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Courtesy of the New York Rangers:

January 24, 2011 – New York Rangers 2, Washington Capitals 1 SO (Game No. 51, Away No. 27)

*       The Rangers defeated the Washington Capitals, 2-1, in the shootout tonight at Verizon Center to improve to 29-19-3 overall, including a 17-9-1 mark on the road.  New York has registered a point in 24 of their last 36 games (22-12-2), and are now 12-6-2 in their last 20 contests.
*       Tonight’s contest marked the second consecutive game the Rangers came from behind entering the third period to win in the shootout, having defeated the Atlanta Thrashers in the shootout on Saturday at Philips Arena (3-2).  New York improved to 7-12-3 when trailing after the second period, to lead the league with seven wins and a .318 winning percentage in those games.
*       The Blueshirts’ 17 road wins are tied for first in the league.
*       Marian Gaborik notched the game-tying goal with 6:41 remaining in regulation, and led all Rangers’ forwards with 22:08 of ice time.  He now ranks second on the team in scoring with 30 points, and third with 16 goals.
*       Martin Biron stopped 22 shots through regulation and overtime, and turned aside two of four shootout attempts to improve to 8-4-0 overall with a 4-1-0 mark on the road.  He is now 7-3-0 with a 2.19 goals against average and a .926 save percentage in his last 12 games, and has held opponents to two or fewer goals in eight of his 13 starts.  Biron is 15-6-2 in his last 24 starts, including a 7-2-2 mark in his final 11 starts last season dating back to a 4-3 win on Feb. 9, 2010 vs. Nashville.
*       Artem Anisimov tallied the game-deciding goal in the fourth round of the shootout, and logged 21:07 of ice time in the contest.  It was Anisimov’s first career shootout goal, and he is now 1-5 (20%).  Wojtek Wolski and Mats Zuccarello also converted their shootout attempts for the Rangers.  Wolski improved to 19-44 (43%) in shootouts, while Zuccarello has converted each of his four career shootout attempts.
*       Brian Boyle recorded the primary assist on Gaborik’s game-tying goal, and led the team with five shots on goal.  He has now registered 15 points (seven goals, eight assists) in the last 24 games, including four points (three goals, one assist) in the last six contests.
*       Sean Avery registered one assist, and has now tallied four assists in the last four games.  Avery ranks third on the team with 18 assists on the season.
*       Michael Del Zotto and Evgeny Grachev each skated in the contest following their recall from Connecticut (AHL) on Saturday.  Del Zotto was credited with three hits and two blocked shots in 15:07 of ice time, and Grachev logged 9:09 of ice time.
*       Marc Staal and Michael Sauer tied for the game-high with four blocked shots.  Staal also led the team with 29:09 of ice time.
*       Kris Newbury led the team and tied for the game-high with five hits in the contest.
*       The Rangers will conclude their league-high, 14th back-to-back set when they face-off against the Florida Panthers tomorrow, Jan. 25, at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their fifth game in seven nights heading into the All-Star break.  The game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio and

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  1. Grachev looked good, btw

    He needs to be out there with some skill players.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him with Boyle n Prust either.

  2. missed regulation but was able to catch shootout at a bar.

    surprised by the biron start but torts seems to make all the right moves thesed ays.

    how’d MDZ play?

  3. with Eberle injured for the skills competition, they have to add Zuccarello. All Rangers bias aside, he has gotta be the most entertaining out of all the rookies they chose, Stepan included.

  4. Zook is amazing!!! Great shooting skills – and he doesn’t get pushed around either, considering his size….

  5. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Just got home from playing some hockey, left after the second period of the rangers game tonight, great to see them get the win with all these injuries. LOVE IT!!!

    This team has character! I thought Grachev looked the best I’ve seen him play at this level, maybe just maybe he’s finally coming into his own.

  6. How well could you hear the crowd on NHL on Versus? You should have heard everyone there when Ovul8 got called for that dive. I think the fans actually believed the penalty wasn’t warranted.

    And let me tell you, kids that are raised to worship Ovul8 are extremely obnoxious.

  7. Avery is playing real good hockey. he has really developed his Gretzky office behind the net, and that is so important because it keeps the puck 200 feet from the Ranger net.

    I shouldn’t have mentioned the word “feet”, as the Jets coach might be listening.

  8. Love the Rangers’ personality. If we’ve had chocolate and vanilla for the past few seasons, we got rocky road this year. This team is hard working and gritty, but they also look like they’re really having fun out there and are playing for each other. CHARACTER

  9. N.CountryNYRFan on

    This year the Rangers are showing the true meaning of TEAM, agreed Tony coaching this year the players are responding and playing for each other even all the call ups.

  10. Torts = Monster

    Jack Adams!

    That MZA goal was sweet, but the Wolski goal was friggin aww-some!

    I don’t understand why Torts put Boyle in the shootout though. I didn’t like that move, at least not in the top three.

    Need another win tomorrow, then we can all rest easy for the boring All Star break. Then hopefully Hank, Step-On, and Stahl come back healthy, and Prospal, Cally, and Dublowsky are all one step closer to returning.

  11. grachev did look better out there tonight. zuccarello is a player at 5 ft 6, he can compete.

    this team had 7 rookies in the lineup tonight.

    staal as I mentioned many a time early in the season is friggin rod langway or possibly even better, he just turned24, not a bad pick by uncle glennie eh…………..

    1 more sniper and if they were healthy and this is a real good team.

    sauer is a very steady stay at home d man, who happens to be 23 and mcdonough in 10 games show’s his upside. nice trade by glennie to get rid of gomez and also get mcdonagh back in the deal.

    prust in a deal to get rid of the crappy fin, glennie is making plenty of good moves lately.

    btw anisimov is a good 2 way center but he needs to improve on his faceoffs bigtime. stepan is the old vet at 20………..jeez

  12. Why oh why did the NHL allow Versus into their barn?

    These totally incompetent poseurs make a mockery of televising games. The camera men are insufferably slow in their following the play action of the game….always well behind the action and then compound the idiocy by focusing on some inconsequential features, while real action goes on elsewhere. And their play by play people start their jabbering the moment they come on the air, and then never shut their mouths for the rest of the game……….and it’s mostly just prattle. I must try watching them sometime, with the voice off…but then if I do that it might become close captioned. Terrific performance all around.

  13. full props to Torts on 2 fronts. He said he would use the kids this year, and he has. And he has given the team a good solid defensive scheme to follow, which means that anyone can step in and keep the engine running smooth.

  14. Can we start booing drury at home. He is the captain and should be held the most responsible for doing diddly squat. He deserves to get booed more than Rozy ever did with his tenure with the rangers. Maybe it would light a fire under him.

  15. I still worry aboot the trade deadline.

    You have to think Gilroy is a goner. Del Z will eventually replace McDonut, and Slats will bring in a vet, to help out on D. It’s inevitable.

    I don’t want to see Gilly go.

    Leave the team as is. Once everyone is healthy, that’s the team I want to see in the playoffs!

  16. The only thing he seems to be able to do on the ice anymore is shoot and when he shoots the puck is usually not close to the net. BOOOOOO DRURY

  17. Fran, I was listening to the radio broadcast tonight, and it was well-timed with respect to the Versus video feed…..Albert & Maloney were so much better than those Capitals “homers”!

  18. McDonagh has looked pretty good……not much on offense, but steady and quick on defense. I wouldn’t bet on him getting sent down anytime soon!

  19. Max

    You start booing and we’ll catch up

    but seriously…wtf are going to achieve by booing Drury? The guy is done…he can’t play the game anymore and he cannot be moved… so booing him will just make you look stupid

  20. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    This is the most solid defensive group of DEFENSEMEN that I’ve seen in years for the Rangers. Their job is to DEFEND first, which they are doing extremely well. McDonough and Gilroy have looked like a seasoned pros. Why exactly is there a need to bring in an overpaid multimillionaire veteran defenseman?

  21. “Why exactly is there a need to bring in an overpaid multimillionaire veteran defenseman?”

    Because we don’t have a point man.

    Too many pressurized 1-goal games down the stretch if we can’t score on the PP.

    Torts will be too tempted to play Staal n Girardi 44 minutes a night.

  22. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    Too much emphasis being placed on having a point man on the power play. My 14 year old nephew can put a low hard slap shot on net from the point on a consistent basis. This is not a hard skill to teach. Remember we’re dealing with inexperienced defensemen. Give them some time to grow as DEFENSEMEN. In case nobody has looked, we are in the top five in penalty killing.

  23. maybe gilroy will grow offensively he is in the offensive zone a ton.

    i do not trade any of the young guys. mcdonagh has played 10 games and loked rea lgood but he does not have down how to hold onto the puck whenever possible in the 4 on 4 OT, possesion is key in 4 on 4.


  25. “My 14 year old nephew can put a low hard slap shot on net from the point on a consistent basis.”

    No, he can’t. . . . or Slats would have given him a 6 year, $36 mil deal already.

  26. Grachev played . . . . . better? I thought he looked better anyway. I wonder if he is sulking with the Whale?

  27. Mac D is the real deal. I like his poise. He has really good feet. I loved the way he drilled that guy the at the end of the Atlanta game.

    I feel really good about this D corps. I wonder if the Rangers will move one of them for some help upfront? Gilroy for Filitov?

  28. WTB do you have to look for someone to Boo… how is that gonna help ??? only makes it worse …look at history did it ever help..??? everyone knows he’s doing squat . it will be addressed
    but who knows when …it may be yr end..
    be thankfull for all the players that are stepping up

  29. At some point Zucc is going to have to fake that last move as goalies realize he has been doing same move…altho, sykora would use that nasty backhand that he would roof and it was nearly unstoppable even when goalies knew it was coming….MDZ look 10x better at there…nothing flashy but nice calm decisions with the puck….the entire defense is quite mobile within a short area…ryan mcd flashed some sweet moves evading two defenders deep in our zone….i liked what someone wrote earlier yesterday about boyle growing into a player using his size rather than just being a big body.

  30. Several of you have mentioned Boyle, and to be honest, I never expected him to amount to much when he first came here. But he has actually undergone a metamorphosis. Incredible how totally he has taken charge of his body and skills and developed them WHILE PLAYING. It seems like each appearance he has developed a different skill level and plays with total confidence. If he continues at this rate of development, he will become a great player barring injuries. And added to this all is a touch of snarl to his game. Look out NHL.

  31. Wolski's shootout goal on

    was the exact same move Zuke used on his very first shootout goal. Did he mentor Wolski? I’ll bet.

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