It’s Go Time!


Last game for a week, so enjoy it. We’ll have to fill the six off days with some jibberish and stuff here.

Same lineup, with Lundqvist in goal.

And yours truly (which means me) will be on the radio (1050-AM and with Kenny Albert during the first intermission. Could be a Boneheads shout-out.

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  1. Carp
    since you have a few minutes before opening faceoff
    care to finish my story?
    i’ve got the quotes all lined up!

  2. Thanks Izzy! Yay, Carp at intermission!!!! I always listen to nyr radio then anyway!

    I wouldn’t worry about filling the blog with jibberish…..that happens even during back-to-back game nights :)


  3. If you quote Lisa Lampanelli here, all you’re going to say is carcillo, cooke, hartnell, byfuglien etc….

  4. Mama!!!!
    where were you last night?!?!?!?

    man, it was a tough night
    all my comments got the stone face
    tough crowd

    i even posted at one point
    Mama gets my twisted humor!

  5. did anybody have any problems getting on here a little while ago?

    jpg, I am confused by this whole dialogue? what story? who is Lisa Lampanelli? what are we talking about?

  6. True Blue Mike on

    For some reason i had trouble getting to your site today carp, it kept asking me to make a blog?

  7. LOL jpg! I saw that today…I was beyond tired and could barely lift my head off the pillow. Sorry! I’m here tonight though!

    (hhmmmm. thinks to self. do I want to be known as getting jpg’s twisted humor…….)

  8. True Blue Mike on

    Carp i had trouble, i just have a tab on my mac that brings me right to the site but now it asks me to login and create a blog, and when i google rangers report and click the first link it brought me to a political article

  9. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Eeeevening gang!

    One more boys, one more, than you can all take a few days off to heal and breathe.

  10. Mickey, went out for a fine snack tonight, but kept thinking of you :)

    is everyone OK with blog? Carp, i’d make a call but don’t think anyone would answer :)

  11. Yeah, I had trouble getting here. Load of trouble. I don’t know where I ended up. Finally got here from Facebook link. I’m afraid to leave.

  12. Carp
    all is fine.

    asking you to write it was just a joke.

    i am writing a preview story on standup comedian Lisa Lampanelli

    i did have a problem getting on the site a few minutes ago
    took me to the politics blog
    whatta way to boost traffic??!?!?!!?

  13. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    I had trouble. Tried to refresh from last night’s game, got a political blog. Then went to my favs and it loaded fine from there.

    Mama, lol. Chicken and rice tonight. I’d share, but that’s a long-assen dinner table!

  14. jpg and all….Carp is aware of the problem. You all seem to be going to the same weird place. I’m sure he’ll try to fix. My powers in that regard got laid off last year :(

    jpg, you HAVE to send me that story for me to read!

  15. early Sweet 16!!

    Mickey, you should know, I love chicken and rice!!!

    jpg, you say you are. let’s read something, then we’ll see :)

  16. First I got asked to create a blog, then, on successive attempts, I got the Lohud Democrat political blog….after all that, I went to the Lohud site, and chose the RR Blog from there…

  17. I think it’s fixed now … but anybody having any trouble should post it here, if possibe. If not, email me at

    Johnny, we’re trying to hold our readers captive. Sort of like the Bubble Boy.

  18. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Mama, I’m not making it this way tonight, but try this for a new chicken and rice recipe. Cut up chicken into bite size piece and brown in a pan. Add in Italian dressings, chopped up fresh tomates and green peppers. Let it all cook down. Make Rice-A-Roni. Once everything is ready, pour the chicken mixture over the Rice-A-Roni. Inhale until you are stuffed.

  19. U Otto Folkyerself on

    I just started a new blog on here… It’s about reflecting on, and waiting until next Christmas. I called it “Pause and Claus”.

  20. btw, is/are the Whale still doing okay with their top 10 guys up in NY? did they call up guys from ECHL?

  21. Thank you Noah :)

    good correction Mickey! I almost went to get a newspaper reserved for ORR!

  22. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Carp, yep, it deflected off AA’s stick. Least that is what it showed on replay.

  23. IT’S ALL PLAYING ALONG THE BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yeah, Sam, I could kill a penalty with that going on!

  24. Alright boys don’t save it for the 3rd. Unleash the fury for the next 40 and beat the Punters!

  25. Prust’s teeth seem so bad that maybe he should
    loose some chicklets and start again.

    holy carcillo!!
    i thought i had an underbite.

  26. I have to disagree with the prevailing wisdom on that goal. The shot was deflected far out as soon as it was taken. There is no way Hank had it lined up in that millisecond before it was deflected and then was fooled by the deflection. A little home cooking dished up by the announcers there.

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mama, maybe you need a scratch pad for that ink, just don’t write anything rash…

  28. listen to the Prust interview
    “yeah, maybe i should” put protection on the other foot
    just makes me think
    that he could have been a guest
    with Bob & Doug
    on the Great White North

  29. Mama
    the send Stepan down
    comment came right after he missed the night

    i think sarcasm runs through my family’s bloostream
    as much as red and white cells.

  30. Lundqvist gave up that goal the same way he always does. He went down to his knees and waved his weak glove.

  31. Rangers do know they’re allowed to score 1st right? And that they’re permitted to score when they have an extra player?

  32. Too bad the Rangers are on a radio station with a 10 mile broadcast radius. I can get Toronto stations, but 1050… forget about it.

  33. “The New York Islanders suspended goalie Evgeni Nabokov for failing to report to the team after being claimed off waivers, the team announced Tuesday.”

  34. Johnny you are right. Their reception is garbage compared to 660 for example. 970 AM is even worse than 1050.

  35. credit to jpg’s sister
    for mentioning that
    today is

    Esa Tikkanen’s birthday!!

    Hyvää syntymäpäivää!!

  36. Johnny, too late now, but I’ve told folks a billion times…if you’re online, go to rangers site and click listen for game….that’s how you get Maloney, too…

    jpg, you meant, send in the stepans now :)
    CT, LOL…miss me at MSG!
    jpg, we are so alike, it’s scary :)

    4ever, you know I like you, but can we lose the folks fight. pleeeeeeeeeeasssseeeeeeee! that goes for you too Folks…..

  37. Olga Folkyerself on

    I just say FIRE SATHER and 4everwanker starts foaming at the mouth again. It’s like poking at a badger in a cage with a long stick.

  38. stream came out fine. listened to Carp.
    but now that the game is on
    i can’t take it because it’s way behind the
    tv broadcast

  39. 970 – AM’s signal is pathetic, especially at night – makes me long for the days when the Rangers were carried on 660 – WFAN….

  40. full puck needs to go past blue line.
    from those angles it looked as if puck didn’t
    completely go past blue line

  41. Geeesh, didn’t the Rangers lose 3-0 to this team a couple of weeks ago? Eminger and MDZ -2 already.

  42. kinda surprised that Torts didn’t use a timeout.

    well, at least we have a period and a half
    to catch up

  43. jpg, now it occurs to me that you did tell me that … and like almost everything else not related to hockey, I forgot.

  44. triple fug. Sally, I’ll e-mail you. old schoolers, you know who are…I miss 660 too :)

    yes, the radio show is behind the game…now you all know how much I run back and forth to keep up!!!

    Olga, I asked both of you to be nice. Seriously…..I’ll give up, but then I give up….you really want that!!!

  45. So that joke of a team the Devils can score 5 against these clowns and beat them but the Rangers….

  46. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Mama. I don’t start anything with him. I don’t even talk to him. I suggest you direct your comments to the one that can’t mind his own business here.

  47. Carp- check out our record vs. the Panthers over the last few seasons. For some reason I don’t think it’s particularly good.

  48. I would have rather gotten the two points tonight against Florida. I know we’re contending for a spot with the Caps, but, we need to beat teams like Florida. This game reminds me of the old Rangers and I don’t like it.

  49. johnny we havent scored more than 3 goals since toronto and before that it was liek a 10 game streak with 2 or less. we cant score. and with hank giving up some weak ones we are justa bout out of it tonight. dont see another comeback in us. and somebody get avery off teh top line please. he sucks

  50. Gotta say, that GAA line does tons of skating and cycles quite well, but rarely even get a decent shot off. Seems to me of the 3, Avery gets the best chances, but is handling the puck like a grenade more often than not. Gaborik is skating hard and going into the corners, but where are the scoring chances?

  51. that was a boneheaded play by Boyle and McD
    in allowing the panther get behind ’em for the rebound
    bad for Hank to do the usual
    on his knees and get beat high over the shoulder

    (ORR!! will find something dirty about what i just said…and
    i can’t blame him)

  52. I love rooting against Montreal, but when they play the Flyers I can’t be too happy if they lose…

  53. I’m sorry, did some of you have trouble getting on to the blog cause you were looking for Negative Nancy?

    Sal, sent you e-mail :)

  54. I wish they would just throw it at the net from anywhere instead of trying to make passes and plays.

  55. Yep, the King back too far in his net, one of his weaknesses that when it’s exposed, is really exposed. Gotta figure if the Panthers go up 4-1 the game is over (although I suppose with this club, you never know).

  56. Olga, mama is an equal opportunity nice and newspaper kinda gal….

    Carp, is it ok if I also don’t mind if mccreary is out :)

  57. 4everanger-I miss U Linda! on

    yeah, but judging by scating, guys look real tired, so I’m not so sure about come back in 3rd.

  58. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    4ever, agreed that they look tired. Looked it last night, too, at times.

    Thank god the break is after this.

  59. jpg is sarcastic! I’m shocked, shocked! next thing you’ll tell me is there’s gambling going on here!

  60. I guess so, Carp – but the puck was practically there….no harm done, anyway….they looked better on the PK – more scoring chances!

  61. man, Hank stinks
    scorers stink

    i’m going to switch over and watch something
    more exciting like the state of the union address

    doing shots every time there’s applause
    and every time they show a republican looking

  62. May I remind you all of something, from a couple of posts ago: Geez. Will you all not give up! Remember what we expected fro this trip! Here are some earlier comments from a guy I respect:

    Six days ago, we were sitting in the press conference room and John Tortorella was talking about losing Brandon Dubinsky, on top of losing all these other players including Ryan Callahan, and during the game that night the Rangers would also lose Ruslan Fedotenko.

    And that was the first game of a stretch of five in seven nights. I wrote that the Rangers just need to keep their heads above water until the all-star break, a six-day vacation for the Rangers, after which Callahan comes back. And I was thinking if they win two of the five, that would be pretty damn good. And then in the third game, they lost Dan Girardi. And Brandon Prust—who had three separate injuries.

    Well, what in Holy Hell? Here they are at home tonight in Game 5, against the Florida Panthers, with a chance to go 4-1! With minor-leaguers and third and fourth-liners all over the roster! They have 17 points out of games in which they trailed entering the third period. That number is off the charts.

    The defense rests.

  63. DJK, it’s probably because before the Rangers won those three in a row last season, the Punters won four in a row.

  64. One period left, guys. We can do it! I think Torts is going to fire these guys up to play strong for one last period! LGR!!!!!!!!

  65. jpg:
    I love your
    twisted humor, and
    having met you, I like
    but sometimes you
    tick me
    even when I
    like you

  66. One period left, and a big rest to follow….a big push and an early goal can turn this game around..

  67. Anybody hear aboot this?? The Mighty Ducks hate Jews!!!

    “23-year-old Jason Bailey — a 3rd round NHL pick in 2005 — claims from the moment the Ducks assigned him to play for an affiliate team called the Bakersfield Condors … his coaches unleashed a “barrage of anti-Semitic, offensive and degrading verbal attacks.”

    In the suit, filed today in Orange County Superior Court, Bailey claims the head coach of the Condors told him “[Jews] only care about money and who’s who” and that he “never wanted his son to be raised Jewish or to wear a Yarmulke.”

    Bailey claims the assistant head coach would get in on the Jew-bashing too — saying things like, “Oh, I just got a friend request from a dirty Jew.”

    Bailey says the coaches also forced him to travel apart from the team and he was “rarely given any ice time” in games because he’s Jewish.

    According to the documents, filed by Bailey’s powerhouse lawyer Keith Fink, Bailey complained to the Ducks about the hostile work environment — and the team reacted by instructing the coaches to pen apology letters to Bailey in which they both admitted to using hurtful language.

    Bailey was eventually traded to the Ottawa Senators in 2009 — and insists the Ducks were “happy to be rid of him.”

    Bailey is suing for unspecified damages.

    Calls to the Ducks have not been returned”

  68. Panthers have been known to drop leads lately, and the Rangers have been known to have strong third periods lately

    its not over till its over

  69. Blue Seat Horror on

    Somebody asked about the Whale. They’re tied 2-2 right now…2 goals by Weise.

    I have to say so far that I think Weise looked better than Grachev has. He at least hit everything that moved with an opponent jersey on.

  70. where are the tiki???? ORR, No comment til I read up….oy.
    Go…I’m with you. No matter what, I still say LGR!

  71. they’re watching that exciting state of the union address
    and playing the drinking game

    there are new Megan Fox pics online

  72. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Man do I have good timing. Did dishes and got some dessert, all during the intermission and back in time for the 3rd.


  73. 4ever, not even 2…come on:) where is my 4ever??!!!

    jpg, who are you and where is my jpg!


  74. ummm….that didn’t come out right

    oh, BIG whoops
    that i gave credit to Zuc and not Gabby
    me bad

  75. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Ladies and germs, your team leader in goals is…..


    Whoda thunk it?

  76. unbelievable.

    i bet you couldn’t find one person who said boyle would lead the team halfway through the season with 18 goals. so beast.

  77. am i going to have to be superstitious again
    and not drink anything for the rest of the game?!?!?

  78. jpg!! that’s what I mean!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!! If I hadn’t met you and liked you, you’d be in BIG trouble!

  79. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Mama, I am totally confused as to what you are talking about, but I love you too!

  80. Alright now this game entered NYR territory!

    I have never seen a Ranger team bring the absolute thunder every time they are trailing on the scoreboard like this one!

  81. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    btw, should I keep eating ice cream the rest of the game since that is what I was doing when they scored both those goals?

  82. 4everanger-I miss U Linda! on

    I almost got reduced to tears watching how Zuk jumps in Boyle’s hug in goals celebrations. What a sciene!

  83. I am soooo bummed I’m not at game or going to warren as planned….but being here with you all sure makes up for it :)

  84. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Mama, OK! But I’m sending the doc’s bill to the Rangers for my diabetes!

  85. Mickey, claim Rangeritis….it’ll take the hmo ages to figure that out. maybe ilb can help with a diagnosis….

  86. Blue Seat Horror on

    Why does Sam always have to mention that the other team doesn’t have a shot on goal here in the 3rd? That never goes well. Asshat Sam!

  87. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    (snickers) My twitter account is alternating between Rangers and the State of the Union. Two things that really do not go together at all.

  88. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Mama, LOL

    jpg, what’s with the excess of exclamation points? Too much espresso? :)

  89. True Blue Mike on

    I am a political science major and i much rather watch my Rangers than State of the Union haha. I really should be watching it though…

  90. I am a former newswoman. The SOU means a lot to me…..yet I will read about it in the paper tomorrow…..are my priorities wrong? NO!!!!

  91. They mention the name of Crosby and a black cloud instantly descends. Curse you Sam and Joe.

  92. Blue Seat Horror on

    I fully blame that on Sam for saying how the Panthers hadn’t had a shot on goal in the period. Asshat Sam.

  93. TrueBlue

    they’ll rehash it all night long
    and there’s a rebroadcast
    you’re in the right place
    for right now

  94. The guys on the radio also mentioned no Panther SOG just before that one, too……they’re ALL guilty!

  95. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wow! Even without sausage lips and Malekenstein the Penguins can beat an AHL team. That’s profound Sam.

  96. shoot, jpg, yes I did….got caught up in game….

    yes, you can write (and I was joking, have read something else you sent me)
    I love how you let her speak for herself, and you did serious research……awesome job….though, and don’t be mad, as your editor I would have worked on the lede….:) sorry!

  97. True Blue Mike on

    ranger909, if your interested in politics and like it, then it is the easiest major ever

  98. no problem Mama
    just curious

    as far as the lede <sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! times 10,000,000)
    that is my editor's work
    not me

    i have MANY a depressed day when he "fixes" my ledes.

  99. Blue Seat Horror on

    Good effort. Sorry they couldn’t have gotten at least a point.

    Zuccarello = Monster

  100. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    I’m not upset at losing this game, considering the depleted lineup and last night’s win. I’m more disappointed at HOW they lost, on such a flukey goal.

  101. Del Zotto will almost certainly be heading back to the Whale after this one. Sad to say but his offensive game is greatly outweighed by his defensive liabilities.

  102. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Drury needs to wear a gun and mask on the ice. He’s stealing millions out there…

  103. They didn’t quit, though…..still showed character…..bad break on that last goal, and ONLY SOG in the 3rd…

  104. well, if you wanna take a positive out of this
    we finally are looking better on the pp
    and when we pull the goalie
    …ummmm…..i’m sorry but Artie needs some tape
    work……..some bad luck in our zone
    but some work in offensive zone

  105. jpg, i never did that to my writers, but ha! yes, I can appreciate that sentiment! it’s hartnelling annoying, eh!

    To all the negative peeps…shhhhh. Won’t have it. To the others, yay! Good time for a break…heal, rest (Prust! you listening!) work as you have to….I love my boys!!! Gotta go chat on phone now for a bit with friend….catch up with you tomorrow.


  106. But I still hate the fact that upon returning back from a winning road game, they always seem to come up short at home….frustrating as hell!

  107. Yet ANOTHER game that displayed how painfully obvious it is that Drury is finished as an NHL player.

  108. Blue Seat Horror on

    For the second night in a row, Sean Avery was perfect on faceoffs (yeah, so it really only added up to 3 wins, but he hasn’t lost).

  109. MickeyM needs a new phone on

    Gotta give them props for this 5 in 7 stretch. Got 6 points outta 10, pretty darn impressive.

  110. 2 unlucky goals. rangers totally dominated .good goaltending and some bounces and you get a win.

    to bad, they outplkayed florida big time…

  111. yes, hope that they rest rest rest

    Mama send me a facebook message
    and i’ll give you the real dirt.
    ugh!!!! is it frustrating!!!

  112. Honestly no matter what happens this season (and I think we will make the playoffs simply by virtue of how bad the Isles, Leafs, Devils, Senators, and Sabres are) think about how much better we’ll be next year with Drury retired or bought out, Brad Richards signed, and (maybe!) Chris Kreider up….

  113. Anybody hear Lundquist get asked by Trautwig about the Panthers having only one shot in the 3rd period and that one shot goes in. Lundquist answered, “It was more than 1 shot, the guy who counts them is probably drunk again.” I hate when the Rangers lose but like how Lundquist gets just as pissed as me.

  114. Can’t fault Hank for this game. Can’t win ’em all and we never had the lead.

    Del Zotto was on for at least 3 goals against. Drury was completely ineffectual. Eminger got hurt.

  115. Really tough loss tonight, they definitely deserved the 2 points. Not going to let it bother me though, they’ve played with heart and character all year. Sometimes it’s just not your night. Happily take a week off to rest and recharge, and get some of our players back. LGR!!!!

  116. I freakin’ hate Linda Ellerbee. You know that NBC told her to speak “like she was from nowhere” before they hired her? That Texas accent was a killer.

  117. The Rangers are 0-2 for the month of January against the Panthers. Kinda reminds of the Rangers of not too long ago, except when you look at the bigger picture, they’ve done very well this month.

    Hopefully, some of the walking wounded get back in time for the next game.

    Suspect tomorrow, MDZ, Dupont, Kolarik and Newbury will all go back to the Whale. MDZ’s confidence in his offensive game isn’t there yet. He had a perfect opportunity to set up Stepan and completely blew the pass, a pass that should have been relatively easy to make.

    MDZ, I suspect, rushed the pass.

    Another guy squeezing his stick is Gaborik. Last year, he’d get the puck and if in a reasonably good shooting position, snap it off. This year he gets in a similar situation and starts fiddling with it, trying to beat the defender for a clearer shot. And time and time again, ends up not getting a shot off at all.

    Maybe some time off will help him regroup, too!

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