
    because we’re so bad

    the pens were mentioned as having the best pk in the league.

    and Tiki
    an inherent advantage of pp
    is that our team has an extra player
    which should give them more room and a better
    chance of scoring

    chasing the puck around the board for a minute
    is not taking advantage

    you can talk about pp quarterback all you want
    but if moving the puck around the board for awhile is all that you
    do then what’s the use

  59. exactly Tiki

    movement during the pp
    but not back and forth along the boards

    somehow we make it look as if the other team’s pk unit
    has 6 guys to our 5.

    amazingly pathetic.

  60. billybleedsblue on

    Tiki, i guess sarcasm is often lost via text on a blog…

    I’m still LOL’ING from your explaining the advantages of the PP though…oh man, thanks for the tips! :D

  61. Lousy 1st period, that’s for sure. And what’s with the Penguins, anyways – Cooke, Godard, Rupp and Englenob (or whatever his name is), geeesh….

  62. How do you synch radio with TV, because my radio is like 12 seconds ahead of TV? And I can’t listen to this amateur anymore.

  63. That is hoping for good luck, DJK. Firing shots at the net and hoping for deflections and rebounds is luck. More efficient production from the PP comes from efficient passing and finding open teammates.

  64. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    crosby crosby crosby crosby crosby

    blah blah blah blah

    I propose a new channel. Much like Oprah has her own network now, let’s create one for Crosby. It can be all Crosby, all the time. With one rule, his name shall not be uttered anymore on any other network besides his own.

  65. billybleedsblue on

    Carp if you get the radio from the internet, there’s a pause button…I got it pretty close. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the alternative…

  66. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    billybleedsblue – Sorry for the confusion. It was not directed at you or anyone specifically. Like I said, at least one or 2 posters on here would rather not have the PP. And yes, my explanation is so obvious, it is rather funny, so Ill join you by LMAO!

  67. It’s funny how some folks are making a huge deal about “hits to the head”, yet have no problem cheering two goons punching each other’s face into a pulp.

  68. billybleedsblue on

    The Rangers should just send out 4 guys when they are on the PP. They would probably be more effective 4 on 4.

  69. weird that your radio is ahead
    mine was behind

    i changed from the link at Rangers site
    to link from CCCP
    maybe that will be more in sync

  70. radio is always ahead of television however, internet feeds and internet radio are behind both TV and radio.

    btw Kris Letang is really really good…

  71. If the league ever listens to what Milbury thinks is a cause of concussion and how to prevent it, there will never be enough beds in US rehab centers to accommodate all hockey players.

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Momma , Well ….Im still upset they got 2 outdoor classics already and we have’nt had any!!!Rangers in an outdoor classic against Vancouver or Toronto. Prust’s answer made me chuckle , I loved it!!!!

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    did Avery just run into Fluery??? haha go Avery!!!!

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    yessss yess yesss yess yes!!!!

    whoooo ohhhhh ohhhhh whoooohhhhhh hey hey ehy!!!

  75. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    That was all created by Gaborik staying with the puck and shooting it towards the net. Great deflection by Dubinsky to get it on net. Great overall teamwork.

  76. hmmm.. wait a sec. If my internet radio broadcast is already behind, how will hitting pause help? wouldn’t that put it further behind? I am so confused.

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    WTG Artem “Pocket Aces” Anisimov!!!! AA

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Prust is thinking:

    ” now just need to get my assist…”

  79. I’m SO sick of different rules for Avery. THAT should have been a penalty. He tried to elbow Avery’s face off (pun intended)

  80. Blue Seat Horror on

    You know what Prust said when he got to the penalty box: “It’s only pain.” Prust = monster.

  81. how pathetic. they call the Newbury elbow
    but not the pens elbow.

    i guess the refs aren’t in the can just for cindy

  82. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    STBU Tiki! You just cost us that penalty!!!! AASEN! And you cost us a goal! Hartneller…

  83. ya know HANK
    if YOU STAND ON YOUR G******* FEET

  84. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Because it has nothing to do with the Skid or the Penguins or the Flyers or Shmigeggos. It has to do with the red, white, and blue, and number 16.

  85. Blue Seat Horror on

    You all know Crosby’s watching the game from the war room in Toronto, right…with a direct line to the refs.

  86. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    I have a great idea for all of you. When you all realize that the referees are biased against the Rangers, then the Rangers will win the Cup. Deal?

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    yeah Blue seat , He gets glances at the head officials as a call is being reviewed. Crosby nods or just shakes his head . “Ahh I’ll let that one go …” is what he mutters the odd time.

  88. how in the living hell could he send a rebound
    to a herd of players coming towards him?


  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    gimme a break !!! come on!!! what up!!!???? geeeezee man , this is sick.

  90. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Man, that was a horrible rebound by Hank, but DZ got out-muscled big time.

  91. N.CountryNYRFan on

    ever since that non call on Avery/call on Newbury it’s been all Pittsburgh, fuggin refs, thanks alot.

  92. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Whatever..Mike Rupp and the rest of these flaccid pen()ses wouldnt even bother desiring to beat the Bruins.

  93. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ice bad. It doesn’t seem like the boards are screwed on tight either with all the weird caroms. Rangers seem a little sloppy tonight, swatting at the puck like it’s a hand grenade.

    Need to fake the wuck up!

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Fire Olga!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERSSS!!!! lets pick it up !!! In Prust we Trust!!

  95. Girardi is still not his self yet – a lot of simple mistakes. I don’t like when our guys are hoarding densely in the middle of defense zone under Pitss siege.

  96. yep. just checked
    byfuglien radio broadcast is
    15 seconds behind
    the tv broadcast

    jpg is going nuts over here!!!!!
    jpg is getting angry!!!

  97. I 2nd that motion, Tiki. A combination of 5 bad calls and missed calls so far this game against the Rangers.

  98. Blue Seat Horror on

    Seems like Letang has a crosscheck for free card tonight.

    Good job Staalie. 1 pen()s down. 19 to go.

  99. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    jpg – Life is too short! Just smile! And hurl curse words at the referees!

  100. Blue Seat Horror on

    Can’t blame the refs Tiki. That’s a losers excuse. Gotta be able to beat ALL opponents, including the refs.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    what ever , aww come on!!! Hank why Tank now???? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! come on!!!!

  102. N.CountryNYRFan on

    wow…the ref let everything the Pens do go by and now every redirection is going in

  103. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Referees are always a legitimate excuse. Excusing the refs is a “loser’s” reasoning :)

  104. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    this whole team sucks hard. no malkin, no crybaby, home game with 3 good players returning and this is the effort? get mdz and hank outta here. put farty in.

  105. Wow, the Rangers are getting absolutely pounded tonight with very little physical pushback in response. Not good.

  106. Blue Seat Horror on

    Not excusing the refs. Just saying you gotta beat them too.

    The Rangers need to have some more players injured.

  107. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Well, Im having 2nd thoughts about us winning the Cup now. Maybe it was no games for a week that had me hopeful. With this goaltending and the anti-Rangers referees, I dont think so. We’re playing a Crosby-less and Malkin-less team. UGH!!

  108. The timeout was forced by the icing with a mixed line on the ice. The goal was caused by another lost faceoff and the all-star defenseman letting a little guy escort him to the net for an uncontested deflection.

    Had nothing to do with the timeout.

  109. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Need to start hitting and gettting the forecheck going again. And getting the puck, too.

  110. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i don’t care if the refs call a tight game as long as it’s fair and tonight hasn’t been

  111. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    everytime gabbys line is out there they get no forecheck. our top line gets out forechecked and outchanced almost every time. im sick of this team losing home games. our pp is horrible, our pk is horrible, our best player is a 4th line fighter

  112. And it’s time to call up Justin Soryal when the Rangers are matched against a team with 5 goons dressed. Prust did great against Englenob, but come on…more help please in these types of games.

  113. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Look at this loser Jordan Staal. That ought to be 5 minutes. That’s not just roughing. You cant just punch a guy in the face for nothing.

  114. why the heck didn’t Boyle beat the living carcillo out of Staal
    i don’t care if his brother is on the team!!!
    take his assen out

  115. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Boyle sticking up for his boy ‘Prustie’. Love that.

    But, man, Prust took a helluva punch.

  116. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Match Penalty. That could really help us out the rest of this game.

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    no need to worry , WE ARE WINNING!!! btw Tiki , Cup is ours!!!!

  118. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    i am being silly mama. im sorry im just pissed cuz i wanna see some effort and some damn defense instead of whatever theyre doing.

  119. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on




  120. i hate to say this but the pens
    are such runny carcillos
    that i would have to cheer for philthy
    when they play against each other

    and to see Tony Granato behind the bench.
    what a bummer!!

    i know a person needs a job but…

  121. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    i cant watch this pp. its making me crazy. how do u play worse with a man up????

  122. Tiki
    i’m amazed we have it in the zone for a bit

    how majorly pathetic!!1


    nice slashes there by 54 of the pens

  123. Blue Seat Horror on

    Good God can these guys play with any less urgency? When did Renney get back to town?

  124. jpg: “and to see Tony Granato behind the bench.
    what a bummer!!

    i know a person needs a job but…”

    please don’t remind me. makes me want to throw up a little

  125. What is Jordan excuse? That he is Marc’s bro…It is his luck, facing brutal retaliation after.

  126. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    cally blew a wide open net earlier. i know hes rusty but my grammy couldve scored that

  127. passing to nobody??!?!?!?!?!

    the only shot by Callahan


    there is NOTHING you can say to defend this.

    i’ve seen better pp from the Youngstown Phantoms junior team last friday.

  128. if you guys wanna keep all these young players and go with a veteran free team then we are going to continue to have a bad powerplay…

  129. N.CountryNYRFan on

    what’s a POWER play i haven’t seen one in awile.

    we should just call these a waste of time.

  130. That’s real shame…when needed the most. Given the best opportunity. If not score they are deserve to lose.

  131. Olga Folkyerself on

    Power Play hint for the Rangers: The guys in white are NOT on your team. Stop passing to them!

  132. in response to whoever asked who is our pp coach?

    maybe Mess works on pp
    after all that faceoff work

  133. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    The Penguins committed 2 penalties against us during that 5 minute PP.

    We still can score multiple goals on the PP in the 3rd.

    Maybe you hartnellers guaranteeing that we aren’t going to score on the PP ought to try having faith in your team once in a while.

  134. When a team’s power play fails each year, maybe the staff should try something different instead of being content with failure.

  135. Prust with the GWA for the gordie, no reason to lose to the group they have left on the bench, no reason. But boy oh boy our points s**k on the PP

  136. N.CountryNYRFan on

    these Pens are the biggest douchebags…jeez, Cooke(aka chicken Carcillo), Talbot( total douche),Skid (Mr. Ed), and now Staal ((sucker punch Staal).

  137. the PP is going to be a problem all season and into the playoffs. You can’t have it both ways. You cant say you wanna keep every single player under the age of 25 and then turn around and complain that our PP is no good.

    The players we have are simply not capable of forming a good 5 man PP unit at least not this season. The ONLY way to get a better PP is to get top line talent…

  138. John Buccigross appears to be extremely drunk tonight.

    Just tweeted that it was a “terrible call on Jordan Staal…elbowed in the head, pokes Prust with a jab, Prust embellishes…”

    Then “Chris Drury has been good-get him on the power play!”

  139. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    cally sure made up for that missed open net in the first. thank god but hank is gonna have to be perfect the rest of the way. i love when they show him in the commercial saying” you cant let too many points slip away”. he better be able to stop this team with staal now gone too. they never make it easy on us

  140. I think they should call in Leetch to work with the PP. Seriously.

    CCCP, how do you synch the radio cast with the TV? Because these Versus amateurs are killing me, and Jaffe is having a bad night, too. Maybe it’s contagious.

  141. Czechthemout!!! on

    That cheap shite by Staal is what you call a real sucker punch. Yet all the Avery haters insist he sucker punches people.

    I know it is his first game back, but Girardi has been awful tonight. That second goal allowed by lundquist was terrible.

    I don’t like the lines that Torts has come up with tonight at all.

    They have not been sharp tonight at all.

    The lack of a power play is really a major concern. It is also quickly becoming a momentum killer.

  142. N.CountryNYRFan on

    what??? Milbury is smoking crack are you guys listening to Versus right now….what total BS!!!!!!!!!!

  143. This versus broadcast is just awful. Was that Milbury who said that Prust was “giggling on the bench”? Clown.

  144. I’m SO SICK of Mike Millbury. The guy is a Grade A moron.

    Talking about how the Staal punch was a bad call on the ref’s part. Are you kidding me? The guy has NO RIGHT TO TALK. HE BEAT THE CROWD WITH A SHOE.

    Can you imagine if Avery did that? They’d be ALL OVER HIM.

    So unbelievable. I’m irate right now.

  145. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    cmon that was an embellishment by prust. u guys cant think that hit put him down like that. but the refs screwed up already on some bad noncalls on the hit on avery, the trip on avery, and gabby getting tripped.

  146. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Ahhh, I love the sweet smell of a biased bostonian! Like I said earlier, Bucci-GROSS is a sickening and terrible human being. As is Milbury. If their byfuglien-buddy Marc Savard got hit like that, the 2 of them would be crying a river.

  147. the vice versus guys just are for carcillo…..bad call of Staal? lordy, I could do a better job than these nuts

  148. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hawkeye, one of the reasons Cally missed the open net in the first was because he was being tripped. Can’t totally blame him for that.

  149. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Ya know what, hearing and reading Milbury and Bucci-disgusting, Im glad about Marc Savard. GLAD about Marc Savard! Take that, you filthy pigs!

  150. N.CountryNYRFan on

    the sad part is they all agreed on Versus, total sucker punch, Staal is a grown man throwing a punch that connected they can’t tell me that didn’t hurt, let one of them get punched in the face.

  151. Wow. What a bunch of COMPLETE hypocrisy from the Versus pieces of Carcillo!! The last break, they were going on and on and on about how the league has to do EVERYTHING to stop head injuries. And then when a Penguin gets ejected for a direct sucker-punch to the head, what do they say? “It was just a punch to the head!”

    Unbelievable. I mean really, I can’t believe somebody could spout something so byfuglien hypocritical in the same broadcast.


  152. oleo, we tried Aleš Kotalík as point man and that didn’t work. He has one of the best shots in all of hockey. Too bad he is lazy and enigmatic.

    MZA will be our PP QB. He did it tonight almost effortlessly. He created space for Dubi to make that pass and Cally to make that play…

    Every team in the NHL needs a Pronger or a Niedermayer or a Lidstrom or a Rafalski…but there aren’t that many guys like that…it is far better to be patient with MDZ than go out and get a Kaberle or a Pitkanen…

  153. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    I really want to ask Bucci-sicko and Milbury how Savard tastes. All 3 of them are Hartnell-buddies!

  154. Tiki

    it’s not a matter of watching with rose-colored glasses

    it’s a matter of the team doing what a team should do with a pp
    which is move the puck around, make the opponents tired,
    get pucks to the net, be set for rebounds, and not mess around
    for what seems like hours on the boards.

    i don’t think that one person is all that’s needed on this pp
    it’s a whole different approach and better coaching and getting the
    players to reset their minds from merely grind and jam
    to movement, passes and jamming the net for rebounds.

  155. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    # Carp February 1st, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    LW, that’s what you get for paying attention to an asshat like Buccigross.



  156. st0w, exactly!!!!!!! I was thinking the same thing. I want to sucker punch the whole booth.

  157. Folks, after you see the replay tomorrow, you just might realize that Prust did try to elbow Staal. And Prust did embellish it a bit….

  158. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    st0w – It had nothing to do with the Penguins throwing the punch. It has to do with the Rangers receiving the punch!

  159. I just added “Versus” as an entry on (it’s being reviewed):

    Versus, n.

    an utterly bush-league, amateur-hour, mickey-mouse network that attempts to broadcast NHL games … but instead, embarrases itself in every regard via shoddy camera work and insipid commentary (particularly by a clown nicknamed “Mike Milbury”)

    Ex.: I’d rather watch 4th division Honduran soccer on Telefutura than catch an “HD” NHL game on Versus

  160. i’ll say this. if it was somebody Prust was ready and willing to fight
    he wouldn’t have gone down so easily.

    did he embelish? i think a bit
    but it takes nothing away from the suckerpunch from staal
    and the correct call (amazingly) by the refs.

  161. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Prust didn’t try to elbow Staal, Prust threw up his arms because Staal was coming in late to hit Prust , Prust did get him in thre chops a little bit, but totally the right call, even if Prust didn’t go down from the punch

  162. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    NYR Fan – Ill speak from personal experience. BucciGROSS spit on me once many years ago. The guy is a steaming heap of carcillo.

  163. agree ilb

    if staal would have used an open hand pushed against
    then no penalty or both would have gone off for roughing

  164. N.CountryNYRFan on

    i agree he embelished a bit, but doesn’t mean you can punch someone in the face when they aren’t ready to fight.

  165. These versus guys are unreal. Milbury says that it was a blown call? Thats irresponsible. THE INTERMISSION BEFORE they went on about dangerous hits to the head, so its clearly only Crobsy’s head they care about. Bottom Line. This is what happened….Prust makes a legal hit in a scrum, Staal comes over to obviously hit Prust back(who is backing away from the puck), Prust puts his arms up first to block and hit Staal who he sees coming, then Staal takes his shot. Kicked out of this game. Should sit for one more. But for Milbury and Jones to say that Staal was “retaliating” or “baited” into that sucker punch. Awful, Disgusting, and more adjectives that Carpy doesnt want published on here.

  166. also
    i wonder if Prust had his elbow up
    in anticipation of cooke or someone of that ilk
    coming over for a cheapshot

  167. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    papsmear is having a boyle like season over there. see what happens when we give up on the young guys?? haha j/k thats about as surprising as boyle this year too. but at least atl lost. now the canes gotta lose and the habs

  168. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    I’d rather be infected with rabies from raccoons than ever be spit on by bucciGROSS again!

  169. Rangers specialty teams PP and PK are just particular awful tonight, 5×5 regular game is not too bad IMO, considering general rust and first for Duby and Cally. Giradi, as I notice, kind of sleepy and slow

  170. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Third periods have been their best this season. C’mon boys and get this win.

  171. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    god artie is so easily knocked off teh puck.

  172. prust didn’t throw a elbow he put it up to defend himself from Stall. He did act a bit going down but no doubt cheap as hell and I would respect him if he squared off with BP next time they meet, but I somehow doubt it. Yet Prust fights a legit HW tonite, that’s why we luv him

  173. back to jerking around on the boards
    and look what happens


    oh wait!! pens send puck out of zone

  174. Blue Seat Horror on

    Seriously, how come Letang gets to slash and crosscheck all night? This is ree-pen()s-you-louse.

  175. Tiki – I know you despise Boston. I understand the bias you speak of with Boston, baseball, and ESPN’s reporting and analysis. But I don’t see a connection to hockey or the Bruins? Why do you hate on a guy like Buccigross?

  176. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    NYR – First, the classless bum spit on me many years ago. Second, he is a lifelong Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics fan. And every time the bum does ESPN’s top plays and he gets to number 4, he always says “Numbah 4, Bobby Orr”

  177. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    lmao at drury. it just cant get any worse for him

  178. if I had a penny for every stupid cliche that’s come out of the VS mouths tonight, I’d never have to work again.

  179. hahaha…reminds me of June 14, 1987…. Mets Phillies. We’re enjoying a beautiful afternoon
    in the right field stands when a crucial Hernandez error to a five run Phillies
    ninth. Cost the Mets the game.

  180. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Olga – There was nothing magical about it. I had to scrub my face for days to get the putrid vile stench of bucciGROSS off of me.

  181. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    we just look bad tonight in every area. barely hanging on against a team with 3/4ths of their offense out.wheres gabby? last time he scored a goal where he actually shot the puck was the toronto game. this is garbage to gte outworked like this at home

  182. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Don’t know the story about Giannone and his family, but my condolences and prayers to all of them. I hate hearing about bad stuff happening to anyone.

  183. Blue Seat Horror on

    AA’s gotta stop those blind passes to the crease when he has so much time behind the net.

  184. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    wow sorry to hear about tragic news to john giannone and his family.

  185. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    artie is struggling with consistency real bad this year. even though hes on pace to have a better statistical season than last year, he hasnt shown enough for me.

  186. He spit on us.

    Are Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan back together?


    Yes, Carp.

    …. and I screamed out, “I’m hit!”

  187. cross checking.
    was it too much to call it boarding
    since he could have made Cally like
    that kid from boston who was paralyzed.

  188. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    yea it does lw3h. it has last years team written all over it. i hope they pull this out but ya gotta put this team down pretty handily missing crosby,malkin and now staal. or at least not have to struggle just for teh extra point

  189. problem again
    takes the time to check out the situation

    NO, act on your advantage
    and move the puck or shoot it!!!!!

    you big dolt!!

  190. pucks look when they did chuck-a-puck promotion during last friday’s game.

    maybe they weren’t frozen properly in fridge. should have left ’em outside.

  191. Yes, Fleury has been very good. The Pens have been playing the way the Rangers played all year too.

  192. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    and a clutch late 3rd period icing, and another one

  193. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    So that earlier conversation about ice time for Dubi and Cally? Totally moot since they both eclipsed their avaerages already.

  194. “This game has late/OT winner by some scrub like Conner, Rupp or Adams written all over it.”


  195. bad ice, global warming, madison square garden…..yeesh, I didn’t think that was so obscure :) guess my brain makes its own connections …..

  196. omg!!!!

    radio is so far behind the tv broadcast
    i think the players will be showered in real time
    before the radio guys say the is officially over

  197. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Giving them a point doesn’t really matter. Let’s just find a way to get 2 points out of this and to at least get a point ourselves.

  198. “This hasn’t been the best-played game, but it’s been pretty entertaining, and a lot of stuff sure has happened.”

    entertaining to me = winning the game

  199. period over and Albert is talking about orpick behind the net with 5 seconds left.

  200. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    ok, at least a point in teh standings. i’m sure that made drurys day

  201. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’ll take the point the way they played through half that game. Let’s hope they can finish it in OT.

  202. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    yes , we got a point . Now to go get he other Zuccooooo!!!!( if there is a stuiped shoot out) I still say Stepan in ot!!!!

  203. I don’t know where to start with this game. I still can’t believe that blatent elbw to the head of Avery by Orpick….what a piece of carcillo…

  204. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    at least shootout will favor us. if rupp doesnt score. or engelland

  205. there has to come a time when the Rangers have to recognize that they should
    pass or shoot the puck in a spot where the pens is stick is not located

  206. there has to come a time when the Rangers have to recognize that they are playing a team that is without 3 centermen

  207. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    ok, this should be a big advantage but they got letang, and besides zucc and wolski, who else has scored a shootout goalthis year??

  208. hope you’re right Spider
    but i’m the type who doesn’t like
    to kick an angry dog when it’s sleeping

  209. OK if we can’t beat PIT in a shootout without Malkin, Crosby, Staal, and Letestu, I’ll be Byfuglien’d.

  210. “The Penguins didn’t have much of a chance in overtime, and I’m guessing they won’t in the shootout. Too bad Rangers couldn’t win this in regulation.”

    The very words that will lead to all 3 Penguins to score in the shootout.

  211. well, just getting crazier.

    it’s kind of raining on top of the snow
    and freezing
    so, i may have a fun drive home.

    only a few minutes but…

  212. the Rangers really arent in competition with the Penguins in regards to the playoffs so them getting a point isnt really a big deal. 6th place is really our best option at this point…

  213. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    the shoot out is a carp shoot…no dvantage for anyone.

  214. WTB WAS THAT MOVE WOLSKI?!?!?!?!!?!


    go wide. get no angle and then don’t move inside.
    bored with scoring?!?!

  215. Blue Seat Horror on

    Nice save by Hank.
    Crap shot by WoWo.
    Pascal Dupuis is playing tonight?
    Frodo? How could you Frodo?
    What’s with these horrible shootout camera angles?
    AA = Awkward and Anxious

  216. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    this is sad. put marty biron in there he wouldve scored by now

  217. can no one on our team

    make one more turn back and put it
    where fleury has left net wide open??

    maybe like Wolski used to do

  218. Versus is COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE … my goodness, WTF is up with these horrific camera angles

  219. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    byfuglein carcillo to lose tonight. Blew a 2-zip lead and cannot do that when the Pens had not Skid or Shrek.

  220. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    Dont know why MZA and Wolski didnt bother to try dekes. They probably figured that the league was informed about them, so they tried to change things up. Typical New York idiocy

  221. at least one point, thinking positively

    did the capitals win?

    now a text from my friend, the Pens fan

  222. sheeeesh!!!!

    this team looked like they partied waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too
    hard with MDZ during the break.

    Torts should rip a few new ones because they played
    against a team with a few of its major players and put in a subpar performance.
    Carp will go on about how the pens had to be more aware of their own zone because of that
    but it doesn’t matter. we stank up MSG BIG TIME with a pp that, when it works
    they immediately forget what they did
    shootout attempts that were half-hearted
    and i included
    Wolski and Zuc (who at least was close with that weak 5 hole attempt)

  223. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    7 breakaways and not 1 goal. time to trade for some offense. id do a gabby for iginla straight up right now.

  224. gaborik sux. you can’t count on him in big games vs good teams. he did not do squat in the 4-on4 OT, or the shootout, or the PP during the game. what effin use is he?

  225. Tiki - my roughie toughie snoots! on

    And with all of Gaborik’s skill and shooting prowess, 2 for 19 in the shootout. Use your shooting prowess Gaborik!

  226. this game shows exactly why everyone is saying the Rangers wont win the cup. As gritty and hardworking as they are, the lack of top line talent is really apparent.

  227. Blue Seat Horror on

    They’re too healthy, and they won too much in the face-off circle. Should’ve come into the third trailing 3-2. They need to play the underdog or they don’t win.

  228. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    what ever , a shoot out? these are really dumb. Exciting but dumb. Like why is it exciting? cuz ya got the shooter under fire (pressure) and the goalie back there fending for himself. Its a old “show down’77” at intermission on NHIC back in the old days. Whom ever said to bring it to real hockey!!!!???The shoot out is exciting but it is stuiped. Heck we lost out in game 82 cuz of it.That game should have went to double ot . The season neeeds to flip to continious ot for the lat 20 game or so. This shoot out stuff is for the birds.

  229. xtremely bad loss. bad game from Dan G. Hank(2/3 goals) Gabby ….. big names not making the big play uuuugh

  230. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    pluck me, shuck me, and well, and then turn me over. im done.

  231. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Did anyone see a shot earlier in the third period of the Rangers bench and you could see Drury just sitting there not saying a word and being totally emotionless?? Really glad he’s our Captain.

    Pull his C now, I could live with him if he at least gutted it out like the rest of the team and set the tone. I wouldn’t even care if he wasn’t putting up decent numbers but he is a total waste at this point.

  232. How fitting is that Gaborik, who’s underachieved all season, save for 3 games, doesn’t score with the game on the line….quite, actually.

  233. Rangers definitely let a point slip away tonight, but they still put an point between themselves and Carolina, so that’s a positive.

    They’ve also got to get used to playing together again. They were a little out of sync tonight. They played well except for part of the 2nd, but not great. This could have been a loss

  234. I like how Torts let Gaborik go, not a great result though…Gaborik is dreary…

    Credit to the Frenchie Flower I guess. Penguins practice is essentially Malkin and Crosby practicing penalty shots for 30 minutes on Fleury. He’s pretty good at it.

  235. NCountry, before the shootout I saw him looking at his hands, while in gloves, like he was checking out if he needed a manicure.

    ouch, I don’t generally get that mean about one of our own…..but…..

  236. if Torts coaches this team next year
    there is no way Drury is wearing a Rangers

    he would have to do a double or triple Boyle
    for him to even make it through training camp

  237. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ummm Hawk ya didnt like yer old name Gabby?

  238. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    They seemed really out of sorts tonight. Lines weren’t really working well. Girardi was off the entire game. MDZ is going back to Reddenville. Hank wasn’t sharp like he was before the break.

  239. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some here to believe that the Rangers lost to a depleted Pittsburgh squad. The Rangers have been winning with half of the Connecticut Whale for the past 6 weeks.

  240. N.CountryNYRFan on

    its really sad about Drury, it doesn’t even feel like this team has a Captain, what does he do to lead this team. This is the first time since i’ve been a fan that I really wished our Captain was gone.

  241. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    i love this team and i love the rangers. i just hate losing babs. im just venting. i have to or i’ll go insane. u know i really love these guys im just pissed we couldnt win a game we had laid out on a silver platter. oleo is right. we wont do jack this season. but its another small zuccarello step towards our goal. which is a cup. so im not real mad anymore. just have to stop going through an emotional rollercoaster rooting for this team. i gotta think positive. but some of these younger guys and top players have to get their stuff together. im talkin gabby and drury mainly. these guys are killin the spirit of this team right now. they gotta help out scoring. im sorry but if dru doesnt score 1 next game, torts should scratch him the rest of teh season. boogaard will score again before he will!

  242. Olga Folkyerself on

    Drury is worse than useless. Sit him a few games, then take the C from him, then buy him out. Then DON’T let Sather do it again!

  243. IMO, given the injuries on the Pens, this was an important game to win – Montreal and Detroit in 2 away games over the weekend, but the Devils first and in case anyone is thinking that’s a cakewalk, you probably shouldn’t. The Devils won again last night and while the players haven’t changed much since the last time the Rangers face them, their play sure has.

    If the Rangers aren’t careful, they could be looking at a 5 game losing streak come Tuesday morning (remember, they were weak against Florida in their last game before the break).

  244. I will refuse to blame Gaborik. Its really hard for a skill player like him to score when he has no other top line talent to play with. We really need to hope Prospal has something left in the tank…

  245. Really?, I’m with you!!! LMAO!!!!!

    still a lot of season left, and I’m too tired to jibberish/debate/etc. here anymore tonight, so LGR and til tomorrow and Carp’s insights…..TA!

    p.s. that reminds me…where’s wicky??

  246. Here’s the e-mail that I just sent Versus:

    I’ve been watching hockey since the early 70’s, and I must say that the camerawork was the worst I’ve EVER seen, especially during the shootout. I would have preferred watching the game without HD, if I was just able to watch normal, routine camera angles.

  247. Blue Seat Horror on

    Looks like the MSG ice didn’t do any conditioning work during the All-Star Break.

    Some positives:

    -Avery was starting to take some nice wristers toward the end of the game.
    -Good to see McD using his wheels there in the OT.
    -Stepan made a nice move in the OT there for the Ranger’s best chance.
    -Wolski had a few flashes of authority with the puck.

  248. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Dan G was very off tonight and getting 3 guys back into the lineup I think shook them up a bit. I would have preferred that Dubi sit one more game and slowly intergrate our healthy players instead of dirupting the whole team.

    Also it’s always hard to play after a long break for any team, Pens just got some lucky deflections in front and won in in the skills competition. Oh well, no reason to declare this team a bust yet.

  249. left another point on the ice. florida game should have been a win also.

    drury gave newbury a great pass in the first, newbury did not even get it on net.

    drury wins every key faceoff. the 2nd pitt goal was simply anisimov getting blown away on the faceoff and then a deflection. last 2 games the rangers have given up some soft goals.

    can’t believe the rangers won more faceoffs then the crosby’s.

    mcdonagh and sauer are legit. DZ played fine, the rupp goal was a horrible juicy rebound by henrik, who has looked off the last 2 games……

  250. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    right right , I missed that bigtime .I’ll have to take a looksie while im bawling my eyes out on how we lost cuz no one could see through all that white on Fleurys stuiped pads.

    BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! but we got a point. We must move on…

  251. Oh and Gaborik has officially been declassified as a “Winning Player.” Get rid of him, please. He does not fit in with the identity of this Ranger team. If he was thought of as a leader and a franchise player, he’d be wearing an “A.” Do not wait for Prospal to come back, do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200.00, just ship him out of here. Now I understand how the Wild fans felt about him.

    Him for Iginla = Gartner for Anderson 2.0.

  252. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bad loss. The worst game they have played in a long time. I am a bit surprised they did not come out flying tonight with some of the injured guys coming back. They need to bounce back quickly here to stop it from becoming a three game losing streak.

    I thought Sauer and McDonough were the best dmen tonight.

  253. in the shootout for some reason the rangers were looking 5 hole… the hobbit changed up his usual move, why? do it until they stop you.

    rangers out chanced the crosbies by about 23 to 8, nothing else to do except callahan hit the wide open net in the first and newbury hit the net period…

    the young d is real good…

  254. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    hy greg i liked grabby but babs christened me with a new name. in the spiriot of the guardian project, i am now hawkeye(iowa is teh hawkeye state), guardian of corn, everclear, and livestock

  255. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Hank let in too many goals during th game.

    wolski is going to be a beast come playoff time ( golf course or ice)

    Drury is an embarrasment as a Captain for us. For us. Drury….Captain!!??? Nawww he need to be demoted to Assistant and give it to Dubi or Staal.

    Zucco needs to play with Gaborik and wolski

  256. Blue Seat Horror on

    That’s awesome. I missed the christening. Hawkeye is my new favorite guardian. What are your powers? Hopefully better than the PC garbage Stan Lee shattenkirked out.

  257. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    torts needs to bench gabby a few. i dont care if we lose them. if this is it, if this is what hes gonna be this season, we arent makin the playoffs. arties gola was lucky, prust had an open net. and we had at least 3-4 wide open nets that they fumbled cuz they cant recieve passes well enough. or be quicker on the puck when they get it, to shoot it. a few more years for soem of the kids and some upgrades on offense, and we have a bright future though. i think sathers retiring after this season. i heard that recently and i hope he keeps going the right way so his replacement has a good team with a future to work with

  258. Blue Seat Horror on

    I heard James Dolan was going to replace Sather as GM so he can get rid of all these kids and get some name players in here to fill the seats.

    I kid. I kid.

  259. no top line talent? what bs. what kind of “top line talent ” did the Minn Wild have for him? less than the NYR, that’s what. he has been set up from behind the net in previous games, from the blueline in, and been on the PP, the 4-on-4, you name it, and all he can do is run it up vs the patsy teams, but zilch vs the good teams when they need a clutch goal. we know Drury is washed up, but what is gaborik’s excuse? he has none, but some will make them up anyway.

  260. Lackluster play tonight by the boys..even in the shootout they just didn’t seem to be “there”…

  261. this is a pathetic result. if anyone here is satisfied with a point against a team that was giving you the game with all the penalties then you need your head examined.




  262. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    benching Gabby ,gabby(Mike)… isnt going to help gabby.Gabby needs to be gabby and even Gabby knows that. Gabby needs to score like gabby and have more “gabby” moments. Maybe trading Gabby for Iggy may stop me from saying gabby and start saying Iggy!!???

  263. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    yes greg!! i might make a hybrid name, like grabbyhawk, or hawk-achev, or grabbyhawk in Ia. grabhawkachev in ia, or maybe mike grabachev hawkeye the iowa lone ranger, aka guardian of peace and justice, aka guardian and last known hope for the humanoid race of bird men

  264. Don’t bench Gaborik. Trade him for a player or two that actually fit in on this team. Off hand I’d say L.A. or St. Louis would take him, Nashville would take him, Toronto would take him, and Edmonton or Calgary would take him.

    I can’t get behind this guy anymore as a Ranger fan. This is a team of the Callahans, Prusts, Boyles & Staals. All his “goal scoring wizardry” did for us last season is cost us the opportunity to draft Jeff Skinner.

    Wow I’m angry tonight.

  265. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    hahah greg.

    olga- im serious i heard on some nhl related show that rumours were this year or next will be when slats retires, hes just puttinga good core in place and setting up mess, or whoever will be the next gm. but i think its mess.

  266. Olga Folkyerself on

    So Sather stays as President, and Messier is to be GM?


  267. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Good point, NCountry. As I said earlier, the entire team looked off and out of sync. I think Torts sleeps on it tonight, redoes the lines at practice tomorrow and they’ll be better on Thursday.

  268. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I like ” grabhawkachev in ia” …not to shibby.

    DJK , the result was sick and lame but don’t fret. we come out hard and start winning some more games. Alot of guys were tired and back from injury. Just wait and see ,, our team needs a few games back to get into our goove.

  269. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    im angry too djk. im still pissed. i hate bylsma too. i hate his stupid lisp, and his emrick face. i hate that our full team couldnt beat a 3rd of a pens team on home ice in a shootout where the only goal in 14 attempts by both sides was a ahl callup!!! yea and bylsma is better than torts. everyone knows you put the superclutch capn drury out there to score. no really i hate the pens so bad. thats all

  270. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    hahahaaa Olga!! suffer , hahhaaa suffer some more…Sather as President and clone Messier as new GM…..ahhhhh NOW IM HAPPY!!!! : ) you suffer Olga and ima lovin it!!!

  271. Watch us beat the Dweebils on Thursday 6-0 and watch Gaborik score multiple non-impact goals. He’s the second coming of Kovalev.

  272. Gaborik’s last 2 years in Minnesota he had Mikko Koivu whom is probably one of the top 3 most underrated players in the game. Then before that he had Brian Rolston and Pavol Demitra who are certainly better than anyone we have now. Although he hasn’t been healthy the last 3 years, Pierre-Marc Bouchard put up a string of 50-60 point seasons from ages 21-23.

    Did he every have another player of his caliber no, but he never had a bunch of 40 point players either…

  273. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!! yeah baby !!!! No need to worry , next game we score 6 goals or more or Hank gets a shutout….

  274. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    wow, DJK and Grabby. Chill guys, please.

    Yes, they should have won. But they were putting 3 major components back in the lineup tonight and it made everyone disjointed. They’ll be better on Thursday.

  275. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    greg, as the year goes on the harder teams are playing for points. we will not get by with even our better efforts weve had like all those come from behind wins. we gotta get gabby and some others to start scoring. the special teams have to be better, or changes made. thats the problem. we have to be careful with who we trade and if its not a contending year, then why bother? hope slatipuss stays the course. i say give gabby a chance when prospal returns. if he still doesnt do much, then we can call it a season i think. boyle is not gonna keep scoring. and our other good players we have dont score 30 goals. hes it.

  276. Oleo- all that is irrelevant. I don’t care who we have or don’t have for him to play with. I think he may have lost his shot with the shoulder injury (as did Jagr?) and we should deal him while we still can. His play this season is unacceptable and he does not put forth the same effort as the players around him.

  277. Olga Folkyerself on

    So Gabby has a bum shoulder, doesn’t make an effort anymore, makes 7.5 mil per year and has 3 years left on his contract.

    What do you think we can get for him?

  278. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Jesus, you people are making Gaborik out to be a slug. How bout this, quite possibly he IS trying as hard as he can, but he’s SO talented that it looks like he’s not.

    Marian Gaborik= Carlos Beltran, apparently.


  279. Prospal should be getting Gaborik’s salary, because without him Gaborik is nothing. he scored 42 with prospal, and this year he looks lost without him. there is nothing elite about Gaborik, he does not make other players better, but instead vice versa.

  280. The Devils are a cluster-Byfuglien this year. While it always feels good to beat them, I’ll still be pissed off from this loss to Pitt unless the reasons WHY we lost tonight aren’t addressed. I have not been this angry all season long.

  281. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Staal does it all!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Im optomistic that things will go to the better then to the worse. We have a plan and an identity. Tonight we were flat and ran into a hot goalie whom had nothing to lose. Fluery was fresh off the all star game and he looked confident. He was hot.

    Mickey predicted over 800 posts tonight ….well thats close to where were at. WTG Mickey!!!

  282. Gaborik isn’t a “slug,” I’m sure if we trade him he’ll immediately do fine elsewhere, but this Ranger team FINALLY has something it’s NEVER had – a team identity – and Gaborik does not figure into the equation.

  283. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Re-adressing an earlier discussion… Dubinsky had 23 minutes and change tonight. And was 15-4 on faceoffs, granted the Pens were down 4 centermen, so not all that surprising.

    Wonder how that leg will feel in the morning.

  284. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    omg, there’s a fire at another building in my complex and people are being evacuated. On a cold, messy night. I can’t see the building from here, but that is still scary, especially coming on the heels on 3 fire alarms in my building last month.

  285. jesus, and then a bunch of you laugh at how other teams fans react to games on their boards….look in the mirror, sheesh.

  286. oh well…another broken stick by Hank…though, we played a pretty decent game, especially in the third.

    I was surprised that WoWo and MZA didn’t use any dekes in the SO

    Can Avery do any worse than Goborik, Dubi, AA or Cally in the shootout? Why not try Avery for once?

    There must be something wrong with Gaborik…it has to be! It just a mystery why he suck so much this season

    Bring on the Devils!

  287. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Pretell, DJK, who are we getting from either of those teams that would fit with this team? Players that the Blues or Kings are actively shopping? Blues are so wracked with injuries that they aren’t dealing anyone on their current roster.

  288. Mickey- we could get 1 forward and 1 D from both of those teams for him.

    If the Blues offered us Dave Backes and a quality defenseman, I’d take it, and if LA offered us Dustin Brown and a quality defenseman, I’d do it.

    Id much rather have a 30 goal scorer who grinds for impact goals than a 40 goal scorer who does nothing if he doesn’t score.

  289. Olga Folkyerself on

    Surely, you can’t be serious. You think JD will trade with Sather for an injured, no effort, former scorer with a monstrous contract?

  290. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Id much rather have a 30 goal scorer who grinds for impact goals than a 40 goal scorer who does nothing if he doesn’t score.”

    So would any other GM.

  291. I’d like to once again Steve for the tickets tonight. I’d like to again congratulate CCCP for receiving so many Congrats today. I’d like to smack the Rangers for blowing a 2 goal lead, letting Mike Rupp score again and losing to a Pens team without Crosby, Malkin and Jordan Staal for tue 3rd period. They need to get back on the road.

  292. Olga – have you forgotten what always happens to those players the second they aren’t Rangers anymore? :)

  293. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    DJK, those teams are NOT offering us Backes or Brown plus for Gaborik. Hell, neither team would do those deals straight up. STL LOVES Backes, I know this for sure as I see his jersey all around town. LA isn’t trading their captain. So forget both deals.

  294. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Cally with 21 minutes plus and SEVEN hit tonight. A fine game in his return, very much like he normally plays

  295. Olga Folkyerself on

    DJK, no I haven’t. I also haven’t forgotten what happens to 30 goal scorers who grind for goals, when they come to NY.

    See Drury.

  296. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Hey, we did hit 800. I am a GENUIS prognasticator. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.

  297. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Burke would trade is entire team for Gaborik, but there isn;t anyone on the Leaves that I would want if I were Sather.

    Edmonton- fine. Give me Hall and Eberle straight up for Gaborik. Otherwise, no deal.

  298. wow “blast from the past” actually posted something (but first he posted link to his site) other than the link to his site! have you emailed Carp yet, blast from the past? lol


    i’d like to thank you once again for congratulating me on all the congrats i got today! Thank you! Your congrats on my congrats mean a lot!

  299. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can the GENUIS spell genius? If you get a lottery ticket, make sure it’s all numbers…

  300. If the Leafs would give us Kessel and Komisarek (neither of whom their fans much care for) I’d think about it.

    Edmonton? Penner and Whitney, done deal.

  301. DJK the Leafs will gladly offer Jeff Finger and Komisarek and Oil will offer Sheldon Souray. Or did you want Kadri of Taylor Hall.

    All that grinding by Dustin Brown has led the Kings to outside the playoff bubble on a team with a core of Brown, Doughty, Kopitar, Johnson and Quick. That team doesn’t need a major upgrade in talent. And they’re not trading their captain who even though is on pace to tie his career high in points still is producing at an inferior rate than Gaborik in a down year. And remove Brown from
    Kopitar and I will give you extremely good odds that he produces even less.

    Trading your high end talent at low points in production is a surefire way to get ripped off.

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