It’s Almost Go Time! (Special All-Star Game edition)


The game’s at 4 on Versus, which means it will probably start closer to 4:30. (I apologize for assuming earlier that the game is on NBC. It’s not).

I don’t know. I seem to have lost interest. I mean, I have no idea who is on what team now. I remember that the Staals and Lundqvist are on one side, and that Martin St. Louis and all his Tampa boys are on Lidstrom’s side. But I’m not about to hold a lineup sheet in my hand trying to figure out who’s playing for whom. So that part is confusing for me, at least, an interested party with no rooting interest.

Likewise, I wandered off during the skills competitions. The breakaways, or penalty shots or shootouts or whatever they call them, ought to be the best part, but it seems to me the guys are trying too hard to do the impossible instead of just doing moves they’d do in a shootout. In other words they are trying to be all Harlem Globetrotters, but their complicated moves rarely if ever result in a goal. … except when they tell the goalie what do to, as Ovechkin did with Fleury. And if the purpose isn’t the most clever way to put the puck into the net, then what’s the point? If you’re just going to carry the puck on your stick and try some wild baseball swing or something, with little or no chance of even getting the puck on goal … again, what’s the point?

If they’re going to do this stuff, then maybe they need props like Ovechkin’s hat and sunglasses. Maybe a cape and mask? Or a suit of armor? Or a mascot costume?

Me? I’d much rather see the types of shootout goals that Zuccarello and Wolski and Anisimov scored in that game last week or the one the kid in Edmonton scored while showboating, that ticked off pretty much all of Canada … and I hate the shootout.

Hardest shot? Meh. The radar reading sometimes doesn’t register, or malfunctions. And you can’t tell with the naked eye a 98 mph shot from a 102 mph shot from a 105 mph shot, so the excitement isn’t in the shot, it’s in the numbers on a little scoreboard. Doesn’t do it for me anymore.

We also got the wonderful, and inevitable high-clarity F-bomb over the television because so many players were wearing mics.

It’s pretty sad when the highlight of the night is a goalie falling down.

And I’ll say it again, it seemed to me that a lot of the fans were thinking, “Where the hell are the race cars?” Maybe that’s just my twisted view.

Two more days until hockey.

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  1. Good Crack of noon boneheads,

    On Hockey Night Live! last night, the panel briefly discussed rumors and rumblings of Jarome Iginla being traded to Rangers. As you can see, this rumor is not going anywhere until Iginla actually goes somewhere in a trade. I really don’t think it is that far fetched for him to come to NY. I like Iglina over Richards for two main reasons:

    1) Iginla is class act on and off the ice, a true vocal leader. He is one of the premier snipers in the game. He led Calgary to the finals and won the goal scoring title a few times. He has that combination of skill, personality, and toughness/grit that would complement this Rangers team. He would instantly make us a tougher team and a better offensive team. I think he could be the guy that makes the NYR a playoff team that can get past the 2nd round.

    2) He only has 2 years left on his deal at a cap hit of $7m. Richards is going to want at least 5 years and a bigger cap hit than Iggy around $7.5-8m. There is also no guarantee he hits free agency. The ownership situation in Dallas has improved in that there are multiple potential buyers. To me it is the number years on the deal that make it bad idea to go after Richards.

    The biggest question is, obviously, who would Slats give up in a trade. You know Slats wants him. If Slats always liked Wolski and had wanted to get him for a long time, imagine what he thinks of Iggy!

    I’m sure many of you realize that, when you sign a star player in free agency, it is almost no different than a trade, when you are a team like the NYR that spends to the cap. If you sign Richards at $8m per, we take cap money away from other guys like our FAs. Make sense?

    My questions to you:
    Iggy? or do nothing and wait for Brad Richards if he’s available?
    Who would you give up in a trade? Who doesn’t play next year if we sign Richards?

  2. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    I hate to see some young guys traded for a star who is over paid and over rated and best years were where they came hasn’t worked in the past and I have doubts about it working now. There’s something about highly touted vets whom once they”re a ranger they underachieve.

    All all stars games are a bore fest and self indulgent . I’d rather see the all star dinner .

  3. In all honesty I’d rather the Rangers stick with this group for years and do nothing, but I don’t see that happening…

  4. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    My favorite ‘OOPS’ moment came when the TSN guys tried to talk to Matt Duchene (who isn’t legal drinking age) after the skating competition… and he could be heard telling another player “I guess i’m still feeling that vodka from last night” Nice.

  5. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    Is it true when Prust signed his contract with the Rangers he used his own blood?

  6. My real point is that, even those folks who want Brad Richards, have to realize that if you sign Richards you are assuming certain guys aren’t coming back next season. Dubinsky, Callahan, Sauer, Gilroy, and Boyle should all get raises and/or offer sheets from other teams. Where is this money going to come from if we sign Richards? The only way we keep everyone and sign Richards is if Drury retires. Not happening. A Drury buyout is still expensive the tune of just under $5m in the first year towards the cap, I believe…

  7. I’ll be honest- at this point I only tune into the skill competition to see if anyone breaks Mike Gartner’s fastest skating record. And while I love the fact that He still holds that record from 96, I feel like a fair amount of this guys aren’t going as hard as they can. so what’s the point?

    Were they really talking about Iginla to the Rangers? I mean there was a time where the thought of that would have had me really excited but at this point it just doesnt entice me. There’s no question he’s a superstar but he isn’t the guy who is going to put this team over the top. Especially not this year. And if we trade any of these young guys who have played great for us this year and who still havent reached their potential then
    I’m totally against it. It’s been a fun year but we have to think past it.

  8. My mistake … it’s on Versus … holy crap, how can the NHL not be on network TV for this event when it has a partnership with NBC for regular-season, playoffs and Winter Classic, not to mention Olympics? WTB?

  9. We already have more than enough wingers so it makes no sense to trade for another one. The weakness for the Rangers is at center but the problem is we have two young players there who will certainly get better.

    The Rangers can either accept being weak at center and not being able to compete for the cup but live with it b/c they are first and second year players or they can trade their second year center and acquire an already proven center who can be part of their core going forward.

  10. I forgot to mention, I like the target shooting competition, but since they are both firing at the same time, it’s absolutely impossible to watch both players. Ridiculous.

  11. The real issue with acquiring Iginla isn’t the INCREDIBLY tired young vs. old/age aspect of a potential deal.

    It’s that adding Iginla, a RW, doesn’t fit because it is easily the deepest part of the Rangers team. Gaborik-Callahan-Zuccarello-Prust.

    Unless you’re moving one of those guys in the deal, or shifting someone out of position to allow for Iginla, it doesn’t fit. Unless you’re moving Gabby or Callahan, it’s very difficult to make the $ work.

    I’ve said several times I think adding Iginla at this stage could be similar to Messier coming in 1991. And I’m not the only one who thinks that.

    But it doesn’t appear a natural fit.

  12. a lot of the fans were thinking, “Where the hell are the race cars?”

    That’s a poor take on the Raleigh hockey fans, who weren’t the only fans in the building. If your employer bothered to send you down here to cover this event you’d have seen the great job the city did and the real passion for the game Canes fans have. Instead you degrade a fan base from 700 miles away from the TV coverage. Bad take Carp.

    Raleigh Ranger Fan

  13. A-Rod moved to 3rd base to come to NY, Rod. Anything can happen. Iggy only has two years left on his deal…

    I wouldn’t say depth at RW is deep when Gaby is slumping the way he has been.

  14. I agree with you Carp. The only reason I’m tuning in this afternoon is to see this Guardian30 Thing!

  15. So now we’re gonna trade Iginla so either he or Gabby can move to center or LW? Sounds like we’re getting a little too caught up with the name of the player instead of the need for the team..

  16. The only good thing about the all star weekend is that it gave the Rangers a much needed week of rest and brought someof the injured guys a week closer to returning without missing anymore games. As for the all star game itself, I won’t be watching it, nor will I watch the pro bowl and I barely check in on the baseball game until the end to see who won. They are all a waste of time to me.

  17. I love the Rangers right side.

    With everyone cranking, it’s as good as any in the league.

    It’s also no secret the guy Calgary covets is Dubinsky.

    In theory it’s not difficult to shift, say, Zuke, to the left and slot Iginla in.
    But I wouldn’t want to move Zuccarello, nor would I make that trade.

    Sather’s been angling for Regher for a long time, and if you remember before the Prust-Joikenen deal they were talking about a bigger deal.

    But I don’t know if that’s the way they want to go as far as taking the next step.

    If so it’d mean they’re okay with their centers for the foreseeable.

  18. billybleedsblue on

    “My mistake … it’s on Versus … holy crap, how can the NHL not be on network TV for this event when it has a partnership with NBC for regular-season, playoffs and Winter Classic, not to mention Olympics? WTB?”

    Carp, it’s another failure by the NHL. All the effort for the weekend, all the effort for the new format, all the effort to promote the game…and it’s NOT going to be on a major network. What a joke.

  19. The Rangers have twooptions really. 1) trade for a legit center or 2) go with the centers they have now with the understanding that unless Vinny Prospal returns to his last season form we will be too weak down the middle this season to win a cup.

  20. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    It’s listed as Ice Skating because it’s the All star game. There’s no fighting, no hitting, and no defense. Therefor, it is not hockey.

    It’s like a dog that just got neutered. Sure he looks the same….

  21. Regher also has a $4m cap hit.

    So between he and Iginla that’s about $11M, and thus, fantasy.

    Unless they want Drury :)

  22. Sounds like we’re getting a little too caught up with the name of the player instead of the need for the team..


    This team needs to score more goals. Gaby isn’t scoring. Gaby should be a puck hog and score at will. Like Kovalchuk, he doesn’t need a play maker, he makes plays himself. He lost his confidence.

    We need another sniper. Brad Richards is not a sniper, he is a play maker who has excellent wingers around him.

  23. oleo,

    The notion they consider themselves ok down the middle, now and for the future, isn’t crazy (and Im not suggesting you said that). I don’t think it has anything to do with Prospal either.

    It might be their evaluation.

    I don’t think they view this as a Go-For-It year, but if they ever pulled off such a move (hmm,…AA/Drury/McDonagh for Iginla/Regeher?), it would signify something quite different.

    Not the craziest thing I ever heard.

  24. Not sensitive, it’s just the reputation isn’t deserved.

    This city rocked during the Canes cup run and is currently buzzing with All-Star activities everywhere. Real fans-real team-real support-real NHL city. Try it, you might like the sun and 62 degrees we have here today.

    Raleigh Ranger Fan

  25. Good afternoon, ‘heads! I lost any interest in skills competition by the middle of it. Probably mainly because the coverage was very poor. The on-ice commentators could embarrass themselves more…They looked and behaved very amateur, and every question they’ve asked was outright atrocious. I did watch Australian Open in the middle of the night, though.

  26. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on


    I appreciate that YOU are a passionate hockey fan in Raleigh, and i know there are more of you there, but real NHL city is going a bit far in my opinion.

    Nascar has huge popularity all across North Carolina. I bet on any given day where Raleigh is not hosting the ASG, i would see more Nascar shirts than Hurricanes jerseys.
    Tell me I’m wrong.

  27. The reason Gaborik isn’t scoring is simply b/c 95% of the time he has linemates whom at this present time do not belong on the top line of a playoff team.

    Dubinsky is currently our only other top line player with Wolski and Prospal only 1 year removed from being top line guys. I am certainly willing to not making any moves let Ansimov and Stepan grow into those roles but if that is the case we need to temper our expectations b.c our current roster (even when everyone is back) is not good enough offensively to win a Stanley Cup despite how enjoyable they are to watch.

  28. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    And for the record, i’ve spent time in EVERY state on the east coast from Maine to Florida. I have been to North Carolina many many times, so i’m not shooting a blind opinion from 700 miles away.

  29. Whoa whoa, Raleigh is a good hockey town.

    What constitutes a “passionate” NHL city anyway?

    Look at the utter garbage Ranger fans put up with for 10 years
    without burning the building down.

  30. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    And as far as a city rocking during a Stanley Cup run… well we all remember what it was like in NY. The cheers, the parade, the confetti…. ahh the good ol days.

  31. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    To be clear, i’m not saying Raleigh is a bad city, or the Hurricanes have bad fans. I was merely saying the Race car comment isn’t exactly off base. Nascar is huge there. Hockey is doing well there, i’m happy to see it.

  32. Haha, Rod. Drury would never go back to Calgary, he hated it there… Though I would hate to see Artie and McD go…

    My wildest dream is that he would accept the trade and retire!


    Del Zotto-McIlrath

  33. NASCAR rules Charlotte. But Raleigh is a different animal – college basketball first (UNC-DUKE-etc.), then NHL, followed by minor league baseball, and guess there’s an NFL franchise somewhere here too.

    It’s just good to be able and watch the NYR in-person two times a season. This event is just gravy, but its tasty on my BBQ sandwich.

  34. It’s going to take some time for this team to mature and win the Cup. Richards, even if he is signed now, will not change that this year. But adding him would likely improve them enough to go beyond second round. So is adding Iginla. Both moves would take too much to give up, in Richard’s case that would be the cap space. They should give the young core more time to develop and see who fits were, even if it meant not to go too deep into the playoffs.

  35. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on


    Carolina pulled pork bbq sandwiches are heaven on a roll.

  36. Dread, I have friends in Raleigh who are huge hockey fans, and I know what the real deal is there. And I’m terribly jealous about the weather, considering I have about three feet of snow and ice on my roof with more coming this week.

    Atta boy, Tony.

  37. Yup. I’ve had the pulled pork in Raleigh.

    And I must say, the arena and the fans and the city in general as a hockey town are all better than most of the hockey markets in the South and West.

  38. I don’t think Chris Drury is in a position to demand much of anything.

    NMC’s don’t mean that much.

    All they have to do is show him a picture of Redden w/ his 70’s porn mustache.

    More I think of it, that’s actually a pretty interesting proposal, as far as getting them to the next level. Those are two SERIOUSLY grizzled vets, the types of guys you add for Cup contention. The emergence of their centers (Boyle & Stepan mainly) may mean no to Richards, even as a UFA.

    And I could see Sather preferring to trade his way to complete the puzzle.

    I wonder if they’d bite on DelZotto rather than AA. Hmm….

  39. You have to love that little smirk Stepan gave to Henrik after he totally beat him on that breakaway (sort of). Nice to see the players relax a little bit. Also, I’m pretty sure Tim Thomas was smiling after every single breakaway, that guy was having a blast. Finally, wasn’t it nice not having Crosby around? Maybe that’s why the players were smiling!

  40. Rod, if they really want to do anything, Iginla would be a better choice. MZA, btw, played both R and L wings for Modo. Iginla’s contract is much shorter than Richards would ever demand. The only issue is who Calgary wants in return.

  41. Adding Iginla on his own is one thing.

    But saying, okay, we’re going to complete the picture, this is it, this is the team,
    or 95% of it going forward, is very attractive.

    Make all the pieces fit. That’s where I came up with Regher, because there’s a long line of Ranger rumours going back years. He would really solidify this D.

    They’d still need a point man, but not much else.

  42. Kreider and McIlrath will more than likely not turn pro until after the 2011-2012 season nor will Anisimov and McDonagh be anywhere near a good enough return to get Iginla, let alone Reghyr too. Throw in 2 1st round picks and that might be enough.

    Unless the Rangers can package Anisimov and acquire an all-star caliber top line center, I think the best course of action is to just trade for a veteran 6th/7th d-man on an expiring contract (like Anders Eriksson last year) and let the season play out as is.

  43. whoops, ILB. Went to respond and credited you with the post by mistake! sorry.

    “ilb January 30th, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Adding Iginla on his own is one thing. “

  44. Really, oleo? I think the Rangers will try to sign Kreider this offseason to a pro contract, not sure he has anything else to prove on the junior/college level…

  45. Blue Seat Horror on

    How about Iginla for Gaborik? (Ha)

    Funny, Carp, when you made that comment about the fans wondering when the race started I thought you were saying that those cart races and human puck races they have between periods of hockey games were more entertaining than the skills competition. Maybe they should make the all-stars put on huge foam pucks for the fastest skater competition…

  46. Blue Seat Horror on

    Actually, I’m glad it wasn’t on NBC because I think that garbage last night would turn more people away than attract them. You need AHLers for that NHL equivalent of the slam dunk contest because all-stars are more worried about playing real hockey than figuring out trick shots so they’re really not good at it.

  47. Blue Seat Horror on

    Also, letting the fans vote nullifies any integrity of the event anyway. I thought Corey Perry had the most entertaining stupid pet trick, but The Great Egg won because he’s been marketed to win that contest.

  48. Kreider is only 6th on this team in scoring and is only on pace for 29 points (Stepan had 54 as a soph). I want to see Kreider come back for his junior season, be an assistant or co-captain and be the primary goal scorer for them. I do not think it’s necessary for him to return for his senior season though.

  49. Washington called and offered Ovechkin, Semin, Varlamov and Green for Prust…Slats said “NO WAY”

    btw, the reason why Raleigh is such a great hockey town is probably because more than half of the local fans are the Rangers fans! :P

  50. I agree, Rod. I think Kreider makes the team in training camp … and might even get a look at the end of this season.

  51. Why was all of Canada angry at that Omark kid from Edmonton? …if that’s the same shootout goal kid that I’m thinking of.

    ilb – I just found out that you’re a big tennis fan and love playing tennis!! I grew up playing on a tennis court in my backyard. Ive always loved tennis! One thing I and Tiki Two always did with my father was wake up and watch Breakfast at Wimbledon and watch tennis together. :)

    Felt really bad for Rafa and always hate to see Fed lose, but tennis is starting to shift gears and Novak seems to have matured over the past couple years and seems ready for a Slam push of his own. I was hoping for Murray to win to end the England drought, but he seems like he needs to mature and become mentally tougher like our 2010-11 New York Rangers!

  52. Kreider, from what I understand, has always been more mature physically than his teammates.

    Tiki- we can complain as much as we want about seeing either Nadal or Federer(or both) in the finals for too many years, but last night’s final was not as enjoyable to watch as we are all used to watching.

  53. also, my Grandma Millie is in the emergency room today. Has some fluid on the lungs, something about a weakened heart, getting more testing done, but appears to be alright! She hates sports and she goes to bed at 10pm, but she watched every game of the 2009 Yankees playoffs for good luck for me; most of those games ended around midnight. Very special woman! :)

  54. ilb – I agree. I love Nadal/Federer showdowns in the Final. Both are great champions, great guys, and great competitors. Would love to see Fed beat Nadal in the Final at Roland Garros on Nadal’s turf! Last night’s match was not enjoyable, and it went as I expected it to. Generally once Murray falls behind against a star, he implodes. Not too long ago, Novak was the same way, go down early, then implode and retire from the match with an “injury”

  55. Was happy to hear of Dickeys deal yesterday, terrific story.

    Now I know Wilpons supposedly won’t sell controlling interest,
    but I’ll sure be happy to see them get started!

  56. Carp,

    That’s what I heard (“ready”), though I forget how that could work w/playoffs rosters.

  57. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Afternoon gang!

    I’ll admit, I was only half watching the skills last night, it got real boring real quick. Gotta love Hank stoning just about everyone though.

    I will watch today, just cause I love seeing all these guys play together. Makes for some strange and fun combinations. Granted, this is with the caveat that it will be all offense all the time. Better than the Pro Bowl, by a mile.

  58. Gareth Bale, Evan Longoria, Nick Collison, all look alike. Just noting that here so I never forget that!

  59. NO WAY should we get iggy….he’s 33 yrs old,on the downswing….we just started to build thru youth,and now isn’t the time to trade away any of it for aging stars(espo,dionne,lafleur).the only one that worked was messier,but he was added to be a big part of the almost-already-in-place puzzle….iggy can’y carry a team anymore and that’s what would be expected here….he’d do great in (gulp) philly because he’d be just another good player but provide more leadership…anyway,if slats trades any youth,it’ll be “same old rangers”,and that is not where we want to go…keep the young.stay the course…in a few years (maybe sooner),we’ll all be glad they did

  60. Isn’t anyone going to be around to watch the NHL carcillo game?!

    I really dislike Jeff Van Gundy. Here’s Jeff Boston Gundy making excuses for the Celtics last year, i.e. Perkins injury. Jeff Sham Gundy is just waiting for Rivers to retire to take over the head coaching position of the Celtics! Hey Jeff, why dont you climb on the bottom of Alonzo Mourning’s legs again like the unprofessional you are!

    And apparently, both Rivers and Jackson are brilliant coaches! Thanks ESPN for an apples and horses comparison, Rivers couldn’t even sniff Jackson’s jock!

  61. All the genuises on Vs. picking PHI v. VAN final.


    They’re all forgetting Prust Power.

  62. Good afternoon all! Carp, I’m with you…..meh. Was in a Connecticut bar last night with, happily, a group of Rangers fans, and they had the skills stuff on TV, and some point we all just started laughing at how silly some of it was. They also all love Avery, so a nice time was had by all and i didn’t have to Prust anybody )

    p.s. Carp, I was out with your former boss after seeing the new fab house she and hubby just bought. I officially invite you up for summer bbq. I’m sure she won’t mind :) House is 39 steps from beach/Sound so it’s my new summer weekend residence…..poor hubby. He really has no choice :)

  63. Brandon (Is that his first name? shame on me…) provides Prustenance for the entire Rangers team! stupid attempt at a prustie joke!

  64. Supposedly Calgary offered Iginla to us earlier in the year, they wanted Dubinsky and Del Zotto.

  65. Hank!

    Mickey – Glad your back issue was a one-time deal :)

    Goalie Price looks like he’s 6 years old!

    Jeff Green looks like an arrogant bouche!

  66. Erik Karlsson is cute. So is Skinner. Mama – you’re right about about Skinner, looks like a nice respectable young kid.

  67. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    DJK, good thing Slats said no, or Torts would have killed him with his bare hands ;)

  68. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Tiki, I think you mean MIKE Green.

    Skinner is adorable. I want to take him home and feed him chocolate chip cookies and milk all night.

    Clay Aiken! I thought he’d fallen off the face of the earth.

  69. Yes, Mike Green. Dont like that guy. I think Im on the Mickey and Mama bandwagon re: Skinner, adorably cute kid.

  70. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Yes, Mama, that is exactly what I meant :)

    I love that Hank is the only one with his hair perfectly coiffed. lol.

  71. Could versus at least get the audio synched up while they are singing? That wasn’t even close.

  72. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Vinnie Prospal returning to form? You have to be kidding. Even if he scores some goals, his overall play will let more in. Old guy, mercenary, missing over half a season to injury, spells disaster. We have some prospects in the low minors who could do better, at this point. But of course Vinnie Baby has a contract, so let’s get a dime back on that misspent dollar.

    Got a better idea, dump Prospal and Drury RIGHT NOW! And skip the Iginla acquisition. The train has just about left the station, there, too.

  73. If this were a Rangers game, I’d be thrilled. But game over…..meh. Off to the cold cruel world …. later all!

  74. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    It friggin’ wears me out, every GD week of the year we are picking up a Souray, a Kaberle, an Iginla. Would it have to do with the GM’s track record of swallowing the old bait, countless times over the years, and it’s just a standard media story on slow news days? If this man could just stand pat from now until next training camp – that is, no “oldies but goodies” trade acquisitons, no more HORRIBLE FA signings, this time next year we will be salivating over short-term Cup prospects.

    But, I fear that is too much to ask. And, sadly, this is the first season Cherepanov’s loss is being felt here, and will be felt for at least another decade. Bet, had he lived and in good health, he would have 20 goals by now, and his teammates and Ranger fans would be giddy with anticipation of better things to come. I doubt we will obtain another draft prospect of his class and ability, ever again. So we fill the gap with an Iginla, type? That is like Cherepanov dying twice, to me.

  75. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    The skill of these guys really comes out in these games more than the skills competition.

  76. Watched about 5 minutes of the game and couldn’t take any more. If Iwanted to watch a bunch of guys giving a less than half-way effort I’d watch clips of the Ranger teams from the 2000s.

    Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

  77. Boom Boom Bathgate

    are you really complaining about Vinny Prospal right now? He has a 1 year 1.1 mil base contract for this season and was our 2nd leading scorer last year. You have no idea how foolish you sound right now? Just b/c someone is over 30 doesn’t mean they can’t make your team better.

  78. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Deciding between baking chocolate chip cookies and baking brownies. Hmm… choices, choices..

  79. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    hehehe, OK then. Next time I make a batch of chili, I’ll let you know so I can send you some.

    uhh, good for you. 3C. ;P

  80. my 17-month-old niece likes her belly button, too, C3…

    hey blast, just e-mail Carp already will ya…..geez

  81. cccp- i love the skill these players show. i mean if all u want is hitting and defense watch football. hockey is a skill game., thats what i enjoy. sorry i love hitting and fights but thats not what made me a fan.

  82. Grabby, I’m with you, but I like it when the skills matter. don’t hate me :) but I’ve never been a big AS fan. It’s nice and all, but just doesn’t get me going……I don’t know why, it’s a mystery.

  83. i know. such a bad aasen i am!! i love watchin our boys in there. hank was damn good last night. how bout chara? i thought buff wouldve won it this year but that guy is gonna be blastin 105’s till hes 50!

  84. C3, who is this Mike you’re talking to? you mean Mickey? Mickey ain’t no Mike dude….:)

  85. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    I’m with you Grabby. I like this game. Cause of the skill and the fact that I don’t really care about who wins or loses.

  86. ok, I’m getting into it now :) wtb happened to team Staal!!!! 7-6?

    also, p.s., the score is an example of why i think the ASG is kind of, um, whatever. maybe we should have had a tix contest after all. I call final score, 15-12 ;)

  87. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Marc’s a minus 4. Me thinks he wants to apply for a new defense partner, lol

  88. Bruce Garrioch today; “talk is D Robin Regehr might be asked to waive his no-movement clause. Forget about captain Jarome Iginla being moved, it’s not going to happen.”

    DJK, agreed. Going back to last year those were the principals supposedly involved.
    Somehow it went from a 7-8 player deal down to Higgins and Kotalik for Prust and Ollie J.

    Last year I might have driven Dubinsky to Calgary myself, but absolutely no way now.

    I’d regard parting with MDZ as of virtually no significance at all. But unless we get them to take Grachev and a pick it probably ain’t happening, at least not on that scale.

    Maybe they make a play for Regehr (and then sign Richards in the summer), but the cap gets real tight, even moving MDZ @ over $1M.

    I’ve also heard them after Bouwmeester for some time, but he’s even pricier ($6.6M).

  89. staal is way out of his element in this type of game. so the +- factor is as relevant as them going offsides

  90. Chopper, LMAO!

    Rod, “Last year I might have driven Dubinsky to Calgary myself, but absolutely no way now.”
    phew! If you were still like that, I’d have to slash your tires :)

  91. isnt it funny how quickly a player can go from trade bait to hero in amtter of months. thats why we shouldnt trade anybody!!! just get our own guys back and keep it togther. dont break up the band!

  92. Bathgate,

    That’s awful quick to not only dismiss Iginla’s stellar career, but the terrific season he’s having this year.

    He is a rock of a player who would thrive with a fresh start and has plenty left in the tank.

    It’s also a pretty safe haven to laud a dead prospect – and I don’t disagree, by all accounts Cherepanov was a magician – but to do all 3 is a bit much.

  93. Grabachev(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    man they look excited!!! look at mike green!! lmao he looks hungover, hell he looks like hes still drunk

  94. Mama,

    I was always willing to be patient with Dubi on the ice, but he was pushing his luck.

    Nuff said?

  95. I didn’t realize that James Wisniewski is only 26. He’s only a few months older than Gilroy. I know he had the little incident with Avery but the guy brings a lot of toughness and would be a big help on the PP. This would be a pretty nice defensive unit to start next season with.

    Del Zotto/Gilroy-Sauer

  96. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Hey, Hank’s in net. Please don’t get hurt.

    I decided on the cookies and chocolate chip muffins for breakfast for this week.

  97. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    I think he’s learned not to care too much about this game. So I wouldn’t worry TOO much about his mindset.

  98. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Hank is probably wondering why Marc’s leading the rush.

    ‘Get back here and defend, Staalsie!’

  99. oleo, Ouch! Hey, I said I dunno, not no….mama likes to think some things over….unlike Iginla. That’s a no :)

  100. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    yes nyrfan, he did. emricks senile.

    mama- that link didnt work

  101. “Didn’t Pavel Bure have a penalty shot in the All-Star game in ‘94 against Mike Richter?”

    Yes. And when it didn’t work Bure thought he’d try the exact move in game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

  102. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    these refs should just leave the offsides out of it unless its real onbvious

  103. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    hanks done. the floodgates have opened!! lol

  104. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    im a dog mama?? dancin on a piano!!! nice. thanks

  105. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    skinner is not gonna score omg just shoot it.

  106. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    hey i called an 11-10 final!! if i win what do i win? tickets?

  107. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    mama- lmao did u read the comic book cover? “the high hard shaft”, part 5″! wtb

  108. hawk, oh geez….obviously not…..if I had, do you think I would have given you that ? Oy vey…….that teaches mama about posting random finds on the interweb…..

  109. Hawkeye(Guardian of cheap iowa grain alchohol and corn) on

    thats true. guardians dont need tickets! i’ll just watch from my perch on the rafters. next to cccp!!!

  110. Bob, ASG = All Silliness Game :)

    well all, I gotta run. been fun here tonight…thank goodness real hockey is in two days!!! LGR!!!!!!

    p.s. Mickey, use oven mitts :)

  111. Recently moved to Raleigh area after living my entire life in NY (about 20 minutes from the Nassau Masoleum via the Meadowbrook Pkwy)………..I bleed Rangers blue……was there in 1994 when they one the cup. These are my credentials….lol

    Just wanted to chime in on the Raleigh hockey city……….The RBC is a really nice building especially the seating area. The sight lines are great and the food is decent. The fans of the Canes are pretty loud and passionate and courteous to the non-Cane fans. The parking staff and the ushers and security were extremely nice especially to me wearing a Blue Rangers jersey.

    Cary, which is right next to Raleigh is alot like long island from 40 years ago…….every thing is new and the people in the whole triangle area are not only very well educated, but some of the highest paid professionals in the country.

    Today, it was about 68 degrees here…..and I got to take a picture with wifey and 2 kiddies with stanley cup @ the raleigh convention center with only a 45 minute wait. It was a great day here!

  112. The NHL needs to stop with this text voting nonsense…Patrick Sharp for MVP? I mean, it’s a silly, useless game…but that was ridiculous.

  113. Nice post Liquid. Gave it a good feel.


    You fool no one. I know you’re just after my Doritos!

    It’s ok, I like to share.

    We can crunch all we want – they’ll make more!

  114. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I agree with rod about iginla not being close to washed up. If he is on this roster he is pretty much the best forward on it.

    I would rather have a guy like iginla on my roster that you know will do all he can every game to win and you can pencil in for 30+goals a season versus a guy who does not do all he can every game but MIGHT score 60.

  115. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Rangers made a few roster moves. They recalled Newbury (not surprised), Grachvev (not totally surprised), and Del Zotto (very surprised. Girardi might not be ready for Tuesday night).

  116. Just took a peek at the Rangers schedule for the month of February. Yikes! We are going to need some well above average goaltending to survive. Paging Dr. Lundqvist, paging Dr. Lundqvist, please report to the Rangers crease, stat!

  117. Hmm…. Grachev n MDZ recalled. Showcase time? haha…

    Ya know I didn’t start this Iginla talk, it’s been bandied about forever, but most recently gaining new life by McKenzie (who shot it down) in a few tweets and then by the HNIC panel.

    One of the reasons it’s interesting to discuss is because I think whoever the next major forward added is, let’s say Richards or Iginla, it tips the balance towards what kind of overall offense we have.

    Right now its almost evenly split between finesse/grit/good two-way players.

    One of the concerns I’d have about adding Richards is he is far from physical, in additon to what others have pointed out, that he’s primary a playmaker (which ofcourse we need!).

    That said, Iginla sure fits a lot more into the Prust/Boyle hard-nosed style I think everyone’s feelin’ right now.

    Provided of course, they get the cryogenics straightened out.

  118. For Iginla I’d offer Anisimov, Wolski, a lesser D prospect (Kundratek?), and a 1st rounder. That’s the most I’m willing to give up.

  119. Well, Jay Feaster certainly seems familiar with the organization :)

    “Feaster can only laugh. And he’s been giving members of the media a few chuckles, too.
    “It’s funny, I got a text message the other day from somebody at TSN — and this is about the fifth time that the person has asked me about Jarome,” Feaster recounted Wednesday morning at the Saddledome before the Flames and the St. Louis Blues battled on the ice.

    “And he said, ‘I had a reliable source say that you traded him to the Rangers. Is it true?’

    “I text messaged back. I said, ‘Yep. For John ‘isn’t-it-a-bitch’ Tortorella, Jim Schoenfeld, who is coming out of retirement and will be in our lineup tonight and for the future rights to Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti.”

    Tortorella, of course, is the Rangers’ current head coach.
    Former Buffalo Sabres defenceman Schoenfeld is an assistant GM in New York.
    Rosen does play-by-play and Micheletti is his colour commentator for Rangers broadcasts.

    “I just wanted to add depth — that’s all,” Feaster said, laughing. “Just some depth.”

    On a more serious note, Feaster admits he’s received calls from other NHL GMs, although he doesn’t confirm any specific teams. But his answer is always the same when it comes to Iginla. “Certainly, nothing stops a team from saying, ‘Hey, if you ever …,’ Feaster said. “All I say to those is, ‘Thanks. I’ll note your interest.’ ” – Calgary Sun.

  120. DJK,

    Damn. For that package Regehr better be coming too!

    That’s a lot higher than I’m willing to go.

    My bet is if Iginla goes anywhere it’s Philly. They’ve got some chips to play too.

  121. OK, fun and games are over.

    A well deserved break for the boys, no doubt.

    As much as they needed to relax mentally and physically for a few days it’s time to get back to business.

    Slowly but steadily the Rangers have established something here. A work ethic. A level of commitment. An identity. A belief system. An Esprit de corps.

    As Carp has stated, the numbers may not tell the same story your eyes are seeing. That is very true, to me that is a testament to the talent level in this league. The effort can be significant relative to the gains and by the same token the littlest detail can be significant. To me the biggest difference, and I love this phrase, is the “emotional investment” the players have made.
    I think it’s the bread and butter of any winning team, especially in hockey.

    Looking forward, the injection of energy provided by Cally, then Dubi etc. couldn’t come at a better time to get this ball rolling again. They’ve worked hard to get where they are but can’t afford to ease their way into the second half.

    They open with 4 games in 7 days (a game every other day). It won’t allow for much practice.

    Devils – playing much better winning 6 of their last 8 games
    Canadians – won the last 4 heads up against the Rangers
    Red Wings – 2nd best record in the West

    I know they’ll come out banging. I love this team.

  122. I dont want Iginla getting to Philly, meaning we’ll have to deal with him for the next 3 years.

    And the package I mentioned is realistically what it’ll take.

  123. Carp, I don’t share your disinterest. The all star game is a bit of a show, it isn’t exactly hockey, the skills competition are just trivial games, sure. But it’s a way to showcase the game for the casual fan, let the players and fans have fun and celebrate the great sport that is hockey, and the quality of the players. Hockey players are real men (for the most part), have a code of honor, and can speak in complete sentences. What other professional sport can say the same? I found it easy to root for Team Staal (guess why?) and thoroughly enjoyed the whole affair.

    Which isn’t to say I’m not really missing hockey. But the boys do need a rest, don’t you think?

  124. Orr

    You didn’t miss much. As a matter of fact by the time that those Versus camera people got their “groove” the so called action was over. In fact it got almost Shakespearian,
    (or is that Shakespearan?);;;much ado about nothing.

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