Post-practice quotes


Brandon Dubinsky:

I asked him if he’s getting closer, for openers:

“Honestly, I can’t answer that truthfully right now because I don’t really know. I felt pretty good out there today, I’ll tell you that. I’ll come here in the morning and see how it feels and try and create a timeline from there. It’s one of those situations where it didn’t hurt to skate, and we went pretty good today, pretty hard before practice and during, so if there’s a time it’s going to get sore I think it will be tomorrow. If not, it’s just a matter of conditioning, I guess, or just being ready to roll. So we’ll see how it goes. It felt good today, though.”

Asked directly about tomorrow:

“I’m not going to rule anything out, I’ll tell you that much. Like I said, I don’t want to put a timeline on myself. If I wake up and feel great tomorrow, then you never know what could happen. We’ll just wait to see how it feels. … I feel like I’ve given it some time to heal. The Doc came in and said that he saw some signs of healing. All good things.”

This was his first skate.

“I haven’t been out that long. I’ve done some stuff off the ice and … these guys have been off the ice for five days, most of them, and so, it wasn’t like I was trying to jump back in right in the middle of a back-to-back situation. These guys have had a little time off to accumulate a little bit of rust (laughs) so it might actually be a good time to jump right back in and brush the rust off with them.”

Said he wore a blue shirt early in practice and was told to put the orange no-contact shirt on.

Dan Girardi:

“It was just kind of ‘Go into the break and rest’ and see how it felt. I didn’t know how I’d feel without skating, and it felt good today skating on it. And shooting felt good.”

Today was his first skate, too.

Ryan Callahan:

“It was a long six weeks, now seven weeks with the all-star break. But I’m excited to be back and excited to not be bag(skating) with Sully anymore. I’ve gone through that. I had a good practice today, felt good out there. We did a little bit of scrimmaging, which I thought was me to experience a little bit of battling. The hand felt good and my conditioning felt good, too. So I’m excited to get into the lineup tomorrow.”

“I’ve got full strength (in the hand). It’s 100 percent, and I think I can shoot it as hard — not that I have the hardest shot to begin with — but all my strength’s there and it feels good.”

Will wear the extra padding on the glove, and some tape on the hand and wrist.

“I’m just going to go out there and approach it like every other game that I approach, and try to do what I do and create energy, throw my body around, and try to create some opportunities. You’ve got to try to not do too much, but at the same time, if you just stay focused and prepare like you do for every other game I’ll be fine.”

Skated every day at the practice rink over the break, working on conditioning and building strength in the hand.

Sitting out:

“Frustrating. It’s tough. I watch it but I definitely get frustrated when you see the guys out there battling and you can’t do anything to help them. But it is what it is, it’s part of the game. Injuries happen.I tried to prepare myself mentally to come back and not get too distracted by things around me, and try to stay focused on my game when I come back.”

Jokingly asked if he was ticked that the team did fine without him:

“No, it made me pretty happy. It was good. It was really good.”

Erik Christensen:

“This is the third time I’ve been on the ice. I was sucking some wind a little bit. But other than that I felt OK. My hands are a little off. Everything’s a little off. That’s just because I haven’t played in a couple of weeks.”

“(I’m) day by day. I have a date in mind, but as of right now we’ll say it’s day by day.”

I asked him if that date is tomorrow, and he said, “No. No. It’s not tomorrow. I won’t be playing tomorrow.”

“Right on schedule. In two days it’s five weeks. So we’re right on where I could be coming back.”

Skated Thursday and Friday, worked out Saturday, practiced today.

“I’m not sore, and I was bag-skating before practice today with (Mike Sullivan) and Dubi. … There’s no other way to do it. I’ve been riding the bike hard the last two weeks and you can only do so much of that. There’s no better way to get in shape than just to get skated hard. It really is not a whole lot of fun, but it is the best way.”

“I’m still a ways away in my conditioning, I’ll tell you that. A lot of hard work away. I need to be skated pretty good here the next couple of days, because these guys are in shape and I don’t like lagging behind and feel like I’m out of place. I definitely don’t want to feel like that, especially because the team, considering all our absent guys, been playing pretty well and picking up points. So you want to make sure you come in and you’re ready and ready to contribute.”

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  1. as ilb mentioned in a previous comment
    he feels that Dubi shouldn’t be rushed into the lineup
    and possibly come in after another week or two to heal

    i have no problem with that and don’t feel that any of the injured
    players should be rushed into the lineup.

    i’m happy Cally is back and it will be interesting to see where Prospal plays
    but it’s not like we’re in a deep losing streak and about to fall out of a
    playoff spot.
    i’d rather the players come back fully healthy than rushed in for the sake of
    having ’em back.
    hoping that Zuc doesn’t get sent back down to the Whale

  2. jpg, I’m with you (on the post that is, actually have to step away from here for a bit :)

  3. Doodie

    1) Brian Boyle only has 9 assists to go along his 18 goals. That large of a discrepancy usually means the goals will come down. Not to mention Boyle has no leverage as an RFA and Sather has always been stingy when it comes to giving RFAs money.

    2) Look it up, Matt Gilroy only has to be qualified at 100% since his salary is over 1 million I do not expect him to be qualified anyway (1.75 mil is a lot for a 6th/7th d-man) and he will either be resigned at a lower cost or they will simply let him go in FA

    3) You or I have no idea what is going on in Drury’s head so let’s not pretend to.

    4) It would put them into the bonus cushion not over the cap. In my theoretical roster, the Rangers could add 2.35 mil but I did not include Christensen b/c I expect him to be traded before the start of next season. If not obviously they wouldn’t carry Newbury too.

  4. Oleo- by NHL rules, the qualifying offer has to be 10% over the player’s previous year salary, not his cap hit. Gilroy’s salary this year is $2.1M

  5. Sounds like everything is going well to this point. There’s going to be some competition for spots obviously. All I know is that the Italian kid isn’t going anywhere.

    Gaby, Stepan, Prospal, Dubi, Callahan, AA, Boyle, Prust, Avery, Drury, Wolski, Zuccarello, EC. That’s 13 without considering Newbury or Grachev. SO same question goes- Who sits?

  6. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    I’ll bet Callahan was going stir crazy for these 7 weeks. He strikes me as the kind of person who is always on the go, and having to sit down had to be exceptionally frustrating.

  7. Great news about Cally tomorrow night. Now Drury has to do the right thing and give up the “C” to him. Drury has been garbage, and this is Cally’s team, now.

  8. oleo,

    1) Boyle has arbitration rights this year. he will compare himself to other players that have signed contracts after scoring 20 goals. HINT: they all make more than 1.2 million.
    2) You’re right about Gilroy.
    3) How about just looking at the facts: He can retire and get nothing, or play for sure on the Rangers (via his NMC) and get 7 million dollars. It’s a buyout or he’s here next season.
    4) Going into the bonus cushion wouldn’t make sense for the team since there are several young players under contract that would be due raises the following season when the team would in essence have less cap space to resign them for going into the bonus.
    5) You also ignore that under no conditions are you allowed to exceed 10% of the salary cap during the summer, which the team would under your hypothetical since Redden’s 6.5 million would be on the books in addition to Christensen’s 925k. And don’t think they can just magically trade him. We got the guy on waivers after he was gotten on waivers from another team. His value isn’t exactly astronomical. This is again all ignoring that Boyle and Gilroy will make more than 1.2 million.

    It’s not happening.

  9. these are the 12 best in my opinion,
    Gabby, Stepan, AA, Cally, Dubi, Boyle, Prust, Zuccarello, Wolski, Prospal, Fedotenko, and Christensen.

  10. ilb, no, it has to be 100% of the salary. I didn’t look up his salary on a good website though, you’re right. It’s 2.1.

    Therefore, his qualifying offer is 2.1 million.

  11. Here you go, Doodie, thanks.

    And, Oleo, I also agree that the best action for Gilroy is to resign a multi-year, but for less money than he makes now.

  12. ilb2001

    if that is the case then no way will Gilroy be qualified. 2.1 mil is way too much for your 6th/7th d-man.

  13. doodie,
    How about this.
    Wolski, Stepan, and Gabby.
    Dubi, AA, and Cally.
    Zuccarelo, Boyle, and Prust.
    Prospal, Christense, and Fedotenko.
    Prospal moves up if one of the top 9 are struggling, and Fedotenko replaces Zuccarello late in games for D.

  14. Doodie

    As good as Boyle has been his goal totals are most likely an anomaly b/c of how few assists he has. Again Boyle has zero leverage in the situation. Dubinsky had 40+ points, was on the top line, huge fan favorite, 2nd in post-season points, did it in consecutive years, held out and still only got 1.4 mil. How is Boyle going to get more?

  15. 2.1 mil is way too much for someone who is most likely to be the healthy scratch. Assuming someone doesn’t get traded, the Rangers are automatically going to be in the market for a FA defenseman. Staal, Girardi, Sauer, McDonagh, Del Zotto all are currently or will be higher than him on the depth chart going into next season so Gilroy is the odd man out anyway.

    The Rangers are not going to bring Gilroy back when they can get a much better player for only slightly less money. He is another candidate to be traded at the deadline anyway so that decision might even be made for us…

  16. the AHL allstar game is on right now.
    haven’t heard if any Whale players are playing?
    any idea?

  17. Ilb,
    Read somewhere your post where you mentioned you rooted for Moskow “Dynamo” when in Union.
    It gave me a warm wave of hockey nostalgia, triggering some sweet memories. First, because it was such a rare fan’s choice, unless you are working or service in MVD or are rebel by nature, secondly, in my family, me and my older brother become Dynamo’s fans l-o-o-ng before young little defensemen Vitaly Davydov came and Shilov-Motovilov-Sakeev became their first “troika”, not to mention my all time favorite – Sasha Maltsev. In parallel, we of course, rooted for our domestic town’s team – “Dynamo” Riga, particular when it got to the Highest League and Tikhonov became a head couch. My brother was a General Director Deputy of a huge factory “REZ” in Riga, which happened to be a Team Sponsor (instead of MVD with no money), and he was taken “reports” from team administration (in a sense, he was a head of it and shared a personal responsibility for team’s day to day operations and achievements or failures) so, needless to say, we were treated like royalty, and I enjoyed a long period of time “rubbing elbows” with players and staff, as “insider”. But again, my first hockey love was Dynamo Moskva. Thanks for opening this “rusted can”, just wanted to share with you, as a rare member of that old brotherhood.

  18. pegleg52

    No idea but I do not expect us to be silent at the deadline. We have an extra 2nd round pick so I could see us packaging the 2nd round pick with Gilroy to upgrade our defense. Who knows maybe that’s enough to get McCabe…

  19. Doodie, I don’t think it is the same situation as it was 2 seasons ago as far as our RFAs. Sauer and Boyle can easily get thrown offer sheets and NYR have to be aggressive if they want everyone back. Gillie will be qualified at 1 year.

    I see Boyle getting $2.5-3m. Sauer $2m. Dubi and Cally $3.7m each

  20. Bulldog- I was actually going to write “I’m sure im leaving someone out” in that post so Thank you. Kinda sad that so many guys are hurt I can’t even keep track though! lol

    I read your opinion of the top 12 and I have to agree although I’m kind of up in the air about Avery. I think the fact of the matter is that whichever guys are at their best and have the most success as a team out on the ice are the guys who are going to play. We can sit and debate it for the next 30 games though :D

  21. McCabe is injured now and will be back in action before the trade deadline.

    2.5 mil for Boyle and 2 mil is absolute lunacy and there is no basis for those numbers besides this ridiculous paranoia of an offer sheet. Only 6 offer sheets have been given out in the last 12 years and im pretty sure all happened due to the matching team being in serious cap trouble which we are not. If Staal, Callahan or Dubinsky didnt get one certainly Boyle or Sauer wont…

  22. Boyle is going to finish with nearly 30 goals playing 2nd/3rd line minutes. He also plays in every situation. He is also huge. 6-7 250lbs. He has potential to score another 15-20 goals before the season is over!!

    To me, $2.5 million is a bargain for a guy like that :)

  23. James,
    yeah, I think sitting Avery is going to be tough. I am not a big Avery guy, but I will say one thing about him this season. he has never said a word about how he has been used. there were some games were he was a 4th liner and did not deserve it, and he kept his mouth shut. there were other games where that is were he deserved to be, and I think if the team is healthy that is going to be his role. 4th line, and healthy scratch.

  24. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Would be nice to see a rotation of who’s in/who’s out. Guys who are on the “4th” line and can easily slide in and out of the lineup. Exactly who those guys would be is something I am not sure of yet, though.

    I wonder why MDZ was called up. Torts running 7 D in a game seems highly unlikely to me.

  25. Sauer is the most intriguing to me. He is older than most rookies who have been drafted (mostly because of injury in his AHL career). He is such a good hockey player for this NYR team. He is quite under-appreciated. Will he be paid like that as well? He is a solid, physical shutdown d-man and makes smart, quick decisions with puck. There is a premium for guys like that in the League. Mike Sauer is making the NHL minimum salary of $500k. I am curious as to what he is going to get paid this summer…I think $2m is a logical guess.

  26. Gotta go Avery over EC in the top 12. He has been a good soldier and EC has dissappeared way too many times

  27. I’m just wondering, if Pissburgh could throw some kind of “Rangers syndrome” type of game, playing without 2 key players – mobilizing and playing tough, grinding game against us tomorrow. Could surprise – they still have enough depth and talent on a top of this type of game.

  28. Sauer is still playing out his two-way contract, let’s not give him more than he deserves. The money will be tight next year.

  29. There is absolutely no basis for Boyle going from 525K to 2.5 mil. So he’s on pace for 28 goals and 14 assists. That many goals with that few assists is 100% unsustainable especially once the injured players returned.

    Not to mention the Rangers are always stingy with RFA negotiations and can simply give him whatever they contract they want and Boyle really has no say.

  30. Carp, unlikely, but possible. The NYR cap is going to be squeezed this summer by Drury and Redden contracts during the FA period. We do have that 10% cushion that Doodie referred to in an earlier post. However, it is not crazy to think another team that has scouted the Rangers would try to take advantage of the situation and sign one of our RFAs to an offer sheet…is it? Did anybody see the Nik Hjarmalsson (sp?) one coming?

    Do you think my estimates on their respective salaries are fair/correct?

  31. lol 2 mil for Michael Sauer. Staal didnt make that much until this season and this is his 4th season in the league.

    Carp how much would you guess Boyle and Sauer would get this offseason?

  32. oleo-

    “As good as Boyle has been his goal totals are most likely an anomaly b/c of how few assists he has.”

    Please explain the logic behind this statement. You said something similar earlier in the season when he was 8-0. I think you said his lack of assists indicated they were lucky goals.

  33. totally agree, hedberg. when the Rangers play the Devils, Avery gets some of the debbies off their game, including Fatso. They could care less if Christiansen faces them.

  34. Maybe I’m just paranoid but I think that the cap will be tight this summer and there is potential for other teams to take advantage.

  35. Boyle’s lack of assists indicate that either he isn’t that good of a opportunity setter or his linemates lack finishing ability.

    His lack of assists indicate nothing about his goal scoring this year.

    His goal scoring this year is due mainly to hard work, effort, and an entire offseason of practice.

  36. Brian Boyle plays a little over 15 minutes per game…in a mostly checking/defensive role. Yet, he still leads the team in goal scoring and plays on the PK & PP. The strides he has made in his skating this season (no pun intended) has allowed him to become a BEAST in all parts of his game. If he was planted in front of the net on the PP from the beginning of the season, he would probably have at least 5 more goals!!! Brian Boyle has the potential to be even better than he is now. With his size and skating ability alone, he is one of the best defensive NHL forwards this season (+9)…

  37. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Gilroy will be dealt for a veteran rental D-man at the deadline. I don’t think we’ll qualify him in the offseason, and another team may get more mileage out of his RFA status than us.

    Brian Burke would take him probably straight up for Beauchemin, or with a series of draft picks for Kaberle. Komisarek is also rumored to be available, he is a favorite whipping boy of the TO fans.

  38. ddebened

    as we all can agree on it is much much easier to record an assist than it is to score a goal. Historically, when a player all of a sudden puts up lots of goals but doesn’t have the assists to go with it they don’t sustain those numbers going forward. Looking just at the New York Rangers, I went back at looked to find some Rangers who a lot more goals than they did assists.

    Petr Prucha (05-06): 30 G 17 A — went down to 22 G 18 A
    Adam Graves (98-99) 38 G 15 A — went down to 23 G 17 A
    Adam Graves (93-94) 52 G 27 A — went down to 29 G 24 A
    I am reluctant to consider 93-94 though b/c it was so much easier to score in that Era.

  39. and i’m sure if i did a league wide search year to year and limited it to just players without a proven track record, the numbers would show my point.

  40. oleo, I don’t value Boyle on goals alone. He leads the team in goals but he is not put in the role to be the club’s go-to goal scorer. Read my post above…

  41. Beauchemin. Funny you should mention that name DJK.

    It has been bandied. I think he’s definitely one of the options.

    I’m not sure on Boyle’s $’s. You could make an easy argument anywhere between say $2.3 or maybe $3.3 or even higher.

    I think the term will be the thing; a 2-year deal with a hefty raise, signifying a wait-n-see approach to see if he keeps it up – which I see no reason why he can’t.

    Boyle could make the argument in a more offensive-minded role his numbers would be gaudier. I think I remember Keith Primeau (roughly similar player) being around a $5M player, but he also broke 70 pts several times and had done it over a period of years.

  42. And while moving Gilroy once seemed a foregone conclusion,
    don’t be so sure it’s not Del Zotto going.

  43. Mike Gartner had 49G, 20A in 90-91

    and 45G, 23A in 92-93.

    For his career he only averaged 4 more goals than assists per year.

  44. So oleo if you’re so quick to dismiss Boyle and his emerging ability then why do you want to include AA in a lot of trade proposals?

  45. I doubt they move MDZ, he’s cost controlled for another year and everything from Torts has indicated that he supports his development, both the ups and downs. His demotion and scratches while serving as an indication of the coaches disappointment in his play, also are reflective of a deep enough talent pool that allows them to pull underachieving players “off the line”. How many chances did they give a lot of the guys they eventually shipped out? More than 100 games in most cases.

  46. Rod, I estimated in an earlier post Boyle could get $2.5-3m. We were in the same ballpark :)

  47. NYR,

    I wasn’t disagreeing about Boyle a-t a-l-l.

    I’ve said 100 times I think one of the few mistakes Torts has made is not maximizing what is obviously a breakthrough offensive year.

    Finally , finally, finally today, apparently, Zuccarello got a go on his line.
    I don’t know if they’ll line up like that tomorrow night or not.

    Somehow, Boyle and Gaborik haven’t played a shift together all year.

    I know Torts luvs BB-Fed-Prust but his club has trouble scoring. That’s a fact.

  48. CTBlueshirt

    I am not dismissing Boyle at all. He is exactly what you are looking for in a 3rd line center but he is a restricted free agent and you do not need to pay him like someone who is on the open market. If Boyle were on the open market then he probably would get 2-3 mil but that is not the case. We are the only team that can negotiate with him so that in itself prohibits him from making the kind of money some are suggesting.

    Given the Rangers history with RFAs, i would expect the Rangers to give him a 2 year deal at around 1.2-1.9 mil a season depending on how he finishes the year.

  49. But you’re suggesting a high probability of regression in his future performance or that his production this year is unsustainable?

  50. I agree, CT. I think MDZ has shown flashes of what type of player he can be in the NHL and deserves more time in a NYR uniform if there is a decision to be made. I’m just not sure he is at the same level of development of Sauer or Gilroy, so his chances may be limited and his confidence will be hard to build in that role…

  51. Of note too from those practice lines is Zuke with Boyle.

    Zuccarello shifting to left side.

    Not sure if that was discussed today,
    we mentioned it yesterday as one way to get Iginla to fit.

  52. I am wary of giving Boyle a deal that buys out too much if his RFA years (not sure how many he has left). I think his dramatic increase in production is highly attributable to his improvement in skating and not necessarily a string of good luck, but no need to over-reward quite yet. Plus he probably wants a deal that doesn’t start buying out any UFA years.

  53. I am merely suggesting that Boyle is extremely unlikely to score 25+ goals next season so paying him like a 25-30 goal scorer would be a mistake. I would expect Boyle to get something along the lines of 17 goals and 15 assists next season which is great for your 3rd line center but he is not top 6 player.

  54. We did, Rod. MZA played both R and L wing for Modo. I believe he also spent some time playing on the L in Hartford.

  55. Nobody knows what Boyle will do next season, it’s all pure speculations. The team will have some leverage and will surely using while signing Boyle this offseason.

  56. i think Gilroy has really shown special ability…his mobility is outstanding…why do you guys insist he is being traded for veteran D? if your take is contractual..ok, i understand that…but based on how rangers have handled him I dont know what predicates shipping Gilroy. I think they would be happy if he became their offensive D leader.

  57. Remember that uncertainty of CBA beyond next year will also play some role in any negotiations. Some players may prefer long term deals because of it, some will be happy to settle for one year only.

  58. NYR, pro-rated to 82 games Gilroy’s year this year doesn’t equal DZ’s year from last year. Also at 26 Gilroy is closer to his physical peak than DZ. Look how much stronger Staal has gotten over his career. Theres a higher physical upside to DZ than Gilroy as well.

    Sauer is a few years older and has relatively more pro experience, even if he wasn’t always on the ice for long stretches. I think a lot of issues with DZ are how handled being a pro with so much success and praise lavished on you as a teenager. I still believe that the org has a lot of faith in his skill, they probably needed him to have a few slices of humble pie that a lot of the other core players ate for a couple of years.

  59. “Boyle is extremely unlikely to score 25+ goals next season”

    He is?

    To my mind, someone like Zuke + a sniper = Why Not 35?

    You don’t think he’ll get better once he internalizes this season and works out for the next one? Or you think the coach will again handcuff him?

  60. Mao, I’d actually say that a substantial part of Gilroy’s tenure with the Rangers that he’s been viewed as a 6/7th type guy. If MDZ was having a comparable year offensively as last year I’m not so sure Gilroy would be getting a regular ice time.

  61. CT, I mostly meant physical development. There’s no doubt in my mind MDZ will grow into his frame and probably be a lot more tough for opponents to handle than Gilroy. I think he’s a season or two away from that, but I could be wrong. Also, I think he needs to stop being acting like a “kid” and start acting and playing more like a man…I think he needs to mature mentally as well…

  62. With Gilroy it is all about production and his place on the organizational depth chart. Staal, Girardi, McDonagh, Del Zotto and Sauer are all more important to the organization and while his talent is obvious Gilroy has not brought the offensive production that has been expected and it will be time to move on.

    I know everyone wants to see as many young players as possible but there has to be a balance between young guys and proven guys. We’re still going to have 5 other homegrown guys on defense so we can certainly afford to get the 6th guy from elsewhere…

  63. CT, always enjoy your posts… i agree with your take…gilroy has been thought of as the lower man on the totem pole, but I think that there must be a premium built in for his mobility. Also noting how he has been on in late situations with offense needed. Lastly, he just seems to have an intangible and i think that is being brought out with more confidence.

    oleo, good points as well…and all well taken. thanks for both ur replies, guys.

  64. “But you’re suggesting a high probability of regression in his future performance or that his production this year is unsustainable?”

    Yes, Rod, because Boyle has never shown an ability to score in the past. Simply, he has no track record of success.

  65. ** 2 tickets for tomorrow’s game: Section 303, row D, seats 9-10: $85/pair.


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  66. Yes, Rod, because Boyle has never shown an ability to score in the past. Simply, he has no track record of success.


    Not entirely true, Tiki. Boyle was projected to be a goal scorer in the NHL, that is why he was selected in the 1st round of the 2003 draft. He was a monster at BC and had a 30 goal season in the AHL.

  67. BB rules. Is there a really a question about that? And I’m a BU girl for crying out loud :)

    btw, Beanpot starts Feb. 7, BU v BC….GO BUUU!!!!

  68. Projected doesn’t mean anything. Being a 1st round draft pick does not guarantee anything. A monster at BC means nothing. And a 30 goal AHL scorer means less than nothing.

    Boyle has done nothing in his entire NHL career to give the impression that this year’s breakout will be sustained in the future.

    CCCP – Of course I know that! The only great thing that’s ever come out of Boston was our Mama!

  69. I did not come out of Boston, just went to school there and have family….Boston rocks! and I know Carp agrees…

    p.s. BB!!!!!!

  70. Boston rocks????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    Carp agrees????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

    Boston is okay, and Carp thinks the city and scenery of Boston is okay.

    But there is only ONE place in this world that is worth dying for, and that’s NEW YORK!

  71. tiki…

    yes, yes, yes, no, not correct, and agreed :)

    OK, I wicky’d…mama fading to black and see you all for game!!!

  72. Well, Mama, my infatuation with you is OVER! FINITO! FINISHED! We’re through!

    And a piece of advice, fade to black, and dont ya come back!

  73. Tiki,

    You’re being unfair to BBB me thinks.

    Those projections were based on Boyle going well over a PPG, 42-22-30-52 & 42-19-34-53 @ Boston College, and 70-31-31-62 @ Manchester.

    All of his former coaches, btw, have talked of him taking time to become accustomed, being a late bloomer, etc.

    He was picked ahead of some pretty good players in the ’03 draft; plus, he’s scoring now!

    Is there something in his game you think he can’t duplicate next year?

  74. Rod – Im not hockey-smart enough to know much about Boyle’s game besides the obvious – he works hard, strong on the puck and has a bit of explosiveness towards the net. Oh, and in the words of idiot Joe M, he’s big and strong. My sports are baseball and football.

    The only reason for my Boyle statements is this: Boyle has not even sustained this production for an entire year YET. Let’s just let the guy continue to work his tail off, grind, and produce for the rest of this year first.

    A side point: prospects are just that, prospects. It’s like idiot Yankees fans that keep claiming Jesus Montero will be a Manny Ramirez-like masher for the next 15 years. I love the kid, but he’s never done anything at the MLB level.

    Boyle has never done anything at the NHL level prior to this year that signifies that he will be a consistent producer in the future.

    Just my opinion. And I hope that if he remains with the Rangers past this year, he continues to produce for us.

  75. Hmmm, on second look, I take a few steps back from my stance. Boyle is only 26 years old. I had thought he was 30+ years old already.

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