It’s Go Time!


Byfuglien. No, really, Dustin Byfuglien, live and in person!

Big game for the Rangers tonight. Brodie Dupont is the eighth rookie to make his debut with the Rangers this season — while Dale Weise is prucha’d.

Chad (Caloric) Kolarik will start on a line with Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust. Avery-Anismov-Gaborik stay togeher. Drury goes back to fourth-line duty with Newbury and Dupont. The other line is Wolski-Stepan-Zuccarello.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his third game in a row.


Re: The Contest: Oy, vey. You try to do something fun …

Matt, your hour-glass is almost empty. When the puck hits the ice in Atlanta you are out, my friend, unless you beat the clock and e-mail me at This is your final call.

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  1. Oy vey! We get to hear about the “Figure Skater” even when Rangers are not playing against Carolina.

  2. Now Prospal sounds encouraged about coming back –
    and he looks pretty good from practice video.

    It’s been hard to keep up, one day retiring, the next returning.

  3. For anyone who uses the Slingbox and is thinking about upgrading to a new one, like Pro HD- absolutely do it. Even if your Internet doesn’t have enough speed to allow an HD, the picture is still much better than the old one.

  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    A good team will consistently beat the teams directly above and below them in the standings.

  5. [Note to CTBlueshirt]

    I promise to not pick on our Slovakian sniper’s scoring woes tonight.

  6. Nice to see the Devils putting together a nice little 5-0-1 streak of their own. Bwahahaha!!!

  7. JBytes, if he stinks for tonight he deserves it, but if he’s not the only one (like the Canes game) then they deserve it too.

  8. Blue Seat Horror on

    I wonder if Dupont’s thinking, “Oh man, finally get up from Hartford and now I have to play with Drury.”

  9. Be interesting to see the Possession time, The Rangers don’t seem to be able to sustain any pressure, or even be in the offensive zone.

  10. Islander dude looks like he needs a bath. Funny Nabokov doesnt want to go to the Island, he’d rather play for Detroit…no brainer

  11. Blue Seat Horror on

    It’s almost gotten to the point where I have to look at the Rangers roster to see who’s on the ice, with all the new faces and numbers. A few more injuries and it’ll be like preseason all over.

  12. I was watching a much lower quality one, very glad this one was on that list.

    I hate living out of market.

  13. >>Islander dude looks like he needs a bath.

    Just a bath is probably not enough to cleanse most of those fans.

  14. Why does it seem like EVERY team in the league save, oh, I don’t know, the Devils, Islanders, Leafs, and Oilers has way more talent than we do?

  15. hey guys…did you know that Andrew Ladd played on Chicago Stanley cup winning team?

    oh and Jeff Skinner used to be a figure skater… did you know that?

  16. Blue Seat Horror on

    They did a good job not getting scored on more than once in that period. That’s all I got.

  17. It’s a game of chase the puck. They haven’t really had time to set up in the Atlanta Zone, and they couldn’t do their behind-the-net cycle they like to do.

    Lot of board play, too.

  18. And that Skinner plays with Eric Staal who’s the captain of one of the NHL all star teams. But won’t be able to pick his brother Jordan because he wasn’t selected.

  19. I read every day. first post. I’ve seen every game this year and it looks like missing so many players is finally chatching up with us. I hope we can just tread water until players start getting back. this is my favorite Ranger team in years. Finally playing the kids! Oh yeah I love Gaborik, but if he don’t step it up in the next couple weeks, it’s probably not going to happen

  20. Dustin Byfuglien is going to win the Norris Trophy this season. ATL got him for draft picks.

    What’s our excuse for not trading for him again?

  21. Added some videos of me playing pond hockey this afternoon, in CT, wearing a Blueshirt (actually white Gaborik) to the Boneheads facebook page.

  22. Yes, Larry, it is catching up. You can’t continue to play at high level when more than half of your top 6 are out. They need to stay afloat for the next three games. And nobody should expect any pretty games.

  23. JBytes

    i couldn’t believe that either! if it wasn’t for the MSG crew i would never know that…which wouldn’t change my life in any way, anyway

  24. He was waiting for Drury’s first goal but then realized he would never post at that rate.

  25. Prospal celebrates his practice drill goals with the same enthusiasm as in real matches. I’m pulling for the guy, but I don’t think he can help us much this season.

  26. Nope. But the rangers are fairly good defensively. With this team if we can get a one goal game into the third I feel good about it. I was never the biggest Dubinski guy but this year he has been amazing. I really that that one hurt us most. We just can lose ground in the next couple weeks. This team has heart soemtimes thats not enough

  27. btw, who selected alternative captains for the ASG? was it Lidstrom and Staal? or the NHL? Mike Green got an “A” for Staal’s team? wtf is up with that? Why not Marc Staal?

  28. Blue Seat Horror on

    DJK, Byfuglien, Ladd, and Eager going to Atlanta probably had something to do with Rick Dudley’s relationship with Chicago.

  29. Sam Rosen regarding Prust, “He’s one guy who will never give in to injury.” HUH? I love Prust, but come on!

  30. When Prust takes his skates off after today’s game, his foot will look bigger than his heart. Which is hard to imagine.

  31. They need to stop always deferring to Gaborik when he’s out there. If he’s open then fine, but don’t force it.

  32. CCCP, yes I would and normally I’m not willing to give up AA for many people but Byfuglien has the size element to his game that most players can’t match.

  33. Drury shoots wide, that was kind Sam. That shot might have killed some of those birds that Orr keeps mentioning.

  34. CCcp, not me. I’ve seen alot of decent players come to NY and stink out the place. I think if he came here he’d be in a different role and the booing would start. AA is to young to give up for instant gratification

  35. Also:

    If Sam quoting Stepan was right, then Stepan hits the nail on the head. Play physical, and it creates chances. They don’t score when they don’t play physical.

    Prust needs to take a trip to the locker room and sit the rest out if he is hurt. Don’t make it worse, we can’t afford to have him out for an extended amount of time!

  36. Byfuglien is young too…he’s only 25

    imagine him on PP shooting bombs from the point? Or imagine him clearing the crease? No way he would be boo’d in NY

  37. Drury was pretty good once upon a time


    once upon a time…that’s how fairy tales start, Larry…most of them are not true :)

  38. In theory your right. But I go back a long ways with the rangers and it’s something about the Rangers. I can’t explain it but I think we’d regret it

  39. I come into the game to see Girardi fighting and Staal hurting on the bench. WTB is going on?

  40. With drury I never want him I wanted Brier(sp?); but I never thought drury would get this old this quick

  41. that’s not boarding at all. Staal was turning so his momentum carried him into the boards head first. good no call.

  42. Cormier.. isn’t that the sick carcillo who was suspended for half a season a few years ago?

  43. Blue Seat Horror on

    # CCCP January 22nd, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Drury was pretty good once upon a time
    once upon a time…that’s how fairy tales start, Larry…most of them are not true :)

    Once upon a time…That’s also how most Rangers free agent signings are justified by Sather…

  44. I have no idea how Prust is still skating. Do you remember that big of a heart in the Rangers uniform since Adam?

  45. I hate to beat a dead horse…

    No one could ever question Prust’s heart. He is doing the best he can, despite obviously in a lot of pain. But there comes a point where it is only going to make things worse. Every stride he takes he limps. Painful to watch, and could be worse for us in the long term if it is indeed an injury.

  46. @AGrossRecord Savard to hold press conference Monday morning to decry Avalanche. 2 minutes ago via HootSuite

    ;) I’ve pulled an Orr!

  47. I have no idea how Prust is still skating. Do you remember that big of a heart in the Rangers uniform since Adam?


    Todd Harvey?

  48. IMO, smart move by the Isles to pick up Evgeni. Can turn around and possibly trade him for a draft pick or something of value.

  49. Thanks, 3C. I thought it was that piece of carcillo. Cannot believe he’s been allowed to play.

  50. At least the Isles were smart putting their AHL team in Bridgeport because even Uniondale is a step up from Bridgeport.

  51. Can someone remind me of a website to see the game (other than, which would not pull down the game)? Thanks.

  52. Rangers are getting so many injuries from blocking shots that when they skate off they look like the lame, the halt, and the gimpy. All they need now is a fife and drum to complete the picture.

  53. wasnt going to say it til there was a ‘fire sather’ spotting…. FIRE the Olga and the whole gosh darn FOLKyourself family of fiends! THAT is all!

  54. MAO! ILY! Come on, man, how about leaving Olga and the ByfuglienYerSelf family alone? We’re all family here :)

  55. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m still happy Olga…in a mad kind of way.

    Good line by Dougay: A hockey game broke out of this tennis match.

  56. “Prust needs to leave the skates on for the remainder of the week ”

    Two weeks, maybe more.

    Boyle is right behind him. Staal’s banged up now too. Girardi’s nose is busted.
    Eminger’s arm is still smarting from Orr’s slash, though to his credit he’s still bangin’ bodies.

    Rangers will be lucky to get to the break in something resembling one piece.

    On the plus side, this Newbury character could stick….

  57. Fact is that the “grinding style” has left us with a boatload of injuries that we don’t have the depth to counter and we have no offensive talent and Gaborik shows up only when it’s irrelevant.

    We will be out of a playoff spot in 1 week and not get back in if something doesn’t happen.

  58. I wonder if Mike Komisarek will get suspended by the NHL, and get forced to take anger management for punching a woman…if the allegations are true?

    Far worse than sloppy seconds…

  59. tiki, i love everyone…but when one person a. repeats the same thing incessantly or b. uses multiple sign-ins on a hockey blog …that is considered spam…all spam should be blocked…unless its in a can..then it shall be served with olives. that is all! ILYILIY!

  60. We are still in this game, We we need the all star break bad. are top payers are getting to many minutes. and Tiki its an awful thing to say but I mind seeing Drury go down. Where’s Gaborik?

  61. Did not like the look on Torts the camera just showed.

    Looked defeated, and at a loss of what to do.

  62. MAO! He just has a sense of humor. Honestly, as a Ranger fan (and for me, as a total New York fan), a sense of humor is necessary. :)

    Sorry, Larry, I take it back.

  63. oh, sorry tiki, i was just practicing my goal cheer for one of next months games where gabby gets a goal

  64. We’ve had 239 injuries on the year after proving to be a good, legitimate team. This may prove to be too much for us to overcome, depending on when which players come back. I hate to say it, but our playoff chances may be Byfugliened.

  65. As CT pointed out earlier, it’s Jagr syndrome. Give the puck to Gabby.

    Gabby doesn’t know what to do with it, so nothing happens with it.

    Put the puck on net, get the dirty goals. They weren’t even making Atlanta move that much, so there was no chance of being tired out.

  66. maybe they should put Leaf jerseys around the Ranger bench so Gaborik thinks he is playing one of his patsies. It is pathetic that he has only 5 goals in 32 games vs real teams.

  67. Boyle slowed the entire 2 on 1 down, and Christoffer Drury just did what he does best, nothing.

  68. It’s not that he doesn’t know what to do with it, but rather it’s so simple to defend when you know the puck is being moved to the same person over and over again. So the Thrashers rightly parked themselves in the middle of the ice and really never had to move to cover anyone else.

  69. I’m getting tired of Gaborik and his lily white gilded groins. Yes he’s a gifted scorer, but he’s like goddamn Tinkerbell on skates

  70. I don’t know, he had tons of space quite a few times, and instead, just looked for the pass (with the one exception, which, SURPRISE), turned out to be a halfway decent scoring chance.

  71. Wow, Sam, McDonagh gets physical. Whoopidee Doo! Physical doesnt mean anything when you cant put a puck in the net, and you cant put a puck in the net on a 5 on 3.

  72. They should take Gaborik off the PP just to see the team decide to actually move the puck around for a change.

  73. The wrinkle they should have employed was moving their guys around the ice. Every player stayed in the same spot for the entire 5 on 3. Especially if they’re keyed on Gaborik, having him roam around the ice to see if they’ll chase.

  74. This is where we need our big-time players to step up. Umm, who are our big-time players again?

  75. >>Gaborik could learn a thing or two about how to skate..from Boyle

    As I said, I will not comment on a certain Slovak until he scores a meaningful goal.

  76. Scrambled for a point. Better than 0.

    Orr, you think different players respond to different flavors?

  77. Boyle = Hard working blue collar guy that actually cares to get better and help his team

    cough, cough…Drury, Gaborik…

  78. Orr – Is it a slap to Carp’s 26 year old face cheek, or butt cheek? :)

    blast is welcome here, also!

  79. Blue Seat Horror on

    The interference is hanging out with Wolski’s trip, Orr. They’re letting them play. (Gasp)

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    Was Drury out at all in overtime? If it weren’t for injuries, I bet he would be prucha’d.

  81. that’s one thing the rangers are good at, the shootout. Zookie does it again. great comeback win.

  82. Blue Seat Horror on

    Thank you Captain Awesome for taking one for the team and polishing off those Cool Ranch Doritos.

  83. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ovechkin had a hat trick against the Leaves tonight. They are so good for slumping snipers.

  84. Yeah I think that dog is still running around in a circle, or he’s just chasing his tail.

  85. Just when we think this team is down and out, they come up with a win like this. That is why, despite all the injuries, I think they will be fine.

  86. Those of you who can see HNL… can you give us an update on the injuries, if they announce them. Pretty please.

  87. MZA turned out to be some signing, eh…

    And don’t underestimate what that gutsy win will do for this team. The win and Girardi’s fight.

  88. Blue Seat Horror on

    Roszival a -1 with no shots tonight so far. Wolski 1 goal with 4 shots. Rangers are still winning that trade…big time.

  89. I think if they get 1 point out of the next two and stay 8 games above .500 before the ASG, they’ll be fine. Some important bodies will be back, no need to panic!

  90. nn January 22nd, 2011 at 9:13 pm
    the Ranger 3rd jerseys will be hospital gowns.

    post of the month right here!

  91. The HNL guys need to have iPads in front of them instead of those pieces of paper. I’m sure MSG can afford the gadgets.

  92. oh, sallywaffles, no problem i love complimenting you! youre the best. when are you gonna do another beautiful work of art like u did with the avery- brodiva poster awhile back? that was hysterical!

  93. i wonder if its in ron dugays contract that everyone on Hockey Night Live with him must be bald so he can always have the best hair.

  94. Good great evening all!!!! Just missed the end of the byfuglien/Byfuglien game, so no comments, but yahooo! I’ll take it! When I heard there’d be a SO on way home I predicted MZA would be in and get it, and he did!

    anyway, two points!! I’ll catch up with details tomorrow. LGR!!!!

    P.S. Re: The Contest: Oy, vey. You try to do something fun …
    Carp, just give the next pair to Sally :)

  95. I was workin’ on Original Doritos (which were Taco flavored, not Nacho Cheese, in a Throwback orange bag – The Best!) when Zuke did his thing.

    Will have to stock up on’em…..

    Girardi did something to his chest…

  96. I was really hoping Drury would start looking like an NHL player again, he earned some respect for his past accomplishments. But, boy, it’s just looks very sad….Does anyone still have any doubts he will be bought out?

  97. phew…on the injuries….

    Rod, back in the day (4 years ago when I was 26), my college newspaper diet was mainly original Doritos and Dr. Pepper. Meal of champions I tell you…..

  98. ilb – Drury will not be bought out. IMO. He will either be traded in the offseason, with his consent, or he will be a Ranger next year.

  99. Drury is finished. I feel bad for the guy, but he’s burnt out to a crisp. His production was declining as it was and he has had a string of devastating injuries the past 2 seasons. I still think Glencross’s headshot did him in.

  100. Really Mama? I have to tell you, I’ve been befuddled for years as to why they’d discontinue the product they built their brand on. (btw, Im also still hunting for Buitoni pizzas!!!)

    Nacho flavored became so big, then Cool Ranch (which I love), then they went crazy with 1,000 flavors, NONE of them original. They even tried several other taco flavored ones, none of which were the same (the closest was something called Doritos @ Midnight).

    Anyway, you’ll be happy to know they’re re-issuing them with a new bag.

    Couldn’t believe it when I saw that 1970’s style orange bag. Crunch!

  101. Wiese down. Official from the team.

    Must mean that they don’t expect Girardi to play Monday and Tuesday.

  102. Rod Lurks, the toaster Buitoni pizzas? They were awesome. I miss the canned chef boyardee cheese ravioli.

  103. Precautionary call ups, I’m sure. Would be nice to see MDZ back anyway, providing he is ready.

  104. Probably against what the team wants, DJK. He hasn’t exactly been lighting it up down there. But they need a body and MDZ does have NHL experience. Making the best of a bad situation, I believe.

  105. Glad to hear good news on Prust and Girardi.

    Thanks JPG for the win. We were losing until he came over after work and watched the rest of the game.

  106. Grachev up for Weise show how little they think of Weise’s game. Also shows they know they need offense and are praying for Grachev to provide it.

  107. Yes the toaster Buitoni pizzas! Best Pizzas EVER.

    SO worth scorching the roof of your mouth!

    I occasionally harass Buitoni’s website for them to make them again.
    They’re missing out on a fortune!

    MDZ better behave himself this time if he wants to stay in NY.

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