Rangers-Flys Feb. 20 game time changed


Here’s the announcement from the Rangers:


Contest Set for 12:30 p.m. at Madison Square Garden
New York, January 26, 2011 – The New York Rangers announced today that the start time for their game on Sunday, February 20 vs. Philadelphia has been changed to 12:30 p.m.  The original start time for the contest was 3:00 p.m.  The Sunday afternoon match-up at Madison Square Garden will be nationally broadcast on NBC.

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  1. For PP help I would look at the following player –
    T. Kaberle from TO. He is UFA this summer, 32 years old, has a few seasons left in him and could be a great mentor for MDZ, McD, Gilroy, Staal, all of em.

    I would be willing to give up some picks and defensive prospect for him to have the chance to re-sign him this summer at a certain price.

    I have always liked this guy. He can run the point on the power play for three more seasons and then let the kids learn from him.

    I think he would be a perfect addition to this team as currently constructed.

    Then my defense for the next three years would be Staal, Kaberle, Girardi, McD, Sauer, Gilroy, MDZ –

    Then I would sit and hope MacIyrath can make an impact in a couple years.

    I would work Grachev into the lineup and use his size.

  2. Sunday afternoon games on national tv gives me a bad feeling. Traditionally, not our best showing. This year will be different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LGR, I say!

  3. BTW, with all the injuries and the supposed healing going on, does anyone thing there will be some big trade to get us that final edge for the playoff push once we get the core back?

    I mean Cally, Dubi, EC, Prospal, Fedotenko and Girardi looking for spots with our team going so strong.

    Gotta think they’d love a PP QB, a crease clearing D-man who hits like a truck, and a true first line center.

    It seems we have a handful of young players now (don’t get me wrong, not looking to lose four 20-yr olds for Brad Richards) but I think we could make a serious run at the conference (Philly stands out as the best but everyone else (Caps, Pens, Lightning, Montreal, Boston) seem like we are a toss up against (at worst) currently and we’d be right behind Philly if we had 1 or 2 other pieces.


  4. there’s always talk of needing a pp dman
    is that really necessary?
    didn’t Jagr quarterback the pp during his time
    with the Rangers?

    and in our case, the pp looked better
    once the team started moving around and
    keeping the puck away from the boards.
    it’s like they couldn’t get away from the
    grind and jam
    during a pp
    which ate up tons of time and resulted in possibly
    one brief chance and then out of the zone
    not that horrible during 5 on 5 play
    but a bad move during pp time.

  5. Kaberle is softer than Charmin. and he is weak in his own zone. On the PP he has all assists, zero goals on the PP. No thanks.

  6. deal or no deal on

    there will be few trades this year. because there are so many western teams in the hunt, 14 out of 15, there are far more buyers than sellers. not to mention the cap issues that preclude many deals as well. No, I expect few trades except the usual minor tweaks that most teams do at the deadline.

  7. NBC= Nakahama Broadcasting Corp? Don’t tell me the game is preempting the Super Terrific Happy Hour?

  8. NBC = National Boston Channel
    ABC = All Boston Celtics or All Boston Channel
    ESPN = Everything Sox Patriots Network a.k.a. NESPN or NESN2
    CBS = Complete Boston Station

  9. This was already known. Why are they just announcing it now? It’s part of Hockey Day in America. It’s not actually a nationally televised game, though. It’s part of regional coverage with the Red Wings-Wild and Capitals-Sabres, to be followed by Penguins-Blackhawks and then the Hertiage Classic in Canada. All four NBC games will be live online, however. The regional games have staggered start times of 12:35, 12:40, and 12:45, so the Rangers will be one of those.

  10. I’ve generally been No Way on Kaberle. No PP goals but 19 PP assists, good enough for 9th overall in PP points among D-men.

    On the flip side, I’ve said several times in many ways I thought McCabe would be a perfect fit. But he has only 6 PP points (2G’s, 4 A) total.

    I don’t know if McCabe’s been getting a regular shift on FLA’s PP but that surprised me.
    This is a guy who’s scored 15 or more goals 5 times, and nearly hit 70 points in his best statistical season (05-06). We know he’s not a kid anymore but still….

    Bottom line for Rangers is they could use a distributor on the point for sure. But even more than someone dishing they need a respected shot that will hit the frickin’ net.

    Everyone knows that; not sure why I posted :)

  11. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Vogs: 32 year old FA acquisitions are exactly what retards the forward progress of developing teams. These players are at the initial stage of sharply declining performance, plus they always block the progress of a young system player who would otherwise make the team. Plus they are overpaid and give the team lesser cap maneuverability.

    Sather has a history of bringing these early to mid 30’s FA’s in here. How many of them work out, an for how long? Did Gomez work out (apart from the brilliant trade to unload him)? Is Drury an asset or an albatross at this point? (He might have been an asset for all of two games, along the way.) Ditto Prospal, White and countless others over the years. And you want to give picks AND a Rangers’ system prospect for this guy? Do you also want Souray? Sometimes the best deal is the deal you do NOT make, and we can all be thankful the Souray rumors did not fly, although at at least one venue (Bleacher Report) they have been revived, this week. Short-term patching and myopic vision is the bane of mediocre-to-poor organizations. We have seen enough of that here in the last decade to last 10 lifetimes. You can have yesterday’s old news, Vogs. I will take tomorrow’s headlines.

  12. Boom Boom Bathgate

    no that is a complete misconception. a 32 yr old rental players do not affect anything in the long term unless you are giving up something of value. The Rangers currently have a top 10 farm system and have outstanding depth at LW, C and D.

  13. True Blue Mike on

    Does anyone else realize that Avery is third on the team in the Assists category only behind Dubinsky and Girardi all while playing on the fourth line for a majority of the season. He cant have an amazing game every game but i still think he should just be kept with Gaborik and try to force the chemistry.

  14. Avery is doing exactly what he is supposed to do. He gets the puck to the net no matter where he is on the ice and he does it more consistently than anybody. Let his line mates score on a rebound or scramble in front. I wish more of his teammates shot the puck at, you know, the actual net rather than everywhere but.

  15. Orr, Avery would veto any trade unless it is to the Kings…just can’t see him waiving his no trade for any other team….

  16. True Blue Mike on

    No team would ever take Avery in my opinion. I think a line of Avery-Prospal-Gaborik would work wonderfully and i really hope it does.

  17. Kurtis Foster had a fluke year in 2009-10. Taking that season away, he is no better than what we have now.

  18. I don’t think the NYR will win the war against Philly in the trade for Iginla. The Flys have much more than we do to offer. Iggy will make the Flyers better than they are already and that is a scary thought. Jeff Carter, JVR, Giroux, & Zherdev are just a few of the guys that they can package easily…along with 1 first round pick(s).

    But, the bright side of that is Philly is going all out. They are not building a young core if go for Iggy. They are going for the cup right now and so long as Iggy and Pronger stay with the team. In a few years this Flyers team won’t be nearly as good. And if Slats does his job and signs all of our RFAs and UFAs this summer, I’m not sure you can say that about the Rangers.

  19. The Rangers are going to have an interesting decision to make once everyone gets back healthy. Personally, I would go with this but I still think Drury’s “leadership” will get him in the lineup over Zuccarello or Avery.


  20. NYR_FAN

    It makes no sense for the Rangers to be going after Iginla. Given the fact that Zuccarello has emerged as one of our most talented players and that Stepan has cemented himself as a top 6 player, the guy the Rangers have to dangle is Anisimov.

    Should the Rangers be in the market for a star player, Anisimov would certainly be one of the players involved. Not saying I agree or disagree with that notion, but Anisimov is one that would be moved.

  21. Orr, I don’t think they would waive him…I think he stays with Gaborik. Maybe if he does something stupid like complain to the media about his ex-gf’s…but Sean has behaved himself this season off the ice…

    oleo…if MZA sits over Drury, that is travesty. Drury deserves nothing. In case you haven’t noticed, Torts knows what is up with Drury and he has been playing him less and less lately. Drury should get waived. Better yet, he should be suspended.

    Drury is cold (0 pts in last 15 GP). (courtesy TSN)

  22. >>Drury is cold (0 pts in last 15 GP). (courtesy TSN)

    It looks more like Drury is a frozen fossil.

  23. oleo – Sather has been known to make good trades involving star players. I mean, look at the trade for Jagr. I really don’t know that Calgary wants anything we have but who knows. There seems to be truth to these rumors that Iginla is being shopped around the league…

    I like Artie. Like I have said before, I think he needs to put on some weight (25 lbs?) and he would then emerge as a premier center in the League. I think he has shown a lot of promise in his brief pro career. We need to be patient with him, he is only 22.

  24. Johnny said it well at 6:42 pm. Avery is doing what he is supposed to.

    NYR_FAN- 1. NMC also means the player can not be waived, they can’t waive Drury. 2. Avery has a limited NTC, he can name only 10 teams he doesn’t want to be traded to.

    Why are we talking about trading Avery, btw?

  25. I completely understand that Sather loves to make trades (and he’s very good at them btw) and I expect the Rangers to be active again but the Rangers have no need for another RW.

    Like I’ve said before, the chances of Anisimov being packaged are fairly high b/c even though he is young and promising, I dont consider him as part of our core going forward.

  26. oleo- you’ve said it a few times before, yes, but I’m hoping that our management doesn’t share your view. I have a feeling they do not. I happen to believe if they trade him, it would eventually be as painful as trading Savard turned out to be. I could be wrong, of course, as all of us could….There is a reason why none of us is an NHL team’s GM.

  27. ilb, I know about the Byfuglien NMC. I did correct myself and said that better yet, we should suspend Drury! :)

    Orr said that he would be surprised if Avery wasn’t on the team at the deadline…that’s why I made the comment about him not accepting a trade. I also don’t think there are any teams that want or would claim Avery.

  28. Got it NYR_FAN. I doubt the Rangers will extend Avery beyond his current contract, but before that- he is playing fir NYR.

  29. If you haven’t seen the movie- it’s certainly worth watching, great NHL history lesson…

  30. Rangers to be active again but the Rangers have no need for another RW

    I disagree, oleo. I don’t think the Rangers have to make a move. But I do think that RW is the position where we don’t have enough goal scoring. When Gaby isn’t going, we don’t have another sniper on the RW and NYR haven’t drafted a RW in the 1st Round since Alexei Cherepanov (RIP) and before that Hugh Jessiman…(YIKES!). We have no scoring depth at RW aside from Gaby and Cally. I think MZA will eventually be a center…

  31. ilb

    first off the Rangers traded essentially swapped Savard and Hlavac to move up in the draft 2 places to draft Lundmark. Sure Lundmark turned into a bust but had Lundmark turned into a great player, we would have praised the move.

    second the Rangers have a 20 year old and a 25 year old that are better than Anisimov at the center position and as much as I would love to see a team win the Stanley Cup with a roster full of young homegrown players with an average age of 25, it has never happened before and i’ll bet that it never will.

    If the Rangers go into next season with a lineup like this, we will be perfectly fine going forward without Anisimov


  32. NYR_FAN

    Callahan and Zuccarello are pefectly fine as the 2nd and 3rd line RW. Its at center we have the biggest problem.

  33. Some of you knuckleheads would spend $150 on one shoe rather than wait for the extra $50 and buy a pair.

  34. JBytes

    yeah…someone (jpg i think) posted that story last night… i’ve said everything about what i think of those two low-lives last night . If proven guilty, they should immediately lose their jobs, at minimum.

    if something similar was said toward African-American players in the league i can assure you that the punishment would’ve been issued immediately

  35. NYR_FAN- for MODO he played right and left wing, not a center…I could be wrong, can you provide a link?

  36. The story is on Yahoo Sports now, CCCP, pretty disturbing, but, unfortunately, not that surprising…

  37. avery is garbage on

    what, exactly is it that avery is supposed to be doing? taking himself offsides constantly? making passes that are either too hard, or in the skates, basically everywhere theyre not supposed to be? refusing to be anywhere else than behind the net…even on a power play? he is terrible. just terrible. yes, hes got a lot of assists, but how many were primary? he gets a primary assist for the first of gabbys 4 the other night, where he mad the nifty move around the goalie. but, if you watch, the pass was so hard that gabby had no chance of shooting off the pass, and had to corral the puck instead. he is not part of our future. and once they get healthy, there is absolutely no reason for him to still be on the roster.

  38. I could be wrong, but I remember him taking faceoffs for Norway in the Olympics and reading that he played center in Norway for the Frisk Tigers. I’ll try to find a link.

  39. We can imagine and talk about the trades all we want, but I feel that Torts will not allow to trade for, or sign, anyone who he believes will interfere with togetherness and the mindset of this team.
    He said at the beginning of the year, he felt the team was more together. He’s proven it to the management so far, I doubt they will do anything without his approval…

  40. should Avery be on the first line, no. Is he more than good enough to be on the 4th line, yes.

  41. avery is garbage on

    I am fine with him being on the 4th line, getting 5-8 mins a night, even though I would rather let a youngster have his minutes right now. But what happens when people start coming back? Is he more valuable to the team than any of them?

  42. look at all these Avery haters crawling outta the piles of poop… the guy is a hardworking player who does everything and anything is asked of him…wtf else do you nitpickers want?

  43. avery is garbage on

    yeah, ok micheletti. He is AMAZING! right? yet no other team in north america wants his service. he does everything? how about score? he had some trouble with the pass to the front of the net last night didnt he? Does he kill penalties? Do you not see him ruining momentum by constantly taking himself offsides, and then giving the ref a look of “what did i do” as if he does not understand the rules? What exactly does he do so well that I am not seeing?

  44. lol dde

    he’s not my lil guy but i have nothing against him either

    i’m not gonna start arguing…just dont feel like it

  45. the coach knows on

    apparently Torts sees what you are not seeing, because he is giving him MORE ice time recently, not less. useless to try to convince a hater

  46. So, I guess we would be seriously challenging the Flyers for top spot in the league if only we could just get rid of Avery, or if we never had him in the first place?

    He has more value to this team than it’s captain does at this point!

  47. I am not sure of this maybe someone with more knowledge can answer this.
    We took Avery on re-entry waivers so we pay half his salary, If we trade him, the team that acquires him is responsible for all of his salary and Dallas then is off the hook.

  48. Over and over I see Aves get the puck from behind the net or in the corner and pass it to the front of the net. How is it his fault that nobody’s there to receive it?

  49. avery is garbage on

    Yeah, he has given him more ice time recently. That also coincides with the injuries… and what has he done with the ice time? Did I say he was holding us back from being the best team in the league? No. I did not. Is he helping the team? No. Having more value at this point than drury is debatable, but who DOESNT have more value than drury?

  50. avery is garbage on

    It IS his fault!!!! you can’t try 10 blind passes a game and expect someone to magically be there for half of them.

  51. So, apparently the Devils are turning their season around at the moment. Good, maybe they’ll take away a few points from the teams in the playoff hunt.

  52. OK…so when the league expands and if Aves is left unprotected in the draft, make sure you don’t draft him for your team…deal!?

  53. Devs are ticking me off……they need to lose a few games in a row….I want it to be mathematically near-impossible for them to sneak into the playoffs.

    Having said that, I don’t want to see them get a high draft choice, either!

  54. im rooting hard for the Devils… i hope they win as many as possible! preferably to keep them off the top 5 pick

    and how pathetic is that franchise…they can’t play any other style but trap

  55. avery is garbage on

    can you just explain to me what he does that is good? i always hear hard working, but exactly how? is it by taking excessively long shifts, like he did last night?

  56. What are the chances of convincing someone with such a screen name that Avery is actually anything but garbage? Very similar to convincing someone with the name “CCCP” that he actually was born in China.

  57. avery is garbage on

    you should be rooting for the devs in every game except the 3 left against nyr. theres no way they make the playoffs.

  58. avery is garbage on

    good point ilb, i probably cant be convinced, i just needed to discuss this before i lose my mind. i cant take micheletti’s constant praise for the guy when i just dont see what he does that is so good.

  59. You might be right about the Devs, but I find it nearly impossible to root for them – maybe if they were playing a team of Martians I could manage it…..but I doubt it!

  60. thanks for the nod my way CCCP
    yes, i put that story up last night about the
    Jewish hockey player’s lawsuit

    all i can say is
    it’s barely been 24 hours and people have already lost
    their minds with talk of trading players
    Avery’s played hard, been consistent, got the puck in the corners
    hasn’t made any patented avery-like penalties to drive Torts
    and the rest of us crazy.
    as much as i like Artie and see the future looking brighter
    it does seem that the Gabby line would be better served right now
    with Boyle on his line

  61. avery is garbage on

    well, i looked it up. avery has 1 assist and is -3 in the last 4 games. and it was on “gaboriks” goal against washington, which was really put in by the wash d-man. he played 21 mins last night. i get that torts is just trying to put anyone with gabby at this point to try and find someone who works well with him. give him his shot, which he has not done much with, and then send him back to the 4th line, where he belongs. and hopefully, by the time the postseason comes around he is off the active roster. cccp – do you think he should be playing 21 mins a game?

  62. avery is garbage on

    you are right about that, he has been relatively well behaved on the ice compared to his older antics, and he has for the most part not taken any dumb penalties. i cant get on him for that. you say hes been consistent though. i dont see it. in fact, he does not look comfortable with the puck on his stick. he usually gets rid of it like its a game of hot potato. this is something that i think is new for avery this year, i never noticed it in the past

  63. If you believe the rumors, Iginla was already offered to the Rangers earlier this season. Calgary asked for Dubinsky or Callahan and Del Zotto and the Rangers said no.

    He is also a $7M cap hit. Only way the Flys can fit him in is if they move Jeff Carter and then some.

    We have more cap room than they do. Iginla would fit perfectly on this team. He’s signed for 3 more years. To get him we’d probably have to deal Anisimov, Wolski, a defense prospect, and a first rounder.

  64. avery is garbage, your eyes are not deceiving you,
    though you might be outnumbered here when it comes
    to Avery supporters/dissenters.

  65. CCCP- I looked it up, because you asked

    vs Fla -2, not on ice for any Rangers goals

    vs Caps secondary assist on Gabby goal

    vs Atl – 2, not on ice for any Rangers goals

    vs Car -1, not on ice for any Rangers goals

    vs Tor +3, 3 assists on Gabby goals

  66. Iginla is one of my fav players in the league.

    But no way Rangers can or should make that trade – or anything like it.


    This franchise needs 1-2 moves (center, point man) and it should be set.

    I’ll go Richards as an UFA – and if he doesn’t want to come here, fuggim.

    That leaves a PP point man, from I don’t know where.

    And if McIlrath somehow makes this team next year and is even close to as advertised, lookout.

  67. avery is garbage on

    i dont want to see them make any trades where we lose prospects…that being said, eventually a d-man will have to be moved. whether it be this season or the next.

  68. avery is garbage on

    i love to see the devils lose, more than any other team in sports. but…i really dont want them to get a good draft pick, even if there are no crosbys or stamkos’ in this draft. let the isles get another #1 pick, they screw it up anyway

  69. Rod Lurks

    I agree although unfortunately those are 2 very big pieces and while Richards is available in the offseason, we will need to trade young players/picks such as Del Zotto and Anisimov for the #1 d-man and while its a no-brainer move, some people here cry wolf every time someone mentions trading someone under the age of 25.

  70. Valentenko certainly should be ready before McIlrath ilb, having played a full year of pro with McIlrath still in juniors. But ya never know.

    McIlrath could come into camp next year, crack heads & open eyes.

    Rangers are approaching a high class problem. Too many prospects and not enough room.

    Speaking of Avery, if/when Kreider comes next year, who goes on the left side?

  71. Avery is 3rd on the team with assists, which includes
    the occasional spot on the top line. he’s been bounced all around,
    and only with Gabby for what the half dozen games (?)

  72. McIlrath was the second defenseman picked in the 2010 draft, behind only Erik Gudbranson. He has to be good and I have every reason to believe he will be.

  73. oleosmirf,

    I hear ya completely. For 10 years, Glen Sather was great for the online amateur GM business, because you were never wrong if you said don’t trade a young guy.

    Rangers are in a totally different place now.

    People are going to have to get some new material, though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  74. I can’t disagree about not wanting to see the Devs get a high draft pick….but I’d like to see them finish just behind the Islanders, so that there can be nothing remotely redeemable about this season for them.

  75. This one’s from Bleacher Report;

    “To Rangers fans who don’t know who Dylan McIlrath is, what do you bring to the organization?”

    DM: “Hard-nosed, stay-at-home defenseman. Put fear in the opposition.”

    SV: “The Rangers are an organization with many young defensemen. Marc Staal, Michael Del Zotto, Matt Gilroy, Ryan McDonough. What separates you from these players?”

    DM: “Physical element. That’s what the Rangers were missing when they drafted me.

    This kid could play for Rex Ryan!!

  76. bad night for rangers

    atlanta wins 1-0 carolina wins 4-2

    as well as we played and have overachieved this year heres the breakdown

    rangers 61
    montreal 59 2 games in hand
    atlanta 57
    carolina 56 2 games in hand

    we have no margin for error otherwise game 82 it may be that the devils are playing to knock us out of playoffs.

    april 9th at home vs devils could you imagine if we need that game its there cup

  77. They’ll have to give up somebody to get someone, no doubt. But the timing has to be right. Along with a careful evaluation of our needs, and, most importantly, careful evaluation of each talent. That requires knowledge, vision and, sometimes time.

  78. Hopefully, by game 82 we’ll be resting some of our first-line players, having clinched a playoff spot some number of games before then…..

    And our scrubs and AHL’ers will still beat the Devils that night!

  79. ilb – You are right by the way, don’t think MZA ever actually played center…he played both wings and point on the power play. He just took faceoffs in certain situations during the Olympics…

  80. Eric- 94 points will get you in the playoffs safely. Rangers need to go 3 above .500 from now on to achieve that. It will 7 above for Carolina and 8 above for Atlanta.

  81. cccp,

    “if we play Boston…all games will be low scoring nail-bitters”

    Yup, and I can easily seeing Prustie having two game-winners in a 5-game series win!

  82. Holy Carp! Blues defenseman Johnson just scored a goal on his own net – shades of Poti!!!

  83. The Devils, however, will need to go 18 games above .500 from now on to get 94 points. Is anyone willing to bet a dollar they’ll go 30-12 from now on?

  84. Well, that’s not great – but it isn’t awful, either…..what do our our fulltime centers do?

  85. >>we’re looking pretty good then! team will get healthy for the playoff push…perfect!

    Past experience tells me it still can all come crashing down.

  86. Just saw someone on another board making a real good point.

    I’m no supporter of Sean Avery’s, but if you look at the lineup with Prospal activated, when everyone gets back, if Drury automatically plays then someone is going to have to sit – even with the Connecticut contingent demoted.

    Avery might be the logical choice (as Torts loves Fedotenko), but no way does he deserve to be Prucha’d before Chris Drury.

    Interesting dillemma and of course it’ll take a while to get everyone back in, though it sounds like Dubi might be coming back quicker than expected, which I don’t think I’m happy about.

  87. Newbury 61.4% 44 faceoffs taken
    Avery 60% 20
    Drury 56.5% 200
    Dubi 49.1% 434
    Boyle 47.5% 716
    EC 46.6% 427
    AA 43.1% 527
    Step 37.5% 469

  88. Actually I was forgetting Christensen from the mix when all the walking wounded return.

    He becomes an “easier” scratch for Tortorella than Drury, though Torts has shown at times he doesn’t give a flying you-know-what and does what he thinks is right.

    Though frequently useless, Christensen sure got hurt at the wrong time, just as MZA was emerging.

    Then Sather makes a trade and brings in a guy (Wolski) who’s 2nd all-time in shootouts, maybe the one thing that was keeping Christensen relevant.

  89. avery is garbage on

    newbury should stay the 4th line center for awhile. we sure do need his FO skills, artie and step wont get good at that for some time. rod – that is one of the points i was trying to make. who would you rather sit? no way him or boogy (if he ever suits up for us again) should be on the playoff roster when there are other guys who contribute more

  90. Assuming everybody’s healthy? I don’t think there’s much question who their top 12 forwards are, the politics of press-boxing a captain aside.

    Newbury hasn’t embarrassed himself at all, btw. He wins more draws than Drury and plays tough, fits right in.

    They both shoot wide, so that one’s a draw!

  91. and I meant to say, yes, Prospal should automatically get a spot somewhere, until his knee proves he can’t handle it.

    He earned that off last year.

  92. Christian Thomas (2010 #2 pick) is on pace for 50 goals.

    In 43 games this year he’s never gone more than 2 games without a point.
    He’s had stretches where he’s scored goals in 10 of 12 games, for 13 goals and in 6 of 7 games for 10 goals.

    Something else I just saw, in 2009 Christian Thomas was traded for Michael DelZotto *AND* John Tavares.

    Well to be exact:
    Oshawa Generals Del Zotto, along with teammates John Tavares and Daryl Borden, to the London Knights for prospects Christian Thomas, Scott Valentine, Michael Zador and six draft picks.

  93. Mama shall be posting in 3….2….1….

    fyi, Ive been sleeping with Avery for quite a while now. Meaning, Ive been sleeping with those Avery shirts!!!!

  94. I quietly have very high hopes for Mr. Christian Thomas.

    His father was one of my favorites, a VERY heady & very clutch player.

  95. Good evening all! Ha! Mama lurks and reads….:) careful what you say about her in her absence :)

    Avery shirt = monster

    Avery haters = hartnellers

    that is all for now :)

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    Making decisions sucks :(

    (and there is some gibberish for today)

  97. Guys let’s cool it here, we are rebuilding…..no bonehead decisions need to be made. We have a good, hard-working team, but not cup contenders. The East is weak as we know. We continue to collect these young players and develop them, not trade them. When we are close they can be assets to trade to put us over the top. That being said, the Rangers will deal maybe Christensen/2nd Rounder for a veteran d-man at the deadline with pp experience. The only player I can see being dealt that’s young is maybe Gilroy, rfa after the year, not so impressive on D, MDZ has more of an upside. Return on Gilroy however won’t be too fruitful.

    The only way one of these young players like Anisimov is dealt would be in a deal with high salaries that includes jettisoning Drury. I just can’t see them giving up on Arty.

    And Avery’s fine, we pay half his salary, he is productive, works hard most of the time. He is useful to the team.

    The way the team is blocking shots more players will get injured the rest of the way and we will need all the depth we can get!

  98. jshim with a thoughtful post.

    spezza is to expensive, no thank you.

    gilroy is 26 and mdz is 20, that is a big reason why mdz is more valuable long term by far. you do not give up on 20 yr old d men who have played 120 games in the NHL and not looked bad doing it…….

    rangers system is looking really strong….. emminger is the odd man out on the backline……..my prediction is he will not be with the team next year….need kreider to develop fast and that will really fill the sniper, power forward need.

  99. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    do you want kaberle now??

    Avery will not be traded (even if another team wanted him) because of the acquiring team having to pay his full salary (someone already mentioned that I think). He probably will not be a ranger after his contract expires (sorry mama) though.

    Too many young d men at this point in the system, you have to think that some of them get moved along with a roster forward or two at some point over the next month to fill one of the holes on the roster.

    Anyone else see that monster hit wolski put on that florida d man last night with about five minutes left in the game?? WOW!!!!

    Is eminger’s squash squashed??

  100. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    how big is kreider?? Not sure he is power forward material, but I could be wrong.

  101. wicky, 6-2, 217, kreider’s main asset is his speed…he has size although he is not known for being a very physical player…He could be LW in the mold of Alex Mogilny, according to his scouting report…

  102. Actually Kreider is known for being a physical player… In this years world junior championship tournament he was on the #1 power play unit and it was his job to stand right in front of the net because he’s so difficult to move out of the way. He also played on the top line(s) and was Team USA’s best power forward… But in last years WJC tournament, he played on a checking line that was probably more physical than any other line on any other team in the tourny. Kreider is big, strong, was fastest player selected in his draft class, has a great shot, and get lots of goals from being strong in front of the net. It scares me how good of a player Kreider might develop into, if he isn’t one already?

  103. i say trade ryan mcdonough for ryan whitney. whitney can play pp, has playoff experience, good size and can be physical while mcdonough appears to be a stay at home defensemen with little offensive potential.

  104. wicky – No, I don’t want Kaberle (for one thing, due to the fact that his refusal to waive his NTC winds up Burke and the Leafs fans to a highly amusing extent). Just figured he wasn’t high up on your list of preferred D-men.

  105. I think I’ve seen enough of Kreider (at both WJCs) to safely say he’s got impressive raw tools – speed to burn, great size and a very good shot.

    If he can put all of these together at the NHL level, the Rangers just might have themselves a premier top 6 winger. He’s not a traditional power forward (from what I see) but does have some aspects of that to his game.

    Watching him going down the wing with that speed of his, beating the d-man to the outside and then driving to the net reminds me just a little of Rick Nash. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying he’s the next Rick Nash, but there are similarities to their games (what I don’t know is if Kreider has the skillhandling skills Nash has – that could be the biggest difference in their games).

  106. big c: That trade proposal to me is a big NO! McDonagh is 15 games into his NHL career – he’s just scratching the surface of what he might become (which could very well be a better player than Whitney).

    No way!!!

  107. And Karable?? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase – I guarantee you he’ll soon enough become the MSG faithful’s favourite whipping boy. He’s as soft as butter on a warm summer’s day.

  108. ilb2001 January 26th, 2011 at 8:27 pm
    We can imagine and talk about the trades all we want, but I feel that Torts will not allow to trade for, or sign, anyone who he believes will interfere with togetherness and the mindset of this team

    perfectly said ilb. i think slatipuss is on board with torts plan too which is reassuring. i do think torts and slats both know this is a transition season and will not make a big splash unless its a near perfect deal for us./ non rental types and younger potential players kinda like wolski.

  109. Greenberg: “When Callahan and Dubinsky return, Drury’s struggles will be addressed in a way not likely to leave an aging captain happy, one more challenge this coach seems likely to handle.”

    I’d love to know what Greenberg is basing this on.

    Also…. SHOVELING SUCKS! Especially when it’s for the 50th time!

    And especially when they plow you in with ice! For the 50th time! Argh!!!!!!!!

  110. I just heard tbw get a phone call from my youngest daughter who lives in Cromwell CT, and she says that they just got another 2 feet of snow.
    She says that I-91 is a highway of doom with total non moving vehicles, and interspersed with accidents. Can this truly be the beloved CT of my youth? She has a miniature
    Schnauser that she had to dig a trench for from her patio to a spot in the yard for her to do her daily business.

    I’ve had enough of this global warming…here in Florida it’s beginning to warm up a bit.

    Stop already with the trades. Don’t ruin a good thing. We’ve got the people that can do it. No more giant contracts for , eh, he used to be good.

  111. Re Greenberg’s column: He refers to Dreary not playing well enough to warrant top 9 icetime. That’s already happening – he’s become a fixture on the 4th line. It doesn’t mean he’ll get shuffled to the pressbox once the walking wounded return.

    IMO, he should, at least for a game here and there, but will he? Pressboxing the captain won’t be an easy task for Tortorella.

    Assuming all 5 come back without more going down, that will indeed be an interesting side-show to monitor.

    I still maintain this is the last year of Dreary – he’ll be bought out this summer.

  112. All right, I’m officially sick of this snow nonsense. This is ridiculous now!

    What is the point in discussing trades that have not happened and probably will never happen?

  113. >>…Pressboxing the captain won’t be an easy task for Tortorella.

    Didn’t Bruce Boudreau do it before they made Ovechkin captain? What good is a captain if he cannot lead with his play?

  114. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    The one big question re Avery is: Has he completely lost his goal scoring touch, or is he the most unselfish, team-first concept player in the league? I don’t know, but I think it would be smart of Avery to pot a few goals if he can, to take this heat off himself for not making more of an offensive contribution. He does everything else, all the tough little things many other players are unwilling to do, all over the ice.

    When was the last time Drury, for example, went into a corner and mucked it up? And Drury isn’t scoring at all. Wouldn’t it just be better to have Drury stand stationary at center ice like a traffic cop, or something, than to ask him to move around a little bit like he is part of the game? Drury is conning the Rangers out of their money. Avery works his tail off, every shift.

  115. Even though I don’t input that much, boy do I love this blog. Great blogging characters, interesting streams / ideas and enough opinions all sides to keep the conversations juicy.
    I came to last night’s blog this morning and tried to wade my way through at work almost alone due to the snow.
    I usually don’t comment on what’s written unless it’s so egregious and I have the time. Other than the worrying about who else is winning / losing and how many 3 point games affecting the Rangers there are (we really should just let the Rangers play their game, appreciate how much fun it’s been this year and let the boys take care of that business) I cannot let the Avery comments go by without a little reality check.
    I am amused than angered by the above Avery slights since they are so one-dimensional. It’s almost like people are watching 1/6 of the rink. Avery may not be the most prolific score and have the best hands down below but his overall value to the team cannot be measured unless you look at his whole goal on the rest of the ice and on the bench. Here are some thoughts:
    – It been stated here and elsewhere about the Rangers record when he’s in and out of the lineup over the years. It may hold less value now because the Rangers are a better balanced team, but can you imagine what the Ranger record would have been if he wasn’t in the lineup.
    – His speed and overall skating has improved this year. I trust him lugging the puck out of the defensive zone (except for the occasional brain cramp back pass) and making sure the puck winds up down low or properly passed
    – He consistently takes the body anywhere on the ice and does not back off for anybody.
    – He’s smart not to engage in idiotic scraps. The fact that this incenses the opposition is even more reason to like his game.
    – He takes the pressure off EVERYONE. You cannot overemphasize the importance of distraction. If there is only one reason to keep him it’s because of this. He has been a good teammate, at least from the outside, this time around. He thrives on playing.
    – Offensively, because of his puck control skills down low and he can play with ANYBODY. When he has the puck the other team doesn’t. He is exhausting to play against.
    – Finally, for me and for the rest of the bloggers, he is ENTERTAINING. My son and I inevitably share a good chuckle whenever he’s on the ice, whether it’s something he did or said. Nobody should underestimate entertaining especially in a talented, essential player.

    The other approach to ignorance here is the dis-engage where comments are ignored until they go away. Unfortunately, this is a little long-winded, but I needed to say it.

  116. “Avery works his tail off, every shift.”

    There is this illusion that Sean Avery is a hard worker. All he does is hang and wait for the offensive zone. He is very lazy defensively.

  117. Speaking of snow, I couldn’t help but chuckle the other night when I saw an ad for Whiteface Mountain ski resort on BET.

  118. ulfie, I disagree with nearly everything you said:

    1) It been stated here and elsewhere about the Rangers record when he’s in and out of the lineup over the years. It may hold less value now because the Rangers are a better balanced team, but can you imagine what the Ranger record would have been if he wasn’t in the lineup.

    That Avery stat was total BS. Marek Malik used to have a great number like that too. Also, if you looked at that Avery stat with Paul Mara instead of Avery (Mara was acquired a couple of weeks later), Mara’s presence was more valuable than Avery’s.

    2) His speed and overall skating has improved this year.

    His speed and skating have traditionally been one of Avery’s strong points. I don’t think they’ve improved in any way. If anything, I think he might be losing a half-step.

    3) I trust him lugging the puck out of the defensive zone (except for the occasional brain cramp back pass) and making sure the puck winds up down low or properly passed

    You have the reason why I don’t trust him built right into this comment. He is a turnover machine.

    4) He consistently takes the body anywhere on the ice and does not back off for anybody.

    I agree, but sometimes it’s at the cost of taking himself out of position and out of the play.

    5) He’s smart not to engage in idiotic scraps. The fact that this incenses the opposition is even more reason to like his game.

    He has more penalty minutes than anyone else on the team- even if you subtract all of the fighting majors. Prust has fought 4 more times than Avery and has 40 less penalty minutes. That’s a liability.

    6) He takes the pressure off EVERYONE. You cannot overemphasize the importance of distraction.

    Distractions can be negative. This year it’s been positive, but Dallas was clearly not. He’s a loose cannon and it’s a credit to Tortorella that he has kept Avery reeled in.

    7) If there is only one reason to keep him it’s because of this. He has been a good teammate, at least from the outside, this time around.

    I can’t disagree, but what is important to note is that even you acknowledge “this time around.” You know full well he can be a rotten teammate.

    8) He thrives on playing. – Offensively, because of his puck control skills down low and he can play with ANYBODY. When he has the puck the other team doesn’t. He is exhausting to play against.

    Avery doesn’t thrive on playing, he thrives on being the center of attention. If it’s from playing, he’ll take it. But if it’s from fighting or from jawing in the media, he will just as equally take that. And he can’t play with anybody. Avery can’t score for his life. if there isn’t a finisher on his line, he’s invisible offensively. Even with Gaborik, he’s still invisible. Ignoring the Toronto game when they basically rolled over and let everything in, Avery has 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 18 games (again, excluding Toronto).

    Also, Avery needs to be with defensively responsible players since he is such a waste defensively. I know plus/minus is a somewhat bullshit metric, but in the 4 games with Gaborik (other than the Toronto fluke game), he has been a minus in 3 of the 4, and a minus 2 in the most recent one.

    Finally, for me and for the rest of the bloggers, he is ENTERTAINING.

    This is what I cannot disagree with. He is certainly entertaining.

  119. I think the best way to gauge Avery’s value is by comparison with the other forwards. Imagine you were building a team’s forward corps. First, you need scoring. Obviously, this eliminates Avery. You need penalty killers/defensive forwards. Also eliminates Avery. You need guys that can hit and scrap. OK, Avery can do that. But we already have guys that can do that that can also serve another purpose, like Prust, Callahan, Dubinsky, and Boyle.

    Avery is a good depth player and nothing more.

  120. Avery goes offsides way too much…his shot accuracy is terrible…

    that said he is an important player for this team in many other ways and I hope he can find his offensive touch before the playoffs…

  121. JBytes: The Caps might have, but ultimately what they did so they could put the C where they felt it belonged was trade the captain. The Rangers don’t have that option because of the ludricrous NMC granted Dreary.

    The fact that he has such a clause tells me he negotiated it and with it the ridiculous amount of money he’s making. I say this because some argue that his stupid contract is really Sather’s fault. I concur that Sather shares a significant part of the blame for agreeing to such a deal, but let’s not forget it’s Dreary’s agent who negotiated the deal and it’s likely the same agent who insisted on the NMC, it’s Dreary’s signature on the contract and it’s Dreary’s bank account those huge weekly deposits go into.

    I’m sure he feels down about his situation, but is it because he makes so much money and his play doesn’t come even close to substantiating the $$ he’s pulling in or is it because his role and icetime has been significantly?

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