How do you approach a long layoff?


“How do I approach a long layoff? That’s just a dumb question.”

I approach it by getting some odds and ends out of the way. Later on we’ll have a new “Go Time” post for the skills competition, and by skills competition I mean the skills competition, not a shootout.

I thought the draft last night was relatively cool, but it turned corny very quickly, and I think it will be completely lame when they do it again next year. The same jokes: Oh, hahaha, you picked your other teammate, not the one who we were expecting you to pick, hahaha. And I believe the going-away consolation prizes heaped on the last guy picked will now make that spot coveted, and so guys will plot who they will pick last so a buddy gets the car or whatever. Lame.


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Odds & Ends:

The NHL and NBC chose Pittsburgh-Washington for their game of the week next Sunday. Shocker.

Our friend Mitch Beck has an interview with Wade Redden on his Howlings blog. If you scroll through the posts, there’s also one that pokes a little fun at Mats Zuccarello. And also some info about the Whale Bowl, an outdoors alumni game which will include former Rangers Brian Leetch (as a Bruin) and Pat Verbeek (as a Whaler).

Did youse see where Kansas City pitcher Gil Meche, out with an arm injury, voluntarily retired, leaving $12 million in guaranteed salary for next season on the table?

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!
    Sorry in advance for my long post, but I felt I needed to do this. I was going to ask Carp to post it today as a guest blogger, but I knew he wouldn’t do it.
    So two days ago, after the last snowstorm, I had too much time in my possession and something hit me. I just felt, all of a sudden that it was very close to the date when Carp took over the blog from Sam. I went back, and there it was- today is exactly 2 years since Carp, along with Jane and Laurel, took over this place.
    I also remembered that I was very close to being tearful when I read Sam’s last post and I decided to go back and read it again – it happened during Sam’s description of his conversation with his son, Charlie, who started to cry when Sam told him he was no longer going to cover the Rangers. I, too, felt at that moment that the blog wouldn’t be the same.
    The very next post, on the same day, was written by Carp. This is what he said:
    “The past is present. Or … you can go home again.
    First I want to say a big “Hello!” to all the Blueshirts diehards, and I also want to tell you all that I will miss Sam as much as you guys do. Maybe more. He is (and always will be) a great friend and a great writer, and a person who did his job with the greatest of enthusiasm and skill (plus the prettiest practice swing in golf).
    I can’t replace him. …
    So the people here have entrusted me to be part of the team that tries to fill Sam’s skates (or his golf shoes). All I ask is that you stay with us, and here’s why. It is the banter among you that make this blog what it is. It is the sheer numbers of you guys and ladies who watch the game with your keyboards within reach, and who let the opinions and observations fly. Who live and die with every penalty call, every bad line change, every goal, every W-L-OT.”
    A few initial responses by the ‘heads were somewhat cautious, but you could feel people trusted that the place would remain worth visiting. Did it ever! Thanks to Carp, Laurel and Jane, by the end of playoffs the place was already cleaner, with plenty of great comments. By late summer, when, unfortunately, Jane had to leave,  people were posting 200+ posts, a few times a day…most of it was gibberish, but, well, there was no hockey.
    But look where we are now. There are a lot of new boneheads who joined with their insightful comments. Some have left. But one thing remains the same- this is THE place to be if you’re a Rangers fan. And it is getting better.
    One more person deserves a special word- Laurel. She’s been a huge part of our blog’s success for many years.  And, despite all the unfair bull-carcillo that happened to her at work, she still is.
    I think, every so often, we need to remind people who keep this place for us that we are thankful for their time, thoughts, and sometimes patience. Two-year anniversary is a perfect time to do it.

  2. Wow. Thanks, ilb. I was going to mention the anniversary later on.

    I remember the phone call from my boss: “Would you mind helping out on the Rangers blog until we figure out what we’re going to do?”

    Originally, it was going to be me and Jane McManus and then Josh Thomson (age 26), and later on it was Laurel. But now it’s just me again.

    Um. So I guess they figured out what they’re going to do. But, after a rough start — two full-time jobs I called it — they figured that they had to give me some time to do this other full-time job, and that they had to send me to some games and some practices and let me do some actual hockey reporting if this was going to work. My new boss, Sean Mayer, has been great with that — he’s a huge Rangers fan who really dies with each loss, especially to the philthy Flyers. So I’m doing more hockey, and still doing my “other” job, and as you all know, or should know, I am having a blast doing this.

  3. Here, here ilb.

    Having moved out to the burbs last year and having a spouse that has only cursory knowledge and interest in hockey, the blog definitely helps pass the time during the long cold and snowy winters in Hugh Jessiman’s hometown. Hockey is very much a special community and this place is a special sanctuary within that community.

    I appreciate that people don’t always agree about players, games, organizational movement (although I think there’d be close to a consensus on FIRE SATHER and SELL THE TEAM DOLAN), but I’ll never question the passion and support of of anyone that posts here. I also appreciate the humor that belies the various personalities on the blog because it is a game afterall. And when if the day should ever come that the Rangers actually win the big shiny thing, I know the thrill and excitement I’ll be feeling at that moment will be shared by dozens of others which will make it all the more endearing.

  4. Good afternoon all!
    ilb, you are tremendously tremendous!!!!

    Happy anniversary Carp, the blogfather of them all!!!

  5. Congrats on the anniversary, Carp, this place is an entertainment for sure, made even better this year by your ability to be at many more games. Now if we can get you back on the road again, that would be icing on the cake. Keep up the great work! About that more traffic comment, with any more traffic you’re going to need a couple of state troopers and a traffic light to control this thing!

  6. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    ilb, awesome recap.

    CT, THE hugh jessiman?

    Carp, Yes… i’m fairly certain we would bring down the whole lohud server, and crash the internet with our traffic. we’d be getting carp’d at record pace!

    I would like to take this moment to thank you Carp, for your dedication to us, your articles, interviews, insight, and witty humor make me enjoy coming here for info, to kill time, catch up, or trade witty remarks with fellow readers.

    And to those readers, you along with Carp have made it a joy to stop by here 837593 times a day. I look forward to meeting some of you, and eventually having a beer or 8 with you at Warren!

    And when… not if, the Rangers win the cup… Prust will keep the servers from crashing. With his fists.

  7. Great write up ILB. Like us I don’t know if Carp knew what would happen here once he was the man in charge but it’s been nothing short of amazing. Best place I’ve ever talked puck.

    Carp- I just want to say congratulations to you and the crew on two years. It’s a pretty cool thing to sit here and be able to converse with you and the others here -whether we see eye to eye on things or not. I still remember running outside to grab the paper every morning before school so I could read up on the Rangers during breakfast. These days I log on with my cell phone to read up before work. But it’s a pleasure to read all of it knowing that you’re still the guy at the helm. You just don’t have the ‘stache anymore! Congrats again and LGR!

  8. ** Still have 2 tix to Tuesday’s game: Section 303, Row D, Seats 9-10.


    steve at blacks4 dot com

    Someone please buy these!!

    Go Rags.

  9. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Chuck Norris IS actually Brandon Prust.

    Here’s Proof…

    Franchise awarded to MSG president Tex Rickard.

    Team quickly nicknamed ‘Tex’s Rangers’

    Chuck Norris played Walker, who is a member of the ‘Texas Rangers’

    Brandon Prust plays at MSG

    Therefor, Chuck Norris/Walker Texas Ranger/New York (Tex’s) Rangers/Brandon Prust are all one in the same.

    Brandon Prust = Chuck Norris

  10. I should also give a shout out to Carp for letting me get as involved in the blog as I did back in the day when I was an employed person :) and to you all for letting me become your blogmama. This is the best place on earth…..short of a warm sunny spot by the sea :)

  11. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Brandon Prust puts on his Chuck Norris outfit to go out in public.

    I am right handed. I met Brandon Prust. He shook my hand. I’m now left handed. He offered me an apology, which left me with a concussion. He sent me a card in the hospital, it broke my jaw. They operated on it, when I woke up I had a black eye. I said, “Prust came by and signed my face?”

  12. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    we appreciate you being a part of the blog!

    And by my own logic, Tex Rickard is Brandon Prust’s father, NOT Darth Vader. Weird.

  13. Thanks Gabs….OK all, I gotta get ready to hit the road for an outing, so enjoy your blog/Prust love fest and I’ll catch you all later!

  14. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on


    I noticed that the Sedin’s jerseys had H. Sedin and D. Sedin on the back.

    the Staal’s jerseys had no first initial.

    I mean i know they are twins… but they have different numbers.

    Seems weird.

  15. Cam Ward was very funny, had some clever dry humor after he was picked first. I also liked Marc Staal joking that he would not give his brother Eric any more Christmas or birthday presents. And it was priceless to see the anguish and anger on the face of Toews as he got passed over again and again by his teammate and friend? Kane.

  16. ilb – What a genuinely wonderful special man you are :)

    Carp – Happy Anniversary! Thanks for keeping this place fun and down-to-earth, and making this place great with your fun personality and supermodel good looks. We are all lucky to have you. :)

  17. Since Carp said we can put up one link, as a big Ranger fan and reader of this blog, I will post my new Dog Spa and Grooming line Warren London, . A local White Plains, NY company, so check out the site and buy a lot of products!

  18. GOALS for GAB-orik- Keep reading Prust!! on

    So they made 2 jerseys for each player… wonder what happens to the jersey for the team the didn’t go to.

    Destroyed? Given to the player?

  19. How could I forget…

    We all love you Mama! This place would not be the same without you. You are the most terrific woman and Rangers fan on the planet :)

  20. Well said ilb… This is by far the best place for Rangers news. I don’t post too often but I certainly read 90% of everything posted here.

    Thanks Carp, you filled some pretty big shoes and did almost seamlessly.

  21. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    How do you approach a long layoff you ask? Simple I come here everyday because this is the BEST Rangers blog ever! I couldn’t have said it any better ilb as Carp would say “this place rocks”. Since our last game on Tuesday night Carpy has had a new post everyday can’t say the same for some of the other Rangers blogs. HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY . Please don’t ever leave us! considering your not a “Rangers Fan” you truly are the best at this.

  22. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Oh by the way you can definitely count on me for hits the refresh button is my best friend lmao

  23. The last game was Tuesday? Carcillo, it feels like we’ve gone through the whole month of August!

  24. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    I think I might break out my 25th anniversary edition of Slapshot just to fill the time till the next game oh wait thats not for 3 more days grrrr what do I fill the rest of the time with? My best friend (the refresh button) lol

  25. Interesting tidbit from LB twitter:

    “Negative focus not merely on Kessel but on Burke’s monumentally dumb trade to get him. Maybe Burke can get Bob Batterman to change AS draft.”

  26. LB also mentioned a few days ago that players’ escrow deductions for 3d quarter was reduced to 10 percent. I believe it was 17% before. Probably indicates that the cap will, indeed, go up next year.

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