It’s Go Time!


Martin Biron starts in goal.

Brandon Prust is a game-time decision, but he hopes to play. He told reporters in D.C. that “it’s just pain.”

Dan Girardi is out. Michael Del Zotto takes his place in the lineup.

Either Evgeny Grachev or Brodie Dupont will play. Or both if Prust can’t play.

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  1. it aint the same without my tiki…poor kid is prolly crushed over the Jets…this blog just isn’t the same without his uplifting spirit.

  2. ilb, im one of those old school guys that uses the -ces suffix as opposed to the easier and less sophisticated -xes. Chalk one up for the Bourgeoisie!

  3. First I had to deal with losing Uncle Miltie and Texaco Star Theater …now the tiki?? Oh the humanity!!

  4. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bogus Iginla rumor out of Montreal is probably a Calgary plant to coax Sather into action.

  5. dude, i was just going to eat some sushi…WTB??? …i thought u loved me, Orr? Why is my love unrequited?? yuckie poo!

  6. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Oh god, Beninati.

    I already feel like carcillo and now I have to listen to him. Someone shoot me now, pls.

  7. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Blue Seat, true. I could always listen to Kenny and Dave on the radio, but the tv cast is always behind the radio cast, which throws me for a loop.

  8. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    wow, 330 straight games for Girardi before tonight. Impressive. Can’t question his toughness.

  9. You can mute Beninati, but make sure you listen to the intermission show, which is sure to feature complete analysis of the game in progress and in no way will be dominated by a pointless discussion about how an injured player is too injured to play in the all-important All-Star Game…

  10. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Just had a thought… Torts is starting Biron tonight cause he’s almost thinking it’s a loss. Then he has a rested Hank for the Cats tomorrow, which is a more winneable game with the lineup the Rangers are throwing out there right now.

    I’m probably way off track with this, but who knows..

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Go RANGERS!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Wohoooooooooo Rangers!!!!!!!!

    Rangerssssss!!!! lets beat the Carp outta these Carps!!!!

  12. that’s why i said that Avery would never get that call.

    Sauer JUST caught ovechkin’s skate a second before touching the puck

  13. >>you notice how benanati says its
    >>Al-Licks Ovech-kin

    He’ll start calling him Great Eight pretty soon.

  14. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    “lost Stepan in the wash”??

    I’d say it’s pretty hard to lose a 20 year old hockey player in the dishwasher.

  15. It’s like Beninati has a thesaurus in front of him and for every word he says, he chooses the 3rd or 4th synonym listed.

  16. i hope that they use Grachev on power play because playing with Drury isn’t going to help him get any goals/assists

  17. Benenati: “Sauer, ready to set sail.” What hockey info am I supposed to gather from that statement?

  18. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Torts in game interview, and he didn’t rip the dude’s head off.

  19. Beninati takes two thesauruses (thesauri?) to every game. One to read from during play-by-play, the other to sit on so he can see over the desk in front of him.

  20. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m just gonna keep repeating my favorite Beniknobby phrases tonight…such as severe angle.

  21. >>Jaffe’s sounds like he so glad he doesn’t have to do Islanders games anymore.

    Islanders deserve Butch Goring.

  22. Blue Seat Horror on

    Doesn’t Jaffe know he’s not supposed to sound like he knows about anything besides Al-lex Ovech-kin?

  23. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    I hate when the refs get in the way.

    Oh, a cower play. Time to grab dessert.

  24. Blue Seat Horror on

    Alright. Got a shot on goal on this PP at least. It’s already better than the 5-on-3.

  25. we take toooooooooooooooo long to set up .
    it’s like we’re too busy settling the puck to take a
    slapshot from the point
    and allow the caps to get to us.

  26. >>MDZ looking a little shaky.

    He needs to shake off the butterflies and start playing like a man.

  27. Yorktown Ranger on

    Please save me from Benenati’s voice and stupid color commentary.

    Has anyone ever noticed that Benenati’s and Laughlin’s voices do not fit their looks?

  28. Blue Seat Horror on

    Drury with a nice clear chance to shoot it wide there. I really hope this experiment to get Drury going ends soon. They’re wasting valuable ice time for players who can actually make a difference.

  29. ahh, i think its really Kotalik in Drury’s uniform…someone knock off his helmet so we can see

  30. 20 game goal slump. 7.5 million!!. maybe put the sob on the pp; just to get a goal maybe and help this team and his confience. he wants to score and be on the pp. i say let him play pp for a game or 2 and see if he can do something.
    Weve looked good though, especially defensively. and what a save by biron. wow. old school right there. hope we at least get a point tonight. looks like gabby is playing good so far, along with grachev who has cycled well. pp even looked decent.

  31. dru was gonna be checked so he got the puck off quick. yea he missed but at least he didnt turn it over

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    Zuccarello and Avery both 1-0 on face-offs, maybe they should let the wings take the face-offs.

  33. Wow. Keith Jones has completely changed his views on this sucker punch business since the Avery/Smid incident. Strange.

  34. Listening to these idiots in Versus is painful. Kulemin deserves a five minute major after getting his face bashed in by Tim Gleason? This guys are clowns.

  35. at least dru is getting shots off. hes getting chances. his goals will come. ok ok i cant say that with a straight face. fuggt it hes done!

  36. Blue Seat Horror on

    Nice punch by Gleason. If Colton Orr was on the bench that never would have happened? :P

  37. ok blast from the past

    i defended you last time but wtf dude? can’t you post your first period thoughts on the blog during the period like most of us? or you struggling for site hits?

  38. maybe MSG can work out something with him on the pizza concession so he will retire early HEY does it count against the cap if he~s behind a counter selling pies instead of on the ice

  39. <>

    jones is a moron
    and, of course,
    his view changed
    because like many Canadian announcers
    it’s all different when it’s done by Avery

  40. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m surprised the Versus crew didn’t say that the Rangers were undefeated when they outscored their opponent.

    I didn’t know Wade Redden was in The Rite?!!!

  41. “i defended you last time but wtf dude? can’t you post your first period thoughts on the blog during the period like most of us? or you struggling for site hits?”

    That’s exactly what I meant, CC. This fuggin bouche doesn’t even post here. All he does is try and get people to go on his sh*tty site.

    Fugg off!

  42. kurt- the only thing i want drury to serve is a puck pizza right into the net. if he cant score 1 byfuglien goal this season he better be bought out.

  43. Speaking of Egotastic. It has nudie pics, and vid of Emmy Rosum.

    A) She’s a 10 in my eyes. Fuggin BABE!

    B) Her new show, “Shameless” is hilarious. I never seen the UK version, but they don’t have Emmy ROssum, so I wont watch it.

    Shameless, is my favorite new show!!

  44. Blue Seat Horror on

    Zuccarello gets nervous when they blow that horn at the Verizon Center. It brings him back to the orc attack in the mines of Moria.

  45. “Gaborik offers it to Sean Avery.” What is “it” that Gabby is offering Avery?

    Oh dear!

  46. billybleedsblue on

    “Zuccarello gets nervous when they blow that horn at the Verizon Center. It brings him back to the orc attack in the mines of Moria.”

    Hahaha… Does his stick glow when Ovechkin is near?

    NHL on Versus!

  47. billybleedsblue – Did they actually say that? lol

    Beninati is just great: “…Alzner, who loses his *hockey* stick in the process.” Nooooo, I thought it was a lacrosse stick!

  48. gaborik sucks this year guys. its just gonna be one of those seasons. i wouldnt stress it too much. we know hes soft. we know he injures easier than my grandma with osteoporosis, and we know he needs prospal or another seasoned playmaker on his line. now, if mr 7.7 can get going here we’ll be just fine!!! haha

  49. billybleedsblue on

    Spider, scroll-up…Blue Seat Horror said it here. I’m still kind of chuckling over it. Yea, these refs have missed a few calls so far. That’s ok though, the stRangers are better at even strength.

  50. so just…ummmm….messing i let loose with a bunch of curse
    words towards Grachev for not scoring
    and in the process called him Baby Huey

    jpg’s sister reminded me that we already had a
    Baby Huey in Willie Huber

  51. weve been controlling the flow all game. we just need a goal by someone making lots of money!!

  52. “I like my defense if Tom Poti is back.”

    A bit early in the evening for George McPhee to be drunk out of his mind.

  53. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wolski needs a grinding refresher. Grinding doesn’t mean skating really close to an opponent and then letting the skate away with the puck.

  54. Blue Seat Horror on

    If Washington is looking forward to having Poti back in their line-up, it says alot about their defense. Gotta find a way to flush out some goals against these fakers.

  55. >>Wolski needs a grinding refresher.

    That reminds me of an album, entitled “Grinding Into Emptiness”, by Noise Unit.

  56. Blue Seat Horror on

    Have Prust and Boyle left the ice this period?

    Now they choose to start seeing penalties. How conveeeeeeenient!

  57. Did you guys hear one of these Versus idiots lamenting that Bruce Boudreau is “coaching the team he’s been dealt”?

  58. djk, were playing with mostly 3rd liners man. whatya expect? were keeping the caps to 1 goal. thats a feat in itself with our lineup

  59. billybleedsblue on

    Boudreau’s got the mouth of a truck driver. I can’t say how disappointed I was in him during the 24/7 series (yes, I watched it). So much for attracting new fans and appealing to the youth in the country. If I had kids, I wouldn’t have them watching that potty-mouth show. You fail NHL. LGR!

    NHL on Versus!

  60. avery should not be playing with gabby. torts should throw boyle with him and artie and load up for teh 3rd just to start off and try to geta goal early

  61. billybleeds, its on hbo ok, not on nickelodeon. lol there not trying to attract 5 year old fans.

  62. haven’t really tested caps goalie
    wish we would do that a little more
    more intense in offensive zone in first period
    a bit better latter part of second

  63. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    It’s not impressive to only allow one goal to the Leaves. They are horrid. Stop sounding like he stood up to the 80s Oilers!

  64. >>never had that problem when he was with the Rangers

    Rangers traded Savard because, as Tortorella would say, he had the wrong type of arrogance.

  65. so am i djk but hes just another fre agent merc. every single FA sather signs never works out in teh longrun. he had his great 1st season, now hes too comfy. gotta take away his icetime and pp privilege. then maybe he’ll wake up

  66. that was a nice shift

    close with Boyle on with Gabby and Avery

    thought they were going to tie it.

  67. I’m not holding out hope for this game. Our lineup looks pretty shabby. Callahan coming back will be huge.

  68. billybleedsblue on

    Grabachev… that’s all well and good, but for a league that never does any promoting like that and is starving for fans and ticket sales…

    Let’s put it this way… when Arturs Irbe was featured (however short it was) in the show, he found a way to not drop any f-bombs. He set a good example and came across as intelligent and professional.

    Obviously, just my opinion here, but that show could have done without the constant cursing…

  69. either that or get him a legit first lien center cuz obviously gabby is a 1 dimensional player. hes got nothing to offer if he isnt scoring. he cant forecheck, he cant control the puck well, he cant deke, or score on breakaways, he cant do much of anything but snipe. and skate. and he isnt doing either of those 2 things ithjer.

  70. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    I thought Ovechkin’s English was better than this. At least he got a hair cut.

  71. Blue Seat Horror on

    Neither team is getting alot of chances.

    Caps are defending well behind their net, so the Rangers going to have to try something besides feeding the slot from behind the net. Or send somebody with more “jam” back there, not Gaborik or Wolski.

  72. Ovechkin ‘s English is better…it’s hard to speak another language whne you’re pretty much out of breath

    he is definitely light years ahead of Malkin or Datsyuk in English speaking department. Datsyuk can barely speak at all and he’s been in the league the longest.

  73. >>these long annoying senseless questions…

    Let me guess! The interviewer was that Bob Harwood guy, right?

  74. billy- the overuse of teh f word is in poor taste,. but nowadays all that is what teh casual fan will be attracted to. they cant be all brady bunch. the players themselves dont have sparkling personalities, they are usually reserved. off the ice anyway. imo, it was a good move by the league and hbo. theyre aiming for fans around 18-30 im guessing, so not many potential fans will be put off by that i would think.

  75. >>Datsyuk can barely speak at all and he’s been in the league the longest.

    But, I bet you’ll take him over our perfect-English-speaking Captain.

  76. yeah jones
    that hit on savard by the penguin
    would have had you up in arms
    if that happened to darlin’ cindy

  77. Blue Seat Horror on

    Croaby has a concussion? I hadn’t heard…in the last 5 minutes, so I forgot. I’m glad Versus is there to remind me. Thanks, NHL on Versus!

  78. >>…obviously gabby is a 1 dimensional player.

    I believe you meant 1/2 dimensional. I thought we’ve been through this already?

  79. i did CCCP
    it wasn’t great but it helped enough
    during a long drive.

    i only drank part of it
    and then drank some more later

  80. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    LOL, jpg. That is kinda funny we had the same thought.

    thanks, been a weird day for me.

  81. billybleedsblue on

    Grab, you have some good points there, no doubt. We can agree that it was in poor-taste.

    Wait, Crosby is concussed? Ha. If Crosby took a hit like Savard did last year, maybe the league REALLY would have done something about it. I’m still a little burnt that there was no action against Cooke.

  82. Blue Seat Horror on

    They need to find a way to take advantage of the fact that the Capitals are sending 2 defenders behind the net.

  83. 6 hour? lol

    this reminds of “There’s something about Marry” movie when Stiler picked up a hitchhiker with dead body in a sleeping bag and then the hitchhiker told the story how he wants to make ab exercise videos but instead of 5 minutes abs he wants to make 4 minutes abs! And then if you’re not satisfied then he will send the extra minute for free! lol

    i love that movie!

  84. with all the free time Crosby has being out with concussion i think he’s giving private diving lessons to Ovechkin

  85. Rangers can’t play offense. Knicks can’t play defense. Put them together and you get…

    ..the Mets?

  86. Gaborik always takes the puck behind the net. How about driving to the FRONT once in a while?

  87. i can’t believe the ref didn’t call that elbow to the face!
    i guess that’s what ovie gets for the dive

  88. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Making a rookie goalie look like Vezina winner is the Ranger specialty

  89. we’re barely testing the guy
    and the few shots we’ve taken
    hit him in the chest

    wish there was a stat on shots to the chest because
    i think the Rangers would lead in that category over the
    past 5 years…at least.

  90. Blue Seat Horror on

    Rangers are getting closer. Can feel their energy raising and their hunger for the net.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  91. What do we expect when the only player on our roster with any goal scoring ability isn’t even trying?

  92. we havent had 2nd or 3rd chances on him. we ned some ofense and gabby is really getting on my nerves lately. he never shows up in these close games. hes trying but not hard enough. braden holtby for gods sake!! hes a rook. we should be throwing everything at him.

  93. funny thing is
    i spelled out SCORE!!!!!!!
    and then after i hit SUBMIT
    he actually scored

    wasn’t celebrating
    just happened in real time

    if only i could do the same with lottery numbers

  94. >>LOL that was Boyle’s Byfuglien goal!

    You think he’ll go argue with the referee about it?

  95. Get another Gabby, just like last year when he stunned the Caps on back to back identical goals…the kind he isn’t scoring this year.

  96. Isn’t a good feeling to have they can come back anytime? Great team we got here, ‘heads!

  97. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    It did, Blue Seat. Now if they can just hang on for the one point (crosses fingers)

  98. Look who the Caps have out, look who the Rangers have out. Anyone think we’d be in a 1-1 game playing the backup goalie?

  99. yes ilbzo it is! we are a resilient team and a hard working team. but these close games give me heart palpitations!

  100. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think I figured out Beniknobby’s handicap. He can’t pronounce short vowels in the first syllables of words. Beeron. Eelect.

  101. salty- try atdhe or or try hockeystreams. u gotta pay but i think u can just pay for 1 day if u want

  102. Wolski Del Headzo on

    pretty happy with that point. Now let’s get #2! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Stepan – game winner 4 on 4

  103. Blue Seat Horror on

    Thank goodness Staal stopped that centering pass because Sauer was on the wrong side of the net with a cap all alone in front.

    Good work to get the point. Let’s make it 2, shall we?

  104. ilb- i have hereditary hbp and a type of anemia called dalasemia or however you spell it. i also have a heart defect. something where i have 1 less valve than i should.

  105. Blue Seat Horror on

    Thanks to the Caps for stopping skating in that 3rd period. Unfortunately they’ll be rested for the OT.

  106. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    “You won’t have to rock him to sleep tonight”? LMAO. WTB does that even mean?

  107. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Wolski Del Headzo January 24th, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I just snorted my ginger ale. OW. Thanks, Headzo.

  108. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    I figured that out, Grabby, but that might be the most inane and insane thing he’s said tonight.

  109. wolski is really good in the offensive end as far a puck control and driving to the net…the other end of the ice a nightmare though!!

    great save on ovechkin

  110. McD is looking very good
    and Torts likes him

    Artie hasn’t looked all that good tonight
    not happy with decisions….lack of jam.
    some grind

  111. i think boyle should be in the SO. hes got some good backhand moves. well, he can at least roof it

  112. The youngsters did well.

    We might have to score three in the shootout to win. I expect Biron to give up two.

  113. sssssssssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Go RANGERS!!!"...says Greg L. on

    AA !!!! yes , beuty, awsome ,excellent,great ,the bomb,clutch,superb,fabulas ,elite ,thecatz azzz!!!! wohoooooooooo we won we won we won!!!!

    yeahhhh heyyyyy heyyy heyyyy!!!!

  115. another gutty Ranger performance. and i LOVE the skills competition cuz it favors the Rangers. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  116. i miss linda. she should be here celebrating with us!!!! come back linda!!! we love and miss you!!

  117. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    I will officially eat crow now. I told Mama that I was expecting the Caps to blow them out tonight. I fully believed that.

    Apologies to Torts for questioning starting Biron.

    I’ve run out of things to say about this team. Just astonishing.

  118. Some of you kids must have burned your hand on fire 2 or 3 times before you realized it’s hot.

    When will you learn:

    This team will not quit.
    This team will not give up.
    This team will not stop working.

    This team has BRASS BALLS!

  119. Mickey, I pointed out that the Caps haven’t really won against decent teams this month (I got the info from Caps blog Japers Rink). Their primary scoring is down this year, their secondary scoring is even worse. This isn’t the mismatch as it was 2 years ago.

  120. >>Yeah, JBytes, you were close…didn’t you say 6-2 Caps?

    Are you trying to deny me the tickets I won?

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Go RANGERS!!!"...says Greg L. on

    TOP #3 Shoot out goals in Rangers history

    #1 Malik

    #2 Wolski

    #3 Prospal

    Give Zucco time …he could make the list!!!

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZzello " Go RANGERS!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Linda is easy to miss , her spirit and comedy is golden.

  123. The Atlanta game convinced me that I shouldn’t go to bed at the beginning of the third period.

    Great road win More and more, this seems like a special team!

  124. BTW, anyone think Staal is the most irreplaceable skater on the team even when everyone else is healthy?

  125. >>This team has BRASS BALLS!

    Uh oh! I saw them hanging under the rear bumper of a pickup truck the other day.

  126. JBytes, Rangers loan them out as trailer hitches during the off days. Strong enough to pull a 2 ton boat.

  127. Gilroy had a very strong game with the increased ice time and responsibility. 24 mins for him and Sauer too

  128. Blue Seat Horror on

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Rangers get fined for that unsolicited plug of W77

  129. Devils have a 4 game win streak and the Rangers don’t? Then again the Rangers also didn’t go like 2-10 at one point.

  130. what a freaking win. i am still not a dad yet. wife is holding out. should be within next 2 weeks.

    stole 2 pts

  131. If Drury can plug his own pizza restaurant, Zuccarello should be able to plug Avery’s place. Don’t know who the sponsor is that would be offended.

  132. Wow…kudos Tortorella and the team – talk about playing a disciplined game – it starts with the coach and filters down to the players. Tonight everyone was on the same page. A very impressive road win. And it’s interesting to see them score 3 of 4 shoot-out goals – yes, there is offensive talent on this club!

  133. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    omg, they are showing this 20 layer chocolate cake on Food Network. Death by chocolate sounds like a heavenly way to go.

  134. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Blue Seat, he must be tired of answering questions about his height, too. LOL

  135. who interviewed Zuc?
    was it Versus?

    i finally took a bathroom break when the game ended
    and forgot that they would actually take the time to
    interview someone from our side.

  136. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ovechkin got the third start tonight…for what? Getting knocked on his Assen by Staal all night?

    I wonder how Matt Hendricks feels about that.

  137. most enjoyable ranger team to watch since the messier/gretzky short rendezous but i lived in LA so I could not see many of the games.

    sauer sportsfans is 23, not a big scorer but imagine a good mike komisarek at about $4 mill less a year….

    get thru tuesday and then the yare resting a will ge tback cally and hopefully dubi and others…

  138. Sauer keeps going under the radar. The kudos on the versus broadcast for Staal were frequent and warranted and not unexpected. They also lauded Gilroy and McDonagh, but very little was said about Sauer – the announcers (and it’s happening with all broadcasts, so it’s not the versus dudes solely) behave as if Sauer was a seasoned defensive d-man and his unspectacular but oh so steady play is expected and therefore, goes unmentioned. IMO, right now he is arguably the most important new addition on the Rangers because his play has meant 1/2 of the starting 6 (Staal, Girardi and Sauer) are rock solid and that puts less pressure on the other 1/2 of the 6 d-men. And that helps the likes of Eminger finally find his game (after 7 flipping years), Gilroy steady himself and McDonagh step in without a hitch. And MDZ looked very steady tonight – no 60 foot passes tonight – he kept things simple and I swear chipped the puck off the boards more tonight than he did in his 10 previous games in total.

  139. >>Zuccarello must be really tired of answering questions about his shootout goals.

    And about his size.

  140. Yeah, you could tell Harwood put a lot of thought into that question,
    asking about MZA’s height.

    And MZA should ask MDZ what W77 can do for your game.

    That said, this team is getting to be ridiculous.

    How could can they be with everyone back, and maybe a nice little deal towards the end of next month?

  141. Jim – Agreed 100%. Sauer doesn’t get nearly enough kudos.

    I remember a couple of weeks ago, Hank was asked about the rookies and (as Carp pointed out), he named Sauer first. I’m sure the team is aware of what his play has meant.

  142. Yeah, you could tell Harwood put a lot of thought into that question,
    asking about MZA’s height.

    And MZA should ask MDZ what W77 can do for your game.

    That said, this team is getting to be ridiculous.

    How good can they be with everyone back, and maybe a nice little deal towards the end of next month? Very.

  143. Actually Sullivan was raving about Sauer on pre-game radio;

    They all know the guy’s been invaluable, as has been Eminger (who turned in another very involved night tonight)

    he also added this little-known bit on MZA. The team tracks scoring chances, and Zuccarello was in on somewhere between 30-40% of the team’s total chances since his callup.

  144. If anyone who doesn’t see many Ranger games wants to know why Marc Staal was picked for the All-Star Team, all they have to do is watch this game.

  145. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    Everyone played well tonight. No glaring errors, especially from the Dmen. Just a solid, steady game by all. They really locked it down on defense tonight. Major props to Torts and Sullivan for the game plan and getting everyone together under it.

  146. If the captain continues to be invisible while others aren’t, it won’t be an easy decision to sit/demote the latter when those on the injury list start returning I suspect. I cannot see Tortorella pressboxing a $7,000,000 captain, but the way this season has gone, I wouldn’t totally count it out.

  147. Rod: I expect the coaches and players to talk up Sauer – I’m more referring to the media who profess to be experts. Many aren’t and the fact that Sauer is so often overlooked is simply another indication of that fact, IMO.

  148. DJK: I think Staal enjoys shutting OV down – he’s been doing it more often than not for 3 years now and keeps getting better and better at it.

    The guy is a stud d-man. And he doesn’t even have 4 professional seasons under his belt – how good will he be in a 2 or 3 more years?? A Norris trophy is in his future.

  149. What’s up with the morrons who continually pound on the glass in southern arena’s? Do they think it rattles a Rangers nerves? Really a bunch of metal midgets.

  150. MickeyM is feeling out of sorts tonight on

    OK gang, great night, great win, but I’m off to bed. Hoping to shake whatever is up with me today.

    See ya tomorrow!

  151. for the gazillionth time, Chris Drury has a no movement clause aka he cannot be sent to HFD without his approval.

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