Rangers-Caps in review


Six days ago, we were sitting in the press conference room and John Tortorella was talking about losing Brandon Dubinsky, on top of losing all these other players including Ryan Callahan, and during the game that night the Rangers would also lose Ruslan Fedotenko.

And that was the first game of a stretch of five in seven nights. I wrote that the Rangers just need to keep their heads above water until the all-star break, a six-day vacation for the Rangers, after which Callahan comes back. And I was thinking if they win two of the five, that would be pretty damn good. And then in the third game, they lost Dan Girardi. And Brandon Prust — who had three separate injuries.

Well, what in Holy Hell? Here they are at home tonight in Game 5, against the Florida Panthers, with a chance to go 4-1! With minor-leaguers and third and fourth-liners all over the roster! They have 17 points out of games in which they trailed entering the third period. That number is off the charts.


1) Is there anybody out there who didn’t think the Rangers were at least going to get a point in Washington when they were down 1-0 in the third period?

2) All said about the lineup and all, and the comeback, and the shootout … I thought the Rangers dominated the game, particularly on defense. Imagine if they ever learn to win faceoffs or ever figure out how to have even an average power play?

3) I thought Marc Staal, Michael Sauer, Matt Gilroy and Ryan McDonagh were sensational, and I don’t mean to slight Steve Eminger or Michael Del Zotto … who looked just fine coming back from his Whaling.

4) Rangers=Monster. That was suggested by my friend and yours, Mr. ilb. Even if I disagreed, I’d write that out of respect for him. But I do agree. Completely.

5) How you likin’ those Staal-Ovechkin battles? Unfortunately, Versus showed Staal taking out Ovechkin on that drive to the left side of the net but didn’t bother showing the Ovechkin elbow to the back of Staal’s head or Staal’s retalliation. That was hockey. And Ovechkin still=Monster.

6) Brandon Prust=Monster, too. He’s playing with at least three busted-up body parts, and he was on Ovechkin a lot. Even got him to dive … and the refs caught it.

7) Matter of fact, anybody noticing that the Rangers are getting some calls their way lately?

8) Versus also totally missed the Gaborik goal going off the defender’s stick before it hit Gaborik’s glove. Never mentioned it.

9) How about that ZuccarELLO being cool as ice on the shootout goal, then plugging Avery’s bar on the post-game show?

10) I’ve thought for a stretch of games now that Gaborik and Wolski’s offensive games are looking pretty decent. Maybe those two can carry the load for a while until Dubinsky and Christensen and Fedotenko can get back. That skills-competition goal by Wolski was sick. Actually, all three goals were pretty nifty.

11) How good was Martin Biron? How good was that signing?

12) Liked what I saw from Grachev again. Involved. Or, in Torts-speak, “engaged.”


AP photo, above.


Will be back with the pre-game notes later. Then on to MSG.

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  1. Julie(Who Hardly Ever Posts) on

    I couldn’t stay awake for the whole game last night. I saw about 5 minutes of the third and fell asleep. When I woke up and saw that the Rangers won, I was so happy! Good for them! Gotta love them! LGR!
    Have a great day everyone!

  2. Zucc is getting a lot of hype for his S/O ability, but Wolski is just as good. Scan youtube and you can see him use that Forsberg move countless times.

    Loving this team right now.

    In regard to the penalties, good teams always seem to get them. This is a good team.

  3. Joekuh-rury-mire - I'm AWESOME! on

    The defender was the one who knocked the puck in the net. Gabby just happened to graze it with his glove as it passed by him. Anyone else like seeing that BAG( Avery/Boyle/Gaborik) line in the 3rd? Great win. GREAT Win. Did I mention how big of a win this was?

    Speaking of defense, We held Washington to 14 total shots or so through 60 minutes. Ovy has nights where he can get that many by HIMSELF.

  4. Speaking of which: Boo! As in, who? As in, 6 mil for what exactly? Never impressed me much for either his ability to fight or his ‘improved’ skating – joke. Imagine what we could have done with a 1st or 2nd line center who actually could win faceoffs? I think we would be much closer to the top – agree?

  5. Wow, just wow! These guys continue to amaze. Yes, ilb, it feels good. Great, in fact.


  6. Geez Sean. Old news. And I think he makes $8 mil this year. The thing we should be discussing is how the whole Drury experiment ENDS!!! Is he a man like Naslund or a pariah like Redden (who had to get every dime out of the NYR knowing full well he had no business expecting to get paid $$$ he KNEW he wasn’t worth).

    For such a great guy, team guy, selfless “Captain” that everyone portrays him as, he should understand that the right thing to do is hang em up and focus on his pizza.

  7. I bet his pizza is over priced and terrible as well.

    I could just see the look on his face as he passes me a crappy slice of pizza and holds his hand out for $175.00.

    I would throw it back in his face.

  8. Saw most of the first two periods at work and then got home in time to see the OT and SO. I was surprised how much the Rangers dominated the game. It’s too bad that the Rangers fans don’t have the patience for a rebuild with youth, right Glen?

    Wolski’s SO goal was nice, but Zucco’s deked the goalie out of his jock strap. The goalie looked like the fans in the between innings baseball promotions where they spin around a bat, get dizzy, then have to try to run to first base.

  9. It’s amazing how the Rangers are a TEAM! For so many years, we have had a couple of “star” players who we have kind of relied on to carry us (which they usually never did). Now we finally have a team where everybody contributes. And it’s only going to get better in the coming years.

    What a great time to be a Rangers fan! I love this team!!

  10. we wouldnt be so patient witha rebuild if we were losing. we gotta put it in perspective a little. now if all these young guys were struggling and we werent winning games we all would be here moanin and groanin. but yea i’m sure we would all be content at least with strong efforts like weve seen.

  11. How many times can I stare at the TV after a game and say that I TRULY LOVE this TEAM.
    A lot lately!
    They are pulling off some magic. And Carp is on the money, imagine when / if we ever get totally healthy, actually win some faceoffs and get the powerplay going…….

  12. I don’t get it. What is so difficult about winning face offs? Doesn’t practice make you better? If it’s a learnable (is that a word?) skill, where’s Mess? Teach them…teach somebody. If there’s a winger out there that’s better at it than the center, can’t a winger take the FO?

  13. Scoring and PP has to be better. We can’t win every game in a shootout.

    Gaborik needs to start threatening again, and by that, I mean actually shooting the puck.

  14. ilb, are you trying to get out of Mendy’s? I was just going to order soup and save the dinner for another time.

  15. “I don’t get it. What is so difficult about winning face offs?”

    Faceoffs are more aboot determination than anything else. Messier tried working with these guys, but really, these guys are not strong, aggressive guys. I believe over time, Stepan and Anisimov will gain size, strength and with that, determination. They will also learn the tricks of the trade as they gain experience.

  16. It is so annoying to watch Hockey on VS. Nevermind that Time Warner doesn’t see the need to carry VS in HD, just the announcing. So annoying.

    LOVE this team. LOVE.

  17. Morning all, I gotta say I am loving this Matt Zucca-rello rello rello aye aye. Little Rhiana for you all. I love this team, I love their heart, I will continue to enjoy to ride and what is next to come.

  18. Carp you are spot on with #5. My wife missed the original play and when she saw the replay she asked how come that wasn’t a penalty on Ovechkin. I asked her if the refs would have called a penalty on Captain Whineboy from Pittsburgh and she said of course not – and realized that she had her answer.

    As for Versus, well let’s just say that Versus knows as much about broadcasting hockey as a salami knows about quantum physics.

  19. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I kind of figured out why I am so impressed with this team. There are 8guys out with injuries, and several more playing through injuries. IT’S ONLY PAIN typifies the teams identity for me. We would all feel differently if even 2 of these injuries were to the defensive corps. But, for now, they work, they try, they persevere and they are ALL striving to be better together. Yes, I include Drury in the ALL. This team fails if everyone isnt involved. This is truly a magical season, full of possibility and promise.

  20. I haven’t posted in a while, been reading every entry but not posting, but had to come in to say this…. WOW.. do we have a team or what? i’m not envisioning the Finals or anything but we could definitely put some teams to task

  21. Carp, thanks for your kind words….

    I am a little worried again about our management getting delusional and plotting a big time trade involving some of our young guns for veterans just to make a run this year. But this time I’m worried less. I think they finally got it. And I would have to think that Torts has a lot to do with it. He probably said to to Slats- let me try to do it with the kids, knowing that if they don’t play well he would be fired. Now, of course, since they are winning, it’s easier to defend your case. The truth is, it’s Torts’ team now and I think they will not get anyone who he thinks will not fit. Every single player bought into his believes, whether they are veterans or rookie AHLers.

    We do need to improve our PP, most likely by getting a big time shooter from the point. I believe it could be done without sacrificing much of our youth, and without overpaying. Again, with all the youngsters we have in our system at the moment, we can afford to sacrifice some draft picks.

  22. Love the players and the skill shining through, but as a critic of Torts last season, his coaching this year has been absolutely amazing, especially with all the kids coming up. Kudos to Torts — who’da thunk it? And his personality is more winning too.

  23. Carp, how do you feel aboot this “blastfromthepast” guy posting a link to his page every time during the game? I’ve been meaning to ask.

    I don’t like it! Rubs me the wrong way. Especially since he doesn’t post regularly! But, even if he did, it would still piss me off!

  24. Carp,Thanks for bringing up the Ovechkin elbow and Stall’s response. I noticed it as it was happening, but the Versus guys missed it as usual. Their replay sucks. I loved the fact that Stall wasn’t going to take Ovechkin’s crap. Also, I couldn’t believe the Versus guys didn’t see the puck bounce off of Alzner’s stick and into the net. Sam and Joe would have caught it. They probably did in fact.

  25. After seeing a few good shots for above the circles from last, do you think there is any possibility Boyle could help on the PP point. He always seems willing to shoot and I think he has the accuracy.

  26. Carp, great point on the Ovechkin elbow. I was rewinding my DVR about 5 times and thinking WTB?

  27. Seriously though, I don’t think I could love this team anymore right now. Last night was great. Because of the 7:30 start, I got home for the puck drop and watched every minute. Biron has been terrific, and I never feel like the game is in jeopardy because our backup is in. Everyone “gets it” and is playing within the system.

    I can’t wait until Cally, Dubi, Danny, etc. gets back in the lineup, but the fact that they are pulling off wins right now is so thrilling.

  28. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I had a good view of the Ovechkin elbow. Love how a few other guys backed up Staal and got right in there.

  29. After a shaky stretch where they dropped 6 of 8 points to Montreal twice and Philly (only redeeming themselves vs the Nucks), the Rangers have a chance to make up some lost ground with taking 8 of 10 points where honestly taking 5 of 10 points would have been considered satisfactory.

    I’ll ask it again, if even last week you’d look at the Caps lineup and the Rangers lineup, without considering the goalie, going into last night’s game would you imagine anything other than a Caps’ romp?

    At this point I’d almost want them to face the Caps in the playoffs, provided they’re healthy I think the Rangers would have a good shot at a 5 or 6 game series win. If a depleted Rangers team that was already firing a pop gun offense could thoroughly contain the Caps, imagine what a deeper team could do over a best of 7, particularly when the past 2 years have virtually proven the Caps don’t always bring their best when the going gets tough.

  30. I want to toss around something…Just for discussion…Our next year’s D situation.

    The way he skates and positions himself, I think McD will easily become our top 2nd pair defenseman. Sauer is already a solid shutdown guy. Staal is clearly number one. MDZ is our puck mover for years to come, he is ready to stay, if not now, then soon. That’s four. Just stay with me, I didn’t forget Girardi. Gilroy will need to be qualified at $2.321M to retain his rights (10% over his current salary, not his cap hit). That could be a bit too much, unless he is willing to sign long term for less. Eminger is an UFA, he only fits as a third pair, and he may want to stay, and they may want to keep him, if he is willing to sign for a bit more than he makes now ($1.5M). Now, remember, they may need to bring a big time shooter/veteran this year. And, remember what we have in our system (V-tank, Kundratek, Pashinin, McIlrath etc)
    What I’m getting to is this- does it all make Girardi a bit overpaid (where is Wicky?) and expendable? What we also saw last night, is that pairing Staal with Sauer works very well. In fact, that may even make Staal’s ability to join the offense more effective. Now, if Girardi becomes or second, or even third pair, can we afford too keep him at $3.325M cap hit? He surely can bring some value back in the trade. Thoughts?

  31. Anybody have a clip of Zuke reppin Warren 77?

    How terrible has Drury been lately? I mean really.

    When the Rangers “Guardian Project” character is unveiled, I’m predicting his power is invisibility when given a huge, long-term contract

  32. I also really liked what I saw in Grachev last night. He is surprisingly a very nimble skater, and was able to use his skating ability and size to position himself ahead of the Dmen and retrieve the puck. He can also pass well. I think they need to use him more in offensive situations in front of the net and see if can put some pucks in.

  33. gilroy for dominic moore straight up is a unfair trade for the rangers.

    26 year old d men with skill do not grow on trees….

  34. The “Great” Eight was diving all game long. And I would hazzard to guess that might be a reason why the Caps are struggling this season, is because Ovechkin has not had the offensive numbers he has had in the past and his head is elsewhere.

    But watching one of the “best players in the game” dive all over the ice like he was last night is not becoming of the league’s center piece. Once when he tangled up with Prust, another when Biron flicked his glove at him and even the hit Staal put on him was an embelishment.

    Crosby does this all the time as well. It’s an embarrassment to the game and I loved how Biron stoned OV in the SO.

    LGR!! Beat FLA tonight, pick up 2 more points prior the the All Star Break and get to 30 wins going into the break.

  35. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    ilb, I Like Girardi a lot. My question is whether he goes or a couple of V-tank, Kundratek, Pashinin, McIlrath etc… go. I don’t think there is enough room in the barn for all these horses.

  36. Exactly my point, Jlone. I like Girardi too. But we clearly don’t have enough room for all of them. Great thing to have! It should all come down to tour managements’ ability to evaluate the talent. They may think Girardi is higher on the list than McD or Sauer. Or they may feel differently. The only thing is for sure- no need to jump into bad trades decisions now, they have time to reevaluate that situation during the offseason.

  37. JoeinDE, I don’t have the clip but Zuccs gave a shout out to W77 in the his post game interview.

    ilb, I think they keep Girardi and Gilroy and let Eminger walk. I’ve read some analysis and the main suggestion is that DZ gets moved to a 3rd pair D and PP specialist, which I tend to agree with that. They could have a top 4 of Staal-Girardi, McD-Sauer and MDZ-Gilroy, although maybe you mix and match the 2nd and 3rd pairs depending on the opponent or situation.

    Also the Rangers would be extremely blessed if more than one of McIlrath, Valentenko, Kundratek and Pashinin develop into a legitimate NHL D. Good to have options though.

  38. The last thing the Rangers need is a 3rd line center. I would check on the availability of Denis Wideman or Bryan McCabe though.

  39. I want to add something that the VS announcers picked up on last night. And that is the play of Ryan McDonough. The kid looked like a different player last night than he has in his previous few games.

    To me it looked like he made a jump last night, as is Gilroy.

    Suddenly this team, reliant and hopefull that MDZ would be our next great defenseman, now has Michael Sauer, Matt Gilroy and Ryan McDonough to add to Staal and Girardi.

    Watching McDonough and Gilroy bring the puck up the ice last night was a thing of beauty.

    I live in DC and have been watching the Caps all season. They have truly regressed this season. I think it has a lot to do with the type of players a team has and how truly important it is that teams find “team” players, they find guys who have mental toughness, which I don’t know if the Caps have, based on there poor playoff performances recently.

    Do the Rangers have these types of players? Is their roster full of them? Maybe. I do know teams like the Flyers have them, I think Carolina has them, Boston, Montreal and maybe even Tampa… You need these players to advance in the playoffs.

    Do Boyle, Prust, Callahan, Staal, Lundqvist, Avery, Gaborik, Dubinsky, Fedotenko, Girardi and Drury get this team over the hump and make us dangerous in the playoffs based upon our ability to win games by out working the other teams?

  40. Where do you, guys, hear all this third line center BC?

    Denis Wideman could be an option, as well as Kurtis Foster, as someone mentioned. Not sure about McCabe.

  41. 1.) Don’t you just LOVE this team? Think of the conversations we were having this time last year.

    2.) The Hobbit’s got some moves on him doesn’t he? WOW!

    3.) Don’t forget, the Flyers were just as injury-ridden last year, and look where that got them.

    4.) I HATE that double penalty call. It’s either a dive or it isn’t, you can’t have BOTH!!

  42. except the Flyers also had 5-6 dynamic offensive weapons. We only have 2-3 tops.

    unfortunately we lack offense and you cant win with the PP we have.

  43. I forgot to mention something that, perhaps flew under the radar last night. With all the grit and resilience this team showed last night, they also simply outplayed Washington, don’t you think?

  44. McCabe is the perfect guy, no long term commitment as he’s an UFA.

    Tough, solid in own zone, good point man, good vet presence.

    He’s also out with broken facial bones and had a finger problem but last I heard was expected back in a few weeks, well before the deadline.

    At this point I think most people would be okay with NYR going with what they have upfront – meaning no major moves for a Richards, etc – but even a spectacularly gutty win like last night shouldn’t cloud judgements too much.

    A good powerplay makes the Rangers a VERY dangerous team.

  45. Rod Lurks

    exactly just the threat of McCabe on the point, makes the PP better b.c it prevents teams from just focusing on Gaborik like they’ve been doing all season.

    I would have a PP unit of Wolski-Dubinsky-Gaborik with Zuccarello and McCabe on the points

  46. Oleo is right. Rangers aren’t really close to the Flyers this year. I think they took their foot off the pedal a bit the other week at MSG.

    Rangers can’t match their offensive depth, Richards, Briere, Carter, Hartnell, Giroux etc. are better than Gaborik, Dubinsky, Callahan, Stepan, etc.

    Even at his advanced age, Pronger is still better than Staal. He has that extra snarl and is a very good PP QB to boot.

  47. hey did anyone else notice versus broadcasters saying “I like this team” whats next Millbury wearing Dubwlowsky Jersey?… anyway this is a great team to watch and is finally giving the fans what we were looking for… Staal and Ovie had a great battle last night, even though ovie did hit staal in the back of the head its fine in my book. It was a great play and just before that staal did put an elbow in ovies face so in the heat of the battle it was good to see the 2 guys fight as neither one had any intent to injure the other…..

  48. A few things:
    1) Carp good call on the puck going off the Caps’ D-man on the Gabby goal. Can’t believe those jokers on VS didn’t see that. Then again, why should that surprise anyone.
    2) Boy I love how young, fast, and aggressive this team is. Torts has gotta be the lead candidate for Jack Adams right now.
    3) It’s almost as if you expect them to get a point even when down 1-0 going into the 3rd. In fact, in the recent games when they were down 3-0 I still held out a little hope.
    4) Did I say how fast and physical this team is? From 5’6″ Caramello to 6’7″ Hoops Boyle.
    5) LGR! Do we fear any team in the league now? Flyers the team to beat and they’ve had our number. But I woldn’t bet against Rangers-Flyers Conf Finals.

  49. Anyone know where I can find a replay of the shootout from last night? I want to see the goals by Zuccarello and Wolski again. Also, one of the Caps goals was really nice, I think Hendricks’.

  50. Damn it. Im pissed i missed zuccarello giving warren 77 some love. anyone know where i can find it or what he said? y does auto spell check think zuccarello isnt worthy of being in their dictionary?

  51. “it’s just pain” “honest effort” “hard work” “we’ll take the dirty ones” “never stop” = I love this team wayyy beyond my loyalty of loving the NYR.

    I can’t help but wonder if Avery put Zucc up to that Warren 77 plug (under threats of death?ridicule? promises of fashion advise?) or if Zucc has a lil Avery crush. I had also never considered the shoot-out in terms of the whole bench wanting to take a free penalty shot LOL yes, that answer was as smooth as freshly zambonied ice.

  52. p.s. Carp, your picture choices for the post-game articles have been great. While the inane Versus team was debating the goal, I kept rewinding to watch that exact moment :-)

  53. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan-insky-tenko, 28 on

    Newman makes a good point. In years past, if we went down 3 goals, I’d usually wave the white flag and shut off the television. Now, I’m watching until the very end because this team refuses to show quit and, at times, will erase 2 or 3 goal deficits in short order.

  54. BroadwayRoe, thanks for the link. That’s good stuff. This kid has a lot of personality and is a good interview.

    Does anyone else notice how the guys that come to the NY Rangers that have a personality and something to say usually do better than the ones that don’t? Messier, Graves, Richter… and presently Boyle, Lundqvist, Avery, MZA, Callahan. The Captain has been soooooo vanilla, it’s like he doesn’t fit the culture of the team. Sort of like when you hire someone who is qualified for the job but just doesn’t fit in with their coworkers

  55. Hi Beth.

    Good morning, Sally!

    I think the perfect example of being able to “learn” to take faceoffs is Boyle. He’s gotten much better at it … the best they have, probably.

    Orr, since you asked, I’m not nuts about it.

    for those who fear the trade deadline, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that any deal will be a deal Torts wants to make. If that helps …

  56. I forgot McCabe was an UFA at the end of the year, thanks Rod. Yes, I’d put him on the list too then.

  57. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Joe in DE, I actually think Drury fits in better than we all think. From what I’ve heard, he has always been a low-key guy who plays hard on the ice, and the players are supportive of his leadership in the room. No reason to mess with it now, and he will come up with a goal or two along the way. (This is not to say he is worth his $. Clearly not…)

    I really don’t like the Versus crew either. However, they did give nice props to the Rangers organIzation for getting its players ready in Hartford for their callups. I think we need to give Sather and Schonny real credit for this!

  58. mccabe is ou(broken jaw)t. emminger is the most likely ranger d man not to be around long term, he is older and upside not as good.

    a poster early today mentioned gilroy and a pick for Dominic Moore look it up on the blog near the beginning of todays comments.

    gilroy or MDZ or both long term need to man the point and get better at it big time….

    no big moves fo rthe rangers at the deadline…. they have definitely gotten more experience for the young guys and improved there depth big time. dubi is there best all around forward and cally is 2nd and they both are out.

  59. Could MZA=Fleury, sans issues? That’d be sweet! Loved the plug for the bar. Seemed like he was dying to get over there and “engage.”

    Glad Gernander is getting some clearly well-deserved props (even from the VS. idjits).

    Yeah, it’s sad watching Drury. I’m not really angry about that anymore, but it’s sort of pathetic. Good in a room is key, and I guess as the captain he has to be playing a part in the grit of this team. But still…

    And, wait, was this the team Tom Renney dreamed of? Tough on D, tough to play against, winning low scoring games?

  60. Chris F – no, because this team doesn’t have Hollweg, Zherdev or Voros getting 20 minutes a game.

  61. Are you guys referring to Orr’s post? He was clearly kidding, he even place “:P” just to make sure…

  62. The Rangers cannot advance deep into the playoffs with this current PP. We might be able to win our first round game as the 6th seed but we have no shot against Philly or Pitt in a 7 game series unless we can somehow find a way to score against the good teams.

    Gilroy is a nice player but he is 26 years old and is not going to get much better. He is not a prospect and is almost a finished product. I have no problem trading him and a 2nd round pick to get an offensive d-man like McCabe (who will be good to go in a month), Denis Wideman, Jovanovski if it means getting us a respectable PP.

  63. Kurtis Foster is our best bet. He was a relatively low-cost UFA signing that didn’t work out for Edmonton, whom we all know Sather loves to trade with. Foster is signed through next season at a $1.8M per cap hit.

    Another player Edmonton may be willing to trade us is Andrew Cogliano, a center whom some may recall won Fastest Skater at the skills competition some time ago, but hasn’t really produced offensively for them. He will be 24 this season.

    I would offer Edmonton Gilroy and Carolina’s 2nd rounder in the 2011 draft for both players.

    Or, perhaps Christensen and Gilroy for Cogliano and Foster?

  64. Gilroy and a 2nd I think is a bit steep for McCabe. Aside from his current play Gilroy has value in his RFA status.

  65. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    morning ILB and all!!!

    this is for you

    bigskyresort Big Sky Resort
    Six powdery inches fresh for this morning

  66. need the pp qb desperately. love the battle level but need more of a threat on the pp.

    wife still not showing signs of delivering early. 2 weeks till the due date

  67. DJK

    I am worried that Kurtis Foster only got that many points b/c he played with St. Louis, Lecavalier, Stamkos etc. Also the Rangers have plenty of cap space so whether the expiring contract is for 2 mil or 7 mil, it really doesnt matter.

  68. Wicky- shuddup!
    As of now, end of February-first week of March is planned. I’ll text you the details once I know them.

    Cogliano isn’t the answer, Foster may work.

  69. Eric- good luck with the baby! And don’t rush your wife, lol, she’ll be ready when the baby is ready. And you can email me if you need any help.

  70. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    Now everyone is starting to see the OPG!! I knew you would all come around!!

  71. in fact after looking at his career numbers im pretty sure he would never be 30+ point player as a Ranger.

  72. Has there been a reason why Foster has only played over 70 games just once? It seems to me that based on his games played and ATOI he’s a 6/7th D type. Is it worth the roster spot and even the meager salary cap hit for him, not to mention the assets going the other way?

  73. Wicky, just imagine V-tank is ready to throw his 220 lbs around the crease next year? And launching howitzers from the blueline? Yum.

  74. Last night’s game was an example of a great game plan executed as close to perfectly as can be expected. The coach really seems to get this team and they have boought in lock stock and barrel to his system. The emmergence of Boyle as a force, the character of Prust and the contibutions of the roolies like Zucc and McD have made this a sweet ride so far. I really feel that this group is a year or two away from being a bona fide cup contender and it’s been a long time since I’ve said that.

    By the way, the best part of Gabby’s goal was that he was in front of the net, battling in traffic, trying to make something happen. When you work hard and are willing to stick your nose in good things happen. Although some will call it a lucky goal, it was the result of hard work by that line. As Branch Rickey once said ‘luck is the residue of design.’

  75. considering Kaberle has seen a dip in his production, I wonder if he can be had at a more reasonable deal.

    Gilroy and Carolina’s 2nd wont be enough but I would throw in a prospect like Werek and throw in a conditional pick in 2011 based on our playoff performance.

  76. Old coach- I’m pretty sure Gaborik had no clue he scored. In fact, looking at his celebration, he thought it was Avery who scored. Until Avery pointed at him.

  77. Rangers only scored one goal, and they didnt even know it was in…hardly a domination..but 2 points on the road in any fashion is a good thing.

  78. Ranger909 – That is great! I can’t stand Pierre, he is such a tool! Apparently the players think so too. Lol

  79. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    I’ll be on the look out for the text. Re vtank…could use him and that now!! Like to see him or ktek at some point this season. Hopefully seeing pashinin next season and then mcilrath the following would be great. Got to figure gilly, OPG, and eminger are gone at some point to make room.

  80. Got a good deal on below face value tickets for tonight’s game. I wonder if they’ve started selling Zuccarello shirts at MSG because I kinda want one.

  81. oleosmirf did you really say that Gilroy is not getting much better as he is halfway through his second season in the NHL after coming here right from college? with decisions like that, i am curious how your fantasy team is doing. are you really glen sather in disguise? guy was a rookie last year and is halfway through his sophomore season….you mean to tell me you have not seen him improving?

    you should maybe become ‘oleoclown’ for your blogname?

  82. Ranger Joe- Did you watch the game? You don’t have to score seven goals to dominate a game. Holding a pretty powerful Washington offense to 17 shots is equally as impressive. Biron did’nt have to be great. ( He almost blew it with that shot off his glove late)

  83. They did outplay Washington, no doubt…

    And folks, I’m sure we can discuss and disagree with each other’s opinion without getting personal and without name calling..

  84. this team gets to the playoffs they can be dangerous big time.

    rangers are not as skilled as the flyers so what. that means jack in the playoffs.

    pronger is better then staal offensively but not defensively.

    gilroy is 26 but not a finished product he has not played d that long.

    dubi, cally, gaborik, wolski, stepan, boyle, prust, fedetenko, zuc, and others give the rangers a good group of forwards. are they as skilled as the flyers forwards? absolutely not but the rangers if healthy can roll 12 forwards who can play…….

    the flyers are much older then the rangers especially on the backline and Henrik is better then the flyers goalies…. all I am saying is this ranger team has young talent and are deep, they have a great upside……….

  85. ilb
    that was exactly my point. Even though Gabby had no clue that the puck went in, it went in because he was in front of the net causing confusion for the goalie and the D. As a result, the puck bounced in off of him and the defensman, which would not have happened if he didn’t work hard yo be in position. Ugly goals count just as much.

  86. Stuart,

    I normally hate to equate team success with an individual player, but Pronger becomes one tough SOB in the playoffs and he’s been vital to 3 teams reaching the Cup finals in the last 6 years. Even if he’s doles out dirty hits, he is a force in the playoffs and would make life miserable for any Rangers forward. Staal is great and the best shutdown D we got, but he’s not Pronger on any side of the puck.

    Richards, Carter, Giroux, van Riemsdyk are not old. Briere is a little older, but the Flyers are stacked this year no two ways about it.

    That being said, I’d love to knock them out of the playoffs, payback for the Lindros era.

  87. ilb

    thanks for all your thoughts. it means a lot. i dont post as much i would like but you guys are my ranger family considering all my friends are isle fans.

    tongiht we need 2 pts it would validate last night and cap off a tough stretch.

  88. Good afternoon all!!!!

    I hartnelling fell asleep!!!!! ARGH! But thankfully get to relive last night through Carp and you all. I’m thrilled for win, but still ticked at me!

    eric, as you’ll be telling your wife soon, just breathe :) my sister-in-law was late too and everything turned out fine :)

    that video of MZA was hysterical, not just for the plug, for how it took him so long to answer the “short” question. I think his mind was saying, “Byfuglien, how many times do I have to talk about this! I’ve run out of clever answers!”

    anyone going to the game tonight?

  89. Oleo –

    I am going to have to go with Newman on this one, I see nothing but positive in regards to Gilroy. And, quite honestly, I see a lot more upside to Gilroy than I do MDZ. Gilroy has shown patience with the puck, while Del Zotto always seems to be in a rush with it. Say what you will about Gilroy’s play last year, but he has improved his game this year and it is almost like he’s gotten the “okay” from the coaching staff to begin playing to his full potential; now that he has the experience of playing in the NHL and getting used to the game at its highest level. Del Zotto really needs to get his head in the game, I really did not see much of an improvement from his 8 games spent in CT. Like I mentioned, it is like he is always in a rush to play te puck and doesn’t see the other options on the ice.

  90. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    best of luck

    anyone see the phanuef hit on the good ruutu last night?? WOW!!!

  91. Foster has had injury issues throughout his career but has a blast from the point. He is playing on a bad team and could do better in Tortorella’s system.

  92. ct blueshirt. staal is not pronger yet and of course even tho he is a dick pronger is great and a HOF’er. staal is a ver yvery good in the d zone and just turned 24, he can get better. the flyres on d have timmonen, the irish guy, and pronger whom all are well into there 3-‘s. Briere is 33 also. They are definitely more talented offensively ten the rangers but, good D and a hot goaltender can change anything.

    dubi is 24, stepan is 20, this team can get better. will they score like the flyers?? not anytime soon but long term the rangers have a lot of potential. Kreider next year in the AHL is a potential stud as an example…..

  93. Foster also played with Gaborik in Minnesota for a few years as well.

    He also isn’t that old, he turns 30 next season.

    I’d offer Edmonton Christensen and Gilroy for Foster and Cogliano, thats a good deal for both sides.

  94. “Jumping into the restaurant business after never really doing anything else for 12,13,14 years has been a lot of fun,” he says.

    Drury even admits he hasn’t been doing anything else.

  95. Orr

    Why so antsy about trying Boyle at the point? What’s he gonna do…make a mistake? How will you ever know whether he can handle it or not unless he’s tried out there?
    What the hey…they tried Roszival there for years, and he was hardly a God. They trusted Malik, the giveaway king.
    They trusted Girardi all through his, gee I’m tired, period a couple years ago. So why not give Big Boyle a shot at hit. He might surprise you. No need to be that fussy.

  96. Foster also played with Gaborik in Minnesota for a few years as well.


    So did Aaron Voros and Derek Boogaard

    He also isn’t that old, he turns 30 next season.


    Gilroy will be 27. He’s still a work in progress but he’s more of a known quantity by the Rangers coaching staff. Physically he’s probably close to his peak but he’s still got some upside left to his game at the NHL level. From the looks of it, Foster has proven to be a 6th or 7th D with 3 different organizations.

  97. Boom Boom Bathgate on

    Re Carp’s comment that “Staal, Sauer, Gilroy, and McDonaugh all looked sensational,” well, there is no Redden in the bunch, no Rozy, no Kalinin, no Studwick, no Backman, no Mara – not an old, overpaid, unproductive, washed-up, lazy-ass grunt in the bunch. All are young, and they will have bad nights too, but they are growing into big-time blue line responsibility they can handle and are starting to make an impressive contribution. This is where I wanted Slats and the team to be 10 damn years ago, and I have been harping on this theme, since day one, here. At least it is better late than never, and this young roster has the look and the potential to accomplish great things, and I do believe under this coach, in the next three years, if it is not tampered with too much, and if the going through the growing pains with the young talented players philosophy stays in place.

  98. Noah-el Zotto-ospal-allahan-insky-tenko, 28 on

    Whoa whoa let’s not lump Mara in with the Rozsivals and Reddens. The guy was not young but he was tough as nails and played with a lot of heart. He would’ve fit in well with this team I bet.

    Plus, the guy grows the most epic beards of all-time.

  99. Re: MDZ and Gilroy. It’s not mutually exclusive that both can develop into good, pucking moving D. MDZ’s game slipped this year, but in the past he also demonstrated an offensive ability that I don’t think Gilroy has shown yet. And in the same vein as oleo’s comment, from a purely physical aspect Gilroy is much closer to his peak than DZ due to the age difference. This isn’t to suggest that Gilroy is as good as he’s going to be, but DZ comparatively has more room to go with his size and strength. And at times we’ve seen DZ can provide a bit of a nasty streak when he feels like hitting (whether that comes at the expense of his positioning is a different story).

    Last night I thought DZ was a bit shaky in the 1st with his reads off the Caps rush that Biron thankfully bailed him out on, but he got better as the game went along.

    Both kids went from the lesser quality of competition in juniors or NCAA straight to the NHL. That’s nearly a quantum leap in terms of speed, strength and skill. Add in the fact that in the less clutch and grab era, D has become so much more focused on positioning and decision making and it takes time develop those instincts. DZ had the better initial success and then leveled off and Gilroy had to work harder to prove his worth.

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    The biggest danger to today’s young, hungry Ranger team is Sather. Once he gets some cap space in his pocket, he won’t be able to resist squandering it at the next summertime scratch and dent sale. We will get some other 30 something, past-his-prime free agent to “patch the hole” in (take your pick- center, defense, power play, faceoff, scoring…) or whatever seems to be available to fill up the Cap space again. Sather can’t help it, it’s all he knows anymore. He is only playing the utes because he HAS to with all the injuries.

    Love these Rangers! But Sather will blow them up again by monkeying with them at the trade deadline, for another “run at the Cup” or throwing money at UFA’s this summer. Sather is the biggest enemy of this team….

  101. Olga,

    I don’t think Sather is completely driving the rebuild that we’re seeing these days. And the team has never been this young during his tenure. The youngsters we’re seeing today are mostly replacing youngsters that have been injured.

    Aside from Lundqvist, the first few years after the lockout were still built around older cores and Sather tried to put together as much of a dream team as one can in the salary cap era.

    The trades he’s made in the past couple of seasons seem to indicate that he realizes his signing sprees were a mistake, with Redden being the most glaring. Also, as a lot of the youths are coming off their rookie deals or restricted FAs head toward unrestricted FA they will eat up a lot of cap space that could be used to get a large ticket FA. The last two offseasons he’s also tried the short term risk/reward deals where some have panned out like Prospal last year and others haven’t like Frolov. And who knows why or how, but the man has painted himself out of some of the very corners he painted himself into with trades.

    Post lockout he also hasn’t traded any surefire young prospects for over the hill vets. He’s taken some projects for projects and trash for trash. But he didn’t trade Staal or Callahan or Dubinksy and I doubt he’s trading Del Zotto, Anisimov or Stepan either.

  102. They need to play the same way against Florida as they played last night. No need to start feeling too high and come out swinging, getting into run and gun. Not their game.

  103. I’m pretty sure Mara was pretty much universally loved
    by all Ranger fans and was run out of town because Tortorella didn’t like him.

  104. Just one more point about your #2 point Carpfather. I liked how ACTIVE the sticks were in our defense last night. If you’re gonna poke check, poke check with authority. Don’t just kinda lay your stick out there and hope the guy puts the puck on it.

  105. Doodie

    You seem to hold a special animus toward Avery laregely because he’s a “dirty” player, and “hits guys wehn they’re down.

    Ever been in a fist fight Doodie? I mean a real blow your top one on one fist fight, when there’s no chance of matching sizes or weights, you go with what is there.

    When the blood is up you don’t stop with the niceties…your aim is to win. there is no substitute for less than that.
    Have you not noticed how many other guys throw a punch or two when the man is down? I have seen Avery drop the gloves on several occasions with guys quite bigger than he is and hasn’t punched while the guy was down ( if it was the guy who was down.)

    I’ve seen guys who routinely pulled the opponents
    shirt over his head, and guys who wear a visored helmet and initiate a fight. Aaron Asham is one guy who earned my respect when I saw him on several occasions unilaterally throw his helmet off, and invite the opponent to do likewise. Sometimes refused. But the fight went on. There are all kinds of reasons why Avery might have continued to strike But if this is your bottom line, then so be it. But it is not wise to judge an other’s behavior, without being aware of all the peculiarities of the circumstances. If you choose to revile Avery for this incident…go right ahead. I’m sure that he’d be broken up to learn of it.

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