Calling all Rangers fans who root for the Jets!


Here’s something to get you pumped about tomorrow’s game, which you can do while waiting for tonight’s game:

Gear up for the Jets’ big game with special coverage:
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  1. i hope Matt never shows up and Lev gets the tickets! At least someone of our own gets them!

    btw Lev…i am available on Feb 17, you know what i mean, bratan? :P

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’re right, no reason for Carp to put more than a couple seconds into searching the IP address. I was interested in finding out if it is a local who is double-posting, not necessarily tracking them down to get them the prize … you seemed awfully quick and apprehensive to have him search the IP’s now that I think about it … (cough, cough … Matt?)

  3. True Fans – I know you’re only joking, but you couldn’t be more wrong about ILB. He is one of the kindest and sweetest guys in the world. His only reason for saying what he said is because he greatly respects and admires Carp and doesnt think Carp should waste his time doing what you proposed.

  4. Doodie, it died when I took over this blog and he began helping out on the Yankees blog. Not to mention lack of traffic.

    True, don’t implicate ilb. I assure you, it isn’t him.

  5. LOL Gab! The only Ranger we all wouldn’t mind getting injured is the one that’ll stick around and hurt the team! Pizza Pizza!

  6. ilb2001 January 22nd, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Bratan, CCCP? Are you sure about that?


    am i sure about that? what do you mean? lol

    Isn’t Lev a Russian kid?

  7. What’s friggin’ hilarious is that Kolarik and Dupont are quickly climbing ahead of Drury in the depth chart. Drury should go to Hartford with Redds next year to try to find his game and work with the youngsters. I have a lot more respect for Redds this year. He has really helped guys in CT like McDonagh and Kundratek develop and become better players. I think Drury should embrace that role too. If not, he must retire. As much as Avery has declined offensively, he is still effective. Drury has no impact. I think he has had a total of 2 scoring chances all year (they didn’t go in).

    So Isles claimed Nabokov today. I think they are the only team besides Detroit that has interest and they will probably trade him back to Detroit for a couple of picks. Snow is piling up draft picks like he collects them for a hobby.

    So does anybody know if Forsberg has to clear waivers if he signs with the Avs? Can’t imagine he wouldn’t be claimed…

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think Ilb knows that I was joking – Sorry if the ‘cough, cough’ humor was poorly transferred via these interwebs.

  9. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    from the globe and mail,I like the part where Colt “lost his balance”in his fight with Parros.

    The Leafs will get one player back in the lineup for Saturday’s game in Toronto against the Capitals, and may see one depart. Back is winger Fredrik Sjostrom, who was out with a charley horse. The departure may be forward Colton Orr, who banged his head on the ice Thursday in a fight with George Parros of the Anaheim Ducks.

    The fight lasted only a couple of seconds because Orr lost his balance, fell and hit his head. He felt woozy and did not return to the game.

    Wilson said Orr was undergoing medical tests Friday afternoon to determine if he has a concussion. The coach said he does not know if Orr will be able to play on Saturday.

    “We’re not sure if he has an injury,” Wilson said. “We want to make

  10. I would certainly make a claim for Forsberg. When he actually is able to play, he is still nasty. I would certainly welcome him here as a PP specialist as he probably cant physically handle playing that many minutes.


  11. haha CCCP, da ya Ruskiy tozhe. nu posmotrim kak tam budet s biletami, nechevo ne obeshyayu. kto znaet, mozhet voobshe ne mne otdadut.

  12. 4generations 4 cups on

    Forsberg has not played professionally this season and is not eligible to pass through waivers. He would sign with the Avs and play with the Avs.

  13. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    4gen is correct, forsberg does not have to pass through waivers!

  14. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    ok I’m done, see you guys next season!

  15. o well, hopefully Forsberg can stay on the ice then for Colorado. It would be great to see him back in the league.

  16. GOod morning, brother Tiki!!!! That Chad “Low” Kalorik looked pretty darn good firing those goals in for the Whale and has shown nice speed here…i remember when we had NO one to call up from the system…you gotta give sather credit for turning the system around…we are deep into callups and they still are plugging away with these kids…with assets like MDZ and grachev still there…I sure like the way the glass looks on the rangers organization then it did prior. fwiw: i pay ZERO attention to anyone’s vitriol…lets just be nice…nice is right…you feel me, sons?

  17. i was showing what our lineup could like with Forsberg in it. Even if he did have to pass through waivers, he would never reach us and we most likely would have passed anyway.

    Is Sundin trying to comeback ;)

  18. Anybody hear that some woman claims Mike Komisarek punched her in a LA night club?

    Apparently, he lifted her up, and when he wouldn’t put her down, she slapped him, then he punched her.

    Does this mean Komisarek is a Cromartie? :P


    Go Devils!

  19. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    If he “punched” her, you would have to think she would have went to the hospital with a fairly mushed face!!

  20. No.30 team in the NHL leads at the No.1 team with 2-0 !

    I think that´s only possible in the NHL…!!!

  21. chap…LOL!

    mama is sad cause she won’t be home til almost end of third tonight……LGR!

  22. Apparently, it caused her to “bleed”, and he left the club right away, and she went to the cops, and they’re trying to get in touch with Komisarek.

    One thing is for certain, Aves will have a fuggin field day with this. Bwahaha!

  23. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Islanders cannot trade Nabokov to DET. In fact.. they are the only team that they can’t trade him to, because of the original signing. Bob McKenzie had a whole article on the Nabokov situation/scenarios on TSN.

  24. That’s pretty messed up that the Isles would do that.

    You think Nabby really wants to play there? The guy never won a Cup. Give him a chance to win one with the Wings, a real contender.

    Snow’s an a-hole. Signing him doesn’t mean they’ll start winning, and that he has a future there.

  25. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Ah the NY Islanders… the exact opposite of the Red Wings. I’m sure Nabokov is a little upset… though Detroit couldn’t REALLY expect him to make it through all those teams with no claim… especially considering his cap hit for the rest of this season is $570,000.

  26. Nabokov has the right not to report if he doesn’t want to play for isls…but then he can’t play in the NHL this season at all.

  27. wicky(grating CCBG)© (The game’s not over until somebody cries!!) on

    off to work, later assens and LGR!!!!

  28. Afternoon, gang.

    The REAL Byfuglien tonight. I would suggest not attempting to block his shot tonight, otherwise someone else will get hurt.

  29. I really want to watch that Jets game tomorrow. In fact, I’m going to my uncles house tomorrow, because it’s a whole family Jets thingy going on over there, and I’m forced to go, yet I’m not allowed to watch the game.

    Guess I’ll just hang out in front of a 7/11, Jay & Silent Bob style. Pina Colada & Banana Slurpee mixture with some toquitos! That’ll do the trick!

  30. To continue the *End of the world* postings, here’s more news!

    10,000 cattle have died nationwide in Vietnam!!!!

    *End Of The World*

    The Vietnam government is saying it’s due to an intense winter and harsh weather conditions.

    That’s BS!

  31. Orr – Please watch the game tomorrow with your family and cheer the Jets. Can you promise me that?

  32. LOL! If they lose, I better not get any blame.

    Are you sure aboot this, Tik? I don’t think the Jets won a game that I watched. In fact, a few games I watched, I thought they were going to lose, so I turned it off, and they came back!

  33. Orr – I feel that it is not in the spirit of superstition to disallow you from watching the game with your family. Please cheer the Jets for me and make them win. Promise me…

  34. All those games that you watched that we lost, you were watching the games alone. Being with your family for this game will turn you bad luck aura to good luck aura… :hopes:

  35. Actually, I watched last years playoff game against the Colts with my family. They were up by two touchdowns until I walked through the door. Then it all went to hell. LOL!

    This is your last chance. Are you sure aboot this?!?

  36. Orr – Forget it. I take it back!!! Please DO NOT game watch or score watch tomorrow’s game. Please promise me that.

  37. Orr – Promise me…

    I swear to you, if the Jets win the SB, I will owe you large and I will do something extravagant for you. Money is of no object to me, especially when one of my teams wins a championship.

  38. awwww. see, I love it when everyone gets along! must be cause it’s a game day :)

    hope to catch up on fun and good news later….off soon to choose which mondo flat screen TV I inherit when my pops leaves NY and heads to Florida…then I can really enjoy 16 in HD!!

  39. i think it’s NYRFan
    who mentioned about whether Forsberg needs to go through
    according to LeBrun he does not because he didn’t play already.
    if you really want i can find his tweet.

  40. This is the sweetest the blog’s been for awhile. Is it the weather? :-)

    It’s going to get bitterly cold upstate tonight….That’s the good news, because mrs doesn’t want to go out :-). That will be the first time I’ll be able to watch with you and blog at the same time while I’m upstate….

  41. jpg- I saw it too. Since he didn’t play with any European club this year at all, Forsberg doesn’t have to clear waivers..

  42. Laurel

    why is it every time (or at least lately) you come on here, you say “Gotta go, TA!”

    when will you come here and say “I’m staying with you guys!”?

    You think you better than us? :P

  43. By the way, we are complaining about injuries? The Pens are without Crosby AND Malkin now. Talking about dead birds…

  44. Yes, Carp, looks like he sustained another one against Colorado. He is 33 and is signed through 2016-2017. May have to think about taking the insurance pay and call it, especially if his symptoms continue to linger again. This carcillo Cooke may have ended his career after all

  45. Carp, do you know by any chance how the insurance coverage works? For some reason I remember that Insurance/Team split is 80/20, and the team’s amount doesn’t count against the cap. Not sure if it’s accurate.

  46. Didn’t Savard sustain another concussion a few weeks ago?

    What exactly are the Bruins doing sending him out there time and again??

    Do they even care one ounce about his well-being???

    It’s not like he’s the difference between contending and not contending. Sit the guy out until he’s fully recovered – if that’s even possible.

  47. lol ilb. fyi, it was just a joke. Unlike early 2010 Tiki, I feel sort of bad for the guy. And using objectivity, he’s really not a bad guy.

  48. ilb – Yes, I recognized it as a Seinfeld reference. I just could not remember if there was sarcasm involved in the line in Seinfeld. So to be sure, I clarified that i was only joking…

  49. I don’t know what all moves that they listed, but for myself, there are several that stand out and quite likelyu not the Bonester’s cup of tea.

    I liked Gary Cooper in pride of the Yankees.
    Knute Rockney

    A League of their own.

    Slap Shot anyone?

    And you;ve gotta include …The Comrades of Summer.

    Also liked the one about Babe Ruth

    And…..the one about Grover Cleveland Alexander.

    Herb Brooks and was it Miracle on Ice? The 80- GM year.

    Brian’s Song was a tear jerker but it was very well done.

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