Canes-Rangers in review


You can blame this one on the injuries and the minor-league roster, but that wouldn’t be accurate, because the way the Rangers played, they would have lost even if they’d had most of their injured players. They didn’t play the way they have played most of the season, and the way they will need to play because of who’s out and who’s in.


1) This kid Chad Kolarik (by the way, how is that pronounced Caloric?) didn’t look out of place at all. He has some skill, he played in the dirty areas of the ice, took and gave. I wonder, if he’d had the luxury of being Rangers property during training camp and auditioning for the Rangers coaches, if he might have not been here sooner. Now it will be interesting to see how he follows up, and if he can stay a while. He will definitely get some minutes tomorrow.

2) Brandon Prust=Monster. You have to love what beats inside this guy, and he doesn’t hurt the team anywhere on the ice. That said, he can’t be fighting unnecessary fights with that bad hand and bad shoulder. Especially if it’s just to try to light a spark in a 3-0 game. I understand the Rangers want to play to the buzzer, to grind it out, to never feel out of a game, to feel they can come back — and that Prust embodies all of that. And I understand that often they have been sparked by some rough stuff. But, still, maybe sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war. Maybe Prust has to think, ‘It might not be worth it to fight in this situation just to give the team a jump-start.’ Then again, Prust may not be programmed to think that way. That’s why so many have become Prustbyterians this season.

3) Oh, and he also had the Rangers’ only goal and another breakaway.

4) The defensive play was non-existent, and the play of the defensemen was lousy. It started right off the opening draw when Dan Girardi ice the puck, and continued in a pond hockey first period. Girardi made a wonderful sweeping play to keep a puck out of the net in the first, but otherwise was awful, awful. He failed to tie up his man on the power-play deflection, and had a couple of big cough-ups. McDonagh and Sauer and Eminger had bad moments. And the forwards coming back — Anisimov and Stepan and others on various occasions — didn’t help much.

5) I think what was missed on TV was why Sean Avery was slashing Erik Cole late in the game. I could be mistaken, but I think it was because somebody — perhaps Cole — took a run at Avery or Anisimov at the blue line. And if that’s what happened, then good for Avery.

6) I liked what Marc Staal was doing in the third period, when it was 3-0. He realized it doesn’t make any difference if you lose 4-0 or 5-0 or 6-0. And he went deep into the offensive play shift after shift. Very Leetch-like.

7) Kris Newbury has won some faceoffs, and is tough as heck, and I’m wondering if he might stick around even after guys get healthy. They sure could use a little more muscle with Derek Boogaard pretty much done.

8) Hard to gauge if the Rangers were better on faceoffs last night, though, because the Hurricanes are just as bad at them.

9) That Jeff Skinner can fly and has all sorts of hands and skill and instincts. Must be a blast to watch down there in Hockeytown.

10) And I’ve said this before, Carolina is going to be heard from in the Eastern playoff race. Somebody who’s in the playoffs now is going to be knocked out by the Hurricanes.

11) Marian Gaborik went from four goals against a bad team and bad goalie(s) to zero against a good team and a very good goalie. But I’m not saying 1+1=2 in this case. I thought Gaborik did a lot of good things in the offensive zone in this game. I really did.


Still haven’t heard from Matt, the winner of our contest. So, Matt, if you actually exist, I need you to contact me at You’re on the clock. Otherwise I have to pick a winner from between the two Levs. Or give the tickets to Sally.


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  1. I’ve loved what I’ve seen of Newbury but he really isn’t a heavyweight. They still have no answer for guys like Orr and Engelland. I for one hope to see Boogey back next season.

  2. I think Newberry has done ok in his role. He knows he’s a 4th liner and doesn’t try to do anything beyond that. He has the requisite amount of jam and can scrap a little.

  3. I listened to Dave Maloney talk with Andrew Gross between periods. AG said he spoke with Dubi about his stress fracture. Dubi said if this were the playoffs, he’d play. There’s a risk, however. If he gets hit the wrong way, it could shatter his leg. Shatter his leg! I’m sorry but even the playoffs aren’t worthy of taking that kind of risk.

    Is it me?

  4. I highly agree about Kolarik. He was good from his 1st shift. Hope to see him get more time…

  5. Nearly half of the team is AHL caliber at the moment (sadly, that includes our Captain). Callahan, Fedotenko, Dubinsky is exactly half (and the better one) of what makes their forecheck so effective. It’s a difficult stretch for the team. If they come out of these 5 games with 5 points and reamain 8 above .500, they’ll be fine. No need to panic. And no need for stupid trades.
    Having said that, agree with Carp- this isn’t the best time to change what’s been working for them, for sure.

  6. Re Newbury – you guys might find this interesting: He played for the Leafs a few years back and just like we’re seeing him now, he played tough, in-your-face hockey with a little bit of skill.

    And as we’re seeing with the Rangers, he wasn’t afraid to drop the gloves. What it got him in Toronto, was a concussion that basically ended his Leaf career, as tenuous as it was in the first place.

    In other words, he’d better pick his spots when it comes to fighting or he’ll get concussed again.

    Speaking of concussions via fighting, where the heck is Ryan Hollweg?

  7. This kid Chad Kolarik (by the way, how is that pronounced Caloric?)


    i’ve noticed that last night too…everyone (except Maloney) kept calling the kid Caloric! lol

    The name is right in front of you! wtf?

    Caloric as in “This bacon egg and cheese sandwich is very caloric”? That type of caloric? lol

  8. Thanks to all for this great nyr blog – I read often and would like to ask if anyone else noticed that Dreary was wearing new pants last night. There are still plenty of holes in his game we can continue to talk about – he might get the hint and retire before this season is over.

  9. mornin gang. i saw a post from previous thread about if drury had any pride he’d retire. lemme ask anybody this. what would any of us do for that kind of money? would any one of us give a shat about pride when were getting paid 8 mill? no way. he is not leaving until his contract is up or sather buys him out. i know hes not doing anything productive, but i missed last nights game for the most part. was drury on the pp or playing lots of minutes or was he still 4th line and pk? if i was torts i’d throw him on teh pp and get him going somewhat. you can see he hates his “new role” and at least until some guys come back healthy, i would have him out there putting him in spots to score. hes not coming out of the lineup so might as well try to get the most out of him.

  10. Jim, I think Hollweg was cut by Toronto in training camp. LOL @ this tidbit from Gross’ blog:

    Dupont is still thrilled to be up with the Rangers in his sixth year with the organization. Dupont was at the movies last night and Whale coach Ken Gernander tried calling him 14 times to let him know he was being recalled. Finally, Dupont’s girlfriend got the message, which she relayed to Dupont around 10:20 p.m.

  11. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    saw hollweg the other day standing on an offramp intersection holding a cardboard sign that read “will dance for food”

  12. Marji, shatter his leg is a bit of an overstatement. It rarely, if ever happens with stress fracture. Nonunion of fracture that may require surgery later on is more likely to happen. As well as continuous pain and decreased function or that leg.

  13. Great Points (as usual). Newbury may have to stick around just to take faceoffs. Kaloric (can’t believe the pronunciation either) looked like he really fit in. Although that might have been a result of Dubes and Fedotenko being absent. How much did the team miss Fedotenko last night? Prust and Boyle cannot play the whole game!

    Gaby looked pretty strong at times. I will give him that.

    Agreed – Defense was terrible. Girardi might have had his worst game of the year. Staal looked really tired.

    Re: Newbury – good to know Jim. I liked how he fought. Really got some lightning quick fists. Tough guy. Good to see.

  14. Carp – Someone actually guessed 7-1 and you didn’t give them the tix? Man, that’s byfugliened up. That’s a chance in a million that the score would be that close. At least send him a fancy hat or something! A set of coasters? an ashtray? something!

  15. haha cr- sally should get teh tickets!! sally is the cutest, most lovable bonehead ever. my vote goes to sally.

  16. the rangers love trading with phoenix so much, right? Id love to see them get Bissonette dirt cheap. He’s a great scrappy fighter, hits mad hard and his personality would def fit in with this team.

    as for the drury stuff…it’s just sad, isn’t it? if he doesn’t retire he HAS to give up the C to Cally next season.

  17. At the risk of raining on the Calorie parade, let’s not get too carried away here yet. The Canes play (or did last night) a wide open skating style of hockey, which offensively skilled players like Calorie prefer. I’m sure that’s why he dressed over the slower, checking type Dupont.

    There’s a reason this guy has bounced around several clubs and played primarily in the AHL.

    That said, he’s only turning 25 so it would be silly to simply write him off as AHL fodder without getting a better look at him – I just think he’ll wind up with the Whale sooner rather than later.

    To me, he belongs on the top 2 lines and what spot is open there, even with all the injuries?

    And I’d like to see Dupont dressed the next game – keep Calorie in and pressbox Weise (although I like Weise and believe he’s got the potential to be a solid 3rd line player one day). Dupont has toiled quietly (to my knowledge) in the Ranger system for over 4 years – let him play a game or 2 for the big club as at least a reward for the dedication. And who knows, maybe he’ll prove worthy of a longer stint.

    He’s one helluva lot cheaper than Captain Dreary! *HINT* * HINT*

  18. “I’ve loved what I’ve seen of Newbury but he really isn’t a heavyweight. They still have no answer for guys like Orr and Engelland. I for one hope to see Boogey back next season.”

    The answer to Orr and Engelland is the same as Boogaard: Just AVOID fighting him. Engelland has some game, so he isn’t one dimensional like Orr and Engelland. As long as there is an instigator rule, Boogaard (and to a leeser extent Orr) are USELESS.

    Boogaard has done more damage to the Rangers than anyone else.

    Prust and Newberry is a better combo than having Boogy in the lineup.

  19. hes not gonna give him the c. cally wouldnt accept it either out of respect. theyre pretty good friends and cally actually learned alot from dru when he came up to the rangers. no, and i also think torts should give dru a few games on gabbys line to maybe get him a goal or two. it will only help if we can get our captain going even just a little bit offensively.

  20. im ok ilbzo. its -6 here in good ole iowa!! been subzero temps for the past 2 weeks straight and my heat is not workin good in the house. gotta go to work in 10 minutes but i really dont wanna!!!! ehh, its friday at least. how u doin braddah??

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I missed much of the game last night, but they did not look good in the portions that I saw. I did see Prust fight, and my wife said “that other guy is so much bigger, Prust is going to lose!”

    I told her Prust would win. After eating some shots early, he rallied hard for the win.

    I really liked that the Rangers were gooning it up there for that little run. Torts almost had Paul Maurice playing that game, which would only have served to fire up the Rangers. Too bad Maurice figured it out after the second fight and pulled his fighters off the ice.

    Games like last night though just show me how this team is just not ready to make any kind of playoff run. I really hope Sather just stands pat at the deadline, even though we all know at the very least, there will be the addition of a veteran D man.

  22. Shoot the puck Barry on

    Face it– Carolina is one team that the Rangers do not match up well against– even when healthy. They also have problems with Montreal.

    I agree with what’s above– get a few points here and there between now and Feb. 1 and hopefully we can start getting some players back.

    Also must say– McDonagh looks real solid to me.

  23. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Has anyone watched the videos of Tomas Jurco? That kid has UNREAL stickhandling skills. My eyes don’t believe what i just saw.

  24. CW as we saw against Toronto, a guy like Orr CAN do damage even if we don’t fight him – we’re lucky that slash didn’t cause an injury.

    Carp any speculation on your part as to whether the Rangers are looking for another heavyweight?

  25. Gab, those are not stickhandling skills. It’s just a bunch of stick tricks.

    To compare, think of a soccer player. He can have all of these amazing juggling skills, but that doesn’t make him a good dribbler.

  26. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Rangers need someone to take the fighting pressure off Prust ASAP.
    And Newburry is not the answer,as posted above he is concussion prone,and not able to handle the guys Prust or Booger fight.
    McGratten(stuck in Bruins minor league team) MacIntyre(daily scratch),heck lets give Soryal a go,but lets get this done now before it becomes a trend ,and the Orrs of the world start running or guys all over the ice.

  27. The team generated more than enough chances to at least make it a close game and maybe get a point, if not for Ward who is an elite goalie, just like Hank.

    Love the Prustbyterian comment, and it was really annoying to hear that name pronounced Caloric all night long. That’s got to be wrong.

  28. Carp Lev and Lev_Rangers are both me. I posted one and didn’t think it posted so I reposted it which is why the post is the same both times

  29. Morg: I think if the Rangers feel compelled to add a heavyweight, they should reach down to the farm (again) and bring up Soryal.

    Dunno how capable he is, but I’d rather that be the first route than the Rangers add yet another hockey challenged heavyweight.

  30. “CW as we saw against Toronto, a guy like Orr CAN do damage even if we don’t fight him – we’re lucky that slash didn’t cause an injury.”

    There is no debating that a fighter in the current NHL MUST be able to play an NHL shift. Boogaard, MacIntyre, McGratten, et al can not. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE WHERE THEY ARE!!!
    I was all for Boogaard when we signed him. Then I watched the clips of his play. He is penalty or a goal against WAITING TO HAPPEN!!! You add one more Prust to the NYR lineup, and this isn’t even a topic of discussion. Newberry might be that guy. Winning 80% of his faceoffs in Carolina? Taking on Phanuef when the Leafs were getting chippy? Boogaard can’t even play a shift. Carkner, Engelland, Iginla? They can all play a legit shift. They waiver wire fodder (and Boogaard) can not.

    21st century NHL is a lot different than old time hockey.

  31. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    I ment no disrespect to Soryal when i made my comment,he is young(24) and super willing to fight,hes coming off a season dealing with a concussion of his own(from former nhl level HW Jesse Boulerice),but,last i looked hes tops in fighting majors for the AHL.
    Plus Soryal is a decent skater that could actually get in on the forecheck.

    Avery/Newburry/Soryal( or DiDiomete,hes more of the agitator type)would be a nice 4th line for the right opponents.

  32. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    cdub,you are right,did you see the slash fest from Orr the other night?that is a result of 21st century NHL rules,or else would have just dummied Newbs,instead he slahed the carcillo outa Eminger.
    But,not having an enforcer to put in the lineup,is like having a toolbox without a hammer,sooner or later you end up using the end of a screwdriver to drive a nail!

  33. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Doodie… not the stick tricks in the lockerroom… i mean the stuff he did in the shootout drills. That is crazy stickhandling… and he put a few in.

  34. CW – most teams in today’s NHL still carry a heavyweight, and less than a handful of the heavyweights out there can take a regular shift (as a side not, Iginla is not a heavyweight). I therefore say there is a debate as to whether a current NHL enforcer must be able to take a regular shift. So to say you want a guy who can hang with the heavyweights and take a regular shift is really asking for a lot. Yeah, it’d be nice, but it’s sort of ignoring reality, with all due respect.

    As far as adding another Prust to the line-up goes, I’m all for that. I still don’t think it solves the problem of what to do with a guy like Orr who is running around like a maniac with an intent to injure.

  35. you know what’s sad, Ryan Hollweg and Evgeny Grachev have the same amount of goals this season.

  36. So far Dale Weise has done practically nothing in his 10 games as a Ranger. I would play Dupont in his place next game on the 4th line with Newbury and Drury.

  37. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    get this dude up here,send Weise down,Weise is a decent 2nd liner in the AHL,but he dosent look seasoned enough to play anything other than 4th line minutes for now in the NHL,and hes clearly not the enforcer type that the 4th line needs.

    When Torts sent Weise out to get beaten down by Bodie,i sighed in relief when Carolina changed the matchup.

  38. Does anybody really think that having Boogaard on the bench would have made Colton Orr play any differently? I 100 percent think not. Does anybody think having Boogaard on the bench would have meant Prust wouldn’t have had that fight? I think not. The heavyweights fight each other and prove absolutely nothing, except getting the building fired up. And nowadays coaches tell their players not to fight when they’re ahead because they don’t want to give the opponent a spark. But having heavyweights changes nothing in terms of how the opponent plays. And anybody who doesn’t want to fight Shelley or Boogaard or Orr simply doesn’t have to fight him.

    I honestly think a team is better with guys like Prust and Newbury who can play a regular shift and play tough and drop ’em when necessary.

  39. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    blah,you sound like those”but detroit won cups without a hw”well me personally,i like my teams to fight,to have a HW,and to use him,for all his uses,ie keeping the other fighters in check,pumping up th team,and most importantly,to ENTERTAIN ME!

  40. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    that stick flip move that Jurco does is mind boggling. You gotta give it to him on that one.

  41. Carp, I’m a loyal reader of your blog and respect your opinion, but I completely disagree with you on this. Orr was looking for a fight. If Boogaard gave him one, I think he would’ve toned it down after that. I think as Orr realized more and more that no one wanted to fight him, he started throwing his weight around more and more in hopes of forcing a fight. If Boogey was in he would’ve gotten the fight and that would’ve been that. There’s also a deterrence in having a guy who can target Orr’s teammates if Orr gets out of line. I don’t think Orr would’ve been perfectly behaved with Boogey in, but I think Boogey would’ve sort of counteracted Orr’s play.

    I agree that to a team versatile guys like Prust and Newbury are more valuable, but there are a few games during the course of every season where not having a n enforcer can really hurt a team, and the Toronto game was one of them.

  42. >>9) That Jeff Skinner can fly and has all sorts of hands and skill and instincts.

    [Cue MSG video footage] Did you know he used to be a figure skater?

  43. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    bravo Ness!well said.

    again you can use a screwdriver to beat in a nail,but its gonna get busted up right quick.

  44. sorry, i’m not convinced. and boogaard can’t do to one of orr’s teammates what orr did. In fact, the way you deal with such things is the way Avery beat up Carle when the opportunity arose. Boogaard serves no purpose whatsoever.

    and as for me wearing a skirt, nobody enjoys the fights more than I do. I hope they never get it out of the game. I’m just saying, heavyweight vs. heavyweight proves and accomplishes nothing, and non-heavyweights just don’t fight the heavyweights, and heavyweights, by and large, can’t play or deliver hits anyway.

  45. >>11) I thought Gaborik did a lot of good things in the offensive zone in this game. I really did.

    “I tawt I taw a puddy tat. I did, I diiiiid!”

  46. The closer it gets to the playoffs, the less time pure heavyweight gets to spend on the ice. And they become almost totally unused during the playoffs.

  47. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    I kid Carp,but i thought i sensed from you,that you saw the team playing a more confident style with Booger in the lineup,and(at the time)healthy.
    I think this grind towards the PS,that confidence would come in handy.

  48. >>Shatter his leg! I’m sorry but even the playoffs aren’t worthy of taking that kind of risk.
    >>Is it me?

    Yeah, I’d have to take a rain cheque too. I don’t like pain; it hurts.

  49. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    oh yeah,i loved watching Orr make Newbs look like a witelkitty.
    If Booger fought him in the 1st,no way that happens

  50. {Cue MSG video footage} Did you know he used to be a figure skater?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  51. cw!!!

    Thanks for that reference in the last post! He thought he was so clever with his foot jabs!

    That little stupid twit Wes Welker. He talks like he’s been there before, but the little white loser has never done anything in his career and is a zero.

    Hey Wes, why dont you leave the trash talking to real men like Cromartie. White losers need to keep their trap shut! BOOOOOM!

  52. Boogaard did what he was paid for when he was here. And he would certainly fight Orr last night. But he isn’t with the team at the moment. Adding another pure heavyweight while you’re getting close to the playoffs doesn’t make much sense for strategic reasons.

  53. Stan, there isn’t, but EVERY time we play the ‘Canes we have to see that stupid clip. Give it a rest already MSG!

  54. heavyweights accomplish two things really 1) providing entertainment to the fans and 2) deters smaller guys like Carcillo, Avery, Ruutu from taking runs at the skill players

  55. Our team has enough guys who can drop ’em and protect their teammates now, this isn’t last year’s vanilla team, where adding Prust and Shelley was almost crucial.

  56. Gab,

    Yes, the stick flip is impressive, but that’s not stickhandling, it’s just a trick. That will never help him in an actual hockey game.

    You reminded me of Kovalev. I rewatched the famous warrior clips. Amazing.

  57. Uh, Welker has at least played in a SB, something Cromartie hasn’t done (yet). They both have a pro bowl appearance. And I didn’t know it mattered which race you that you should be entitled to trash talk.

  58. Folks, I think we need to get off this topic right now. It’s going to get ugly. I’m referring to Tiki-Morg convo…

  59. LOL CTB! Welker is a bum. He was a bum his entire career until he came to the Patriots. The Patriots turn little white losers into somethings. Cromartie is a man, Welker is little white punk who needs to have the byfuglien beaten out of him. he thinks he’s special, and he’s just a twerp. The Patriots make players like Welker. Stick welker on another team and he’s a nothing, just like Danny Woodhead. White losers with no value!! :)

  60. Im sorry guys. Sorry about the white stuff.

    Im caucasian, but there’s nothing i hate more than entitled little white guys thinking they can talk trash!

  61. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Yea Doodie, that warrior clip is awesome. Those one handed shots he took, while sniping corners, reminds me of how much I suck at hockey, while simultaneously being totally envious of his skills.

    Now if he had half the heart Prust/Callahan/Dubinsky has…

  62. “the pillow biter?”

    Hey, morg, Ill let that slide. That’s a highly derogatory name for homosexual men.

  63. Good afternoon all! Wow, I got here just in time eh…..OK. I declare an end and a truce and order a moving on….now, go forth and debate Drury, or ties….. Yeesh. I haven’t even had a chance to catch up from last night!!!

  64. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Sorry CR, i was just goofin,i ment no offense to anyone else but you.

    im just stirring it up today,trying to get the team pumped.

  65. Morg – We’re okay! Sorry for the stupid references. Im in a really bad mood today. And I assure you Im white and not racist against whites. Moving on….

    Get rid of Drury! The guy is so far done!

  66. Nessier, Boogaard would not have prevented that slash.

    Morg, I did. Because there was a brief time there where Boogaard was taking the body and being effective and — when he’s hitting non-fighters, that’s intimidating. The other heavys didn’t want to fight him, but that didn’t change their games one bit.

    Tiki, Cromartie is a cretin.

    oleo, Boogaard wouldn’t change what an Avery or Ruuttu or Carcillo does on the ice. At all.

  67. “He talks like he’s been there before, but the little white loser has never done anything in his career and is a zero.”

    Ignoring the “white” comment, I’m not a Pats fan by any stretch of the imagination, but saying Welker has accomplished nothing? Who on the Jets has accomplished anything in the post-season other than Santonio Holmes?

    If you want to bring the regular season into it, he’s got a better resume than pretty much everyone on the Jets except for Tomlinson.

  68. Skinner will never give MSG an interview again. Could they embarrass the kid anymore?? Figure skating video and making fun of his hair???

  69. All these injuries happening now might turn out to be a good thing. Every year at this time (mid season) our team does a little swoon. With so many important players forced to rest and recover could this help them be a bit fresher come playoff time? Also, the organization gets a great look at prospects helping them make decisions about them.

  70. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    A good HW enforcer will take advantage of teams with no HW.
    Some teams with a HW only play them against other teams with HWs.
    Some teams have a no HW and make do.
    Some teams have a HW they play regardless,i like the 3rd kinda team.

    we all know when it comes to playoff time,HWs dont factor in anyway,for the most part.

  71. Heave,

    I was kind of thinking the same thing. Giving some of the heavy minute guys a built in rest of the day to day grind. But the risk is how they’ll perform when they recover and if anyone might want to rush back if the team starts to really sag.

    As for the guys their bringing up, with the exception of McD, most of them are organizational depth players not players that are expected to be in long term plans of the team.

  72. oh shoot i just got a jury duty call next month! nooooooo! whyyyyy?!?!

    first time in 18 years! any ideas on how to devils (aka circumvent) the duty? :)

    i hope none of the judges read this board! lol

  73. CTBlueshirt

    I’m sure nearly all the guys who are out desperately want to get back in. The fact that they’re young (exception: Vinny) works to their advantage in terms of healing time and the enthusiasm they’ll bring back to the lineup when they return. Fortunately, the ASG break also minimizes some of this ‘lost’ time.

    I agree that some of our call ups are depth guys but the experience for everybody will either help them progress when they go back down or show the organization that they’re career AHL’ers or possible trade material. McD has impressed. Wiese hasn’t. Others TBD.

  74. Carp is right.
    Respectfully, Nessier and Morg are dead wrong.
    Does anyone remember the instigator rule?!?
    I am about to read Probert’s bio. I am a HUGE fan. The Game has changed. That is what these guys are not understanding. Expansion, and the instigator rule have CHANGED THE GAME!!! Goons can’t play hockey anymore. Just dirty players and guys like Prust and Avery. These are the 21st century enforcers.

  75. Bingo! :)

    i get a lot of phone orders per day…so not being able to answer the phone during normal hours is bad for me

    anyway… country wants me to be a juror! and i will be the best juror i can be! GO USA! LOL

  76. Carp – I dont know why you’re going against me again :(

    Doodie – Like I said, Welker’s resume belongs to the Patriots, not Welker. Stick Welker on another team, and he’d be the bum he is. Brady and Belichick make everyone look good, even the Danny Carcilloheads of the world. :)

  77. If you’ve never done, CCCP, try it. It could be fun. I’m in court 4-5 times per year, I notice some of those jurors have a lot of fun.

  78. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Darn i thought i was right!
    im not sure of the stats but fighting seems to have gone up over the last 4/5 years.

    Judging by the amount of money that enforcers are paid,it seems that someone thinks they arent useless.

    BTW,im right your wrong,im good looking you are very unpleasant to look smart,you,not so much.i have a clean soap smell,while you are stinky!


  79. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    Sad but true. Prust+Boyle= combined 1.32 mil.

    Then again, Zuke makes more than Stepan, Artie, Boyle, Prust, Boogey, Fedotenko, and that waste EC. Not combined… cuz then Zuke would be Drury.

  80. 4generations 4 cups on

    Is it fair that I call BS on the contest? Cmon, the Rangers score 7 and shut out the opponent, we should do this against some sort of team that should have a little bit more of a predictable score! Not being serious, but in all seriousness, who ever thought that we’d blow them out? Apparently nobody. Lets do it against a more even opponent.

  81. Before listening to the coach in the presser after the game, did he say some nasty words or did he grumble or even swear ?????

    DO I NEED SOME EARPLUGS ?????????:)

  82. Skinner = Monster

    We don’t need a goon. Guys like Noberries, and Prust is all we need.

    Kolarik looked pretty good. I’d give him more time, and Dreary less time.

    That being said, fuggin horrible game. Big win for the Canes. They’re not far behind us.

  83. I think what was missed on TV was………..

    everything? They were not good last night. I know it was fast-paced back-and-forth but still. Pretty tired of Joe M. honestly.

  84. CW I guess we can agree to disagree on this. All I know is instigator or not, Orr was doing whatever he wanted on Wednesday night and we had no response other than to hope the refs called penalties. Yes, the penalties sort of helped us win the game (even though we would’ve won without them), but what if he really injured someone? Would a 2 or 5 minute penalty in a blowout really rectify that? I don’t think so. Or what if it was us who was down 7-0 and Orr was taking minor after minor? Would those power plays really make us feel better when our guys are getting charged and slashed?

    And if Prust and Avery are the new enforcers, where was their enforcing when Orr was looking for blood the other night? Did we forget a few seasons ago when Fedoruk clotheslined our captain away from the play and we had no response because our enforcer wasn’t dressed (but, for what it’s worth, Avery was)…until the next game when Orr challenged him to a fight and he didn’t clothesline our players anymore? The instigator rule was the same then as it is now, and our enforcer enforced.

    For better or worse, as long as there are one dimensional fighters, there will be some need to have someone to counter them.

  85. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Yes we do need a goon.
    ORRsy ,refer to my 1:39 post.the last paragraph refers to you.

  86. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    How’s this for mind-blowing disbelief….

    Boogey gets paid more than Skinner does.

    Zuke gets paid more than Boogey.

    Therefore… Zuke could beat Skinner in a fight. I decided.

    Seriously though… Boogey makes more than Skinner!?!

  87. >>Skinner = Monster

    Skinner = Skinny Figure Skater

    Seriously though, that young man is a lot of fun to watch. And, he’s ONLY eighteen years old [Silly Joe Micheletti laugh]!

  88. who dat – agreed on Joe M. From his weaselly laugh to his sick ogling of players’ bodies, and his lack of hockey knowledge, I dislike the guy.

  89. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    you want a rant? here’s one…

    Why is it called a pair of pants when it is only 1 piece? Don’t tell me because it’s two leg holes, a shirt has two arm holes and It’s not called a pair of shirts, just a shirt. From the waist down it’s a pair… pair of jeans, pair of underwear, for ladies a pair of leggings or stockings, pair of socks (which there is 2 seperate pieces), pair of shoes (same thing, 2 seperate)… From the waist up with the exception of gloves and earrings, it’s not called a pair of shirts, a pair of hoodies, a pair of hats, a pair of tank tops, a pair of watches. Get my point? And by that logic, why is it not a pair of bras… i mean it’s supporting two things isn’t it? It just doesn’t make sense.

    There…. that’s my rant.

  90. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Gabby,that just proves my point,we need a goon!
    oh wait,no it dosent.
    But i agree!

  91. CTB – What is this, attack Tiki day? Do you have a problem with me? I dont have a problem with you…

    Pot meet kettle? That’s comparing apples and horses. Im not on television speaking to an entire fanbase as Joe M is. If I were on TV, Id make sure to sound professional and not sound like a goof. Also, could you alert me to the last time I ogled another man’s body on RR? Ive made a real effort to not make other boneheads uncomfortable with my player infatuations.

  92. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Tiki doesn’t have to apologize for anything. If people are uncomfortable, that’s their own problem. Unless he gets totally out of line (which i haven’t seen) he’s well within his rights to post as he sees fit. If something is inappropriate, Carp let’s it be known.

    And Joe M. doing it on TV is totally different. It’s just weird/funny hearing it on a broadcast.

  93. New York fanbase….defend Wes Welker, defend Joe M., attack Cromartie, attack Tiki, the same fanbase that couldn’t wait to run Jaromir Jagr out of town. Makes sense I guess…

  94. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Tik… don’t take it so personal man. Sports allegiances bring out some extra fire in people.. and its not always good.

  95. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    never one to keep my nose out of things..I think CTB was just playing,but first impressions stick,it would be just as annoying if it was the girls gushing over how hot the guys are…uto.

  96. Thanks for defending me, Gab.

    I do take it personal, though.

    Defending Welker and insulting me is a real slap in the face to a fellow New York and Rangers fan.

  97. Tiki,

    I don’t have a problem with you per se, but you certainly open yourself up to criticism and I was making a small joke at your expense since you certainly can’t deny you’ve made similar (or worse) comments about Jagr or Lundqvist or other Rangers/athletes. I think it’s fairly irrelevant when you made your last comment pertaining to such a topic since your reputation precedes you.

    But just to put it out there, the Welker comment irked me because you had to throw race in there (and we had a run in about this topic before). Where your comment could easily be mistaken for a thinly veiled form of bigotry by insinuating that non-white athletes can trash talk because that is their primary form of discourse.

    I understand you bring a certain personality to the blog and while I don’t always agree with it, I’ll respect it. But there are times where you say things that can easily be perceived as offensive to readers and fellow posters.

  98. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Orr talks about how hot Megan Fox is(or was before her unfortunate marriage) and nobody says a word about it. Don’t all of a sudden be bothered by someone talking about a hot guy, or compare it to annoying girls. That’s a ridiculous double standart.

    And Orr… i’m not saying i have a problem with you talking about M.Fox… just using that as a reference point to be clear.

  99. “Doodie – Like I said, Welker’s resume belongs to the Patriots, not Welker. Stick Welker on another team, and he’d be the bum he is. Brady and Belichick make everyone look good, even the Danny Carcilloheads of the world. :)”

    I don’t think you’ve ever watched the guy play. He catches everything thrown his way and he runs routes perfectly. In 2008, he had a monster season without Brady. He’s the best slot receiver in the NFL, hands down.

  100. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    I agree on the race part. That card doesn’t have to be played. Ever. Doesn’t matter if you’re white and talking about a white person, or black and talking about a black person. Race is definately still a sensitive issue, and people should be respectful of such.

  101. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    Evaluations of athletes is open to interpretation. You don’t have to like Welker, but if someone else does, you can’t take it personally. There is nothing wrong with a spirited debate if you disagree…. but each is entitled to their own opinions.

    I’ll defend where i think one is right, and chime in if i feel it is wrong. But in turn.. that is my own opinions at work, and open to the same comments/critique.

  102. Lol, I honestly had to Google Welker….I had no idea who he was. In fact, I’m still not sure…

  103. I don’t have a problem with anyone talking aboot guys, mainly Tik with Hank, and Jags, and Mama with Aves.

    Morg, we don’t need a goon!

    Look at that Leafs game. Orr wanted to fight, and nobody fought him, and he took three dumb penalties, two of which we scored on.

    Booger = Bust

    As predicted by me! Damn, I had a great off-season. Although, I picked NYR for 9th or 10th place, I think, which is still a possibility unfortunately. Anything can happen.

  104. Tiki, I’m not against you. I’m against creeps like Cromartie. I don’t know Welker at all, but I’d guess he’s a much better human being. Only because you couldn’t be much worse.

    Tony, I do too. Anybody want to reach out to her and beg her to come back? I have.

    CCCP, do you want me to answer your phones for you? I don’t cost much.

    blast from the past, could you please email me at thanks.

  105. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    good point about Orr, Orr lol.

    3 penalties… 2 powerplay goals.

    Look at Dubi and Slew-foot Subban. He got Dubi riled up, took a penalty, and MTL scored. Point is… keep your head and stay out of the sin bin!

  106. CTB – Reputations change. Id like to think that my reputation has changed.

    CR9/Tiki is just a persona.

    What you’re saying is by insulting the “white” Welker, I am really insutling African Americans? That is ridiculously ridiculous. I was not being racist against whites or African Americans by my comment.

    I apologize if it came across as offensive. To explain myself completely, I have a problem with Welker, because he was a nothing before he went to the Patriots, but once he came to them, he gained a sense of entitlement and an arrogance. He thought his carcillo didnt stink and thought that he was special. When, as I noted, he was made by Brady/Belichick and the Patriots organization. If I were Welker – which I could be just as good as with the Patriots, as evidenced by Danny Woodhead – a guy with no athletic talent who is just a loser, Id keep my mouth shut in hopes that nobody would see me.

  107. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    ORRsy,as soon as Booger gets out of his darkened apartment,drops below 300lbs and gets back to tenderizing sides of beef with his fists,he is gonna make you EAT THOSE WORDS!

  108. Doodie – Like I said, Welker is the product of the Patriots. He’s the best slot receiver in the NFL, WITH THE PATRIOTS. He catches every ball thrown to him, WITH THE PATRIOTS. With the Dolphins, he was the best practice squad tackling dummy in the NFL :)

  109. Tiki,

    I’ll drop the Welker-race comment because I don’t think we’re going to agree on that one.

    As for the actual athletic analysis, these guys are NFL players, I think athletically they’re all pretty good. Do some of the Pats players look good because they play in a near flawlessly designed offensive system? Probably, but did Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne look good because they had Peyton Manning throwing to them? Does Cromartie looks good because Revis takes on the primary receivers? Slot receiver is a pretty damn hard position to play and a guy that plays there knows he’s going to be vulnerable to getting crushed on almost any pass that’s targeted to him. I personally have no rooting interest in either the Pats or the Jets, but if I was a NFL player I’d probably be proud to be part of a highly successful team like the Pats.

  110. Morg, to be honest, he hasn’t exactly been kicking ass this season. He’s been average.

    “blast from the past, could you please email me at thanks”

    I hope that email involves something that’s been pissing me off for the last few weeks. I’ve been wanting to bring it up for a while, but I couldn’t figure out a way to politely do so!

  111. I did Google Cromartie. And I’m sorry I did. I should know better than look into some personal stories of football players.

  112. Carp – I respectfully disagree. So Cromartie has 9 kids with 8 women. So what. That makes him a terrible human being? You cant be much worse than Cromartie? As a Jew, just ask Jews about the Nazis. Just ask my father, who had his parents killed in gas chambers by the Nazis. Just take a look at the criminals littered across American prisons. Just ask Larry Bird, a guy who abandoned his daughter and didnt even bother to acknowledge her existence or pay child support. At least Cromartie acknowledges and supports his children.

  113. ilb, no need. suffice it to say he has about nine kids with seven or eight different women all over the country. the piece of carcillo.

  114. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Tiki,with the Race Religion Sexuality trifecta!now talk some smack about Obama and or Bush!

  115. Sorry, Tiki, that’s ridiculous to bring the Nazis into the conversation. Of course, Cromartie is a better human being than they were. Cromartie is a piece of carcillo.

  116. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Ok this is going to a whole new level. I’m going to go away for awhile until this gets out of everyones system.

  117. *deceased father.

    CTB – Ill accept all your comments with respect, but that last comment, IMO, was clearly designed to affect me.

    A highly successful organization like the Patriots?

    Please! When’s the last time they won anything? When they did win, they did it with video of opponents’ practices and run-throughs. They cheated to win. Since Spygate, they’ve never won anything.

  118. If you’re going to say that Cromartie is a piece of carcillo, then you damned better say that Tom Brady and Larry Bird are pieces of carcillo.

    They abandoned their pregnant girlfriends for supermodels and their children. Cromartie supports his 9 kids with 8 women.

  119. Sorry again, Tiki. If Bird or Brady played in New York, and Cromartie in Boston, your twisted logic would be 180 degrees the other way.

  120. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    I think Booger will come back,faster more powerful than ever(if they get rid of PED testing,if not,just like this year).
    Colton Orr has been KOed like 6 times in the last calender year,if he can still do it,so can Boogs!

  121. Orr’s never had a concussion though. Booger is on his second in less than a year. This could be the end of his career.

    LOL! Greg thought he’d score five goals. Bwaha! At least he scored one, which was surprising.

  122. Uh no Tiki it’s not meant to provoke your anti-Boston obsession, while the Pats haven’t won in a few years they’ve managed to win plenty of games in the post-Spygate. The playoffs in the NFL can be as much a crapshoot as anything. Again, I don’t have rooting interest in the Jets, Pats or Giants for that matter.

    I’ll say that I’m happy if the Jets win this year because I have a lot of Mets/Jets fan and it would make their decade if the Jets win. I’ll admit that it’s nice to see the Pats lose because it’s always fun to root against a dynasty (unless of course its the Rangers or Mets on a title run, blatantly absurd as it might be). But in a league where such strong parity exists, the Patriots consistent winning means they’re doing something right.

  123. Tiki, most NFL receivers don’t really come into their own until their 3rd NFL season. In his 3rd season, he led the Dolphins in receptions with 67. He had 67 receptions with JOEY HARRINGTON as his QB for most games.

    Welker is great. It has nothing to do with the system. You’re denial reeks of homerism. That’s like trying to say John LeClair wasn’t any good, he just benefitted from playing with Eric Lindros. Talent is talent. You can’t deny it.

  124. I dont know how I let this conversation get this far…

    I should not have brought race into it with Welker. I acknowledge that. I thought it was okay, being that Im white.

    I should not have. I apologize profusely. Im in a lot of pain and very upset today, and very nervous about Sunday, and was very excited to see cw’s mention of Welker.

    I blame cw! ;)

    Can we just move on? Ive made so much progress on RR, and feel like Ive become a part of the RR family, and love each and every one of you, especially you CTB.

  125. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Id like to ask all the boneheads to enjoy some seafood tonight when youse go out for dinner.
    This is the time of year that demand goes way down for seafood,and it leaves fishermen way to much time to post on blogs and way to little money to keep the house warm.

    thank you from the bottom of my heart

    (btw make it clams and oysters,if possible.)

  126. Orr,

    There could come a point where you start to thin/receding hairline. Besides, look at Messier. He was probably a cue ball by 25.

  127. Morg, that’s not necessarily true. A concussion is caused by the brain hitting against the skull. You can get KO’d a lot of different ways without that trauma to the brain.

  128. Carp – Now you’re calling me twisted??? What the Byfuglien did I do to deserve that???

    What does it matter what I believe?? Your entire argument is based on what I believe??

    You dont care where Cromartie or Bird or Brady play. Therefore, you must think that they are all carcillos. Fair is fair. Equal is equal. And if you call Cromartie a piece of carcillo, then you’re calling Brady/Bird pieces of carcillo also.

    FYI, 2 of those abandoned their chidlren and one of them did not. That’s not twisted logic, that’s logic.

  129. GOALS for GAB-orik on


    I politely request you cease this line of conversation, as now it’s just spinning in circles, and getting nit-picky.

    I’m not going to go line by line here. Just end it, and move on. You said yourself you’re having a tough day, so just let it be.

    No more Jets/Cromartie/Welker/Brady/Baby mama talk. Please.

  130. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Concussion Overview

    The term concussion describes an injury to the brain resulting from an impact to the head. By definition, a concussion is not a life-threatening injury, but it can cause both short-term and long-term problems. A concussion results from a closed-head type of injury and does not include injuries in which there is bleeding under the skull or into the brain. Another type of brain injury must be present if bleeding is visible on a CT scan (CAT scan) of the brain.

    A mild concussion may involve no loss of consciousness (feeling “dazed”) or a very brief loss of consciousness (being “knocked out”).

  131. That picture of Messier if horrific.

    But, the bald look is good for him. It’s his look.

    Getzlaf should do the right thing, and shave it off, and go bald. He’s a good looking guy, I think, but that hair is just weird.

  132. Gab – I am not continuing the discussion any further, out of respect for the blog and the bloggers, and Carp.

    Carp – I feel bad that you’ve attacked me, mainly because Im a sensitive ninny. Can we put this behind us, please?

  133. Eh, he wears a helmet most of the time anyone sees him. If he wants to maintain his vestiges of hair let him.

  134. Morg, watch MMA, those guys get knocked out all the time, and they rarely ever have concussions.

    To Orr’s credit, he’s never been really “knocked out”. He’s been dropped, but h has always gotten back up. The guy’s tough.

    He’s never been in a Fedoruk / Cooke type of situation. That’s a real knockout.

  135. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    BS,if you get floored by a punch,you have been concussed,at least a minor concussion,and MMA fighters will be the biggest impacted athletes when it comes to PCS type injuries,including possible Lou Gehrigs.

  136. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Trade Henrik!
    Fire Torts!
    Trade Gabby!

    thank you NewYork!we love you allllll!!!

  137. Morg, what you said is not in any way disagreeing with what I said. Concussions may or may not involve loss of consciousness. However, a loss of consciousness is also not the automatic equivalent of a concussion.

  138. yes, Carp, Avery was rightfully upset because he had just been kneed at the blueline by a Cane skater, who I believe was Cole. he took a run at Avery, Avery tried to sidestep him, so he put his knee out and clipped Avery and spun him hard and could have done serious knee damage. It was on the very fringe of the camera range in real time, so many missed it.

    and again, Gaborik needs to deliver in close games vs contending teams. I want to see clutch goals, not stat padding vs weak teams.

  139. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    getting punched in the face hard enough to buckle your knees is a pretty good blow to the may be mild,with no lasting effect,but you have been concussed.

  140. Boston to draw them within 1 on heritage night. Their lone goal in a lost against Pitt. The 2nd or 3rd goal in the rout of the Caps. A game tying goal against the Bolts on New Years Day.

  141. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    ORRsy,only you could hit me in my funny bone that hard!
    your foot rubbing comment caused me a mild concussion!

  142. Morg- most of the time you’d be right by saying that a KO creates a concussion. But it isn’t always the case. Opposite is true too, you don’t have to be KO’d to sustain a concussion. Loss of consciousness doesn’t always have to be there to qualify for concussion.
    Doodie- the brain doesn’t have to hit the skull to create a concussion. Acceleration-deceleration injuries (something called axonal shear injuries) can be devastating and create much more damage than just simple concussion whereby the brain never touches the skull.

  143. Axonal shear, wow, haven’t heard those words in a long time. Brings back memories of 10th grade biology


  144. I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but Tomas Fleischmann is done for the season. He was diagnosed with two blood clots, one in each of his lungs.

    That’s a huge loss.

    Back to back years where they made a trade for a young player that played amazing for them, and suffered a season ending injury. The other guy was Mueller, who I wish Slats would have made an offer to Maloney to get him. He’s still out after that concussion last season.

  145. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Can we get back to my rant? I thought it was rather entertaining. (patting myself on the back)

  146. Jagr was making less than Drury is making right now… but Slats thought that getting rid of 80+ points guy (Jagr) and giving more money to a career 45-60 point guy (Drury) was a great idea! How many of you would love to have Jagr back over Drury right now?

  147. Goals- yes, I loved you rant! I LMAO for a while, despite the fact that I’m still trying to decipher the whole content of it.

  148. “Acceleration-deceleration injuries (something called axonal shear injuries) can be devastating and create much more damage than just simple concussion whereby the brain never touches the skull.”

    In those situations, the brain is still making contact with the skull. I think you’re confusing the difference between the axonal shear injuries and blunt force injuries as the cause of the brain hitting the skull.

    In both cases, there is a force against the brain that is greater than what the cerebrospinal fluid can ordinarily cushion. This leads to an impact of the brain against the skull.

  149. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Ilb, much thanks!

    the basic point is it shouldn’t be called a ‘pair’ of jeans.

    and CCCP,

    I would love to have Jags back. I hated when Sather ran him out.

  150. Morg (one of The Nine) on

    Ilb,let me break down his rant to the bare bones

    Rangers need a goon.

    that is all.

  151. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    lol, Morg how did you derive we need a goon from not being called a pair of bras?

  152. GOALS for GAB-orik on

    Don’t get me started about someone saying they need a ‘couple’ of ‘pairs’ of pants….

  153. I’m with Carp on this one, and have been beating this drum for years: the days of the pure heavyweight goon are over, unless said goon is willing to risk fine and suspension to deliberately injure a player.

    Example: Rangers were beating the snot out of the Leafs the other night. Orr was basically useless. He can’t play worth a damn, he is too slow to actually hit anybody, and nobody would fight him. He did, however, slash the bejesus out of Eminger.

    Imagine we’re in the playoffs. It’s game 1 against Pittsburgh. Imagine if Boogaard just goes out on his first shift and just takes a chop out of Sidney Crosby, thereby injuring him. It would be absolutely disgusting (and not at all like Graves’ slash of Lemieux). But then, and only then, would a pure goon in any way benefit his team.

    Of course, nobody does that, so they remain useless. Middleweights like Prust that can hit and occassionally score, as well as heavyweights that can take some meaningful shifts are the future.

  154. Doodie- no, I’m not confusing it. Axonal shear injuries don’t have to happen with brain touching the skull. Is that your field?

  155. Goals for Gab, if you try patting yourself on the back anymore, you may end up needing to mend your Bonehead shoulder for a couple weeks like your namesake….

    That said, your rant was “as I rained blows down upon him”-level funny.

  156. I have a feeling that Boogaard would have issues being in the line up now, even when we have three pure AHLers…

  157. Doodie
    don’t EVER bring up the Graves slash on mario in that context again
    (don’t think you meant it in that way)
    Graves wasn’t out there to injure mario
    he did the kind of slash that was done regularly in the league
    in fact
    i kept the espn clip of kevin stevens being interviewed where he said
    that that type of slash happens all the time and Graves just happened to catch
    mario just right.

    maybe ilb can enlighten us
    but i’ve always been suspect about the degree of injury…
    i know it was the playoffs but
    if his wrist was broken how could mario come back
    to start the bruins series. i would think he wouldn’t be able to
    pass, let alone shoot the puck.

  158. oh yeah


    as far as jury duty,
    you can heed the words of George Carlin
    when he said one way of getting out of it
    is to say that you can spot someone who’s guilty
    immediately! (in the act he says, “spot someone who’s guilty, LIKE THAT!” and snaps his fingers)

  159. Random Rangers Thought: I can’t wait for February to come so we 1) get Ryan Callahan back and 2) Ryan Callahan is February on the Rangers calendar that they gave out Wednesday night. I’m sick of looking at Drury… he’s making me depressed.

  160. jpg, the paranthetical says that the Graves slash was nothing like what I was suggesting Boogaard could hypothetically do. The Graves slash was a freak accident (although, it was most definitely a slash).

    ilb, those injuries do involve the brain colliding with the skull. No, it is not my field of expertise, but I have done a decent amount of reading on the subject.

    The very first sentence says that the involve the brain hitting the skull.

    Again, I think you were confusing the way the force is applied to the head that causes the brain to hit the skull. There are blunt forces (like getting punched), and there are gravitational forces (such as sudden acceleration/deceleration or whiplash). The latter are the axonal shear type injuries.

  161. Doodie- I think we should leave this one alone. But it is my field. Many experimental studies on infamous shaken baby syndrome have shown that axonal shear injuries, as well as intraparenchymal brain hemorrhage would’ve happen even if the whole skull was removed.

    jpg- Lemieux did only miss five games, IIRC, sounds strange, true

  162. here comes the game again

    according to LeBrun and team website
    Forsberg is practicing with the Avs

  163. Doodie
    that’s what i thought but,
    as you can see,
    i get very incensed with that situation
    i jumped in just to make sure

    (comes from living near pittsburgh and dealing with stupidity of pens fans!)

  164. jpg, how many years has forsberg done this? 3 or 4 now right? avs fans get all “omg we’re gonna win the cup yeah” for a couple weeks then realize he really isn’t doing it…lets see what happens this time.

  165. Forsberg is practicing with the Avs…

    I guess Fleischman’s injury opened up a potential spot for him….

    Btw, speaking of Forsberg, remind me to post a link to an awesome picture later…

  166. Maybe Forsberg can help on the PP. Just play him on the PP, and that’s it.

    It’s like in Mighty Ducks. That big kid with the massive slap shot. He had an amazing shot, but he couldn’t skate for sh*t.

    It could work!!

  167. Orr, we tried that with Kotalik. 1 for 5.

    ilb, I’d be interested to read anything on the subject you could point me to. Again, as I said, it’s not my field of expertise, but I have done quite a bit of reading on the subject. I’m always interested in reading something new.

    Again, I’m not an expert (and doubly so when it comes to anything outside of adults suffering concussion), but wouldn’t there be a difference in the trauma that can be suffered by an adult brain and an infant’s?

  168. well, I see the doctor is in the house :), and the inmates are running the asylum today. I thought the full moon was yesterday?

    I’m off to the cold world. keep it real folks…..:) ta!

  169. Yes, Doodie, there is a huge difference between adult and child’s head trauma. But not in terms of that specific issue. In fact, we now know that contrecoup injuries, perhaps, are more responsible for sub/epidural hematomas rather than intraparenchymal brain hemorrhage or axonal shear injuries.

    Give me your email, I’ll send you some articles. I won’t be able to send you the links, because you need to have subscription to UpToDate or Cochrane Review. But I can send you the articles. They have a lot of medical j(g)ibberish, but I think you’ll be able to sort through it. I’m afraid the boneheads are getting nauseous, lol

  170. Blue Seat Horror on

    Red wings inked Nabokov, but he must clear waivers. Wouldn’t it be funny if Davidson picked him up just out of spite?

  171. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’m not sure ilb. If 250 of those posts are about the Patriots and no one cares or reads them…do they count?

  172. Blue Seat Horror on

    ilb, wouldn’t be surprised to see Nabokov playing for the Islanders, though it goes against their AHL motif.

  173. Orr, I think Drury has tried talking him into coming to the NYR but he wouldn’t even do it when Naslund was here…

  174. may i ask why Linda hasnt been on the blog? do you think Biron gets the start tomorrow and Hank goes against Washington?

  175. I for one am excited to see Forsberg make a try to go out on his own terms. Watching that guy is worth the price of admission. I will definitely buy tickets.

    I only got to see him on TV on his first go around.

    I did get to see him when he tried to make a comeback here a few years ago, and the guy definitely provided some moments of pure excitement.

    Old father time has been working on him the last 5 years though, even if he isn’t getting beat up. He just doesn’t know how to say good bye to the game.

    All I can say is good luck Peter, whatever you find out, I hope it brings you peace.

  176. Linda hasn’t been on the blog because some people on here don’t play very nice… she was insulted by someone (don’t know who) and she decided it will be best for the blog and her to leave. It is very sad…

    Linda, if you reading this, please come back! Don’t let some bullsh!t come between you and Boneheaded family! We love you and miss you tremendously tremendous!

  177. I’m excited for Forsberg too. I want him to get healthy, cause he’s a damn good player. Sadly, I’ve only been able to watch him in his final year with the Avs, then the next two-three were with the Flyers, killing us, before joining the Preds, and Avs, which weren’t exactly his best performances, due to those sh*tty feet.

    Avs could use the help. They’re hurting.

  178. JBytes: Re (Shite’s stupid laugh) – thanks buddy; I’d put yesterday’s frustration about him out of my mind, but when I read your post, it all came flooding back again.

    *George Bush cackle*

  179. ORR. Darn, I just opened that picture at work. holy moley! my secretary is behind me, I had to make sure she wasnt looking.

    Wow I am fired up for the last hour of the day now.

  180. well i just searched like a loser through every single post over the past month or so and it seems to me that Linda’s last post was on 12/26 and nothing seemed to provoke it in the discussion that day… but yes if Linda is reading this, please come back, it’s not the same.

  181. CCCP,
    Are you guessing about Linda, or know for sure? Honestly, I can’t even imagine who and how could possibly insult her, the most up-beat, merry, polite, humorous, person on this blog. If true, it should be investigated and known. Before, someone mention that she has certain personal stuff going…
    She was like a gulp of a fresh air. I always waited for her commentaries and posts, learn from her a lot and miss her dearly. Why these things always happened to best?

  182. LOL! Sorry tomb.

    Fox has been in some great pics, but none of them like that!

    Oh baby! She needs a divorce!

    She’s only 24, and she’s playing step-mom for a middle-aged has-been who is only *now* getting roles because he’s married to a fuggin piece of pie like her.

    What a sick world we live in!!!

  183. Than we have to know WHO is this byfuglien, cooked carsillo, and make him a target practice for Gaborik (from 20 ft. slapshots). About 50 shots will cover basicaly even big body surfice layout. Than Carp can BAN leftovers from THE blog.

  184. 4everanger-I miss U Linda on

    Now, I’m really upset. Can we at least have a chance to negotiate comeback stipulations with her?

  185. 4everanger-I miss U Linda! on

    Grass Roots Campaign for Linda’s Return.
    It should be stronger than “Fire Sather!”

  186. Did you ever post something & then read it after it’s posted & say to yourself “can’t you spell” ?
    I meant to say – I hope Linda realizes HOW much she is missed

  187. 4everanger-I miss U Linda! on

    Did she read posts at least? I still can’t believe it…Couldn’t find nicest person.
    LINDA, if you read it, darling, please reconsider. I’ve been in exactly same position and just trust me, it is not worth it – you strip yourself and many, many of your countless admirers and followers, like me, from distinct pleasure of communication. There is immeasurable more decent, smart and loveable people on this blog, so, please, don’t punish us, b/c of some miserable aassen, not worth of dirt on your shoes. Come back!

  188. I think if she comes back, the best way to deal with it is not to ask any questions about what happened.

  189. 4everanger-I miss U Linda! on

    Amaizingly cute pic. Maybe also historical? Like Big Hockey Blessing. “Fopa opens MZA a door to big hockey”…something like

  190. >>Don’t forget “Fringe” tonight at 9PM EST :)

    Thanks, 3CP! I’ll definitely be watching.

  191. Wow, you guys have been in a zillion directions today. Slow day at work for everyone?

    Hope the boys can bounce back tomorrow tonight.

    Drury… do you think that some of the guys on the team, the ones who have been playing hurt and playing insane amounts of minutes, look at him and what he is currently bringing to the table and think ‘wtb is he doing as captain’? Just a thought I had.

  192. I don’t post much and I would also like to see Linda back posting. Her comments were always a great read. I still love the comment she made about Brashear and his walker with the tennis balls on it.

    Linda Come back!

  193. I don;t knwo if ayone watched the Isles and Buffalo tonite, but it was quite a game. Isles were all over them for two periods, and the goal tender looked great ( Lawson? Some butterfly moves, but actually a stand up and face shooter ….. who uses his stick like it should be used, including making passes., He also keeps it on ice and blocking the 5 hole when spreading his pads. Got hurt and replaced by a kid whose name escapes (French) me but who also did a fine job of goaling, when the Bisons swarmed all over them..Hey they have a little guy like \Zucharello..named Nathan Gerbe, who scored two beautiful goals within 4 seconds and scared the pants off the Islanders who had a 4-0 lead. It was quite a game, and don’t take the Isles so lightly any more..they’re not pushovers.

  194. 4everanger-I miss U Linda! on

    agree, it will not be just a walk to a picknic. Substitute goalie was – Poulin. Nite.

  195. Mao_Bring the TIKI Back!! on

    Lots of fights in the Flyers-Sens games Thurs night …they had that epic game with a ton of fights few years back.

  196. Kramer! In ‘So I Married An Axe Murderer’.

    Felt the need to share. Carry on, gang, carry on.

  197. “She’s only 24, and she’s playing step-mom for a middle-aged has-been who is only now getting roles because he’s married to a fuggin piece of pie like her.”

    Maybe he has a big Pronger?

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