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It’s Almost Go Time! (Special All-Star Game edition)

Posted By On January 30, 2011 @ 11:45 am In Hockey,New York Rangers,NHL | 238 Comments

The game’s at 4 on Versus, which means it will probably start closer to 4:30. (I apologize for assuming earlier that the game is on NBC. It’s not).

[1]I don’t know. I seem to have lost interest. I mean, I have no idea who is on what team now. I remember that the Staals and Lundqvist are on one side, and that Martin St. Louis and all his Tampa boys are on Lidstrom’s side. But I’m not about to hold a lineup sheet in my hand trying to figure out who’s playing for whom. So that part is confusing for me, at least, an interested party with no rooting interest.

Likewise, I wandered off during the skills competitions. The breakaways, or penalty shots or shootouts or whatever they call them, ought to be the best part, but it seems to me the guys are trying too hard to do the impossible instead of just doing moves they’d do in a shootout. In other words they are trying to be all Harlem Globetrotters, but their complicated moves rarely if ever result in a goal. … except when they tell the goalie what do to, as Ovechkin did with Fleury. And if the purpose isn’t the most clever way to put the puck into the net, then what’s the point? If you’re just going to carry the puck on your stick and try some wild baseball swing or something, with little or no chance of even getting the puck on goal … again, what’s the point?

If they’re going to do this stuff, then maybe they need props like Ovechkin’s hat and sunglasses. Maybe a cape and mask? Or a suit of armor? Or a mascot costume?

Me? I’d much rather see the types of shootout goals that Zuccarello and Wolski and Anisimov scored in that game last week or the one the kid in Edmonton scored while showboating, that ticked off pretty much all of Canada … and I hate the shootout.

Hardest shot? Meh. The radar reading sometimes doesn’t register, or malfunctions. And you can’t tell with the naked eye a 98 mph shot from a 102 mph shot from a 105 mph shot, so the excitement isn’t in the shot, it’s in the numbers on a little scoreboard. Doesn’t do it for me anymore.

We also got the wonderful, and inevitable high-clarity F-bomb over the television because so many players were wearing mics.

It’s pretty sad when the highlight of the night is a goalie falling down.

And I’ll say it again, it seemed to me that a lot of the fans were thinking, “Where the hell are the race cars?” Maybe that’s just my twisted view.

Two more days until hockey.

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