Three words sum up the season so far


Here’s my column from The Journal News and today:

NEW YORK — It is the quote of the season for the Rangers, because it is everything they are about.

Brandon Prust, the tough-as-shoe-leather winger, had been playing with at least two bad injuries — a bum shoulder and a banged-up hand — two things you don’t want when part of your job description is to fight.

On Saturday, he had blocked a shot off his foot and he toughed it out, limping the rest of the game. He had gone for X-rays, which were negative, and on Monday his foot was still in terrible shape but there were games to be played that night and the next.

Prust was being asked if he might play, and he told reporters:

“It’s just pain.”

It’s Just Pain. That should be the Rangers’ team motto, as “Heave Ho” was in 1993-94, as “Ya Gotta Believe” once was for the Mets, and “We play today, we win today” once was for the Yankees.

These Rangers hit the six-day NHL All-Star break with a 29-20-3 record after a league-high 52 games played (30 remaining). They have won five more games, and recorded six more points, while scoring 13 more goals and allowing 15 fewer after the same number of games last season.

But anybody who’s paying attention knows that the improvement, the marked difference, from last season to this, isn’t nearly that close. Unfortunately, not many are paying attention. New York fans have been distracted by the Jets. Distracted by the Knicks. Well, these Rangers are as good a story as the Jets, minus all the foul-mouthed yapping and bragging and bad behavior.

These Rangers are as good a story as the resurgent Knicks, though they more closely resemble the blue-collar Oakley-Starks-Mason Knicks.

These Rangers have made their mark despite having lost 193 manpower games to injury.

It’s Just Pain.

They’ve plugged hole after hole with minor-leaguer after minor-leaguer and haven’t skipped a beat. Their lineup Tuesday night: average age 24.9, and that includes the 34-year-old captain.

They have had guys such as Prust and Brian Boyle, two grinders, out of nowhere become key producers and leaders.

Their best line this season featured wingers Ryan Callahan, who has missed the last 19 games with a broken hand, and Brandon Dubinsky, who has missed the last five with a stress fracture in his leg. They’ve been without their second-best scorer from a season ago, Vinny Prospal, for this entire season, and survived the loss of their top scorer, Marian Gaborik for 14 games.

But the most compelling thing about this team, perhaps, is that its injuries haven’t been all the residue of bad luck. No, the Rangers are, in a crazy sense, designed to be injured, the way they hit, the way they block shots, the way they play from national anthem to final horn, and sometimes beyond.

Coach John Tortorella kind of said that when asked Tuesday night if the break came at a good time.

“Yeah. We’re beat up,” he said. “The guys that are playing are beat up. They’re beat up for the right reason. They should feel good about themselves. We always talk about that. If you play the right way, and you may not be able to practice the next day, you need some time off, you need to feel good about that because you’re playing the right way.

“I think for the first 52 games here, we’re pretty much there, as far as trying to play the right way. We’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way and had some ups and downs. But I think the mind-set, in how we have to play, has been there pretty consistently.”

That’s why we’ve seen so many players limp off after being hit with pucks — and often seen scenes like when Ruslan Fedotenko already felled by a shot and before he could get to the bench, diving in front of another shot. Why we’ve seen Dubinsky play for two weeks on his broken leg.

Because these Rangers play for each other, play the right way, and play the way few teams play, the way few Rangers teams have ever played. And if you have to go for X-rays, wear an ice bag in bed or miss a few games or weeks?

Well, it’s just pain.


AP photo, above.

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  1. Amazing, 5 more wins, but only 6 more points? Shootouts!

    It’s Not Just Pain, it’s injuries. As fun to watch as these guys are, if they don’t learn how to play tough without getting injured, they may not make it very far in the Spring. You can only keep your head above water for so long…

    That said, LGR.

  2. Sean Avery is certainly better than pretty much every 4th liner in the NHL and when the other players come back from injury, that’s where we will be.

  3. Great column, Carp. Along with “It’s just pain” motto, I’d also add Torts’ description of his warriors: “This team is easy to like”. Probably that’s why many of us are so reluctant to accept any trades- the fear of interfering with team’s chemistry…

  4. N,CountryNYRFan on

    Great article Carp, what an inspiring and hopeful year it has been so far. I love this team. I have been a Rangers fan for about 24 years and I would say other than the Cup team, that this team has been my favorite year to watch and be a fan.

  5. onecupin71yearsandcounting on

    This team is a pleasure to watch compared to recent teams under renney and Torts.I think its the influx of the young guys and and the scarcity of the overpaid underachieving ,high expectation from the fans, vets. I wish dreary could be dumped, I expect less from prospal..

  6. WoWo-ekuh - Its Just Pain on

    CCCP, you’re meshing the 5 wins and 6 points together. What he’s saying is the team has won 5 more games, and recorded 6 more points, than this point last year. Remember, we had a LOT of OT games last year.

  7. It’s stopped snowing. We got another foot and a half overnight. had about 5-6 inches yesterday. In some drifts there’s about five or six FEET on the ground with all that has fallen since Christmas, with plow piles much higher than that.

    But it’s a dry heat.

  8. Avery goes offsides way too much…his shot accuracy is terrible…

    that said he is an important player for this team in many other ways and I hope he can find his offensive touch before the playoffs…

    PS: Great read, Carp.

  9. Great piece Carp, I enjoyed that and agree whole heartedly… When you have buy-in across 4 lines you can make something special happen. Congrats to Torts for aligning the boys around a great attitude and passion for the game.

  10. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan-insky-tenko-irardi, 28 on

    Great article, Carp.

    Did you ever publish your mid-term grades in the paper or on the blog? Just curious if I missed it or not.

  11. You know why everybody is giddy over this team even though they are barely in the top 8 and only 6 points better than last season beside the fact that these guys hustle? It’s because we can look at the big picture and see guys like Stepan, AA, MZA, Sauer, McD, DelZotto, etc. are good players that will just get better with more experience.

    When they were going through the rent-an-overthehill-vet phases was there any chance that those guys were going to get better? None. They had their time and were on the down slope.

    The future’s looking pretty bright for Rangers fans.

  12. Mista Carp – EXCELLENT ARTICLE. You hit it on the head, my man.

    I’m proud to be a Rangers fan.

    PS – have to say, between Brooks (love him or hate him), Carp, Gross, Spector…. we have some pretty damn good writers covering the Rangers in the NY metro papers.

  13. Great job, as always Carp!

    With all the talk of injuries and being banged up, in made me recall two words that were used quite often in the late 90s.

    “Hyperbaric Chamber”

    Back then, I recall (Sam or JD) talking about Richter spending time there. I was always left imagining what this chamber was and how it helped…even more so, if it was even a chamber.

    Anyone know whether this practice is still in use? How it works?

    Maybe the rangers should all be spending time there, during the midseason break.

    (Half kidding)

  14. Gift of GAB-orik and the All Star Break so we can heal! on

    Great article Carp, that got me all fired up… too bad there’s no hockey!


    Prust > Pain

    They say there is no chin under Prust’s beard… only another fist.

    From Twitter: Chuck Norris watches Brandon Prust movies.

  15. Blue Seat Horror on

    Great article, Carp!

    And it’s true that almost all the Rangers play from anthem to final buzzer, except for that Sean Avery. He starts his game at the pre-game skate!

  16. Gift of GAB-orik and the All Star Break so we can heal! on


    The chamber pumps pure oxygen, which is good for the body/blood, and promotes faster healing.

    There are easier ways of doing it now.

  17. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha! Awesome Gift of Gab!

    I was just thinking how much Prust reminded me of Hulk Hogan. No matter how beaten down he is his hand never drops to the mat. (Thankfully he doesn’t do that puffy face thing).

  18. Gift of GAB-orik and the All Star Break so we can heal! on

    When Chuck Norris needs a beating, he calls Prust.

  19. Gift of GAB-orik and the All Star Break so we can heal! on

    Rumor has it Prust once broke Chuck Norris’ nose just by looking at it.

  20. Funny how so many Ranger fans still at polar opposites with regards to their viewpoints on Avery. He is either a very under-rated valuable, nearly irreplaceable player or he is overrated and belows on the 4th line and is only not there because of injuries.

    IMO, he’s someone inbetween.

    What he isn’t is an offensively skilled player (most goals in a season is 15) and that’s has been glaringly evident lately as we’ve watched him miss numerous very good opportunities where it’s not a case of a goalie making an amazing save – it’s Avery not even getting shots off at times.

    What he is is a strong skater and with a decent ability to carry/hold on to the puck and the willingness to take a hit to make a play. I find him to be deceptively crafty when it comes to working the corners – it so often looks like he is about to hit and have to engage in a battle for the puck, yet he manages to avoid that hit and continue working the puck.

    He’ll also come to the aid of a teammate from time to time.

    His me-first antics are probably the weakest part of his game (and that’s all mental – it’s got nothing to do with his physical abilities obviously). I find it incredible that frequently, when the camera pans the bench, he is sitting at one end, totally detached from his teammates. What the heck is up with that?

    To me, you put up with the behaviour (and even then quite reluctantly) when the player is someone like JJ – a true difference maker on the ice. When it’s a 3rd or 4th liner (and that’s what Avery truly is) I say the sooner he’s gone the better.

    How interesting that lately he’s not been sulking at the end of the bench – he is sitting and conversing with his linemates.

    All in all, Avery right now is a solid contributor to the Ranger cause, even if he’s not scoring. Can he keep it up? If not, it’s only a matter of time before he’s back on the 4th line or worse, in the pressbox.

  21. You’ll learn to love Avery. So said Sather told Torts…..

    One thing to remember amid the lovefest is the Rangers still have trouble scoring.

    They haven’t had a full lineup once since the addition of Wolski along with emerging of Zuccarello and McDonagh. But they will soon.
    They also haven’t maximized Boyle’s offense, and they’ll forceably have to limit Prust (cause he won’t do it himself) if they want him @ playoff time.

    So I wouldn’t mind seeing them try a few things down the stretch here for an extra offensive boost. They can always re-unite Fedetenko-BB-Prust and juggle whomever.
    But basically by asking Zuccarello to switch sides, which I think he’s capable of, their lineup could fall into place and be well-balanced.


  22. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!

    great write up!!!

    ok, good. You had me worried.

  23. Females have XX chromosomes and common males have XY. Prust has YY, because he is twice the man than the common man.

  24. I`m not one to blow smoke up someones arzz but this guy Carp should be in the running for the Longfellow Award

  25. Great article. I like the “From the anthem to the final horn, and beyond” line. A much better way to describe this team’s effort than cliches like “a full 60 minutes.”

    Here’s the article from today’s Times about Meche of The Royals turning down his own contract. I think we, the fans who buy the tickets, pay for the cable tv to watch the games, buy the jerseys – everything – deserve to ask Chris Drury to do the same. His contract prevents any action on Ranger management’s part, and that’s Sather’s fault. We just can’t pay this guy this much any more.

  26. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’ve been saying he deserves a letter for quite a while, so I agree with you obviously (though maybe just an A, don’t want to slight drury)!

  27. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    give the C to CCCP….oh wait , he already has a few, nevermind!

  28. I was cutting and pasting that very article and you beat me to it!

    Naslund had class…wish Drury did.

    Redden was in it for the money, wasn’t he? We can say that now. If it was about playing to win he’d have asked out of contract and played for less elsewhere.

    Look at Vickers, Hodges, Barry Beck, all the old NHL’rs -very few played past early thirties. Why GMs think it is different now is beyond reason. People peak and fade.

  29. What’s wrong with sounding like Tiki?!

    Carpy is indeed the best, as well as Mama, Sally, ilby, and Mao!

    And the following may start controversy, but I have to leave in a few, so I wont be around for it :) …..

    Any Rangers “fan” that dislikes Avery is just another of those New York “fans” that has NO LOYALTY. There should not be one Rangers fan that dislikes Avery. And if you do, you’re just a disloyal piece of carcillo!!

    Avery is New York. Avery is wonderful, wrongly hated by many, misunderstood, awesome, a great teammate, a great person, a great lover, a winner. Avery embodies everything about New York.

  30. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    CCCP- I heard Prust can speak Russian. In French.

    Prust doesn’t always drink… but when he does… he prefers the blood of his opponents.

    Stay Monster my friends.

  31. great write up Carp
    great line:

    Gift of GAB-orik and the All Star Break so we can heal! January 27th, 2011 at 12:35 pm
    Rumor has it Prust once broke Chuck Norris’ nose just by looking at it.

  32. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Rumor has it Prust was thrown out of a bank for using the wrong kind of ‘check’. In his defense, it was a clean hit.

  33. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, nice article. Glad you posted it as I did not get my paper today. Hmm, wonder why…could have been those 14″ of snow NOT sunshine…Tony you are a funny guy.

    Carp, not for nothing, I could have done without the comparison to the Knicks, although I know where you are coming from. Those players and that Knicks team are actually from a time when I considered myself a real Knicks fan, so I guess I let it slide…anyways…

    Also, if Avery was on any other team, we would all hate him…but he’s OURS…so we love ‘im.


  34. Prust deserves all the love
    but not a thought on the Avery shirt?
    (or is just old old old news?)

  35. 2 tickets for 2/1 Penguins @ Rangers for sale:

    Section 303, Row D 9-10

    $130/pair. Please let me know. I can’t go.

    steve at blacks4 dot com

  36. jpg, the shirt is very old news. Krissy was the first to find that for me ages ago, bless her Norwegian heart :)

    you guys are cracking me up today….

  37. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    hey tiki

    there is only one most interesting man in the world and he is already on this blog!

  38. Sather = Monster! LOL

    i tell you…NYR does ruin careers of many players…just look at Higgins and Kotalik. They were pretty decent players before they came to NY…now, nobody wants them!


    and who would that be? :)

  39. avery is garbage on

    “Any Rangers “fan” that dislikes Avery is just another of those New York “fans” that has NO LOYALTY. There should not be one Rangers fan that dislikes Avery. And if you do, you’re just a disloyal piece of carcillo!!

    Avery is New York. Avery is wonderful, wrongly hated by many, misunderstood, awesome, a great teammate, a great person, a great lover, a winner. Avery embodies everything about New York.”

    LMAO. I dislike avery because the team is better without him. if that means im not a fan then so be it. great teammate? they chased him out of dallas, and the kings didnt mind seeing him go. a great teammate would not sit his butt at the end of the bench away from his line mates. i guess when you have no plan on the ice you dont really need to communicate with your line mates tho, eh? great lover? ill take your word on that one. idk how you can say hes a winner…what has he done? also, somebody brought up how the whole “record with avery in the lineup” thing is BS. then went on to say that you could say the same about mara. ive always thought it had more to do with girardi joining the team. ive loved his game ever since they brought him up. but it seems like most people on here didnt even want to resign him. and even then, people wanted to trade him right away lol

  40. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    They say Prust can’t ride the LIRR anymore. The last guy who told Prust he needed to punch his ticket still hasn’t recovered…

  41. avery is garbage on

    actually, higgins has been on fire lately. i wish him the best. he always gave everything he had on every shift, just couldnt buy any luck.

  42. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Higgins is from my hometown… I wanted him to to well so badly… poor guy couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat, let alone hit the net. He seems to be doing ok in FLA.

  43. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    avery is garbage
    your last post is pure speculation that this team is better without avery…..we will NOT know that until he is gone, whenever that may be!!

    later assens!!

    p.s. tony you’re welcome!?

  44. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    The people who are hating on Avery are probably the same knee-jerk people who wanted to trade Gabby and Hank earlier this season.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions… even if statistically they are wrong.

  45. The best thing Higgins ever did for this team was bring Brandon Prust in the trade. Don’t you think your logic is a bit strange, avery is garbage? So Higgins gave everything he had on every shift, just couldn’t score. And it’s ok with you, yet he was brought here for secondary scoring. On the other hand, Avery isn’t here to score goals, but he does everything else, including playing in every situation he is asked to play. And yet, he is garbage?

  46. A rattlesnake once bit Prust. After five days of excruciating pain, the rattlesnake died.

  47. avery is garbage on

    higgins was not a turnover machine. higgins could successfully send and receive passes on a consistent basis. higgins did not take stupid penalties. higgins did not sit at the end of the bench away from his teammates. higgins killed penalties, while avery cannot be trusted in that situation. avery is near useless on defense, higgins was not.

  48. Carp. Great post!! Thank you. Very inspirational.

    There really is no other place for Avery to play hockey. He is perfect for this town and I never want him to leave.

    He’s having an off year goal wise, but all players go through this in their career.


  49. “avery is garbage” is the same guy who hid under “nose picker” name and wanted Dubinsky off the team no matter what…

    now, he can’t really say anythign about Dubi, since you know, he turned into a great player for us….so, what does this person do? He picks an easy target…a guy who everybody (apparently not everybody) dislikes..Avery! So predictable and lame.

  50. OK, last one:
    The continets didn’t drift away from each other, they just found out that Prust was gunna be on america so they all ran away.

  51. thought so Mama
    wondered why there was talking in regards
    to sleeping with shirts.

    whatever floats your boat….as they say…(whoever they is)

  52. True Blue Mike on

    “Any Rangers “fan” that dislikes Avery is just another of those New York “fans” that has NO LOYALTY. There should not be one Rangers fan that dislikes Avery. And if you do, you’re just a disloyal piece of carcillo!!

    Avery is New York. Avery is wonderful, wrongly hated by many, misunderstood, awesome, a great teammate, a great person, a great lover, a winner. Avery embodies everything about New York.”

    LMAO. I dislike avery because the team is better without him. if that means im not a fan then so be it. great teammate? they chased him out of dallas, and the kings didnt mind seeing him go. a great teammate would not sit his butt at the end of the bench away from his line mates. i guess when you have no plan on the ice you dont really need to communicate with your line mates tho, eh? great lover? ill take your word on that one. idk how you can say hes a winner…what has he done? also, somebody brought up how the whole “record with avery in the lineup” thing is BS. then went on to say that you could say the same about mara. ive always thought it had more to do with girardi joining the team. ive loved his game ever since they brought him up. but it seems like most people on here didnt even want to resign him. and even then, people wanted to trade him right away lol

    Avery is garbage…

    Explain to me how Avery has the third most assist on this team with playing almost entirely 4th line minutes for most of the season?

  53. maybe avery is garbage is
    just a troll
    or really
    gary bettman
    marty turco
    chuck norris
    dionne phaneuf
    on his ex-girlfriends

  54. “Any Rangers “fan” that dislikes Avery is just another of those New York “fans” that has NO LOYALTY. There should not be one Rangers fan that dislikes Avery. And if you do, you’re just a disloyal piece of carcillo!!

    Avery is New York. Avery is wonderful, wrongly hated by many, misunderstood, awesome, a great teammate, a great person, a great lover, a winner. Avery embodies everything about New York.”

    C’mon Tiki. Get real. I have a really hard time taking anything you say seriously because it seems you just say things to be provocative.

    You know full well that your statement was ludicrous.

  55. Yyyeah. Howabout those “resurgent” Knicks?….TWO games above .500! Losers of 7 out of their last 10! Pshhhh. They’ll make the playoffs with a sub-.500 record (or, maybe they’ll actually win 42 games) and then when the Rangers are actually making noise in the post-season, all the coverage (back page stories) will be on the Knickerbockers. Ugh…speaking of pain…

  56. True Blue Mike on

    Honestly i just cant understand how you can be a Ranger Fan and not like Avery, i just dont understand it at all.

  57. True Blue Mike on

    I am sorry that Avery actually shoots the puck from any were on the ice! He is bad defensively that i will give you but he isn’t meant to be Mike Richards…

  58. avery is garbage on

    yup, im a pile of poop. you got it. or am i some dubi basher? idc, think what you want. but in reality, im just a guy who mostly reads but doesnt post. you want to know why he has the 3rd most assists? injuries. how many were primary assists? look, you can go by the stat sheet if you want, but if you watch the game, you’ll see all of the things ive been pointing out. and when he got an increase in ice time lately (21 mins the other night!) what did he do with it? except take excessively long shifts for no apparent reason. its like he thinks hes gretzky

  59. My distaste is for the blind adoration of Avery’s fans. To them his miscues are absolutely acceptable. Giveaways, excessive offsides, missed scoring chances and lackluster defensive play etc seem to be ignored or maybe offset in their minds because he “entertains” them. The kicker though is that these same fans tend to be hypercritical of other players.

    Case in point regarding Avery:
    “He’s having an off year goal wise, but all players go through this in their career.”

    I’m not calling Avery garbage. He’s played fairly well lately but far from great as many here believe.

  60. I got the best news ever today: Krisy is planning to come here in April for the end of season!!! Whooo hoooo! Between tiki, Fozzy and now K, I’m digging the hostessing of out-of-town boneheads!!!

    C3, maybe you can put aside the batteries for one outing eh?

  61. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan-insky-tenko-irardi, 28 on

    Methinks we need the games to start up again real soon.

  62. ddebened, I’m with you on that, big time.

    true blue mike, you should be sorry. It’s not a good quality to just shoot from anywhere. he’s also missed 34 shots. 6th on the team in shots on goal, 8th in missed shots, near the bottom in goals scored.

    What does Avery do that Prust can’t do while also killing penalties and scoring more goals?

  63. Yes, Doodie, he does. And i dislike him for that. And other things…
    I do believe that next year will be his last year as a Ranger. They will not resign him. But I wouldn’t call him garbage. He’s played well in different roles, and has filled whatever position he’s asked to..

  64. “Someone here once said “cheer for what you have”
    We have Avery – I cheer.”

    Oh I definitely cheer for the guy. I cheered Rozsival and even cheered Redden on the rare occassions they did well. You don’t boo your guys.

    That said, when the games aren’t being played, I have no problem skewering a guy that’s overrated.

  65. sigh. this same old conversation is making me thirsty, and bored…..good time to run some errands.

  66. the Rangers record with Avery is well over .500 In fact, the Rangers havent won a playoff game without Sean Avery in the lineup since Gretzky was still here.

  67. actually my mistake, the Rangers did win game 4 against Pittsburgh without him but regardless Avery is an important member of this team.

    Avery is the perfect 4th line player.

  68. avery is garbage on

    oleo – i know msg occasionaly puts up the graphic with the record with avery in the lineup, but is there somewhere else that has it? id like to plug in another player and see the differences. id love to know what it is with girardi vs avery.

  69. avery is garbage on

    i disagree. i always thought betts was the perfect 4th line player. he could jump on for a quick faceoff, he isnt a 20 goal scorer but hes alright with the puck, and hes an exceptional penalty killer. thats what i look for in a 4th liner

  70. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    If South Korea wants to negotiate peace with North Korea, they should send Brandon Prust in to negotiate.

    For results of the Prust-Jong Ill meeting, google image nuclear explosion.

  71. LMAO, found this on FB through ’94 Parade – NY Rangers/Hockey Humor Blog

    the 2nd video of PAP is too hilarious…”PA Parenteau drops what has got to be the leading candidate for the NHL’s Rhetorical Question of the Year award.”

  72. Great post Carp – always feel this team will come back – NYR hockey is fun again! Love the Prust jokes.

  73. Nothing can escape the gravity of a black hole exept Brandon Prust, he eats black holes; they taste like chicken!

  74. C3, Krisy from Norway……she posts here often during games when the time difference allows it :)

  75. Cally,Dubi,Boyle and Trouble on

    Whether you like him or hate him:

    Anyone ever consider that maybe Avery sits at the end of the bench, away from some of the other guys so that his antics (which are part of his role) don’t distract the guys on the bench? He also usually sits closest to the opposing team, so that he can compliment them as they get on and off the bench.

  76. Tony, LMAO!!!!!

    OK, I think I said I had to run some errands….so off I run…later Prustbyterians!!!

  77. “In fact, the Rangers havent won a playoff game without Sean Avery in the lineup since Gretzky was still here.”

    I could say the same thing about Michael Rozsival and Henrik Lundqvist and it would actually be true, instead of wrong with Avery.

  78. True Blue Mike on

    No one is arguing that Avery is better than Lundqvist or even Rosival, we are just saying there is no need to hate or even dislike him if your a Ranger Fan.

  79. Brandon Prust destroyed the periodic table, because the only element he understands is the element of pain.

  80. True Blue Mike on

    Idc what anyone else says even if Avery left the Rangers i would still like him. When he went to Dallas i wasn’t mad and i didn’t hate him. I don’t like some of the things he does like punch guys at the end of a fight when both players are on the ground but every player takes cheap shots. He is a good enough player in my mind and im going to continue to be glad he is on our team until he isn’t.

  81. True Blue Mike on

    Your right so almost every player in the league is a dirty player because pretty much every player once in the career has taken a cheap shot, some worse or more often than others.

  82. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Brandon Prust’s mom accidentally dropped her gloves one winters day…

    Later she picked them up… along with her teeth.

    She hasn’t done that since.

  83. There are no races, only countries of people Prust has beaten to different shades of black and blue.

  84. The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Brandon Prust has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears.

  85. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    haha… oh man, you guys are awesome. I wish Prust reads this blog… he wouldn’t crack up… but the screen would!

  86. When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the Hulk. When the Hulk gets mad, he turns into Brandon Prust.

  87. Great way to sum things up to this point Carp I really can’t remember a ranger team like this ever even in 94 when they much more talent then this team but in almost every game I never feel like the rangers are going to lose, boy have I missed that feeling. Keep up the great work and by the way do I still get my consolation prize for guessing the 7-1 ranger win? Be well Scott

  88. avery is garbage on

    did messier initiate the dirty play or retaliate with it? like carps story from a few days back about him beating the life out of player x after he was cheap shotted. that is fine with me. there is a big difference

  89. Once Brandon Prust coincidently set on his girlfriend’s engagement ring with a huge diamond as a centerpiece stone and of course didn’t even notice it. After her polite request, he stood up with apologies and to the total horror to both parties found small and twisted metal scrap where once was the ring and graphite dust instead of diamond. Talk about bad luck and hard arse.

  90. Good afternoon, Sally!

    Gurdow, actually, when the Rangers are making noise in the playoffs, all the coverage will be on the Yankees and Mets.

  91. Doodie – If you have something to say, attack my opinion, not me. My opinion was ludicrous? You get real.

    I DO NOT say things to be provocative. I say things because I have loyalty to my teams and my players and loyalty to the greatest place in the world. I say things because I have 100% conviction in my statements.

    I am so disgusted with the lack of loyalty of New York fans.

    Avery is New York. Avery was made for New York.

    Just as I will always stick by Lawrence Taylor – the greatest defensive player in NFL history, whom I personally knew once upon a time – and Braylon Edwards and Antonio Cromartie and Plaxico Burress.

    If people on here want to think badly of me for the things I say, so be it. All I can do is be honest and share my beliefs.

    ♥ Avery. A great man, a great leader, a great personality, a great lover, a great teammate, a great humanitarian, a great New Yorker.

  92. I’d rather have Kris Newbury on the 4th line than Avery. Newbury takes faceoffs and is plenty pugnacious, at about a quarter of the cost of Avery. Once Christensen, Dubinsky, Callahan, and possibly Prospal return, I’d really prefer to see that happen.

  93. You mean Antonio Cromartie who was wearing his gang hat on breakup day and talking about how the NFL and players union should realize money’s not important (I can’t even paraphrase, his English was so bad) … let’s see what a wonderful guy he is, and if money shouldn’t be so important, when he becomes a free agent this off-season.

  94. The thing is, Messier, for his era, wasn’t particularly dirty. He was a big mean dude who could back things up, but he wasn’t really cheapshotting guys. Avery routinely hits guys while they’re down. That’s Bush league.

  95. You’re not going to rile me up, Carp. I know, accept, and respect the beliefs that you have. You think Cromartie, Edwards, Taylor, Tom Brady, Larry Bird, Len Bias, and Bill Belichick all are/were pieces of carcillo. That’s fine with me :)

    This is a hockey blog, and I will stick with hockey and defend Sean Avery.

    There’s no player I want to see more than Avery – not even Jaromir or Lundqvist as a Ranger – hoist the most sought after prize in all of sports, the Stanley Cup. I pray that one day, Avery will win the Cup as a Ranger, and his teammates will send Avery out there to take the Cup from Bettman. And for Avery to give Bettman a hearty middle finger, tell him to go Byfuglien himself, and raise the Cup like the champion he is!

  96. avery is garbage on

    leave LT out of this. theres a difference between being a dirty player…when youre the greatest linebacker of all time and being a dirty player when you’re a borderline NHL player.

    “? Avery. A great man, a great leader, a great personality, a great lover, a great teammate, a great humanitarian, a great New Yorker.” ———– again, not sure where youre getting any of this

  97. Jeff in CT

    either you’re typing out pages and pages of the chuck norris
    books or
    you’re snowed, losing your mind
    and pumping out genius

    either way
    thanks for the laughs!!!!
    much needed!

  98. Actually, I take that back about Mess. He was dirty. But I don’t need to rattle off the ways Messier was superior to Avery. Avery is just bush league. I’m so sick of his apologists.

    And Tiki, you DO say things to be provocative. Your excessively anti New England viewpoint, your commentaries on your attractions to different hockey players or other athletes, its all just attention grabbing Carcillo. I, for one, am done giving it attention. Make all the ridiculous statements you want.

  99. cmon…we all know that Mess was an “elbow master”… and that’s cheap!

    so Avery threw a punch or two while the guy is down (those “punches” never even landed) so what? Is that more cheap than knocking guys into the alternate universe with shoulder to head hits? Or is it worse than uppercutting a non-fighter guy?

    so if punching a piece of carcillo Flyer player while he’s down is the worst you can call Avery on…then i have nothing else to add to this convo.

  100. Once I see Prust with a black eye and start believing in mighty aliens, who else could do that on Earth? If it’s not, I want have the guy who did it on my team.

  101. Avery is imho as follows a above avg skater, instant energy @ times, more skilled passer than most, erractic shot, punk, wise ass, metrosexual, poor defensive, better than avg fighter, hits you when your down type of guy, spot picker, best aggitator in the league, diver, but yet takes extreme punishmentas well and last but not least NY Ranger and as long as he’s hitting a flyer when he’s down i’m cheering. A total head scratcher just what he likes… keep em quessing

  102. but CCCP!!!!!

    Avery has said words that hurt players’ feelings
    it’s more manly to throw elbows and shoulders to the head
    and suckerpunch a guy to the back the head while he’s skating away

  103. And again CCCP, Messier’s hall of fame career gives him a little bit more leeway, don’t you think? If Avery was scoring 20+ a season, I’d be able to overlook some of the bad. If he’s not bringing offense to the table, he’s just bringing his bush league antics.

  104. CCCP: this season he did it to Smid, Kennedy, Hendricks, Cooke. He even sort of did it to Stuart, although they were both kinda going down when he threw the punch.

    It’s bush league. Even Carcillo noticeably stopped throwing when Gaborik went down.

    2.2 shooting percentage. Most minor penalties on the team.

    He’s just a 4th line player, easily replaceable with about half of the 4th line players in the league.

  105. Oh, so we should leave LT out of this? Because he is a greatest whatever? Would like your kids to grow up like him? Or Cromartie? I agree, we should leave them out of this. Because their names should be an offense to the word “garbage”…

  106. I agree. We should leave the names Brady, Bird, and Belichick out of this. Their names are indeed offensive to the word “carcillo.”

    Doodie – I say nothing for attention-getting purposes. Nothing at all. I say things out of excitement, anger, and many other emotions. So please quit with your amateur psycho-analysis.

    You don’t like Avery. That’s fine. You’re just another in the long of line DISLOYAL New Yorkers. Such is life, I guess. The greatest place in the world is sullied by such disloyal inhabitants and fans.

  107. “bad person” is in the eye of the beholder. Just like “beauty.” I’ll leave it at that. The only mature and right thing to do is agree to disagree.

  108. Great blogpost.
    I’d like to add something about pain, that I heard from the Norwegian cross-country natinal team during Tour de Ski: “Pain is just cowardice leaving the body”. I guess a guy like Brandon Prust could embrace such a statement too.

  109. Just got back in from spliting firewood for the wife. Snowed in lost my mind and typing out of Chuck Norris books!

  110. NHL Network mock Draft tonight at 8 p.m.

    All-Star captains Eric Staal of the hometown Carolina Hurricanes and Nicklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings have some tough choices to make Friday night, but on Thursday at 8 p.m. it will be NHL Network analysts Kevin Weekes and Mike Johnson going head-to-head to select this year’s All-Star teams in the NHL Network 2011 All-Star Mock Draft.

    As part of the network’s All-Star coverage, draft architect Brendan Shanahan will take viewers through the selection process and both Staal and Lidstrom will make appearances to offer last-minute insight and tips.

    NHL On the Fly host Brian Duff will hosts the program.

  111. Ria (the silent bonehead) on

    Carp thank you for a great read I sooooooo look forward to your post Are you sure your not a “closet ” rangers fan ? LOL Thanks for all the laughs Goals for Gab & Jeff ct & everyone else who participated in the Bonehead /Prust comedy fest you all brought tears to my eyes & streaming down my face

  112. Although it is not common knowledge, there are three sides of the force, the light side, the dark side, and Brandon Prust.

    Shovel, shovel, toil and trouble…

  113. I think today’s blog spontaneously becoming Prust Comedy Club is just hilarious. IMO,
    Carp should set up a “Prust Like Toughness” Prize for short story/phrase reflecting it at best.
    There are so many brilliant and funny; he can do like 3 tied of each Olympic gold, silver and bronze.

  114. avery is garbage on

    i said leave LT out of it because he is one of the greatest players EVER. if avery redefines his position, he can be as nasty as he wants. not sure what its got to do with my kids…and i wasnt even getting on avery for being dirty, i was getting on him for being a bad hockey player.

    and uh…not liking a player does not make me disloyal…im not sure you understand the word. loyalty is rooting for the team through thick and thin, recording and watching every game religiously, and rooting for the TEAM to win above all else, even if you despise certain players.

  115. espn’s pierre lebrun keeps reporting
    all these new contracts from other teams

    wondering why sather rarely negotiates a contract
    until it’s ended. (i can think of Hank and not many more)

    is it more than just a matter of him holding on to all the $$ for
    july 1 ufa day…?

  116. avery is garbage – You do have a point re: loyalty. But my point is Avery is New York. He loves New York, created a quiet get-together bar in New York. He also helps this team and for a minimal salary, unlike Chris Drury. He defends his teammates, he played through an entire game with a ruptured spleen in the playoffs for us. What’s not to like about Avery?

  117. So “avery is flogging a dead horse” would like to know the stat for the Rangers record with Girardi out of the line-up? Er, would that not be 1-1, the record in the last two games that were well-publicised as being the first Girardi had missed in his career.

    Let the flogging now recommence…

  118. I’m pretty sure that if we’ll got some 9-10 best Prustisms, just print them nicely and present to him by Carp somehow, he will greatly appreciate that and will entertain locker room for humorous relief, not to mention let Rangers know, that they have the best on the world intelligent fan base support in RR.

  119. avery is garbage – And on a personal note, since you said you record all games…Do you have regular season games from the 1993-94 Rangers?

    Ive been trying to collect their entire Stanley Cup season (preseason and regular season)

    And a note about my rant today. My rant today was because of the emotion, “anger.”

    Im like a kid on Christmas that opened up his box and got a lump of coal. Im angry. All Ive ever wanted was for New Yorkers to remain loyal to each other, to their state, and to their teams. But it’s apparent that that will never happen. And it upsets me.

    I will say this, in an attempt to try and change some of you. Boston fans are so much greater than New York fans. They stick by each other through thick and thin; they are united by their teams, and they will always defend their teams and players.

  120. Tiki- did you just praise Boston anything? What’s your address, I’m calling 911….You must be highly febrile ’cause you’re hallucinating :-)

  121. Carp
    read your story on blackberry earlier
    just re-read it.

    actually, i’ll upgrade to excellent work
    now, how the byfuglien am i supposed to
    get any writing done after that?!?!?!?!?!

  122. That was really funny, ilby! Seriously :)

    My address is:

    4 Yawkey Way
    Boston, MA 02215 ;)

    Honestly, Im just jealous of their fans for the reasons I listed above. Tiki Two always tells me that “us 2 were born to be Boston fans, but we thankfully gravitated towards the class and greatness of New York”

  123. hey Mama!!

    are you still on facebook boneheads page?
    if so, send me a message with email or leave it

    wanted to tell you more about editor but not
    in this space.
    make you head spin and laugh.

  124. “What’s not to like about Avery?”

    2.2 shooting percentage, too many penalties, poor defensive play. I feel like we’ve been saying it all day and you are just ignoring it.

    And what loyalty? He bolted for Dallas as soon as they ponied up the money he wanted.

    Tiki, you have some warped sense of loyalty. I’m loyal to America. But if I dislike the President, that makes me disloyal? I love the Rangers. I love their tradition and I love their history. But to say not liking one of the guys on the team is disloyal is truly asinine.

    I guess you loved Poti, Redden, Ozolinsh, Malik, Kamensky, Malakhov, Holik, Carter, Mironov, Dunham, Purinton, LaCouture, Fata, LeFebvre, Karpa, Pilon, Grosek, Ulanov, Jessiman, Brendl, Lundmark, Daigle, Hatcher, Quintal, Stevens, Robitaille, McClean, Tamer, Dube, Driver, Keane, Skrudland, Eastwood, Berg, Cairns, and coaches Ron Low, John Muckler, and Brian Trottier as well? And anyone who didn’t is disloyal? I guess you are the only loyal fan in the history of the Rangers then.

    Also, typing that list made me sick.

  125. avery is garbage on

    tiki – i dont doubt that avery’s heart is in it, as evidenced by him playing through the ruptured spleen. i just dont think he is a very effective hockey player. and 1.9 mil is not minimal, though compared to drurys it is. cant believe he banked 10 mil the first year of his contract. when i said i record the games, i only save them on the dvr till i watch, then they get deleted. i used to do this only when i was not going to be home during the game, but now i do it for every game to avoid the commercials and micheletti.

    LW – it was more of a wishful thinking that there was some kind of a tool online where i could select dates and players and play around with it that way. it always seemed to me that msg blew averys worth out of proportion, while minimizing the contributions of “quieter” players like dan girardi during the same time period

  126. avery is garbage on

    thats quite a list. i loved anson carter…he barely played before we flipped him for jagr

  127. garbage, I’d previously done the numbers when they first started doing that lineup stat. They were talking about how good the team was down the stretch that first season they acquired him. If you do the same thing for Paul Mara (acquired a couple of weeks later), their record was much better than if you do it going back to when Avery arrived.

    Maybe it was just cutting Aaron Ward out of the locker room.

  128. That’s not my philosophy, Doodie. It’s difficult to explain it over the interwebs. I’ve been advised to let it go by a very important RRer, and I shall let it go.

  129. I bet it’s difficult to explain in person too since it’s nonsense. If you say disliking a player makes you disloyal, then every single fan over the last 15 years has been disloyal.

    We’re loyal to the team. We have differing opinions on what would be best for the team, but at the end of the day, we all hope the team wins. I’m loyal to the name on the front, not on the back.

  130. “Prust can touch MC Hammer”

    That just made my day! lol

    Carp, that was a terrific article… thanks for keeping me pumped up…

    I spoke with someone in my neighborhood today for the first time and randomly talked about the Rangers without either of us knowing we were fans… about a half hour later… I came home and read this… there is definitely a different feeling about this group of players. Can’t be more pumped up about this team right now, and it’s really going to be interesting by the end of February when all are healthy and pieces need to be placed.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday… and I worship weekends…


  131. True Blue Mike on

    Okay Doodie we understand your argument behind Mara we aren’t stupid, but just stating a premise that since Mara was in the line up the Rangers had a better record doesn’t necessarily mean Mara was the reason the Rangers won. Yes, i know “so it also doesn’t mean Avery’s presence was the reason the Rangers won” but the difference is Avery changed the whole way the team played and put some heart into the New York Rangers team went he got here and he played well. I much rather have him on our team rather than Chris Drury, wouldn’t you?

  132. Carp I enjoyed this article so much that I owe you that bag of Walter’s even without the tickets lol

  133. jpg, i’m on phone now but will read later. I can talk and blog but not really talk and read at same time :)

    doodie, please, I’m begging you….mama is having a snooze over all this non fun jibberish and personal hoo ha. basta!

  134. True Blue Mike on

    Why is that? Avery had the element were he can win a game for you… Newbury (although he is a good player and worthy of a spot on this team as of now) just doesn’t have that ability. He is a good grinder and a decent role player but Avery is all around better to have on your team.

  135. True Blue Mike on

    Brandon Prust doesn’t wear a condom because there is no such thing as protection from Brandon Prust.

  136. True Blue Mike on

    Brandon Prust will never have a heart attack. His heart is not nearly foolish enough to attack him.

  137. skip to ma Lou on

    the Rangers were nothing but patsies for years when they played NJ, until Avery arrived. when he started agitating Fatboy Brodeur things changed, the Rangers got some cojones against the debbies, and started winning most of the time instead of being patsies for them. Plus now you can add Kovalsuck to the list of debbies who are taken off their game by Avery. no, that is one important and obvious example of how Avery has changed the Rangers for the better.

  138. Carp
    Thank you so much what a great article and so very true and inspiring. I’m all fired up, but have to wait 5 days for a game, you should repost on Tuesday.
    Thank you

  139. All Hail Doodie has spoken puke puke I really like to read what everyone has to say here because it comes from the heart unlike doodie a spewing arrogant terd! How come youre not a GM or Coach you think you know everything The name Doodie fits you well because after my coffee in the morning I equate what happens next to any real value in your words

  140. avery is garbage on

    “Avery had the element were he can win a game for you” – ohh? what element is that? why doesnt he use that element anymore? i dont think he is the reason why the devils dont own us anymore. and that reversal started after the lockout, years before he was on the team. averys greatest accomplishment as a ranger was taking kovalchuk out of the series vs atlanta. he did a great job getting in his head. has he done that since? i was embarrassed when he pulled that bush league crap against marty by waving his stick in front of his face. but hey, at least then he was in FRONT of the net on the powerplay ;)

  141. avery is garbage – Avery waving his stick in front of Marty’s face is one of the top 10 things Ive seen in sports history. It was awesome, it was Avery, it was perfect, and scored later on in the power play. Unfortunately, though, we lost that game :(

  142. lmhao kurt!

    “The name Doodie fits you well because after my coffee in the morning I equate what happens next to any real value in your words”

    This is the greatest line Ive ever seen on here! OMHG!!!

  143. avery is garbage on

    tiki – again, i disagree with you. i thought “brandon prust can move drurys NMC” was the greatest line ive ever seen on here. haha

  144. Speaking of loyalty…..

    Was it loyal of Avery to leave NY because Dallas gave him more money?

    I appreciate his effort at times, but he’s the one player on our beloved Rangers that I tell my nine year old son not to act like.
    I don’t think that makes me disloyal, I think it makes me a good parent:)

  145. avery is …., i like that line too, and all the prustie jokes! Prust embodies everything that I love about New York sports. A guy who will put it all on the line to make a play for his teammates.

    No, it was not disloyal of Avery to leave for Dallas and more money. Sports is a business, and the shelf life of most hockey players isn’t all that long. He had to get his money somewhere, and Slats would rather spend money on the Chris Drury’s of the world.

    Im loyal to the names on the front and back of the jersey. As long as Tom Poti or Wade Redden are wearing Rangers jerseys or have a tie to the Rangers organization, I will take issue with personal attacks on them. I couldnt stand Wade Redden’s play with us just as I couldnt stand Mike Dunham’s play, but I will stick by them as long as they are a Ranger.

    I dont like Drury’s lack of production any more than any of you, but I wont throw the guy under the bus and personally attack him. Ill hope he gets traded, but I wont call him garbage. He’s my player on my team in my city.

  146. As long as we can all define loyalty however it works best for us, then I’d say we’re all set and we are all loyal Rangers fans:)

    And believe me, it’s not easy being a Rangers fan in Maine, sandwiched somewhere between Boston and Canada!

  147. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    You guys are cracking me up with the Prust-isms today. A plus comedy.

    Avery is loved. Avery is hated. Avery is a god. Avery is carcillo. Blah, blah, blah. Same old rhetoric rehashed every few weeks. How bout this? Avery can sometimes be a good hockey players, he can sometimes be a bad hockey player, he can sometimes be a jerk, he can sometimes be a decent guy. In short, he’s the best and worst of all worlds all rolled into one package.

  148. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Carp, that was a great article. Very nice summary of the season and team to date. Torts shoud take Prust’s words and post them all around the locker room, turn it into the official team motto, get t-shirts made (ala the 99 Mets and ‘Mojo’s Risin”).

  149. Czechthemout!!! on


    I usually don’t respond to anything you say because you talk out of your arse most of the time. But I couldn’t let some of your anti-Avery drivel go unchallenged. First of, no one is claiming Avery is anything more than a pretty good third line player who can occasionally be moved up to either fill in or play a few games higher up in the lineup. But what he brings is hustle, energy,agitation,speed,physical play and he unlike many on this team in the past sticks up for his teammates.

    As for his so called cheaphpshots, don’t make me laugh. Smid? Hendricks? The Smid thing was discussed ad nauseum. There was no cheap shot there.

    As for Messier, here you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. He once took his
    Stick and tomohawked Tomas Gradin of the Canucks so hard that he cracked his helmet and gave him a concussion. He also at the time received one of the longest suspensions in league history for it.

    Mess to me is a hockey god for all that he did here to finally bring us the cup. But the fact is that when he was a first and second year player, he was nothing but a goon who eventually found his game to become one of the greatest players in history.

  150. avery is garbage on

    czech – how can he be a pretty good 3rd line player when he doesnt play defense? i cant speak for doodies past comments, i read carps posts but not always every comments, but hes right on the money with avery. i listed several reasons and examples of what i dislike about his game and all anyone can come back with is the same old drivel that he brings energy and speed and hustle! hogwash!

  151. trade Del Zotto and Grachev to Minn for Brent Burns, a big dman who can skate like the wind, can score goals, he plays the point on the PP, and is big and aggressive.

    Burns=14 goals, 17 asst, 31 pts

    all that done this year playing d, but he can also play the wing, as he has done occasionally in previous seasons.

  152. Oh man just had a cup of coffee and I feel a good Machetto coming on Gotta go the Machetto poking his head out

  153. Just reading the way he phrases his thoughts and sentences would anyone agree with me that Doodie is kinda ANAL That ones for you Tiki

  154. avery is garbage on

    its funny that the avery discussion has been going on alongside the prust comments. prust is better than avery in every way. HIS play is contagious, not averys. and, obviously he is a fan favorite. HE is the perfect 3rd liner. so who is more valuable to the team? would anyone say avery?

  155. i wonder if we could keep the Prust-isms going
    til the team practices again

    and then maybe some organizing bonehead
    can compile all of them and encourage
    Carp to deliver ’em to the Prust King himself.

  156. and….it’s time for me to say, ta…geez….5 more days til a game….I’m almost looking forward to AS….see you tomorrow all! TA!!!!!

  157. kurt – LMAO!!! “Im feeling a good Machetto coming on” The Machetto is poking his head out!!! Just too too too funny!!!

  158. Czechthemout!!! on

    U are garbage

    Avery has scored 40 plus points a few times in his career. He has also scored 30 plus points many times in his career including probably this year. A third line player is not just someone who only plays defense. His primary responsibility is to forecheck, take the body, agitate a little and chip in with some offense. Sean Avery does all those things and does them well.

  159. Does anyone remember somebody with the middle name Stephen? Well, he is back. Beating a different type of dead horse this time, but with the same persistence. Even though it probably really doesn’t matter to him, he is just doing it because he needs to attract some attention. Well, he’s been getting plenty of it.

  160. Czechthemout!!! on

    Prust is a fan favorite no doubt. But so is Avery. But you know this already unless you have never heard the Baden crowd chanting his name.

    As for Prust being better than Avery, you apparently don’t watch the games. Avery is a lot more talented a player than Prust in every way. He is faster than him. He is a better passer than him. He is also a better scorer than him. And please don’t take this as a knock against Prust. It is just that he is what he is. A good fighter. And a good forechecker. He is also good as a penalty killer.

  161. avery is garbage on

    perhaps you should go back and read what i have been saying for the past 24 hours. if his primary responsibility is to set up shop behind the net and throw blind passes all over the ice then yes, he does it very well. secondary responsibilities include taking himself offsides and turning the puck over

  162. My ‘problem’ with Avery isn’t with Avery himself, it’s pretty clear what he is (and it’s been gone over by many here). But his position on the roster is another thing.

    The Rangers don’t have a premier shut-down defensive specialist in the Erixon mold, and maybe those guys just don’t exist anymore.

    Can Feds-BB-Prust shutdown every top line in the league? Maybe, maybe not. We won’t know until crunch time comes.

    For now, they can do a pretty good job, and they chip in offensively, so carrying Avery isn’t unbearable.

  163. avery is garbage on

    avery scored over 40 pts once in his career. the year he split between the kings and rangers. i have heard the garden chant his name, and i watch every game. avery is not a good passer. if you watched you would see that his passes are often too hard or in the skates. a better scorer? for his career yes. certainly not this season.

  164. avery is garbage

    and you don’t repeat yourself? how many times you brought up offsides and blind passes in the past 24 hours? A LOT! hypocrite…

    RE Prust…Prust is getting major minutes, that is why he’s so effective

    Avery gets no PP time, no PK time, sometimes plays 5 or 6 minutes a night… try be effective like that

  165. I just dont understand why people are still discussing this. There is no reasonable argument for Avery not being in the lineup on a given night. Obviously when players return from injury, he will be back on the 4th line.

    As for comparing Sean Avery to Brandon Prust, Prust is the unarguably a better fighter, forechecker and more defensively responsible but Avery is unarguably better offensively, a better skater and as an agitator.

  166. Poti, Redden, Ozolinsh, Malik, Kamensky, Malakhov, Holik, Carter, Mironov, Dunham, Purinton, LaCouture, Fata, LeFebvre, Karpa, Pilon, Grosek, Ulanov, Jessiman, Brendl, Lundmark, Daigle, Hatcher, Quintal, Stevens, Robitaille, McClean, Tamer, Dube, Driver, Keane, Skrudland, Eastwood, Berg, Cairns, Drury, Gomez, Higgins, Kotalik, Frolov, Kovalev, Nedved, Goneau, Fraser, Oliver, Rozsival,McSorley, Churla, Kurri, and coaches Ron Low, John Muckler, and Brian Trottier.

    Wow I think we can build an official “Most Disappointing Rangers Ever” list. Someone keep this copied somewhere.

  167. avery is garbage on

    hey no fair, no talking in another language behind someones back! yes, i have been repeating myself. the difference is im giving examples of what he does. im not using generalities like he plays hard. do you refute the blind passes and offsides? avery has been getting PP time, much to my chagrin. for the season, prust has averaged 2:17 more per game than avery, who has been seeing much more ice time the past 5 games.

  168. avery is garbage

    so what about the fact that Avery is 8th on the team in scoring despite playing far less minutes per game than any player in the top 15 on the team in scoring. If he is so bad, then how do you explain that?

  169. “Avery is unarguably better offensively, a better skater.. ”

    Umm, No. And No, though ‘better’ is a difficult word.

    More effective? Prustie gets where he needs to be pretty darn quick, and certainly arrives in ill humor much more consistently.

    That said, got better things to do then discuss Avery. If it were up to me – and Tortorella – he wouldn’t be here. But whatever.

    He’d best not let any trouble find these kids at that club of his.

  170. avery is garbage on

    i blame that on secondary assists and injuries to players who are more offensively talented. he has put up 40 points once and 30 points two other times, he DOES have some skill. do those marginal skills make up for the things he takes away from the team? not in my eyes. as far as his agitation skills, those would be great if he drew more penalties than he took. or if players said “yeah, man that avery is really hard to play against”

  171. Beating a dead horse…It will never end until we stop paying attention. Even though there is no real argument anymore for a very long time, it will still continue. Stephen at his best. It’s called in medicine Attention seeking personality disorder, very often as a part of Histrionic personality disorder. Once we all let it go, he’ll go away. As he did in July/August (?). Until, of course, he decides to come back and use a different screen name.

  172. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    So, uh, anyone got anything to discuss? The weather? Politics? The chances the Mets are somewere near 500 this year? Iphone vs Droid vs Crackberry?

  173. avery is garbage on

    i completely agree with what rod has to say on avery. no, we are not the same person. im also not some dubi hater as someone else speculated. i have sat here and never posted since i started reading this blog a few months back. i felt i had to discuss this with people to see if there was something i was missing. i dont want to ruffle the feathers of the regulars who mostly approve of avery and his style of play. obviously there are more pressing matters to discuss during a week long layoff and im boring everyone with my different perspective on #16.

  174. I love Prust but even in a down year, Avery is still on pace for more points. To say Prust is better offensively is not fair.

  175. 3Gs, I gather? You’ll love it. Even if you never had a smart phone, it’s very easy to use.

  176. Olga, where have you been? Is your family drunk yet? I think Sather mentioned your name a few times while you were busy..

  177. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Yeah, the 3G’s. I currently have a Samsung Impression and I love it. But it’s dying, and I’m three months from being eligable for an upgrade :(

  178. avery is garbage on

    oleo – perhaps better is not the word of choice when comparing the two offensively. i trust prust more though. avery will occasionally make a fantastic pass, but then flub his next one. consistency is the key.

  179. 6 of Avery’s assists coincide with Gabby’s big games against the powerhouse Isles and Leafs.
    He also had a pair of 2 assist games in games 1 and 3 of the season.

    That’s 50% of his points in 4 games.

  180. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Ahh, the Folkyerself’s are here. An entertaining night is upon us, I’m sure.

  181. Well, if you combine Torts’ and Prust’s wording together, it sounds like this long layoff will be just a lot of pain….

  182. I will definitely agree that Prust is a much more reliable player and deserves to play on the 3rd line over Avery when everyone returns but that being said if you look at the other team’s 4th lines, you’ll find it very difficult to find players better than Avery.

  183. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    You can’t convince anybody of a players value (or non-value) by quoting isolated statistics.

    47% of all stats are made up on the spot, you know…

  184. “anyone got anything to discuss? The weather? Politics? The chances the Mets are somewere near 500 this year? Iphone vs Droid vs Crackberry?”

    The weather sucks. Politics suck. The Mets certainly suck.

    My Droid doesn’t suck.

  185. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Now Rod, the weather down here is pretty darn nice for late January (at least in my opinion, I’ve been told otherwise, lol).

    As for the Mets, they dont suck, they’re just not good. At all. And I’m a Mets fan ;)

  186. Rod, agree with you on the Droid! Can’t wait for the Xoom! ;)

    BTW, great read Carp. It really is exciting to be a fan of this team right now.

  187. kurt January 27th, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    ilb Is that like Mudbutt or COCKY-DOODIEITIS


    hahahaha! I read your previous stuff to Tiki Two during a phone conversation and he died in laughter too!

    There’s just something about your use of words!

    Theeeeere’s something on the wing! Could it be a Machetto crowning! Funny carcillo!

    Man, with Rafa and Feds out, I really want Murray to become the first England (Scottish) to win a slam in 70+ years. Step it up, Andy!

  188. Team “Motto”???!!! Like every other NYR fan, I am hugely enjoying this season so far as we, for the most part, are playing hard every night with a very likeable, young, promising team, However, being proud of a team – or coach for that matter – with this motto or M.O is totally absurd! “Heave Ho” in ‘94 was about pulling together, working as a team, all for one and one for all, etc. It wasn’t about players recklessly throwing caution to the wind by putting their season in jeopardy every time they choose to “play goal” in front of a shot. Isn’t that why we have Lundqvist and Biron?? Those two are pretty damn good at it, so why risk a possible deflection or screen shot, let alone a serious injury, on the off-chance one single goal may or may not be scored. And this constant admiration of “playing with pain” is far from the same realm as “Heave Ho”. It’s actually quite the opposite if you stop and think about it. It’s one thing to play through pain as many players are forced to do in the Stanley Cup Play-offs (ref. Leetch’s frozen shoulder in ‘94.) At that time of year, it’s down to the wire so playing hurt is understandable. But, playing hurt during the reg. season is completely different, not at all team-oriented and just plain dumb! Take Dubinsky’s leg injury for instance. He played at least 2 weeks on it and, lucky for us, he finally made the intelligent decision to have it X-rayed. Otherwise, it’s very possible he could have been making the fracture worse each time he skated on it, trying to “be tough” or play with it “like a man”. In fact, the playing he already did do on it may ultimately impact his total rehab time. Who knows? The point is – this whole philosophy (and I blame Tortorella completely for this) of “playing big by blocking shots” or “playing with pain” is assinine. I’m all for total team commitment and working hard and playing tough, etc., but at some point, their needs to be some logic and long-term thinking applied when it comes to the players’ well-being. Enough already with trying to be “manly” . This sounds like the days when players refused to wear helmets or masks back before they became commonplace. It is so “old school” to think this way that it actually makes me feel bad for the players. I think this atmosphere makes them feel compelled to keep playing, when they would be better off rehabbing.

    Anyway – here’s to an equally exciting 2nd half…Let’s Go Rangers!

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